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album: Rainbow High (Panini)

stickers: 170 (1-170)
starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

The protagonists of Rainbow High have landed on Panini stickers! Each of these girls has a different passion, which by arriving at Rainbow High she intends to pursue and improve more and more, from music to make up artists, from fashion to digital media, from photography to cinema. Of course, once upon a time we dreamed of being a veterinarian, an astronaut or a footballer but we must also accept that the world has moved on and that perhaps these have become clichés.

The girls arrive in Italy for the first time in March 2021 on Youtube with 5 minute episodes each with the seasons still continuing and can also be found on Netflix from April of the same year. For those born in the 90s they might remember the Bratz, at least in their features, with these important eyes and the heads a little exaggeratedly larger than the body.

The main product in toy shops are dolls, full of accessories and the same goes for stickers. The album is of excellent workmanship: the paper is opaque, thick and pleasant to the touch. The colors of the protagonists contribute to making the stickers a pleasure for the eyes, all the special ones have the rainbow effect, nothing more apt given the collection, and the choice to maintain a mostly white background for the pages of the album in order to make the stickers stand out even more, which are large in size, suitable for the album and the protagonists, they give great satisfaction when unpacked. Some of them may resemble photos from a school yearbook.

In the pages of the album we retrace all the girls’ passions one by one and we are offered challenges that concern them: for example we can write a song, a newspaper article or design a dress. The album is made to be written, therefore interactive, and certainly allows adults to play independently or compare themselves and even the little ones to play with their parents. The space dedicated is adequate for the difficulty of the challenges, as it takes up practically half a page but is not heavy, on the contrary.

The central poster is very rich, where the stickers from 116 to 170 are placed and, using shaped stickers, we can dress the students. Small negative note, perhaps rather than the stickers to fit together it would have been nice to have the stickers with the dress and with the remaining transparent part, like the stickers of some time ago, which would also have allowed, if desired, to attach the double stickers elsewhere practically becoming a sticker in itself. Inside, the spaces must be filled with colorful stickers, all with a special rainbow effect.

The album, with different color shades but the cover is the same as that of the Officina Edicola cards released in 2022, proves to be a solid product, which allows you to become familiar with the protagonists and with what they would like to convey in a world that it goes extremely fast. Therefore, if you already know them you will surely appreciate this product, otherwise, it is a good way to get closer.




album: Barbie dreamhouse adventures (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 36 packets (6 stickers) 1,00€ each

Welcome back Barbie! In reality, the legendary Mattel doll has never left us, but as a sticker album we hadn’t seen a product on newsstands for a few years. The occasion is the recent animated series that can be seen on television on Cartoonito and Netflix. It is therefore not the classic Barbie, the stories are inside a college, but the blonde with blue eyes is always her.

First good news, no card! When a new sticker album comes out, we always tremble at this option which, only in some cases, is an added value. In most cases it is just an additional expense that also makes it difficult to complete the album.

Second good news, quality album! After all, in Barbie’s fashion world, class is everything. Large format, paper without creases or other problems, first part of the album dedicated to the presentation of the characters. Second part also dedicated more to the TV series, with the adventure told in some episodes.

Actually the first 8 pages are dedicated to Barbie and her family, her sisters and her animals. Perhaps it had already happened in the past, for many of us it is a shock to discover both Barbie’s last name, Roberts, and to see the parents for the first time. A page is not dedicated to them, but they are certainly there in the series and also in some images of the album.

By the way, did you know Ken’s last name is Carson?!? We and we discovered him by leafing through this album. To follow the other characters of the series. The pages are largely filled with stickers, but there is no shortage of captions that accompany us to gather lots of useful information.

Spectacular central poster dedicated to the world of Barbie, homes, sports, college and all school mates. The stickers are to be attached on both sides, somehow we are faced with a mini album.

The choice of being able to open it completely is excellent, so that, if desired, it is not necessary to detach it from the album. Problem that often grips us with the central posters in albums.

