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DONALD DUCK 90 (Panini)


album: DONALD DUCK 90 (Panini)

stickers: 100 (1-100) + metal sticker Donald Duck

starter pack: Topolino Magazine of 12 june + album + 4 packets 6,00€

other issues with Topolino weekly 19 and 26 june, 3 july + Paperino monthly 30 june

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! The album attached to the weekly Topolino is proof that, not always but sometimes why not, something interesting can be created even if it is small in size and with a limited number of stickers. At the same time, you can celebrate an anniversary or a character or both without complicating your life too much, limiting costs for fans and still bringing a profit for the publisher, as well as probably increasing comic book sales exponentially. In short, everyone benefits from it.

The first part of the album is a nice succession of Donald Duck’s characteristics accompanied by a nice sequence of short stories involving some of the most representative contemporary Italian authors at Disney. All thanks to the always pleasant and fun shaped stickers that complete the designs. Only one page but the world of ducks can be unique even with little space available. Naturally, the stickers of Donald’s other adventure companions could not be missing,

If it’s 90 years for Donald Duck, we are 55 years since Paperinik’s first appearance. The year was 1969 and the story of Guido Martina and G.B Carpi here is the diabolical avenger, classic rectangular and shaped figurines to complete a story that is… history! Since then Donald Duck has also transformed into the more modern PK, as well as Double Duck to which pages and stickers are dedicated. Followed by the return to the origins with the “young Donald Duck” or if preferred Paperino Paperotto.

Donald Duck’s “passions” complete the album. Everyone has their own… but pancakes in the kitchen, a nap in the hammock and a ride in the 313 make us all a little envious, what do you think? A special Metal sticker will also be released in the monthly Donald Duck magazine which, at the moment, it is not known whether it is an extra sticker or perhaps it is the one where number 1 can be attached. We will update the review in due time.

In our opinion, this album is worth collecting, the quality of the paper and stickers is above the Panini average. Advice to lovers of keeping everything sealed, be careful: although Panini announces that no duplicates can be found, we found two identical packets with the same stickers. It didn’t take a lot of effort, you just needed to number the sachets. Panini doesn’t make a great impression on it, but even less so in perspective for those who perhaps keep the set sealed with the thought of selling it later to make who knows what profit and then the buyer discovers that there are missing stickers. After all, let’s be clear, it can happen with all sealed Panini products, it’s better to know 😉


ME CONTRO TE – The movie 6 (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – Operazione spie (Diramix)

stickers: 194 (1-184, A-L)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

MecontroTe final chapter! It seems that this could be the last film of the famous You Tube couple. Will it be true then? However, the fact remains that no one like Sofì and Luì have been present on the market in recent years, in many respects, including that of trading cards!

6 sticker albums dedicated to the respective films, an album (too demanding, honestly) to celebrate 10 years, the sticker album of the TV series, others released previously including stickers and cards. Alone, all things considered, MecontroTe have dedicated more space to our little paper friends than all the other YouTubers put together. It makes us think that the product has always been liked by the little fans but that, probably, MecontroTe themselves also have a personal passion for the stickers.

With the Dragonball card collections, they have been the strong point of the Diramix collections over the years. It is impressive and disturbing to see the increase in the cost of sachets over the years. In the long run, we think this has also affected widespread distribution and the final result. We too, by necessity, have to give up.

We started with albums that, with a little luck, could be completed with a single box by spending around 30 euros, now with that amount you can buy a single box for a total of 150 stickers. Even for the lucky ones who didn’t find doubles (unlikely, now… once upon a time the Diramix collections rewarded those who made this type of purchase) there are still 44 missing.

A positive factor, but not everyone will agree, is the continuation of the Diramix collections. The basic setup of the albums is similar, which in our opinion allows for a long and fun adventure. In other times someone would have even bound them all together 🙂

The album retraces the story of the film in a fun and colorful way, as always, alternating real images taken from the scenes with our heroes in an animated version. We find nothing new to say compared to the previous collections other than that we are once again carried away by enthusiasm, MecontroTe and Diramix together remain among the best sticker productions of recent years.

“Our friends will remain in our hearts forever!” this is how the album ends. Is it really goodbye? We keep our fingers crossed and hope to be able to review other productions from the most beautiful couple in the world… or rather on the web!


MARVEL BATTLES trading cards (Panini)


album: Marvel battles trading cards (Panini)

cardS: 175 (1-175) + 5 limited edition

starter pack: album + 2 packets + 3 ltd edition 8,00€

box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,50€ each

blister: 3 packets + 1 limited edition random 4,50€

It’s always easy to get caught up in the excitement when talking about Marvel. Who doesn’t know the Marvel universe? Who hasn’t been moved at least once, feeling happiness, adrenaline, joy, but also sadness and desperation in front of a film or a comic coming from, among others, the mind of Stan Lee? Every time a Marvel product comes out it is full of anticipation, probably because we have all experienced particular emotions when faced with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-man or Black Widow.

Before venturing into the specifics of the collection, let’s start from the materials: the papers are quite thin, with few details to embellish them: no parts really in relief, only a distinction between shiny parts and opaque parts, which give the impression of relief but to the touch the paper is completely smooth.
Going into the matter, we start off really badly: the 80 basic cards that represent the core of the collection see a brown/burgundy border surrounding the protagonist of the card which thus appears very debased. Furthermore, which is somewhat annoying, some characters have parts cut off: the Captain America card is emblematic where the edge covers part of the hero’s head.

Another inexplicable ugliness of the paper is the font chosen for the protagonist’s name, very similar to the Arial font in capital letters and therefore not at all attractive. It would have been enough to use the same font as the collection name and they would have already had a different look. As for the border, however, it could have simply been eliminated: why enclose the heroes in a border almost a centimeter thick above and below and half a centimeter on the sides? We find that it would have been much better to leave the artwork free to express itself across the board and there are some like Black Bolt, Hela, Ant-Man and many others that would have made a great impression.

We therefore have the 25 Action Cards: some epic moments from the comics come to life in these cards and the idea is very appreciable: we understand that the name of the collection should be shown on the front of the paper but why the gray border around the paper? It would have been nice if they had respected the original edges of the comics by putting them in some cases white and in some cases black, depending on how they were in the original version. The cards deserve it, but not thanks to Panini. The idea is nice but the addition, even on the back, of a reference to the original comic would have been very welcome, a missed joy for both novices and more seasoned fans.

Then follow 20 Group Cards where the groups of heroes and villains are shown in their formations: this time fortunately the border is not invasive but narrows on the right side of the card giving the impression of width and fortunately sometimes the characters go beyond the image to them dedicated and cover part of the edge: this is a choice that allows us to highlight the protagonists and what should also have been done with all the other cards in the collection.

Sometimes the 25 Versus Cards return instead: we had already seen them in the Marvel Versus collection, in fact, a collection released in 2021: don’t worry, the protagonists are different from those that could be found in those sachets, we went to check. These cards work much more than the basic ones: the protagonists are the villains and the chiaroscuro of the border, quite subtle this time, helps to highlight the characters, many of whom are framed very closely and with colors that go well with the margin.

The 10 Face Off Cards are what the basic cards could have been for us, with the images finally full-card and very different from each other, capable of satisfying both lovers of details and those of body-to-body challenges framed by points of view. very close views: it’s a shame there are only 10. Also in this case the upper border could perhaps have been avoided, keeping only the lower one with the name of the collection. The holographics and the shiny/matte effect do their job, making us forget that the cards have no processing.

Finally, the 15 Alter-Ego Cards: the idea of ​​putting the character in his everyday guise on the same card in the upper part, such as Doctor Bruce Banner, and his hero alter-ego in the lower part is very nice. , in this case Hulk: appearing almost like an identity card this time the border is appreciable and not at all annoying, demonstrating the fact that if you wanted to maintain a border in all the cards you could have done so by obtaining better results.

The 5 Limited Editions remain and here too the artwork is completely covered by a glitter holography which does not allow you to fully enjoy it, resulting almost annoying, to the point of not even being able to see the image depending on the reflection.

In short, this collection is a great wasted opportunity. Marvel fans will appreciate some little things and still the chance to collect all the favorite heroes and anti-heroes. An unforgettable collection is something else entirely. Seeing the work done with this collection compared to that of the Top Class collection, with only 50 cents more per pack, is quite surprising: in that case all the cards had a beautiful workmanship with even all the different backs that in this case case are very standard.

We would have expected a product similar to last year’s Super Mario where more or less in this period one of the best collections of the year was released even if at double the price, this is true: however the result would have been the same as with Super Mario, that is , the feeling of having spent your money on a collection that was truly worth it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case this time. Such a pity. If you want some advice: buy the starter pack, where you can find the checklist with all the images of the cards, this one at least done really well: so you can decide whether you want to collect or not.


BLUEY 2 (Diramix)


in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria

album: Bluey 2 (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Back on all Bluey newsstands! The adventures of the Australian dog family are presented again in the new Diramix album dedicated to them. Bluey is a little dog who lives her adventures with her little sister Bingo and her dad and mom. The cartoon is an interesting example of how you can make cartoons for children that can also be fun for adults. It is very easy, watching the episodes, to identify with Bluey’s parents: for example, the girls ask their father to play and spend time with them, showing the viewer the classic problems or small situations that one has to face when one has children of Bluey’s age.

For this reason it is certainly a cartoon that can be appreciated both by parents, due to its closeness to reality, and by children who will certainly tend to appreciate the playfulness of the episodes more. Both adults and children will be able to learn that everyone can make mistakes and there is always a way to fix it.

Let’s start from the real sore point that needs to be underlined: the increase in the cost of the packet from 80 cents in 2022 to today’s round euro. Unfortunately, if we thought about it, this is something we could have expected but we were still disappointed even considering the fact that the stickers per pack remained the same 5: bringing them to 6 would perhaps have made us digest this still considerable increase a little better.

Diramix’s style is once again confirmed as extremely colorful and totally dedicated to the product, so much so that it starts directly with the stickers to be attached to the back of the cover. The album is very pleasant to browse even when empty, this means that Diramix has been able to find a good balance between stickers to attach and images already present in the album: sometimes there are as many as 7 stickers to attach on the same page but despite this no Even the captions are missing which are satisfactory and explain well everything that happens.

The pages are almost glossy and for this reason they can sometimes be a little difficult to browse. In any case, the quality, especially of the prints, is unquestionable. The size of the stickers is quite standard and there are both shaped stickers to complete some parts of the album and stickers with a box, as well as 20 stick & stack and 20 special glitter stickers.

This time the album, after a first page presenting Bluey and his friends, has been divided into episodes and stories that the protagonists experienced in the animated series: this can be fun for children who have already followed the series and now have the possibility of remembering it and reliving it with the help of the stickers and the adults who read the captions.

At the center of the album are the stick & stack stickers that Diramix has now accustomed us to: an excellent element for increasing the playfulness and durability of the album over time, which children can play with. And then they’re very 90s, which we always like.

Bluey is a fun, different cartoon, as by putting aside the obvious exaggeration of events, it highlights realistic and nice family dynamics. If you’ve never seen it, give it a chance, maybe starting from this album, it might surprise you.


AZZURRI Adrenalyn XL 2024 (Panini for Esselunga)


album: Azzurri Adrenalyn XL 2024 (Panini for Esselunga)

cards: 108 (1 – 108) plus 4 extra

starter pack: album + 1 packet 3,90€

Packets: 3 cards per packet every 15.00€ spent at Esselunga

A collection of cards is back forcefully at the supermarket! Undoubtedly he does it in great style given that the topic is one that probably touches the greatest number of chords, namely football and specifically our national team, or rather, our national teams given that both the women’s and men’s teams have the same space in this collection.

It is always extremely pleasant to find collections at the supermarket as they are not expensive, given that we all do the shopping, and they reach many people, even those who are not collectors and would never buy a collection like this on newsstands, so it is usually easy to find someone to trade and complete collections with.

If we want to evaluate some negative points we can identify them above all in the choice of the point of sale: Esselunga is not present throughout the national territory so, excluding Rome, from Arezzo on down all enthusiasts can only dream of making this collection.

The cards are in full Adrenalyn XL style and we believe that this is a very specific choice by Panini: associating the Adrenalyn XL brand with this collection allows you to make the cards known to those who don’t follow them, perhaps they might be led to buy them by seeing them on newsstands in the future , or why not at the supermarket itself, while it is captivating for those who already know and collect the brand as they already know what it is.

The 42 basic cards have an elegant blue background themed with the national team, although the background is obviously computerized it is eye-catching and the print is clean and extremely sharp, with the rough background and the figure of the footballer shiny. The graphics of the 36 sapphire cards are interesting, where apart from the uniform the footballer is in black and white and the young people or in any case the male and female footballers who have recently entered the national team are shown. We therefore have 3 goalkeeper cards and 7 blue wall cards, with the same shiny and metallic holography, where the goalkeepers and seven pairs of defenders are depicted.
For the 10 star cards there is a unique, geometric and kaleidoscopic graphic, with beautiful workmanship that leads to an appreciable final result. Finally, there remain 8 top player cards and 2 blue storms which have the same graphics as the Holo Giants cards from the Top Class collection, i.e. the Panini wording repeated endlessly within a holographic one that highlights the protagonist of the card

Another point in favor of the collection is that the players have been carefully chosen: in fact, it is highly probable that the 23 players that coach Spalletti will select for the European Championship will all be present in this collection, barring any last minute problems. In short, Panini is doing everything it can to remove attention from the official Topps collections for the European Championship and it is probable that, also thanks to the lack of attention paid by Topps to some of its products, it will be able to take away a portion of the Italian public.

The main advantages of this collection are to bring people who normally do not collect together and the sachets that do not have to be purchased but can be obtained while shopping, for those who have the possibility, given the presence of the supermarket only in some areas of our country. This is why we feel like promoting this idea and the commitment that Panini has put into it: if it had been a collection on newsstands it probably wouldn’t have been worth it, but as it is we welcome it.


EURO2024 GERMANY (Topps)


album: Euro2024 Germany (Topps)

stickers: 786

starter pack: album + 3 packets 5,99€

box: 50 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

multipack: 7 packets 6,99€

tin box: 8 packets 9,99€

Let’s dispel an ongoing discussion in this period: there are no 2 Euro 2024 albums. Like it or not, whether you are an extremist Panini fanatic or not, there is only one official album: this one. Other publishers can publish, having the rights, but it is not the official album. This is nothing new, something similar happened exactly 30 years ago.

Summer 1994, World Cup in the United States. The rights go to Upper Deck, an American company, which creates a rather basic and questionable album but it is still the official one, without the Germany stickers, for rights reasons. Panini makes an unofficial album, but in fact in line with the previous ones, so much so that years later it is seen as Usa94’s album. FIFA itself, in its museum in Zurich, has the Panini one. When business short circuits ..

Thirty years later we could have been in a similar situation and indeed if Panini had followed the same editorial line perhaps the doubt could have been asked. But this is not the case. The European championship is not just the result of a few teams, however important, it is an increasingly larger group of national teams. A collection that does not present all of them is not and cannot be considered a European album.

However, there is only one culprit here and it is called UEFA. Incidentally, the same ones who, when faced with the hypothesis of the Super League, bring up good feelings, everyone’s football, the people’s football, etc. True, but with their inappropriate choices they have made the current situation a joke. Our accusation is aimed at them and only them, the money that dominates everything and makes passion disappear. Naturally that can be found in the homes of fans, certainly not in the centers of power of European football.

But is there a person responsible for UEFA’s image? What is he doing, sleeping? A half-baked product like the Topps one and the other even more unlikely ones proposed by Panini are not good for football. We ask for protection for us collectors, the old ones but also the new generations who have every right to dream, have fun, attach an album that is complete, with all its logos and all its shirts and all its samples.

The lack of a top player like Mbappè is significant of the times we live in. The French billionaire should also think about certain aspects, not just about earning more money than he can spend in two lifetimes, perhaps three. The scenario before us is extremely dangerous and disturbing. Let’s not be surprised if one day, even perhaps in the Calciatori, we find ourselves without a club, especially if the official album of Italian football itself changes hands and is no longer Panini.

UEFA, beyond the economic agreements, must protect his image, but it hasn’t done so here.

The Topps album is actually less worse than we had imagined, but also many flaws. First of all we would like to have the name of the pusher who supplies the Topps graphics… our joke is strong but necessary, the album numbering is absolutely crazy, senseless, complicated, impractical. It almost makes us smile to think that the creator of this massacre is perhaps even convinced that he has done something memorable. The collection already has almost 800 stickers, the taste that makes the collection complicated remains a mystery, if not for a certain dose of sadomasochism.

The teams that qualified directly for the European Championships each have 27 stickers, 21 with the classic numbering plus P, PTW, SP, TOP. All absolutely avoidable. The teams coming from the play offs have 16 stickers, of which 15 with the classic numbering and the SP which in reality has very little special about it.

Here is an aspect that many have little appreciated while the idea is not bad, namely to include all the national teams taking part in the play-offs with the formula of fewer stickers and doubles. This allows us to have an even more complete album, to have stickers of teams that until then had never been seen in a European album. After all, we are talking about players who have really reached the final stage in Europe, they have some merit for being in the album.

Returning to the colorful numbers, beyond the fervent imagination of the Topps graphics, in reality the stickers have nothing particularly different from what we saw before. It seems (we await confirmation) that SP stickers are not so easy to find. In practice, being within the album numbering, they make it very complicated to complete it. If so, let’s wait to open some boxes.

The Topps graphic designers certainly won’t find us nice but in reality they haven’t put themselves in a position to be appreciated, in part. We actually don’t mind the stickers, after a period with a lot of information on them, finally here they are proposed in a simpler way. The horizontal format is nothing new, they are not bad, in fact better than some versions seen in recent years. The problem is the national teams that Topps doesn’t own the rights to. To overcome the problem of image rights, here are some close-ups that we couldn’t imagine even with our worst “selfies”.

Is the solution better to use the same formula with the unicolor shirt seen for example in the latest album “UEFA Nations League”? It’s difficult to answer, also considering how unwatchable the Panini stickers of the English national team were until they recovered the rights. There is only one solution, that whoever holds the rights to the competition (UEFA, FIFA, etc.) creates the conditions to have a complete and beautiful album to look at.

The choice of some players is questionable, many have noticed the presence of Bonucci, out of time with the Azzurri circuit and not even with that emotional charge that for example led Panini to include Pirlo in the 2014 Brasil album, although the midfielder was clearly not going to never participated.

Apart from these “details”, in reality the general graphics of the album are interesting, young, in step with the times, for us who are very involved in social work we like the inclusive solutions and the choice of fan drawings. All the colors of Europe, as it should be.

After the years of 10 stickers for 1 euro proposed by Topps, for the European Championships we return to a solution which, in reality, is ultimately more expensive than the last Footballers. Even the box of 50 packets in an album that contains 786 stickers makes completing the album even more complicated. Adding the difficulty in making a request for missing stickers, it is absurd that Topps (so those who have tried tell us) does not have national representatives to manage the request and everything is in charge of England. Mocking, considering that the stickers are printed in Italy!

If Topps aimed to pass the exam with this album, ours is not a failure, but it certainly needs to be reviewed. The hope is that Topps, through UEFA, will be able to create a complete album in four years and that the Anglo-Saxon company, at the same time, will decide to make the collection less complicated. The same goes, of course, also for Panini.

UPDATE: by necessity our reviews are made in the moment, as we still have few stickers available even in the case, like this one, that we will then go on to (try to) complete the collection. If we wrote above that “it is not a failure”, now we have to think again and not only is it a real failure, but not even with the possibility of a remedial exam. Album too full of problems, team rosters made at random, several stickers without logic, those of Italy (but not only) terrifying. Above all, the total difficulty in completing it given the limited presence of the elusive S stickers, signed or not. What’s the point? If you want to be rare, dedicate yourself to cards, creating the conditions to make it almost impossible to complete the album is the end of everything.

Will he be a memorable European? We will find out soon, for now we have one certainty. Topps Euro 2024, the worst sticker album of all international competitions.


Paninipedia – DINOS (Panini)


album: Paninipedia – Dino (Panini)

stickers: 204 (1-191, X1-X13)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€

blister: 5 packets 3,50€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

The great return of Panini educationals? It seems so. But what are educational albums? Erroneously, in the world of sticker collecting, all albums that are not sports are considered as such. Almost as if they wanted to put football and other things high and everything else of little importance. Luckily this is not the case, but it is right to make some necessary differences. The educational term brings us back to school and study times and are precisely those albums that have or can have a purpose of study and knowledge, beyond passion, which can be sports or for cartoons, comics, films, YouTubers or other .

Up to this moment the only recent albums to have an educational approach have been Amici Cucciolotti and Artonauti, both splendid which we support with every release. What was missing was for Panini to take a step in this direction, after interesting but fairly self-contained albums in recent years.

Panini has the potential, the capacity, the possibility of making a difference and it does so by launching not a single product but a real series that recalls the legendary and fundamental collections of the 60s and 70s. However, they had started even before, since the post-war period. If it’s an attempt, let’s hope it’s successful and let’s hope it gets the right response from the public.

From this point of view, Panini also makes an appropriate and necessary choice, the cost of the sachets is the lowest among those offered by the Modena company. The stickers are of superior quality, large format, at a low cost (0.70 per pack for 5 stickers). Probably with the aim of also being able to enter schools, to help younger people learn through stickers. Just as their parents and, even before that, their grandparents did.

Also winking at collectors, in the hope that someone (we are among them) will embrace the idea not of a single album but of a series that examines themes that are distant from each other but which can all be under the same umbrella, that of culture, science, history, teaching. The partnership with National Geographic works in this sense, putting yourself in the hands of those who, without a shadow of a doubt, can contribute to creating something suitable and compliant with the topic addressed.

Naturally you make a careful choice by playing it safe with the first release, Dinosaur albums are always of great attraction for children. Here, however, we are not talking about Jurassic Park (where Panini has also included educational details over the years) but about prehistoric animals, their natural habitat and their characteristics.

Learning while having fun, this is the formula of educational albums and it works! Not only for children but also for adults, our invitation to parents is to help their children attach the stickers, accompanying the little ones through the pages so that it is a playful activity full of content.

Absolutely engaging album, every single page has its own structure and its own logic that allows the whole to be complete. Important but not overwhelming captions, the hope is that children will read them (hence our invitation to parents or grandparents to get involved), the stickers are dynamic and varied.

Naturally it is an interactive album, the pages are nice and different, where the complete with stickers allows you to help recognize the animals. Some aspects that are often considered minor are also important, for example the geographical location of the dinosaurs. It would be wrong to think that we were talking about a single place where all species lived, an error that can easily be made if we take the films as a reference.

The Paleo Quizzes make their appearance throughout the album and are rightly interspersed with more technical pages, it’s impressive to think about how many different dinosaurs populated the earth, for example. There are really effective details that make the album even more fun, such as the page dedicated to the strangest dinosaurs. Panini does not forget the success of the Jurassic films, a special chapter for the Tyrannosaurus Rex is inevitable.

Central poster with the dinosaur family tree. It is always a good choice to have central pages that can be opened but without the need to detach them. This also helps keep the album intact, as this central presence reinforces it. However, the album paper is quite good, considering that it is of a glossy type, certainly above the Panini average.

Among our favorite pages is the one dedicated to footprints, but really making a selection of what doesn’t work in this album is difficult. In an era of useless, limited cards, special editions, figurines soon to be made of human skin (or dinosaur skin…), finally an Album where the “a” is not capitalized by chance. Low costs, total number of stickers just over 200, no money-sucking modernism, general quality above average, certainly among the products of the year. Hoping that the continuation will maintain the same line, if so we will continue to support it!


THE SMURFS 2 (Tridimensional)


album: The Smurfs 2 (Tridimensional)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 4,90€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

There are cartoons that have a limited duration in time, others know no age, they certainly renew themselves, adapt to changing times, but they are there and will probably always be there. Even more so than characters like The Smurfs, born from a successful comic series, which over time have also become collector’s items. Who has never had a Smurf toy at home at least once? Or tasted Smurf ice cream or much more.

The album follows the first collection released last year which had given excellent sensations, captivating graphics, colorful pages full of details, the Smurfs in their maximum splendor, at least the current one, created with computer graphics. We hold onto the Smurfs designed by Pejo, but we understand that to keep up with the times, we need to live them in some way.

You immediately notice the increase in the cost of the packet, which has gone up to 1 euro as many publishers do. It certainly helps you avoid having to deal with too complicated bills and bills when you go to the newsstand, but it is still a significant expense. In reality, completing the album costs less than the previous one. This is due to the fact that despite the higher cost of the packets, the stickers went from 210 to 160, so we are not very good at mathematics but the overall budget should have remained unchanged if not even decreased.

The album has a nice layout which traces the calendar year, from January to December. Each month naturally has its own characteristics and the stickers and Smurf friends remind us of this. If we think about February for example, what comes to mind and which Smurf could be the right one? Valentine’s Day is the most popular theme for the month of love, but incredibly you will also find Gargamel’s big face!

However, the columns are numerous and quite entertaining: ideas from the diaries of some of the most famous Smurfs, of course they can’t all be there; special events at the village and much more. The strength of this album is the variety of pages and stickers contained, special and many shaped. Along with quizzes, interactive games and more. Surely boredom cannot be part of this album.

Central page with the “best of” of the most famous Smurfs, do you remember them all? It’s a page that leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth because partly with the stickers printed on the album, on the other hand it would have irremediably increased the total number of stickers to attach and consequent increase in costs. So we easily forgive Tridimensional. A little less so due to the poor quality of the paper, although it is the matt version which often leaves fewer problems than glossy paper, in this case it is not very suitable, in some ways it almost seems as if it has picked up moisture.

In general, an album that confirms the good intentions of the previous one, certainly helped by the charge of the little blue men who are impossible not to love, even when opening the packets, you’re likely to smile when you look at the stickers. A collection that will certainly have its large number of fans, including children, sticker collectors and Smurf enthusiasts, we are among them!


STITCH (Disney)


album: Stitch (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-167, X1-X19, A-F)
starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€
blister: 5 packets 4,90€
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Sometimes they come back! To anticipate the release of the live action produced by Disney by about a year and a half, Panini is offering an album of stickers dedicated to Stitch, the funny alien who is the protagonist together with the little girl Lilo, of the film Lilo & Stitch dated 2002, 22 years ago. Stitch is one of the most beloved and adorable Disney monsters, who inevitably captures the hearts of all those who watch the film with his conquered humanity and sensitivity, despite being an alien, obtained through his relationship with little Lilo. Various spin-offs then followed the film, including a questionable Japanese-style adaptation which saw the light in 2008. In all these years, as we were saying, the affection for Stitch has never been lacking and the production is certainly pleasing of an album dedicated to him.

The paper of the album proves to be very good, and is once again proof that Panini decides to save mainly on the paper of the Footballers’ albums: rough and thick pages, very colourful, well balanced, some with lots of space to attach the stickers, in some double pages as many as twelve should be attached, others with descriptions and texts that help to remember or get to know the protagonists.

The album is not a journey through the film or the various TV series that followed but a general approach to the world of Stitch, which introduces us to friends and antagonists, some of their adventures and some characteristics of the characters, furthermore the feelings of friendship and affection that bind, for example, Stitch and his crush, Angel. The central poster is also good where there is no shortage of interactions with the album, as are all the other pages with games or drawing suggestions.

In addition to the classic still images taken from the film, there are many stickers in different graphic styles that represent the characters in very different ways, with various drawing styles that are truly appreciable, thus breaking the potential monotony that stickers dedicated to a film that has been out for so long. So we can see Stitch in his 3D version, or in black and white, or drawn with very thick outlines or in a Hawaiian pose with different colors. The special metallic figurines are always pleasant, also present in a mirror version. The holographic ones on an already colored surface are less pleasant because it is an effect that is rarely seen and which does not add much to the figurine. Adding the poster stickers to the main ones gives a total of around 190 stickers, the right middle ground for an album like this.

Let’s get to the really painful notes. The cost of the packet has reached 1 euro but what is the reason for this increase in costs, even seeing the cost of the packet on the Paninipedia album dedicated to Dinosaurs drop? There are no extremely special stickers, there are no limited edition cards to “justify” this price. The cost of 80 cents per packet was already enough and the fact that boxes containing only 24 packets are insistently offered justifies the complaints even more. If someone could hope, with a box of 50 packages, to complete the album by buying 2 of 24, although it is technically feasible, it is absolutely impossible for this to happen, therefore despite an investment of 50 euros it will not be possible to have even remotely the ‘complete album.

It is necessary for Panini to stop squeezing its customers and collectors, as much as we can thank it for the quality products it must also come to our aid, allowing, for example, to complete the album with the purchase of a box, if this increase of the price of the sachet is so necessary. It is highly unlikely that a family could think of buying more than one sticker album at a time if these are the costs, and it is a shame because stickers are, also and above all for children, a healthy passion that can help them stay a little ‘ more in the present time than attached to a screen.

Stitch is certainly a positive character and has been missing from our newsstands for a long time, so if you are willing to spend what you need for the album you can run to the newsstands to get it, if you are his fan and you missed him you won’t regret it.




album: Ninna e Matti 2024 (Idea Lab)

stickers: 164 (1-164)
starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€
box: 40 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

There’s no two without 3! For the third consecutive year, the album by Ninna and Matti, one of the most successful couples among those coming from the world of YouTubers and challenges, is back on newsstands. As happened with the previous two, it is difficult to know what will arrive on newsstands between now and December, but the album created by Idea Lab is a candidate to win its category in the Top Chart again this year!

In large part it is thanks to them, in part it is also thanks to the competition which has produced unsuitable and rather questionable products.

Dinsieme, after an excellent first album released in 2020 for Tridimensional, last year we saw a new album produced by Panini which was a sensational flop. In reality it had very interesting contents, but too many stickers, cost of the pack above average, even the hardback version while the same service was not designed for albums with a more suitable and also more available audience.

A few weeks ago, we also believe Diramix took a step too far with the 10th anniversary album of MecontroTe. Stickers + Card with a cost to complete it that is similar to certain football albums and a series of ultra limited cards that are practically impossible to find, unless you give up your holidays and buy packs of stickers.

Ninna and Matti and Idea Lab say thank you, as happened last year with Dinsieme by Panini, we believe that this time against the more aggressive MecontroTe (still among our favourites) by Diramix, we believe they will win again.

