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ME CONTRO TE – The movie 5 (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – The movie 5 (Diramix)

stickers: 188 (1-180, A-H) + 40 cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

Once upon a time horror films were released in cinemas for Halloween, now there are also different products in theaters and honestly compared to Jason from the famous Friday the 13th saga, Sofì and Luì are less disturbing. An incredible fact remains, not only that MecontroTe have reached their fifth film plus the television series, but that, if we remember correctly, 8 sticker albums have been created! All for the publisher Diramix, an interesting and commendable aspect, other YouTubers then moved on to the sticker multinationals, with results that in reality are not always excellent.

We like Diramix, it brings few products to the newsstands but very often of high quality, perhaps it doesn’t excel in knowing how to renew itself, but in various aspects we can say, we believe without being contradicted, that it has created its own style and continues on its path. The album formula is also valid, if it really is meant to be that there must be cards, at least they are a relatively lower number than the average and above all they find space inside the album on the appropriate pages, as if they were a book of family photographs . After all, Luì and Sofì are now part of many Italian families.

Probably even MecontroTe themselves have a personal liking for the world of stickers; we are hopeless romantics and we like to think that everything is not always about money, we are driven by passion and we are convinced that we are in good company. So if all these albums keep coming out, that might also be partly the reason.

As with previous albums linked to the films, the stickers page after page tell us the story to watch at the cinema. Naturally the album doesn’t reveal everything but we actually think it could be a further boost for children to then enjoy the cinema. Indeed, we want to dare, the stickers still give space to imagination, children can imagine their own version of the scenes and moments of the film, it would be fun to discover how different it will be from what they will see on the big screen.

The mix of stickers and pages is between the real characters and their comic versions, this is the other big difference with the cinema and it is also the true magic of the sticker album, a successful mix between the “frame” of the film and the version to cartoons that you won’t see at the cinema. We don’t think we could ask for much more from an album of this kind, the characters involved are those who are well known in recent years, even if in the fifth film of the “saga” the YouTuber couple has to deal with monsters and vampires.

Format that recalls the previous “Jungle Mission” in many aspects, with the addition of stickers from A to H to complete the central poster. Perhaps a little too much, in a period full of editorial proposals that are also sensationally beautiful on newsstands, we would have made a different choice by making this product less substantial. On the other hand, it is probable that, like all publishers, due to the usual issue related to rights, the 40 cards were necessary and the total number of stickers is perhaps linked to the structure which, as already written, traces what has already been seen.

We don’t know whether MecontroTe are the most famous and followed YouTubers, we continue to find them very nice, as long as they continue to release quality sticker albums, we certainly won’t change our minds!


MARE FUORI seasons 1-2-3 (Cocoricò Italy)


album: Mare Fuori seasons 1-2-3 (Cocoricò Italy)

stickers: 192 (1-192) + stickers stick & stack

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

“Nun te preoccupá, guagliò, ce sta ‘a figurell’ fore”

The incredible success of the RAI TV series, carried away by the refrain of the main song of the soundtrack, also becomes (finally) a sticker album. Or rather two, because after this collection which retraces the first three seasons of the fiction, the fourth season album is already expected in February 2024.

The risk with albums of this kind is to find something approximate, stripped down. The series is so successful that some might think you could easily sell anything related to it, without too much effort. Cocoricò, a new entry in the publishing world of trading cards, fortunately thought of it differently and the final result is largely satisfactory.

New entry? Often behind new publishers there are already well-known names that for various reasons present themselves with a different guise. For certain details this album reminds us of Gedis products, among the best sticker publishers, it’s a shame they stopped. The fact remains that if this is a first album with the plan to make others, not just Mare Fuori, well the start is absolutely encouraging.

We particularly like the format, where the story of the first three seasons is alternated with many details, curiosities from the set, information, even messages which, in the small form of a sticker album, can make young people who read them think about what happens to them environment. Moreover, our solidarity stickers project was also born with a similar intent.

As the TV series is set up, the album also has continuous time jumps between the present and the past. This is because page after page we discover the most important characters, it is also a good idea to point out the names of the actors and actresses who play them, accompanied by their stories, but at the same time the story of Mare Fuori continues until what has not yet been revealed at the end of the third season.

The album also wants to have a diary effect, therefore space for messages on the walls, for phrases that can also be from all of us, even without ever having lived the experience of prison. This aspect is important, the album does not fall into the mistake of glorifying the crime, on the contrary, through the details it underlines the story of young boys who often fate or the context where they found themselves led them on the wrong path. It doesn’t mean that they are innocent, but at the same time it has the aim of not making them feel too distant from girls and boys, their peers, who watch the episodes on television and who we hope will also purchase this product.

Naturally the album cannot have an exhaustive role in what has been seen in television, so it is dedicated to giving ideas, which have a logical path but which cannot replace the pleasure of viewing. But if you are still among the few who have not seen Mare Fuori, the stickers can be a continuing spoiler. On the contrary, if you have seen the series, attaching the stickers, leafing through the pages, reading the texts, we assure you that the desire to do a marathon of the first three seasons while waiting for the fourth will be very strong.

In addition to the 192 stickers, most of them “frames” from television images, but of excellent quality, we find the stick & stack stickers to attach and detach in the central pages of the album. They do not have a numbering so, at the moment, it is not known how many there are and they will hardly be orderable as missing stickers. Opening a box of 40 packets we found 21 and none of them were the same, even if some show the same design in a different size or with a different detail.

Given the stick & stack formula and the images on the album of the prison premises, we believe it would have made more sense to place the characters and therefore hypothetically allow us to create stories or in any case move them from scene to scene. It must be said that this album has a potential target audience aimed at the world of teenagers, perhaps less interested in this game formula. Probably more to use logos and writings to put on diaries, notebooks or scooters. Perhaps the publisher, even if it is not written, thought of this double function and was probably right.

Excellent overall quality, we will find out if the Mare Fuori public is sensitive to a product like this with the sales data. In our opinion, the final result is really interesting and successful, even in its contents, which are never banal, on the contrary with a search for detail that we greatly appreciated.

Album strongly candidate to enter our top album chart of 2023.


ROBY (Witty Toys)


album: Roby (Witty Toys)

stickers: 210 (1-204, R1-R6)

starter pack: album + 2 packet 3,99€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

The YouTuber and sticker album duo continues, broadening its horizons and involving new protagonists who also focus on this product. Not always with satisfactory results, but sometimes also due to ineffective editorial choices. In our opinion, albums of this genre must be simple, an absolutely positive term in this case, without too many stickers, with a low cost and without various exaggerations.

