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AZZURRI Adrenalyn XL 2024 (Panini for Esselunga)


album: Azzurri Adrenalyn XL 2024 (Panini for Esselunga)

cards: 108 (1 – 108) plus 4 extra

starter pack: album + 1 packet 3,90€

Packets: 3 cards per packet every 15.00€ spent at Esselunga

A collection of cards is back forcefully at the supermarket! Undoubtedly he does it in great style given that the topic is one that probably touches the greatest number of chords, namely football and specifically our national team, or rather, our national teams given that both the women’s and men’s teams have the same space in this collection.

It is always extremely pleasant to find collections at the supermarket as they are not expensive, given that we all do the shopping, and they reach many people, even those who are not collectors and would never buy a collection like this on newsstands, so it is usually easy to find someone to trade and complete collections with.

If we want to evaluate some negative points we can identify them above all in the choice of the point of sale: Esselunga is not present throughout the national territory so, excluding Rome, from Arezzo on down all enthusiasts can only dream of making this collection.

The cards are in full Adrenalyn XL style and we believe that this is a very specific choice by Panini: associating the Adrenalyn XL brand with this collection allows you to make the cards known to those who don’t follow them, perhaps they might be led to buy them by seeing them on newsstands in the future , or why not at the supermarket itself, while it is captivating for those who already know and collect the brand as they already know what it is.

The 42 basic cards have an elegant blue background themed with the national team, although the background is obviously computerized it is eye-catching and the print is clean and extremely sharp, with the rough background and the figure of the footballer shiny. The graphics of the 36 sapphire cards are interesting, where apart from the uniform the footballer is in black and white and the young people or in any case the male and female footballers who have recently entered the national team are shown. We therefore have 3 goalkeeper cards and 7 blue wall cards, with the same shiny and metallic holography, where the goalkeepers and seven pairs of defenders are depicted.
For the 10 star cards there is a unique, geometric and kaleidoscopic graphic, with beautiful workmanship that leads to an appreciable final result. Finally, there remain 8 top player cards and 2 blue storms which have the same graphics as the Holo Giants cards from the Top Class collection, i.e. the Panini wording repeated endlessly within a holographic one that highlights the protagonist of the card

Another point in favor of the collection is that the players have been carefully chosen: in fact, it is highly probable that the 23 players that coach Spalletti will select for the European Championship will all be present in this collection, barring any last minute problems. In short, Panini is doing everything it can to remove attention from the official Topps collections for the European Championship and it is probable that, also thanks to the lack of attention paid by Topps to some of its products, it will be able to take away a portion of the Italian public.

The main advantages of this collection are to bring people who normally do not collect together and the sachets that do not have to be purchased but can be obtained while shopping, for those who have the possibility, given the presence of the supermarket only in some areas of our country. This is why we feel like promoting this idea and the commitment that Panini has put into it: if it had been a collection on newsstands it probably wouldn’t have been worth it, but as it is we welcome it.




album: Calciatori Adrenalyn Titans 2024 (Panini)

cards: 261 (1-261, H1-H24) + 5 cards limited edition +3 cards momentum
starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards limited 9,90€
starter pack deluxe: ring binder + box 24 packets + card limited 39,90€
box: 24 packets (5 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
blister: 5 packets 5,00€

We have now reached the third edition of the Adrenalyn XL Titans cards! These are the cards that have been with us for three years as a natural continuation of the Adrenalyn collection, for which it was necessary to find a way to update given that with the release in August the squads often do not reflect those of the Serie A teams at all With this ploy, Panini has found a way to keep the collection updated and to make a second release, with fewer cards, an aspect that should not be underestimated because it makes completing the collection less expensive in every sense.

All cards maintain the shiny or mixed holographic glitter effect, shiny on the player and opaque on the rest of the card. Graphically they are an explosion of colours, perhaps difficult to digest for long-time fans but certainly attractive and very captivating for kids.

The composition of the collection is interesting, it remains light but still manages to cover many gaps and many areas that are impossible to predict in August. This year too, its composition is confirmed: each of the 20 Serie A teams has 9 dedicated basic cards: the classic 3 steel wall puzzle cards, beating heart and stellar attack, two Top Impact footballers where the card shows the statistic for which the player was important during the first round for his team.

