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EURO2024 GERMANY (Topps)


album: Euro2024 Germany (Topps)

stickers: 786

starter pack: album + 3 packets 5,99€

box: 50 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

multipack: 7 packets 6,99€

tin box: 8 packets 9,99€

Let’s dispel an ongoing discussion in this period: there are no 2 Euro 2024 albums. Like it or not, whether you are an extremist Panini fanatic or not, there is only one official album: this one. Other publishers can publish, having the rights, but it is not the official album. This is nothing new, something similar happened exactly 30 years ago.

Summer 1994, World Cup in the United States. The rights go to Upper Deck, an American company, which creates a rather basic and questionable album but it is still the official one, without the Germany stickers, for rights reasons. Panini makes an unofficial album, but in fact in line with the previous ones, so much so that years later it is seen as Usa94’s album. FIFA itself, in its museum in Zurich, has the Panini one. When business short circuits ..

Thirty years later we could have been in a similar situation and indeed if Panini had followed the same editorial line perhaps the doubt could have been asked. But this is not the case. The European championship is not just the result of a few teams, however important, it is an increasingly larger group of national teams. A collection that does not present all of them is not and cannot be considered a European album.

However, there is only one culprit here and it is called UEFA. Incidentally, the same ones who, when faced with the hypothesis of the Super League, bring up good feelings, everyone’s football, the people’s football, etc. True, but with their inappropriate choices they have made the current situation a joke. Our accusation is aimed at them and only them, the money that dominates everything and makes passion disappear. Naturally that can be found in the homes of fans, certainly not in the centers of power of European football.

But is there a person responsible for UEFA’s image? What is he doing, sleeping? A half-baked product like the Topps one and the other even more unlikely ones proposed by Panini are not good for football. We ask for protection for us collectors, the old ones but also the new generations who have every right to dream, have fun, attach an album that is complete, with all its logos and all its shirts and all its samples.

The lack of a top player like Mbappè is significant of the times we live in. The French billionaire should also think about certain aspects, not just about earning more money than he can spend in two lifetimes, perhaps three. The scenario before us is extremely dangerous and disturbing. Let’s not be surprised if one day, even perhaps in the Calciatori, we find ourselves without a club, especially if the official album of Italian football itself changes hands and is no longer Panini.

UEFA, beyond the economic agreements, must protect his image, but it hasn’t done so here.

The Topps album is actually less worse than we had imagined, but also many flaws. First of all we would like to have the name of the pusher who supplies the Topps graphics… our joke is strong but necessary, the album numbering is absolutely crazy, senseless, complicated, impractical. It almost makes us smile to think that the creator of this massacre is perhaps even convinced that he has done something memorable. The collection already has almost 800 stickers, the taste that makes the collection complicated remains a mystery, if not for a certain dose of sadomasochism.

The teams that qualified directly for the European Championships each have 27 stickers, 21 with the classic numbering plus P, PTW, SP, TOP. All absolutely avoidable. The teams coming from the play offs have 16 stickers, of which 15 with the classic numbering and the SP which in reality has very little special about it.

Here is an aspect that many have little appreciated while the idea is not bad, namely to include all the national teams taking part in the play-offs with the formula of fewer stickers and doubles. This allows us to have an even more complete album, to have stickers of teams that until then had never been seen in a European album. After all, we are talking about players who have really reached the final stage in Europe, they have some merit for being in the album.

Returning to the colorful numbers, beyond the fervent imagination of the Topps graphics, in reality the stickers have nothing particularly different from what we saw before. It seems (we await confirmation) that SP stickers are not so easy to find. In practice, being within the album numbering, they make it very complicated to complete it. If so, let’s wait to open some boxes.

The Topps graphic designers certainly won’t find us nice but in reality they haven’t put themselves in a position to be appreciated, in part. We actually don’t mind the stickers, after a period with a lot of information on them, finally here they are proposed in a simpler way. The horizontal format is nothing new, they are not bad, in fact better than some versions seen in recent years. The problem is the national teams that Topps doesn’t own the rights to. To overcome the problem of image rights, here are some close-ups that we couldn’t imagine even with our worst “selfies”.

