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FIGUCON FOREVER CARD: FIGUCON 8, Bologna 19 giugno 2022!

FIGUCON FOREVER! With the eighth edition of our event, in an unusual summer version, we renew what has already been done with the previous edition in Rome, celebrating the event with one of our solidarity cards, in an ultra-limited and numbered edition. As we have already announced, every time there will be a FIGUCON, there will be a new solidarity card. Exclusively for the event, it will not be available on our website afterwards.

We wanted to pay homage to a great champion, who unfortunately left us recently but is alive in the hearts of all Italians, Paolo “Pablito” Rossi, thanks also to his goals, Italy won the Espana82 world championship. Of that incredible team, with everyone we know the formation by heart, Rossi is its symbol.

Daniele Bonesso is an illustrator with a past as a cartoonist. He created the splendid drawing of Pablito.

Limited and numbered edition of only 82 copies. The number 20, like the number of Pablito’s jersey at that world championship, will remain in the archives of the Figurine Forever Association.

The solidarity card will be available exclusively at FIGUCON 8 in Bologna, on June 19.

Special Edition Paolo Rossi
Card + Postcard
Limited and numbered edition 82 copies

EXCLUSIVE FIGUCON 8, Bologna 19th june 2022
c/o Pontelungo Summer Festival

FIGURPACE: Make Swap Not War

Solidarity Card + Postcard made on the occasion of the charity auctions on the Catawiki site, organized by our association in collaboration with Marco Sonseri and artists of the Ninth Art who donated 35 original plates, drawings and illustrations from the beautiful world of comics.

The proceeds go to Soleterre Onlus, which takes care of children with cancer in Ukraine, doubly affected by the emergency caused by the war.

The auctions will start on May 6 and will continue until May 18, 2022. One of the FigurPaces is destined for each advertisement, with the central drawing created for the occasion by Mauro Mandalari (among the donor artists with his original Spider-Man).

Catawiki link:

Printed in 44 numbered copies, 35 destined, one each as written, for charity auctions. The other 9 are for the Figurine Forever archive, for Marco Sonseri and only for the members who purchase all our releases in solidarity stickers and cards.

As with all other solidarity issues, there is no reprint.


FIGUCON FOREVER! With the seventh edition of our event, for the first time in Rome, we decided to celebrate the event with one of our solidarity cards, in an ultra-limited and numbered edition. Not only that, it will become a fixed appointment, every time there is a FIGUCON, there will be a new solidarity card. Exclusively for the event, it will not be available on our website afterwards.

We wanted to pay homage to the Eternal City, taking advantage of the beautiful drawings made by Luca Colandrea for the sticker album “In Search of the Treasures of Rome”. Do you recognize all the Kings and Queens of Rome on the front of the postcard? The cards, on the other hand, are dedicated to two footballers who are absolute idols of their respective fans, each one being able to choose their favorite champion.

Limited and numbered overall edition in 120 copies, the postcard, 60 each of the two cards. The matching is random between the number of the postcard and the card, except for the number 9 which will be linked to the Giorgio Chinaglia card and the number 10 to the Francesco Totti card. These two cards will remain kept in the archives of the Figurine Forever Association.

The two solidarity cards will be available exclusively at FIGUCON 7 in Rome on 7 and 8 May 2022, except for our members, they can be found at the Figurine Forever stand but also at the Treasures of Rome stand, by purchasing the album you will have the card for free! Until sold out of available numbers.

60 is the symbolic number of this edition of FIGUCON, 60 like the solidarity cards of Totti and Chinaglia, 60 like the different SolidAlbum (album + complete stickers set) that we will have at our stand, 60 like the 1960 Rome Olympics and his king, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), protagonist of our solidarity Comic Card # 21.

Special Edition Rome may 2022
Card + Postcard
variant Lazio, 60 Fumetto Card of Giorgio Chinaglia
variant Roma, 60 Fumetto Card of Francesco Totti
Limited and numbered edition 120 copies

ESCLUSIVE FIGUCON 7, Rome 7h-8th may 2022


December 6, 2021, 31 years after the Salvemini tragedy, the members of the Association expressed their desire to pay homage to the students of the Bolognese school hit by a damaged military plane on December 6, 1990. The circulation was just 33 numbered copies , like the cap of Casalecchio di Reno where the Salvemini Institute is located. The few copies available were distributed to the shareholders who had made a previous request as well as providing some copies to the author of the drawing Giuseppe Lenzone, whom we thank.

The famous photo of the 2nd A class has been revisited following the editorial line of our solidarity stickers, which is why we imagined the boys with the Casalecchio Calcio shirt, just 100 years after its foundation. It is part of our Comics Card but as an “extra” issue, which is why you cannot find it among our publications open to all. 16 unnumbered copies were also printed, which will be delivered to the Municipality of Casalecchio, should any of the families request a copy. Forever Young.


In 2022 the ONLY FORever FANS card, distributed exclusively to our members, is a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest of the greats, who left us really too soon. The initiative was carried out thanks to the splendid drawing made by Alan Greco, the photos around that trace Diego’s career, are instead taken from some stickers produced by Edizioni Amateur Qubotondo, which makes all our solidarity stickers.

The name of the card “Campiò”, a quote from a splendid song by the Neapolitan artist Nino D’Angelo, is also our tribute to Naples, a city that has always shown an uncontrollable love for Diego and you will never stop doing it.

The card + postcard, unlike the other solidarity stickers, does not have a progressive numbering, 100 copies were printed, some of which donated to the designer.

Some copies are still available for any new members who would like to have a copy.


“It is still time for heroes”, the end of 2021 is approaching and there is still a lack of funds for three long distance adoptions, of the 11 planned annuals, for the boys and girls of the Mondobimbi Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. After the splendid result in 2020, we would like to repeat this year too.