The 4 most interesting cards in our opinion: for each team there is an Adrenalyn Legend where one of the players who has appeared in the Adrenalyn collection for the longest time is shown, with the first year of appearance, the references to past collections are always interesting. Then there are the leader cards, where the captains are immortalized. Finally, two cards dedicated to young people, both in terms of age and appearance in the Serie A championship: the next gen where talents born after 2000 find space and the rookies where there are players who take part in the championship for the first time Serie A championship.

Next we have the new signature cards which allow you to have even more updated cards given that they include the most important signings of the winter transfer market; even if for some years now we have become accustomed to very few fireworks, this year we can find interesting cards such as that of Jerome Boateng in the Salernitana shirt or young prospects such as Santiago Castro of Bologna or Carlos Alcaraz of Juventus.

Finally, like last year, the World Stars cards, with the most interesting footballers at an international level due to their possible participation in the European Championships or the importance they have for their national team such as Vlahovic or Rafael Leao.

The collection is completed by 3 pairs of puzzle cards dedicated to Bremer, Lautaro Martinez and Osimhen, indicated as the most impactful players of the first round, a card dedicated to Inter as winter champions, a card with 4 of the best young players and a with 4 established champions, also called Invincible Next Gen and Invincible Titans this year.

For the most demanding, there are three Momentum cards, which we have now learned to know, and the usual Limited Editions, this year with something new: in addition to the usual ones that will be released with the Bomber magazine, you can find an exclusive one by placing an online order, including a box and a deluxe album with rings to contain the collection. We have always said it and we continue to say it: these almost blackmailing tactics to complete the collection always make us turn up our noses.

A small note of demerit are the VAR cards: they take up a space available for the cards in the packs and are also quite ugly graphically, with players who are not real but reproduced on a computer and with just about ten different images. These cards try to make the dynamics of the game that Panini continues to heavily advertise more captivating: if from their point of view it is right to do so, from ours we can safely say that it is absolutely not the main part of the success of Adrenalyn XL, so we would have easily done without, in favor of an extra card in the packets.

Titans boasts some advantages that allow it to compete with other collections of cards released in the same period: they are updated for the winter market, they are born as a continuation of Adrenalyn XL, they cost 1 euro per pack, the number of cards to complete the collection it’s acceptable.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to collect them or not.




album: Calciatori ADRENALYN 2023/24 (Panini)
cards: 471 (1-471) + 28 limited edition + 5 cards momentum + rare card
starter pack: binder + 5 packets + 3 cards limited edition 9,90€
box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
tin pocket box: 14 cards + 4 limited edition (with Topolino)
tin box: 41 cards + 4 limited edition 11,99€
Premium packets 5,00€ (price tbc), Premium Oro packets 10,00€ (price tbc)
packets PLUS: october 1,00€ each
limited edition: read article

New edition for the Calciatori Adrenalyn, a release awaited above all by the youngest, as long as the terms are these, it will hardly be able to dominate the “flagship”, or the Calciatori with the old stickers. It is a different product and as such it is presented in every way, it was not born as an encyclopedia of Italian football, it is inevitably out of date.

The printing in August considers the squad as of 10 July, therefore it is also difficult to believe that errors are still being found in Milinkovic Savic in Lazio or Arnautovic in Bologna. It cannot be otherwise. For the same reason, it’s a great thing that the Calciatori stickers come out in December, it hasn’t always been like this. In other words, those who, like us, remain faithful to the classic stickers, can sleep peacefully. In these terms and with this type of offer, as much as the publishers try, we don’t believe that the classic sticker album risks disappearing in the short term.

Commendable that Panini tries to update the Adrenalyn collection with new categories every year. The graphics always remain discreet without particular top player hits (to stay on topic), when compared to other card editions, especially those Made in the USA. On the other hand, it is a collection designed for a young audience; if we do not include rare or limited cards, it is a more attractive economic proposition than adhesive stickers. Of course, for those who want all the limited cards and throw themselves into the search for the ultra rare ones, it is a different matter. It is appreciable that the costs of all products are more or less the same as in 2022, on the other hand growth has been exponential in recent years, sooner or later it had to stop or at least slow down.

