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BING 5 (Diramix)


album: Bing 5 (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Years ago we gave ourselves a small rule, that of reviewing (almost) all the sticker albums that are distributed on newsstands, a different choice for cards as they are collections that are often not created with the aim of allowing the collector to complete it. Maybe we are dated, we are certainly vintage, but we remain faithful to the past and to the concept that was so dear to the Panini Brothers “every collection always completes itself”.

In this case there are two important reasons, the Bing cartoon which remains absolutely delightful and the Diramix publisher which remains among our favourites, for the care of the products but also for the diversification of the offer. Being on the market for so many years without dedicating themselves to football albums is certainly an applause and they should be proud of it.

In this case, however, there is a small pinch of ears; considering the huge amount of competition and that the Bing product has many similarities between one album and another, we would have made a different choice on the commercial proposal. The cost of 1 euro per packet risks making families’ choices shift towards other products for their children. We ourselves, inevitably, after 4 albums, this time we will limit ourselves to the review only without purchasing boxes of packets. Or maybe not, because we always like Bing and the layout of the Diramix albums a lot.

As written on other occasions, there is no continuous need to always renew the albums, Diramix has created a format that works, is liked and is limited in the number of stickers, it is right to continue in this direction. Here you will not find static, but a succession of classic, shaped and special stickers with graphic choices for both the stickers and the pages that cannot fail to please and entertain both children and adults.

The central stick & stack poster is a pleasant confirmation, with the 20 letter-numbered stickers to insert, detach and reattach, always creating new and different situations. Summer or winter, in kindergarten or during a picnic in the park, you can actually give free rein to your imagination by mixing A’s with B’s and C’s, perhaps even using double ones!

5 Bing albums and it probably doesn’t end there. If you don’t let the cost scare you (still average but it’s an average that is a little scary…), a nice editorial solution for the little ones but also for those who want to have fun attaching stickers.


BING 4 maxi album (Diramix)


album: Bing 4 maxi album (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

This album is not only Bing but also .. Big! We are at the fourth collection dedicated to the cute rabbit and his friends, the first edition was already a large format album, in this case, however, the stickers are also the same. All big, all maxi.

This is the most significant news coming from the Diramix publisher. Maybe a different graphics could have been invented that did not follow the previous ones, a choice of tradition was made but in a different format. Much better this way than integrating it with cards or other devilry, not very suitable also taking into account the very young target of small potential collectors.

First pages dedicated to the birthday of our big-eared friend, a good excuse for a double page that also features the other main protagonists of the animated series. An introductory page that already makes the format of the album clear: many collage stickers, shaped and the inevitable hairs, always fun to the touch.

Subsequently, now a classic of the Bing albums, each page tells a new adventure, up to the central pages where, another classic, the “stick and stack” stickers with which to always invent new games. Three sets: dance party (numbered A), summer or winter (numbered B), pajama party (numbered C).

Not just adventure, the pages alternate with others of stickers including games, quizzes and notions for learning the alphabet, animal sounds or tools to become expert gardeners or cooks. At the end of the page the solution of the games.

The maxi stickers have led to a considerable increase in the cost of the packets, 30 cents more is really a lot, not justified by the quality of the stickers themselves. On the other hand, this giant format makes the album very fun, with huge images and close-ups that seem to almost enter your house. Fortunately, a not too high number of total stickers has been maintained, 190 like the previous one.

If you can almost complete the album with a box, often a practice in Diramix albums (and we thank them for this), even the more demanding price of the individual packets is acceptable.


BING 3 (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: 5 stickers € 0.70 (box of 40 packets)

There is no 2 without 3! New episodes on tv for the Bing rabbit and new sticker album. We are big fans of Diramix products, for several years they have been making interesting albums, it is a pity that they too fall on the quality of the paper. Maybe we have become boring and repetitive but really all those folds leafing through the pages is a blow to the heart, probably the children will not notice it, we collectors will.

Now in the third album, Diramix has treasured past experiences and there are both confirmations and some differences from the previous ones. The album is smaller, conforming to similar products, a detail that is genuinely not important, the size is the right one.
The format is instead confirmed, in the first pages presentation of the characters and to follow the images in stickers of the new adventures of Bing and his friends. The stories are interspersed with more interactive pages where children can play with the cute bunny; the format of the cartoon is re-proposed, small stories from the everyday life of each child, useful for learning even through the small inevitable mistakes and .. messes, memorable to the point of dedicating two pages to the end of the album. Bing wants to know about its little collector friends, so here are the games to write your name and favorite ingredients.

The central insert with the stick & stack stickers has been confirmed, a strong point that is always very fun, difficult to find doubles for exchanges because, rightly, children use them all to play with. Another not insignificant detail is the decrease in the total stickers, from 258 in 2020 to 190 of this album. An appropriate and correct choice, limiting the number of stickers does not imply a loss of quality or completeness of the album, on the contrary. Except for some cases it is advisable to keep, for this type of album, under 200 stickers.

Small but nice stickers, it’s a pity that for this edition the “pelosine” are no longer present, to the touch they were fun and in relief they made their figure. Instead, the classic glitter and the shaped ones are confirmed, complicated but always the most fun to attack.

Bing is one of the most successful characters of the new generation of cartoons for the little ones (adults like it too!), Nice album to complete, a pity only for the poor quality of the paper.
Diramix, don’t do that anymore!


BING 2 (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 258 (1-233, A1-A8, B1-B12, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

special packets: € 1.99 (1 packet + 1 gum)

comment: Welcome back Bing! The cute rabbit and his friends return for a new Diramix album, after the first one released in 2019. One of the most loved characters by children is always a guarantee, even the album traces the concept of the cartoon, that is, small life lessons in the adventures and small disasters of everyday life, always caused by Bing!

Compared to last year’s album, we find some interesting news, in particular the central poster where to play with stick & stack stickers on three scenarios, an initiative already present in the first album but expanded here. This formula seems to be finding some appreciation from the public, since all publishers have recently used it. At this point, as a longtime collector I dream of another return: the transfers (trasferelli)!

The stickers are always 258, therefore more than the classic 192 of similar albums, naturally very colorful, special, shaped and pure pelosine. The images are simple but effective, with the various characters clearly visible.

The album allows you to play on every single page, following Bing’s misadventures and very often the providential intervention of friend Flop to put things right.

There are no long stories, each page is in its own right, but without this affecting the fun. After all, it is the trademark of the cartoon, simple and direct stories with the aim not only of having fun but also of giving children indications on reuse and on always living their days with a smile.

Novelties of this edition are the gums (“gommine”, the answer to the Calciatori “gommaglie”), perhaps thanks to the subjects, but honestly these are nicer.

Note for Panini: instead of doing an encore of the kits, why didn’t you use the idols printed on the cards?.

Nice and well-made album, suitable for all children, but also fun for parents in helping to complete it and sharing the many games present page by page