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SUMMER & TODD (Tridimensional)


album: Summer and Todd (Tridimensional)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packets) 0,90€ each

Essential! The collaboration between Rainbow and Tridimensional continues, after the Pinocchio album, available on newsstands. This too is an album to take into consideration, first of all as it is a “made in Italy” product, from Bozzetto (or even earlier) onwards, not everyone knows that Italy has a respectable animation school, so much as much as that of comics, for which we are famous all over the world.

These are complicated times, where many families are experiencing difficult moments, we have been pursuing our idea for some time that albums can also be simple, with a limited number of stickers, without for this reason being products of little value or interest. Far from it, essential, in fact, as we wrote at the beginning.

What is the correct number for a sticker album in the new millennium? If aimed at a very young audience, in our opinion between 140 and 160 stickers, no more. The album must be a pleasure, not a torture. The contemporary Pinocchio & Friends has 192 stickers, Summer & Todd “only” 160, an excellent choice that meets the difficulties of families but also today, where a product becomes interesting after a short time (general problem, not just the stickers) , without distorting the quality.

Applause to Tridimensional for the quality of the paper, considering what is often found on newsstands. In the starter pack, the album costs around € 2.50, but if in this way you can have a product worth collecting, so be it!

The structure of the album is a successful mix between the presentation of the characters and some episodes of the TV series on Rai Play and the very nice pages dedicated to the locations inside the “Raggio di sole” farm. In fact, the winning idea of ​​the series is that, in reality, it is not about a farm with a traditional cartoon vision but about a real agricultural cooperative, where everyone has their fundamental role.

The stickers are appreciated, nothing particular, too bad the lack of our beloved shaped ones, but the “frame” images from the cartoon are of excellent resolution and the special silver ones do not disappoint. We always remember the reference target of the collection; in this regard, the many games that we find by leafing through the pages are an excellent choice, so that other moments of leisure are added to the fun in attaching the stickers.

Give this collection a chance, so that you can have more in the future!




album: Pinocchio and friends (Tridimensional)

stickers: 192 (1-192)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

Pinocchio forever! Collodi’s masterpiece knows no age, no crisis, generation after generation new products and projects are born that keep it alive, strong, on the one hand in the name of tradition, on the other updating it in some way with the times with new characters that in the original book was not there.

The world of stickers has known several albums dedicated to Pinocchio, surely each of us has his memories and his favorites but it is undeniable that, perhaps even more than the Disney film (from which Panini made a historic album), for us Italians Pinocchio’s album linked to the RAI drama remains an unforgettable moment. Not only for a majestic Nino Manfredi in the role of Geppetto, but for an album that made history and trends, with the Panini brothers who decided to focus on this television drama, in the lack of conviction of many. We know how it went well, the album is among the 10 most important albums made by the Modenese house, aside from football (maybe).

On Pinocchio there are cartoons made everywhere, from the USA to Japan, this new production is an all-Italian pride, made by Iginio Straffi (the same of the famous Winx Club), which you can watch on RAI channels.

Inspired by the famous book, this series set in the new millennium and alongside the classic characters, Pinocchio, Geppetto, the Jiminy Cricket and the “villains” Mangiafuoco, the Cat and the Fox, find new characters, starting with the young pirate Freeda. History does not repeat the classic adventures, it renews them and also makes them suitable for the duration of the various episodes.

The graphic layout of the album is interesting, the publisher likes to mix the themes, there are of course the pages dedicated to the main characters but not sequentially. Of course, at first you will immediately find Pinocchio and Geppetto (could it be otherwise?), But to discover the others you have to browse the various pages.

In the other pages we find both the presentation of this updated world of Pinocchio and Friends, and references to some episodes of the TV series. The captions are minimal, graphic choice to give as much space as possible to the stickers. Each page does not need the intervention of the Blue Fairy to come to life, but stickers to be attached, larger in size than other collections.

Standing ovation for the album paper, no glossy paper but an excellent rough matte that prevents us from unpleasant creases or worse with which we often have a hard time living with other albums. The format of the stickers is varied, classic, glitter, shaped, puzzle, in short, for all tastes.

The quite small total number of stickers, without useless cards or other fancy flights, make this album pleasant and at the same time easy and fun to collect.


BLUEY (Diramix)


album: Bluey (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

Between stickers and kangaroos! The album of the successful cartoon TV series Bluey arrives, made in Australia and which owes so much to those beautiful and distant lands. The target is the very young, but the episodes use the charm of animation and animals to also tell about their country, its culture.