Let’s dispel a myth or perhaps even a belief of sticker publishers, it is not necessary to always think of monumental albums, cards, extra stickers, limited ones, etc. Sometimes the classic wins, but it isn’t classic in the end.

Ninna and Matti’s album does not deny the 2022 and 2023 editions, it returns with a similar format, with a limited total of stickers (indeed, below average!), with fun interiors, special stickers, but no editorial proposals that leave the time they find. We don’t know if the line is the publisher’s or the two guys’, but it’s the winning one.

Not only that, while almost all the others offer 1 euro packets with 5 stickers (or 4 stickers + the often useless cards), Idea Lab confirms the proposal of 6 stickers per packet. Not only that, with the box of 40 sachets you get very close to completing the album (perhaps the luckiest ones succeeded, but not us) and therefore for a cost of 40 euros you have the album and (almost) all the stickers. The chance of finding fewer doubles is inversely proportional to the number of packets the box contains. The many people, including us, who complain about the new trend of 24 packet boxes know something about it. The cost to complete an album, especially if it contains cards, becomes exponential.

The album tells a long story that revolves around the inauguration of an Aqua Park, in fact fish are also the protagonists. It is a well-calibrated choice that allows for a general cohesion of all the pages of the album, although different from each other. As already seen in the past, pages with real characters and comic book ones alternate. It is a successful alternation, already seen, but always effective.

The stickers are of good quality, here too alternating our heroes with the comic images. Nothing sensational but everything extremely pleasant, thanks also for having added the usual shaped figurines which are our passion.

A successful, complete album, because 164 stickers in total does not mean cutting out the contents. Ninna and Matti are always nice, who knows, maybe poker will happen in 2025!




album: Rainbow High (Panini)

stickers: 170 (1-170)
starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

The protagonists of Rainbow High have landed on Panini stickers! Each of these girls has a different passion, which by arriving at Rainbow High she intends to pursue and improve more and more, from music to make up artists, from fashion to digital media, from photography to cinema. Of course, once upon a time we dreamed of being a veterinarian, an astronaut or a footballer but we must also accept that the world has moved on and that perhaps these have become clichés.

The girls arrive in Italy for the first time in March 2021 on Youtube with 5 minute episodes each with the seasons still continuing and can also be found on Netflix from April of the same year. For those born in the 90s they might remember the Bratz, at least in their features, with these important eyes and the heads a little exaggeratedly larger than the body.

The main product in toy shops are dolls, full of accessories and the same goes for stickers. The album is of excellent workmanship: the paper is opaque, thick and pleasant to the touch. The colors of the protagonists contribute to making the stickers a pleasure for the eyes, all the special ones have the rainbow effect, nothing more apt given the collection, and the choice to maintain a mostly white background for the pages of the album in order to make the stickers stand out even more, which are large in size, suitable for the album and the protagonists, they give great satisfaction when unpacked. Some of them may resemble photos from a school yearbook.

In the pages of the album we retrace all the girls’ passions one by one and we are offered challenges that concern them: for example we can write a song, a newspaper article or design a dress. The album is made to be written, therefore interactive, and certainly allows adults to play independently or compare themselves and even the little ones to play with their parents. The space dedicated is adequate for the difficulty of the challenges, as it takes up practically half a page but is not heavy, on the contrary.

The central poster is very rich, where the stickers from 116 to 170 are placed and, using shaped stickers, we can dress the students. Small negative note, perhaps rather than the stickers to fit together it would have been nice to have the stickers with the dress and with the remaining transparent part, like the stickers of some time ago, which would also have allowed, if desired, to attach the double stickers elsewhere practically becoming a sticker in itself. Inside, the spaces must be filled with colorful stickers, all with a special rainbow effect.

The album, with different color shades but the cover is the same as that of the Officina Edicola cards released in 2022, proves to be a solid product, which allows you to become familiar with the protagonists and with what they would like to convey in a world that it goes extremely fast. Therefore, if you already know them you will surely appreciate this product, otherwise, it is a good way to get closer.




album: Calciatori Adrenalyn Titans 2024 (Panini)

cards: 261 (1-261, H1-H24) + 5 cards limited edition +3 cards momentum
starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards limited 9,90€
starter pack deluxe: ring binder + box 24 packets + card limited 39,90€
box: 24 packets (5 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
blister: 5 packets 5,00€

We have now reached the third edition of the Adrenalyn XL Titans cards! These are the cards that have been with us for three years as a natural continuation of the Adrenalyn collection, for which it was necessary to find a way to update given that with the release in August the squads often do not reflect those of the Serie A teams at all With this ploy, Panini has found a way to keep the collection updated and to make a second release, with fewer cards, an aspect that should not be underestimated because it makes completing the collection less expensive in every sense.

All cards maintain the shiny or mixed holographic glitter effect, shiny on the player and opaque on the rest of the card. Graphically they are an explosion of colours, perhaps difficult to digest for long-time fans but certainly attractive and very captivating for kids.

The composition of the collection is interesting, it remains light but still manages to cover many gaps and many areas that are impossible to predict in August. This year too, its composition is confirmed: each of the 20 Serie A teams has 9 dedicated basic cards: the classic 3 steel wall puzzle cards, beating heart and stellar attack, two Top Impact footballers where the card shows the statistic for which the player was important during the first round for his team.

The 4 most interesting cards in our opinion: for each team there is an Adrenalyn Legend where one of the players who has appeared in the Adrenalyn collection for the longest time is shown, with the first year of appearance, the references to past collections are always interesting. Then there are the leader cards, where the captains are immortalized. Finally, two cards dedicated to young people, both in terms of age and appearance in the Serie A championship: the next gen where talents born after 2000 find space and the rookies where there are players who take part in the championship for the first time Serie A championship.

Next we have the new signature cards which allow you to have even more updated cards given that they include the most important signings of the winter transfer market; even if for some years now we have become accustomed to very few fireworks, this year we can find interesting cards such as that of Jerome Boateng in the Salernitana shirt or young prospects such as Santiago Castro of Bologna or Carlos Alcaraz of Juventus.

Finally, like last year, the World Stars cards, with the most interesting footballers at an international level due to their possible participation in the European Championships or the importance they have for their national team such as Vlahovic or Rafael Leao.

The collection is completed by 3 pairs of puzzle cards dedicated to Bremer, Lautaro Martinez and Osimhen, indicated as the most impactful players of the first round, a card dedicated to Inter as winter champions, a card with 4 of the best young players and a with 4 established champions, also called Invincible Next Gen and Invincible Titans this year.

For the most demanding, there are three Momentum cards, which we have now learned to know, and the usual Limited Editions, this year with something new: in addition to the usual ones that will be released with the Bomber magazine, you can find an exclusive one by placing an online order, including a box and a deluxe album with rings to contain the collection. We have always said it and we continue to say it: these almost blackmailing tactics to complete the collection always make us turn up our noses.

A small note of demerit are the VAR cards: they take up a space available for the cards in the packs and are also quite ugly graphically, with players who are not real but reproduced on a computer and with just about ten different images. These cards try to make the dynamics of the game that Panini continues to heavily advertise more captivating: if from their point of view it is right to do so, from ours we can safely say that it is absolutely not the main part of the success of Adrenalyn XL, so we would have easily done without, in favor of an extra card in the packets.

Titans boasts some advantages that allow it to compete with other collections of cards released in the same period: they are updated for the winter market, they are born as a continuation of Adrenalyn XL, they cost 1 euro per pack, the number of cards to complete the collection it’s acceptable.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to collect them or not.




album: Dragon Ball Universal (Panini)

stickers: 204 (1-180, H1-H24) + 6 cards limited edition
starter pack: album + 5 packets + 2 cards limited 3,90€
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each
blister: 5 packets + 1 card limited random 3,90€
hard cover: album + 5 packets + 2 cards limited 19,90€

Dragon Ball forever! There is no other manga or anime that has had such a continuous and massive presence on newsstands, in the form of stickers or cards. Panini but also Edibas, Diramix (still) and other publishers. A mainstream that knows no decline in popularity, although the manga and cartoons, the first ones, are already about 25 years old since they first arrived in Italy.

Let’s dispel a doubt: this album is not linked to the premature death of Akira Toriyama which left a deep veil of sadness in all of us, the gestation of a Panini album has months of preparation. On the contrary, it was time for a product to be created that brought together the entire saga.

The album is very interesting, fun, colourful, inevitably also evocative, worth collecting. But it also makes us think of a missed opportunity: in recent months Panini has retraced its steps by re-proposing a special formula for us, recently seen with Tex and Mickey Mouse, with the paperback album, rich in content, non-trivial stickers and cards to be kept inside. The target is certainly the adult one which also covers the wide (fortunately) world of comic collectors, is the gigantic manga audience perhaps less accustomed to this type of proposal? Who knows, but for some characters an attempt could also be made… Dragon Ball, One Piece, Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk and perhaps re-presenting the great characters of the past, starting with the big robots.

In reality and in this case perhaps it couldn’t have been achieved anyway. The lack of cards (not considering the limited ones) is probably not due to an act of kindness on Panini’s part but due to the simple fact that there is another publisher, Diramix, which for years has held the rights to create collections of cards, albeit laminated and albeit with a good number of gaps, in our humble opinion.

Commercial choice or necessity for distribution rights, this makes the album much more usable, economical and lighter than, for example, the latest ones dedicated to Naruto and One Piece, where the useless cards find space in the equally useless boxes. It’s true, there are 6 limited cards, but no one is obliged to collect them and they are not in fact part, in the strictest sense of the term, of the collection.

6 limited cards which, honestly, could have been avoided by offering two in the hardback. The other four pairs are found in the starter pack, the last two are random in the blister packs. On the other hand, they are all products that can also be purchased in comic shops; if it seems that for a good part of the newsstands the fate is unfortunately sealed, that at least, in our little world, comic shops are always taken into consideration. Other two are not distributed in Italy.

Returning to the idea of a different album, precisely to pay homage to the great mangaka who passed away, a collection could be created with the name, for example, “The art of Akira Toriyama” which not only refers to anime or OVAs but also to comics from which they take inspiration, not only Dragon Ball, but also Arale and everything else. Indeed, it could be a good formula for many other artists of the ninth art, Japanese, European or from the American continent.

The collection is however simple and direct, which is why it is appreciable. The album is equally divided into four large chapters, with a logical and also chronological path. To the delight of the nostalgic, we will always start with the first legendary series of Goku as a child. Stories that we know by heart and from which the subsequent series took inspiration.

The captions are successful and effective, they are the right combination of the text, the stickers and the images printed on the album. If you have read the manga or more likely you have seen the cartoons, let yourself be carried away by the pleasure and the good feeling of already knowing what will happen on the next page.

Clearly it wasn’t possible to mention the whole world of Dragon Ball, whoever made the album certainly knows the character, it seems that the key moments are almost all there. Dragon Ball, for example, is very focused on the different editions of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Following Dragon Ball Z, the format continues without knowing a moment of respite, as do the subsequent Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, where it is, inevitably, the division between the various sagas that takes over. It is also an opportunity to recognize and remember many cartoon protagonists, if in fact the texts tell the stories, the stickers often show the characters. Not only Goku, Vegeta, Junior… but also many others.

The central poster is well done. In general the album paper is of good quality, not excellent but improved compared to what we have seen recently (someone said “the Spider-Man Miles Morales album?”), here there is no risk of the annoying and unacceptable problem of detachment of the central page. The poster, which can be opened, so it is not necessary to detach it, is a perfect lifesaver.

In addition to being really guessed, the page with the Dragon and the seven spheres. The older ones among us may have very different memories of the pleasure of opening central posters inside magazines, but Dragon Ball remains something far above… many other situations!

Stickers on which important specific work has been done to make them new, some could only refer to something already seen but in general it seems to us that Panini have not limited themselves to making a copy and paste of what has already been produced previously. Well-made, effective, interesting album, which we believe will not disappoint, not even parents who for once can not faint over their children’s collection. The frantic search for innovative and alternative products is not always necessary, here you can breathe 60 years of Panini and the air you breathe is really good.


TOP CLASS 2024 trading cards (Panini)


album: Top Class 2024 trading cards (Panini)

cards: 270 (1-270) + 36 Holo Giants
starter pack: album + 4 packets + 2 cards Holo Giants 11,90€
box: 24 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

Where to start talking about Top Class 2024? Panini decides to come out with a collection of cards at the moment in which Topps releases all the Euro 2024 products, throwing in their faces, as per good marketing logic, the 4 main national teams to which Topps does not have the rights, with the addition of Spain and the USA surprise, probably inserted to give diversification to the collection compared to the World Class stickers, given the presence of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay in the latter. It’s a flawless choice, the result of the competition. If the results are these, we can only be happy with this competition.

Panini gets carried away and produces a truly well-made collection: many samples, with their original shirts, many different types of cards, embellished with quite fine finishes and reliefs, which almost make the price of 2 euros per pack digestible, certainly much more than the 2.50 euros spent on a pack of Euro 2024 Match Attax from Topps.

On average, in a packet there are 4 basic cards and 4 cards from the various special sections. The backs of the cards are really rich and all different from one section to another, so much so that sometimes you risk not immediately recognizing which is the front and which is the back of the cards. The images of the players are always different so on some cards we can find up to 3 front images plus an even different one on the back, which is very appreciable given that it demonstrates commitment to creating a product suited to the objective and the selling price.

Panini doesn’t even exaggerate with the parallels: only the 8 Unbeatable cards can be found in 5 variants in addition to the basic white one: True Blue, Red Hot, Green Light, Royal Purple and Bright Gold, not bulky variants, which add just a touch of color to card. Among other things, cards of great champions, such as Haaland, Mbappè and Bellingham, so it can also be nice to be able to find one of these parallels, unlike the unknown defender, for example, of Turkey.

Going into more detail, we discover that the 135 basic cards have an embossed finish bearing the Top Class logo that embellishes them, completed by clear graphics that feature the players in their entirety, without cut parts. The basic cards make the protagonist footballer stand out well by adding the nuance behind the player who has a real background, of a stadium, in the middle of an action or a celebration. If we want, they vaguely recall the stickers from the Supercalcio albums released at the turn of the new millennium, making them more modern thanks to a new graphic style. On the back we find a posed image of the footballer and some statistics. The yield of these basic cards is very high, they are not secondary at all and have nothing to envy of the cards in the other sections: a pleasure to unpack them and discover what we managed to find.

The Electric section is the largest after that of the basic cards, with 27 cards: the triple gradient effect on the footballer is very nice, a little annoying that the legs sometimes seem separated from the body because the effect is intended to be that of lightning and in some cases it works well, in others very badly, however they are appreciable cards.

The Winner cards are very intriguing especially on the back: the black and white front with the color shirt and the holographic back, with the photo of the protagonist and some data on their main victories confused us as to which was the front.

The Rainbow Master, Magic Mix, Masterclass, and New Sensation sections are full of beautiful graphics and extraordinary footballers of our era, it is definitely worth buying at least one pack to discover them; especially the last two are colorful and particular and we never tire of mentioning the fact that the back is truly satisfying: almost like having 3 cards in one, given the various poses of the protagonist footballer.

The collection is completed by the aforementioned Unbeatable and the Pure Football card which presents the album cover in card form, a reference to the old American 90s card sets. It is important to point out that these sections do not have different rarities between them. The only thing that affects the possibility of finding one rather than another is the quantity of cards present in the section so obviously there will be a greater chance of finding one of the 27 Electric than one of the 8 Unbeatable.

Top Class is a curated collection: remaining in the cheap sector of the card market, it is certainly the best, the demonstration that even if you don’t have an event or an anniversary you can do a good job with the material you have available, a collection that is all It’s anything but listless and makes you want to discover it in every detail. It is worth pointing out that various products from this collection have been released in Germany so we recommend, if you have German friends or the possibility of traveling to Germany, to also retrieve the Tin Boxes where you can find various Holo Giants cards, 36 cards which are only an addition to a collection already complete as it is.


FROZEN – 10th anniversary (Panini)

album: Frozen – 10th anniversary (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-156, X1-X36)
album 2,00€ (starter pack available in Europe)
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each
blister: 5 packets 3,90€

10 years of Frozen. certainly the animated film and its sequels that found the greatest success among the Disney releases of the new millennium. Even the world of stickers has taken note of this, creating several more or less successful albums over the years. The release of this collection, rather than to celebrate the anniversary, has the impression of being a necessary act for Panini to maintain the rights to Disney productions, but new albums are always welcome, of course.

Note that it really is “frozen”, perhaps it’s just the batch of albums arriving in our city that have the damp effect, but if all the production were the same, the quality is really quite embarrassing. It confirms the somewhat erratic behavior of the Modena multinational which alternates products with more than acceptable paper (see the latest Dragon Ball) with others, let’s say, less successful.

As happened with the recent FIFA World Class, it seems that in Italy the starter pack will not be available but only the “priced” album. We are not fans of the starter pack at all costs, also considering that in this way we avoid using plastic (but Topps, for example, has been making them with recyclable paper for some time), but being a product that has a cost it would be the case of providing it worthy of the Panini name. This is not the case, unfortunately.

The basic idea is interesting and appreciable, a container album that traces all the adventures of Elsa, Anna and the other protagonists. No useless and expensive cards, a total of stickers that is not exaggerated (for us it is such when it does not exceed 200 stickers for similar collections) and a price per pack that is still within everyone’s reach. The non-presence of cards also applies to any limited ones, the blister packs of 5 packets contain only these.

Naturally it is an album without risk of spoilers, the story, or rather, the stories, are known by everyone and the album follows a path that is the same as the feature films. We then start with Elsa’s coronation and the secrets of the Ice Castle, followed by a journey into the woods to find the characters most loved by children, Sven and Olaf and to follow the rest.

The captions are necessary and act as valid previews of the stickers which do not seem banal to us, probably in part already seen in previous albums but in any case we did not have the clear sensation of something already familiar, apart from the story of course.

A separate discussion for the huge central poster, which contains 36 stickers, numbered . Children may not be particularly shocked by what happened, but for older collectors or more attentive parents, the only solution is to buy two albums with one where the poster in the center is left intact.

The successful idea of the collection is to propose it as a kind of guide to the places of the cartoon, the pages dedicated to this theme are the most successful, also due to the difference in the format of the stickers which makes the album less monotonous as it begins.

Overall an enjoyable collection, a must for Frozen fans and collectors of all previous albums. We hope that the insufficient quality of the paper is an increasingly sporadic occurrence in Panini productions.


FIFA WORLD CLASS 2024 (Panini)


album: World Class 2024 (Panini)

stickers: 384 (1-384)
starter pack: album + 4 packets 4,95€
box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each
blister: 5 packets 4,90€

Inside the upcoming Easter egg, we found a nice gift. When Panini remembers that it is Panini, products that are truly above average often arrive on newsstands. Perhaps a smart choice but certainly effective. Having lost the UEFA rights (after the Champions League also the European Championships since last year), the Modena company enters the sticker market with a straight leg.

It does so with a well thought-out product, not an abstract album on the best teams in Europe, taking advantage of the rights it holds, but a different solution. Just as we lost the Champions League, we saw the birth of the best international football album, Fifa365 (even if it has become less attractive over the years), so it does the same with the national teams. Competition is lifeblood, Panini has a staff of graphic designers and minds who know how to do their job, just, as in this case, give it a certain push and say “Can’t we make the official album of the competition? We make a different one, not a copy, putting in the best of football.”

Clearly this is a lame argument for those who, of us many, collect all the European albums, therefore, inevitably, they will make the official one, despite seeing the many defects already shown on social media. Also because this is a Fifa album, it is not UEFA, there are no past or future national European champions, there are world champions, all of them.

Speaking of lame albums, this one is not. All the national teams involved have the official uniform: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Uruguay. A sublime pleasure for the eyes but also an indication to UEFA (or FIFA in the future) that an agreement must be found to protect fans and collectors, to always have the official uniforms, regardless of who holds the rights. Ours is probably a romantic and vintage vision, but we won’t stay silent.

One would like to say that if Panini is able to make a quality album, why not always do it, even with World Cup albums, for example, which are often not very intriguing? Meanwhile, we also like tradition, secondly we have 8 teams here, in 2026 at the World Cup we will have 48! It is impossible to do otherwise, indeed, it could happen that the number of footballers per nation will be limited compared to now or perhaps the “minor” teams will return to having double stickers like the albums until the 1990s.

The release of the album is not even a coincidence, it is 50 years since the first FIFA World Cup, Munchen ’74. In fact, the Rimet Cup was definitively assigned to Brazil in 1970. Of course it is an excuse, the first pages rightly tell of all the editions of the World Cup, starting from the first in Uruguay in 1930. A choice that we like is the presence, even if only in photographs, of the other finalist teams, equally unforgettable squads over the years, just think of Puskas’s Hungary in 1954 and the Netherlands by Crujiff from 1974,

Thanks to the rights of Panini, the eight shields of the national champions are all together passionately, a beautiful page to see completed, in the face of those who prefer not to attach the stickers, but it is not the only one. The album is a logical path based on the number of World Cups won, so it starts with Brazil and ends with Spain.

The collection is a mix between the Fifa365 setting and our Footballers, with 4 pages for each nation. In the first two the more or less current formation of the team; looking at our home country, Italy seems more truthful to us than the one presented in the Topps Match Attax cards, clearly also net of the unpredictable injuries, as recently happened to Domenico Berardi. Here there is space for the classic bust stickers, in a larger format than Qatar 2022 (obviously, the album is also larger) and clearly superior in terms of graphics. The detail of the flag waving from behind the players is beautiful, minimal details, an effective black background, perhaps simple but you guessed it.

The last two pages of the teams are more varied, reminiscent of Calciatori. The most significant players are shown again in action, with even special, double stickers, which wink at card lovers, given the somewhat sui generis characterizations… like rock n roll or other terms that we of the old guard leave a little perplexed. We like the lower part of the page with the “teardrop” stickers with the possible starting line-up, a graphic solution already seen with Euro2016 for example, but this format is much more effective and above all integrates with the rest. However, they are all still valid solutions for making the album tempting for multiple generations and making it with an average total number of stickers, without exaggerating.

What about other nations? Panini also pays homage to the founders of FIFA in 1904, therefore the stickers of the 7 founding national teams find space in the last part of the album, choosing the team that obtained the best placing in a final phase of the World Cup: Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Therefore, it is 50 years since the first edition of the FIFA World Cup but it is also 120 years since the foundation of the association. For lovers of variations, the Portuguese edition also features pages with the stickers of the Portuguese national team, numbered from P1 to P28. Of course there is also the Cristiano Ronaldo sticker, as far as it is possible to know, it’s a shame that homage was not paid to Eusebio.

Being also a celebratory album, fortunately there is no shortage of references to those who were the absolute protagonists of world football, 17 stickers of absolute legends that will make collectors of the themes happy and which is always a pleasure to attach to an album, to remember, to love, impossible get them all together and above all get them all to agree: Batistuta, Beckenbauer, Beckham, Buffon, Cafù, Cannavaro, Djorkaeff, Forlan, Iniesta, Klose, Maradona, Matthaus, Pelè, Pirlo, Ronaldo, Rooney, Xavi. Pelè and Beckenbauer aside, the choice was made to include only players from the last 30 years or so.
Among the English, for example, Beckham and Rooney don’t seem to have ever really left their mark at a World Cup, not remembering a legend like Bobby Moore and any champion of ’66 is a serious shortcoming. As well as putting three Italian champions from 2006 and none from 1982. Assuming that they only considered the players who were protagonists of the post-Rimet Cup editions, therefore from 1974. Pelè aside, but not having O’ Rey would have been truly sensational.

Last page interesting only in perspective, with the potential champions of the future and therefore the possible rookie card of the player wearing the national team shirt, assuming one does not already exist. Will the expectations be confirmed? We’ll see at the 2026 World Cup or the next one in 2030.

Well-made album, stickers above average quality from Panini itself, very light but still light years away from the Qatar 2022 disaster. Some doubts about the choice of orange as the reference color, some texts are difficult to read. In our opinion, an album to have for all collectors of World Cup albums, but it is difficult to think that it could have an annual sequel, unless the approach is changed. It makes you think that it could also be the precursor to the album on the Club World Cup, expected at the end of the season. Thinking only of Italy, with Inter and Juventus present, Panini are certainly thinking about it, in fact they have probably already decided.

If the idea was to hit the market with an album that would annihilate Topps’s album on Europeans, the results will probably prove Panini right. Apart from those who, as we have written, will collect the American house’s album for the sake of completeness. We are among them, but we are also the ones who, in the end, will do both.


Match Attax – Euro 2024 (Topps)


album: Match Attax – Euro 2024 (Topps)

cards: 457 + limited edition + parallel + golden treasure + signed + relics
starter pack: album + 2 packets + 3 cards limited + 4 cards tactics 9,99€
box: 36 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,50€ each

As is known, Topps has acquired the rights to the European Football Championships and here, as easily predictable, is the collection of the Match Attax series dedicated to the competition. What many feared happened, if not worse: a collection of biblical proportions, full of gaps, for example the presence of various players who had been out of the national team for some time; for example Leonardo Bonucci, even represented as captain, or Mario Gotze, the golden goal for Germany at the 2014 World Cup.

The well-known lack of image rights, owned by Panini, of many national teams including some of the most important (France, England, Italy and Germany) leads to having the players of these teams represented with anonymous, unicolor shirts, recreated on the computer. We have not yet entered into the merits of the collection before we already notice Topps insisting on the complicated numbering of the cards, where each team has its own sequence (Italy’s cards for example go from ITA01 to ITA18).

By opening the game guide we discover a complicated and intricate world, made up of cards with impossible rarities and parallel cards, where the same card is represented in multiple colours. It’s nothing new, we have experience with it by now, but this time Topps has gone further: the impression is that this collection wants to position itself halfway between the cheap collections such as the Adrenalyn by Panini or the Turbo Attax dedicated to Formula 1 by Topps, and the premium collections, which are much more valuable and expensive, such as the Mosaic by Panini or the Heritage by Topps. There is a problem: it is a middle ground that does not satisfy anyone.

The question arises spontaneously: who is this collection aimed at?
Certainly not for lovers of sets to complete because there are so many cards with high rarities that the collection is impossible to complete; as if that wasn’t enough, others will be released, with updates, as well as having to chase all the Limited Editions that will be issued.
To the children? It doesn’t seem like it, children have fun with cards and stickers but they would have been happy with a cheap style collection, which would presumably have made even the “completionists” happy.
To collectors of Top Players or high-value cards? Not much because there are much more valuable collections than this one, which have higher costs, but which give you a better product that is much more appreciable and valorisable over time in terms of quality/price ratio.
It is also worth pointing out that the packets cost the same as the Match Attax Champions League cards with the difference however that they contained 12 cards, while in the Euro 2024 there are only 8.

At least the cards are of excellent workmanship in terms of materials, they do not peel or dent easily, as per good Topps tradition. The graphics of the basic cards are simple, slightly in relief, which is a shame because they end up acting as an outline for all the rest of the cards, going from being the beating heart of the collection to a mere outline for the parallel cards or cards of higher rarity than level of graphics are certainly appreciable, some may be liked more or less than others but in general they are quite good. The problem will be, for those who wish, to find them all.

When a new collection comes out on newsstands, the first feeling that pervades the collector is usually enthusiasm. Stickers and cards are a hobby and a passion, they bring only positive feelings. In this case, opening the packages and reading the guide that explains step by step how many flips you have to do to win a limited edition only triggers opposite feelings: it makes you angry and makes you lose the desire to make this collection.

Ultimately the collection is graphically appreciable, if we exclude the rights problem; However, we struggle to find other positive aspects. American-style collecting is not what we are ready for in terms of widespread distribution, it is better to maintain certain collecting models for high quality and elite cards, for collectors who want to have fun looking for the rare piece containing the signature or the piece shirts of contemporary champions.

Extra releases:
Tin Box booster in 3 colors with 3 limited exclusives in each box + 31 cards €9.99
Mega Tin Box in 3 colors with 4 limited exclusives in each box + 48 cards €14.99
Exo Pack 1 limited edition + 25 cards
Mega multipack 2 limited edition + 25 cards
Updates with mega multipacks, premium packs with additional new cards


ME CONTRO TE – 10 years together (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – 10 years together (Diramix)

Stickers: 185 (1-181, A-D)
Cards: 80 (C1-C80) + 10 cards memorabilia (1/10-10/10)
Starter pack: album + 1 packet of sticker + 1 packet of card 8,90€
Box stickers: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each
Box cards: 10 packets (8 cards per packet) 5,00€ each

“Beautiful but impossible” is how Gianna Nannini sings, more or less, and this is how MecontroTe’s latest album seems to us. The most loved and also the longest-lived in the world of YouTubers, if indeed they have reached the point of celebrating 10 years. Among the many meteors of this environment that sees characters born and disappeared practically every day, Sofi and Luì are still here and in great shape.

They are certainly convinced of this and they are right about it, but it seems they are equally convinced of Diramix, the publisher of MecontroTe stickers and cards since the beginning. 10 years have passed but so have many albums of stickers and cards, no one has as many albums as them, no one even comes close. For every film and every TV series there is a new album. To celebrate a decade they wanted to do something special, something exaggerated, relying on the couple’s rich fan base.

It can’t be otherwise, either Diramix have gone crazy or they truly believe blindly in the product and are playing all their cards. It’s not just one album, there are two, first the stickers and then the cards, to be kept in the appropriate slots inside the pages. A solution as simple as it is ingenious (given the necessary proportions we use the same method for ours solidarity stickers, too) which could also be used by other publishers, when you don’t want to make pockets in the plastic sheets.

The “soft” hardback album is also nice, the one by Cucciolotti immediately comes to mind and who knows if Pizzardi could also use the same solution for the cards, i.e. that they can find space inside and not in the boxes. In that case, however, we are talking about a collection of 460 stickers, and a more substantial and editorially complicated publication would probably be necessary.

To celebrate 10 years, the stickers are a varied overview of all the fun emotions that MecontroTe have given us. It is a curious and enjoyable journey also because it sees the two protagonists grow from carefree kids to adults, without however losing that energy that has always distinguished them. As well as other characteristics for which they are famous, from their travels, to their love of animals, tours, challenges and incredible costumes. Naturally interspersing pages and stickers between photographs and comics, another important detail that we have learned to appreciate since the first sticker album.