Is the solution better to use the same formula with the unicolor shirt seen for example in the latest album “UEFA Nations League”? It’s difficult to answer, also considering how unwatchable the Panini stickers of the English national team were until they recovered the rights. There is only one solution, that whoever holds the rights to the competition (UEFA, FIFA, etc.) creates the conditions to have a complete and beautiful album to look at.

The choice of some players is questionable, many have noticed the presence of Bonucci, out of time with the Azzurri circuit and not even with that emotional charge that for example led Panini to include Pirlo in the 2014 Brasil album, although the midfielder was clearly not going to never participated.

Apart from these “details”, in reality the general graphics of the album are interesting, young, in step with the times, for us who are very involved in social work we like the inclusive solutions and the choice of fan drawings. All the colors of Europe, as it should be.

After the years of 10 stickers for 1 euro proposed by Topps, for the European Championships we return to a solution which, in reality, is ultimately more expensive than the last Footballers. Even the box of 50 packets in an album that contains 786 stickers makes completing the album even more complicated. Adding the difficulty in making a request for missing stickers, it is absurd that Topps (so those who have tried tell us) does not have national representatives to manage the request and everything is in charge of England. Mocking, considering that the stickers are printed in Italy!

If Topps aimed to pass the exam with this album, ours is not a failure, but it certainly needs to be reviewed. The hope is that Topps, through UEFA, will be able to create a complete album in four years and that the Anglo-Saxon company, at the same time, will decide to make the collection less complicated. The same goes, of course, also for Panini.

UPDATE: by necessity our reviews are made in the moment, as we still have few stickers available even in the case, like this one, that we will then go on to (try to) complete the collection. If we wrote above that “it is not a failure”, now we have to think again and not only is it a real failure, but not even with the possibility of a remedial exam. Album too full of problems, team rosters made at random, several stickers without logic, those of Italy (but not only) terrifying. Above all, the total difficulty in completing it given the limited presence of the elusive S stickers, signed or not. What’s the point? If you want to be rare, dedicate yourself to cards, creating the conditions to make it almost impossible to complete the album is the end of everything.

Will he be a memorable European? We will find out soon, for now we have one certainty. Topps Euro 2024, the worst sticker album of all international competitions.




album: Uefa Nations League 2022/23 (Topps)

stickers: 244 (1-244)

starter pack: album + 30 stickers 4,99€

box: 50 packets (8 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

mini box of 5 packets 4,99€

Could you imagine the Euro 2024 album, the first published by Topps, without the stickers of Italy, France, Germany and England? For 20 years Panini was unable to use the official England logo and shirts for their albums (with unfortunate results, remember the stickers of the 2002 World Cup?). Now the situation has been reversed, we hope that Topps can find the necessary agreements, because an album of the Europeans without the official logos and jerseys of the four main European football teams (only the fifth queen, Spain, is missing) would really be a half album.

Or in 2024 we shall find the official Euro album made by Topps and another album, made by Panini, with direct agreements with the federations. It is not the first time, the most striking case was USA94 where the original and official album was that of Upper Deck, but no one remembers it and this fact, honestly, should make the American multinational’s legs tremble a little.

Meanwhile, here is this Nations League 2022/23 album, rightly Topps takes advantage right now to send a salable product to the newsstands (something Panini did not do with the European female, in Italy), he does it by upsetting the parameters of the classic album on a competition, it looks more like a version with sticky stickers of the cards, where the players are divided, more or less, by role and even the graphics of the pages reflect the Match Attax.

It is a pity that the players of the four main national teams are present in a very limited number and with unicolor jerseys (“shirt of health” model) like certain albums we have seen in the past and which, we hoped, not to have to see Italy again in a unlikely white jersey, Germany in an even less black jersey and then France and England. These limitations allow you to see different stickers of footballers often little considered by this type of album or collections, if you then only look for the stickers of Haaland or Cristiano Ronaldo, well, they are there.

On the coats of arms, Topps has found a trick, instead of using the logos of the federations, here are the flags, on those Panini or anyone else, of course he cannot boast exclusive rights. The first pages of the album open with these stickers, it seems to have returned to certain mythical albums of the 60s, if you have ever wondered what the Andorran flag was like, for example, you can find it here.

