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album: Match Attax 101 Uefa Nations League (Topps)

cards: 224 (CD1-101, IS 1-99, YP 1-13, DC 1-10, MA1) + 15 limited edition (LE1-LE10, MW-MW 1-3, WW1-WW2)

starter pack: album + 20 cards + 2 card limited 8,99€

box: 24 packets (10 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

multipack: 25 cards + 1 card limited 4,99€

mega tin: 56 cards + 4 card limited 12,99€, variant blue, silver

booster box: 25 cards + 1 card limited 4,99€

mini tin box: 30 cards + 2 card limited 7,99€, variant red, green, blue

The world is often divided in two, even that of stickers is similar. Except for sporadic cases, there is an unwritten rule that for now continues to be such, for stickers contact Panini, for cards better Topps. Perhaps this collection is not fundamental, but it is Topps’ first since it acquired the Uefa rights and if a good day starts in the morning, Euro 2024 could have a collection of cards of a much higher quality than the recent Panini, even if, at unlike the repetitive Adrenalyn Calciatori, with European and World Cup more than something good Panini showed it.

Here, however, we are on another planet. An opportune choice not to make it very broad, for this reason it is part of the shorter series 101; probably obligatory choice but unfortunate to get it out in the middle of summer. However, if we take into account that from September to December we will have players, Champions League and above all the World Cup in Qatar, it could not be done otherwise.

The collection suffers, like that of the stickers, of not being able to use the official jerseys of practically the most important national teams in Europe, with the result that the players of Italy, England, France and Germany are very few and with unattractive unicolor jerseys. We really hope this problem can be solved, if only out of respect for the fans. Clearly they are questions of rights and consequently questions of money (a lot). We hope that Topps and Panini can find an agreement before 2024, perhaps also for Qatar 2022 because we would not like Topps not to give image rights to some of the national teams involved. However, taking into account that Topps has not given the go-ahead to Panini for 20 years for the English national team, it is understandable if Panini will do the same now.

The collection is above all a testing ground for what it will be, which is why it is interesting. We have the distinct feeling that the American publisher wants to tell us “guys, this is Topps!”. However, the basic cards have valid details, as did Panini, when it comes to national teams it is always exciting to see the flag in the background. The back is also appreciable, not the same for all, but where the national team and also the role of the player are specified. These are perhaps small attentions, which however make the collection more interesting and cared for.

Different speech for the specials, where we really find extremely intriguing news, in particular the relic coin cards that include a souvenir coin, we are very curious to find one to be able to touch with hand. Other very interesting cards are the chrome shields, 10 shaped cards that we had already seen in the Topps collections and we personally like them. The problem often (see Adrenalyn) is repetitiveness, here at least we try to present something different. Looking at the US market, there is still a long way to go, but it is a great start!

Those who decide to buy this collection, rather than try to complete it, will try to find the top players. With all the good we can wish for the European champion Chiellini, that he is seen as the most representative Italian player is a bit disarming. We miss the times of the Totti, Baggio, Zola and Del Piero, just to name a few.




album: Calciatori Adrenalyn Titans 2022 (Panini)

cards: 212 (T1-T212)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edition 8,50€

box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ each

Out of time? The doubt is there. Five days from the end of the championship, a new card album seems like a risky move, also taking into account that at the same time Panini has sent the Score series on newsstands. Collection that is enjoying great success, from our point of view because of superior quality, probably also for the search for “easy money” that has prompted many to buy the packets in search of the many, many limited cards to sell at high prices on the internet .

Not only that, if it is true that the Adrenalyn collection comes out in September to be available for the reopening of schools, it is difficult to think that it can have the same impact when schools close to just over a month.

It is also true that the Titans Series cannot be defined only as an expansion of the classic Adrenalyn, although it was created to be an added part of it, it is denoted in particular by the back of the cards. So the goal may be on the one hand to acquire new collectors, being much shorter than the previous one, on the other hand to entice classic collectors who want to have both series.

The fact remains that on newsstands there are the most captivating Score and that, as mentioned, we are at the end of April.

The Titans collection can be defined as a version of Italian football on what is seen with the europeans and world cup cards. In fact, we find the badges and jerseys, which are not found in the classic Adrenalyn series, as well as the cards with the Top 11 club by club, as happened with Euro 2020 for example, with the addition of being also 3D. In our opinion these 60 cards are the most interesting of the collection, they are also those not connected to the game, you can also see from the different and much improved back. For example, all three official uniforms can be found on the back of the shirt.

The following are variants of what has already been seen in the various years Adrenalyn, nothing particularly captivating. The Time Machines with the great champions of the past would have been much more interesting if they had extended to the history of Italian football, here are re-proposed players who appeared in recent years in the Adrenalyn collection. However, the idea of ​​putting small images of different player cards next to the large photo is nice. In general, however, in our opinion, a superior graphic quality of the classic Adreanalyns should be noted.