The album is therefore set not in chronological but thematic sequence. Followed by 80 cards that follow the same editorial line and as if it were a band’s album is a succession of “best of”, starting from their concerts, continuing with the clothing, up to the posters of the 5 films released so far. Yes, because the sixth feature film and, it seems, the last chapter of the saga has already been announced. So we will probably have, at the very least, one more sticker album.

Still not enough? Here is the total exaggeration, that is, 10 memorabilia cards, as big as a Kit Kat and with the particular feature of containing a part of fabric from Sofi and Luì’s clothes. There are those who collect the card with a piece of Leo Messi’s shirt, now you can also do it with MecontroTe.

From a collecting point of view we always say that everyone is free to spend their savings as they see fit but it is very unlikely to complete this set of 10 special cards, one present inside each box, even by putting 500 euros “on the plate”, this is the cost (10 boxes x 50 euros each), except not having the possibility of being able to choose the right packet in 10 different boxes and naturally hoping for a sensational fortune of finding the 10 different memorabilia cards.

In reality these 10 cards are an extra (well advertised in the album anyway) but even without them it is still an extremely demanding and expensive collection. We like how Diramix works and the products it offers, this time we have more than a few doubts. We wanted to give it a chance and bought both boxes hoping that there wouldn’t be duplicates and thus complete the album. If it had been, the total expense would have been around 100 euros, 40 euros for the box of 40 packs of stickers, 50 euros for the box of 10 packs of cards, 9 euros for the starter pack.

We actually didn’t even come close to completing it. We certainly live in an era where collectors are willing to make great sacrifices, publishers know this and often take advantage of it (it is the apotheosis on football-related products, but not only in those), we have some doubts that the target does not of the public but of the buyers of MecontroTe, i.e. the parents, may be as willing to make sacrifices as they do with, for example, the Adrenalyn cards, where however the common passion of father and son for football is played.

It could have been presented in a different way, for example by keeping the cost of the sticker packs at a lower price as well as that of the cards which is truly above average. However, credit must be given to Diramix for having created a high quality album, the stickers and especially the cards are of excellent quality, thick as they should be. Although this was among the reasons for the prices and perhaps, once the album is completed, the depth of the whole is impressive, who knows if Diramix have given it a try.

“Beautiful but impossible”, perhaps impossible, but certainly challenging on all fronts. It’s a bet, perhaps a risky one, Diramix certainly believes in it, MecontroTe too, we hope they win it but the doubts remain.


ORIGINAL SQUISHMALLOWS stickers collection (Panini)


in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria 
album: Original Squishmallows (Panini)

Stickers: 188 (1-173, S1-S15) + 8 cards limited edition
Starter pack: album + 5 packets + 4 cards limited edition 3,90€
Box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each
Ecoblister: 5 packets + 1 card limited edition 5,00€

Squishmallow mania is raging from the United States! Collectible puppets that can be crushed and then regain their shape, colorful and with sweet, peaceful and relaxing features. They are certainly a product suitable for children but they are dangerous if they begin to like them as adults. For us collectors the desire to put them all together is always around the corner and in this case the Panini album can come to the rescue both for us and for the parents!

We have not been able to understand how far this craze has actually reached Italy: on the internet you can find almost exclusively American channels, both for exchanging puppets and for showing the sometimes impressive collections of American webstars. We are therefore not sure that everyone knows what we are talking about: could Panini have seen it too far?

In America the Squishmallows brand is very strong, so much so that it has had collaborations with McDonald’s with surprises in the legendary Happy Meals, with Pokemon with dedicated characters and an ongoing one with Puma and hundreds of other gadgets and accessories ranging from stationery to hair accessories and costume jewellery.

Moving on to the collection, inside the starter pack there are also 4 limited edition cards and if they had only been these it could also have been a nice idea: instead there are 2 other limited cards available randomly in the eco blister packs and 2 other limited cards obtainable only by purchasing the blister combo plus 5 Squishmallows eco boosters on the Panini website. A little too sincerely, even if we now have to resign ourselves to the fact that this is the policy on limited editions, but this does not mean that we will stop, in our small way, being a thorn in the side of sticker publishers, when we deem it appropriate.

The paper does not disappoint, the pages are thick, suitable for children to browse without getting too damaged, in the album there are several interactive games to enter more into the world of Squishmallows even if there could have been even more! The figurines are very colorful and there are also special figurines: classic brilliant, shaped, holographic with the colors of the rainbow and also the welcome and appropriate return of the furry figurines, particularly suitable for this specific album given the protagonists, (even if only 12 in total). On the other hand, the fact that there are so few makes them even more special!

Each basic sticker has the name of the protagonist listed so you can know them all. The size of the stickers is large enough to make handling pleasant even for children. In the album there are some pages dedicated to the most famous and longest-standing Squishmallows and others in which the so-called squads are presented to us, the Squishmallows are in fact divided into groups, our favorite is the food squad, made up of mallows and form of fruit, vegetables or various sweets. The pleasure of discovering them all is yours!

There is also a central poster where smaller stickers are attached, from S1 to S15, which create a nice colorful effect once filled. If your children like these soft and sweet squeezable characters, they will surely have fun with this album.


FANTASY RIDERS TCG – The giant invasion (Panini)


ialbum: Fantasy Riders TCG The giant invasion (Panini)

Cards: 396 (1-396) + 14 Limited Edition
Starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 6 cards limited 8,00€
Box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,50€ each
Tin box: 3 packets + 3 limited edition 5,90€
(made in 6 different colors but with the same content)
Ecoblister: 3 packets + 1 limited edition 4,50€

Fantasy Riders returns to Italy 2 years after the publication of the first series, perhaps a break of
reflection on the potential of a collection which, at the moment, has not made much of a breakthrough in the hearts of enthusiasts, although it has achieved good sales figures.

If with the first edition we were spared from the need to chase the limited editions, this time fans of the series will have to bend over backwards to get them all. The series, despite being born as a Trading Card Game or a card game in all respects, is mostly collected by lovers of card collections to complete.

The reasons for the lack of success of the game can be many: it is always very difficult to get into
TCG world without being banal and without having a consolidated brand behind it, even if not even this, see Disney Lorcana, is a guarantee of success. The game is quite basic, with attack and defense values and objects that slightly change the flow of the games.

The cards are presented with rounded edges like any self-respecting trading card game. The quality of the paper, however, does not seem to be the best: the cards are ruined even just by opening the packets, they are extremely thin and have a smooth surface. A useful tip is certainly to put them inside protective sleeves if you intend to use them for the game that Panini offers, but also if you plan to carry the album around to exchange doubles with other collectors.

The basic cards have some very fine raised features, especially noticeable against the light and the character or object featured on the card is shiny and slightly in relief compared to the rest of the card, as is the box containing the text. The silver, bronze and gold cards have a shiny holography in their respective colors while the platinum, titanium, steel and legendary have a different one.

The limited editions are those with the best quality in terms of effects on paper: they are very embossed and pleasant to the touch. The impression is that compared to other TCG cards such as Pokemon, they are more delicate and tend to bend or get damaged at the edges, despite the fact that they almost seem plasticized to the touch. It’s a shame, however, that they aren’t strong enough to protect the cards from at least the lightest impacts, a rather inexplicable choice. The last two limited editions can be found by purchasing at least one Fantasy Riders product on the Panini website and by purchasing the starter pack + tin box in comic shops. An appreciable detail because this time, emphasis is equally given to both the direct sales of the Modena company and the more (or less…) traditional retail ones. Obviously a solution less appreciated by the wallets of parents and collectors.

The space dedicated to the artwork is adequate, on each card there is the name, the game values and a brief description of the character as well as the effect that the card possibly has on the game. Precisely for this reason, more captivating artwork could have made the difference for some more demanding collectors, however in terms of graphics Panini proves that it has not put much effort into it: all the images are in CGI, with a single style, without the designer’s name on the paper.

The cards are divided into tribes and each tribe has a personalized back: the backs are very beautiful and detailed, with many references to the tribe to which they belong, often the back of the cards is preferable to the front. Compared to the previous collection, 5 new tribes have been added. Despite this the
variety of cards is a bit disappointing, although logical: each tribe includes 18 cards with 4 repeating subjects: two riders and two creatures in micro, medius and mega versions, which follow the characters throughout their growth and rider with his creature always in the three previously mentioned versions.

The addition of the wanderers allows for more variety given that there are 18 creatures, each present with the 3 versions mentioned previously, while for the new tribes there are 6 subjects. On a gaming level it can be interesting given that this new series can go to integrate the first, forming mixed game decks, but from a collecting point of view it could be monotonous.

Ultimately, Fantasy Riders is a product suitable for those who want to play or collect a card game
collectibles affordable on an economic level, this is certainly a merit given the price difference for example with Pokemon (€1.50 versus €6.00 per packet) without the pretense of having among the
artwork hands of who knows which designers.

In the end it’s a bit like having a board game with the added pleasure and fun of opening the packets to form the game deck and collect all the cards. In defiance of the Holy Grail of the Panini Brothers (the real ones who wrote “a Panini collection is always completed”) it is not possible to request missing cards, including cards of different rarities such as TCGs.

Considering that the only basis that this fantastic world has is the guide associated with the starter pack, of around fifty pages, it is difficult to have many expectations.


MARE FUORI season 4 (Cocoricò)


album: Mare Fuori – season 4 (Cocoricò)

stickers: 192 (1-192)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

The beginning of this review is due to a reflection, also the result of the solidarity activities of Figurine Forever alongside the anti-mafia associations and the relatives of the innocent victims of organized crime and we do so by taking up one of our recent posts on social media.

There is a strong debate and also many, understandable and often shareable, criticisms of the many films and TV series that propose negative “heroes”. As far as we are concerned, we see it as an incredible opportunity to talk to younger people, to address with them the issues and tragedies caused by the mafia. A topic that certainly arouses interest in them because they watch it on television, somehow directing their interest towards reality, which is crude and lasts even longer than they can imagine.

Telling about the Carmine, Rosa, Pino, Edoardo who populate our cities, but also about stories of kids who lost their lives just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent victims of mafia violence. As was, for example, the Neapolitan Ciro Colonna, killed at just 19 years old, to whom, in collaboration with Maestri di Strada and Libera of Ponticelli, we dedicated Fumetto Card #38

The album is the logical consequence of the first which collected the first three seasons, so as to catch up and at this point the hope is that subsequent albums will be released. Without wanting to spoil anything, the fourth season is certainly not conclusive, in fact there are many situations still in progress. Speaking of spoilers, the advice is to browse the album and attach the stickers only after having seen the fourth season. Page after page the highlights of the 12 episodes are retraced, this doesn’t even allow us to go into too much detail.

However, many good intentions that we liked from the first one are confirmed, an album also set up as if it were a diary, as if the kids could glue onto the pages the photos of their favorite actors and the stories that moved them most. In fact, Mare Fuori, more than a TV series, is a series of stories that reaches the heart but also shocks. For the topics covered which should naturally then be developed in other contexts, such as schools. Mare Fuori does not provide answers, but rather food for thought.

In addition to the main characters in this new album, space is also given to those who have mostly appeared since the third season, but are not integral pages, in reality they intersect with other names and realities that populate the IPM. The captions are there but essential, they accompany a volume with a strong emotional impact through the large photographs which find a sort of “perfection” when the pages are completed with the stickers. More than the story of the TV series, it is worth underlining the emphasis given to the thoughts and phrases that contributed to making this serial famous and unique.

Love stories have ample space, probably assuming that among the many young collectors, many may be girls. Our favorites are Pino and Kubra, yours? If the presence of families and parents in particular is often, deliberately and dramatically, absent or on the contrary oppressive, the role played by police officers and IPM staff is very significant, as they are in some way a mirror of so many of us , with that strength of mind to always give lifeblood to hope, to the possibility of contributing to ensuring that these kids can choose a life other than the criminal one. Which however is not the only aspect of the series.

The publisher has also made choices that we appreciate in terms of the commercial proposal, in the packs there are only the 192 stickers necessary to complete the album, without extra stickers, while in the first there were 20 stick & stack stickers. Non-essential and often similar made it difficult to complete the collection, also considering the cost of the sachets. Furthermore, it probably also became a small problem for the publisher himself, who we think received requests for these missing stickers but since they were not numbered they were not easy to archive. Naturally it would have been much worse to add useless cards as happens in many other similar collections.

Quality album, in many respects, beautiful to cherish over time even when perhaps the stories of the girls and boys of the IPM of Naples will no longer appear on television.


ARTONAUTS 5 – Art and science (WizArt)

album: Artonauts 5 – Art and science (WizArt)

stickers: 280 (1-280) + 25 Twin Cards

starter pack: album + 3 packets 3,90€

box: 20 packets (5 stickers + 1 card per packet) 0,80€ each

A periodic appointment that we always await with trepidation and curiosity. Trepidation because for a few years, without a shadow of a doubt, the album Artonauts has been a pleasant presence on newsstands. Curiosity because, while maintaining a similar format, each new album is full of novelties, new ideas and of course also new adventures for our heroes.

Another aspect that confirms the perfect mix: product quality and cost of sachets below average. The Artonauti brand is a creation of WizArt itself, this particular situation involves much more complex work in the creation of the product. You do not access an archive provided by third parties which “only” needs to be set up graphically, but you start from scratch, taking advantage of and experiencing what has been created up to that point. One has the pleasant sensation that behind the general project there is the idea of creating a product numerically (in stickers and cards) and economically within the reach of many, if not all. We hold onto Artonauts, Cucciolotti, etc., to others we willingly leave ultra limited stickers, parallels and other ways resulting from the fashion of the moment.

We like to think that the Artonauts staff, having finished one album, is already working on the next one and that indeed, in some way, as if it were a film saga, the themes addressed are not decisions of the moment but follow a sequential logic. Even the comic protagonists, the dog Argo, Morgana and Ale, after all, seem to become older, album after album. With the times of stickers, a bit like Marvel where, at least historically, every 5 years of the comic was worth 1 year of real life. After over 60 years of editorial life, inevitably, this timeline has not continued.

The fifth chapter of Artonauts is a bit like a return to the first sensational album, which had an incredible success, certainly confirmed later, otherwise we won’t be here to talk about it. Return because the journey retraces eras and historical moments that are very distant from each other, with in part the great novelty of arriving not only at the present day but in some way… “peeping” into the future too.

A journey that takes inspiration from the dream that many of us share, both collectors and book lovers, as well as those of history and science. Entering a library, one of those of the past with millions of books up to the ceiling, discovering inventions, events, myths, stories handed down over the centuries and phrases, idioms, which have become in common use. The concept is simple, if the world is like this today, with all its merits and also its defects, it is also dictated by the fact that one day, in a very distant time, something was created, thought of, achieved. There is a thread that binds us to the ancient Egyptians, Etruscans, Romans, etc. Are you not convinced? Well, browsing the album could help you in this regard.

Naturally the Artonauts leave nothing to chance and the album follows a logical path, which starts from prehistory and page by page reaches the deepest space. The research work of the WizArt team is commendable. Semi quoting Superman (is it a plane? is it a bird? It’s Superman!) it’s difficult to give a precise definition to this product, part comic, part illustration, game, teaching, a minestrone (in the positive sense of the term) of culture in stickers!

Those who follow us are well aware of our passion for shaped stickers, here is an explosion of images that take substance thanks to the completion of the pages. They are often paintings, monuments that are easy to recognize but we believe WizArt’s intent is also to give life to curiosity, to the search for details. By attaching a certain sticker you can recognize a characteristic that perhaps we had previously missed.

The division into chapters was successful, a splash page that introduces the children to the historical moment that they will experience and follow more didactic pages that tell the evolution of science and art. Not getting lost in the written contents of the pages is a mistake, not only to promote one’s own cultural growth (and that of our young people even more importantly), but also to not miss the opportunity to play with art and science. From time to time, the Artonauts invite you to observe better, to read, to “win” the small quizzes half hidden in the story.

However, this album is original compared to the previous ones, as, as the title itself says, it is not only dedicated to art but also to science and technological discoveries. Brunelleschi and the skyscrapers in the same album?? With the Artonauts everything is possible!

It’s not an album for everyone, perhaps. It is certainly an album that should be enjoyed, browsed through, reading the important captions and following the long adventure; we too are part of it, as part of humanity. We are convinced that even today, in the technological and ultra-fast era, there is still room for educational albums, just as it might have been for our grandparents when they were attaching stickers in the 1950s. Certainly, extra and more detailed work needs to be done than in the past, once upon a time the album was the only way to learn about a reality, a story or a historical moment, in addition to the always fundamental books. Now we have a thousand ways and occasions, but the immortal charm of our little paper friends always makes everything special.

Simply wonderful album, in our opinion more successful than the previous one which dealt, however excellently, with different topics between myth and art. However, next to each other, in our personal collection of Artonauts albums, they look really good. Any advice for the future? An album that also addresses environmental issues, from a different perspective, for example how man has related to nature through art.


STUMBLE GUYS sticker album (Diramix)


album: Stumble Guys sticker album (Diramix)

stickers: 219 (1-199, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

We were waiting for the sticker album of the phenomenon of the moment Stumble Guys. After two internationally successful card collections, the classic version finally arrives on newsstands, where you don’t have to insert anything into anonymous plastic sheets but give yourself over to the pleasure of attaching the stickers.

Diramix’s card collections are often essential, in our opinion a limitation they have, even with the countless Dragon Ball collections. Fans will certainly have found them interesting, but those who know less about the characters haven’t found much enthusiasm. The big difference between stickers and cards, to the advantage of the stickers, is that in the majority of cases the work on the album requires particular attention and this, in the long run, leads to an extremely more complete, varied and ultimately more fun.

Diramix has done a good job, creating an album that is certainly not static, for those of us who love shaped figurines here will have many good reasons to be happy. We could go so far as to say that we are faced with a small encyclopedia of the Stumble Guys world.

The characters are divided by category, the common Stumblers, the uncommon, the rare ones, epic ones, legendary ones, mythical ones and special ones. We leave it to you to count them but they are well over 100 characters, although some are printed on paper, in order to avoid too high a number of stickers in the album which, even so, is already challenging, exceeding 200 stickers.

The “wikistumble” pages are alternated with more classic pages that allow us to visit the settings and share the adventures. At the center of the album is a great Diramix classic: the poster with stick&stack stickers with which children can create stories using the three different scenography. These 20 stickers are not rare, they can be found easily inside the sachets.

Some might say that the Milanese publisher uses a scheme already seen, honestly if it is functional to the success of the album, we don’t see any major problems and in any case the pages with the shaped stickers, although ultimately simple, are a nice effect. This solution is better than the previous Brawl Stars album with stickers of different sizes.

Speaking of stickers, parents, are you ready to find them stuck everywhere? They are also suitable for filling notebooks, diaries and perhaps more… Here, from this point of view, perhaps adults prefer cards which are unlikely to be invasive on walls, refrigerators or home furniture.

But here at Figurine Forever we like to take some risks 🙂




album: Amici Cucciolotti 2024 (Pizzardi)

stickers: 476 (1-460, MS1-MS8, T1-T8)P + 72 cards (1-72)

starter pack: album + 4 packets 2,80€

starter pack: hard cover album + 4 packets 4,90€

box: 100 packets (6 stickers + 1 card per packet) 0,70€ each

The “copy and paste” that we like. Entering the basic data of the new Cucciolotti 2024 collection (number of stickers, costs, etc.) was very simple, it was enough to select the part from the Cucciolotti 2023 review and report it in this one. It is not a small detail and has several interpretations, the excellent results achieved last year and a formula that has been appreciated. Only few details, in fact, changes, the number of packets present in the special starter pack with the hardback album, 4 packets instead of 8 last year. Not much, considering the general increase in paper and prices of other albums, the entire Cucciolotti collection remains absolutely unique and within everyone’s reach.

We have written about it on other occasions, Pizzardi’s choice to dedicate himself to just one annual album certainly allows us to dedicate time and resources to it, however the Milanese publisher has well known how not to sit back on his laurels and continues to work to find new themes and new ideas . We don’t have the historical memory to be able to say if a given page is repeated from previous years, but the annoying sense of “something already seen” is not part of the Cucciolotti collection. This does not mean that everything is different every year, it couldn’t be, but if some aspects are similar, they are not for the publisher’s convenience but because the collector would notice the lack.

2024 will be a year full of sports with the most important event in the world, the Olympics. In Paris you will meet athletes from all over the planet and for many of them it is often a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to leave their mark in history. The similarities between sporting activity and the animal world are continuous and daily, even in our most common sayings, the boxer with the eyes of a tiger, the runner as fast as a hare, etc. Now thanks to Amici Cucciolotti it is possible to find out who the potential champions are if one day our animal friends also organize the Olympics of Nature.

It is certainly not the first time that Amici Cucciolotti, or an album of stickers on animals more generally, sets the graphics with special classifications based on the characteristics, but in this case the choice is so marked as to make it an album that could also appeal to sports album collectors. The winning formula for an album is to make it truly complete only with the stickers attached, the empty pages must give ideas, provide suggestions but only by attaching the sticker will it be possible to have an answer. Some pages are a good example, a formula that we would have used more often in the album, indeed perhaps we would have made an entire album out of it, completely distorting the format of Amici Cucciolotti.

Luckily we are not the ones making these decisions; although at first the idea seems brilliant, in the long run it could be repetitive and therefore less effective. Furthermore, just as the official Olympics are not something separate from what happens around them (indeed, they have often been the ideal stage to claim rights and talk about peace and brotherhood), the Nature Olympics also do not want to be an excuse to abandon everything the rest.

Everything else which, in Pizzardi’s case, would be more than enough to make a second album. Instead, the album is only one and brings together many souls and many topics. We like the alternation solution, when we reached page 24 we thought that the “wild champions” part was finished, but instead it will return in other subsequent pages. But it won’t be the only one, the classic pages that are certainly appreciated by many also talk about our friends dogs, cats and even myths and mythology between dinosaurs and monsters.

Some people’s theory, not ours, is that solidarity must be done in silence. Wrong. Alongside the always necessary fundraising, there is perhaps a more complicated, but absolutely necessary aspect, that of raising awareness, information, and in the case of the environment even a change of gear. We therefore welcome the many pages which, through the stickers, tell not only the results achieved through the Cucciolotti album over the years, but who the organizations that Pizzardi supports are and how they operate, from Enpa and Plastic Busters to all the others, rightly mentioned.

It is not a form of self-celebration, it is the awareness of what has been done, what can be done and what needs to be done. Having made the necessary proportions, we certainly do not allow ourselves to be compared to a giant like Pizzardi, it is also the very soul of our solidarity stickers and of the Adotta Con La Figurina project. In this regard, a splendid surprise is found in the album Bebe Vio and the friends of Art4Sport which allows children and young people with amputations and disabilities to practice sports. Art4Sport was among the entities supported by Figurine Forever in 2023 and has also been confirmed for this year.

The pages dedicated to grandparents are not for overly sensitive hearts, in an era that seems to burn everything at the speed of light, it is important to always give weight to experience, of which our elderly are great guardians but who know, today more than ever, also live fully in the present. If the message to the little ones is to always dedicate some time to their grandparents, this also applies to children and to everyone. From this point of view, Amici Cucciolotti has understood it for some time, the album is distributed among children but also in nursing homes, in structures that host older people who know how to get excited about completing it. After all, for at least 80 years, everyone, at least once, has had a sticker or a packet to open in their hand. It is part of our tradition, our popular culture, our way of being. It’s not being a child again, it’s the awareness of having never completely stopped being one.

The stickers have always been an added value to the collection, it makes us think that even more than the pages and themes of the album, it is these that take up a lot of the publisher’s time in graphic preparation. Colorful and dynamic, different from each other, in the broadest sense of the term. Children, but also adults, will never lose the curiosity to open a sachet because at the end they won’t really know what to expect.

The collection of 72 cards follows the line of the last two collections and this is certainly a nice solution. Over the years the deck of playing cards becomes more and more substantial, we already have over 200 cards. The idea of ​​the separate box, as with other collections, doesn’t drive us crazy. It would be nice to have a hardback album that could contain them, as recently happened with Panini’s Tex and Mickey & Donald collections. At the same time, this could lead to an increase in costs and perhaps it would be counterintuitive to present plastic parts for an album that calls for its elimination. Furthermore, the big difference is that Cucciolotti cards are really created for playing (although many probably just collect them), those from other albums are beautiful to look at and keep, but they are not created for other uses.

Box of 100 packets, price per sacket the same as last year, no modern gadgets just to extract money from unfortunate collectors. Cucciolotti is a rich album of stickers and ideas, of good intentions and great results, of animals and little friends. It’s a sticker album and we love it (also) for this.


BING 5 (Diramix)


album: Bing 5 (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Years ago we gave ourselves a small rule, that of reviewing (almost) all the sticker albums that are distributed on newsstands, a different choice for cards as they are collections that are often not created with the aim of allowing the collector to complete it. Maybe we are dated, we are certainly vintage, but we remain faithful to the past and to the concept that was so dear to the Panini Brothers “every collection always completes itself”.

In this case there are two important reasons, the Bing cartoon which remains absolutely delightful and the Diramix publisher which remains among our favourites, for the care of the products but also for the diversification of the offer. Being on the market for so many years without dedicating themselves to football albums is certainly an applause and they should be proud of it.

In this case, however, there is a small pinch of ears; considering the huge amount of competition and that the Bing product has many similarities between one album and another, we would have made a different choice on the commercial proposal. The cost of 1 euro per packet risks making families’ choices shift towards other products for their children. We ourselves, inevitably, after 4 albums, this time we will limit ourselves to the review only without purchasing boxes of packets. Or maybe not, because we always like Bing and the layout of the Diramix albums a lot.

As written on other occasions, there is no continuous need to always renew the albums, Diramix has created a format that works, is liked and is limited in the number of stickers, it is right to continue in this direction. Here you will not find static, but a succession of classic, shaped and special stickers with graphic choices for both the stickers and the pages that cannot fail to please and entertain both children and adults.

The central stick & stack poster is a pleasant confirmation, with the 20 letter-numbered stickers to insert, detach and reattach, always creating new and different situations. Summer or winter, in kindergarten or during a picnic in the park, you can actually give free rein to your imagination by mixing A’s with B’s and C’s, perhaps even using double ones!

5 Bing albums and it probably doesn’t end there. If you don’t let the cost scare you (still average but it’s an average that is a little scary…), a nice editorial solution for the little ones but also for those who want to have fun attaching stickers.




album: The world of animals (Panini)

stickers: 224 (1-187, X1-X37)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,50€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

blister: 5 packets 3,50€

In 5 years, three Panini albums dedicated to the world of animals, in 2020 it’s the turn of “Animali” with a reference linked to the year on the cover as if it were a Footballers, in 2021 the unsuccessful experiment of “Rewild”, here too with some indications that it would have been a sequel. To date, there is no news, except for the release of this “Il mondo degli animali”, where it is written with great emphasis “see you at the next album!”. Who knows if it will be true…

The only certainty is that Panini will try again, following in the footsteps of those who dedicated all their efforts to creating the album par excellence dedicated to the animal world, we are talking about Amici Cucciolotti. This can be seen from a significant detail, compared to the costs of Panini packets which range between 0.80 and much more often 1 euro, in this case the sachet remains at 0.70 euros. Like the Pizzardi packets. A price that hasn’t really been seen in the Modena area for some time, if it’s a coincidence, we don’t believe it.

However, the album is of excellent workmanship, reminiscent of Mondadori’s Disney encyclopedias dedicated to the animal world where, in addition to a necessary didactic part, it was based on a less scientific and more direct language, making inroads into curiosities and special and particular characteristics. Considering the target audience to which it is addressed, the choice is obvious and so do the others. Speaking of similarities between the two albums, it is likely that the idea of ​​somehow connecting the albums to the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics is, more than a coincidence, a natural and functional logic.

A team of experts certainly worked behind the production, the subdivision by species or type (some very nice and successful) of animal was successful. It’s right to “play” with the fauna but also to give correct, concise but effective indications. A presentation for each animal which has the advantage not only of explaining its characteristics, sometimes its “sporting” qualities, but also of placing it in the right continent. An important detail that it would be appropriate for us grown-ups to rediscover too.

The world of animals is the classic album for the whole family, the presence of the adult next to the child is fundamental to go beyond just attaching the stickers but to understand, understand, who he is, what he does, how he lives (sometimes as he tries to survive) the protagonist of our little paper friend.

The photos in particular are of excellent quality and give substance to a well-produced album. The world of stickers is not just football, fortunately, but also much more. There are cartoons, comics, YouTubers, etc. but also that type of album collected under the term “educational” which has made the history and success of stickers since the post-war period.

Now there are much fewer educational albums on newsstands than there used to be, but on the other hand the quality has grown exponentially. On the animal world but also for example on the world of art thanks to the Artonauti series. We would also like to see albums dedicated to history, science, geography and flags from all over the world.

It is strange to note, once again, that on albums dedicated to children, the quality of the paper, matte rather than glossy, rises to a higher level compared to other Panini productions. The not insignificant detail, in our opinion, is the non-involvement of a supportive and social entity. We don’t believe in multinationals with a heart, but the release of this album could certainly be linked to one of the many organizations that work to protect the environment, animals, the sea, etc. A missed opportunity.

Tip: thinking back to the Disney educational encyclopedias of many years, and considering that Panini holds the rights to ducks and mice (as well as the vast majority of everything else), why not think about re-proposing a formula like this? With Pico De Paperis and Archimede and with them all the others who introduce children to the wonderful world of nature, science and history. Maybe not just on the cover… as we saw years ago in an unlikely album about spiders where Spider-Man was prominently featured on the cover and only on the cover.


CALCIATORI 2023/24 (Panini)


album: Calciatori 2023/24 (Panini)

stickers: 876 (1-690, E1-E7, PM1-PM9, CM1-CM70, U1-U80, P1-P20)

starter pack Topolino: album + 4 packets + card limited Lautaro 4,90€

starter pack: album + 3 packets + card limited random 3,00€

box: 80 packets (7+1 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 5,00€

album hard cover: album + 5 packets 29,90€

packets Reloaded with Sport Week magazine:
3 feb, 9 mar, 13 apr, 15 jun

update (Upgrade) from march 2024 18,00€

album Celebration: from may 2024

Welcome back flagship! A great Latin American writer spoke of life suspended between one World Cup and another, for many sticker collectors the passage of time is dictated between one Footballers album and the next, as if nothing was happening around them.