Subsequently, a large part of the album is dedicated to the players divided by role or by “impact” on the pitch, from goalkeepers to top players, passing through the great forwards or defenders. Precisely according to what was written above, the photos printed on the album do not consider the great champions of the four national teams. Strange feeling, it’s like we have a Footballers album without printed photos of players from Inter, Milan, Juventus and Napoli.

Afterwards, the shaped stickers with the uniforms (obviously four are not the officers) of all the national teams and the reference to the country, its capital and the inhabitants. Conclusion with a part dedicated to the very recent history of the Nations League, highlights, curiosities, statistics and various stickers.

The most interesting aspect, also in view of the future Euro 2024 album, are the stickers with graphics that may have potential but must be improved. We’re not big fans of the information-filled stickers printed above but in this case we are really at a minimum. In perspective and if he wanted to, Topps could upset the canons by making all the shaped stickers. An idea that on the one hand intrigues us, on the other disturbs us, loving in the European and world albums that basic tradition for which we do not welcome epochal upheavals (the transition from Panini to Topps already seems more than enough).

The cost of the packets is interesting, 1 euro for 8 stickers (in any case two less than the Champions League packs), compared to the Panini parameters, a really positive date, who knows if it will be maintained in two years. Of course, we hope that by then agreements will have been reached to have a complete European album in all its parts, but the more we think about it, the more we believe there is a serious possibility of having two, where maybe together, they don’t make one ..

Must-have album? It depends on the point of view, for us it is still and somehow part of the European family, but at the same time a good collection of albums. on major international competitions, it can also be valid without, especially due to its setting, also far from the Panini RTWCs.

Collectors friends, the road ahead of us is all uphill!




album: Women’s Euro England 2022 (Panini)

stickers: 370 (1-366, C1-C4)

album not distributed in Italy

While the world of football rightly goes, at least in this, in the logical direction by giving a well-defined role to women’s football, Panini Italia goes against the trend and snubs the event, limiting the availability of this album, in our fundamental opinion, to the world only of the web.

Understandable if, although extremely painful for us, the commercial policy had been to definitively sink the relationship with newsstands, closing even more within their four walls and dedicating themselves mainly to selling on their own site. This is not the case, currently on newsstands, we have wonderful Panini albums (Jurassic World Dominion, for example) and other questionable ones that we strongly doubt will have the appeal but also the sales of the European women’s.

Let’s dispel another myth, Italy has not been the heart of the world of stickers for many years, the strongest European markets are others, England, Germany, perhaps even Spain and France. We are just the country that hosts the most important sticker factory in the world, should we therefore deserve a little more respect? Difficult to say, for sure the players deserved more respect, especially those of the Italian national team and all the fans.

In fact, a not insignificant detail, in this album we find Italy, in the one at the end of the year of the men’s world cup in Qatar, as we well know no. Another detail, so to speak, is being the last album on Europeans (men or women) made by Panini, Euro 2024 will be branded Topps. It will probably be just a goodbye but the change is epochal, even if only in the format of the album, except, it would be beautiful, the American house did not maintain what we have known well since Euro 80.

The classic is what we want to find in the albums of Europeans as well as those of the world championships, here is everything. It is not in these collections that we expect big changes and, honestly, we tremble at the very idea. Not only that, in its small way, this Women’s Euro 2022 is better than the men’s Euro 2020, just as Women’s France 2019 was better than the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The first pages are a little limited compared to the beautiful albums of the 80s and 90s, but the calendar is always present and next to it the stickers with the logos of the cities that host the matches. Since the stadiums are not the usual ones in men’s football, the sports facility stickers would have been a nice addition. All special silver stickers, certainly intriguing page with the stickers attached (yes, we are still among those who attach the stickers ..)

The four groups are then presented, as has already happened, for example, with the men’s Euro 2016, here there are stickers that normally find space on the pages of the national teams. The 16 stickers of the teams are a good choice, the right introduction to the album.

Rest of the album that presents the 16 teams and where we also find the always beloved league titles, with the national team logos. Those are that we always want them together with the players (and players, as in this case). Each national team has 20 stickers (22 stickers, also counting the team and the shield).

There is a lot of information on stickers, having learned geography with “figurine”, we would have put their city of birth in place of the height of the athletes. Nice idea to keep on the sticker the drawing with the role on the pitch that we also find printed on the album, with also the info on the appearances in the international tournament or the announcement of the absolute debut.

