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FORTNITE 3 Golden Frame Series (Panini)


album: Fortnite 3 Golden Frame Series (Panini)

stickers: 248 (1-248)

starter pack: tba

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

You can be passionate or not, but if you are in contact, even indirectly, with children and adolescents, you cannot fail to know Fortnite. Brand of such success that it also makes crossovers with some historical characters from comics, such as Batman.

Panini comes out with the third album of adhesive stickers, to which must also be added those of card. Fortnite’s success is evident, this allows us to save ourselves from the usual process of having a unique collection of stickers + cards, more complicated to complete, more expensive.

We liked the previous album very much, in terms of presentation and development of the album. This is why we have gone back many steps, it is not even a question whether the internal graphics can be liked or not, they simply are not there.

As in an 80’s album, space is simply for stickers. The first 33 pages are practically the same as each other, as you can see from the photo above, except for some gold or other brackets. It is true that the album features 100 different costumes, so the stickers are absolute protagonists, but a few splashes of different colors might suit us well. Short captions under the stickers.

After 196 stickers, the album takes a new turn with different shapes to complete the pages. Graphics reminiscent of the previous album. Showing the individual characters, the final part deals with the various series and their particularities: Oscura, Frozen, Lava, Ombre, Juicy. Ghosts against Shadows, vehicles and consumables close the album. It may be that to the fans everything seems perfect, for us who look more at the whole and less at the substance, it seems like a job done without too much impetus.

More articulated reasoning on stickers. Larger than normal size, lots of gold specials (after all it is the Golden Series ..) which also help to make the cost of the bag less indigestible at 1 euro. Now consolidated price for many releases, sure that an extra card in a packet would not have been bad. In practice, an album that is not exceptional, stickers that positively save the final judgment, however a step backwards compared to the previous one released in 2020.




cards: 650  (1-200 basic + 1-200 holofil + 1-200 optichrome + M1-M13 + H1-H37)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 9,90€

packet: 8 cards 2,99€ (box of 18 packets)

tin box: 6 packets + 3 bonus cards 18,90€

Before giving you a heart attack, the above number is the one to have all the versions of the cards, with 250 you have the complete set, but if some crazy collector wants to have the absolute set is different. In practice, the first 200 cards are available in three versions, the basic one with standard cards, the holofoil version and the optichrome holo.

The debate is open, someone will say that it is madness, our point of view is different, much better this solution which still allows you to have all the cards than what happened with the first series where the first 200 were very easy but the following ones, namely the special it was a dream to find them, very few have managed to complete the album. We remind you that on these series there is no missing card service.

So an acceptable solution, for those who want to have fun and collect the complete basic set without fainting, they can do it, super collectors can go wild and try to do the business, perhaps by selling the car or giving up their holidays.

The collection was expected to be released in 2020, as stated in the starter pack, understandable that Panini has waited for better times, the preparation work was still very accurate, second series really in every sense, the cards are all different from the 2019 edition not only that, each card has become double with the foreground on the front and a larger design on the back.

The first 200 cards are a festival of costumes, from uncommon to rare, from epic to legendary. Closes the set 37 collection tools and 13 map cards. Scenographies clearly different from the first series also because in the meantime Chapter 2 came out and we believe, much more; fans of the game will excuse us for our knowledge limitations.

Good quality card, a collection that will surely please the many fans of the video game. If desired, a special one per packet could be envisaged, perhaps even slightly raising the price, not low, of the packets but not impossible, especially compared to other recent Panini releases.

We liked the latest Fortnite sticker album very much, in our opinion it wins at a distance on the cards, both for the graphics, for the contents, and for the setting. However, this also has its say, to each their own choice.


FORTNITE 2 (Panini)

stickers: 368 (1-368)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

Fortnite stickers are back and they are back in style! The first album of 2019 seemed rather static to us, on this Panini did a really commendable preparation work. When an empty album is already fun, completing it will be even more fun.

The album is divided into thematic areas, after an overview of the island here are the places and scenarios for the epic battles, from the Middle Ages to the Wild West, from pirates to burgers and much more. In this part we find both single stickers and double stickers for the various characters, some of which you need to be good at making them match the image below. Another interesting aspect are the captions, small comments that make the whole really successful.

This part of the album contains almost 200 stickers, after all the charm of Fortnite is also the multitude, both of situations, of costumes, of weapons, and … of everything!

35 weapon stickers follow, not just a succession of images but an explanation of which ones are the most effective for your fights.

From number 234 the quality of the album really starts to rise, with double, triple and special stickers. The crews are protagonists: Explorers, Royal Hearts, Dino, etc.

Isn’t that enough? From 277 a guide on fun things to do on the island and the final part of the album with all the main characters from every season, from 1 to 10.

Another very interesting aspect is the variety of the stikers, not only glitter, but also shaped, mini, double, triple. The large format, already used for the first album, is absolutely necessary and successful.

Really rich album, we don’t know very well the game, but it seems very varied and complete. A really nice Panini / Epic Games creation


FORTNITE stickers (Panini)


stickers: 352

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

comment: after just a few months, as expected, after the card collection, Panini doubles and also releases the sticker book of the FORTNITE blockbuster. The Epic Games videogame is an incredible phenomenon that goes far beyond the classic video game, with tournaments worldwide and also with rich prizes available.

When was the video game made? 2017, in just 2 years it has dug out the competition. Panini creates a particular and original product, starting from the same album, well above the classic Panini standards. Hard cover and glossy paper inside with central poster.

Given the ignorance of those who write about video game characters, this at least allows them to be impartial and look at the collection as a whole as a “figurine” enthusiast. The stickers are of good quality, above all they make species ¼ of the total of special silver figurines. Here, wanting to be able to ask for a greater difference between the many specials, they are all actually silver but we have no variants (satin, fabric, etc.) that have characterized many recent albums by the Modena-based company.

The album traces the evolution of the game from the first to the seventh season, as if it were a TV series and somehow it is just that. The luck of this game is to make you feel part of the same, inserted with both hands in the actions of its protagonists, which are certainly not few, I didn’t count them but I would say that the characters presented are a hundred.

The writer is a lover of stickers rather than cards, but we must say that in this specific case the modern collection surpasses the classic one, making it more connected to the original game. But in this version we find a hilarious central poster with rare images, seen few times and seasonal costumes. Following the evolution of the album is challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Although the quality is very good, just to help the sticker version that is still valid, Panini could put a hand on his heart and not bring the bags to 1.00 euro. On the other hand, it must have cost little to acquire the rights of this video game universally loved and not only by the very young. As for the cards, a second album is also likely during 2020.

Final judgment: 8/10