Luckily the world of stickers is much more than the Calciatori album. However, it is undeniable that if it is true that all roads lead to Rome, then the whole world of our little paper friends must deal with this historic, unparalleled, loved and criticized collection, a reference for hundreds of thousands of collectors and millions of fans. of football.

For those who follow our reviews (there are many of you and we can only thank you) the scheme with which we present a collection is very clear, in this case we thought of doing something slightly different, aware that ours is an opinion and is not law nor can we take it for granted that the majority thinks the same.


4 pages confirmed, a formula that has been repeated in recent years and which, in general, we find positive. It is an optimal way to present the clubs, the page with the most important players is beautiful and the next one is more varied and, on a graphic level, has greater impact. Although we challenge you to think the same way after completing the first two pages, full of stickers is something else entirely.

There are some differences compared to the 2022/23 Players, in the first two pages per club there are 20 player stickers compared to 22 last year; in reality each team is presented with the same number of members of the squad, two of these have simply been moved to the following pages and are part of the large number of updated stickers. We will return to this point.

Furthermore, after the little appreciated choice of 2023, the team sticker is back, even if the name almost seems more like a type of grilled meat than 11 footballers and a ball… maybe it’s just our endless predilection for good food! These first two pages are essential, without additions, almost reminiscent of the albums of the good times.

Panini’s solution to not bring the album to 1000 stickers is clearly also to limit the extras, the consequence of this is the stickers of the shirts which over the years we have had in some cases only the first one, then also the away one, sometimes even the third, this year nothing. We are fans of stadium stickers but sometimes unsuitable photos are chosen. Of course, only three stickers to attach (coach and the two potential top players), not counting the novelty of the updates, seems a bit small to us, from the point of view of attaching stickers, from that of the whole the result is not bad.

Essential but effective statistical data; opening the Roma page we have some doubts whether perhaps a mistake was made, repeating the photo twice, albeit different, of Romelu Lukaku and not of the second special sticker dedicated to the world champion Paulo Dybala.

Serie A which as a whole is always a nice sight, it’s a shame that the scoreboards have disappeared; not finding peace in recent years, moved to various parts of the albums, on this occasion they were not placed. Do you want to know which teams Candreva played for before living a second youth in Salerno? Buy the Panini Almanac… maybe that’s the hidden answer they don’t tell us.


The return to separate stickers is excellent, after last year’s quadruplets. Completing the album is also and above all pleasure and the main pleasure is attaching the stickers. Why limit it? Even at the expense of one less player, in fact the players in the junior series go from 16 to 15. Patience, especially if to the advantage of the presence of the team sticker which, in our opinion, is tradition and duty of every football album that is respects, Celebration or other extra gadgets that can be invented.

The choice to put the coach’s photo in black and white is curious, especially when the page is completed it risks seeming like something separate. To the point of asking ourselves if, at this point, it wasn’t perhaps better to just insert the name, in reality it was enough to put the color photo!


The much maligned third series regains a little space and it is a pleasure to find the clubs both with the shield sticker, in a larger format, and with that of the team. A choice that we applaud even if it had meant sacrificing some Serie A stickers.

Italian football is not only the big clubs but also the Serie C clubs, among which we also have great pieces of sporting history, such as Alessandria, Vicenza, Novara, Padova, Pro Vercelli, Triestina, Ancona, Cesena, Perugia, Pescara, Spal , Messina, Avellino, Catania, Foggia, Taranto and the list would be long.


It is right to give credit to a legend like Gigi Buffon, true number 1, this year also in the Calciatori numbering. No comment on the 7 Esport stickers which are not football, but something else. Stickers certainly appreciated by the very young, to us it seems to have taken away space for something else and honestly we tremble at the mere idea of ​​finding similar pages in a future Olympics album! Let’s not joke please… but in a world where business matters more than logic, perhaps we can just resign ourselves.

Players and coaches of the month confirmed, yes. “The most loved Panini” was a nice idea, as a novelty, to be repeated less every year, at least in our opinion. For example, instead of these or the stickers of the joystick phenomena we would have given double space to the Women’s Serie A, for example adding those of the championships to the team stickers.

The stickers numbered P1-P20, part of the CM and PM, E1-E7 are found inside the Reloaded packets distributed with Sportweek/Gazzetta dello Sport.


As many as 80 stickers of which, from what we read in the album, in the set there will also be other variant stickers as happened last year. The wide choice allows for at least two new players per team, so as to be able to insert, in the team pages, any surprises from the club’s starting squad that were not initially foreseen as protagonists. In the central part of the album the classic pages of Calcio Mercato.


The question is legitimate, the answer is obvious for many. Are stickers and cards not included in the album pages part of the collection? Do they really make it complete? Maybe yes maybe no. In our opinion, an album that has no empty spaces should be considered complete, the rest is pleasure and desire or collector’s fever. The problem is that so many of us suffer from collecting fever.

This year we applaud one editorial proposal, we severely reject another. We like the solution of the coupons in each sachet which are used for the virtual albums of Serie C and Femminile (which can then also be requested in the paper version) but which, great news, are also stickers. Slogans and writings that celebrate the 40 Serie A and B teams can become a nice gadget for diaries, notebooks, etc. but which can be collected in their entirety without crazy expenses and without, we believe, great effort.

We also have the audacity to propose a hypothesis: in the pages of A as well as those of B, the upper right part of the second page (for Series A) is essentially empty. It would not surprise us if someone, especially children, attached these slogan stickers in this area. Indeed, without the need to number them, perhaps Panini itself could have created special spaces.

A completely different story for the 10 “Goal machines” cards, which if they had been found in products intended for newsstands at an acceptable cost could have had their own reason. Instead, three of these can only be purchased online on the Panini website (and many greetings to the newsstands that have been the fortune of the Modena company for more than half a century) but above all connected to the special boxes of 100 packets.

Therefore, if the collector wanted them all, he would still have to spend 300 euro for 3 card. Do you think one day this complete set will allow you to take a holiday in the Maldives? Because in these terms for 90% of cases it will only attract those aiming for a future profit; our advice is to allocate your funds elsewhere.

These limited or parallel or limited editions, if you prefer, were already present last year and in the World Cup collection, true but they were not contemplated anywhere or almost nowhere. This year they are an integral part of the advertising of the Calciatori collection. In previous years, people were not encouraged to buy the starter pack three times to have three different cards only to then discover that it takes a fortune to complete the set. We don’t like it and we don’t even think it’s correct and above all it opens up disturbing possible future scenarios.

The Calciatori album is like the San Remo Festival, one edition isn’t finished yet and we’re already working on the next one. In Modena they are already thinking about 2025 and these market surveys must, we hope, have a clearly negative response so that the multinational possibly takes a step back.

Or we see an abyss in front of us, that is, the same stickers to complete the album could, in a not too distant future, become part of these modern formulas and only for a few who will be liked so much by Panini, perhaps even by certain collectors (dealers) but not to the general public or at least not to us.


Another important aspect is that Panini carries out information and communication work in order to make everyone understand that the cost per sticker has actually dropped. 7+1 stickers at 1 euro, compared to the previous 5 at 0.80. It is essential or the parent or the occasional user or the one already dissatisfied with other choices will only see the increase in the cost of the sachet without knowing exactly the contents.

Another matter is the passage of the boxes from 100 to 80 packets, it could be hypothesized that the choice was dictated by the higher number of stickers which therefore could not be included in the traditional box of recent years. In reality this is not true, the thickness of the stickers is similar to that used for other recent collections, not optimal for the flagship, honestly. The coupon itself is no longer cardboard but a sticker; essentially there was space for the 100-capacity garage. But for an album that has around 700 stickers, it would have practically meant the possibility of completing the album or almost… and then the “indispensable” offer (for them) of the exclusive box on the Panini website would have disappeared.

The quality of the paper is not of the highest quality not only for the stickers but also for the album, a custom that has almost always been present in recent years, without taking into account the age-old and repeated problem of the risk of losing the central pages. Meanwhile, the hardback album has gone from 20 to 30 euros in two years, let’s hope they at least avoid the mocking “solo” next to the sales price on a promotional level.

Album in general that does not disappoint, stickers that look more and more like cards, now they also speak, but if on the one hand we see our being (perhaps) old as an advantage, on the other we are aware that we need to know how to attract even the most young. After all, if we live in the era of half-empty stadiums and people who only watch highlights and not entire matches, the sticker album of the most loved sport in the world cannot suffer any consequences.


Bologna Inter Juventus Milan Roma 2023/24 (Euro Publishing)


album: Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma 2023/24 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (I1-I30, J1-J30, M1-M30, R1-R30) each

starter pack Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma: album + 24 stickers 4,00€

starter pack Bologna: album + 24 stickers 2,50€

box Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma: 50 packets (5 stickers o 4 stickers + 1 card) 0,80€ each

blister Bologna: 5 packets 4,00€

The traditional albums dedicated to the Euro Publishing teams are renewed, having been released late this year and therefore arriving on newsstands at the same time as the Calciatori flagship. If it was the editor’s choice, we consider it rather unfortunate because the Panini album is capable of overwhelming anything else. If it is true that these albums were created to be “only for true fans”, Italians’ pockets are always rather empty and consequently families find themselves making choices.

Another aspect that Euro Publishing should consider is the low cost at which their material can be found in a rather short time. Patience is not a widespread skill among collectors, who always want everything immediately, but if one has the possibility of waiting, one can find the stickers at extremely lower prices. Greater control on the part of the publisher over where unsold boxes or those that have perhaps never been circulated end up would be useful, first and foremost for them. After all, if not even Panini cares about this aspect, imagine what a significantly smaller company can do.

Previously we wrote about the unfortunate choice (if such it was) to release these albums at the same time as Calciatori, on the other hand it allows us to make a comparison and note that, in some way, the monothematic albums are not a mere copy of Calciatori. Far from it, for example here we find the scores of the players with their careers who unfortunately disappeared in the Panini album.

Since the albums are quite similar to each other, both in format and internally, it was decided to do a single review. Only the Bologna album will be made separately, as the team from our city inevitably deserves particular attention from Figurine Forever.

We don’t focus too much on the stickers, as they are photos of the players we have already seen, some look the same as last year, but some details and contents differ and it is in those parts that, in our opinion, we can see extra work on the part of the team ‘publisher. Although we continue to think that, year after year, space could also be given to the history of the clubs and the great champions who wore the shirts.

Very large squads for all the clubs, each player has his own page and 5 stickers, 25 players for Inter, 24 for Juventus, 27 for Milan, 25 for Roma. The “Giallorossi” have a great photo in action, the others, in our opinion more effective, have posed photos.

For all albums 216 stickers, with stickers of the squad, page dedicated to the coach and each player, new arrivals, shirts, women’s team and youth teams, but with different details.

Bologna – The opening page dedicated to the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium is beautiful and will soon be completely renovated. There are 9 new signings for the club and the page with the three official shirts is always a pleasure. After 26 players, each with their own page, space for the Women’s team and the Primavera and Under 18 boys. No comments on the Esports page and the final with the Neptune mascot and the Technical Centre.

Inter – two pages dedicated to the victory in the Italian Super Cup, which we think will be given great prominence in particular due to the clear victory over Milan. Final pages with the Inter Campus project, born in the Moratti era and carried out all over the world and the 3 sticker photos of the curve, stadium and Milan. Even the youth sector and women earn a few more stickers than in the past and it is always good news.

Juventus – the last few years have been poor in victories for the Juventus club, this allows us to give space to other aspects that make the album perhaps the most interesting of the 4. The two pages with 16 stickers to celebrate the victory of the Italian Cup are appreciable by Juventus Women. The less conspicuous squad and the few arrivals allow us to give a lot of space to the Juventus world, from the youth teams, to the museum, to the stadium and more. Also to the Esport team which in our opinion is out of place in an album of footballers, but as said for the Footballers, we get over it..

Milan – 27 players in the Milan album and consequently less space for anything else, also considering the high number of new arrivals which limits the extra pages to a maximum. The page dedicated to the shirts is beautiful and intriguing and can be found here at the bottom, followed by the pages dedicated to the Milan Women and the Primavera team. A little too short to present the world of Milan, but after all, to keep the number of stickers unchanged, some players from the first team would have had to be eliminated so…

Rome – album distributed only in the capital or can be ordered through the Prima Edicola channel, as well as naturally from the publisher. Different graphics compared to the other albums, great emphasis on Lukaku’s arrival in Rome, which sparked the enthusiasm of the Giallorossi fans. If in other albums a lot of space is given to stickers, in this case we also have pages with simple printed photos. This happens both with the new arrivals and with Roma Women. This page is out of place and it is noticeable, instead of the printed photos we would have preferred the stickers of the women’s team, to the detriment of something else, considering that unlike the men they are the absolute protagonists in Italy and Europe. The page dedicated to the mascot Romulo is nice.

Each collection also contains 30 cards, very classic graphics which in our opinion are not a particular added value. The paradox is that they would be more suitable photos perhaps for the classic Calciatori which instead has turned to graphics increasingly similar to those of the Adrenalyn cards.

Useless and out of time albums? Let’s say no, for the fans they will certainly be fun to collect and considering the small number of stickers they can be a pleasant interlude while you continue to complete the Calciatori album. It’s a shame that no extra page has yet been thought of to be completed later with the early 2024 transfer market, in order to have a definitive vision of the season of Inter, Juventus, Milan and Roma.

Different story for the Bologna album which paradoxically becomes more interesting than the others and probably with a greater appeal but above all with a guaranteed success, although, on paper, the number of fans is much more localized and contained. The excellent season of the rossoblu club certainly creates the right enthusiasm to also become passionate about the stickers.


PREMIER LEAGUE 2024 (Panini)


album: Premier League 2024 (Panini)

stickers: 636 (1-636)
album 2,90€
box: 50 packets (5 figurine per bustina) 1,00€ each

For the first time, stickers from a foreign championship have arrived in Italy, and which one if not those from the Premier League? Panini decides to debut here too the stickers of the championship, according to experts, the best in the world, certainly the richest and which can more easily afford to steal the best footballers from the rest of the world if we exclude the sheiks in Saudi Arabia where, however, the quality of the game remains rather poor.

How can we interpret this decision? Certainly in various ways, for example it could be a test by Panini to see if and how much such a product will work on the Italian market, it will be enough the attractiveness of the Premier League champions to make this collection enter the hearts of fans?
Of course, the opportunity could be tempting: Panini has acquired the rights to make the Premier from album 2019/2020 season, but this 2023/2024 album is the first to be released in Italy so it could be tempting to own the first Premier album ever released in Italy.

Someone will certainly have already purchased it (it has been available in England for months), but the writing in Italian with the price of packets for Italy or the words “The great collections for youth” on the front did not appear on the back. Details but collecting is based on details.

Furthermore, Panini could use this product to evaluate the possible launch of other collections of stickers on the Italian market of foreign championships such as those of La Liga, in production in Modena for many years, but never officially landed on our newsstands.

In any case, the feeling is that they chose the best moment among those left to put it on the market: it certainly couldn’t have been released at the same time as the Calciatori album, in January, which would have overshadowed it, releasing it in the summer wouldn’t have made sense given the contemporaneity of the Europeans, so now, with the Premier League still extremely in the balance in terms of results and the footballers’ stickers having mostly been sold, is the most suitable moment.

Going into the specifics of the album it must be said that the quality of the paper seems slightly better than that of our Footballers album; if the one on the Italian championship seemed opaque, dirty, almost newspaper and extremely thin, this one appears vaguely shinier and slightly thicker to the touch but certainly not at the level of some of the educational albums that Panini produces. Therefore we assume that problems with wrinkles and creases could still arise due to handling the album and leafing through the pages to attach the stickers, exactly like for our Footballers album.

Slightly different story regarding the stickers: the Premier stickers are thicker and will be damaged less easily than those of our Serie A. This could probably help to reduce the amount of creases once the album is completed. The stickers are very elegant, with a white background on the edges and upper part, while the part behind the players features the team colors. There is also a lot of information such as the shirt number, height, date of birth and more, without annoyingly taking up too much space on the sticker, really spot on.

Unlike our Calciatori album, where Serie B, Serie C and women’s football are also present, the album is totally dedicated to the 20 teams of the Premier League, four pages per team with two pages that include the 21 most important players in the squad and the scudetto while in the other two 7 stickers must be attached, 6 of which show stickers of moving players with lots of captions and statistics regarding them and the team. In the remaining sticker, a section called Magic.

Moment reports one of the best moments of the protagonist team in the first 13 days of the season. Pages 2 and 3 are interesting where the stickers of the home shirts of the various teams are inserted, pages which once completed should give a nice optical effect. In the central part of the album there are 4 pages dedicated to the most important non-English footballers who are part of the championship, a section called World Class and a double page with 4 stickers dedicated to the legends and 4 to the future stars of the next generation. At the bottom of the album there is space to add 40 update stickers from the winter transfer market (it is hoped that they can also be purchased on the Italian Panini website, it is difficult to believe that they will arrive on newsstands).

The addition of the 7 stickers per team in addition to the roses allows the album to reach the notable number of 636 stickers which is comparable to our 690. The choice to exclude the important teams of the Championship makes us turn up our noses a bit because after all we are used to the Calciatori which also includes the long-established minor leagues. Panini evidently assumes that the lower series are not an added value for the album, especially born in the modern era, and that they only work in Italy because it is now traditionally set up in this way, a predictable choice although questionable for an album they started to produce for only 5 years.

A further addition are the parallel versions of the stickers of the captains of each team: this is something that we would gladly do without in every collection, they add hype to stickers that in reality have very little value: what difference will it make to own one gold or green version of a sticker, whether or not it has a number stamped on it? We are against this innovation and will continue to be.

Ultimately, do you like the Premier League? Do you like colorful and informative footballer albums? Do you think it could be a great opportunity to have this album, whether it becomes a tradition or remains unique? In our opinion, those who answer “yes” to all these questions and have the possibility of buying it, given the multitude of collections released in this period, are right to take it, otherwise we are certain that it is not essential and that you will survive even without it.


WISH (Panini)


album: Wish (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-162, X1-X18)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers) 0,80€ each

Among the many thematic collections, there are certainly several people who collect all the albums connected to Disney films; if you do it, you should be proud of it! Compared to other productions, it is difficult for publishers to ever go below good levels and cartoons, albeit with ups and downs, often remain in the collective imagination, generation after generation.

The new Wish does not disappoint expectations, the album is enjoyable and fortunately it is presented in a formula without the useless and expensive cards, with the price of the packet remaining at €0.80. An old style collection that will surely be appreciated. As we often write, in this case it is better to go to the cinema first, because the album retraces the story told. At the same time, collecting it where you have seen the film can be a pleasant game with recent memories and perhaps see if your favorite characters remain so even among the pages and stickers of the Panini product.

The general quality is more than appreciable, the central poster for the X stickers also allows you to keep the album compact and the risk of pages coming loose is minimal. Panini itself meets this need by creating the central part that can be opened and therefore without the need to detach the poster from the album. The idea is interesting, if the pages of the album tell Asha’s story, the central ones ask the little collector to tell about her daily life, hopes and dreams. The presence of the calendar (be careful, it was not considered that 2024 must be added on February 29th, but there is space to write it in pen) and the possibility of completing the pages with drawings and more, alternating with our friends stickers, creates a perfect combination between the princess of the cartoon and.. the princess of the house.

Page after page we have the opportunity to experience the adventure with delicate and effective graphics, alternating with captions that keep pace without obscuring the protagonists, who are obviously our beloved figurines. From time to time we also find the pleasure of the legendary shapes which allow us to give even more color to an album that is still full of interesting ideas.

Every now and then a light but well made album, simple but interesting in content, is a panacea compared to the sometimes frantic search for a hyperbolic product which often, in the face of above average costs, does not respond with the same quality.

Everyone at the cinema to see the new Disney cartoon!


F1 2023 (Topps)


album: F1 2023 (Topps)

stickers: 156 (1-156)

album + complete set stickers 25,00€

Topps does not change its mind and will also be offering the F1 sticker album on newsstands in 2023 in a complete set with all the stickers. After all, we can expect the world’s leading card publisher to push the collector towards these horizons. In the first two editions of the album (2020 and 2021) the formula was quite interesting, a contained album which with its 10 stickers per pack was quite simple to complete, the price certainly competitive.

Probably, we think, the project did not reach the minimum objectives to continue or more simply Topps did not fully believe in it, and still does not believe in it. On the contrary, it is along these lines that he wants to aim for the future, hoping that it will not also affect football. With the exception of the Mandalorian card series, Topps has literally disappeared from (Italian?) newsstands for some time now with non-sports products. We were hoping for something new with the latest Trolls film, but for now all is quiet.

This year, at first glance, there is however a clear improvement, with a more worthy format and the interiors also seem interesting. It’s a shame for the certainly low cost choice of bringing an album entirely in English to newsstands. Essentially, there is no continental European edition, there is only the British one.

It is not a trivial condition, considering the many captions the album is full of, not having the possibility to read the contents is absolutely a flaw. Perhaps it is irrelevant for Northern European countries, but for others, knowledge of the English language is not widespread and even less so for being able to read a text fluently. Italy, France, Spain, maybe even Germany. Continental Europe, in fact.

Looking at a possible educational aspect, at a reasonable price, the album could be used to help younger people learn the English language. A literary work is certainly better but you can learn even through small steps.

A good part of the album is dedicated to the drivers and the teams, the farewell to the miniature album certainly allows you to better enjoy the photos and the stickers themselves. Driver, car, helmet, statistics and sports results in a nice mix of writing and colours. We have chosen to show the Ferrari page, do you have any doubts about it?

If in the first part of the album we have a look at the circuits of the current championship, finally space is also dedicated to recent history or the recent past with the stickers of drivers who have made the history of F1. Prost, Mansell, Coulthard, Schumacher and contemporaries Hamilton and Verstappen. The choice of drivers is the natural consequence of an album designed mainly for the English market. Senna, Lauda, ​​Villeneuve, even Nuvolari and Fangio would have been happy there… like many others.

The choice to add thematic pages, which we agree with, took away the space for F2. Good paper quality, stickers collected in sheets and general result, considering Topps’ choices, acceptable. In Bologna, perhaps elsewhere too, they say “rather than nothing, it’s better rather”. It’s just a shame that we didn’t consider the other languages, perhaps it won’t have an impact on sales, but many risk being disappointed when browsing the pages.

The Moto GP album is better, without a doubt.


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2023/24 (Topps)


album: Champions League 2023/24 (Topps)

stickers: 741 (1-741)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 4,99€

box: 50 packets (8 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

mega booster pack: 10 packets 9,99€

More than a month later than 2022, the long-awaited Champions League album arrives on newsstands, published by Topps as in recent years. Lots of curiosity and any important news, positive or negative? We have our say, naturally some collectors may have different opinions. An all-Italian consideration must be made initially: the release of the album just 15 days after the flagship Calciatori is a rather risky choice.

Also considering that inside it is reported that the data is updated at the end of August, so there was time to have it released as usual in October. Naturally, we cannot know whether this “delay” is caused by problems or was actually an editorial choice, from a European point of view and not just an Italian one.

The total number of stickers increases, almost a hundred more than in 2022. Not in absolute terms, but in the total number of stickers to be found in the classic packs. This data is positive from another aspect, goodbye (hopefully goodbye) to the L trading cards released in a rather disjointed way over the months and on sale only on the Topps website. Site that manages to be worse than Panini’s.

So all the stickers of the basic set are found in the sachets, a sore point here is that the cost has remained at 1 euro per packet but inside we find 8 stickers compared to 10 last year. It still remains an advantageous editorial proposal compared to those of other publishers but in any case it has less impact. So with 100 more stickers and 8 per pack instead of 10, a larger purchase will be necessary compared to last year.

Topps puts limited edition stickers on the market, the infamous parallel ones, therefore with different details from the classic sticker. It’s nothing new but it remains a determining factor, at least for collectors who want to have everything. In reality, we will have those who still have the taste and pleasure of collecting stickers, completing the album sticker after sticker attached and the “new collectors” who will perhaps buy box after box just to have the rare sticker and not being particularly interested in the album in the its whole. For now the majority is still the first type of collector, but the forecasts, at least for those who think like us, are not rosy..

The preparation of the album in September allows us to finally have all 32 clubs protagonists of the group stage, including Napoli! Excellent thing if we think about the Match Attax disaster which featured not only players but also teams that do not take part in European competitions on the cover. We could have waited a moment longer to divide the clubs by group, even the alphabetical order with the name of the sports club in front doesn’t work, thinking only of the Italians, Milan is thus at the beginning of the album, Lazio and Napoli much further ahead, being SS and SSC respectively, the teams are known differently, we find it an unnecessary forcing.

The album is nevertheless monumental, perhaps the number of stickers per club should have been limited, 19. Being linked to the Champions League, on the other hand, we are convinced that a work of both quality and quantity is right.

Moreover, the higher number of stickers compared to last year is linked both to the small increase in one sticker per club but also to the presence of those who, for rights reasons, did not appear last year. The problem, if anything, is the graphics of the sticker which is increasingly similar to that of the cards, making the adhesive collection too similar to that of the cards, almost a duplicate. It’s not just a question of the pleasure of attacking or not, but of having two different products in your hand.

Final pages dedicated to the champions of the present and past, the Adidas balls protagonists of the finals and highlight stickers with the key moments. It’s a shame that space isn’t also given to the great matches that characterized the old Champions Cup.

Historical memory is important, even sporting memory, the G.O.A.T page is a nice sight and presents great champions of the (recent) past, aren’t there any names? We anticipate some of them: Buffon, Zanetti, Zidane, Maldini, Ronaldo (the real one), Ronaldinho, etc. Interesting idea here too, but it’s impossible not to dream of even the most historic champions. Record-breaking Real Madrid, Sacchi’s Milan, Grande Inter, Crujff’s Ajax, Nottingham Forest, etc. Maybe it’s old school stuff for Topps.

Complete album? NO. Thanks to the collectors’ report we discovered that the Mbappè sticker is missing, there are perhaps other defections but this one is sensational. Certainly for reasons of image rights and therefore money, other publishers have his sticker so we cannot know where the personal choice originates and where the one imposed by others. Let’s think about the disappointment of children not finding a figurine of one of their absolute idols. Who knows if Mbappè thought about it, who knows what he would have thought when as a child he perhaps opened sachets hoping to find his idols Cristiano Ronaldo, Henry or Ronaldinho. Sometimes it would be better to think less about profit, especially when you don’t really need it, to give greater consideration to the little ones who start to dream in front of a figurine. We all did it, even Mbappe.

The Women’s Champions League appear only in first pages with stickers of top players, it still remains a very rich and compact album (although the card, compared to previous years, seems to have some small defects…) which will delight many fans and enthusiasts with perhaps a more international vision of football. Album to collect, but we anxiously await seeing the stickers in Serie B again, after many years together, of the two historical protagonists of the Calabrian derby: Catanzaro and Cosenza!


NARUTO Shippuden – A new beginning (Panini)


album: Naruto Shippuden – A new beginning (Panini)

stickers: 186 (1-174, P1-P12) + 54 cards (C1-C50 + 4 limited)

starter pack: album + 4 packets + 2 cards limited 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets + 1 card limited random 4,90€

hard cover + 5 packets + 2 cards limited 19,90€

cards limited edition: Obito, Pain, Kisame, Itachi

A new beginning? If a good morning starts in the morning then we are left with some doubts. In the “royal rumble” of the Panini albums on newsstands, in the ring we are ready to bet that Tex and Mickey Mouse will remain until the last, even on Wednesday, if Spider-Man Verse and Naruto, possible sacrificial victims, will remain.

Too many albums at the same time, probably the reasoning is to think that the Tex collector is certainly not interested in Naruto and vice versa. True but up to a certain point when it comes to stickers. Another mistake by Panini is also that of not having brought the album to Lucca Comics (at least as far as we know), where it could have had a certain response among manga lovers. Finally, if you wanted to entice the most passionate part of the fans, perhaps it should have been thought of like the others with paperback albums and internal card holder envelopes, including the four limited ones, not with the little box which they try to “sell” as wonderful but in reality it is little What.

On the other hand, we are happy that Panini is also trying to introduce Japanese products into the market; except for the ever green Holly & Benji (Captain Tsubasa) no albums had been produced for years. Two collections of One Piece and that of Naruto are a good start, this could be a new beginning! There would be many characters, Slam Dunk comes to mind but we could also try something vintage by re-proposing the heroes of the past, starting from the legendary robots. In the 70s the Panini brothers missed out on the success of Grendizer (Atlas Ufo Robot), maybe after 50 years don’t you think it would be a great coup to see it back on newsstands?!?

Returning to the Naruto album, considering that Panini is also the publisher of the comics, couldn’t we have thought of something different? Maybe it wasn’t possible with One Piece (published in Italy by Star Comics) but for Naruto it’s different, the publisher of the comics is the same as the stickers. Panini, when it wants, knows how to dare, here it seems to have gone lightly, without taking too many risks. It was truly unthinkable to also include a comic story, perhaps not an unpublished one; Is it possible there isn’t something short? Just as was done with Tex.

“But this is the cartoon!” Of course, but if one wanted to dare… The album dedicates itself to the first two seasons of the anime, covering the story and some of the most significant events. The captions are rightly present, giving a mix that also reminds us of the legendary albums on Japanese cartoons that came out 40 years ago. Back then, if you missed part of the adventure, you could relive it through the stickers, now you can do the same, a pleasant and functional detail, above all.

Well, thinking back to our initial discussion, this album was probably designed and set up with a format that inevitably could not continue the same path as Tex and Mickey Mouse, but not even that of Spider-Man. Remember the format of One Piece, there is a logic in all this.

The 50 cards can therefore be there, even if they do not have that added value that for example we find with other collections (but think of the much less captivating effect if we were not able to keep them inside the albums…). Average stickers without particular hits, old-style central poster to be removed for the stickers numbered P; the opening solution is much better as it makes everything more significant and does not force you to dismember the album. Here too, a little is enough.