16 teams, the graphic choice of giving the same space to the last national team is appreciable and guessed, given the disqualification of Russia for the war which was then replaced by Portugal. These stickers are available with the upgrade set. The coup de class is to provide the stickers to complete the album not only with the 22 stickers like the other clubs but also with the adhesive writings to make the completed album uniform. Gorgeous choice, which we really enjoyed. The Portugal stickers are therefore 26 (number 25, from 241 to 261 and from C1 to C4).

As we wrote, unfortunately the album is not available on Italian newsstands. We have pointed this out in other reviews as well. we understand the very high costs to cover the supply to the many Italian newsstands but the solution, in our humble opinion, is, if desired, simple: through distributors, Panini, like all publishers, can have the sales data of the individual newsstands of the whole Italy, therefore, as it did with the recent Score, could decide to supply only the “virtuous” ones. We hope this is the path they will want to take in the future.

At least, for once, Panini Italia presents a proposal on the web that kills the parallel market. We too have fallen into the “trap” of buying the set from foreign retailers (released 2 months ago, while here in Italy the web offer is quite recent), the offer of the box of 75 packets plus the priced album (english or german, Italian edition dose not exist) and, above all, the Portugal update set as an amount to 80.00 euros, which must be purchased separately abroad, is an advantageous economic proposal, given the times. Certainly more attractive than the prices found on the international market, at least until, it happens soon, the special pack will be sold out. Of course, everything is fine if it will also be possible in Italy to buy the missing stickers.

We thank Panini for the proposal and for main part of the choices on the album, but not having brought it to Italian newsstands, the house of stickers, even more so than the Modena factory, we just can’t accept it.




stickers: 26 (1-26) poster + brochure + complete set € 9.90

It took 53 years to see Italy on the roof of Europe again, it took a little time for the celebratory poster to finally arrive, announced for release on July 27th. Not bad, happy that Panini has made it. In recent times we have often had to focus on the shortcomings of the Modena house, but this time we must say that we are satisfied.

Someone had dreamed of a real album as it happened in 2006, probably the insignificant sales of that time have cut their legs a little bit. Honestly, it seems to us that a product like this is absolutely up to par to celebrate the victory for the Europeans, also taking into account that Panini Argentina has created a similar product to do the same for the Seleccion victory in Copa America.

Other details are both the low price and the fact that it is a product for everyone and not an ultra limited edition. That’s right, that everyone can equally celebrate the Azzurri’s victory. Also, after the rather poor quality of so many recent products, both the poster and the stickers themselves are well crafted. Even the images of the players are not the same as those used for the Adrenalyn or the Euro2020 album. Of course, something more could always be done, but the final result is valid.

Let’s go further and hope this double release (Italy and Argentina, the second only available in the South American country) can become a fixed appointment to celebrate perhaps the victorious national team of Qatar 2022 and the following ones. In addition to having all the players, happy to find the coach Roberto Mancini sticker. This line of Panini is inconceivable and unacceptable, which for decades has not featured the coach sticker in the European and World Cup albums. Incomprehensible, really.

Also present is the small booklet that traces the final phase of the European Championships, it is not the attachment, in reality the attachment is the posters with the stickers, so it must be kept. For the younger ones, maybe buy two copies, one to hang in the room and the other to keep sealed.


UNICI (Panini/Vegé Italy)


album: UNICI (Panini)

stickers: 96 (1-96)

album 2,00€

packets: 3 stickers at each expense of € 20.00 in supermarkets Vegé Group

After so many years (last time it was for Euro 2012) Italy also has its special album linked to supermarkets. “Unici” this is the name of the album, very intriguing, we usually talk at the end of the stickers but this time we mention them first. Especially some types are enormously more interesting than those of the traditional European album. Indeed, we could take a cue for maybe the new Calciatori, we will return to this point with an ad hoc post on social networks in the coming days, let’s see what collectors will say.

UNICI in some way pursues the layout of the Bomber magazine, leaving space for many curiosities about the great champions. In France, an album of footballers’ recipes has been released, it is right that this type of products are completely alternative to the classic football sticker album. It’s nice to see Panini’s commitment to making this album, both on the stickers and on the content, even the hardcover album is finally of quality. Very low selling price, just 2 euros, thanks to the sponsorship of the Vegè Group, Panini partner in this initiative.