The protagonist is Bluey, a 6-year-old dog and her cheerful family, starting with her younger sister Bingo, from these two characters the structure of the album evolves, which follows the now classic canons of Diramix products on cartoons. The four Bing albums released so far are proof of this, although, fortunately, the mistake of the latest, maxi format, was avoided.

The first part of the album is dedicated to introducing Bluey’s world, family, friends, etc. We are fans of Diramix for the quality of the albums from a graphic point of view, their ability to bring products that know how to be simple but not trivial. The care of the captions, which accompany practically every sticker, allow you to entertain both the child who already knows how to read or hopefully the adult who can tell the story by helping the little ones to attach the stickers.

Second part of the album dedicated to the adventures of our friends, which reflect the stories told in cartoon episodes. The page we have chosen to show (above) is not by chance, in the first packets we have not yet found the right ones, but we are very curious to see what Bluey’s big dollar stickers are like. Another important aspect is creating interaction with the child, the album must be fun not only by attaching the stickers but as a whole.

Another typical feature of Diramix albums is the central attachment where you can attach the 20 stick & stack stickers and then create new stories with our new Australian friends. On the first page, the five stickers A to dress up as you like Bluey and Bingo, on the last page, the five stickers C to tidy up the bedroom. The central poster with the ten stickers A to invent stories in the four different scenographies. If Diramix always proposes it again, it means that you like it, go on like this.

Good quality album, nice cartoon and also modern, Diramix is ​​one of the last stoic publishers that still presents packets at relatively low prices. Above all the right number of total stickers, we will repeat it to the point of boredom, it is no longer time for monumental albums, also considering the vast and extensive proposal on newsstands and the availability of families always contained.

“This is the way”, we are not in Star Wars, but in the real world and the world of stickers, which we adore, we want to have a future, towards infinity and beyond.


MINIONS 2 (Topps)


album: MINIONS 2 (Topps)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,99€

box: 36 packets (6 stcikers per packet) 1,00€ cad.

Dear Topps, do you like to win easy ?! The Minions are among the most brilliant ideas in the animation world of the new millennium, the release of their new film is a perfect opportunity for an album that can have great potential. So we could limit ourselves to doing a standard job, maybe the product can sell regardless, instead we find ourselves in front of a really interesting collection.

The album graphics are very varied and fun, leafing through does not give you a feeling of something repetitive, on the contrary, each page is different from the previous and the next. An explosion of colors and lyrics that cannot leave you unharmed, it almost seems to have a minion leafing through the album with us and telling us in our ear “Do you think you’ve already seen everything? See what happens on the next page! “. With the backgrounds you have the feeling of visiting a modern art exhibition.

Spoiler! The album is closely linked to the story of the film, alternating with curious pages where Topps helps us get to know the world of Minion. We believe it is one of those albums where, at least for the older ones, we understand that it is impossible for children to do so, it would be better to wait, find all the stickers and then start attaching them following the layout of the album. Can’t you? So our advice is to complete it and then take a little time by rereading it from the beginning.

If you’ve seen the trailer at the cinema, great prominence is given to the Minions’ adventure in the airport world. We are not sure that anyone would really dare to get on the plane of such a company but who knows, in the current delirium of the transport sector, maybe it would even be fun. The album also dedicates space to this story in history and it is really impossible to remain serious.

An album that we certainly recommend, the quality of the paper is not exactly excellent, but much more acceptable than what is (sometimes) seen around. You know that we are fans of shaped stickers, in this case the format is only classic, even if in two sizes. It could certainly be an added value, but it would probably have changed the graphic layout of the product and honestly, we already like it that way to imagine it different.

At the beginning we wrote about “easy winning”, certainly in the individual stickers, many are beautiful and fun, really fun to open the packet to discover the new Minions that can appear. Speaking of packets, for some time now, with some exceptions, we have decided not to dwell too much on the cost, the cost of living is striking everywhere and the increase in card costs does not help. Topps makes some choices that deserve applause: packet of 6 stickers with always a bright giant present; album that does not become impossible to complete, no cards (THANK YOU!) that weigh down (not always but often) the product and make it more complicated and unrealistic compared to the current market. Even the total number of stickers (160) and the box of 36 packets, allows us to hope that with the purchase of a box you can have good hopes of going very close to the complete set.