We are perhaps going against the grain, we like this new formula of limited editions which are only found in blister packs and which are not available with the Panini missing service and will not be present in the complete set sold subsequently. From the company’s point of view it will probably be seen only as a way to sell more, from ours it is a small reward and sense of respect to those who make the collection when it is on newsstands and not, easily, a year or two later on the Panini website, also spending a much lower amount. Well done!


TEX 75° (Panini)


album: Tex 75° (Panini)

stickers: 276 (1-276) + 54 cards (C1-C50 + 4 limited)

starter pack: album + 10 packets + 2 cards limited 14,99€

box: 36 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 pack + 1 card limited random 4,90€

hard cover edition limited 1000 copies 49,90€ (SOLD OUT)

The return of Tex to Panini is good news, after the record album of 8 years ago, collections linked to proposals from other publishers were subsequently released on newsstands and the quality was not even remotely the same. Of course, with this new collection the expectations were quite high, not only that, the sensational album of Disney comics, reviewed a few days ago, made everything even more special and unique.

Which is better Tex’s album or Mickey Mouse’s? For collectors, the difficult decision remains, the basic concept remains that it is a pleasure and a joy to have two of the best albums of recent years on newsstands at the same time. There is no possible competition, even within Panini itself, what we have before our eyes is from another planet.

First of all, the confirmation of a format equal to the previous one, avoiding the disasters of recent years. The paperback with internal pockets for cards is a must and indeed it would be nice to see it more often, at least in collections where it is known that a significant part of the buyers are attentive and demanding collectors. The cards with the box are unwatchable… but we have said this so many times that not even Fausto Leali with the song “A chi” has been re-proposed to the same extent.

Let’s get off topic, the Calciatori Anteprima album is constantly evolving, why not think about making it this way next year? Paperback album with internal pockets to store 54 cards (yes, we have also considered the limited ones) which could also be an extra from the Adrenalyn collection. Maybe a crazy idea, probably impractical because it would probably be crushed by the two main collections. But… who knows… the fact remains that football, or rather sport in general, necessarily cannot give so much space to the imagination and ideas of Panini graphic designers as can happen with albums on comics, cartoons or other themes. They certainly have more fun thinking about them and making them, what do you think?

Since we’re on the topic of cards, let’s start from this point. It’s nice to note that while reviewing the not unforgettable Spider-Verse album we had launched the idea of ​​making cards where put together they created a large drawing with 9 puzzles. It happened with Tex! The back of the cards is a particular homage to the covers designed by Claudio Villa; to present them all, as well as those of Galeppini, an entire album would be needed. Except in the lot from C46 to C50 which find space together with the four limited edition cards.

Curious detail, in our opinion the cards are set in reverse, they should be C1,C2,C3 from left to right instead to have the “poster” they are from right to left. The counter test is the last block, inserting it like the previous ones we find ourselves with a limited before the C49 and C50. Collector’s delusions? Our math problems and are they right? Maybe, but if that were the case then in all these years it means that we have put cards or stickers in the pockets in the wrong way 🙂

Moving on to the album, we can notice a graphic continuation, for the most part, of the previous album, which is not a bad thing, given that it was very successful. However, the cover can be misleading, it focuses entirely on Tex, after all everything starts from the ranger with the yellow shirt and black scarf. There is therefore no division into chapters of the best-known characters, not even the three pards, but rather references to what happens in 75 years of comics, from the cowboy’s point of view.

It is a precise choice which, as written, continues what we saw 8 years ago, in some pages there is almost a repetition but in reality we seem to be able to affirm that Panini was very careful not to make duplications. Still in our opinion, the album can be divided into chapters, more or less well defined, which in the end manage to create an overall result of Aquila della Notte lasting seven decades.

The first part of the album is quite apt and very nice, especially when it gives an overview of Tex’s numbers, a source of debate even among enthusiasts. Given that the ranger is practically immortal, have you ever asked yourself “how many times has Tex been injured?!?”, now you can find an answer. In a comic book world where Superman was killed, Spider-Man cloned, Batman’s back was broken, it’s incredible that our ranger escaped 383 ambushes which, in the meantime, with the latest stories on newsstands, may be even more close to 400!

The lack of pages dedicated to the main protagonists of the comic saga, Mephisto aside, is not exactly an error. In 2015, right from the first pages Tex Willer, Kit Carson, Tiger Jack, Kit Willer were placed more or less on the same level, here one gets the impression that even the pards are, however important, only supporting actors.

It is therefore interesting to focus on other subjects, putting even long-time readers to the test. Everyone remembers Lilith, Tex’s wife killed by smallpox, it is already more complicated to remember other female characters, whether positive or negative. The much space dedicated to the Dynamite horse is commendable and will move the hearts of older collectors, perhaps thanks to the recent Tex Willer series which features a young ranger and his beloved quadruped.

We had appreciated them in Zagor’s album, the splash pages with large drawings to be completed with the shaped stickers are also a welcome return. I also applaud the choice, the quality of these painted pages really has all the flavor of the wild west. In our opinion, the pages with a similar layout that we find in the Disney album remain unattainable, but clearly the context is completely different. The first of these special pages presents a large part of Tex’s world in a fresco, it’s fun to recognize all the characters.

Shaped stickers that are also featured in the comic story included in the album, curiously positioned in the center and not in the last pages. This is perhaps the weak link in the entire collection, “Train Attack” is a story far from being new; although it is not part of the classic series that comes out on newsstands every month, it has already been re-released several times. Here the comparison with the Disney album is without history, ducks and mice win hands down. However, it should be considered that a short western story is perhaps less effective to create and Tex’s stories often have “rigid” canons to follow.

The next part of the album is a jewel, the west really existed and had incredible protagonists who have become both stories and icons of the North American continent. From the beginning, Tex has crossed paths with real-life characters. This applies both to Indians like Geronimo or Crazy Horse, and to colonizers like Lincoln or the General Custer, or even the heroes and anti-heroes of the old west like Buffalo Bill and Butch Cassidy. Over the years, reading Tex’s stories like those of Zagor (set about 40 years earlier), Bonelli pointed out when she was referring to events that actually happened. A notion that we have always greatly appreciated.

Speaking of history, particular emotion for the pages that tell the editorial story of the ranger, from that distant September of 1948 onwards, both telling of being Tex in all these years and also the evolution of the character who has never betrayed himself himself but who also knew how to compare himself with masters of the ninth art in unique volumes, thanks in particular to the Tex Speciale series, better known by enthusiasts as “Texone” and subsequently in other series. Magnus, Kubert, Serpieri, if the list of cartoonists who have encountered Tex in their lives is long, so is that of those who for various reasons, even for different times not ready for experimentation, have not been able to give us a dream. Hugo Pratt or Will Eisner, for example, but the list would be endless.

Last pages that reproduce in stickers some of Tex’s most beloved stories, starting from the legendary duel with El Muerto which made the hearts of generations of readers beat and which had a lot of flavor of that cinematographic genre called “Italian western” which has gave the world films that have entered the collective imagination, directed by Sergio Leone, Corbucci and many others.

Naturally everyone will have their favorite stories, we believe the choice, rather than the most significant ones, was to cover as much as possible the classic settings of the Tex comics. In this way we also find historical characters such as the occult science scholar El Morisco, city adventures especially in Chicago and San Francisco, a historical enemy always “of the city” such as the Black Tiger, such as adventures in the Great North. The famous story about Carson’s past could not be missing, masterfully written by Boselli, curator of the series for many years. If desired, there would also have been a classic story of Tex and the Indians, often victims of abuse and injustice; we would therefore have gone back 50 years or more but “Navajo Blood” with the drawings of the legendary Galep remains one of the highest points of the entire saga.

A masterful, well-made album does not always mean that the meeting between two giants of Italian publishing can always lead to satisfactory results. Could something have been done differently? Probably yes, but we appreciate this sense of continuity with the past. Those who don’t have the first album can enjoy a well above average collection, those who also have the first won’t have the feeling of something they’ve already seen. Now it is legitimate to ask Panini and Bonelli not to wait another 8 years for a new album; maybe Mister No thinking of the classic, Dylan Dog thinking of the most recent (a comic that is already over 30 years old anyway) or who knows a second Zagor.

There remains the regret, despite the passing of the years, that Panini did not want to distribute in Italy the splendid album created for the 60th anniversary of Asterix, which you can find in the French hardback edition. Afraid of a flop? Honestly, it would certainly have been more successful than albums like Cocomelon or Dinsieme’s latest.

Thank you comics, thank you stickers, thank you for existing and helping us fill our days with moments of leisure and pleasure, as well as letting ourselves be carried away by the wave of memories, because Tex is also history and pure tradition of our beautiful country.




album: Wednesday (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-161, X1-X19)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packets) 0,80€ each

blister: 5 packets 3,90€

Trick or treat? It wouldn’t have been bad to write the review on Halloween evening, but Panini preferred the trick to the treat, only packets arrived on newsstands, the album two days later. Patience! We were very curious about the creation of this collection, a potential success or a sensational misstep? Only Panini will know the sales figures later, we hope the public decides to reward the formula, the substance and the editorial proposal. We, in our small way, will do it!

In an end of the year full of editorial news and splendid surprises, Wednesday also emerges from the darkness, a successful TV series and album that retraces the first season with guessed hints on the characters and also on the most iconic moments of the series.

All in an absolutely interesting proposal, excellent quality album, with portrait cover, perfect matte paper, effective graphics, in some ways essential, but precisely for this reason well thought out. No cards, packets at 0.80 euros, the right number of stickers in total and no exaggerations that have often characterized sticker collections in recent years, not just Panini. If you want to be a pain in the ass, it’s a shame about the box containing just 24 sachets, boxes of 50 are now rare, but at least 36 would have been a more welcome solution.

On the other hand, it is clear that the Modena publisher aims to limit the damage (i.e. returns from newsstands) and to sell the blisters. In the past we hypothesized that the type of box (24, 36, 50) could be a point of reference to understand which collections Panini is focusing on or which I believe could be more successful, it is probably not so automatic, even the recent Spider-Man it has the same type of box.

Album of uncommon beauty, from those of us who come from the world of comics, the use not so much of photos from the set but of drawings, dark as the context requires and which make the whole even more enveloping and in line with the tastes of those approaching, especially among the younger ones, a similar collection.

In the first part of the album the presentation of the main characters and the context where the TV series takes place. The first page could only be dedicated to the Addams Family which brings back memories of childhood and old black and white TV series but also of cartoons, for the less young among us. Often the re-proposal of something already seen does not correspond to expectations, so it is right to twist and dedicate ourselves to Wednesday, one of the most iconic characters of the series, certainly the most teen style.

Central poster guessed right, the unlikely dance steps during the school party dance have gone viral on social media, probably far beyond what could have been imagined, creating an aura of myth around the TV series even if we are talking about a recent product and still in progress of development. The Rave’n then becomes the mainstream of the album, with the special, but also shaped stickers and Wednesday dominating everything. It’s not a poster in the strict sense and that’s a good thing because it integrates perfectly with the rest of the album, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find it stuck up in some bedroom of aspiring queens of the night.

In the second part of the album we relive some moments from the television episodes, selected not so much to reveal all the secrets of the show but on the contrary to introduce Wednesday and his “friends” to the world. The captions are another successful aspect, at the beginning of the page a text that tells what the stickers will be able to (partially) show, alternating them with effective phrases, aphorisms, dedications, thoughts that we could also find in school diaries.

The stickers are partly classic collections linked to the world of cinema and television, re-proposing “frames” of the episodes, on the other hand they are graphically important, with rough details in relief and always leaving that aura of mystery that distinguishes the whole album. Classic oval shapes and perhaps a little more could have been done on this.

The starter pack also includes tattoos, without numbering and which we do not find inside the boxes and blisters, therefore a nice gadget but not part of the collection, in our opinion. The hope is that the album can find the success it deserves and thus be proposed again perhaps later with the arrival of the second season.




album: Spider-Man – Spider-verse! (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-163, F1-F20, F22-F30) + 55 cards (C1-C50 + 5 limited)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 3 cards limited 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets + 1 card limited random 4,90€

hard cover standard 16,90€

hard cover limited + 3 packets + lithography 49,90€

It’s not easy to tackle a collection like this if you grew up especially with the superhero comics of the legendary Editoriale Corno or even more recently Star Comics, then Marvel Italia. The multiverse is nothing new in American comics, DC Comics got there well before, bringing the comic universe of Superman, Batman, etc., creating such a chaotic situation over the years that made it necessary to publish a “Crisis on Earth” saga infinite” to tidy things up a little and “eliminate the superfluous”.

As often happens with other sticker productions, trying to make a review as coherent as possible, while maintaining one’s opinions, the heart and memories must therefore be separated from the current context. Considering that we are talking about characters who are over 60 years old, there is therefore, perhaps, an editorial need to update them, sometimes transform them, to make them captivating for new generations of readers.

So make way for the variations of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, some even interesting, others unlikely, at least for us. The album is very standard, featuring not only the Spider in his versions but also the other protagonists. A formula that is repeated, in practice, page after page.

Exemplary and child of changing times, more likely because it is connected to the film, it opens with Miles Morales and not with the historical Peter Parker. 4 pages are dedicated to the main characters, in the first two the introduction to the hero/heroine with some references to iconic moments of the stories, in the following the most important enemies and allies are presented.

In this first part of the album we therefore find the original Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man “2” (Miles Morales) and Ghost Spider, the revived Gwen Stancy, protagonist of the symbolic story of the 70s who in another world, parallel to ours, Earth-65, is not only alive and well, but also fights crime. Among alternative comics, certainly the most successful.

Afterwards, the space available per character is reduced to 2 pages and here, as written at the beginning, we can get to know various versions of our Spidey and new protagonists of the Spider-Verse and the Marvel universe who have also left their mark.

As far as Spider-Man is concerned, there is the 2009 version which dates back to the early 90s and was also very successful then, the ham, Indian, punk version and the very interesting comic stories, recommended reading, of the Spider-Man Noir set in the 1930s.

The space dedicated to female superheroes is appreciable, here is Silk, Spider-Woman (present for over 45 years in comics), Spider-Girl and Arana. Is the Black Cat missing? You leaf through the pages and you find her, sometimes among friends, sometimes among enemies and sometimes… among lovers. The Cat is everywhere!

The final part of the album is interesting because it is a quick summary of what can be found traveling in the Marvel universe, when it comes to the many alternative realities. This practically allows you to have infinite narrative possibilities by distorting the stories or simply starting from scratch. The positive message, which is appreciable, is to try to make the concept of superheroes universal, beyond social class, geographical origin, culture, religion, etc. Certainly more correct than the standards of 50 years ago (and beyond), but some doubts remain.

Central poster with F stickers as had already happened for the last album for the 60th of our wall-climbing friend, before and after a sort of wikipedia of the multiverse with some important narrative passages. The substantial difference between the F stickers and those in the final part of the album is that the former represent characters that go beyond Spidey’s stories, in his various versions. From the Avengers to the X-Men and others, here too with more or less unlikely and successful variations.

As usual, there is space for an unpublished story, very Italian style, where Peter and Miles discuss which is the best pizza in New York. Nothing particularly sensational, but given the little space available it is still nice and pleasant. Among other things, the only part of the album with a proliferation of stickers shaped the way we like them.

The album gives us the impression of being a missed opportunity, interesting, nice, but it really could have been more daring, both in content and form. Especially considering the incredible work done with the Disney album that just came out. The quality of the album’s paper is poor, the aim is probably for fans to purchase the two hardback versions, it’s a shame the same wasn’t done with the previous Spider-Man album, which remained only in its stapled version.

On the contrary, the stickers are really beautiful, in terms of images and graphic choice. As happened in the past, the specials would also appear in diaries and notebooks. The 50 cards are not a particular added value to the collection; considering that there is also the possibility of inserting them into the appropriate pockets in the limited hardback version, it was possible, for example, to create 9-card images that are transformed into a unique design. Experiment carried out years ago in the Frozen collection.

Among other things, in Modena they did the math badly, in the hardback there are 54 cards but in total there are 55 (50 + 5 limited edition). Another curiosity, the sticker F21 does not exist.


Mickey and Donald – A fantastic world (Panini)


album: Mickey & Donald – A fantastic world (Panini)

stickers: 276 (1-276) + 54 cards (C1-C50 + 4 limited)

starter pack: album + 10 packets + card limited (Donald/Paperinik) 14,99€

box: 36 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 pack + 1 card limited (Mickey/Donald or Mickey/Goofy random) 4,90€

edizione cartonata numerata + 1 card limited + litografia 49,90€

Topolino magazine nr. 3544: 1 packet + card limited (Uncle Scrooge/Rockerduck)

“Are we looking at the album of the decade?”

How we love it when Panini remembers that it is Panini and does… Panini! If the world’s leading publisher of stickers is also the publisher of Disney, can we have the claim to ask for above-average albums? Indeed, well above average?! We believe so and this time we have something to be satisfied with.

Before the content, a praise for the format, which sees us take a pleasant step back towards the albums released a few years ago by Tex, Zagor and the first Mickey. Quality paperback and above all the pockets to keep the cards inside the album! No space for unedifying little boxes. Clearly it is not possible to think of a solution of this kind for all Panini albums where cards are added (too many times, often useless, we will never tire of writing it), but for collections that know they are attracting the variegated world of collectors, not of stickers only, it should be a must.

Is the problem plastic? The respect for the environment is appreciable but in this case we are not talking about “disposable”, on the contrary to something that is an integral part of the album and which is unlikely to be thrown away. An album as you can see, already in its presentation, the interior does the rest and makes it a little gem.

The other good fortune of having Panini and Disney which are the same thing also allows for joint work between the graphic designers of the stickers and the editors of the comic titles, the latter have history on their side, they know the characters, they don’t they limit themselves to just Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and it shows. It’s a family album, the right tribute to many comic book heroes but also several equally famous supporting characters.

The album is European.. you can see it! From the start, although it is called Topolino (Mickey Mouse) to refer to the famous italian weekly magazine, in reality and rightly it begins by telling about the ducks, much loved in the old continent. A case? In our opinion, no, it was intentional. Furthermore, the name Topolino is only in Italy, reading on the packets you understand that in the rest of Europe the title is “Mickey & Donald”.

We must be proud of the Italian Disney school, perhaps the first in the world. Many think that stories originate in the USA and are translated in Italy, in reality it is often the opposite. American production is much less dynamic than ours, without taking anything away from the great historical authors such as, for example, Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredson and Don Rosa. If the first, however splendid, albums by Mickey 90th and Donald Duck 85th were very Made in the USA, this one celebrates old Europe.

In a not too distant future it could be that, among the many crazy ideas that pass through our heads, we could create a t-shirt with the words “#instickerswetrust especially the shaped ones!”, it is undeniable that browsing through this product has excited us. There are many splash pages that present the most famous environments and points of the two cities, as mentioned first in Duckburg and then in Mouseton. Comic pages that become irresistible once completed but also fun and challenging to attach them correctly, so that they match perfectly with the image printed underneath.

Welcome to Duckburg! In the first part of the album the large comic book scenes, two pages each, of Donald Duck’s house and Paperinik’s refuge, Scrooge’s warehouse, Archimedes Pythagorean’s laboratory house, Grandma Duck’s farm, the modern choice of Huey Dewey and Louie is their Area 51 in place of the historic Junior Woodchucks and a corner of Italy with our Amelia in the refuge on Vesuvius.

There are also pages with a mainly more classic layout and the format of the rectangular stickers with the “secondary” characters (so to speak!), in the first part of the album Fantomus, Rockerduck, Beagle Boys, Daisy Duck, Ludwig von Drake, Fethry Duck and Gladston.

Welcome to Mouseton! In the third part of the album the journey continues in the city of the infallible detective, we start with Mickey Mouse’s house where we also find Horace, Clarabelle and Pluto. Few know it but it was Horace in Walt Disney’s first comics who acted as Mickey Mouse’s sparring partner, at least until Goofy arrived, to whom the next page is dedicated which also pays homage to his many ancestors and alter ego Super.

The yellow-tinged stories have always been a distinctive sign of Mickey Mouse’s stories, it is normal that ample space is dedicated both to the police station of Chief Seamus O’Hara and Detective Casey, as well as to the main alter ego: Peg Leg Pete. More classic but still full of ideas pages are dedicated to Minnie and Zapotec. In terms of overall pages, let’s say that Duckburg wins against Mouseton.

The second part, the central one, of the album is the usual unpublished story, masterfully drawn by Casty and scripted by Vito Stabile. Often the stories included in sticker albums are not special, it is also difficult to manage to make something unique in so few pages available. Here the story is delightful. Let’s avoid spoiling but we find all our heroes together, indeed a few more presences and the entire state of Calisota as protagonist. This aspect is known only to those who read Disney comics and perhaps the more recent ones, but there is a real world beyond the two cities, starting from the well-known Goosetown, often cited in sports stories for the famous derbies.

The fourth and final part of the album is a short but effective summary of some of the most famous Disney sagas, recent or not, but unforgettable, revived in many versions over the years, never enough, given the demand. We like to remember in the world of ducks the long story of how Scrooge’s fortune was born in the Klondike, on the other hand the incredible Ice Sword Trilogy. Well before Game of Thrones, there were generations who grew up with the fantasy myth of Disney!

There is another important detail to underline, we feel obliged to thank Panini for this. The card pockets can hold 54 (9 each), 50 are in the packets, the other 4? They are limited edition cards but in reality they are not complicated to find, just follow the releases. One in the starter pack, two in rotation in the blister packs, one in Topolino 3544 released on October 25th. Probable, but it is our guess, that in the hardback version of 1000 copies there will be one of the single releases and not a fifth special card. However, it would be curious to find out in other countries whether cards that are the same or different from the Italian edition are distributed.

The stickers are appreciated, the special ones are beautiful, the shaped ones are fundamental if attached to the album. Forget the trend of keeping empty albums and sets aside, it would be like going to a restaurant and just looking at the dishes without tasting anything. Let yourself be carried away by the fun!

In the starter packs there are also 3D characters, everyone is free to spend their money as they want, but collecting them doesn’t make much sense. They are products that have already been released previously and except for some characters (Eta Beta for example) they are not even particularly successful.

Fabulous album, it’s true that Tex has yet to be released but it’s difficult to think Panini, or anyone else, could do better. For Scrooge lovers, like us, we invite you to find the famous tuba in several scenes. Album of the year, for us also of the decade, at least until today.


ME CONTRO TE – The movie 5 (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – The movie 5 (Diramix)

stickers: 188 (1-180, A-H) + 40 cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

Once upon a time horror films were released in cinemas for Halloween, now there are also different products in theaters and honestly compared to Jason from the famous Friday the 13th saga, Sofì and Luì are less disturbing. An incredible fact remains, not only that MecontroTe have reached their fifth film plus the television series, but that, if we remember correctly, 8 sticker albums have been created! All for the publisher Diramix, an interesting and commendable aspect, other YouTubers then moved on to the sticker multinationals, with results that in reality are not always excellent.

We like Diramix, it brings few products to the newsstands but very often of high quality, perhaps it doesn’t excel in knowing how to renew itself, but in various aspects we can say, we believe without being contradicted, that it has created its own style and continues on its path. The album formula is also valid, if it really is meant to be that there must be cards, at least they are a relatively lower number than the average and above all they find space inside the album on the appropriate pages, as if they were a book of family photographs . After all, Luì and Sofì are now part of many Italian families.

Probably even MecontroTe themselves have a personal liking for the world of stickers; we are hopeless romantics and we like to think that everything is not always about money, we are driven by passion and we are convinced that we are in good company. So if all these albums keep coming out, that might also be partly the reason.

As with previous albums linked to the films, the stickers page after page tell us the story to watch at the cinema. Naturally the album doesn’t reveal everything but we actually think it could be a further boost for children to then enjoy the cinema. Indeed, we want to dare, the stickers still give space to imagination, children can imagine their own version of the scenes and moments of the film, it would be fun to discover how different it will be from what they will see on the big screen.

The mix of stickers and pages is between the real characters and their comic versions, this is the other big difference with the cinema and it is also the true magic of the sticker album, a successful mix between the “frame” of the film and the version to cartoons that you won’t see at the cinema. We don’t think we could ask for much more from an album of this kind, the characters involved are those who are well known in recent years, even if in the fifth film of the “saga” the YouTuber couple has to deal with monsters and vampires.

Format that recalls the previous “Jungle Mission” in many aspects, with the addition of stickers from A to H to complete the central poster. Perhaps a little too much, in a period full of editorial proposals that are also sensationally beautiful on newsstands, we would have made a different choice by making this product less substantial. On the other hand, it is probable that, like all publishers, due to the usual issue related to rights, the 40 cards were necessary and the total number of stickers is perhaps linked to the structure which, as already written, traces what has already been seen.

We don’t know whether MecontroTe are the most famous and followed YouTubers, we continue to find them very nice, as long as they continue to release quality sticker albums, we certainly won’t change our minds!


MARE FUORI seasons 1-2-3 (Cocoricò Italy)


album: Mare Fuori seasons 1-2-3 (Cocoricò Italy)

stickers: 192 (1-192) + stickers stick & stack

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

“Nun te preoccupá, guagliò, ce sta ‘a figurell’ fore”

The incredible success of the RAI TV series, carried away by the refrain of the main song of the soundtrack, also becomes (finally) a sticker album. Or rather two, because after this collection which retraces the first three seasons of the fiction, the fourth season album is already expected in February 2024.

The risk with albums of this kind is to find something approximate, stripped down. The series is so successful that some might think you could easily sell anything related to it, without too much effort. Cocoricò, a new entry in the publishing world of trading cards, fortunately thought of it differently and the final result is largely satisfactory.

New entry? Often behind new publishers there are already well-known names that for various reasons present themselves with a different guise. For certain details this album reminds us of Gedis products, among the best sticker publishers, it’s a shame they stopped. The fact remains that if this is a first album with the plan to make others, not just Mare Fuori, well the start is absolutely encouraging.

We particularly like the format, where the story of the first three seasons is alternated with many details, curiosities from the set, information, even messages which, in the small form of a sticker album, can make young people who read them think about what happens to them environment. Moreover, our solidarity stickers project was also born with a similar intent.

As the TV series is set up, the album also has continuous time jumps between the present and the past. This is because page after page we discover the most important characters, it is also a good idea to point out the names of the actors and actresses who play them, accompanied by their stories, but at the same time the story of Mare Fuori continues until what has not yet been revealed at the end of the third season.

The album also wants to have a diary effect, therefore space for messages on the walls, for phrases that can also be from all of us, even without ever having lived the experience of prison. This aspect is important, the album does not fall into the mistake of glorifying the crime, on the contrary, through the details it underlines the story of young boys who often fate or the context where they found themselves led them on the wrong path. It doesn’t mean that they are innocent, but at the same time it has the aim of not making them feel too distant from girls and boys, their peers, who watch the episodes on television and who we hope will also purchase this product.

Naturally the album cannot have an exhaustive role in what has been seen in television, so it is dedicated to giving ideas, which have a logical path but which cannot replace the pleasure of viewing. But if you are still among the few who have not seen Mare Fuori, the stickers can be a continuing spoiler. On the contrary, if you have seen the series, attaching the stickers, leafing through the pages, reading the texts, we assure you that the desire to do a marathon of the first three seasons while waiting for the fourth will be very strong.

In addition to the 192 stickers, most of them “frames” from television images, but of excellent quality, we find the stick & stack stickers to attach and detach in the central pages of the album. They do not have a numbering so, at the moment, it is not known how many there are and they will hardly be orderable as missing stickers. Opening a box of 40 packets we found 21 and none of them were the same, even if some show the same design in a different size or with a different detail.

Given the stick & stack formula and the images on the album of the prison premises, we believe it would have made more sense to place the characters and therefore hypothetically allow us to create stories or in any case move them from scene to scene. It must be said that this album has a potential target audience aimed at the world of teenagers, perhaps less interested in this game formula. Probably more to use logos and writings to put on diaries, notebooks or scooters. Perhaps the publisher, even if it is not written, thought of this double function and was probably right.

Excellent overall quality, we will find out if the Mare Fuori public is sensitive to a product like this with the sales data. In our opinion, the final result is really interesting and successful, even in its contents, which are never banal, on the contrary with a search for detail that we greatly appreciated.

Album strongly candidate to enter our top album chart of 2023.




album: Calciatori Anteprima 2023/24 (Panini)

stickers: 350 (1-350)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

The evolution of the Calciatori Anteprima albums has been exemplary in these three years, both in the format (from pocket to large) and in the financial commitment to complete it. It’s appreciable that Panini tries to make some attempts, then they realize that there is a safe formula so why not take advantage of it.

From the point of view of us collectors we can turn our noses up at so many releases in the short term, especially for those who follow both stickers and cards, from the publisher’s point of view the reasoning, ultimately, is simple: the brand Calciatori has significant costs, why limit yourself to just one album a year? Anyway, first of all the writer, in the end that Calciatori logo on the cover is clever, no one forces you to purchase but in the end many do it mainly for this reason. This is clearly the case and Panini knows it well, or this would be the review of the “Super Calcio” of the 1920s.

The album has certainly improved compared to the first year, rather embarrassing, than the second year, graphics were not excellent. It is clearly a shortened version of what we will see on newsstands, in, it is important to underline, less than two months. Certainly the details are different and this makes it actually collectible.

11 stickers for each Serie A club, 9 players in action, one of which is a double sticker, the coach and the shirt. Looking to the future it could be a preview of what we may or may not have in December’s Footballers. So will the coach’s figurine be missing? Hard to believe but not impossible.

The most interesting aspect, certainly the most evident novelty, is the presence of Serie B and C. For the cadet series, the shirt sticker and the three most representative players. This aspect is not insignificant considering that it is foreseeable that in the main album there will be 3 or 4 players per card, here the athletes are presented individually. In the Footballers’ section, Serie C will probably present the classic championships, here we have the shirts. Well, if in the main album there will only be the championships, at this point why not find the team stickers here like in the good old days?!

For an album destined to remain the protagonist on newsstands for such a short time, it remains a demanding collection, 350 stickers in total are not few, the choice of boxes containing just 24 packets is extremely questionable, a sign that Panini itself perhaps doesn’t believe in the product until the end. Sachet that reaches the round sum of 1 euro, six stickers inside but let’s hope it’s not the sad omen of what we’ll see in December when the most loved album of all arrives.