Instead of dividing into chapters by roles as done in the past, thanks to the different sections we have the opportunity to know less famous aspects of many players. Of course it is an album with a very young target, also appreciable the cultural and social objectives and the notions that lie within it. It is right that we start talking about school times (The first steps) and who, especially at the beginning of their career, was close to the future top players (Important people).

Given our (small) role in the field of solidarity, we are happy to see how much Panini dedicates on this occasion to the social commitment of many players (Off the pitch), there are still the more sporting aspects (Will and Determination, Masters of Life) as well. like curiosities about private life, from hobbies to passions. After all, footballers also have a personal life and like everyone they live and suffer from the things that make their heart beat faster (The Hidden Side, Talents and Interests, Culture and Entertainment).

The aspect that we would like to emphasize is the didactic formula of the album, which leaves space for information, for many curiosities but also for interesting geographical notions, it will be a detail but we like the indication of the hometown marked on the map of the various countries. This aspect is also repeated on the back of the stickers, where we can have demographic and tourist information of the many cities involved. Short and therefore effective texts.

We have already said about the stickers but we repeat ourselves, really interesting and possible points of reference for renewing other collections. The album also dedicates space to explain the different types of stickers, the graphics are not random, the “reliable” remain our favorites, even in future perspectives.

Nice the game you find on the last page, very simple but still an additional factor. Of course, only the stickers are needed which, as written, being of different types, also have different roles for the game.

The packet contains only 3 stickers and you have every 20 euros spent, taking into account that the album contains only 96 stickers it is not so impossible to complete it; just convince the wives or parents (for the youngest) to go shopping for 2 months at the supermarkets of the Vegè group. The point is to understand what they are, even the site is unclear, speaking only of the contest linked to the album. Better to go to the site where you can enter your city and discover the nearest stores.

The hope is that, subsequently, it will also be possible to order the missing stickers from Panini, as was the case with the Spal album made a few years ago.


Euro 2020 Tournament Edition (Panini Italy)


stickers: 692  (1-678 + stickers Coca Cola C1-C14)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 2,90€

packet : 5 stickers 1,00€ (box of 50 stickers)

foreign edition:
Switzerland Pearl Edition (678 stickers + stickers Coca Cola C1-C14)
East Europe blue cover (654 stickers)
Hard Cover version not available for italian edition

This album needs a long introduction, forgive us, normally we don’t talk about prices because it would have to be reported too many times but on this occasion we cannot remain silent. 1 euro for five stickers is a point of no return, also considering the not excellent quality of the European and World Cup albums (the 2018 Russia stickers were unwatchable but it has been seen even worse).

With all due respect to the historical period in which we live, if we add that it is not even an unreleased album since it is the new edition of the one released last year, we are really stunned. Perhaps there is a precedent, the latest Panini album on the Giro d’Italia had the packets even at 1.50. Panini already knew that they would not continue the following year and therefore they tried to collect funds as much as possible, perhaps the same happens here since it seems the Euro2024 album will be branded Topps.

Finally, taking into account that for this edition of the Euro we have 2 albums in 2 years, Panini could meet fans and many collectors while maintaining a decent price, which was not actually last year. Or rather, at least increase the number of stickers inside the packets. That “only for” printed on the price of the starter pack as on many other products made in recent years sounds so mocking that it is almost annoying.

So as the Figurine Forever Association we decided NOT to buy sticker boxes and consequently not to create the conditions for exchanges, which we have done with practically all the albums released on newsstands in recent years (at least the ones that made sense). We have neither the pretension nor the swagger to believe we count for something, but we believe that this is the only way to try to give a message to those who should have greater consideration for their customers.
Then let’s be clear, we are talking about European football, sales will be important in the really important countries (Germany, England, etc.) because often nothing follows the complaint. We, in our own small way, feel like making this gesture, preferring to direct the funds of the Association on other productions, including Panini, the Lyon albums and the Harry Potter cards are many times better than this album.