We like the background of the basic cards, which incorporates the social colors of the clubs and the logo at the top left. Indeed we dare to say that it is among the best solutions of recent years. The choice of the “Energy” category with the main purchases for summer 2023 is questionable, which however… is still in progress! For years, Italian football hasn’t thrived on big scoops like English football or the Arab novelty, beyond any logic and rule, but in the last season it still allowed us to reach the three finals of European competitions.

The cards with more players, this year the “imparabili”, have never driven us crazy, both from a graphic and technical point of view. The presence of different players seems objectively a stretch, not very convincing even in the eyes of the hottest of fans. The “Stelle” are more interesting. As always, the now traditional 5 Top Player cards will be sought after, or rather 6 counting the Super Top Player. The individual Team Scudetto and Invincible cards have been confirmed. On the other hand, it will take a lot of luck to find one of the 250 copies of the Premium Original Autograph card, more copies but always not orderable as the 5 Momentums, the 2 Mitos and a cumulative Mythical Invincible which collects the samples of the recent past in a single image: Zanetti, Pirlo, Kakà, Totti, Cavani and Klose. We would have preferred it as “the magnificent 7” by adding Batistuta with the Fiorentina shirt.

28 cards limited as follow:

Starter Pack: Ferguson, Danilo, Spinazzola

Tin Box serie Oro: Marin, Hjulmand, Mazzocchi, Laurienté

Bustine Premium: Martinez, Chiesa, Giroud, Pellegrini

Bustine Premium Oro: Biraghi, Ciurria, Singo, Fagioli, Turati, Lovric

Topolino 3538: Caprari

Topolino 3539: Calabria

Topolino 3540: Meret

Topolino 3541: Badelj

Bomber september: Saponara

Bomber october: Ricci

Bomber november: Rodrigo Becao

We don’t quite agree on the concept of value used by Panini too good-naturedly, also giving the collection an economic imprint that shouldn’t exist if the target is that of the very young. It is more understandable that the publisher finds a trick to sell more copies of its other products and therefore that some limited cards are attached to the weekly Topolino (appreciable even without) and the Bomber magazine (unpresentable except for the attachments, but the same also happens in Spain and France).

The historical concept of “a Panini collection is always completed” has disappeared, but the world has changed a lot, Panini as well, unfortunately there is no turning back. With the prospect of the arrival of parallels (for now only rumors) in the traditional Calciatori, the future has a well-defined direction.




album: Calciatori ADRENALYN 2022/23 (Panini)
cards: 471 (1-471) + 27 limited edition + 5 cards momentum
starter pack: binder + 5 packets + 3 cards limited edition 8,00€
box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
tin box: cards 41 + 4 limited edition 11,99€
special packets: Premium 5,00€ (tbc), Premium Gold 10,00€ (tbc.)
packets PLUS: from october with cards plus, specials and trainers 1,00€
limited edition: read article

In a truly strange season for the world of us collectors, as well as the championship, the Adrenalyn collection also arrives on newsstands while many are still filling beaches and cities of art. Strange because the unlikely winter world championship is looming in Qatar, which has partly upset all the programs, apparently not those of Panini, both for the cards and for the classic players, the exit period remains the standard one. Choice also made easier by the encore of non-classified Italy at the final stage of the World Cup, which certainly makes the World Cup album uninteresting for the Italian market. Clearly not for us, collectors of the albums of the competitions by nations, who would buy the album even if in Qatar there were only Bolivia and Kazakhstan (with all possible sympathy for the two countries mentioned, of course).

The Adrenalyn collection, already last year, is trying to renew itself, with more captivating and different graphics, for this season with references also to the colors of the various clubs, following the line of the European cards. We are still a long way from other products, but it must also be said that they are born from a different perspective. This is The Collection of cards of the Italian Serie A championship, in addition to the substance, the form is also important, the total number of cards is always important and even if it is not as complete as the Calciatori stickers, it gives a good idea of ​​our football.

After the preparation in July, he has some players who are no longer protagonists (for example De Ligt who moved from Juventus to Bayern), but it could not be otherwise. The confirmed presence of the plus cards is important in this sense, although the release in October is quite premature. On the other hand, the flagship Calciatori arrives in December and (luckily, we add it) it is still the most important collection of the year.