Final part of the album dedicated to some adventures that we can follow in the TV series. It is appreciable that, to maintain the limited number of total stickers, we find some (few, therefore irrelevant) substitute illustrations.

The final page, not having had the opportunity to view the stickers, could have some additional details. Girl Power can certainly not be something more!

Very interesting album, beautiful and large, even the stickers are appreciated, including the shaped ones and the special glitter ones. Although the packet is now at the standard price of 1.00 euros, there are at least 6 stickers in each. With the box of 36 packets, it is not said, but you could try your luck at having the complete set without subsequent purchases.

Long live Barbie!




album: Rainbow High animated card book (Officina Edicola)

cards: 150 (1-150)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 4,50€

box: 25 packets (4 cards per packet) 1,50€

The way for Officina Edicola’s card collections is effective, we had already noticed it with the previous albums dedicated to Lyon, the first was so incredibly successful that Panini was forced to buy the rights for the future productions of the famous Youtuber. At least in our country without even remotely reaching the results of that first album.

By the way, Panini in January 2021 brought to newsstands a first album by Rainbow, accompanied by Unicorns, part of the same brand. It was a pretty good and colorful album, it seems to us that this collection also follows the line.

Lyon, Rainbow, two albums where the stickers are Panini, the Officina Edicola cards. Both companies are in Modena, more than a question of competition, we think that the link is different, perhaps on some products the multinational releases certain products for others.

The card container, instead of the ugly, obsolete and even polluting plastic pockets, is a nice format with the space to insert the cards as if they were photographs. Who knows, perhaps in 2050 Panini, Topps and other companies will have emptied their warehouses of plastic binders and will be able to devote themselves to solutions that are not only a smile on the environment, but that are objectively and far more pleasant to collect, more “cool” and in the end even more accurate, as in this case.

This is not possible for sports collections, both due to the high number of cards and because often (except for the dull Adrenalyn, for example) even the back has its importance.

It seems we have taken this review away but in reality we believe we have got the point, the interior graphics are not repetitive (as happened for example with the first Lyon) but rather they are an integral part of the collection, a bit like it happens with many of the albums. of classic stickers.

Finally, the cards are small but very nice, varied, special and will make little girls happy because they look good even alone, with their 3D or transparent images. Number of total cards which in our opinion could be even more limited but in general, for fans, a product that is still valid.


NA! NA! NA! Surprise (Panini)


album: NA! NA! NA! Surprise (Panini)

stickers: 168  (1-168)

starter pack: album + 3 packet 2,00€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€

Nana Supergirl, legendary Japanese cartoon, has nothing to do with it, also because we have an extra NA here. If in the 80s we had the famous “battles” between Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet fans, at the beginning of the third decade of the 2000s here is the clash between the L.O.L. and the Na Na Na.

Honestly, we don’t know which of the two collections was born first, but the characters are really quite similar, looking a bit on the web we can say that even the triple Na dolls have a good following, thanks also to the material distributed by Giochi Preziosi.

Fortunately, Panini does not do an encore of the latest L.O.L. and releases a publication more suitable for children and for parents’ pockets. Not too many stickers (168) and above all no cards. This probably means that we will soon have this format too but from a different collection. We think that in addition to quality, it is also necessary to consider the possibility of completing an album without fainting, the cost of the packets is not particularly cheap but at least the final goal is not a chimera ..

The album is very nice and funny, on each page a different doll appears, curious to find the date of birth even if obviously without the year, the Na Na Na certainly cannot grow up. The goal is not only to attach (well, please) the stickers but also to interact with the dolls through the small games or quizzes found on many of the pages. Whether you dream of becoming a model or you dream of becoming a stylist.

Interesting is the varied choice of stickers available, several specials including the now customary glitter and holographic specials, even the classic stickers, especially the close-ups have an almost .. hypnotic effect.

At the center of the album is the fashion book, where even more space is given to fashion and the dresses that our little heroines love to wear. Rather varied choices! Last pages with the class photo where some of the protagonists of the album are re-proposed.