In our humble opinion, the box must contain a number of packets strictly related to the total number of stickers, they are two aspects that cannot travel separately or the real risk is that after a negative experience, especially parents (but also collectors) will try somewhere else..


44 CATS III° series (Tridimensional)


album: 44 Cats III (Tridimensional)

stickers: 216 (1-216)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 2,99€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

The cats of the Antoniano Bologna are still with us and they want to have fun and entertain us. Third album for the Italian cartoon that takes its cue from the famous and historical song of the choir. Great success for the first two releases, of course we are in front of the third collection.

The album tries to differentiate itself from the previous ones, moving away in some way both from the world of songs and from that of the TV series. Somehow the intention is to unleash cats in the world of humans and our daily lives, with our passions and our dreams.

Obviously the basic rule is fun, through cats we learn to recognize the various types of dance, but we also go into space, we discover the various mysteries, our planet, the various languages, colors, inventions, sport and much even more. The nice detail is the absolute need to find and attach the stickers, all references can only be found there. The captions on the various pages of the album are at an all-time low, there are moments to interact with the 44 Cats, maybe a little more was fine.

Compared to the previous album, the stickers are much more classic, we have the normal ones and the sparkly ones, plus the shaped ones that are, as always, the most fun to stick. From the last page it is not clear if there are also “sticks & stacks”, if anyone finds them let us know! Essential album, perhaps less demanding than the previous one, but still nice for all the fans of our musician cat friends.


PAW PATROL the movie (Panini)


album: PAW PATROL (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-144, X1-X32)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

Close to celebrating 10 years (the series was created in 2013 by the Canadian Keith Chapman, the same as Bob the builder) the Paw Patrol movie arrives at the cinema! With the film also the usual sticker album. Our six little dogs then rediscover the stickers after a few years’ break. We are missing! How we lack a quality publisher like Gedis was, who had made one of the previous albums.

First part of the album that introduces all the characters in the series, each dog has its own dedicated page, again we find the shaped ones that we like so much and 4 other side stickers. In our opinion, graphics are effective and fun. Let’s see if you remember them all: Marshall the Dalmatian, Chase the German shepherd, Skye the cocker, Rublle the bulldog, Rocky the half-breed, Zuma the labrador, Everest the husky and Tracker the puppy. Each with their own “super powers”.

At the center of the album we find the pages dedicated to the movie, 18 stickers that introduce the story. Interesting choice of Panini, instead of making an album that tells the feature film, he prefers to make a more classic album. Better for those who do not want to miss the pleasure of seeing it at the cinema, perhaps even necessary since it is a little while that an album of stickers on our four-legged friends is missing.

Monumental central poster that contains 32 stickers with the letter X, an important number if we calculate that the rest of the album has “just” 144. Better this way, albums with not too many stickers are welcome so as to allow you to try to complete the collection without having to make a loan. Other nice pages are those related to the bowls (see photo above) and to the base of the Paw Patrol, pages that are also nice because they allow you to interact with the characters. Less interesting is the last part which presents some adventures, just a filling of the album.

The stickers are larger in size than other collections, in addition to the already mentioned shaped ones we find the classic glitter, both in some pages of the album, and especially for the central poster. Nice the many stickers dedicated to individual characters, probably destined to end up also attached to school notebooks.


TOPO GIGIO (Officina Edicola Italy)


stickers: 168  (1-168)

starter pack: album 3,50€

packets: 5 stickers 0,90€ (box of 40 packets)

60 years and don’t hear them! Actually 62, since Topo Gigio was born as a television puppet back in 1959. He then became the protagonist of cartoons, comics and much more, bringing this Italian character to be loved all over the world. Born for Italian television, from 2020 he returned to Rai “mother” with a new cartoon series. Unlike the Disney Mickey Mouse, the second most famous mouse in the world has learned to live in the world of men, at least he tries!

The sticker album is completely dedicated to the new series, so the protagonist is also the Slime with which our heroes compete throughout the album. We therefore live a story that continues page by page where the attempts not always successful to achieve the most absurd mixes are told. The beauty of the album is just that, the continuation of the story and the interaction between the stickers and the pages of the album.

Very nice stickers, well cared for, even on the back. In fact, each type of figurine has its own colored tissue, the classic ones have a blue back, the transparent shaped ones have an orange back, the furry ones have a purple back, the glittery ones (thanks to the glitter) have a pink back. The internal pages of the album are also very dynamic, the specials alternate and the stickers are one with the story that continues page after page.