The sections of the collection find great classics such as Stelle or Portieroni and every year new sections come to light which then only time will tell if they will be appreciated to such an extent that they will remain the following year. For 2023, the new cards on which Panini seems to focus more are the Momentum, 5 exclusive cards outside the numbering and, unfortunately, cannot be ordered later. Italian football is not experiencing a moment of maximum splendor, even these cards highlight it, with all the good you could want from Bonucci or Luis Alberto.

Among the novelties, part of the numbering of 471 cards, we point out the Team Scudetto card that celebrates the 19th AC Milan championship and the Super Top Player, also linked to the past season. The Fantastelle can be potential future rookies, less captivating than the Magic 4 with precisely four players together, too many all together. More than the new and old sections, interesting the different realizations of the cards, including silver paint, metallic material, metallic gold. The presence of the 20 cards with the club logos is always a choice that we appreciate.

In general, it seems like a good collection for lovers of the genre. Rightly different from products more for “professional collectors” such as the Score or the Donruss. This collection is more designed for a young and very young audience that maybe, we hope, growing up also goes to the collection of stickers as their parents did. On the other hand, the novelty of indicating the rarity index (the Rarity Index) on the front of the cards is nice, who knows that it may not be a fundamental point in the great experience of exchanges, inevitable and also protagonists of our Figurine Days.

Worthy of note are the many promotional initiatives connected to the collection, from the completion of the virtual collection to the registration to Serie A Adrenalyn. Perhaps secondary aspects for the “older” of us, but certainly an added value for the younger ones.

Limited Edition Release Summary:

Starter Pack: Zakaria, Matic, Onana
Tin Box: Mancini, Lukaku, Danilo, Pedro
packet Premium: Immobile*, Pellegrini*, Hernandez *, Martinez *, Quagliarella, Toloi, Cabral, Rrahmani (* also signed)
packet Premium Gold: Igor, Pasalic, Veloso, Bastoni, Anguissa
Bomber magazine: Kvaratskhelia (august, Alvarez (september), McKennie (november)

Last thing, the very limited choice in requesting the missing cards is always questionable and hard to agree. While understandable on the one hand to limit “speculation”, on the other hand it is not very useful for those who simply want to complete their binder. Fortunately, there are events all over Italy such as those organized by Figurine Forever at the Edicola Birra in Bologna 😉




album: Calciatori Adrenalyn Titans 2022 (Panini)

cards: 212 (T1-T212)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edition 8,50€

box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ each

Out of time? The doubt is there. Five days from the end of the championship, a new card album seems like a risky move, also taking into account that at the same time Panini has sent the Score series on newsstands. Collection that is enjoying great success, from our point of view because of superior quality, probably also for the search for “easy money” that has prompted many to buy the packets in search of the many, many limited cards to sell at high prices on the internet .

Not only that, if it is true that the Adrenalyn collection comes out in September to be available for the reopening of schools, it is difficult to think that it can have the same impact when schools close to just over a month.

It is also true that the Titans Series cannot be defined only as an expansion of the classic Adrenalyn, although it was created to be an added part of it, it is denoted in particular by the back of the cards. So the goal may be on the one hand to acquire new collectors, being much shorter than the previous one, on the other hand to entice classic collectors who want to have both series.

The fact remains that on newsstands there are the most captivating Score and that, as mentioned, we are at the end of April.

The Titans collection can be defined as a version of Italian football on what is seen with the europeans and world cup cards. In fact, we find the badges and jerseys, which are not found in the classic Adrenalyn series, as well as the cards with the Top 11 club by club, as happened with Euro 2020 for example, with the addition of being also 3D. In our opinion these 60 cards are the most interesting of the collection, they are also those not connected to the game, you can also see from the different and much improved back. For example, all three official uniforms can be found on the back of the shirt.

The following are variants of what has already been seen in the various years Adrenalyn, nothing particularly captivating. The Time Machines with the great champions of the past would have been much more interesting if they had extended to the history of Italian football, here are re-proposed players who appeared in recent years in the Adrenalyn collection. However, the idea of ​​putting small images of different player cards next to the large photo is nice. In general, however, in our opinion, a superior graphic quality of the classic Adreanalyns should be noted.