L.O.L. Surprise OMG (Panini)

stickers: 216 (1-164, M1-M52) + 50 cards (C1-C50)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.90
packets: 1 card + 4 stickers € 1.00 (box of 50 packets)

It is always L.O.L. mania, if we have not miscalculated we are on the fifth album in less than 3 years. Stickers, cards and then together for productions where let’s face it it takes a certain ingenuity to make them always different and interesting. After all, the characters are many, the settings as well, we are pretty sure there will soon be a sixth album.

If Panini prints continuously or has a halter contract or the product sells, among other things, the Modenese house is increasingly satisfying these types of albums rather than sports ones, even in terms of the quality of the album and the stickers themselves. The comparison between L.O.L, Poopsie and the NBA album is truly epochal.

Surely the L.O.L. OMG is fun and hilarious, even in attacking stickers. It is not so much the glitter, fluo, holographic stickers that are necessary, but also the round, rectangular, square and shaped ones, so much so that the stickers to really stick are more than 216, probably we will exceed 300!

Extremely interactive, we suggest parents to buy two copies, the first where to attach the stickers and try to complete it, the second leaving free rein to the children’s imagination in coloring, drawing, compiling, responding to the many additional parts of which the album is full.
Speaking of additional parts, the central novelty with the Magazine in stickers is very nice. Important and appreciable detail: the insert is attached to the album only with the upper clip, this allows you to remove it, if desired, without causing disasters.

Each page of the album is a specific theme, listing them all would also be boring and would take away the taste of leafing through the album, honorable mention anyway for Tiny Toys (invasion of round stickers!) and the final pages with the L.O.L. in concert and the four seasons.

The album would already be as good as that without the addition of the 50 cards, but there are those too. The novelty is that they are all connected, where one continues the other so that, put close together, you have a mega giant puzzle.

All very nice and fun, after the Poopsie, another 2021 production by Panini that bodes well for the future.




stickers: 176 (1-156, X1-X20)
starter pack: album + 3 packets € 2.00
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers – 36 packets box)

In the beginning they were the Unicorns .. we can be optimistic about 2021 for stickers. After months of disasters, a well-made album arrives on newsstands, paper quality worthy of a Panini album, paper that takes us back to the golden years, compact, thick, no creases, a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch. The presence at the center of the album of postcards to be detached has certainly made this choice of material necessary, but we hope it will be a new course for Panini, a return to the quality that has (almost) always distinguished it!

The sticker albums are a truly varied world and it is the beauty, we have sports albums, cartoons, films, celebrities, fashion, toys, educational and in recent times the explosion of the Youtube world. There is no subject that cannot turn into stickers! With this spirit, here is the album of these characters from the world of slimes and toys (a term now obsolete, actually), an interesting choice because they are also and above all produced for sale in newsstands, therefore they have always been the home of stickers and so we hope it will remain in long.

In the beginning it was the Unicorns, then the Rainbow dolls also arrived. Very colorful album like those to create slime, glitter everywhere as if there was no tomorrow. The first part of the album is dedicated to dolls, to introduce and make known the Rainbow family with lots of information. We really like the varied setting of the stickers, it is certainly not a static album, so many special, shaped ones, it will be difficult to find doubles to exchange because they are beautiful stickers to stick anywhere, to the joy and desperation of the poor parents.

In the second part of the album we find the Unicorns, impressive to see how many there are and honestly it makes us laugh to think imagining the Panini staff busy creating the graphics, probably having fun (for us it would have been so) in discovering the various aspects of this world of fantasy, fashion and colorful.

Another interesting aspect is the presence in practically all the pages of interactive inserts, of the classic ones as we like them, no QR code or other virtual solutions, here children have to color and create, leaving free space for imagination, as an album should be with a target for the little ones.

Central insert with postcards, here too free space for children’s creativity, the stickers from X1 to X20 are destined to embellish these postcards but without predefined spaces, that’s right!