Panini could not make an album copy of the previous “Preview” and therefore he fished out the horizontal stickers used for the Champions League and repeated Euro 2016 with the stripes in action of the main players. Careful choice do not make a duplicate and the horizontal stickers are appreciable, we would have avoided or limited the second part to return to chapters that fans have always loved such as stadiums and history.
It is not the first time that they become only printed paper, unfortunately it will not be the last. The increase of the teams is certainly a good excuse, but taking into account the price of the packets, it would not have been a bad idea to remove the “in action” part (not very exciting, probably like the younger ones ..) in favor of stadium cards, posters, etc. and perhaps lowering the total number of stickers by at least a hundred.

On the contrary, the squad of the teams is good, 20 players is a good number, never as impossible as this year to find the right players, any cases of Covid could change things even during the tournament. Data of the player on the card to the minimum terms, we feel the lack of the club belong to, forgetfulness or unhappy choice in our opinion. We always focus on the quality of the paper, we have made it our workhorse, compared to the latest releases Panini makes a small leap forward, the cover is valid, the inside a little less but lately it has been really seen very worse.

Note of joy to see the first appearance of North Macedonia as the welcome return of Scotland after 25 years. These are the details that make these albums legendary, even after some time, much more than having 10 times the sticker of the same top player, as some would like.

The most incredible surprise is the presence also in Italy of the Coca Cola stickers, after having seen them for years around Europe and the world, this time the Italian edition is also among the nations involved. The stickers portray the players in pairs but are not actually double stickers, some such as Lukaku (C1) are the same ones used previously.

However nice idea, the extra stickers when proposed with manageable formulas are an interesting solution, more for us Italians who have never seen them on other occasions, less perhaps for other European countries. To understand if these stickers can also be ordered from Panini, in the past they were, be careful because it is not certain that they will then be found in the complete sets that the company will sell later.

If there is the novelty of Coca Cola, we return to being a second-tier country given the lack of a hardcover edition for Italy.

It is a EURO album, it is clearly an album to have, we will have it too and in its variants, but this year we will take a little more time. In stickers we trust, of course, but there is a limit to everything.




card: 405 (1-405)  + 22 card limited edition (italian edition)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 limited edition 9,90€

packets: 8 cards 2,00€ (box of 24 packets)

packet Premium 5,00€

packet Premium Gold 10,00€

tin box: 5 packets + 4 limited edition 12,99€

Our reviews always start from the assumption that we are lovers of classic stickers, adhesive ones to stick, while we have more hesitation about modern cards. This starting point sometimes puts us in difficulty because it is undeniable that, more and more often, some collections of cards far exceed those of traditional stickers in quality. If the price of the packets of the Euro 2020 stickers were also confirmed, the only strong point of the tradition would be a greater completeness of the collection, thanks to the much higher number of players present. We’ll be back when it comes time to review the stickers version.

We liked last year’s edition a lot, the detail of the flags behind the players, for example, was a beautiful sight. Of course this new edition could not be a copy. In the basic set the teams are at a minimum, just 8 players, a figure not comparable with the 2020 edition for the simple fact that the national teams are all represented, last year there were no players of squads from the playoffs.

There is not even the card with the emblem, in its place the “second skin” with the national team jerseys. There is not much more to say about the basic set consisting of 192 cards, among the many information on the front the positioning of the card number, at the top right, which helps to recognize them immediately. The relatively low number of the base set allows for many more specials, 213 of which 72 are linked to the ever-present Fans Favourites.

72 favourite fans are a little too many, really many, but the particular background with the national flag that we appreciated so much in 2020 makes the choice pleasant. Another confirmation is the Power with the players represented by role, in these Panini he dares to try something new in the graphic presentation, not too guessed the character of the names on the cards of the attackers, but it is a personal opinion.

We have arrived at the card number 342, from here on we find the most interesting. The 36 Multiple take up ideas already seen several times, to underline the choice of “Maestros & Prodigies” where we find a couple made up of a great champion already established and a potential new idol. Perhaps not all the players chosen are the most suitable, some are rather the need to put them on the album, however a nice idea compared to the Trios that often are not the better choices possible.

The last 27 cards of the album are the ones worth dwelling on the most. In these Panini dares more, creating interesting products, however part of the collection and not limited editions. The Jewels are mirror cards, the Shining Stars light up in the dark and the Secret Heroes, on the contrary, must be illuminated to discover the champions hidden below, a list present in the check list but you are not obliged to make a small spoiler.