Collection only for a few? Yes and no, it is definitely not intended as such, but perhaps the result will be just that. For those who don’t have patience to wait until December, here is the solution. We would have done it much further graphically and in content from what is to come, think for example of the club pages in splash page format with the players to be inserted with round or shaped stickers.

Being a constantly changing project, who knows what we will see in 2025..


PEPPA PIG (Panini)


album: Peppa Pig (Panini)

stickers: 220 (1-211, X1-X9) + 40 family cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 6,90€

box: 36 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

Peppa Pig never goes out of style! In reality, it had been several years since the cartoon, much loved by children, had released a new sticker album; the wait is over and the result is monumental, it can be seen as a flaw but also as an advantage.

The basic idea is to present a collection that recalls family albums, the ones that each of us has at home, before the advent of social media and cell phones and the almost disappearance of printed photographs. In reality, as in many other things, we are returning to the past a little and many, even among young people, are rediscovering the pleasure of touching memories first-hand, leafing through page after page. A sensation that not even the latest generation computer or telephone will ever be able to give.

Peppa Pig serves the same purpose, both in form and substance. Big size for this album, matte paper that makes it more familiar, very good overall quality, large format stickers, central poster with family tree. An experiment that parents could do with their children is to teach the little ones how to compose an album of memories and photographs, through the example of Peppa Pig.

Leafing through page after page, the episodes of the TV series are not presented again, but the theme dominates everything, which actually contributes to feeling involved. Peppa with friends, with family, at the playground, celebrating Christmas and much more. Stickers as if they were photographs and space for games and moments of interaction between those who collect and Peppa Pig.

There are particular pages where there is space for stickers without a precise position, leaving children free to choose how to insert them. Be careful though, they are not “stick & stack”, once attached to the album it is impossible to remove them! We like the idea, it makes each album different, we like to imagine children showing theirs to another little collector and telling them; each sticker and where it was placed probably has its own story behind it, a moment of free imagination that we adults often need too.

The last pages dedicated to travel around the world are very nice. They also remind us of the large illustrated plates of Richard Scarry’s books, perhaps we have unlocked a memory in the less young among us. Here everything is big, imposing. The work carried out by Panini is truly commendable, perhaps the character doesn’t have much to tell again, but the graphics have really worked hard this time, at least that’s the feeling.

Those who read our reviews know that we are rarely supporters of the album formula with stickers and cards together, considering it not to improve the final product, only increasing the costs and the difficulty in completing the collection. On this occasion the formula is certainly interesting, the family cards are both mini puzzles and a game, not images as an end in themselves. Within such a complex collection, they fit in well.

The problem with this album is the same that makes it captivating, over 200 stickers, 40 cards, very demanding for a product intended for a very young audience, especially demanding for families’ wallets. However, it is a collection that certainly ranks above similar products released on newsstands this year, it deserves a chance.




album: Brawl Stars (Diramix)

stickers: 192 (1-192)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Diramix is ​​one of our favorite publishers, more than once they know how to choose brands that may seem unlikely to older people, but in reality have an incredible fan base. This is what happened with the Stumble Guys card collection and even more so with that of Brawl Stars. The mythical video game characters are much better known than certain footballers.

The classic edition with the stickers arrives on newsstands, a sign that the publisher wants to try to do an encore, hopefully leading to good results. The card version was rather limited in content, the sticker album clearly must have a different approach.

We are certainly biased but it is extremely more fun, especially for those who know little about Brawl Stars. The first page of the album immediately makes things clear, helping you choose the best Brawler, who can take hits, run at high speed, have a powerful attack or all at the same time.

Page after page there are many characters to get to know or recognise, perhaps too many, but this helps make the album even more evocative to complete. The pages are occasionally interspersed with small, nice moments of leisure to interact with the characters of the video game.

Appreciable when publishers are committed to making the collections more dynamic and varied, in this case Diramix presents both special and shaped but also mini stickers which, be careful, are not in pairs but are numbered separately. Particular choice, also considering the cost of the packet we would have thought of a different option with possibly large reverse stickers that contained two separate ones inside. In this way the total collection would also have a smaller number of stickers instead of the 192.

Considering the very high competition on newsstands, an album of around 160 stickers would have been less scary. Maybe to adults, but children will go crazy for their videogame favorites and perhaps the success of this collection will be the forerunner to also have the Stumble Guys in a collection of stickers.


SPIDEY and his amazing friends (Panini)


album: Spidey and his Amazing Friends (Panini)

stickers: 184 (1-169, P1-P15)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,50€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

The best youth! Sometimes you can’t help but notice the superior quality of albums dedicated to the very young audience compared to other products created for an adult audience. At the end of the day, if you think about it, the best albums of our lives are the ones we collected as children. They are the most intimate and indelible memories, it was also fantasy and dreams that dominated everything.

Spidey is an amazing album. For those who don’t know it, the story is the one already used on many other occasions, the superheroes in the kids version, it may seem like a stretch, but they work and the characters also become perfect for the world of merchandising, just go into any Disney Store. The sticker album is also welcome!

If you have read Marvel comics you will find it suggestive to rediscover imposing protagonists like Rhino or Hulk in a “mini” version… honestly this formula is more appropriate than the many and unlikely multiverses that have invaded the world of American comics (and films in recent years).

Fun is the key to understanding the album, alternating pages dedicated to presenting our (little) heroes with those that re-propose traces of the adventures of the television series. Another aspect to underline is the variety of stickers, a good number where you have to work hard to attach them correctly.

The collection was also born as a book of illustrations, somehow each page does not leave disappointed, children can have fun completing the games and filling the dedicated spaces with their own desires, so as to make every single copy of this collection unique. Above all, there is a clear feeling that the experience could be repeated, for the enjoyment of everyone, even the graphic designers involved in creating it.

The central poster is inevitable and adds nothing to the collection but if it wasn’t there everyone would certainly have noticed it. The stickers are larger than other collections, it is important to underline Panini’s choice to make this product cheaper than the average. Let’s forget the figures of the past, but in 2023 a collection with sachets at 0.80 is excellent news. The limited number of stickers and the simultaneous lack of useless cards allows the album to be completed quite easily. Thank you.

While waiting for the new Spider-Man album scheduled for Lucca Comics at the beginning of November, the Spidey for the little ones leaves his mark and our little fantastic friends are appreciated and loved. No matter your age, have fun collecting it!

Go Spidey go!


ROBY (Witty Toys)


album: Roby (Witty Toys)

stickers: 210 (1-204, R1-R6)

starter pack: album + 2 packet 3,99€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

The YouTuber and sticker album duo continues, broadening its horizons and involving new protagonists who also focus on this product. Not always with satisfactory results, but sometimes also due to ineffective editorial choices. In our opinion, albums of this genre must be simple, an absolutely positive term in this case, without too many stickers, with a low cost and without various exaggerations.

The simultaneous presence, at least in our experience, on newsstands of Ninna & Matti’s second album “against” Dinsieme of the Panini giant saw the former, deservedly and rightly, win hands down. Although, in terms of content, the second one was probably better, but it paid for the overall cost, between the price of the packets, the number of stickers and also the very questionable choice of the hard cover.

Speaking of Ninna & Matti, we really liked their two albums, this new one by the Palermo youtuber Roberta Alcamo aka Roby has many characteristics in common. So if the publisher Idea Lab of the previous albums is not mentioned, we have some doubt that they are always behind it. This album also has direct management from the YouTuber, which is certainly a demanding formula. With the Ninna & Matti albums we wrote several times to request missing stickers without ever receiving a response (and now the albums are there… sadly incomplete…), we hope to be luckier with Roby.

The album is certainly pleasant and fun, we haven’t had the opportunity to view all the stickers, but they seem entirely dedicated to the comic book characters. If you are curious to know what Roby looks like you will have to settle for the cover, inside there is only his animated version and that of all the other protagonists of his adventures.

A completely comic sticker album, can we ask for anything better? This allows you to give free space to your imagination, alternating the pages of a long adventure with more personal ones where Roby tells his story… or tells his character? Or are they the same thing? We can’t reveal everything! From the first pages we notice a remarkable graphic care and the search for a continuous connection between the author and her young fans, naturally through our beloved stickers.

You can have your own idea about this type of collections, but objectively it is a fresh and dynamic collection. It was created to be fun to complete and also to involve younger people who perhaps, in addition to thinking of one day being an astronaut or a doctor, may also dream of having their own sticker album.

Attention, the album contains 204 stickers but in reality there are 210! To those to be attached in the appropriate spaces, we add the R’s from 1 to 6 which you can place anywhere, perhaps right on the album or elsewhere. If desired, the total stickers are actually 215, as on the back cover there is also space for the five exclusive stickers that are attached to the book.

It is appreciable that the page in question is still valid even without these stickers, not forcing anyone to make an extra purchase. Definitely interesting album, candidate to enter our annual Top Chart!


PAW PATROL big truck pups (Panini)


album: Paw Patrol – Big truck pups (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-153, P1-P23)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,50€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

We left the Paw Patrol busy with dragons and knights, we find them in their more traditional world and which we probably like even more. Not many months have passed since the last collection of stickers, Panini’s choice seems like a necessary act (due to the usual problems of maintaining rights) but in reality the opportunity is given by the upcoming film.

In an era where everything passes at the speed of light, it is pleasing to note that some cartoon characters continue to remain on the crest of the wave, which means that the product is liked by children who take the place of those who have become a little older.

This album is also the bearer of good news: it contains a limited number of stickers (176), there is no trace of cards (THANKS!), the price of the pack at 0.80 still makes it interesting on the market. Very active and full world of stickers in these last months of 2023, it seems like a losing race right from the start, but the Paw Patrol has experienced much more complicated adventures and has always come out well. Who knows that this time too, thanks to the help of his little fans, he will be able to leave his mark.

Central poster aside, the album has the classic format connected to the television series. First pages, our favourites, which feature protagonists and follow many stories that children have been able to see on television. The album is of good quality, for collections related to cartoons the choice of matte paper is welcome, the limited number of pages allows this solution compared to glossy paper, necessary for monumental sports albums.

The stickers will certainly entertain the little ones, including the shaped ones, our favorites. Compared to other collections it is a less interactive album, not many captions, there are no games, quizzes or parts to draw. Space completely left to history but also, through the stickers, to imagination. Children and even some adults will surely know how to fill it with emotions and personal content.


MATCH ATTAX Champions League 2023/24 (Topps)


album: Match Attax Champions League 2023-24 (Topps)

cards: 530 (1-499, SH1-SH18, EN1-EN9, T1-T4) + limited editions

starter pack: album + 3 packets + 8 cards limited 3,90€

box: 36 packets (12 cards per packet) 2,50€ each

Football card collections, especially Topps ones, are a clear break with the past. They are not created to be completed, unless one is satisfied or unless one goes after the many parallel exits. Panini is doing the same, it will be the trend, if they do it it’s because the market demands this.

Sometimes we ask ourselves how many are left with the goal of a complete album, whether this concept resists in stickers (for how long?), in cards, especially sports cards, the path taken is now another.

The collection of the Champions League + Europa League + Conference League could not however be defined as complete starting from the concept that it does not present all the clubs, unlikely given the total number of teams, but for example Juventus is also present which does not compete in the cups for the reasons that we all know. If it is true that the collection was probably prepared several months ago, at least in the Italian edition it was possible to avoid putting Pogba on the starter pack. Not only that, considering that Inter, Roma and Fiorentina were finalists in their respective cups, wouldn’t it have made more logical sense to include Lautaro Martinez or Dybala?!? Among other things, we believe that Pogba was an excellent footballer but at the moment, for some time, he has not been considered a point of reference even by Juventus fans.

A collection perhaps interesting for fans of English football, partly Spanish and German, with the top clubs having 18 basic cards, the Italians only 9 cards, with the absence of Napoli, but it is nothing new.

For card fans, a valid album in terms of graphics, Topps is still more than a step ahead of Panini, but it remains a collection, especially for the Italian fan market, of little appeal. Find all the cards? Aside from the autographed ones and the Zen card, which is expensive but not impossible, you just need to follow the various (many) related releases, including the Advent Calendar.

In search of the most loved footballers, for the first time, after many years, without Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Haaland? The special card is in the packages on sale in the Display Boxes of newsstands, one every 500 packets… good luck!


Booster Tin – 42 cards + 2 cards limited
Mega Tin – 66 cards + 4 cards limited
Mega Multipack – 48 cards + 2 cards limited
Eco Pack – 36 cards + 1 card limited
Countdown Calendar
4 Update Multipack
Cards limited available only on Topps website

Good luck also with Topps’ missing stickers service, active for this collection from June 2024 (i.e. 9 months after release), hoping it works better than in the past.


L.O.L. Surprise – We are queens! (Panini)


album: L.O.L. Surprise! We are queens! (Panini)

stickers: 188 (1-172, P1-P16)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 3 cards limited 3,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

“The world seen through the eyes of a child” sang Eros Ramazzotti many years ago. The same concept can also be considered for sticker albums. L.O.L. it is certainly one of these cases, think of the happy and dreamy look of a little girl even just looking at the starter pack of this album full of colors and characters with big eyes and an overwhelming smile.

It is starting from this reasoning that we can approach the review of an album of this genre, it is not a point of view but a suggestion. Let yourself be overwhelmed by innocence and let yourself go, for once again, becoming children again.

The L.O.L. and the world of stickers is a relationship that has been going on for years, with mixed results, but surely if we still find them on newsstands they will have something to say (and to sell…). First we had the stickers, then the cards, then (no.. thanks) the stickers together with the cards, now we return to a more traditional album of stickers only and with a cost which is, although significant, among the lowest on the market. market. One packet, 5 stickers, 0.80 cents. It feels like we’re back in 2018!

Not only that, the stickers are large, but the variety of the stickers also makes the difference, 60 special out of 176, but the captivating graphics cover the entire collection. If we want we can also define it as a meaningless album, that is, one that doesn’t have its own path, this on the other hand makes each page a small solo adventure.

The central poster is very nice, a particular choice was also made so that only one side contains stickers, but perhaps that has its reason. It may seem to you that this review is going nowhere, a set of words and concepts without explaining what album it is. It’s intentional, if you know how to go back to being children you can find out for yourself.

Speaking more generally about Panini, there is an aspect that we cannot fail to underline and that we had already noticed in the past. For a product intended for the little ones, who theoretically are not particularly attentive to details and particulars, an album is created with excellent quality paper, the central insert even more so. For other products, intended not only for an adult audience but above all for many potential collectors, we cannot even remotely notice the same care.

You almost have the feeling that around Modena there has been a short circuit going on for some time or, simply, at Panini they are great admirers of wine Lambrusco and make good use of it 🙂


BARBIE – together we shine (Panini)


album: Barbie, together we shine (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-176)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 5,00€

What world would it be without Barbie? Fresh from the incredible success of the film, Panini takes advantage of the opportunity to propose a new album dedicated to the Mattel doll. Considering that a few months have passed since the last album there is no other explanation. It’s a shame, we imagine for rights reasons, that there is no trace of the film on the album. Even just a dedicated part would certainly have created a lot of interest.

Over the years, creating a Barbie album has required increasingly diversified research to arrive at a product that can be captivating. Many years have passed since the first Panini albums released in the 80s. The Modena publisher’s graphic designers certainly had fun with this mix of stickers, glamour, interaction and even memorabilia.

The cover is among the best created by Panini in recent years, not so much for the choice of the image, which is quite standard, but for the shimmering effect and pleasant to the touch. The quality of the album paper is finally worthy of the name while remaining shiny and not opaque.

Of course, after so many years and after so many albums, it’s difficult to invent something new and original, difficult but not impossible. In our opinion, Panini succeeds. Leafing through the pages we find ourselves catapulted between Brooklyn and Malibu, alternating the adventure with chapters on the world of Barbie and the characters that populate it. Space for images in stickers but also a set of captions that make the completed collection almost like an illustrated book.

If anything, the album lacks a certain repetitiveness in the format of the stickers, always horizontal rectangular (which feels very 80s) but perhaps the choice is intentional, as if leafing through the pages were a film or, if desired, a photo novel, or rather a “figuromanzo“. Second part of the more diversified album with self-contained pages, this time the stickers become vertical rectangular and the always cute and fun shaped stickers are added.

This standard format is also repeated in the central poster, which is also important for keeping the album compact, certainly the most successful part of the album, where little girls can dream (why do they stop as adults?) of the job they would like to do when they grow up.

The other interesting aspect is the mix of stickers, if the same in format, different in content. “Real” Barbies, comic and cartoon Barbies, small and large fans of the most loved doll in the world. The page that introduces us to some of the many models created over the years by Mattel makes us think that that could really be a winning idea or at least something that breaks the mold.

Bring the sticker album with all the dolls produced over the years to newsstands and, why not, toy shops, or rather adding the rare and never distributed ones, as the recent film at the cinema also suggested.

Standing ovation for the choice, for once (and in the case of an album like this the risk was very high), not to load the collection with useless cards. Although the cost of the sachets remains the now consolidated 1 euro, at least the collection of 176 stickers, with a bit of luck, could allow, with the purchase of a box of 36 sachets, to partially complete the collection, with only the addition the purchase of the few missing stickers directly from the publisher.

Unless of course you don’t pass through Bologna and you can take part in our sticker exchange days and even more so in the great FIGUCON event scheduled for Sunday 14 January 2023 at the Estragon Club.

Anything to add? Barbie forever!


STUMBLE GUYS – Stumble invasion (Diramix)


album: Stumble Guys: stumble invasion (Diramix)

cardS: 174 (1-162, M1-M12)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 7,90€

box: 20 packets (5 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

box Mythic Edition: (10 cards per packet) 5,00€ each

The world of stickers, of cards in this case, is much more varied and dynamic than you might think. Especially in Italy we think that everything revolves around football but in reality and luckily we add there is so much more. There are other collections that perhaps don’t have all that hype, sometimes created artificially, but in reality they have their following of enthusiasts.

This is the case of Stumble Guys, thanks to the review of the previous album we received messages from many places, with requests for material even from South America, trying to help where and as long as we could. The proof that it was a successful album is not only this new collection, but its editorial approach and proposal.

Diramix takes a step forward, perhaps risky, perhaps not, the collectors will decide. In addition to the 162 cards of the basic set, here is the novelty of the 12 Mythic cards, to be found in the special packs. It is certainly not easy or cheap to complete the collection but we must point out some interesting details, which bring quality and interest.

The binder has pages printed with numbers 1-9, 10-18 and so on up to 154-162. It’s a detail but we like these details. Above all, the insert adds quality and particularity, we like the choice. A cardboard insert where the 12 special cards can be inserted, in some way also allows collectors to make a choice, in some way it is an extra set external to the basic binder.

Was Diramix right? In such complicated times even the cost of the sachets leaves its mark and the collection costs above average. But now the difference is no longer made by quantity or value, but by the choice of theme and characters. In this case, perhaps the reason is on the Stumble Guys’ side.


ONE PIECE: The new world (Panini)


album: One Piece: the new world (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-164, H1-H12) + 50 cards (C1-C50) + 5 cards limited

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 2 cards limited 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets + 1 card limited 5,00€

album hardcover + 3 packets + 1 card limited 19,90€

Good news from the second album of One Piece and some not good but already expected. In an increasingly global world, someone turns up their noses when they see that this collection comes out in Italy months after the rest of Europe (and the world), it had already happened with the previous Summit War. Honestly the point is rather “the important thing is that it comes out!“. Since it’s not a sports album therefore strictly connected to the times of a season of events, one can also wait.

Compared to the first album we find the great novelty of the hardcover edition (a novelty for Italy, to tell the truth) and the presence of 5 limited cards. The rest is pretty much in line and that’s not a bad thing. Too many cards? You have already understood how we think but, compared to other collections, here we can also digest them.

The limited number of stickers is excellent, 176, eight fewer than Summit War. In an era of boxes of 24 packets, it seems to us the right solution, also considering the cost of the stickers. The problem is that it is poorly suited to the presence of 50 cards which will surely create many problems for those wishing to complete the album and also considering that it is always possible to order only 5 missing cards. On this extremely low number, dear Panini, it would be time to rethink.

Advice for parents: the goal for the children is to complete the album with all the stickers. Pass the cards as a game and if you don’t find them all, be patient. Naturally a different matter for the more adult collectors and Panini clearly focuses on them. The 5 limited cards, paradoxically, seem easier to find. By purchasing the starter pack and the hardcover, you are sure of having 3 out of 5, the other two are rotated in the blisters, you will probably find many double copies of the latter two by force of circumstances.

Album divided by episodes, belonging to the same saga. Interesting and appreciable idea that makes you think, with a little patience, that you will have the entire One Piece adventure divided into sticker albums. Leaving aside the quality of the paper of the rather meager sticker (alas current in the period we live in) the variety of images seems to us a good result. Many characters, moments from the cartoon, in a mix of classic rectangular, special and our beloved shaped.

Central poster like the previous album with the H stickers to complete it. “Light” but large format stickers that do justice to the quality of the animated drawings, considering the costs at least this size should remain standard for all collections. Captions necessary to better understand the stories and maybe even get a little manga culture for those who may not follow the cartoon.

Unfortunately, the return to the absolutely unacceptable quality of the album’s paper should be noted, in recent months Panini had returned to the line, a pity for this fall in style, let’s only hope it is a return from the warehouse and not a horror that we will also see again in other subsequent collections . Considering how much it costs to complete an album now, it’s a concern that the publisher should have.

Hardcover edition that we certainly like, but we would have preferred the paperback edition, with the possibility of containing the cards inside in the appropriate envelopes. By doing so we would also have had only 36 cards instead of 50, a more fair and logical number.




album: Harry Potter: One yeart at Hogwarts (Panini)

stickers: 204 (1-204) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

If it is difficult for us to find something new to say about the umpteenth Harry Potter sticker album, we can only imagine for the Panini graphic designers to come up with something new, every time. This time they succeeded, a pity only for the editorial proposal that makes it complicated and erroneously expensive far beyond what is necessary.

Pack with 1 card and 4 stickers, box of 24 packs, 204 stickers and 50 cards. Even without being phenomenal in mathematics it is easy to do the math on the cost to complete the album. Number of stickers which, on the contrary, was right to optimize the result which was pleasant and full of ideas and information, limiting as much as possible the images and photos printed to the benefit of the stickers.

A calendar that accompanies the collector, we don’t remember if it’s new or something we’ve already seen. The problem is definitely the formula as we have already written.

The 50 cards try to make them an added value by transforming them into messages to be used throughout the year, an idea that is also nice but avoidable. Then there were certain Cucciolotti who have done it for years and if they too have eliminated them, perhaps they didn’t have all this clamor.

Pleasant and successful is the setting of the album/calendar which does not start from January, but runs through the school year which is valid for everyone, both in Italy and at Hogwarts, more or less. It therefore starts with the month of September and ends with August. September is an important month, back to the Castle but it’s also Hermione’s birthday!

It is certainly interesting to rediscover some moments of the saga and the life of the protagonists month after month, information and curiosities probably not so well known even among enthusiasts. The pages full of stickers make the album definitely a missed opportunity.

Special pages for special moments, where you can dream good resolutions for the new year next to your heroes. For fans of famous aphorisms and phrases, an entire dedicated page. Spend a few minutes of your time reading them all, they are better than what you can find in “fortune cookies” and maybe they can be a good starting point for your daily life.





album: Calciatori ADRENALYN 2023/24 (Panini)
cards: 471 (1-471) + 28 limited edition + 5 cards momentum + rare card
starter pack: binder + 5 packets + 3 cards limited edition 9,90€
box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
tin pocket box: 14 cards + 4 limited edition (with Topolino)
tin box: 41 cards + 4 limited edition 11,99€
Premium packets 5,00€ (price tbc), Premium Oro packets 10,00€ (price tbc)
packets PLUS: october 1,00€ each
limited edition: read article

New edition for the Calciatori Adrenalyn, a release awaited above all by the youngest, as long as the terms are these, it will hardly be able to dominate the “flagship”, or the Calciatori with the old stickers. It is a different product and as such it is presented in every way, it was not born as an encyclopedia of Italian football, it is inevitably out of date.

The printing in August considers the squad as of 10 July, therefore it is also difficult to believe that errors are still being found in Milinkovic Savic in Lazio or Arnautovic in Bologna. It cannot be otherwise. For the same reason, it’s a great thing that the Calciatori stickers come out in December, it hasn’t always been like this. In other words, those who, like us, remain faithful to the classic stickers, can sleep peacefully. In these terms and with this type of offer, as much as the publishers try, we don’t believe that the classic sticker album risks disappearing in the short term.

Commendable that Panini tries to update the Adrenalyn collection with new categories every year. The graphics always remain discreet without particular top player hits (to stay on topic), when compared to other card editions, especially those Made in the USA. On the other hand, it is a collection designed for a young audience; if we do not include rare or limited cards, it is a more attractive economic proposition than adhesive stickers. Of course, for those who want all the limited cards and throw themselves into the search for the ultra rare ones, it is a different matter. It is appreciable that the costs of all products are more or less the same as in 2022, on the other hand growth has been exponential in recent years, sooner or later it had to stop or at least slow down.

We like the background of the basic cards, which incorporates the social colors of the clubs and the logo at the top left. Indeed we dare to say that it is among the best solutions of recent years. The choice of the “Energy” category with the main purchases for summer 2023 is questionable, which however… is still in progress! For years, Italian football hasn’t thrived on big scoops like English football or the Arab novelty, beyond any logic and rule, but in the last season it still allowed us to reach the three finals of European competitions.

The cards with more players, this year the “imparabili”, have never driven us crazy, both from a graphic and technical point of view. The presence of different players seems objectively a stretch, not very convincing even in the eyes of the hottest of fans. The “Stelle” are more interesting. As always, the now traditional 5 Top Player cards will be sought after, or rather 6 counting the Super Top Player. The individual Team Scudetto and Invincible cards have been confirmed. On the other hand, it will take a lot of luck to find one of the 250 copies of the Premium Original Autograph card, more copies but always not orderable as the 5 Momentums, the 2 Mitos and a cumulative Mythical Invincible which collects the samples of the recent past in a single image: Zanetti, Pirlo, Kakà, Totti, Cavani and Klose. We would have preferred it as “the magnificent 7” by adding Batistuta with the Fiorentina shirt.

28 cards limited as follow:

Starter Pack: Ferguson, Danilo, Spinazzola

Tin Box serie Oro: Marin, Hjulmand, Mazzocchi, Laurienté

Bustine Premium: Martinez, Chiesa, Giroud, Pellegrini

Bustine Premium Oro: Biraghi, Ciurria, Singo, Fagioli, Turati, Lovric

Topolino 3538: Caprari

Topolino 3539: Calabria

Topolino 3540: Meret

Topolino 3541: Badelj

Bomber september: Saponara

Bomber october: Ricci

Bomber november: Rodrigo Becao

We don’t quite agree on the concept of value used by Panini too good-naturedly, also giving the collection an economic imprint that shouldn’t exist if the target is that of the very young. It is more understandable that the publisher finds a trick to sell more copies of its other products and therefore that some limited cards are attached to the weekly Topolino (appreciable even without) and the Bomber magazine (unpresentable except for the attachments, but the same also happens in Spain and France).

The historical concept of “a Panini collection is always completed” has disappeared, but the world has changed a lot, Panini as well, unfortunately there is no turning back. With the prospect of the arrival of parallels (for now only rumors) in the traditional Calciatori, the future has a well-defined direction.




album: Women’s World Cup 2023 (Panini)

stickers: 580 (1-580)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Game over. This album comes out, in Italy, at the World Cup that has already begun and above all at the end of July when by now people are thinking of something else and above all the children, who could be among the potential interested parties, rightly spend (we hope it for them) the days at the beach, in the mountains or even just playing ball in the garden near the house.

We believe that Panini Italia should have greater respect for its immense people who follow the collections with passion and dedication. In our opinion, this all-Italian delay is linked only to the purpose of having the album “Azzurri” on the newsstands alone for two months, which will probably be remembered as one of the most useless albums in history. Not so much for the contents, a small thing but in times of lean we have seen even worse, but by postponing the album of the women’s world championship by two months. Perhaps this point should be emphasized: “the album of the women’s soccer world cup”, that is the most important event possible and imaginable with, among other things, Italy present.

Some will say that at least it has arrived on newsstands, after Panini’s even more incredible choice not to distribute the European female album on newsstands in 2022. Extremely appreciable (albeit with biblical deliveries) to have added the women’s Serie A album connected to Calciatori, but if Panini believes that women’s football is not to be taken into consideration, then leave this burden to others. A fact that won’t happen on the one hand, because the other European Panini (Germany, England, France, etc.) take better care of it, on the other we are waiting to see what Topps will do, which will be the publisher to publish the album of the European female 2025. Hoping it will do it well, perhaps avoiding the rather scarce sticker album linked to F1 in pocket format. With a publisher aiming to kill classic stickers for the benefit of cards, the risk is always high. We will see.

World and European albums aren’t products of great change, many don’t want them, including us, they should keep all the charm of tradition. Every four years it is somehow a pleasure to leaf through the pages totally dedicated to the national teams involved, with possible variants dedicated only to stadiums and posters, stickers which unfortunately disappear more and more often but irreparably due to the ever-increasing number of national teams participating. In the future we will get to the point that, necessarily, there will be fewer players in stickers. Men’s football could even go as far as a double album, an extreme idea that, at first glance, could also be interesting.

Each national team is present with 16 players and their crest. If we think about the discourse of tradition, which we appreciate, the format of the stickers is the right one. Honestly we don’t understand the logic with which the colors of the backgrounds are chosen, since they have no reference to the flags. For example, the blues have orange references, but it is clearly not Holland. If the choice is random, paradoxically the final result is also pleasant.

Central pages that take up the title of the “Beyond greatness” collection, a motif that we also find on the individual pages of the national teams complete with a QR code for inserting extras. 32 special stickers with the top players of the world championship, seen in action.

In general and this should make you think, the album is much better, despite its necessary simplicity, than the World Cup Qatar 2022 edition. The graphics of the stickers are better, the quality of the album paper as well, the stickers are equally ultra-light but still less embarrassing. The women of football have won against the most popular boys.

