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ASSOCIAZIONE FIGURINE FOREVER via del Triumvirato 34c – 40132 Bologna, Italy


17 February 2020

Topps honestly has a higher gear with the cards. But..


6 February 2020

Very nice new the central poster like a school diary, where children can indulge in attacking the stickers ..

ME CONTRO TE – THE MOVIE (Diramix Italy)

23 January 2020

.. the care in making the album and making it fun to complete remains without a shadow of a doubt ..

AMICI CUCCIOLOTTI 2020 (Pizzardi Italy)

19 January 2020

.. Three good, very good reasons, to buy albums and packets, regardless ..

EURO ’68/’72 (Qubotondo Italy)

13 January 2020

.. the amateur concept here is valid only in terms of the incredible passion with which Qubotondo, makes albums ..

Sentimento Granata – 100 YEARS SALERNITANA (Creatiwa Italy)

26 December 2019

.. not only an album of stickers but a small encyclopedia, to be kept in the library in plain sight ..

FORTITUDO PRIDE (Corriere di Bologna, Italy)

23 December 2019

.. emphasis is given not only to sporting deeds, but to the uniqueness of Fortitudo and its people, a team so viscerally loved by many fans ..


21 December 2019

Collection not easy to complete, some numbers are hard to find and be careful to buy more boxes together ..

CALCIATORI 2019/20 (Panini Italy)

18 December 2019

.. only for one is it possible to get up early in the morning to go to the newsstand and get it fresh out of print ..

VIRTUS LEGEND (Corriere di Bologna, Italy)

17 December 2019

.. Legend is not out of place, being with Milano, Varese and Cantù also among the most titled in Europe ..

ARTONAUTI 2 (La Spiga Italy)

16 December 2019

.. many pages have small quizzes or games with which kids can interact, not only, we also find QR codes to listen to explanations, almost like we were in the Louvre or the British Museum ..

110 JAHRE Sk STURM (Sturm Graz Austria)

15 December 2019

.. best part of the album is certainly the first .. where the history of the club is traced, “wie alles begann” (where it all began) ..


13 December 2019

Panini continues the promotion and production of albums with stickers and cards, together, if the results are these, we cannot complain!

PRO LEAGUE 2019-20 (Panini Belgium)

11 December 2019

Pro League .. Proximus League .. Super League women’s .. celebratory pages from 72/73 to today, this album is really a beautiful collection!

FROZEN 2 (Panini)

9 December 2019

Marvelous movie, beautiful album, Christmas is coming, what do you want more?

AS ROMA OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)

2 December 2019

.. a beautiful space in the world AS ROMA with the stickers of the Under 15 Italian champions, the Youth team, the Roma women and the final stickers for the legendary Curva Sud ..

BIG DINOSAURS (Gamma 3000, Italy)

28 November 2019

.. very nice and well made, the 205 stickers are all shaped and find space in the album in the various pages where our great friends are divided by type.

INTER OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)

27 November 2019

.. the 28 pop-up cards to be used on the poster at the center of the album make this album a real reality for the fans ..

JUVENTUS OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)

20 November 2019

.. given the great successes of the women’s team .. two stickers for girls is very little, they deserved more space.

MILAN OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)

16 November 2019

.. for lovers of great football, the page of the company .. the stickers of Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban in a suit and tie.

NBA 2019-20 (Panini Italy)

10 November 2019

For the second year we find as many as 100 adrenalyn cards to which this year also include limited editions. Really interesting album for the many NBA fans ..

FIFA365 2020 (Panini)

7 November 2019

In addition to sweaters and badges, a special motion for the “Living Football” figurines, holographic and of great visual impact..

TRULLI TALES (Panini Italy)

6 November 2019

They will not be the Smurfs but also these characters know how to give us sympathy, combining the charm of the Puglia with the magic of their magic wands and making fun of another Italian landmark like the kitchen ..

BATMAN 8O YEARS (Panini Italy)

5 November 2019

The first pages have the flavor of the myth with the first appearances of the Dark Knight back in 1939, which continues with the best of the character through the years..

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2019/20 (Topps)

25 October 2019

as an Italian seeing a Champions League album start with Atalanta is a source of pride as well as a pleasure ..

GORMITI stickers (Panini)

24 October 2019

Ao-Ki, the guardian of knowledge, takes us to discover the various parts of the album ..

MATCH ATTAX 2020 (Topps Italy)

23 October 2019

.. instead of presenting a large number of teams, it is mainly preferred to focus the collection on clubs from the major european championships ..

FORZA SPAL! (Panini Italy)

21 October 2019

.. we notice both the care and the passion for the blue-white team of those who prepared it ..

L.O.L. 2 (Panini)

10 October 2019

Ok, they’re not footballers, but it’s dangerously fun! ..

ASTERIX 60 ANS (Panini France)

28 September 2019

Can it be an album, not intended for newsstands and distributed only in France, the album of the year? Yes!

EUROPEAN CUP 1956/1986 (Qubotondo Italy)

27 September 2019

To call it an amateur production is right in form, but ungenerous in substance ..

FORTNITE stickers (Panini)

26 September 2019

The album traces the evolution of the game from the first to the seventh season ..


25 September 2019

season after season, the success of the cards has become increasingly significant ..