Little thing (fortunately) compared to other countries but also in Italy we find 22 limited edition cards, here is the list:

starter pack: Cristiano Ronaldo, Barella

tin box: Insigne, Lukaku, Calhanoglu, De Ligt

with magazine Bomber: Kulusevski (march), Kjaer (april), Zielinski (may)

packets Premium: Mertens, Eriksen, Maguire, Giroud, Depay, Milik, Cancelo, Ramsey

packests Premium Gold: Modric, Ansu Fati, Donnarumma Card Premium on line

only on italian Panini website: Florenzi, Chiesa

Will Instant cards also come out as for the Calciatori Adrenalyn? The fact that it is not mentioned in the album guide does not mean that there will not be, on the contrary, in our opinion something extra could come out .. maybe in Italy and maybe if Italy goes on in the tournament .. or in other countries.

Interesting album, in our opinion the 2020 edition remains more beautiful and better realized, where we found several positive aspects so as to define it “incredibly beautiful”. Here the difference is made above all by the last 27 cards, a significant change compared to the past. The road to reach the top is still long, we believe we will have to wait for the world championship in Qatar, far (we hope!) From emergencies and pandemics, interesting album but not for a definitive judgment on Panini and its new editorial path


EURO 2020 PREVIEW (Panini)


stickers: 568 (1-28 per team)

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.90

packets: 0,80 € (5 stickers)

comment: here it is, the most original album in history, or the album of something that is not there. Controversial in the sense that many do not agree with the choice, strange because surely we will not see one the same, indeed we hope not, or that sport like everything else should no longer stop for health reasons like this year.

In a particular situation like this, I personally take the side of Panini and I agree with the choice to release the album anyway. As it was also written on our website “passion knows no quarantine”, this romantic aspect was certainly not the reason why Panini sent the album to print, but undoubtedly economic reasons.

It is not known the commercial agreements, but as pay TVs have not received discounts from sports institutions, so the Modena-based company had already paid to make the album. The fact that, more specifically, albums and stickers had already been printed is not said but is irrelevant. I was really very curious to touch this product by hand; before this review, even more than I normally do, I leafed through it carefully and came to some conclusions that I share here, personal reasoning, not certainties.

Panini could simply print an “x” album, using the material already prepared (even if not printed, surely the art work was already ready for some time), instead by professionals such as they have tried to present a still decent product.

Almost 600 stickers (568), we wanted to maintain more or less the classic standard, the lack of teams from the play-offs (not yet played) allowed us to have 28 stickers per national team. For each team we find badge, two double stickers (squad and team in action), the captain’s special glitter and 22 other players. The squad of players is, as far as possible updated, is not the same used for Adrenalyn. For example in Italy in this album we do not find Zaniolo, currently injured.

The numbering is not the classic 1-568 but it divides nation by nation and the teams are in alphabetical order in english. Alternative solution, probably linked to practical needs in the management of the album rather than a marketing choice. It is certainly one of the other particular aspects of this album.

The stickers are the classic bust ones, of higher quality than those of Russia 2018 even if light years away from Calciatori (as always, moreover). A little trick: they could be made with different materials, badges and captains. Instead of 568 you could get to 584 stickers and also have stickers from the play-off teams. Ultimately a fairly good album, from an album of Euro as for the World Cup I love the classic, or are products that must be closely connected to tradition, for the best attempts that Panini has fun with Fifa365 or other productions.

In the year where Panini made a sensational card album, because Adrenalyn Euro2020 is truly splendid, even the classic stickers in their own small way have their say. I find that something can be done on the pictures of the players, for example by putting the background flag as for the cards, but on the other hand it would be without the tradition of which I wrote a moment before. It is an atrocious and personal doubt that I cannot answer. Of course, I admit it, for the first time ever, as a traditionalist this year I am also enthusiastically collecting the Adrenalyn version.

Among the many doubts I have only one certainty, this little considered and mistreated album will one day become an object of research and cult as much as if not more than other albums. It is not a “road to”, it is something unique and not even a duplicate, the term “preview” is the right one.

At this point in Panini the challenge, next year, to make something different and original, with all due respect to us traditionalists.

