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FumettoForever Card #12: ALBERTO LUNGHINI!

Aldro Forever. Our solidarity stickers have always the aim of raising awareness, making people known but also remembering. The Comic Card # 12 was born with this intent, to remember the story of Federico Aldrovandi. A boy, like so many others, killed during a police check, returning from a night at the disco, like so many others.

It is not our task nor our intention to be judges, as ordinary citizens we are still today, after 16 years, incredulous of what happened, perpetrated by representatives of the state. This is why it is important not to forget Federico.

The initiative is made possible thanks to the support of the girls and boys of the Curva Ovest, the ultras of SPAL. They responded with enthusiasm and participation to our proposal and with them we contacted Alberto Lunghini, a well-known designer from Ferrara. For this card, for Federico, we wanted an author from the city. Furthermore, Lunghini drew Ferrara and the people of Ferrara, SPAL and its supporters among his works. There could not have been a better choice.

The card is also rich in meanings, always with a sporty approach (in this case even more so given the involvement of the ultras, always at the forefront in demanding justice for Aldro) but with messages that perhaps need to be explained. We wanted to design Aldro as a Spal player, the bycicle kick is the thought that what happened erased the dreams of a boy, including those of when, attacking the players’ stickers, he dreamed one day of scoring a goal, perhaps in his stadium, in front to its people.


The proceeds will be used to support the activities of Amnesty International Italy, not in general, by the will of all those involved in the production of the solidarity card, but expressly for the “Immediate Identification Codes” campaign to provide for identification measures for agents engaged in transactions of public order.

Given the probable high demand for the solidarity card, we decided, for the first time, to print not 150 but 300 copies, always numbered and limited, without providing for reprints. In the hope that our initiative will be successful, we like to think that we will be able to meet in Ferrara, in a year, to present a new Federico card, different from the first one.

Federico Aldrovandi by Alberto Lunghini
FumettoForever Card # 12 – Card + Postcard
Limited edition 300 copies numbered

SOLD OUT (copies available 0/300)

30 free copies were also printed, they do not have a consecutive number from 1 to 300 and were distributed in this way: 18 copies to the Aldrovandi family (1 for each year Federico lived), 3 copies to the author Alberto Lunghini, 1 copy to the Mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri, 1 copy to Municipality of Ferrara, 1 copy to Municipality of Bologna, 1 copy to Tiziano Tagliani (Mayor of Ferrara 2009-2019), 1 copy to Curva Ovest Spal, 1 copy to Amnesty International Roma, 1 copy to Amnesty International Ferrara, 2 copies to Figurine Forever Association

FumettoForever Card #5bis: GIANLUCA COSTANTINI!

“We want the Scudetto! Our championship is the release of Patrick Zaki ”. We were pleasantly surprised by the great success of our Patrick Zaki solidarity card initiative with the Bologna 2020/21 shirt. The 150 copies sold out within a few days. We asked ourselves the question of what to do, our productions have a strong sense of collecting, a reprint was not viable.

So we thought of creating a new, different “figurina”, thanks to the confirmed availability of Gianluca Costantini. This time Patrick wears a legendary shirt for all the Bolognese, 1964/65 season with the Scudetto on the chest, thanks to the unforgettable match won last June at the Olympic Stadium in Rome against Inter.

The message is clear and strong, there is only one championship at the moment: Patrick Free Now.

For this new edition we have also planned a particular print, 150 numbered copies are planned, but it will be an “on demand” production. From today the pre-order starts, interested people can optionally as many copies as they wish, if the number of requests exceeds the expected 150, a higher number will be printed, 200, 300 or whatever will be necessary. Of course always numbered.

FumettoForever Card #5bis – Card + Postcard
Limited and numbered edition
150 copies

SOLD OUT (copies available 0/150)

10 free copies were also printed, they do not have a consecutive number from 1 to 150 and were distributed in this way: 3 copies to Zaki family, 2 copies to Gianluca Costantini, 1 copy to Amnesty International, 2 copies to Riminicomix, 1 copy to Municipality of Bologna, 1 copy to the Figurine Forever Association

The entire proceeds will be allocated to important Amnesty International initiatives, as we have already done with the proceeds from the previous card. Below the bank transfer sent.

FumettoForever Card #5: GIANLUCA COSTANTINI!


The FumettoForever Card # 5 has an important meaning, we wanted to contribute to the appeal of hundreds of thousands of people who ask for the release of Patrick Zaki, the young activist in prison in Egypt since February 8, 2020. We have joined the campaign promoted by Amnesty International and for this reason the entire proceeds are destined to the Volunteer Organization.

The availability of Gianluca Costantini, one of the most popular cartoonist in the graphic journalism genre and who on many occasions has supported the campaigns for Patrick’s release with his time and his pencil, is fundamental.
Why the Bologna shirt? We want to underline, once again, that Patrick is one of us, he is a citizen of the city of Bologna. Furthermore Patrick is a football fan, he plays well and went when he could to see the matches at the stadium, our hope is to be able to soon deliver him a copy of the card here in Bologna, in His city.

Presentation of the card on Wednesday 26 May at 18.00 at A SKEGGIA, the headquarters of the FOREVER ULTRAS of Bologna, which we thank for their availability, the curve of Bologna has also in the past shown sensitivity on this issue as can also be seen from this banner displayed before of a match

PATRICK ZAKI by Gianluca Costantini
FumettoForever Card # 4 – Card + Postcard
Limited edition 150 copies numbered

All funds will be donated to Amnesty International

SOLD OUT (copies available 0/150)

10 free copies were also printed, they do not have a consecutive number from 1 to 150 and were distributed in this way: 3 copies to Zaki family, 2 copies to Gianluca Costantini, 2 copies to Amnesty International, 1 copy to Municipality of Bologna, 1 copy to Bologna FC, 1 copy to the Figurine Forever Association