If you are new to a good starting point, 9 players per club plus various specials for a total of 212 cards, limited not included. For us who are not even big fans of cards, which is also our limitation when we analyze these collections, a valid album, but still released too late and above all much less interesting than the Score collection. The cost of the sachets is appreciable, lower than the Panini standard of recent years.

A possible advice? Collecting only the first 60 (T1-T60: badges, eleven, second skin) as an extra to the classic series, but that’s just our idea, of course.


CALCIATORI ADRENALYN 2021/22 (Panini Italy)


album: Calciatori ADRENALYN 2021/22 (Panini)
cards: 465 (1-465) + limited edition
starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards limited edition 8,50€
box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ cad.
tin box: cards 37 + 3 limited edition 11,99€
tin box platinum: cards 11 platinum + 14 basic cards esclusive 6,99€
special packets: Premium 5,00€, Premium Gold 10,00€
packets PLUS: from october with cards plus, specials and trainers 1,00€
limited editions: read article

Vintage with various curiosities and novelties. Starting with the same starter pack, which arrives on newsstands with a long delay compared with the packets, the opposite is often the case. Is it possible that Panini delayed everything to send the images to print without Cristiano Ronaldo? It’s really hard to believe that in the beginning there was no CR7 on the cover. We have no way to confirm, leave us in the pleasant doubt.

We were talking about news, not so much and certainly about graphics, if tradition is appreciated for the Calciatori stcikers, for cards this rather repetitive modus operandi a little (a lot?) boaring. The competition produces absolutely superior products, but Panini also knows how to do better. Much better than the Adrenalyn of the last Europeans, for example. The news is on some very interesting extra releases, at least as a basic idea.

For the recently reviewed “REWILD” collection, we also emphasized play, with Adrenalyn we honestly don’t know how much this aspect is considered by buyers, including children. Maybe in this area we have had clear improvements over the years, good for fans, we prefer to focus on the collection part. It is clear, year after year, that Panini’s goal is not so much to push to complete the album, but rather to follow North American collecting and direct interest on certain players and teams.

The official guide is always rich and full of information, essential for knowing all aspects of the collection. Almost all of them actually, the Instant ones, which were not very significant in the last season and in any case already started, are not mentioned here. On the other hand, many limited editions including some that will quickly become collector’s items.

Basic set of 360 cards, nothing particularly interesting, minimal graphics like the set. Subsequently the classic special categories, from the Idols (the choices always questionable, it would be curious to know what the fans of the various teams think) to the Diamonds, Goalkeepers, Defenders and Specialists. Added to these are the new Registi and Tuttocampisti. Idols apart from each category complete a binder page with 9 players.

Following the Stars, 18 players covering 11 Serie A clubs. Here we find some of the most important players in the Italian league: Vlahovic, De Vriij, Chiesa, Immobile, Zaniolo and Belotti. Several others are missing, but after all the various players must be distributed among the various categories, better than having the same athlete repeated several times (the Juventus fans will not be happy, but the departure of CR7 will allow for more different players).

In the second part of the Guide, we have the most interesting pages, those to study and mark in order not to miss outings: 5 Top Players (from 460 to 464: Muriel, Lautaro Martinez, for the last time Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Insigne), 1 Invincible Card (the 465 to close the collection) and the absolute novelty of the Dreamers. On sale only on the Panini website as for the Instant ones but much more interesting than the latter, only 1000 copies (although not numbered ..) and all rookies, or players not yet represented in the Adrenalyn album. The multinational that runs after ebay sellers or similar who collect thanks to the first stickers of great champions? It could be said, let’s say he rides the fashion of the moment, how to blame him?