The simultaneous presence, at least in our experience, on newsstands of Ninna & Matti’s second album “against” Dinsieme of the Panini giant saw the former, deservedly and rightly, win hands down. Although, in terms of content, the second one was probably better, but it paid for the overall cost, between the price of the packets, the number of stickers and also the very questionable choice of the hard cover.

Speaking of Ninna & Matti, we really liked their two albums, this new one by the Palermo youtuber Roberta Alcamo aka Roby has many characteristics in common. So if the publisher Idea Lab of the previous albums is not mentioned, we have some doubt that they are always behind it. This album also has direct management from the YouTuber, which is certainly a demanding formula. With the Ninna & Matti albums we wrote several times to request missing stickers without ever receiving a response (and now the albums are there… sadly incomplete…), we hope to be luckier with Roby.

The album is certainly pleasant and fun, we haven’t had the opportunity to view all the stickers, but they seem entirely dedicated to the comic book characters. If you are curious to know what Roby looks like you will have to settle for the cover, inside there is only his animated version and that of all the other protagonists of his adventures.

A completely comic sticker album, can we ask for anything better? This allows you to give free space to your imagination, alternating the pages of a long adventure with more personal ones where Roby tells his story… or tells his character? Or are they the same thing? We can’t reveal everything! From the first pages we notice a remarkable graphic care and the search for a continuous connection between the author and her young fans, naturally through our beloved stickers.

You can have your own idea about this type of collections, but objectively it is a fresh and dynamic collection. It was created to be fun to complete and also to involve younger people who perhaps, in addition to thinking of one day being an astronaut or a doctor, may also dream of having their own sticker album.

Attention, the album contains 204 stickers but in reality there are 210! To those to be attached in the appropriate spaces, we add the R’s from 1 to 6 which you can place anywhere, perhaps right on the album or elsewhere. If desired, the total stickers are actually 215, as on the back cover there is also space for the five exclusive stickers that are attached to the book.

It is appreciable that the page in question is still valid even without these stickers, not forcing anyone to make an extra purchase. Definitely interesting album, candidate to enter our annual Top Chart!


ME CONTRO TE – The movie 4 (Diramix)


in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria 
album: Me contro Te – The Movie 4: Mission in the jungle (Diramix)

stickers: 180 (1-180) + 40 cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

special packet (1 packet + 1 pawn for game) 2,99€ each

Pokerissimo! Not only within a few years have MecontroTe reached 5 sticker albums (six, counting the one with only cards) but even now we have two different collections on newsstands: the novelty linked to the new film and the previous one linked to the TV series , released in October 2022.

Without a doubt they are the winners of the web world for the youngest, consequently they ride the success with many productions, initiatives and editorial releases. Wanting to look ahead and also considering bookshop releases, it would perhaps be fun to make an album of stickers entirely in comics. The fact remains, we admit it, that we are particularly nice and therefore we always have an eye for them.

Not only that, we are also fans of Diramix, although sometimes they jeopardize our loyalty a little. Prices are not just affected by the crisis; to (our thought) prevent someone else from trying to invent card collection, the same ones are present in the collection (already happened with the couple’s third film). But the whole is always interesting, a collection that you can reach the goal of completing without going crazy. Also thanks to the subsequent request service for missing stickers, simple and cheap.

The album is practically the story of the film, right from the first pages we are catapulted into the adventure together with Luì and Sofì. No introduction, the story is rich, the jungle is full of mysteries, doing the usual initial part by introducing the characters would have been repetitive. After all, those who follow MecontroTe already know them! It is also appreciable that, unlike many other “heroes” of cinema or comics, at a certain point in history the archenemy, Mr. S, takes the side of the good guys. It’s not a spoiler, it happened in the previous movie 🙂

Well done Diramix! Whether it is an obligatory or editorial choice, the 40 cards are not a separate subject, they are the heart of the album. In fact, in the central part it is possible to insert them in the appropriate spaces, a much more appreciable solution than the boxes of other publishers. It is certainly a feasible path when the number of total stickers is not too demanding, but this consideration that Diramix has for those who want to collect the album is appreciable. And in the end, even we, who are not lovers of this sticker + card solution, can almost be happy with it.

The central part also hides another pleasant addition, The Game of the Goose by MecontroTe! On one side the usual poster of the film, on the other the dashboard, not trivial but well structured. Not only that, at newsstands it is also possible to find special packets with all the characters, in the comic version, which can become the pawns to play with.

The album is the usual mix of real scenes and comics, a line that almost all web heroes use for their productions and that we support. It also serves to make the collection more articulated and less static, more sparkling and less repetitive.

The stickers are mainly taken from stills from the film, the backgrounds of the pages, mostly in turn large photos from the set create an enjoyable mix. Much better than having made choices with unicolor graphics, perhaps simpler, but certainly less captivating. Among the stickers they always make their own.. “figur(on)a” the shaped ones, even the most demanding ones to put correctly on the album. The always present special silver or glitter on this occasion we have among the cards.

An album that maintains the Diramix line: stickers enough but not too many, cards perhaps necessary but not too many and not separate, general quality above average, an album that is appreciated and we don’t hold back!


ME CONTRO TE – The royal family (Diramix)


album: ME contro TE – The Royal Family (Diramix)

stickers: 180 (1-172, A-H)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

We admit it, among the many protagonists of the youtuber world, Me contro Te remain our favorites, perhaps because more than others they believe a lot in the sticker product, with this we are on the fourth album, without counting the collections of the cards only. They believe in it but surely they also see the results, a team that wins does not change and here they are, again with Diramix.

Sore point is the 25% increase in the cost of the packets, a big blow. The comparison should not be made with the previous album “Lost in time” which also contained the cards (in a solution that we praised at the time, other than the boxes apart ..), but with the one linked to the second film “The school enchanted ”, where the sachets cost € 0.80.

Returning to the album, good Me contro Te to evolve, now proposing itself as a television series on Amazon and in some way abandoning the adventures and characters that had accompanied us over the years. A bit of freshness was needed, we haven’t seen the program yet but the album looks promising. Of course you have to be fans of Sofia and Luì and you must always take into account the target to which it is addressed, children and the very young.