Special pages at the end of the album to present the 10 protagonists of the series, the magical ones entirely dedicated to Topo Gigio and the double central poster for attaching a giant mouse and its transparent stickers in the bedroom.

Really nice album, colorful, above all not trivial. The cost of the packets is not the most interesting, high compared to the average of similar albums, at least the quality of the stickers is good and above all it is the setting of the album that makes the expense less expensive. Right number of stickers (168, not nearly or over 200, too many for similar collections) and no card.

We do not agree on this new line of various publishers to propose the album without packets, the starter pack in our opinion always helps to make known a collection. In addition, 10 or 20 cents less per packet would have been the top, but it remains one of the most interesting collections of this first part of the year.

Welcome back Topo Gigio!


METEOHEROES (Idea Lab Italy)

stickers: 180 (1-170, A-L)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 3.50
packets: 5 stickers € 0.70 (box of 40 packets)

Meteoheroes is an ambitious project, teaching children the importance of protecting the environment through a cartoon, made in Italy. The cartoon is made by Meteo Expert, the most important private structure for the research and forecasting of meteorological and climatic events. As often and fortunately happens, the pleasant continuation of the project is the printing of a sticker album. Once again, our little paper friends can make a difference.

The Meteoheroes are a group of 6 children who discover they have superpowers, all linked to atmospheric agents, they are a bit of a mess but thanks to the director Margherita Rita they are trained to fight pollution. Director of what? Of the Meteo Expert Center, of course! The cartoon is interesting because starting from a fantasy situation (the superpowers of children) it connects to everyday reality, including the scientist Andrea Giuliacci, meteorologist and presenter of the series. The adventures are set in many negative situations that our planet has to face in every part of the world. The villain on duty could not be missing, Dr. Makina and his perfidious maculans, as if there was someone specific behind so many disasters, we know that we are instead a little bit complicit in what is happening, the album reminds us, inviting the child to help parents in managing consumption in a more practical, ecological and environmentally safe way.

The album traces the episodes of the TV series (broadcast on Cartoonito), each page presents a specific adventure, they are samples of the individual stories but well simplified. The formula is effective, when an alarm is found in a precise geographical point of the planet, our little heroes go in action, defeating the maculans and final selfie to celebrate the great result.
It is certainly not a static album, forget the classic rectangular stickers, of course there are also those but together with many shaped ones. It takes a certain commitment to attach them all well and it takes attention to read the captions, which are essential not only to understand the story but also to read the messages for proper care of the environment.

As many as 12 adventures are present in the album, in addition to the initial presentation of the six Meteoheroes, the central part that takes up the initiative to which this production is connected is fundamental: saving the bees. For each packet purchased, we will contribute to the construction of a house for our little friends. Bees that have a fundamental role in the ecosystem, their survival is also ours.
Central poster necessary to discover the Meteoheroes headquarters with the stickers with the letters from A to I, no Monte Fuji like some beloved Japanese cartoons but our Gran Sasso. Italian production, but with heroes from all continents, it is up to the Italian Giorgio to represent Europe.

We realize that this review of ours is very introductory and perhaps not very dedicated to the characteristics of the album, those small and large details that every collector wants to know. In this case it seemed important to underline the didactic aspects and the aims of the project. Certainly we are happy to note the quality of the product, well-made albums without creases or other annoying problems (once again we find ourselves underlining that quality exists, when you want), beautiful stickers to look at and very colorful. We hardly ever refer to the cost of the packets, but it is undeniable that the effort to sell the packets for 0.70 with five stickers inside should be appreciated.

Albums to browse, study, collect and even listen to, thanks to the Spotify app. Commendable project, album that is a candidate among the top 10 of 2021, linked to the Lega Ambiente’s “Save the Queen” campaign, to protect bees, to be supported and supported.
As they once said: run to the newsstand!


44 CATS II° series (Tridimensional Italy)

stickers: 216 (1-199, P1-P17)
starter pack: € 3.50 (album + 5 packets)
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

One year later the 44 Cats are back on newsstands with a new sticker album. If the first was very nice, the second is more sought after. We can define it as the first Karaoke sticker album!

The album features the Buffycats on the front pages: Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta. 30 stickers, six for each cat complete with a double and special sticker.

The rest of the album is a musical explosion, each page features a song, complete with a QR code and written text to be able to sing the chorus all together. Not only that, for the hits the page doubles, which ones? 44 cats, Nonna Pina’s tagliatelle, Down with the bullies and the Musical.
22 songs under the direction of the legendary Choir of the Antoniano of Bologna.