To close the list of limited editions, on sale as always in the special Premium, Gold packets, the different Tin Boxes and the Bomber magazine. The choice of adding great names from past football is excellent, the Premium cards by Paolo Maldini and Del Piero will be highly sought after among collectors:
. starter pack (Felipe Anderson, Giroud)
. Tin Box (Alex Sandro, Lozano, Pessina)
. Premium packets (Bonaventura, Sensi, Morata, Rebic, Estebian Cambiasso, Paolo MaldiniAlessandro Del Piero, 3 card Premium A B C)
. Gold Premium packets (Alexis Sanchez, Hernandez, Zaniolo)
. Bomber magazine (september El Shaarawy, october Caputo e Rui Patricio, november Politano e Gabbiadini)
. Tin Box Premium (14 platinum + 14 base esclusive)

Compared to last year we notice some improvements, first of all the farewell to that unfortunate choice of dividing the team’s outputs into two different types of packets (First and Second Half). The addition of a disproportionate number of PLUS had brought the collection to a very high number of cards. Too many. We hope this year will be more contained, even the infamous Instant, uninteresting, after a year where many have fallen into the trap, it is unlikely that this year Panini will be able to repeat the printing of as many as 29 issues.

In the guide there are other interesting details, including the prices of both the cards that can be ordered as missing, and those that cannot be ordered in Panini (including the Dreamers, for the simple fact that, like the Instant ones, they must be ordered at the time of the announcement, up to out of stock). Also interesting is the back cover, where it is announced that we will have a second album Adrenalyn, due out in Spring. In the middle, the arrival of the Calciatori stickers, we hope at least this year we will not have the pages left in our hands as we leaf through it ..



cards: 466 (basic set 1-466)
starter pack: € 8.00 binder + 4 packets + 2 limited edition cards
packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)
for the other planned release see below

“Let’s start well!”, opened the first packet of the starter pack and found the Tempesta Azzurra card, one of the rarest, so writes Panini. The detail is important, it means that Panini did not want to leave any detail behind, finally in the starter pack there are no more free version packets (with the usual cards repeated in infinity) but sales version packets and therefore with many more chances to find important cards, as happened to us. Now that “only € 8.00” makes sense.

In the most absurd year since the world war, at least one certainty is left to us, despite everything the sticker and card albums come out and will continue to do so. We like to think that this anomalous situation has pushed Panini to work at full capacity to improve the collection, after years, let’s say, rather repetitive.
The news are so many. An absolute novelty, the teams are not in alphabetical order, but based on the rankings of the last championship, so we find Juventus first, followed by Inter and on to Spezia, third promoted by Serie B.

Nice idea, but as lovers of tradition, we hope it will not be repeated on the Calciatori stickers, in the year of the 60th it would be really a shock. The checklist does not contain the names of the players, a necessary choice given the chaos in which the transfer market still pours. On this point Panini builds a perfect album for the situation, no more classic packets and with the new year the plus players.
The packets from today on newsstands are called “PRIMO TEMPO” and contain the first 233 stickers, at the beginning of October the “SECONDO TEMPO” will come out with another 233 stickers. Attention, it does not mean that now you will find the cards from 1 to 233, they are scattered and those present clearly will not be in the second release, where instead we will find the plus and the trainers cards. At the end of October third and last release with the “TEMPI SUPPLEMENTARI” packets, finally containing only the Plus and Trainers cards and not coming from the 466 already released.

Several new features also among the types of cards such as Bomber, Insuperable Defenders, Assist Man, Specialists, Super Combo (very useful for those who play as well as collect). Very beautiful are the new Diamonds with the tricolor flag in the background, dedicated to the Under21 Azzurri champions.
In general, the graphics have improved, but Panini could be even more daring in the years to come, we are still far from quality of Euro 2020 cards. The game is more and more exciting with many new features, children will surely appreciate.

As always, the search for all the cards provided is not immediate, here is the list / summary:

Basic set: 1-466 (available in the “Primo Tempo” and “Secondo Tempo” packs); in the basic set among the rarest we have 5 Top Player, 1 Tempesta Azzurra, 1 Invincible Card, all of which can be ordered later directly from Panini, so it makes no sense to faint when buying them from private sellers

Set Plus + Trainers: from the end of October in the “TEMPI SUPPLEMENTARI” packets

Limited Edition: 45 cards (2 in the starter pack, 3 in the Tin Box, 25 in the Premium Tin Box, 7 in the Premium packets, 3 in the Premium Gold packets, 5 in the Bomber magazine from September to November)

Absolute new the INSTANT CARDS!