We have entered a new phase of their adventures, the first pages of the album help to get to know all the protagonists of the series, who stand out for, at least apparently, the lack of the enemy on duty. Divina, Tronaldo, Emma, ​​La Regina, Cornelia, Bruno are all positive characters, albeit with a fair multitude of defects. Obviously, otherwise the fun would be immediately lacking. Tronaldo, even just for the name, enters the favorites list by right!

Following the introduction to the first season of the series, also to try to understand how Me contro Te ended up in court. Dream sets, Sofì dressed as a princess, everything perfect? Not really, the youtuber couple has yet to learn a lot, nice and apt the page on etiquette, where we, like them, would certainly make a certain line of mistakes. Not to mention the “court style”, even if it certainly helps the success of the television series about the royals of England and France.

The pages have an effective structure, the captions give way to know what happens in the stickers, but without our little paper friends there would be a lot of curiosity. Fortunately, unlike sports albums, there are still no collectors who do not attack the stickers, you would lose the taste of history and the pleasure of reading it between texts and images.

In the third part, the album tells about some of the episodes of the series, which will probably be the main ones of the first season or those most suitable to be transformed into stickers. If Tronaldo has the most unlikely name, it is the rocker Emma who will surely be the favorite among small collectors.

The format of the stickers is the classic Diramix one, perhaps calling it a tradition is not the most appropriate term but the publisher likes it and we too. The right mix of classics, glitter and shaped to make the album fun to complete. As well as the central poster where they find the stickers with the letter. Thinking about Diramix products, in the next album (because there will be a next album, right Me against You?!?) Could you dare to insert stick & stack stickers in the center of the album? As in the collections of Bing and other cartoons where our heroes could come to life by moving in the sets printed on the poster.

If earlier we reluctantly reported the increased cost of the packets, it is due to Diramix to operate at least in a different way than other publishers. Buying the box of 40 sachets, in principle, you find yourself with a few missing stickers. If it is not possible to exchange them with other collectors, they can subsequently be requested from the publisher. In this way, with an expense of under 50 euros, the album is completed.

Arrivederci Me contro Te!




album: Ninna e Matti (Idea Lab)

stickers: 110 (1-110)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 3,90€

box: 25 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

Not just Meteheroes! At Idea Lab they got a taste of it, after the two albums dedicated to the cartoon of superheroes in defense of the environment, they launch into the world of YouTube. Personally a choice that always makes us happy, if the new idols of kids continue to appear on newsstands with sticker albums, it means that our little paper friends still have their market and their charm. Welcome, long live the stickers!

There are so many albums related to the internet world that even here, on our site, we have decided to create the “Web Heroes” category. Last album, but others will surely arrive, is that of Ninna and Matti. The young couple from Grosseto has largely exceeded one million followers on YouTube, thanks to their entertaining videos of challengers and small and big daily adventures.

The album proposes a formula that we have already seen with other web heroes, a solution we do not consider convenient but a choice because it works, alternating real photos with cartoon versions.

The album is an introduction to the world of the couple, how they met (“the origins”, a bit like Superheroes), their interests, travels, of course videogames and all their friends, including, interesting news , other characters of the web. In short, a sort of Ninna and Matti Universe, which also bodes well for possible future crossover albums (yes, our influence as comic lovers often makes itself felt!)

Speaking of comics, the final part of the album dedicated to a story, four pages with shaped stickers to complete the drawings. A very nice addition that almost concludes an album where another important aspect in our opinion should be pointed out. The total number of stickers is just 108, we fully agree with the choice. Both for the speed with which the market moves, and for the still high number of editorial proposals on the newsstands, essential albums are welcome, but not limited to them. You don’t get the feeling that something is left behind and on the contrary you can create the foundations to maybe make a next one, after all that “goodbye!” at the end of the album it looks promising.

In the packets that we have opened, the stickers seem to us the good complement of an album that will surely appeal to fans of Ninna and Matti. In addition to various animated images, the stickers give the feeling of not being “stolen” photos from the video set, but rather selfies and photos made on purpose, as if what we have in our hands were not just an album of stickers, but a real family album.

With 110 stickers in total and the box of 25 packets, if you are lucky, with a very low cost it is really possible to complete it easily. Let’s dispel the myth that sticker albums must always be monumental and complicated to find all the stickers, the rare ones, rookies and the multitudes let’s leave them for the Calciatori and a few others, sometimes not even these would be necessary.

Thanks to Idea Lab for the quality of the album paper, shiny but good and without creases, someone much bigger than this, they will excuse us, small publisher should learn to have more respect for their buyers and stickers lovers in general.


ME CONTRO TE – The movie 3 (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – The movie 3 – Lost in time (Diramix)

stickers: 188 (1-180, A-H) + 40 cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€

box: 36 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

Topper packets (topper + 1 packet) 3,50€ each

Once again Sofì and Luì! Fourth sticker album in a few years plus one of just cards. Now for the publisher Diramix it is time to do a mix of the two, following the editorial line of many others. Solution of which we are not big supporters but at least in this case the solution found is interesting.

As the album is linked to the third film, it retraces the new adventure of our heroes. So it is a wise idea to go to the cinema before starting the collection or you will have already discovered all the secrets of the story. We can only anticipate that the setting is fun and bubbly, as often happens when the protagonists go for a walk in time.

The classic characters we have come to know are all there. As has already happened in the past, the layout of the album is very varied and dynamic, alternating frames from the film with cartoon stickers, many are shaped and fill the images below. The line is similar to the previous albums but always winning, also taking into account that we are talking about characters born with social media and youtube, an album that is too classic with static stickers and the same in format would probably have been affected.

As written at the beginning, the novelty is the presence of 40 card. This has led to an increase in the cost of the packet and probably to greater difficulties also in completing the album. We are not very fond of the stickers + card proposal, often irrelevant for the quality of the collection, but it is undeniable that Diramix has found an interesting solution and that we hope that it will be followed by other publishers. Simple but effective. There is no box linked but the possibility of collecting the 40 cards right in the center of the album, inserting them using the cut corners as for the photographs and even the environment thanks. In the center poster for the 8 stickers numbered with the letters.

Another novelty, following what other sticker albums have done, are the gadgets that are not strictly connected to the collection. A bit like Sbabam does with TPOC or Panini with Gommaglie Calciatori (luckily they avoided this year ..). If you are crazy about McT, look for them all, otherwise you can buy the normal packets.