The stickers in general are a pleasure for the eyes, we have already said that they have a double use, they can be used to complete the album but also to give life to your school diary, notebooks and possibly no walls in the house 🙂
Of good quality, necessarily larger than other collections. Someone will have to object to Panini’s recent choice to sell boxes of 36 packets instead of 50, it is probably a necessary act to limit the return of unsold packets, for collections that are not expected to have an exponential impact; wishing from the packets present in a box, one could hypothesize which Panini collections are targeting the most, but this is not necessarily the case, it is often also linked to the total number of stickers to complete the album.

In slime we trust!


HELLO KITTY & Sanrio characters (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-180)
starter pack: € 3.90 (album + 5 packets)
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

“Kerokeokeroppi” if you pass by us and manage to say it quickly without errors, a free packet! 🙂 Months ago, in the review of the album published by Sbabam, we wondered why there is no adhesive stickers, here is the answer. The rights belong to Panini, who comes out with a new album several years after the last one. Hello Kitty, what else?

The Japanese cat is less omnipresent in our daily life, but it is always a beloved character and protagonist of a lot of merchandise. Difficult to find something original to add to previous albums, in this case Panini is dedicated not only to Kitty but to all the other Sanrio characters, some with really challenging names!

In this way the album is set up clearly, one page linked to a character and the next one dedicated to Kitty in the kitchen, at school, in sports, on vacation, etc.
Openable central poster on the four seasons, very nice.

Many stickers, as always happens with Hello Kitty, can also be used to embellish the school diary or wherever you want. Especially the classic glitter or silver ones. The shapes are also beautiful, which can also be used outside the album.

An important detail is the quality of the paper, it has significantly improved compared to the disasters of Marvel 80th and Animals. It is already something ..
Essential album, it will delight all Hello Kitty fanatics




album: HELLO KITTY and friends (Sbabam)

cards: 80 (1-80) + 88 extra (32 cards, 32 stickers, 24 tattoos)

album: € 2.50

packets: € 1.50 (7 cards + 3 stickers)

tin box: € 7.99 (28 cards + 12 stickers + 3 special cards + 1 brilliant card limited edition)

comment: it is not easy to review this album, more than others I probably pay my age no younger because I definitely don’t see the qualities that a teenager notices.
It is certainly an unusual, particular, different album (as the advertisement itself says), given that the extras are more than those that find space inside: 88 the first, 80 the second!
First of all, it is not an album of stickers but of cards, the 80 numbered cards find space inside using the cut corners. Appreciable that there is no presence of plastic, but for example it could be made more complete by giving space also to the 32 stickers.
Pages are nice and colorful in the Hello Kitty tradition, a character who makes “no sense” his strong point. The cards are very simple, of a quality similar to those released over the years combined with various supermarket initiatives.

For sure who wants to have the whole collection is not facilitated, in fact the stickers like the extra cards and the tattoos are not numbered, have fun for those who want to look for them all.
It is not clear whether from October it will be possible to order only the missing cards among the 80 numbered ones or even the rest. Price not very popular, especially the album at 2.50 without even a free packet.
We recommend the purchase of the tin box made in three different versions (lilac, pink, red) which in addition to the stickers is a nice object to be used to keep your secrets.

Non-collectors will probably appreciate the many extra usable stickers where you prefer, for us the old school remains more than a few doubts


GORJUSS 3 (Panini)


stickers: 184 (1-166 + extra specials G1-G18)

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.99

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

comment: third release of the Santoro dolls, also for Panini. Just as for merchandising distributed all over the world, stickers can also have hundreds of variations, in fact you could have an album every six months for years without ever having to repeat it!

Panini learns from the flaws of the previous album by improving it, special mention for the stickers, the special extras are far more beautiful than the previous ones. They are more cared for and better made, they are created to be able to embellish your personal objects with the possibility of being personalized, by writing your name on them. Another important detail, they are numbered (G1-G18) so as to eliminate problems with previous albums, especially for those who wanted to order the missing ones.

Assuming that now the cost in general of the stickers has become important, but in line now (sigh) with the cost of living, at least in this case they have their why. Basically these packets have a lot more reasons at 1 euro than many other collections at 0.70-0.80. In this collection the stickers are the added value, in large format, different specials with raised or rough details. They were born to be attached to the album, but if desired, they are suitable as an object in their own right, really beautiful.