The Instant Cards are made to celebrate the top moments of the season, Panini does not announce how many will be made or the cost, we just know that you will have to be constantly connected to the web world to know when they come out.
They are cards on demand, so only those ordered will be printed and the time to do so will be at a minimum. Here really, if you don’t want to leave your salary, it’s better to be careful and buy them gradually. They will not be ordered later and will certainly be very coveted pieces among collectors, especially among the most careless ones.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, Panini still knows how to have his say, if he wanted to prove that he believed in his products he hit the mark.
In the meantime, we hope, after certainly the great effort in making this album, you will finally remember to finally print those still missing stickers of the Championship Film to complete the Calciatori 2020. The longest collection in history!




cards: 469 (basic set)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edt € 8.00

packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)

comment: while the flagship Calciatori travels towards the age of 60 (for the 2020/21 edition we expect great things, understood Panini ?? 😉), the prodigal son Adrenalyn celebrates its tenth anniversary. Ten important years because, season after season, the success of the cards has become increasingly significant, far from the biblical numbers of the stickers, but it is absolutely unlikely that, sooner or later, we can even get overtaking.

The Adrenalyn collection was born under a different spirit than the stickers, it does not have the complete squad of the Serie A and often had criticism for the shirts worn by the players. In reality the need to leave at the beginning of September entails the closure of the press at the end of July, with the result that the photographs are taken in some friendlies match of the various teams and often in the summer the clubs use away shirts. Of course it is really strange to see Brescia in green jersey or Spal in a practically white jersey, but better these “defects” than the wild use of Photoshop.

Furthermore the Adrenalyn are a game, it has an average audience that is very young and the search for completing the album does not have that final and absolute purpose that has been valid since 1961 instead for the stickers. For the older generations they are sometimes indigestible, actually the choice of Panini to let them come out in September, then 4 months from the new Calciatori, allows in many families to collect both.

As for the presence of away and third jerseys, in many teams we have the presence of players who have moved elsewhere or other champions are not present yet (Lukaku for example). Having the updated teams would mean going out in November so you can’t do otherwise, then the PLUS cards will come out to update the teams. As well as the other cards that will bring the basic set probably updated to 520 total stickers.

From the graphic point of view, the cards always remain of good quality, we don’t find big news compared to the previous year, if not for some new captivating sections like DIAMANTE (young promises) and BLITZ (new arrivals in Serie A). Cards that have even more meaning when viewed in the context of the game and not only of card collecting.

The news are actually others, to celebrate the tenth anniversary Panini will realize a special Tin Box Platinum with as many as 10 limited edition cards, cards that will be found only in this package. They are special cards because they are celebratory and present 10 players who were already present in the first 2009/10 edition (Buffon, Quagliarella, Criscito the names that have already been announced). Furthermore, only in this box we will find 15 basic cards plus that are not inside the standard bags. Virtually all 25 cards are limited editions.

So this year we have two tin boxes. The special premium packets and the limited cards attached to the Bomber magazine are also confirmed. Possible that there will be further additions.

Another news, the TOP PLAYER cards, which had made the collectors go crazy last year, this year can be ordered in Panini (Handanovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Piatek, Koulibaly, Quagliarella).

Very appreciable that the cards follow the same logic of the stickers, in the basic set each club has the same number of cards (18), this means that the UNBEATABLE DUO card in some cases is really risky .. but in short, someone had to put it, not ?

Important detail, buying a box we found very few doubles, the free version packets that instead are found in the starter pack often have duplicates (not in the same packet, of course). Material, however, always good for exchanges!

In summary, here are the outputs already provided with card limited:

Allan, Under (in the starter pack)

De Vrij, Luis Alberto, English (in the standard tin box)

Muriel, Godin, Ramsey, Bennacer, Zielinski, Diawara, Murillo (in the premium packets)

Immobile, Bernardeschi, Belotti(in the gold premium packets)

Freuler, Romero (Bomber magazine nr. 23)

Dijks, Berardi (Bomber magazine nr. 25)

Dragowski (Bomber 26)

Godin, Ramsey, Zielinski gold signature (in premium packets, 5000 copies per player)

Premium Tin Box (contains 25 limited edition cards)

Final judgment: 9/10