Nice, colorful stickers and cards and also the frames taken from the film in general are of good quality. The 40 cards are also different on the back, a detail that should be emphasized. Of the 40 cards, 10 also have the autographs printed on them. We have not yet found them in the packets that we have opened, but they are not limited edition, as is the case with Lyon’s latest album, for example.

Normally the purchase of a Diramix box helps a lot in completing the collection, being the 36 packets per box and the 40 cards, even if you are very lucky you will certainly need a multiple purchase. On the other hand, with stickers, it could happen.




album: Lyon 2 (Officina Edicola)

cards: 150 (1-150)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 5,50€

box: 24 packets (5 cards per packet) 1,00€ each

Four albums in just over a year, after the incredible success of the first card album made by Officina Edicola, the two (very beautiful) stickers and cards made by Panini, return to the origin with a series of cards again for Officina Edicola. Album that has many things in common with the one released in November 2020, but there is no shortage of news.

In general it seems to us that Officina Edicola has listened to some of the suggestions received from enthusiasts and collectors, while maintaining the same editorial line, the album is better constructed, so much so that, unlike the first, in this case we feel we can say that it is not it is only a card binder.

This is not a secondary aspect, the first series had virtually non-existent graphics on the internal pages. There remained only the valid aspect of a choice to keep the cards without having to resort to plastic binders, also valid in this case. An excellent and appreciable choice, even from an ecological point of view, clearly feasible when it comes to collections with a limited number of cards. This second series, on the other hand, has a much more refined album, different images on each page and above all that refer to the card game connected to the collection.

The album is inspired by the Lyon series “Extreme Survival” and is equally divided into two parts, both at the card level and at the level of thematic pages. The first 75 cards and first 15 pages to the adventures at the Polo, the following 75 cards and 15 pages to the adventures in the desert. In reality, the variants allow you to participate in 10 different missions and the ability to play both alone and with friends.

On the back cover you will find a valid explanation of both how to play and the value and use of the various cards. The much more dynamic presentation within the album also upset the numbering compared to the first series. In the first album we had first the common cards, then the specials and then the rare ones. Here, however, by force of what they are mixed, as the album is divided into two parts.

This random sequence between cards of different values ​​is easily understood thanks to the checklist on the back cover. It starts immediately with a bang, number 1 is an Ultra Rare! As for the first series, the ultra rare, which cannot be ordered from the publisher as missing cards, are four and exactly the numbers 1, 30, 79 and 96. In principle, by purchasing a box of sachets you will find an ultra rare, but it is not a rules, a safety. It can also happen that you are particularly lucky and find more than one. Also in this series in each pack you will find 2 common, 2 special and 1 rare cards.

In general, the cards seem to us improved compared to the first series, in particular to the touch they give us the impression of being more resistant. In terms of graphics we note that, despite having two adventures, we do not find a mere repetition with the different scenography in the background. Polo cards and desert cards are not the same images, of course the characters repeat themselves but with different designs. In short, a new collection that is appreciated, above all while maintaining the costs of the previous one. The album is also more compact.

The “Lyon” passion does not seem to know pauses. Strange to see two publishers working on the same character, but the collections are hugely different. The two Panini are probably among the best productions of the Modenese house of 2021, the two Officina Edicola (also from Modena ..) have a more classic and simple impact but no less interesting.

Adventure is also finding one of the 100 ultra rare cards autographed by Ettore Canu, if by chance you find them send us a photo and we will publish it on our social networks!


The great escape of LYON (Panini Italy)


album: The great escape of LYON (Panini)

stickers: 216 (1-195, L1-L21) + 50 cards

starter pack: album + packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

We do not know how “cool” the setting is for the youngest, but we old folks make our eyes shine, thanks Lyon and Panini, the time of the cowboys is back! The album is the correct continuation of the previous “Monsters and Mysteries”, perhaps the best product of Panini in 2021, its podium is in serious risk precisely because of its successor.

Compared to the previous one, it is a more substantial album, 24 stickers and 14 more cards. Wanting to be picky this could be a negative aspect, we have always been the promoters of albums that are also essential and cheap, but there are exceptions, as in this case. The long history that runs through the pages (we are in the west, aren’t we?) is well structured, nice and dynamic, the number of stickers is necessary to make it also fun to discover it gradually.

As written the story takes place in the wild west, it seems to read a Bonelli comic where Lyon and Cico look like Tew Willer and Kit Carson. The classics of the genre are all there, the lone knight, the sheriff, the rich and criminal fixer, the villain, the saloon, etc. The beauty of history is precisely being able to stay modern by retracing the glories, places and myths of the American frontier. There do not appear to be any fashionable infiltrations, such as zombies or vampires. Everything is old west here!

We do not reveal the ending, but part of the adventure is dedicated to the detention of Lyon in prison. Here we actually find a story within the main story, as in many films the good is not entirely good, but sometimes an outlaw is needed to restore peace to the city and defeat the despot of the moment. Central part of the album with the comic story in stickers, a bit out of context, a cross between science fiction and horror, so as to make happy even the fans of the most launched Lyon in the future.

Panini repeats the beautiful idea of ​​the previous album with the last pages and its alternative “action plans”, here are the L stickers that allow them to be attached in variable ways in order to have different possible stories, which still lead to same inevitable result (this is also a classic of the western genre), namely the victory of the cowboy and his pards against the enemies.

An added value to the album are certainly the stickers, which are nice, colorful, interactive and must also be used to be able to solve some games within the album. We are not great lovers of additional cards but in this case we make an exception and indeed we invite Panini to repeat the idea. Of the fifty cards, the first 42 are used to create a real deck of poker cards, including jokers, another classic of the western genre, just like many of us, comic fans, have bought Disney playing card boxes over the years. or other characters. The remaining 8 feature the characters from the story, so it’s a nice addition. The card holder box is really useful in this case.

Lyon is certainly a perfect character to always create new stories and new settings, Panini’s good ideas with the splendid mix of stickers and cards really lead us to think that this could be the album of the year. We have already fallen in love, when it comes to westerns it’s even easier.

The adventures of TPOC PLAYS (Sbabam Italy)


album: The adventures of TPOC PLAYS (Sbabam)

stickers: 110 (1-110)

starter pack: album + 3 packets + board game

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€

Two Players One Console as you’ve never seen them, at least in a sticker album. Essential as a whole, because the number of stickers is not a rule that must be exponential, quite the contrary. Sbabam probably thought about the period we are experiencing, where moments of conviviality, even among the little ones, are not as frequent as they used to be. But even if it were, returning to the glories of the past, making an album usable and collectible for all portfolios, is not a step back, quite the contrary.