The criticisms, if anything, are other and are an entirely Italian matter, namely the lack (as it seems) of the special 120-sachet box on sale in most of the other major European countries. It is not very edifying to see how often Italian collectors are considered to be Serie B compared to other countries, often considering the little attention paid to making extra products also for the Italian market.


EURO 2020 ADRENALYN (Panini Italy)


cards: 491 (1-468 + 23 limited edition)

starter pack: € 9.90 (binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edition)

packets: € 2.00 (8 cards)

tin box: € 12.90 (includes 4 cards ltd edition)

I asked myself what the role of the stickers is (stickers or cards, it changes little), I thought about their primordial task, their first purpose: fun and pleasure in collecting them, inserting the cards in the appropriate spaces of the binder or attaching them on the album.

In this period of great sacrifices and renunciations, why give up this too? Collecting was not born to live it alone, the involvement of other fans, including the legendary “gotgotneed” in making the swap, is an integral part of the whole, that will also come, but for now we leave the stickers their task: to give us serenity and light-heartedness. For this reason I thank Panini for having brought out the collection, despite the fact that the event is postponed. Of course, Panini did it for economic reasons, for the need to try to sell the material already produced. Not only this, as a passionate I can recognize the work done, it is not just a matter of being professionals, but you can still see that passion that, in the Modena offices, still shines through.

The album is incredibly beautiful, as a collector of sticky stickers rather than cards, I can notice the quality, but also the taste in presenting the various teams. I add one thing, made the necessary differences, I think it will be really hard that the album of traditional stickers can be better. What happens with Calciatori is different here: for the first time, probably, the cards surpass the stickers and perhaps they would have done so also in terms of sales. I add a detail, do not stop only on the cost of the packet, they are 2.00 euros but there are 8 cards inside, so individually they cost less than before.

Below is the previous written review, revised and corrected:

although Euro2020 has become Euro2021, Panini has decided to release the Adrenalyn collection. Mandatory choice because all the material had already been printed and in some parts of Europe it was already in distribution. We do not share the promotional approach: on the web there is no reference to the one-year postponed tournament, at least not on the material already printed it was possible to have a different approach.

Pity. Too bad especially because the collection is really beautiful, the starter pack is of great impact, the poster checklist is a small trick but of great charm. Interesting, nice and also useful. The official guide is really well made and allows you to get passionate about all the peculiarities of the collection. In the 468 cards we find classic themes, but also novelties. The base cards are really beautiful, the background with the flag is splendid, much more intriguing than previous ideas. Only the captains are represented in the classic bust photograph. The quality of the cards is very good with the use of a lot of special material. Panini’s work is undeniable in trying to improve the collection and, compared to the past, also try to make it different from the previous ones.

Special mentions for the MULTIPLE cards with three champions together for national teams, the PLAY-OFF TEAMS right realization since we did not yet have the complete list of the finalists and allows us to also have the cards of national “news” such as North Macedonia and Kosovo . Interesting the HOST CITIES even if the real photos of the stadiums were better, finally the 9 RARE with a hidden player.

The issues planned with limited editions at the moment are:

Starter Pack (Immobile, Ramsey), Tin Box (Donnarumma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku, Mbappè), Bomber Magazine (March 31 Zielinski, Eriksen – April 16 Szczesny, Sergio Ramos – May 9 Calhanoglu, Modric), Premium packet (De Bruyne, Sancho , Saul, Lenglet, Havertz, Verratti, De Jong, Joao Felix) and Premium Gold packet (Fabian Ruiz, Reus, Van Dijk). ATTENTION: for the Premium Gold packet the sale is provided ONLY online.

In addition to the Limited Edition, we have cards released only in some parts of Europe: NORTHERN EUROPE from 469 to 480 Nordic Heroes, UK & IRELAND with the cards of Eire (IRL1-IRL18), Northern Ireland (NIR1-18), Scotland (SCO1- SCO18)

What will Panini do in 2021? At this point the most likely idea is that a second Adrenalyn collection will be released, even if the teams of this “current” one are absolutely out of date. Paradoxically, for example, the presence in the Italy cards of Nicolò Zaniolo, seriously injured at the moment, will hopefully return to be the protagonist in 2021.

Will the stickers version come out at this point? Hope yes. In this event-poor summer, without knowing when we can go back to meet and embrace each other again, our beloved stickers, once again could make the difference