The stickers are big and very funny, where our cats are represented in their daily adventures. The hairy sticker will probably be difficult to find doubles because they are perfect for attaching school diaries and notebooks.

In the center the special poster for the P stickers, but we do not find the stick & stacks as they were present in the first collection.

Very nice album, funny cartoon, the Antoniano as Italian excellence. So many good reasons to collect this album!


TOPO TIP (Sbabam Italy)

stickers: 256 (1-224, S1-S32)
starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

From the great success on the RAI channels, here is the TOPO TIP album, directed by Andrea Bozzetto, son of the immense Bruno. Character born in the books of Marco Campanella, now it also becomes an album of stickers. Thanks to Sbabam, who seems to have got a taste for making albums and we can only be happy about this.

The stories are set in a village where our little mouse lives with his family, the stories are short episode of 7 minutes, in addition to the healthy fun they also have the aim of helping children understand the things around them and the little daily adventures . Product definitely dedicated to the little ones but well made, not trivial and known in well over 30 countries!

The occasion of this album is also the release in cinemas (ATTENTION, for only 3 days!) of the special with Carolina Benvenga after the successful musical experience “Dance with us” together with our mouses.

The album is not connected to the film but is a sort of “best of” of episodes in these first 3 seasons of Topo Tip. Particular attention to the stickers, the writer is a fan of shaped and here you will find so many!

Important are the captions that page after page allow the child to interact with the cute little mouse and his friends. There are also special stickers and with QR code for exclusive discoveries, look for the stickers! Luckily, no cards, but a central poster for the S numbered sticks & stacks, much more fun.

We can be proud of this made in Italy product!


ALVIN & the Chipmunks (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A6, B1-B8, C1-C6)
starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

We are great admirers of Diramix productions, but on this occasion we have to start with a sore point, the quality of the album paper. As already happened with other publishers we are faced with wavy pages, you can already see them also from these photos. Let’s hope it’s just a mistake in the way, really a shame to lose so much in quality to save a few euros in printing.

Alvin is living a second (or third) youth, thanks to the production of new cartoons, after the great success of the 80s. Honestly, the graphics were much better then, now it’s all computer but the stories are always nice and funny. No comment on the theme song, give us the old one!
In the first pages of the album we find the presentation of the characters of the series who are not only the three lively rock brothers but also, for example, the female counterpart, the Chipettes, also present in the following pages. Later off to mini stories and curiosities.

Already used for Bing and other albums, always nice the triple central poster for the stick & stack stickers.

A particular work has been done on the stickers, not only glitter and shaped but also the edges do not have a standard color, ranging from red to yellow and white. The small format is not suitable for some images but in general they look good on the album which is not just didactic, page by page we find small games for children, often to make them you still need to have the stickers attached (rightly!).

Finally, applause for the cost of the packet, still at € 0.70 unlike many other publishers.



stickers: 168 (1-164 + M1-M4) + 30 cards (1-30)
starter pack: € 4.99 (album + 3 packets)
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

Welcome back SpongeBob! Cartoon that ended a little anonymous after the great success of about 10 years ago and is now back in vogue thanks to the film these days at the cinema. Our SpongeBob friend always makes his non-sense tales his trademark.

In the beginning it was the Trolls .. it seems Topps has married the card / sticker line. Also in this album we have 30 stickers with the card underneath, by moving the sticker to attach it to the album, the card remains intact, at least until proven otherwise.

The idea is original and interesting, in reality it may suggest that it is a way to raise the price of the packets by passing it off as an improvement, not all albums are born to have cards as well. SpongeBob can be there, taking into account that the cards are not just an extra but allow you to organize a game, thanks also to the poster-board in the center of the album.

As for Trolls, beware that when you ask Topps for any missing stickers / cards, these are separate, so both must be ordered. The sticker formula with the card underneath is only found in the packets. Each card always corresponds to the same sticker, they are not random, in which case it would have been really a nightmare ..

The album is very nice and colorful, funny captions; in the first part all the characters of the cartoon and of the city of Bikini Bottom are presented, in the second part all the adventures of SpongeBob, from the most terrifying (so to speak ..) to the most bizarre. Including the superhero version of ours, more a parody than anything else. The latest stickers with SpongeBob illustrations inspired by some of the most legendary artists in the world.