The album is a long adventure in stickers as if we were the protagonists of the video game with the two kings of the web, very colorful and dynamic, virtual, multimedia. Too much for the older ones, but certainly appreciable for the younger ones. Being passionate about stickers we can only notice the quality of the stickers, very funny, similar to products released previously but not a mere copy. Step & Phere are of course the main characters, turned into cartoon. To be meticulous maybe some shaped, round figurine could be fine. They always look good, it couldn’t be otherwise.

The advice we can give is to put the stickers in order as they are found and then attach them one behind the other according to the number, following the numbering and interacting accordingly with the story. Council that we already know quite impractical, especially for the little ones, but at least try to do it!

The very choice of making a sticker album is also appreciable, perhaps the product would have been sold simply as an illustrated comic attached to a game, perhaps. We are of course the first to argue that the charm of stickers is undeniable and immortal, publishers who believe in it are welcome. The point, we repeat, is to ride the times we live in and not be overwhelmed by them. It is not just a question related to the health emergency, it is a different world, where the youngest (not just them ..) receive constant solicitations and the focus on a particular product changes in a short time. A compact sticker album helps in this regard.

Then certainly a few more stickers could have been there, in reality we like to think that it is a “test” album to test the ground, a setting like this, in the event of a sales success, can be renewed with another release also in relatively short time.

Also noteworthy is the starter pack, where in addition to the board game (from the Gioco dell’Oca family) there are two random pawns to play. Do you want more? It is not clear whether they will come out in another way but if you go and browse the Sbabam website you will find the possibility (not yet active) to be able to buy the entire set of 12 pieces for just under 6 euros.

Truly an interesting release, in some ways classic, in others innovative, we hope it will lead to the results hoped for by the publisher to be repeated later. And .. thanks for the lack of cards! Often extra spending and absolutely useless in the album economy.




stickers: 198 (1-190, A-H)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
box: 50 packets (5 stickers per packet) € 0.80

The wait is over, just as the new Me Contro Te album, one of the most anticipated collections of the year, has arrived at the cinema also on newsstands. It is the perfect continuation of the previous one, released in January 2020. So much so that fans can only have them both.

Will there be the sticker that reveals who the infamous Doctor S is? We invite you to be very careful, the album is the story of the film, it follows the exploits and the adventure of our two heroes. So the advice is to go to see the film first or you will already know everything.

The combination of real images with cartoon ones is always nice. The lyrics are essential but necessary to follow the story of the film. Diramix creates a very dynamic album full of different stickers, there are shaped, transparent, special glitter and all the others. On almost all pages, the alternation of the different types of stickers makes it a lot of fun to complete the album.

Icing on an already appetizing cake is the central poster with the stickers from A to H, all special glitter. The only drawback, as often happens with various publishers, is the poor quality of the album paper, including the poster which must be removed with great care. Too bad, it is still a very good product.

In the hope that another 2 years do not have to pass for the third chapter of the saga, have fun with this one!


LYON’s monsters and mysteries (Panini)


stickers: 192  (1-152, L1-L30, P1-P10) + 36 cards (C1-C30)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

packets: 4 stickrs + 1 card 1,00€ (box of 36 packets)

It is foreseeable that Panini would have set his sights on Lyon after the incredible success of card’s previous album, a result probably well beyond expectations given the difficulties in various parts of Italy to find him. With Panini everything changes, of course.

Another reasoning is the increasingly clear awareness of the current short circuit between the graphic sector and the commercial / production sector of Panini. Not being Paganini we can repeat ourselves and once again we have to find a very poor quality of the album paper, an image damage that we do not understand in the face of an album that is truly incredible, well done as they were previously the Calciatori or Marvel 80th and several others.

It is clear that Panini focuses heavily on Lyon, so we wonder why not to use the good matte paper used for some recently released albums such as Poopsie or L.O.L. Probably and simply they do not care, we do, we will continue to be pedantic and, until necessary, repetitive in reporting it. In Modena they don’t read our reviews or even if it were we are nobody to change choices, we hope sooner or later things can improve (they must). The stickers are a popular and mass phenomenon, the quality must be within everyone’s reach.

Incredible album, really. The work is so interesting that we imagine months of work to prepare it, for this we can only thank. Given the success of the previous one, quite sui generis as a card album, one could fear a standard album, it would probably have sold the same, instead Panini makes Panini and comes out with something special, already a candidate to be one of the best albums of 2021.

The first part of the album is an introduction to the world of the explorer of virtual worlds, nothing schematic or didactic, the stickers are presented to collectors themselves. The setting is to prepare for the fights, not easy but very fun, very colorful and dynamic pages to enjoy even more the videos and the whole world of Lyon.

The central part of the album is a nice surprise, comic stories are back! After Tex and the superheroes, Lyon also has a comic story (unpublished) to be completed with the shaped stickers. Just 8 pages but that little bit more than in an album of this kind can make the difference.

Second part of the album even more interactive than the previous one, after selfies, tests and a cruise trip (here too all the stickers are shaped), we venture into crimes and misdemeanors, a sector that will probably make each album different from the other. In fact, the 30 stickers numbered L do not have a precise sequence and can be attached at will in the five stories narrated. However, there is a logic and the directions on the back of the stickers must be followed, but after this aspect, maximum freedom of choice!

Speaking of free stickers, even the 10 numbered P with the ingredients to create potions do not have a predetermined sequence. You can find them around the album and you can attach them as you like (in the spaces provided, do not overdo it).

It’s not over yet, the album closes with more classic pages, seen in many albums and a grand finale with other shaped stickers. An end that is not final, on the last page Panini already plans to release a subsequent album. It is not over yet also because we have not told you everything.

In several pages we find interactive games and quizzes, we invite you not to go to the last page to see the solutions, as is done with crosswords. The stickers are very funny and colorful, another big difference with the first album of card, this album clearly distances itself from the bigger brother Minecraft (perhaps also because now the publisher is the same ..) and becomes in effect a mix between game, comic and cartoon.
The stickers are an added value, if you smell strange don’t worry, you will probably have one of the special stinkers in your hands (orange frame). For the magical ones, you will have to use the warmth of your fingers to find out what’s underneath. We wonder who knows what estate they will have over the years ..

Central poster integral part of the album with stickers to be attached on both sides. Discover the investigator in you, this part is in fact connected to the pages of crimes and misdemeanors and, if you have noticed that some of the L stickers remained there, this is where they have their own space. No extra stickers, they are all destined to complete the album!