Albums to collect? Absolutely yes, how can you give up? But we would like more consideration from the publisher. Not only in the times, absolutely unspeakable, but also in the formula. If we have to explain the increasingly high price of sachets, it is unacceptable that for such an impressive collection (580 stickers) you arrive at newsstands with boxes of only 36 sachets, when abroad the boxes are at least 50 sachets. In another era, someone in Modena said that collections always complement each other, maybe it’s the same now, but at what price?

We also return to the sender any reasoning that the product does not sell in Italy. If it is not put in a position to be an attractive product, how can it become an important collection in Italy? Panini also does the private sellers a favor, going against our own principles of supporting retail shops and newsstands, as so many have done, instead of buying the sachets we turned to the unofficial market to get the full set. Do we like it as a solution? Absolutely not, but if this happened, it is Panini’s fault alone.




album: Calciatori Celebration 2022-2023 (Panini)
stickers: 144 (1-144)
album + complete set 19,90€

After 8 months we can finally put an end to the Calciatori 2022/23 album. Of course it depends on the points of view, because everyone has their own idea of ​​which of the extra outputs are fundamental. According to Panini obviously all, because the only goal is to sell, in our opinion, in the current state of things, the only extra release that we can define as a real completion of the traditional album is this one.

Real but not fundamental, but if we consider that the fundamental things of life are different, then there is never a definitive answer or rather, everyone has their own personal point of view and they are all legitimate.

The formula is appreciable, which also makes it captivating, with 20 euros you get the album and the complete set of stickers to attach. Considering the increasingly insane prices of products connected to the world of stickers, it may seem like a small turnaround. In reality, due to the format and all the rest, it is certainly not a product made to go into storage, but it is not designed to remain available for long. In the Modena area, once the copies have been distributed, no reprints are foreseen.

The positioning of the teams on the cover is questionable, we would have put Fiorentina in the foreground, protagonist of two finals and not others, more famous, but in reality with a light and dark past season.

In essence, the album is an extended version of the Film of the Championship that until last year we found within the traditional Calciatori. With the addition of the stickers of the 20 teams, not previously present.

The first page dedicated entirely to the Napoli Campione d’Italia is dutiful, it is not the typical training as there are only ten stickers but they are the summary of an extraordinary season with the highlights of the individual Azzurri protagonists. Who knows if the album would have had a different setting if Italian football in the European cups hadn’t done .. the treble in reverse, losing them all.

Following is the page with the basic team-by-team statistics where we find the stickers of the 20 formations as previously reported. Nothing particularly exciting, a necessary filler both to cover a gap in the Calciatori album and not to have a Celebration too poor in pages and stickers.

The advantage of having more space available is certainly an advantage for the Films of the Championship stickers, which despite the little interest aroused previously, on this occasion they are appreciated, each one presenting a day of the championship. In total then 38? No, over 50, as those linked to Serie B and news, Serie C and Serie A for women must also be considered.

The album is filled with stickers that recall the setting of the Adrenalyn collection, with MVPs, rookies and Rising Stars. The presence of a sticker to be attached on the back cover is certainly curious, Panini rarely makes this choice.

The photographic level stickers are of good quality, fortunately light years away from the terrifying “instant cards”. An album which, set up in this way, can be successful due to the relatively low price and because the combination of Panini and Calciatori often sells regardless.

Sure it’s a trial year, the graphics can be greatly improved. From our point of view, the team sticker could be brought back to the main album and make the Celebration a long and adventurous Championship Film, in all its 144 stickers or those that will be.

Remember the special stickers found in the upgrade set that you didn’t understand the use of and thought they were needed in this collection? Nothing more wrong. It is conceivable (probable?) that instead in Modena we have given an indication of what will be, with the arrival of parallel stickers also in the Calciatori, to be found in the classic sachets (as recently seen in the latest Super Mario album) or perhaps in special sachets where the presence of a greater number is guaranteed.

Honestly, we feel like quoting the accountant Ugo Fantozzi and his consideration of a certain Potemkin in a legendary scene from a film. Then everyone is free to spend their money as they see fit, it is important (on the contrary it would be a sacrilege) that there is still the possibility of completing future albums in the traditional way, considering that the traditional hasn’t been traditional for several years.




album: Fifa Women’s World Cup 2023 Adrenalyn (Panini)
cardS: 351 (1-351) + 5 card limited edition
starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 3 cards limited edition 9,90€
box: 4 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,50€ each
Bomber magazine july 2023: 2 cards limited edition

Risky choice or winning choice in perspective? Given the continuous growth of women’s football, it is certainly an appropriate choice. It’s only right that even female soccer champions have their own collection of cards. Did Panini anticipate the times too much? Maybe yes, but the Modenese factory has been carrying out a campaign for some time, even if not at the levels of Topps, to shift interest from stickers to cards, this album is proof of that.

Anyone who has met us at comics fairs over the last 10 years, having a chat with us, will surely remember that we have always said that the sticker albums of the women’s (and European) World Cups would have been among the collections of the future, becoming collector’s items . Emphasizing the concept, stating for the album of the Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 it would have been “the Mexico70 of the new millennium”. It was naturally a catchphrase but it is undeniable that that album is among the most sought after objects among collectors.

So, if it’s true that first love .. album .. you never forget, then one day this collection could be the subject of research. We are not big fans of cards, especially Adrenalyns which rarely offer something really exciting, but if you are, the advice is to make this collection. We sincerely still hope that the sticker version will also be released in Italy, there would also be several things to say in this case, but we refer you to the specific review.

The peculiarity of the women’s world cup album is also that it allows you to have cards of national team players that, in the men’s field, we have never found in a sticker album. In this case beautiful Vietnam. Zambia, if memory serves us well, should have been present in one of the albums dedicated to the African Cup (a project unfortunately abandoned by Panini almost immediately).

The collection contains 356 cards, 351 numbered + 5 limited (3 of which are included in the starter pack.
Divided as follows: 199 basic cards, 32 championships, 45 fan’s favorites, 9 titans, 9 magicians, 9 goal machines, 9 game changers, 9 top keepers, 9 legends, 9 rookies, 8 top masters, the invincible card.

The Italians? Here are the cards of the Azzurre: 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 257, 285, 312, 322, 338 and the limited by Barbara Bonansea present in the starter pack. Minimal but, with all the good we want to our national team, let’s say they don’t start among the favourites..

The setting is similar to that of the other Adrenalyn collections, so nothing special to report and information that you can find in the starter pack. Perhaps it is rightly so, the charm of the collection is not so much in the contents, standards, but in the fact that it is completely and obviously feminine.

Good solution for this first time, but if the project goes on as we imagine, let’s hope for something that can give new emotions.


MOTO GP 2023 (Panini)


album: MotoGP 2023 (Panini)

stickers: 240 (1-240)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Second year for the MotoGP sticker album. When Panini makes the Panini, that of once upon a time, that we will love forever. While Topps presents a rather poor collection for F1, Panini responds with a look towards the past and creates a collection that in its somehow simplicity makes it absolutely pleasant.

After all, from a purely Italian point of view, if sporting satisfactions have been lacking in F1 for many years, due to the fluctuating results of Ferrari, in MotoGP the sky very often turns “azzurro”, both for the drivers’ and constructors’ championships. Ducato red shines brighter than Ferrari.

The decision to create an album with a limited number of stickers has been confirmed, considering the increasingly demanding cost of the packets, it is right, dutiful, we would say necessary, that the collections have a total number of stickers that does not make completing the album too expensive . Calciatori aside, the other collections, with rare exceptions, should have a total number of stickers between 180 and 250, maximum, also considering that the boxes now include 24 or 36 packets.

Another important detail: they are stickers! Give us old people, old people, dinosaurs, but if we are destined for extinction, well until the last possible day we want to find albums on newsstands to fill with little paper friends to attach. Cards can wait.

The MotoGP collection is essential, in the positive sense of the term. As for the football stickers, each team is granted the same space, two pages that unite the two pilots representing them with large photographs with 14 stickers.

The graphics are captivating, the choice to differentiate the stickers is even more so. Not only special, standard, of the pilot, helmet, motorcycle, etc. But also or above all in a different format, which certainly make it more fun to complete the album. If desired, shaped stickers could also be added but even so, the set of pages does not go unnoticed.

Clearly the need to limit the total number of stickers means that part of the album cannot be dedicated to the history of MotoGP, Panini still manages to give space to the great champions of the past, which is in any case recent, i.e. from the birth of MotoGP. In the last edition, however, space was given to the Legends, we still remember the emotion of finding the figurine of the legendary Giacomo Ago Agostini.

The stickers of the circuits have also been re-proposed with technical details and a brief caption, another important aspect, even more so than having stadiums in football albums. Final pages for Moto2 and Moto3, so as to have a complete panorama of this world loved and followed by millions of fans all over the world, with Italy at the centre.

Important album, to support and collect, because Panini decides to continue producing it. Maybe leave other collections of little value (and sometimes little sense) like the latest “Azzurri” at newsstands and dedicate a little bit of your savings to MotoGP 2023.


AZZURRI 2023 (Panini)


album: Azzurri 2023 (Panini)

stickers: 228 (1-228)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stciers per packet) 1,00€ each

eco blister: 5 packets 5,00€

News from Panini, one would almost think of an end-of-season album but in reality it looks ahead, to a 2024 that will be poor for the Modena house given that after 44 years it will no longer be the publisher of the album of stickers on European soccer championships. Men’s Euro2024 will in fact be branded Topps.

There is a fundamental fact that we appreciate a lot about this collection, the men’s national team and the women’s national team have the same spaces within the album. From a graphic point of view, perhaps it would have been more captivating to have first one and then the other but from the point of view of the message we are here, the players and the players considered in the same exact way, as it will always be more normal.

It is undeniable that women’s football, after so many years of darkness, with the birth of professional club teams has been able to get back on top, thanks also to the results of our national team. Who knows that one day I can’t even bring back a star for the Azzurre shirt, difficult but nothing is impossible.

The album presents 38 footballers in great prominence, dedicating a page to each of them. Here too there is alternation, there is not always the champion first and then the champion or vice versa, small but important details. In reality there are many more male and female players, the solution of the rookie sticker is nice, where not only potential new champions are presented, but also those who have recently started wearing the blue shirt and successfully, as in the case of Mateo Retegui.

The format is the one proposed every year by Europublishing for club albums (Inter, Juve, Milan and Rome). The captions are linked to memories, records and curiosities. Appropriate choice, in order not to make a mere repetition of what we already find in the other albums already released. The color of the spaces is nice, reminiscent of the colors of our flag.

The stickers are honestly a little repetitive, they portray footballers in the classic bust photo or in action. More could have been daring, for example by making shaped figurines. Among the most interesting are those that have the tricolor in the background, the departure from the cards is also appreciable, with the photos in action that have the real background, be it the training field or the stadium. You could also leave it visible and not blurry, but that’s something.

For thematic collectors, pay attention to the final pages, where stickers from previous competitions of great champions such as Roberto Baggio, Buffon, Cannavaro, Riva, Maldini, Paolo Rossi and the coach of the first World Cup Italy Vittorio Pozzo are re-proposed.

A non-essential collection but for enthusiasts and always looking for new stickers to attach, it can be a pleasant pastime.




album: Magical Creatures (Panini)

stickers: 100 (1-100)

starter pack: album + 2 packets + 4 cards ltd 3,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers per packet) 0,90€ cad.

ecoblister: 5 packets + 1 card limited 4,50€

treasure box: album + 23 packets + 4 cards limited (only in some comics shops)

Second chapter of the quartet of albums that Panini offers for 2023 on the world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. After the houses of Hoghwarts it’s time for magical creatures from the movies. Not very easy to write something new compared to the review of the first album and probably it will be the same for the next two.

The lack of particular novelties is not always a negative aspect, in this case, for example, it continues the good intentions of the first album. Good paper quality, one hundred stickers which are actually two hundred to attach. Above average photographic quality of the stickers.

The internal captions are interesting, sometimes reduced to give all the space to the stickers, but we still invite you to read the texts and perhaps answer the occasional quizzes that you find on some pages. Don’t know what to say? No problem, correct on the last page and find the answers. Don’t peek first though!

In addition to the 100 stickers, the presence of 10 limited edition cards has also been confirmed, which can be found inside the starter pack, the blister packs and the special box on sale only at comic book stores. A wise advice is to keep the rhythm of the releases and not wait for the end, although all the packets of the four albums should be available until the end of the year, the overlapping of the collections could have a significant impact from an economic point of view.

Small grumble that we would have preferred to avoid, opening a blister pack of 5 sachets we already found ourselves with several doubles. On a collection of just 100 stickers easier that can happen but if there was a way to avoid it, it would be much appreciated.


MIRACULOUS – heroez in the world


album: Miraculous heroez in the world (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-192)

starter pack: album + 2 packets + gadget 3,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

Miraculous forever! Lady Bug and friends continue their close relationship with our beloved stickers as the years go by and new collections keep coming out. Not only that, we can also add that the quality improves and the editorial offer too.

Sometimes it’s even nice to repeat yourself and we do it. If you want to judge Panini, don’t stop at the static football albums (even by force of circumstances, we don’t even feel guilty about it, on the contrary, we like tradition in this case), but let yourself be carried away by the imagination and variety with which the albums are made on cartoons and comic series. Small and big jewels of the world of stickers.

The new Miraculous album follows the current line that we like to call the New Wave of Panini Albums. Satisfactory paper quality again, the price of the sachets which still settles on human figures, considering the period and without thinking of when the sachets cost 100 lire, other times, very distant, unfortunately, but not only for the cost of the sachets. Above all, it is the editorial proposal that convinces us, no useless and expensive cards, pages full of content, fun stickers to attach, a central poster that acts as an insert and somehow even a story in itself.

Total number of stickers 192, we are at the maximum limit of acceptable stickers for this type of album but we are still in a collection that is not impossible to complete.

The album is renewed giving little space to the individual characters but letting us be carried away in the heart of the animated series, each page is a story. No hesitation, you immediately enter the action! The right mix of captions and stickers that find ample space in the album, luckily at least with this type of collection the trend of not sticking the stickers has not yet arrived, it would be a real shame. The fun is reading the album like an illustrated book and then filling it with content through our little paper friends.

You’ll be spoiled for choice, forget the repetitive format, on this occasion we have rectangular, round, shaped, special stickers. Not as big as in other collections but with that charm that only comic and cartoon stickers can have, since the legendary albums of the 70s and 80s.

Central poster which is a real insert, dedicated to the special episode of the series set in Shanghai. Choice of quality, however, keep the same type of paper, always opaque and therefore resistant, furthermore the total opening of the pages allows to safeguard the album. It is not necessary to detach the insert, you can easily complete it and keep it intact within the rest of the collection.

Albums among the best of this first part of 2023, the “French cousins” ​​are not only good with Asterix, Blueberry and the masterpieces (among others) of Moebius and Bilal, in addition to the classic comics, they can also have their say with animation series !


Cry Babies magic tears (Panini)


album: Cry Babies magic tears (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

blister: 5 packets 3,90€

The return of the Cry Babies! Characters loved by the little ones are also once again the protagonists of a sticker album, excellent that this happens when it seems that Panini has finally found the right way in setting up sticker albums, starting with the quality of the paper.

It must also be said, in reality, that even with the first album released in September 2020, the choice of matte paper was good news. The clear conviction remains that it is often with these types of albums that the Modenese publisher demonstrates imagination and variety of proposals, much more than in static sports albums.

The album looks good, considering the target it is aimed at, we believe it is a product created for children and parents to play together, the many captions can be an opportunity to spend time with the family, with mum or dad who can read to children the story that accompanies the figurines. Take advantage of the opportunity!

Rightly so, the album is also full of moments of leisure, quizzes, games and more. On the first pages, a nice introduction to the world of babies, as if they were football players, each with their own card. Following are pages that introduce more and more details of this fun little world, while in others we can experience the adventures of our little heroes, complete with references to other myths of comics and cartoons.

Central part with opening poster, set up as if it were a photo album, to the point that there is also space to attach your own. The quality of the paper in this case is the glossy one, therefore lighter, to be handled with care. However, even this part, in the general context, is guessed.

The format of the stickers is the classic one, there are no shaped stickers but many special stickers, with special glitter and others to colour. In times of very light stickers that fly away with a breath of wind, a pleasure to discover in this case more substantial and very colorful and nice stickers. Perhaps born not only to be attached to the album but also to notebooks and a little everywhere.

Compared to other productions, the total number of stickers (180) and the relatively low cost, if compared to the rest of the products, make it a valid and interesting album.


SUPER MARIO play time (Panini)


album: Super Mario play time (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-144, M1-M32)

starter pack: album + packets + 2 cards limited

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

special pack: 8 packets + 1 card limited 6,90€

blister: 5 packets 4,50€ cad.

The film released in cinemas is a blockbuster, as was the tradition in the good old days, the sticker album also arrives on newsstands. The King of video games has renewed, his universe of characters has multiplied, the charm is always the same. So long live Super Mario.

The album made by Panini has an excellent chance of entering the Top Chart 2023 which we publish at the beginning of December. There are many aspects that make it unique but hopefully repeatable, other superfluous aspects made to spend and for the few who are interested, but which do not affect the possibility of completing the album. This must be the main road, if Panini wants to continue to make a surplus, he is free to do so, but without this having to affect those who love the old, immortal, classic idea of ​​wanting, perhaps even just “trivially”, to complete the album.

We add that fortunately the publisher is betting a lot on the Super Mario product, in 2022 the card collection was released, also one of the best of the year, now the sticker version is out. To each his own album, we are safe from terrifying and expensive mixes. However, here too there are 5 limited cards, perhaps more interesting for those who have collected the previous album.

Easily recoverable set of cards, three are present in the special packs (Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi) recognizable before purchase; two in the starter pack (Mario, Peach), while we write not yet available, we hope it will be available by the end of April. In this way, however, those who want to have the 5 cards can recover them, those who are only interested in the album and its beautiful stickers can simply avoid them.

Variety, this is the basic motif of the album. Many different pages, with many special stickers and a long and inspired introduction to the world of video games, indeed, we could say the video game par excellence, which covers different generations of enthusiasts.

It may seem that page after page a logical thread is not being followed, if you have this feeling it is because Panini makes the choice, in our opinion correct, not to dedicate the album to the storytelling of the film. It would have been a missed opportunity.

It is certainly a suitable product that those who know the video game universe will be pleased to recognize and find again the many characters, Mario’s power-ups, interspersed with references to the film’s adventure. The quality of the matte paper makes you forget the desperation with the productions of the last few years, we are really on the right track.

Since we are talking about a video game, the sticker album cannot be outdone, many opportunities to interact and all the charm of the splash pages, full of shaped stickers, which we had already seen in beloved albums such as Zagor’s. Great result and great fun sticking the stickers.

The cardboard solution of the central part with the 32 stickers numbered M, special both as stickers and for the heroes and villains of the video game that are represented, makes the album even more compact. Not only that, the message cards that can be detached are positioned so that, possibly, the rest of the album cannot be affected.

The attention to detail is certainly an added value, the second part of the album is perhaps less attractive at first glance, but has the advantage of presenting the Super Mario universe, a very classic solution which is not necessarily a defect for a sticker album. The first pages before the central insert, however, are really something else.

Grand finale with other games, tests and even the last coloring page. On the back cover, don’t go and peek first, find the solutions!

We wrote at the beginning of the parallel variants that are ok for those who want to dedicate part of their salary to these “Americanates”, but those who are not interested are not obliged and can easily collect the album. Out of a basic set of 176 stickers to complete the album, we even find 192 parallels, a blunder but in reality if you don’t get carried away in the madness of finding them all, it can be a nice and fun extra that also makes your album unique, having maybe an attached sticker that isn’t the same as that of your classmate or nerdy friend.

We never pretend or have the arrogance to think that our reviews and comments can even be food for thought for publishers, but we appreciate when good choices are made. In this case with multiple meanings: the quality of the collection, the limited number of total stickers, the same variety of stickers offered, the non-invasive extras for those who just want to collect an album. So many things in one album, which becomes not the exception but the rule!


NINNA and MATTI 2023 (Idea Lab)


album: Ninna and Matti 2023 (Idea Lab)

stickers: 164 (1-164)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€

box: 40 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Ninna and Matti do an encore! Second album for the web couple after the great success of the first, which sold out in a few weeks last year. The result was certainly due to the large following that the two boys have but also to an effective formula. Total 110 stickers, competitive price, easy to complete. The public rewarded Idea Lab’s proposal, rightly so, and now the Milanese publisher is repeating itself.

The formula is not exactly the same, in this new album the total stickers are about 50 more, in our opinion we are around the maximum number of stickers that a collection of this type should contain. The price of the packets has also increased, as has become the practice, however commendable that for each packet we find 6 stickers as opposed to the classic 5.

The album is not a mere repetition of the previous one, although since the setting worked, we find similar interiors. The two boys certainly like cartoons and comics, a lot of space is dedicated to their animated version. Not only in the comic story at the center of the album but also in many other pages.

Leafing through the pages you will be immersed in the world of Ninna and Matti, through a long story that unfolds page after page. A little mystery, lots of fun, let’s also add a little healthy “ignorance” and the final result is nice and will surely make the young fans of our two heroes happy.

The story intertwines between real stickers and animated stickers, a mix that works. The characters are the same as you can find in the videos, perhaps some of you will already know the ending, we are certainly not here to spoil the surprise even if, on the last page, there is talk of a “mystery solved”.

Sticker albums related to the world of youtubers have been a real category for some years now, whether you like it or not, they have largely taken the place of the cartoon albums with which previous generations grew up. Our thought is that if for a commercial product as recent as the world of youtubers, news always comes out on newsstands, they can only bode well for the future. Our little paper friends are still loved by the very young, not just by the more “old” collectors.

Another important aspect is the varied number of publishers involved in these products, good thing that there isn’t a monopoly and often the smaller realities present quality collections, from a graphic point of view but also as an overall proposal, in a phase of economic contraction like this. We are rooting for them!




album: DinsiemE (Panini)

stickers: 204 (1-192, P1-P12)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 figurine per bustina) 1,00€ each

eco blister: 5 packets 4,90€ c

special pack: 10 packets + hard cover album 14,90€

It is clear that Panini has focused a lot on this collection, so much so as to also create the hardcover version, an editorial solution that we have not seen the same care for important collections such as the 60th of Spider-Man and One Piece. They may have done their market research but it really seems like a choice to us, meaning it in a polite, questionable way.

Naturally we have nothing against DinsiemE, on the contrary! We liked the previous album, made by Promotional Srl in 2020 and found some interest from younger collectors. Panini puts its experience into play and creates a product that can stand out from the much competition in the world of youtubers. The result is undoubtedly remarkable.

The standard album is smaller in size and looks like a notebook with rings, so as to look like a product for school, after all the background of the pages is squared. The paper is excellent, if they wanted to hit the mark here we are. The hardcover edition mentioned at the beginning is only available in the comic shop circuit, at the price of €15.00 with 10 packets, it differs from the “serve a kidney” line of Panini products. In practice, with €5.00 you get the rigid version of the album. Another important aspect, another album without a card, thank you! Perhaps the editorial line that has battered so many collections in recent years has come to an end. If it’s just a lucky time, let’s hope it lasts.

The occasion of this new album is the arrival in cinemas of the film “The Legendary Journey”. However, the album is a general presentation of the web couple, with many references to their adventures and challenges that can be watched on Youtube.

The first part of the album introduces the characters, not only Dominick and Erick but also Isabella, Romeo, Doctor Giniu and Doctor Timoti. Below is a summary of some of our adventures around the web and around Italy and beyond. The third part of the album is dedicated to their most incredible challenges, the most magical jokes and journeys. However, a nice mix of fun and lots of crazy photos, both real and comics, within pages full of phrases and captions, as we all often liked to fill our school diaries.

Central gatefold poster that refers to the film to be completed with the 12 P stickers. Being the first album on the DinsiemE for Panini, it is appreciable that a wider choice was made on the setting and not to dedicate oneself only to the film. The stickers are nice and varied, including the special and shaped ones that you will have learned by now, if you read our reviews, they are our passion.

Album therefore very valid, have doubts about its effectiveness for the price of the packet, perhaps at least 10 cents could have been avoided (or add a sticker as other publishers have done) and for the total number of stickers. For products of this kind related to the little ones, in our opinion the right number is around 150, here we exceed 200. The album could have been absolutely pleasant even if less full-bodied. The real risk is to pass on the sly because it is too demanding to complete.

Some time ago a friend told us that he passed with his son near the square where the stage of the Panini Tour took place, he asked him if he wanted to stop, the answer was lapidary: “no dad, I can never complete an album anyway”. If this line of thought passes among the youngest, it is much more than a simple alarm bell, not only for Panini, but for all of our beloved world of stickers.




album: Vasco KOM Collection (Officina Edicola)

cards: 100 (1-150) + card 0

starter pack: album + 1 packet 9,90€

box: 24 packets (7 cards per packet) 3,00€ each

Officina Edicola tries again! A few years ago he brought the first collection of cards linked to the youtube Lyon phenomenon to the newsstands, achieving a probably unexpected success that led the product to be among the most sought after in Italy and beyond (in our small way, we have helped collectors by sending the albums even In the USA).

Now it’s time to do an encore with Vasco Rossi, on paper a guaranteed success given the huge following of the rocker from Zocca. In reality, however, it is a gamble, the figurines and the singers have always had a rather troubled, non-continuous history. To go back in time to a “noteworthy” album, we go to the 1990s where another publisher from Modena, DS, released a now highly sought-after album of Ligabue stickers.

DS? Yes, the one that signed an exclusive contract with the Iranian federation and because of this agreement, the stickers of Iran were not distributed in the Panini album of France ’98.

Returning to Vasco, we would like to ask Officina Edicola why they chose to make an album of cards and not stickers. Perhaps even for an economic choice, we would have preferred the second one. However, we must give credit to the publisher who, as he did then with Lyon, offers a real album where you can insert the cards as if they were photographs. Not plastic binders (the environment thanks you), not a little edifying little boxes like others do.

The album traces the history of Vasco Rossi’s concerts, starting from the imminent and going back to the distant 80s, tour after tour, from tent theaters to arenas, from stadiums to arenas and the historic appointment of Modena Park. It is important to underline the choice of photographs, taken together with the artist’s entourage, which involve some of the leading photographers in the musical world.

The history of Vasco’s tours is also intertwined with that of our country, emblematic is the tour of Rock under the siege which referred to the terrible war taking place in the former Yugoslavia.

The cards are of good quality, equally divided between the classic and the metallic and holographic ones. They feature Vasco on stage, backstage, preparing songs in the studio. Also present are the most significant album covers. In the album there is no mention but there is also a card 0, printed in just 1000 copies and distributed through the fan club. It doesn’t find space in the album so it’s to all intents and purposes an extra card, we believe the collection can be defined as complete even without it.

Ambitious and important collection, price not immediately cheap but without knowing the agreements between the artist and the publisher, it is probable that this operation had a demanding cost almost as much as making the album of a top football player. Great that the total number of cards is still contained.

Who knows if there will be packets distributed during this summer’s tour and if we will find the fans who, waiting for the concert to start, will make the exchanges.

Long live Vasco!




album: Aeronautica militare 100 years (Panini)

stickers: 164 (1-164)

starter pack: album + 8 packets 7,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Important premise, considering the commitment in social affairs and in the issues of peace that our Association carries out: this album should be reviewed for its historical and didactic value, to celebrate the centenary of an important Italian reality and also for its charm that we will explain in details. Certainly not as a hymn to war or military spending.

Panini has made a big thing this time and looking towards the future has not forgotten the past, its past. We are sure this collection will be loved not only by aeronautics and militaria enthusiasts but also by the many who will feel they are savoring the legendary albums of so many years ago. We noticed it right away, we don’t think we were the only ones: the album is the direct nephew, in format, in the captions, in the proposal, of albums that have driven generations of teenagers crazy, above all when sticker albums, even before books, they were illustrated encyclopaedias, to know and learn.

Another important aspect, perhaps thinking precisely of the type of audience, the album is of good quality and above all of a limited number of stickers. We’ll repeat it over and over again, it’s no longer time for monumental albums, also considering the cost of paper, both for those who sell and for those who buy.

Surely this album is a multi-handed work, our Air Force has not only limited itself to authorizing Panini but has certainly been a useful partner and advisor for the realization. If it is true that the album recalls the past, it is certainly richer in terms of didactic content. It’s been years since we’ve seen an album with so much written inside!

The first part of the album traces the history that is not only military but also technological and social, Italy is changing, it was also noticeable through what flew in the sky. In the captions many curiosities and information that sometimes arrive unexpectedly. It is an institutional, appreciable album, it could not be otherwise, which manages to combine the passion for air with a certain necessary detachment from historical facts, or from what certain events have entailed.

Another important aspect, which renews the excellent consideration of the product, is however not a mere acclaiming our aviation but also considering the missteps. Without taking part or political considerations but renewing the sometimes daring and epic roles that our pilots had, especially in the first half of the twentieth century.

From the 1950s onwards we see rapid technological growth in aviation with ever more sophisticated and faster aircraft. On the other hand, the Air Force is not made up only of Tornadoes and F16s, it is very interesting to discover other aircraft that are also fundamental for the progress of the country and consequently also for that of civil air traffic. While we were all at the cinema watching Top Gun, our planes were engaged in many operations around the world.

This is followed by the second part of the album, didactic but also technical, but absolutely legible, where many planes (and helicopters) from the history of military aviation are presented. A real treat for all enthusiasts, we are sure of it. We would like to be aeronautical technicians to go and discover any errors, but our Aviation is certainly among the best in the world, it is difficult to think of finding any.

The last pages are dedicated to the myth, especially if we think of the past, with ocean crossings, in the highest skies up to even space and the most remote corners of the world, starting with the adventurous exploration of the Arctic in the 1920s.

The stickers are necessarily mainly rectangular, an incredible collection of photos that are worth the purchase for their quality and epicity alone. The photographic archive of the Military Aviation certainly does not leave one indifferent. There are a thousand reasons to collect this album, we have discovered some of them, collectors have the pleasure and curiosity to find the others.