If you are new to a good starting point, 9 players per club plus various specials for a total of 212 cards, limited not included. For us who are not even big fans of cards, which is also our limitation when we analyze these collections, a valid album, but still released too late and above all much less interesting than the Score collection. The cost of the sachets is appreciable, lower than the Panini standard of recent years.

A possible advice? Collecting only the first 60 (T1-T60: badges, eleven, second skin) as an extra to the classic series, but that’s just our idea, of course.


SCORE SERIE A 2021-22 (Panini)


album: Score Serie A 2021-22 (Panini)

cards: 400 (1-200, plus various numbers)

starter pack: binder + 2 packets Fat Pack 19,90€

box retail: 20 packets (10 cards per packet) 3,00€ each

box fat pack: 12 packets (30 cards per packet) 6,00€ each

Out of time?! Perhaps for a different collection, see Adrenalyn, not for the legendary Score. If you were young in the 90s, you will remember the cards of that time, which showed a product in advance for the Italian times, in the last 30 years, almost never Panini or Topps has been able to do the same, at least in football.

As big supporters of the world of newsstands, it’s a pity that the material on the web was in pre-order for much longer. However, although there are only a few days to go until the end of the championship, which is still very open, the Panini / Score idea is perhaps to use the passion of children for football and the “fuck” of collectors for all the news until the very last moment.

The collection consists of 200 basic cards, a set that is easy to complete thanks to packs of 30 cards. In this first part of the collection you can already see the basic quality of the cards, in our opinion much higher than the Adrenalyn series, both in form and in substance, thicker, with info and photos on the back. If such a collection had come out with the classic Panini series, it would have simply annihilated it.

Too bad for the solution of the initial 200 cards, it means that each team has 10 cards and this goes badly with the binder, which as always contains 9 cards per sheet. So the 180-card set would have been perfect. Sometimes we are a pain in the ass, forgive us. Of course, a set that is easy to complete unless you want to get involved with the project, to the limit of the impossible, of collecting all the Parallel Cards, a range of 15 variations of different colors!

The next 200 are a different, more complex discourse, it could not be otherwise. From this point, number restart from 1 with each type of card.

Breaktrough / Breaktrough Cd, 25 cards, with emerging Serie A players ready to break down walls to reach the top of football.
All Hands Team, 15 cards, the best goalkeepers in Serie A, we would have seen good cards in horizontals engaged in great saves.
Hot Rookies, 15 cards, need no introduction, to be kept aside, who knows that maybe one day they will not become coveted cards and are sought after by thematic enthusiasts.
Score Team, 25 cards, that is the champions team by team, with all respect for the selected players, a part where the current Italian football pays the difference with the Premier League and the lack, except for some, of big names in football international.
Next Level Stats, 20 cards, the best in their roles.

All the special cards above include Parallel Cards with Gold Lava, Black Lava, Gold Lasers, Black Lasers variants.

Game Face, 20 cards, in terms of graphics perhaps the best card of the collection, double photo of the face and player in action. Serie A logo and club crest in the foreground, really interesting.
Intergalactic, 20 cards, football and science fiction meet. Like “Space Jam” could the chosen players represent us in a hypothetical match in the most remote space?
3D, 20 cards, present the defense trio of 20 teams, full-body action photos, side by side, interesting but can also be improved.
For these three types of cards there are special super limited editions, just to make it even more unlikely to find them all, or maybe not?

The collection is completed by the Score Signatures, as many as 40 players and their autographs. Probably among all the most coveted cards for those interested in finding certain players or themes. The first 20 feature players from the current championship but the most sought-after are certainly the next ones where we find the great champions of the past. A few names? Roberto Baggio (Fiorentina), Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), Gabriel Batistuta (Fiorentina), Diego Milito (Inter), Diego Armando Maradona (Napoli), Andrea Pirlo (Juventus), Jurgen Klinsmann (Inter), Kakà (Milan), Gianfranco Zola (Napoli), Marco Van Basten (Milan), Juan Sebastian Veron (Lazio), Daniele De Rossi (Rome), etc. Here too Parallel Card gold and black.

Interesting proposal also from a commercial point of view, with two different boxes and sachets. Above all, the Fat Pack for the little ones is valid, with 6 euros you have 30 cards, difficult to find the specials but still a good basis. It is a collection of clear American origin, where the goal is rarely to find them all (practically impossible and probably not even convenient in terms of a possible future resale), but to look for certain sports or types of cards.

The Score cards are born with a completely different idea from the Adrenalyn ones, connected to a hypothetical game, although in reality few consider them as such. If you take a trip to the USA or even just to England, you can find incredible material compared to what arrives on the Italian market (no comment on the forgettable Instant ..) but with Score even New York or Los Angeles seem closer.