Finally (yes, this time it’s really the end) we have the 36 cards. Meanwhile, good indeed excellent that Panini is limited to making 36 and not 50, we find the creatures protagonists of the Lyon universe, also different here from those made by Officina Edicola. In general they are two albums born and developed with two very specific different types, undoubtedly we prefer this one by lovers of comics and cartoons.

After all, it’s simple: are you passionate about Lyon? You will have fun completing this sticker album. You don’t even know who Lyon is? You will have fun all the same!


GIANMARCO ZAGATO (Promotional Srl Italy)

stickers: 168 (1-168)
album: € 3.50
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

A new album of youtubers in stickers! Since Zagato has made himself known through the paranormal and the mysteries, maybe he could tell us who is behind “Promotional Srl”, also publisher of the DINSIEME album. Is there a big publisher who prefers to remain anonymous for commercial or other reasons? Panini? Topps? No, let’s think more about Giochi Preziosi (it would be a return to the world of stickers) but also Fabbri or Mondadori, publishers of the books by Dinsieme the first and Zagato the second.
This doubt comes from the very hidden management of these albums, we do not find a site, we do not find even an email and even on google we have not found any reference to Promotional Srl. Funny if we think of sticker albums dedicated to web stars! The management of the sticker request (only via postal order, very vintage) is entrusted to a company that provides services to publishers. The mystery remains …

Promotional Srl albums are interesting because they are direct, seemingly simple, without too many stickers, without special stickers, without additional cards (thank you!). They are classic albums even if linked to the web, which is absolutely modern and current. The youtuber from Padova writes that he has worked a lot on it and it shows, as with other similar albums it is clear that there is a multi-handed work, certainly that of the publisher but with the indications of the protagonist.
GZ owes its success to its videos on mysteries, on the paranormal and on the Ouija board, it is appreciable that the setting of the album is much more personal, only the final part is dedicated to “darkness”. After all, if you visit his youtube channel you will find much more, very funny videos related to unlikely purchases on Amazon. His attempts in the kitchen are almost disturbing, more terrible than horror stories! 🙂

GZ is also smart, the album starts with the fashion pages (in addition to the stickers, for those who also want to buy his t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.), it turns personally with photos of the family, his animals and the first video experiences , since childhood and then on with the whole world of GZ.
We would have to open many packets to get a precise idea of ​​the stickers it contains, it is not a didactic album, only nice notes that allow Gianmarco to interact with fans. The formula used by others also works, in our opinion. The album is made up of photographic stickers and as in any photo binder, who hasn’t added phrases and thoughts? The idea is all here, simple, but effective.

The important thing is not to take himself too seriously, in his search for perfection Gianmarco admits that he is not and this makes him nice and between shopping, surgical operations (which we do not share), mysterious videos and everything else, ends up making it much more real than he himself can imagine.

Advice for Promotional SRL (or whoever behind ..): change the editorial line to sell the album only without packets attached and at a cover price out of the market. Make good old starter packs! 😉

What to say.. baciones!


LYON (Officina Edicola Italy)


cards: 150 (1-150)

album + 1 packet 5,00€

packets: 1,50€ (5 cards – box 24 packets)

Lyon Gamer also arrives at his album, it is our firm belief that it is a good thing that the new myths of the very young, while “living” thanks to the virtual, try to probe their presence on shops with the very material stickers, whether they are adhesive or card . They are often hit albums and this bodes well that the immortal charm of our little paper friends will remain so for a long time to come.

If you have, like the writer, a 6-year-old nephew, you cannot fail to have seen the youtube channel WhenGamersFail at least once. Behind the pseudonym of Lyon lurks the very Italian Ettore Canu, coming from the beautiful Sardinia. Another important detail is to know what Minecraft is, one of the most successful video games in the world.

It is not the role of Figurine Forever to make judgments on the value or otherwise of a program or a TV series, sometimes maybe we joke about it, we usually prefer to talk about stickers. Reading some information on Lyon Gamer it seems to us that in reality one can not share the tastes but not the form, which is linked only to healthy fun without, for example, gratuitous verbal violence, Lyon’s “shouting” during the videos is only part of the character.

You may be thinking “ok, that’s fine, but when are you talking about the album?” 🙂

Well, more than a card album it is a card binder. It seems a detail but it is not, in fact the album has space to contain the 150 cards closely related to the game “The mystery of the cruise ship”. The characters, objects, rooms and skill cards are presented.

Binder as the pages are intended to contain the cards without the presence not only of captions but also of images not related to the game, they only repeat the cards to be placed on top. It is an album about the game and not about its creator and his partner Anna and their youtube channel. Choice that perhaps confirms the attitude of our Lyon, less inclined than other web heroes to show off, mainly giving space to the game.

40 minimum cards are necessary to be able to play, an argument must also be made on the cost of the pack which, in our opinion, should not be compared with other sticker albums but with other collections of trading cards. The same setting of the packet is particular, of the 5 cards inside you are sure to find 1 Holo, 2 Metal and 2 normal. Very important detail: cross your fingers to find the card no. 101, 104, 112, 141 the ultra rare that are NOT part of the missing service!

Album more suitable for videogame and card game followers than for stickers/cards fans, but as always for Figurine Forever, if the cards (or stickers) have an album, we will review it!



stickers: 144 (1-144)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

Let’s start with the right spirit in reviewing this album, first of all we really like Elettra, second she is from Bologna as our Association. Maybe one day we will be able to ask her to be the godmother of an initiative or, who knows, become the protagonist of our Fan Forever Card, of course in the role of a Milan player of which she is a great supporter.

A star like Elettra goes very well with the project of a sticker album, we like to think that every single page and even sticker has been designed and shared with her. In the videos and interviews, we have the impression that he is a sincere person, perhaps and sometimes beyond the limits, but still true. Given his work, being unconventional is sometimes almost a necessity as well as a choice.

Page after page we discover the world of Elettra with its passions, thoughts and interests. The desire to have fun is clear, but also the intention to always send positive messages to the very young and to live life with enthusiasm, after all we only have one.
We also appreciated the choice of photos, we still have to open many packets but it is already clear that, alongside the classic photos from a photo book, we find many photos that could be part of anyone’s life. As cartoon fans a big LIKE the photo with Tigger, probably taken during a visit to Euro Disney.