Speaking of the album, always a giant format and quality paper, Panini implements it here too, making every single page a game, so much so that I would invite mothers to buy two albums (by purchasing the starter pack, the actual album is free), one to complete it with stickers and the other where the girls can use it to complete all the games. Not so easy, actually, because different activities are related precisely to having the stickers on the album. In short, good luck finding the least invasive solution possible!

Super interactive album, simple games, but also more articulated and linked to dreams, passions, desires and everyday life. Test, art attack and much more. Note of merit for the first page where Panini invites the girls to connect names of great women of the past, all in their context and in their epoch have contributed to female emancipation.

The choice to make a collection that is not too long is also appreciable, the total number of stickers does not exceed 192 standards for non-sports albums, this helps not to have to go crazy too much to complete it, on the other hand it also allows Panini to create several in a short time .

Last consideration, adding cards to this collection would have been a forcing, it is already so beautiful and the stickers, somehow, are already cards in their own way. Nice, really.


L.O.L. FASHION FUN! (Panini)


stickers 204 (1-187, BB1B5, F1-F12) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 5 packets)

packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the L.O.L. previously they were albums of stickers and card albums, now Panini joins forces and creates the first mixed album, raising the level and probably creating the best of the series.

The theme is fashion and the girls will surely have fun in completing the pages and dressing the LOLs, an album not only super colorful but many special stickers, shaped with images to be completed, “scratch and discover” subjects thanks to the special GLAM: the collectors more hardened will surely have to look for them double, a copy as they appear and one with the subject revealed. In addition, glitter stickers and splendid fabrics, in short, 50 special out of 204!

At the center of the album is a poster for the numbered stickers BB and F on a double poster with on one side also the historic Gioco dell’Oca version of the fashion show. The album is a continuous game, each page deserves more than a moment of attention to fully enjoy it and many spaces to complete with your thoughts, desires and .. secrets.

The cards are less flashy than other collections (for us Spiderman Far From Home and Harry Potter Saga remain the top), but they are made for the game “bedtime”, in the 50 cards we find different sets with the aim of completing them to win the game.

Small fundamental detail, attached to the album, we also find the card holder to be detached to store the 50 L.O.L. card.

This album is a blast, the best in the series, one of the funniest of the year. Beautiful, nice, engaging, colorful, “lolly” fun!

Final judgment: 10/10


L.O.L. 2 (Panini)


cards: 193 (1-184 + D1-D9)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + ltd edt card € 9.90

packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)

premium packet: € 10.00

packet + magnet: € 2.90

tin box: € 9.90

comment: continue the L.O.L. mania! Costume phenomenon beloved by little girls and also by older girls, Panini does not miss the opportunity to launch another colorful collection on the market. What is the female version of the Adrenalyn? Who knows, the point remains that even with the L.O.L. we have the Tin Box (as for the first album) but also the Premium bag, essential purchases to have all 8 limited edition cards; in fact 2 are found in the starter pack, 4 in the tin box and the last 2 in the premium bags.

The collection is varied and very nice, we must admit that for products like this the cards are much more attractive than the classic figurines from all of us so loved. It can also be seen in the 100 basic cards (B.B. BFF cards) but even more in the 50 GLITTER cards and always better in the 25 NEON BRIGHTS cards with fluorescent colors.

Apotheosis with the 9 MAGIC MOVES cards (animation moving them) and the 9 transparent cards with which to dress the BFF cards mentioned above. These 9 have a separate numbering, from D1 to D9.

We have already written about 8 limited edition cards, with sparkling gold and two mysterious colors that Panini does not reveal and you can only find out by purchasing the Premium bag available.

Not satisfied yet? As for the Calciatori 2019 you can also buy bags + magnet and to the delight of everyone another collection to complete.

Ok, they’re not footballers, but it’s dangerously fun!  

Final judgment: 9/10