The album ends with four shiny and very rare stickers, we hope this is not the case! The stickers in general are very nice, two sizes, most smaller, larger and glitter than the 30 with the cards underneath. It is the festival of the absurd, after all we are talking about SpongeBob.

In the center, double poster, the first as mentioned is the board for the cards, the second is the poster of the film with the stickers numbered M.

As practically all publishers already do, the starter pack does not have a real promotional price, you also pay for the album, in this case € 1.99. Too bad, times have really changed!




stickers: 199 (1-167, cards 1-32)

starter pack: album + 3 packets € 4.99

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the Dreamworks Trolls are back. After the great success of the first film, we should have seen the new chapter in the cinema, unfortunately the cinemas are closed. As for other albums of this complicated period, Topps comes out with this production anyway and it is excellent thing since it is really made in a nice and colorful way.

Let’s start from the bottom and the big news: the sticker-card. It is not an adhesive card (it would not be new) but it is a card with an additional sticker on it that can be detached and is part of the album collection. With all due respect to the lovers (never understood by myself) of collecting empty albums + separate sets. In fact, by slightly raising the lower right corner, you can check the card number (see photo). High-quality stickers and card as the first can be repositioned without damaging it and the second remains uncut by removing the sticker above. Nice idea, approved!

This new adventure is linked to the world of music and it is really fun, based on your favorite genre the stickers can also become a detail to stick on diaries or other. Not only for personal musical preferences, but those rock and metal are absolutely the coolest; so let’s hope Queen Barb manages to fill the Troll universe with hard rock music, will she succeed? No spoilers, enjoy the movie.

The album is extremely colorful, ample space is left for images with minimal but effective captions, with lots of curiosities about the cartoon. Rock, Pop, Techno, Country, Funk, Classic, Hip Hop here are the genres and the various kingdoms that populate the Troll world. In some parts the album seems to repeat itself, it is probably just a feeling that will change when the album is complete.

Note two aspects, the pages “engine, clapperboard, action!” where you are catapulted into the middle of the film and the nice final pages with really funny quizzes and stickers to discover the records of the world of the Trolls, the touring characters and even the emojis.

In the center, the poster to play with the cards, an extremely basic game, frankly, better try to collect all 32 cards regardless.

Size does not always make a difference, in this case the stickers are small square, but personally I find them effective for the type of album. After all, we are talking about Trolls, not Giants! The special stickers are very beautiful, not so much the classic glitter but those in fabric with raised parts. Attention to detail and almost to be collected separately.

Too bad the unfortunate release period, this album would have really deserved more luck (as well as especially the film), but since the newsstands are open, don’t miss it!

UPDATE: warning, by ordering the missing numbers from Topps, stickers and cards ARE SEPARATE, therefore both must be ordered. For fans, you should order all the special stickers because they have the numbered tissue paper while in the back bags they have the cards


YOOHOO (Panini)


stickers: 188 (1-170, H1-H18)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 1 3d figure € 4.90

flow pack: 1 packet + 1 3d figure € 1.90

packets € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: the idea of ​​this cartoon is absolutely interesting and in step with the times. Mother Nature, tired of seeing the planet destroyed by the blindness of human beings, convinces Father Nature to do something. How? Transforming 5 executives of the Nasty Corporation (already the name, a whole program ..) into little animals with the aim of sending them around to save the world and its inhabitants (first of all the same innocent animals) from the nefarious work of man .

Our “heroes” will have to find the gems planted by Father Nature in the various places they visit, only by collecting all of them can they request to return to being human.

Panini mainly dedicates the album to the “animals to save” aspect, actually forgetting the pollution issue, but thanks to the stickers it tells and teaches children also to make small discoveries of the various regions of the Earth that our people will visit.

We can define it a new generation didactic album, that is without real images, but thanks to cartoons many notions about the animal world and the realities where they live.

Very colorful album, some shaped stickers and the classic glitter. Honestly, the stickers are perhaps the least appealing side of the collection, the album and its lyrics give the impression that it could be an excellent album, but by opening the packets you lose a little enthusiasm.

In short, all very nice, but nothing exceptional. Central poster for the stickers H1-H18 which is perhaps the best part, we do not find spaces already numbered on the poster but you have to find out where to attach the stickers based on the various clues that can be discovered in the album pages (in the poster there are the solutions anyway).

Linked to the album we also have a collection of 12 3d animals, all the main characters of the animated series.

Final judgement: 7/10