The album is very rich, many shaped stickers, especially the really funny cartoon ones. Very curious are the stickers on music, where Electra’s favorite artists find space, including Giorgia, Tiziano Ferro and many others. Text only, but in such an engaging album they still fit. Speaking of singers, the album also includes the stickers of Elettra’s collaborations in the world of entertainment, for example Giusy Ferreri who we imagine appreciated being immortalized in a “figurina” of her own.

This is a particular review that reflects the peculiarity of the album, in fact without discovering the various stickers you can only get an idea of ​​the images contained, there will probably be several occasions to be surprised. We are absolutely certain that Elettra fans will appreciate the setting.

The stickers are not many, just 144, finally we add. It is not always necessary to make long albums with unnecessary additions (the infamous cards, often superfluous). Indeed, the hope is that any success will lead to a second album, as mentioned on the back cover with the words “to be continued”.

Well done Elettra and Sbabam!


SESPO & ROSALBA (Diramix Italy)

stickers: 184 (1-170, A-P)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

In the beginning they were midfielders, stoppers and strikers. Now it’s time for influencers, bloggers, tiktokers, youtubers and vloggers! The world of the web is increasingly connected to that of stickers, so much so that one day we would like to write a special article on all the albums related to the virtual world. What are we waiting for? Let the album of the queen of the web, Chiara Ferragni, come out. Everyone’s getting there, she’ll get there too, sooner or later.

Sbabam and Diramix are at the forefront in the making of these albums, with good and less good results, however, it must be acknowledged that they differ from each other, we like to think that those directly involved are always involved. After all, we are sure that all these web stars, at least once, have collected an album of stickers. Like everyone else.

40 years in two, born in 1999, Sespo and Rosalba are a novelty compared to the previous albums, because they are the protagonists of videos together but in reality they are born separately. The evil ones might think that their love story is just a marketing idea, if so, they know how to hide it really well.

The album presents their whole world, it is very multimedia, in the various pages we find the codes to see clips and other videos. It could not be otherwise, after all we are talking about vloggers (we do not know if the term is already in the Garzanti vocabulary, but we are informed, it is the video version of bloggers, another modern term).

We find both dedicated pages individually and together, captions in minimal terms, space for photos. The stickers of their travels, in the USA and Japan, are funny. Rosalba was born with makeup videos, consequently a lot of space also for the look of both.

More “intimate” final part with the memories of Sespo and Rosalba, with photos stolen from their lives. The page “how much do you know us?” is funny, to get the answers you have to find the corresponding stickers. In the center, double poster for stickers A to P.
However, very colorful pages, different with the background as if they were school notebooks, certainly not a new idea but still perfect.

The stickers are nice, most of them portray moments from the web life of our couple, others are posed, shaped and glitter photos. We haven’t opened all the bags yet but if we wanted some animated stickers, we would have been fine.

MecontroTe, Dinsieme, Twoplayersoneconsole, will Sespo & Rosalba also succeed in becoming a success in stickers?


DINSIEME (Promotional srl Italy)

stickers: 168 (1-168)
album: € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

Sorry to start with a criticism, but the album alone at 3.50 euro without even a packet is a bad presentation. Among other things and at that point it is not clear why to put plastic in it ..
As already said on other occasions, the albums dedicated to youtubers are now an independent sector of sticker collecting, they are starting to be so many. It was foreseeable that Dinsieme would also arrive, among the most loved at the moment by the very young, with a continuous and exponential growth of their YouTube page.

The album reflects the style of the web couple, so fun and lots of color. The photos are often unpublished and the texts are comments written by Erick and Dominick. Attention, despite the names are very Italian!
In the first part of the album we find the presentation of the characters, including friends and .. “enemies” .. Later space for adventures, both of stories seen on their YouTube channel, and moments of daily life, past, present and who knows, maybe also future.

The stickers are essential, at the moment we only opened one pack, so we refer the presence of special stickers to any future comments. However, a good job was done in the graphic preparation, most of the stickers are probably taken for the occasion.
Of course, the cartoon version could not be missing, perhaps a preview of something to go and see at the cinema as already happened with the antagonists “MecontroTe”?

Double central poster, giant photo on one side, space for stickers 161 to 168 on the back.

The strong point of this album is being, in fact, an album of stickers like “those of the past”. Direct, essential, not an exaggerated number of stickers, no cards or other inventions that are often just a filler and an excuse to raise costs.

Important: do not throw away the bags, with 10 empty you can send them and win one of the 10 invitations to meet the Dinsieme.


2 PLAYERS BATTLE Stef&Phere (Sbabam Italy)

cards: 168 (34-168 + 1-33 already released)
starter pack: € 5.99 album + 1 packet + cup card
packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)

“Clamoroso al Cibali”, to complete this album you must have completed the previous one! In fact, the first 35 cards of the album are not found in the packets but were part of the previous collection, that of the stickers. Album released shortly before the lockdown and therefore penalized, despite this it was one of the most successful albums of 2020. Counter-proof is the release of this new collection after a few months, in conjunction with the return to school and in the hope of the publisher of repeat the success, facilitated by the general situation markedly improved.

The cards are divided into six themes, the inside of the album is rather minimal, few captions and backgrounds reduced to what is strictly necessary, giving full space to the cards to be inserted in the appropriate spaces (applause for the plastic free choice, well done!).

It is essential to collect at least 15 cards to be able to play with friends, at the bottom of the album there are 4 pages that explain the game. Not particularly valuable is the quality of the card paper, very light, some contain video content to be enjoyed through the QR code, others shine in the dark but are not found in traditional packets.

In summary:
168 cards of which
from 1 to 34 present in the first series (attention, number 34 is the special Nino card that was only in the starter pack, however it can be ordered)
from 85 to 96 sold together with the bracelets, not present in the standard packets
from 35 to 84 and from 97 to 156 inside the packets
(update) from 157 to 168 available on the Sbabam website as “Mistery Set”:

Not exactly simple and quite expensive, a solution that is a little too complex and complicated, while albums should live on immediacy, at least these types of albums.

An album that leaves us with more than a doubt, but it is right that the publisher makes the most of these highly successful characters, after all they are not the only ones to complicate life for us poor collectors .. 🙂


Queiquattro/Thatfour (Diramix Italy)

stickers: 180 (1-166, A-P) + 20 cards (C1-C20)
starter pack: € 3.50 album + 2 packets
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

There are those who collect albums on footballers, cartoons, films and there will certainly also be album fans on social phenomena. Indeed, in the beginning it was Favij and then to follow MecontroTe, LaSabri, Twoplayers and others. We too have created the Youtubers theme in our cataloging, confident that they will increase (and who knows that sooner or later we will not get to make the album also of Queen Chiara Ferragni).