For this reason we decided to involve a wrestling hero, Red Scorpion, several times champion of Italy and Europe, an icon among wrestlers, the flying man with a big heart who immediately made himself available. He is a wrestler loved by the little ones as much as by the biggest fans, not only in Italy. Our first card dedicated to wrestling could only be him.

Wrestling has show and exaggerations in its DNA, we wanted to do the same, creating not only one but three solidarity cards + respective postcards, we find them fantastic, what do you think?

The three Wrestling Forever cards are not available separately and are collected in a personalized envelope with the same sequential number.

With the proceeds of this new set card + postcards, through the ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA project, it will be possible to support two distance adoptions in favor of the Mondobimbi Village in Tulear, Madagascar

Card + Postcard
1/3 Red Scorpion costume 1
2/3 Red Scorpion costume 2
3/3 Red Scorpion celebrative days
Limited and numbered edition 99 copies

Cost € 10.00

+ postage costs (for Italy € 5.00, Europe € 10.00)

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
    For purchases by bank transfer, please always follow an email to
  • Paypal to the address only, with Paypal the cost per sticker is € 22.00

AVAILABLE NOW! (copies available 64/99)

numbers still available:
5 6 7 8 9 11 12 15 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 29 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 42 43 44 46 47 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 63 64 65 67 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 80 81 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 93 94 96 97

No free copies have been printed for this set


Bolognina Boxe is a splendid reality, it is much more than a gym, it is an example of how sport and socializing can coexist and become one; was born with the aim of building a popular neighborhood boxing project, accessible to all, which can be an alternative to life on the street and isolation, which promotes the elimination of gender stereotypes and racism, and which at the same time it constitutes a high-level sports center.

The gym is experiencing an extremely difficult period due to the health emergency, despite this it has athletes, such as Pamela Noutcho Sawa, who have been able to establish themselves nationally. The goals of the gym, its role, its commitment have led us to find a way to make our contribution, through the stickers, of course.

We wanted to involve the rock band Magenta#9, who responded enthusiastically to our proposal. It is not a causal choice, the winners of Sanremo Rock 2020 proudly bring their being part of the Bolognina, one of the districts of Bologna where the musicians live and where the gym was also born.

Putting together the Magenta#9 rockers, the girls and boys of the gym, those madmen of Figurine Forever, it could only be a sensational gathering of CEFFI, exactly as the guys of the group like to call themselves!

The set consists of three postcards + cards, in the first two we have the Magenta#9 stickers, in the third the card with the Bolognina Boxe logo and around the photos taken at the gym. The three cards are not available separately and are collected inside a personalized envelope with the same sequential number.

Card + Postcard
1/3 Magenta#9 in the Bolognina district
2/3 Magenta#9 winners of Sanremo Rock 2020
3/3 Bolognina Boxe logo + pictures
Limited and numbered edition 99 copies

The set will be presented on Tuesday 18 June at BologninAlive on the occasion of the concert of Magenta#9. Last event of FIGUCON 2021.

SOLD OUT! (copies available 0/99)

No free copies have been printed for this set


25 years of Giglio Amico Onlus. In 1996 this beautiful solidarity reality of Florence was born, linked to the Viola colors but also to many other aspects of the city and to feel a living part of Florentine culture. We therefore decided to celebrate this anniversary with a special set of 5 stickers + postcards. A perfect cross between our Celebrative and our Fan Forever.

The first postcard + sticker is a due tribute to the many friends of Giglio Amico, to those who helped the Onlus in the great work carried out, through some of the most significant events, remembering them all was really impossible.

The other Giglio Celebrative Stickers are four great players in the history of Fiorentina, they are not chosen by chance, they are people close to Giglio Amico Onlus who with their time and their presence have made it possible to achieve the important goals in these 25 years. The four former players were naturally involved in the initiative.

The 5 Giglio Celebrative Stickers are not available separately and are collected inside a personalized envelope with the same sequential number.

Stickers + Postcards
1/5 gonfalon Giglio Amico
2/5 Kurt Hamrin
3/5 Giancarlo De Sisti
4/5 Luciano Chiarugi
5/5 Giancarlo Antognoni
Limited and numbered edition 99 copies

SOLD OUT! (copies available 0/99)

No free copies have been printed for this set

In the pictures: Chiarugi, Antognoni and De Sisti above, under the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella


In 2021 the ONLY FORever FANS card + card, distributed exclusively to our members, is a tribute to “grandmother” Olga, the mother of the 8 Panini brothers and sisters, the architect of what would later happen, opening the newsstand in the center of Modena, from which later the Panini Empire would have arrived.

The initiative was realized thanks to the availability of the Panini family, the original one, who enthusiastically joined our idea of ​​celebrating Nonna Olga.

The card + postcard, unlike the other solidarity stickers, does not have a progressive numbering, however 150 copies were printed, of which 60 were donated to the Panini family.

Some copies are still available for any new members who would like to have a copy.


Figurine Forever Association is proud to announce the collaboration with the non-profit organization CANCER DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL ( ) in order to create a limited edition collection of cards of rock heroes, from the immense archive of the photographer ALEX RUFFINI, who passed away last year.

We are working in this period to define the details and also choose the photos, we can anticipate that the creation of about 200 cards in four outputs is planned, the first with a binder (image not definitive, but the protagonist on the cover will be Paul Stanley of KISS).

EXPECTED RELEASE: summer 2023 (to be confirmed)

The funds raised will be entirely destined to the CDRnR Association and in turn donated to associations that deal with research and assistance to cancer patients.

In Stickers We Trust, In Rock We Trust!