Queiquattro have been able (or someone has done it on their own) to ride the success of TikTok and do it themselves, that’s all. Effective.
It is not the role of Figurine Forever to throw oneself into social reasoning, on the validity or otherwise of these phenomena that overwhelm millions of fans; we prefer to dedicate ourselves to the characteristics of the album, but we are not even about to slaughter these new idols, each era has had its own, more or less understandable to “no longer young”.
We like Diramix, he always makes interesting albums, never copies one of the other. Also this on the four Romans transferred to Milan is well done. The cartoon parts are always pleasant, making it more readable and fun to complete it. In the first part, the pages dedicated to each individual member: Tanc, Gian, Lele and Diego, all very young, born at the beginning of the new millennium.

More interesting is the central part of the album where you enter the personal world of our 4, the family, friendships, their Rome and the quizzes to get to know them better (to know the answers you need to find the stickers). Final part on the current world of the four guys, their activities, TikTok, fashion and 4EVER which clearly almost takes us into consideration and we find it a great way to end this album. Double central poster for stickers A to P, in the total 180 stickers many are special, shaped and of good average quality that other publishers do.

The cards aside, compared to the past Diramix makes a big leap in quality, fortunately in limited numbers (“just” 20) but above all interactive: by downloading the Q4 app, enjoy the video cards (from 1 to 10) and holograms cards (from 11 to 20).

The cost of the packets is average, at least unlike others, we find in each pack 5 stickers instead of 4. Normally, buying a box completes or almost completes the album, another detail on Diramix productions that should not be underestimated.




stickers: 180 (1-180) + 32 cards (1-32)

starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the world of stickers and youtube meet again, even for Steffo and Pherenike it’s time for their album. The couple is famous on the internet for the presentation of video games, a passion of both transferred to the internet and has now become an appointment for many fans, over a million! Natural that the album is also closely connected with video games, the basic idea is very nice, the couple is catapulted into a video game, created especially for them, by the cat Nino, so as to get rid of them and have the whole house for self.

The adventure is therefore consequential, Stef and Phere will have to overcome 3 different levels to be able to go out and return to their daily life, not too different in reality, since videogames are a fundamental part of it.

There are therefore two different types of stickers, the real ones with our characters in various poses and phrases and the much more captivating ones with the cartoon scenes of the video game, mostly shaped and that allow you to interact and feeling totally involved.

Not only that, the album has other games, the stickers from 81 to 100 are stick & stack. Stef, Phere and the other cat Camille, who also ended up in the video game, have the possibility of having the powers enhanced thanks to special stickers that allow you to add accessories and weapons. Being stickers stick&stack, the game has several variations. Including the special sticker (no. 101) where you can draw on your face or whatever you prefer and interact even more directly with our heroes.

The idea of ​​giving a double life to the same back of the stickers is also nice, the back of each allows you to play. You don’t need a high number of packets, you just need two to be able to play against each other. In the end whoever has scored the most points wins, the album does not say it but it could be even more competitive to give away the same disbusted stickers!

Then we have the cards, 32 total of which the first 16 monster cards and the following hero cards. The game is connected to the story of the album, the goal is therefore to bring Stef and Phere back to reality and also convince the “evil” cat that we must love each other.

Attached to the starter pack is the special rainbow card with the cat Nino. Too bad that (at least my copy) is attached to the cardboard and detaching it behind is ruined. Better for the future to find an alternative solution.

The album is made by Sbabam, a company well present in newsstands with many toys, gadgets and more. This should allow a widespread distribution of the product. To not be purely a sticker publisher, the album is well made, the story is nice, colorful and well built.

Certainly they can improve, with the stickers perhaps adding other details (a praise to the shaped ones, the best ones since always even if they are scabby to be attacked correctly, but the fun is right there), the cards are so light, taking into account that they are also and especially a game, better think in the future of a type of card of greater thickness.

An album created not to do it alone, so children need not only to convince their parents, but also those of friends! 🙂


LASABRI (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 179 (1-165, A-N)

starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: new album for a web star, the youtuber Sabri. In 2014 she opened her channel talking about her passion for video games, she became a star talking both about playful themes (fashion, travel, etc.) and social themes (racism, homophobia, etc.).

Today he has over 2 million followers and is probably the number one for girls aged 10 to 15, almost normal that he reaches the great milestone of his personal album of stickers.

The album is nice, colorful and engaging. It traces the stories told on the web, from small daily experiences to sports, fashion, travel, animals, family, friends, complete with a special section for the many tattoos that color the body of our youtuber.

Taking into account our solidarity project for Madagascar, a special notion for the four pages of the album dedicated to the experience in Africa and to the support children in Kenya that our Sabri carries out. Brava!

As a fan of comics, the cartoons that we can read page by page are also very nice, another small trick to involve the girls in reading. In the center, double poster with stickers on both sides to discover the world of the youtuber. The stickers are mainly live, taken from the scenes of the same videos with in addition the special glitter and transparent shapes.

If you are lucky you may find the party cards to win an autographed backpack or even a meeting with her, cross your fingers.

In general, a very nice album, make your daughters happy and take it home!

Final judgment: 8/10


ME CONTRO TE – THE MOVIE (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 180 (1-172 + A-H for the central poster)

album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: new album for youtube stars Sofi and Luì. After the stickers and cards, we return to the traditional stickers on the occasion of their first cinematographic effort. Blockbuster film and this also bodes well for the success of the album.

In the 180 stickers we find really everything, shaped, sparkling, glitter, special stickers, the strong colors (fuchsia in particular) are the protagonists of this very nice and funny album.

The advice, however, is to collect it after going to the cinema, in fact page after page we discover the adventure of ours and you risk discovering everything first.

Note on the shaped stickers and those with comic characters, an album in the album that makes it even more nice. After all, the film itself is a mix between real and animated characters.

The battle against Mr. S until the final battle! In short, this great success for the little ones can be shared or not, but the care in making the album and making it fun to complete remains without a shadow of a doubt.

Note of merit for Diramix, purchasing an entire box of 5 stickers completes the album. This should be a solution always used when buying an entire box for albums with not many stickers, good Diramix!

Final judgment: 8/10