Among the albums of 2023, definitely.




album: Calciatori Adrenalyn TITANS 2023 (Panini)
cards: 252 (1-252) + 23 cards limited edition + 3 cards momentum
starter pack: binder + 6 packets + 2 cards limited edition 9,90€
box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
special packets: Premium 5,00€, Premium Gold 10,00€

Football is criticized from many quarters, the reasons are many, some exaggerated, others weighted. Surely the most beloved sport in the world has its fans as well as its detractors. This also happens with stickers and cards. Although we have been the first to collect football players since time immemorial, we believe that often they are collections that inevitably cannot but repeat themselves.

Panini, like many other publishers, demonstrates the best of its potential, graphics and ideas in other collections. On the other hand, if it is true that football, seen as the enemy, actually helps to financially support all other sports as well, in the world of stickers, if we still find so many products on newsstands and there is still so much interest, it is thanks to the collections related to football that with their turnover and always new (and many old) collectors allow publishers to create even more.

Titans reaches its second year, having to make a choice, it is a different but perhaps more interesting collection than the monumental Adrenalyn, it is distinguished by a greater variety in the graphic proposal. If it is true that 9 players per team are few (considering only the basic collection of the first 180 cards) this allows for a less demanding total collection, easier to complete.

The idea of ​​not making it a single collection but connected to the previous one is certainly apt, not so much in numbers as in the game connected to it. However, we remain convinced that the game, unlike Pokemon cards, is of interest to a much smaller audience.

Graphically captivating colors and backgrounds of the cards even if clearly distant from the context of the match and even less from the social colors of the clubs. A detail that probably only the “oldest” among us are interested in. As always, the need to give a title to the cards makes the adjective with which some players are presented (most of them, actually) not very credible, for example as “Legend”. The legends, excuse us, are different.

More interesting in some way are the multiple cards, three per club, which allow you to form a horizontal puzzle with the most used formation in the first part of the championship. Maybe in the future Panini could be more daring, creating a puzzle that can cover all 9 cards on a page. If it was done for Frozen, it can also be done for Calciatori Adrenalyn.

Anticipating Calciatori stickers himself, we find 33 “new signature” cards. Rather poor and insignificant winter transfer market (except for the legendary Ochoa), as for several years, but in any case they are new faces or with different jerseys, players or coaches, from our league.

In the 27 “World Star” cards we find a reference to the national team of the players of our championship who are protagonists in Qatar, starting with the world champions Dybala, Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez, etc.

In general, the Titans cards are more captivating than the Adrenalyn series, we think that the road to reach the level of other publishers is still long, all uphill if we think of what is made in the USA and beyond, but in any case it is undeniable that slowly, for some years now, there has been some improvement.

For those who want everything, the Momentum Cards, new for 2023 (3 or 5, in the printed guide we find “three” written but online we speak of “five”) and the 23 limited edition cards relatively easy to find, just buy all various products related to the collection, including the Bomber magazine.




album: Hogwarts houses (Panini)

stickers: 100 (1-100)

starter pack: album + 2 packets + 4 cards limited 3,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

ecoblister: 5 packets + 1 card limited 4,50€

treasure box: album + 23 packets + 4 cards limited

The dawn of a new era? Or simply the necessary research to propose something different? Maybe it’s the second one, but we like to think it’s linked to the first hypothesis. Certainly the HP phenomenon does not know the word end and indeed it is enriched with new followers, as the generations go by. Impressive if we think about how much the actors who play the various characters have become adults and those adults, unfortunately, some of them are no longer with us.

Panini’s editorial proposal is intriguing, in our opinion on the one hand it meets the now clear need to have albums that are not too abundant in stickers, on the other it also winks at collectors. For families the possibility of collecting an album with a limited number of stickers and therefore relatively easy to complete, for the large public of enthusiasts and fans having a collection of over 800 stickers but not in a single issue. This album is the first of four that thematically retraces the entire long saga, from the Harry Potter films to the Fantastic Beasts prequel.

The photos used are nothing particularly new for a Harry Potter sticker album, if the story is the same and the characters are always the same (even if, thanks to the Fantastic Beasts films, we are meeting new ones) then it is in the formula , in the format, in the proposal that you have to be original.

We don’t need to tell you the story, you know it by heart. The total number of stickers in the album could be misleading, from 1 to 100 but in reality they are 200, so the fun and pleasure that sticking stickers always gives us is guaranteed.

Even the choice to limit the texts and images printed on the album in other cases would have made us grumble, in this case it’s to give all the space possible to the stickers; once again, our little card friends are the absolute protagonists. We hope that in the continuation the charts will be able to amaze us, so as to make each album different from the other.

After all, the very title of the album leaves no doubts, this is a guide in stickers. Not sure what your house could be? The album opens with a nice test to find out, here too attaching the stickers is essential. Don’t you remember the other houses? Well, go to the last pages and maybe your curiosities will find the answers.

The general reasoning remains that brings us back to the sentence with which we opened this review. There was a need for novelty and to create new formulas to always keep the variegated world of stickers alive. Guessed the mix between two parallel but different worlds, that of occasional buyers and the most hardened collectors.

The interesting idea of ​​offering a box set to contain the four albums (hopefully calculated with enough space for the complete albums..), a sin exclusively on the Panini site and also a limited set of 14 cards, irrelevant for the completeness of the album but an extra that will please those who “can’t get enough”.

The paper in the album is certainly of a much higher quality than the Panini average of recent years. The stickers are no different, large and shiny, as are the special metal ones and the many more or less small ones. A questionable choice was that of inserting only four stickers in a packet, the price of the packet is paradoxically cheaper when compared to other collections, precisely as a function of the quality.

On the other hand, a sticker could be added and the price left at 1 euro. Is it just an experimental project? Maybe yes, but if you read what is written on the last page “the first four collections”, it is a clear message that Panini are convinced they have got it right; this time, we too think the same.




album: Stumble Guys (Diramix)

cards: 162 (1-162)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 7,90€

box: 20 packets (5 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

Not just Dragonball. After “Brawl Stars” Diramix has taken a liking to it and presents a new collection of cards dedicated to the multiplayer game Stumble Guys on newsstands. The formula is the classic one, 162 cards, a binder that exactly contains them all and little else dedicated to the details.

The binder is minimal, little space for information and details, at least there is a rich check-list with images of all the cards. Here we can discover that the basic set consists of 128 cards, followed by 24 gold cards and 10 special rubies.

For us it is difficult to understand if all the characters of the game are present, but surely there are many. The cards in turn have information only on the front, including the sequential number.

The lack of a guide is probably a problem for those who, like us, are only now approaching the world of Stumble Guys, for those who know the game the icons present, including emoticons, poops, boxing gloves and much more, are more than enough to understand what we are talking about.

Collection for fans.




album: Sonic Prime (Diramix)

stickers: 184 (1-184)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Sonic is back! The legendary hero of Sega games is now the protagonist of a series on Netflix, certainly not his first experience in cartoons but certainly a novelty, all thanks to modern high definition computer graphics, which has its positive sides, others less , but certainly well suited to a world that was born from video games.

Not just Marvel! The “fashion” of multiverses and parallel universes also involves our blue friend and here he is in the Shatterspaces, looking for friends to save, but at the same time meeting the counterparts of worlds very similar to his. Does it remind you of anything?!

The album has two purposes, on the one hand to tell the adventures that run through the episodes of the series, on the other to let us discover the many characters, old, new, alternative, parallels that the Sonic Prime world introduces us. A clever choice to infinitely multiply the possibilities, also from the point of view of the video game in the future.

It should be noted that the album rightly follows a logic, unlike other cartoons they are not disconnected pages, but the path is linear and allows you to enjoy the whole story. After all, the series itself has in some ways more the format of the TV series than the classic one of cartoons for the little ones.

You know by now our weakness for shaped stickers, in this collection we have so many, an album that certainly takes time to be able to complete it correctly. But that’s the fun, too, isn’t it? Non-classical central page of Diramix albums, no stick & stack or game, we can call it a “best of” of the main characters. The lack of the central game in an album entirely dedicated to.. a game.. even if to be played with the console, maybe it wasn’t necessary.

Very nice and funny stickers, as we have written, it is not so much the special ones that leave their mark but the many shaped ones that also point out a certain care in making them. Care unfortunately not found in the quality of the album paper, unfortunately really not sufficient. Diramix is ​​not the only publisher, others prefer different solutions, certainly the current cost of paper leads to even difficult choices, we begin to fear that, for publishers who release a lot of material on newsstands, perhaps it has become the only way to survive on the market.

Fortunately, avoid the useless cards, the total number of stickers is acceptable to complete the album without passing out too much. In our opinion, the right number would have been around 160, we believe the era of too full-bodied albums has long since ended, perhaps suitable for mainstream with even a more adult audience (Diabolik and Spider-Man for example) but for a product intended for smaller better not to exaggerate. Also considering the average duration of a collection on newsstands, relatively short and which, indeed, for parents more sensitive to our world of little paper adhesive friends, could also allow children to collect more albums a year.


Bologna FC1909 2022/23 (Euro Publishing)


album: Bologna FC1909 figurine 2022/23 (Coop Reno/Euro Publishing)

stickers: 120 (1-120)

album 2,00€

pack: 5 packets (4 stickers per packet) 3,90€

on sale at Coop Reno supermarkets, in the province of Bologna

A great new for all redandblue supporters, after many years an album of stickers entirely dedicated to Bologna FC is back available, as we already find in many other Italian cities that of the respective clubs. It is probably a request that came from many voices, ours included, often in our events and at the fairs we take part in in Bologna, it was a continuous tune “but don’t they make an album about Bologna?”.

The initiative is created by Coop Reno, the peculiarity is that the Bologna album is not available in .. Bologna! Understood as a city, the reason is plausible, the supermarket chain is widely scattered in the province but does not cover the capital. Not bad, as we did, Bolognese citizens, just move a few kilometers and you can find what you need.

As with crime novels, we didn’t go to the last page but leafed through from the beginning, the graphic layout reminded us of an editorial line well known to those of us who frequent newsstands. We weren’t wrong! The album is made by Euro Publishing, which has been involved for years with the albums of Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma and others.

Every single footballer has his own dedicated page, with three stickers, one of which is special. The large photo has all its charm, there would have been some statistical details, but on the other hand (just see the photo above) space is limited. As many as 28 players from the squad are present in the album, starting from the goalkeepers up to the strikers. The album is closed by coach Thiago Motta.

A nice and interesting novelty are the traditional first pages with the stickers of all the players together, on this occasion with 30 initial shaped stickers which also include the BFC logo, also present in the center of the page. Choosing this not very happy, the two stickers naturally can only bend. The basic idea, however, is simple but guessed, to be repeated, this small detail aside.

Stickers linked to supermarket distribution often complicate collectors’ days. It is understandable that the goal is to increase sales, but the binomial amount of expenditure which is equivalent to a total of packets makes it difficult to complete the album, unless you are the Bradford Family (a joke that you will only understand if you are at least 40 years old..). Coop Reno opts for a different, applause-worthy solution. The packets are bought separately, not necessarily connected to the expense. They certainly believe in the result of this product and so do we.

Good quality of the stickers, to note the small number of stickers which allows for an, we believe, easy collection. For a product of this kind, it is always the guess to go just beyond the 100 stickers. Someone will turn up their noses at the fact that the album is entirely focused on Bologna 2023 without references to the past. Solution full of emotions but hardly practicable, on pain of creating an album that is too rich and not very suitable for this type of proposal.

Also because the history of Bologna is long and articulated, but an extra page with the stickers of the stadium, the Casteldebole Sports Center, the Curva Bulgarelli full of fans, would have been appreciated.

After all, maybe after a good success, next year we could make a different album, maybe to celebrate 60 years since the last Scudetto, the Bologna of Dall’Ara, Bernardini, Haller, Pascutti and Bulgarelli who won the play-off in Rome against Inter by Helenio Herrera.

In our own small way, within the solidarity sticker project, we have some ideas, you’ll see in the future 😉 (EN)

The Smurfs (Tridimensional)


album: The Smurfs (Tridimensional)

stickers: 210 (1-210)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

If memory serves us, it had been several years since an album of stickers linked to the famous comic characters created by the Belgian Pejo had hit the newsstands. From comics to animated series the step was short and if you were a child in the 80s you will remember that it was all a smurf.

The new Tridimensional album has the advantage of, of course, referring to the latest television productions but also retracing history through the presentation of the individual characters. Not all of them, it would be impossible but the most famous are there and space is dedicated to each of them. It’s like having a puffy little encyclopedia. The texts are targeted and effective, to know all the features.

Historical smurfs but also second generation smurfs. For years we have wondered how could it be possible that there was only Lucille Bliss? Now the “girl power” is dominant with other girls to lend a hand to the “queen”. Excellent graphic work by Tridimensional that makes the album fun to complete, indeed we could say exciting. If you like very dynamic albums, this is definitely bread for your teeth. Square, shaped, special stickers, puzzles .. no page is the same as another!

Could the Smurfs exist without Paul Winchell and the ravenous cat ?!? As with all comics, next to a superhero there is always a super villain. Over the years the family has expanded, the album does not forget him and indeed helps us to get to know him better.

Good job by the publisher also in filling the pages with additional content with quizzes and other games, often achievable only by finding the expected sticker, as it should be! Central apotheosis with the Game of the Goose, or rather of the Smurf. Not a separate poster but pages from the album to be completed in order to arrive first at the Blueberry Festival. Do you find the “bonus” stickers? Well, if you roll the dice and land on the right square, you attack the card and double the score.

Absolutely pleasant album, if you love or have loved the Smurfs it cannot be missing from your collection. Rough paper always chosen happier than the glossy one, a series of details that put together, in our opinion, make it a candidate for being one of the albums of 2023. A flaw? Perhaps the too high number of stickers, 210 for such a collection, make it a little challenging. However, leafing through the pages of the album we find it hard to choose which page could be defined superfluous.


ME CONTRO TE – The movie 4 (Diramix)


in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria 
album: Me contro Te – The Movie 4: Mission in the jungle (Diramix)

stickers: 180 (1-180) + 40 cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

special packet (1 packet + 1 pawn for game) 2,99€ each

Pokerissimo! Not only within a few years have MecontroTe reached 5 sticker albums (six, counting the one with only cards) but even now we have two different collections on newsstands: the novelty linked to the new film and the previous one linked to the TV series , released in October 2022.

Without a doubt they are the winners of the web world for the youngest, consequently they ride the success with many productions, initiatives and editorial releases. Wanting to look ahead and also considering bookshop releases, it would perhaps be fun to make an album of stickers entirely in comics. The fact remains, we admit it, that we are particularly nice and therefore we always have an eye for them.

Not only that, we are also fans of Diramix, although sometimes they jeopardize our loyalty a little. Prices are not just affected by the crisis; to (our thought) prevent someone else from trying to invent card collection, the same ones are present in the collection (already happened with the couple’s third film). But the whole is always interesting, a collection that you can reach the goal of completing without going crazy. Also thanks to the subsequent request service for missing stickers, simple and cheap.

The album is practically the story of the film, right from the first pages we are catapulted into the adventure together with Luì and Sofì. No introduction, the story is rich, the jungle is full of mysteries, doing the usual initial part by introducing the characters would have been repetitive. After all, those who follow MecontroTe already know them! It is also appreciable that, unlike many other “heroes” of cinema or comics, at a certain point in history the archenemy, Mr. S, takes the side of the good guys. It’s not a spoiler, it happened in the previous movie 🙂

Well done Diramix! Whether it is an obligatory or editorial choice, the 40 cards are not a separate subject, they are the heart of the album. In fact, in the central part it is possible to insert them in the appropriate spaces, a much more appreciable solution than the boxes of other publishers. It is certainly a feasible path when the number of total stickers is not too demanding, but this consideration that Diramix has for those who want to collect the album is appreciable. And in the end, even we, who are not lovers of this sticker + card solution, can almost be happy with it.

The central part also hides another pleasant addition, The Game of the Goose by MecontroTe! On one side the usual poster of the film, on the other the dashboard, not trivial but well structured. Not only that, at newsstands it is also possible to find special packets with all the characters, in the comic version, which can become the pawns to play with.

The album is the usual mix of real scenes and comics, a line that almost all web heroes use for their productions and that we support. It also serves to make the collection more articulated and less static, more sparkling and less repetitive.

The stickers are mainly taken from stills from the film, the backgrounds of the pages, mostly in turn large photos from the set create an enjoyable mix. Much better than having made choices with unicolor graphics, perhaps simpler, but certainly less captivating. Among the stickers they always make their own.. “figur(on)a” the shaped ones, even the most demanding ones to put correctly on the album. The always present special silver or glitter on this occasion we have among the cards.

An album that maintains the Diramix line: stickers enough but not too many, cards perhaps necessary but not too many and not separate, general quality above average, an album that is appreciated and we don’t hold back!




album: Amici Cucciolotti 2023 (Pizzardi)

stickers: 476 (1-460, MS1-MS8, T1-T8)P + 72 cards (1-72)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 0,70€

starter pack: hard cover album + 8 packets 4,90€

box: 100 packets (6 stickers + 1 card per packet) 0,70€ each

Welcome back Cucciolotti! The news is not always positive, in the case of the annual album by Pizzardi Editore the pleasant news is that, in terms of spending for us (small and large) collectors, nothing has changed. Despite the complicated period, applause to the publisher who met the finances of the families and kept the offer unchanged. Same price as the packets, always 6 stickers plus a card inside them, same format, same total number to complete the collection.

Rightly so, the €0.70 price makes a great impression both on the album and on the packet box, it seems to us to be the lowest on the market. On the contrary, the quality remains among the best, both on the paper front of the album (the hardcover, practically free, is a delight), and on the variety and work of graphics and contents of the album. Certainly Mr. Pizzardi put himself on the line, rather than playing defense he aimed to go on offense, in the hope that the public, the families, will be able to appreciate the effort, because it certainly was. Let’s hope the response is positive and widespread, this collection deserves it!

The other always pleasant aspect of the Cucciolotti is that, unlike the cost of the packets, especially in recent years the contents are not a mere repetition of previous years. Not an easy or obvious detail, considering that it is mainly an album about animals and the species, unfortunately, are decreasing over the years, not the other way around. As happened with others, curiosity grips us and with the Cucciolotti we leaf through all the pages avidly before starting this review, aware, we are sure, that certainly and while paying attention, many aspects of the album will need further viewings to be discovered and appreciated. That’s what stickers are for!

What is the big difference between an album of illustrations and one of stickers? The first is already complete, the second loses much of its charm and potential, without sticking the stickers. Without our little paper friends, it’s impossible to fully enjoy what the rather imaginative creators at Pizzardi have been able to give us in the new edition that hits the newsstands.

Flipping through the pages, the collection gives a feeling of continuity, as if it were a long and unique adventure, there are interiors dedicated to the various continents and their inhabitants, animals and humans. It actually remains an important part but still only one aspect of this very rich album. The whole is a successful mix of printed illustrations, didactic texts and other more impromptu ones, such as the interludes of the comic strips of our big noses.

The Cucciolotti albums have never risked being static and cold, in 2023 they are even less so. Several pages are “challenging”, there are questions to answer, curiosities to discover, animals and puppy friends to collect. The dynamic sense is also given by the stickers themselves, many shaped and naturally an explosion of colors. If we go back to the initial discussion on the cost of the packets, it is an aspect to take into account and which we will reiterate again. Same price and same quality and variety of stickers, including special, transparent, metallic, shiny, etc. The stickers in all their glory.

The didactic and encyclopedic setting of the album cannot fail to take into account the animals that “are no longer among us”. It is an important aspect, we also hope parents can devote some time to explaining to children. If Mammoths and Dinosaurs are distant ancestors, it is much more impressive to think of types of elephants or tigers that are at risk of extinction. They too, one day, damn close, could only find space in stickers and school books.

Bees are important protagonists of life on our planet. Well done Cucciolotti to always dedicate a page to them, the stickers are nice, the texts are necessary to understand the serious risk we are running. This double aspect, which you also often see in the creation of our solidarity stickers, is a trademark of the album: learning while having fun but also trying to change things, knowing and understanding the uniqueness of many living beings, also necessary for our future, not just theirs.

The pages that deserve a specific comment are too many for this review, but not for the completeness of the album. We chose “The History” because it deals with a delicate but fundamental theme: if on the one hand each of us is unique and alone, we are all children of “Mama Africa”, therefore we are not all the same but we are all equal. Perhaps in the future Cucciolotti could devote even more space to evolution, however well present in this 2023 edition, this page talks about men, in others about the evolution of animals.

Amici Cucciolotti has done a lot over the years to support non-profit organizations involved in the protection of the environment and the animal world. Indeed, as the years go by, not only do the projects increase, but also the space within the album. An original and significant way to introduce the world around us and those who work to make it a better place. How to help them? By following the advice for good habits both at home and away, 10 brilliant stickers remind us. Also by purchasing the Cucciolotti packets. Living on a peninsula, we are well aware of the importance of water and the sea, a suggestion for Pizzardi? Dedicate a year entirely or almost entirely to the underwater world, perhaps through a long adventure of our Nasoni for the seas and large rivers.

Dog or cat? Could we have been missing from the Cucciolotti album? They are friends of many of us, they have dedicated entire albums to them over the years. We like it better when they are involved with all other living beings, but a special dedicated part fits all right. Indeed, the advice you find written in the album can be very useful for understanding the behavior of our puppies.

Our friends but also heroes. Sometimes there are animals that also play an important role in saving people and other animals in emergency situations. Well done Cucciolotti to remember it. There is little room for imagination here, they are true stories, sometimes incredible but always real.

The 2022 cards had been a big step forward compared to past years. Those of this year continue the initiative and indeed we can define them as an expansion. In fact, the game explained at the bottom of the album is suitable for both 2023 and 2022 cards. This therefore allows you to have 144 cards to have fun! Not only that, for families who do not intend to buy more than a certain number of packets, they can also use last year’s ones to make a single deck, full-bodied enough for the playful aspect.

We have already mentioned the stickers, once again parents will tremble at the fear of finding these small paper objects scattered on the furniture or on the fridge at home. Naturally better not, but many stickers have a social purpose and a message that can also become a small gift to a friend or sometimes even to an “enemy”. Cucciolotti stickers are always something special, we can’t imagine having them different from how they are. With the “easy peel” method they are also easier to remove from the tissue and to attach. Details? True, but you know that we are crazy about details!

The central insert is also appreciable where the internal part remains “defensive” to reinforce the pins and not risk the dramatic detachment of the pages. Actually with the Cucciolotti albums we don’t seem to have ever noticed this problem, but they were keen to do it, the “save album” is also patented. Well, we can trust those Pizzardi big noses!

One last consideration: last year we wrote that a perfect album could also have fewer stickers, perhaps around 400. Looking back, it should be borne in mind that the Cucciolotti album is not a seasonal product; usually a sticker collection stays on newsstands for 3-5 months. The Pizzardi album remains available 10-11 months. It is therefore logical that it has a suitable number of stickers which, if desired, can be searched for throughout the year.


MASHA and THE BEAR (Diramix)


album: Masha and the Bear (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B9, C1-C6)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers) 0,90€ each

Welcome back friends! In a slightly unexpected way, a new album on the famous Russian cartoon reappears on newsstands. A sign that the adventures of the little girl and her friend the bear continue to be very successful among the little ones. In reality, they are nice stories even for us grown-ups, although, admit it, we are all on the bear’s side, a bit like what happens with Wile E. Coyote and Beep Beep.

Someone could point out that the cartoon albums made by Diramix always follow the same pattern, with the central part dedicated to stick & stack stickers to create stories. It’s not bad! It’s a formula that works, Diramix is ​​among our favorite publishers because it manages to create products that appear simple but are not. No extra useless additions, no cards (it rarely happened), a truly family-friendly product.

If we remember correctly, this album is the first released by the Milanese publisher on Masha and the Bear. It is therefore right to start from the beginning, in the first pages we find the introduction to the characters, the two absolute protagonists and their friends. Simple but colorful and fun stickers, if you wish you could have made some shaped ones that make the “work” of attacking more and more challenging but also satisfying, it depends on the result.

The rest of the album is a mix of tracks from the many episodes of the cartoon where, also taking a cue from the features and settings, Diramix doesn’t just tell but also tries to make children interact with the characters. You have the sensation of entering the cartoon a little, think how nice it is to go and visit Bear in his home, humanized as if it were the same as ours.

We live in difficult times, it is important to use every opportunity to try and teach the children (and also the adults who participate in completing the album) some good notions for safeguarding nature. Everyone has to do their part, pages 26 and 27, leafing through the album, maybe it’s right to go back and read them again. These are simple suggestions, but fundamental for our future. Well done Diramix to introduce this important novelty in their albums!

Fun album, the stickers are loved (we always need to love our little paper friends!), the images inspire sympathy. A little more effort could have been made by adding, as written, the always appreciated shapes. The central part with stickers to stick & stack are a Diramix trademark and are always welcome to us.

Price of the packet which unfortunately follows the trend of (almost) all publishers. Once with a Diramix box it was practically possible to complete an album, now with the 30 sachet box it is no longer possible. So let’s hope for a season of changes.


Artonauti 4 – King Solomon’s ring (WizArt)


album: Artonauti 4 – King Solomon’s ring (WizArt)

stickers: 192 (1-192) + 42 cards elements

starter pack: album + 3 packets 3,90€

box: 25 packets (5 stickers + 1 card) 0,80€ each

There was a lot of anticipation for the fourth chapter of the Artonauti saga, the album comes out with a slight delay compared to what was initially foreseen but we forgive them, the important thing is to have it here, in your hands! There are sticker albums that we get to know as we leaf through the pages to review them, others that we cannot resist curiosity and immediately go to peek up to the last page.

Artonauti is, of course, of the second type. The project is now a cornerstone of Italian sticker publishing, something to be proud of. Maybe at the beginning not even the creators expected such a success, even if the setting, since the first album, was clear to create a series of stories. Other publishers, with much heavier names, have tried to copy the idea but with little success.

Bringing the youngest closer to art and making it rediscover by the older ones, through stories, comics and stickers. Since the 1950s (even earlier, actually) our little paper friends have known how to be the protagonists of this good intention, they once were, they still are. The strength of Artonauti is also to meet the current interests of the younger generations, the choice for this fourth album to link the fantasy adventure to art is tangible proof of this.

We don’t want to reveal too much of the story, but this album contains all the hallmarks of a fantastic adventure, time travel, meeting a mythical king like Solomon, searching for a ring, safeguarding our land and its elements that are imagined here as realms: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Will our heroes succeed? This is where art, or rather Art, comes into play. Through unique works we will be able to understand secrets, discover realities, places and protagonists of this adventure.

Naturally, Arcimboldo’s paintings from the 1500s could not fail to be present and indeed they are the natural opening of the four chapters of the album. It is an incredible method for discovering even details that perhaps, despite having possibly seen these masterpieces live, we have not stopped enough to study them. The stickers cover these gaps, the Artonauti album shows you how to discover the details, sometimes you just need to find the right sticker!

We have the pleasant sensation that, even more than in past albums, the Artonauti invite you to carefully read the captions, to follow the directions, to somehow follow the tracks. We are very (very very) rarely supporters of the theory of not sticking stickers, in this case not doing it really wouldn’t make any sense. Without the stickers, the album is not understood, it is like reading a book where the lines are printed only alternately.

The graphic setting of the four chapters is similar to each other, it follows a varied and linear scheme at the same time that we appreciate. Four chapters like the four elements that traditionally make up the unique and essential universe.

Let us add that we, great lovers of shapes, are put to the test with Artonauti 4. The stickers are classic rectangular but must be inserted within the image printed in the album. A job to be done with care for the collectors but also for WizArt who created the graphics, cuts with minimal defects would be enough to not assemble the sticker perfectly with the drawing underneath. Considering that we are facing wonderful paintings, the final result must take your breath away.

We are also put to the test by some interactive parts of the album, with quizzes, rebuses, sentences or words to complete. We collectors, of the old guard, tremble at the mere idea of ​​finding pen marks on our beloved albums! Of course we’re joking (up to a certain point.. but it’s right that especially the younger ones have fun without thinking too much about keeping the items untouched “from newsstands”), our suggestion is maybe to get two albums. One to attach and the other to fill in, why not? 🙂

The paintings are never casual, they are part of a historical moment, an environment, a season, even a thought or a desire. The Artonauti are also good at giving notions that go beyond art but are somehow part of our daily life. Once again we have the sensation, pleasant, that everything is connected, when those 4 elements are part of us just like we are part of them.

If the 192 stickers are often “frames” of paintings alternating with the comics of our adventurers, the 42 cards re-propose the works of art as a whole. 42 like the playing cards, 10 per color plus two King Solomon Jokers (which we haven’t found yet! Could it be the rare one on the album?!?), perhaps not to be used to play poker but the interesting game explained at the bottom to the album.

Detail that we liked: on the back of the stickers it is also written which painting it refers to, the author and the year of realization. We like the details, by now you know it if you follow our reviews.

Considering our social commitment with the Adotta Con La Figurina project and the production of solidarity stickers, it is commendable on the part of WizArt to have linked the album to the fundraiser for Sightsavers Italia Onlus in order to save children living in the most poor of the world. In this case, no need to make transfers or deposits, to make your contribution, buy the Artonauti packets!

Unfortunately, the paper crisis has also affected our Artonauti friends, the album is slightly affected by the less than excellent quality of the paper (a few creases scattered between the pages) and the cost of the packet has increased by 20 cents compared to Artonauti 3. On the other hand however, it remains one of the most advantageous prices on the market, above all when considering the quality/price ratio and the incredible work of preparation and involvement of experts, teachers and scholars that every sticker adventure entails.

Long live the Artonauti!


PAW PATROL – Rescue Knights (Panini)


album: Paw Patrol – Rescue Knights (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-149, F1-F27)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers) 1,00€ each

For the glory of Barkinburg! For about 10 years Paw Patrol has been a cartoon that warms the hearts of many children, generations go by but Ryder and his puppies always know how to conquer new fans who perhaps take the place of those who have “grown up” and so the cartoon has reached the ninth television season, plus movies, spin-offs and more.

Thanks also to the authors who have been able to create new adventures. The album refers to the new television season where our heroes are catapulted into fantasy, between dragons and princesses. An original solution and one can also say spot on, given the result.

The first pages of the album introduce the new characters, could a dragon be missing? Here comes Sparks! The only “wild beast” who is crazy about marshmallows. Already from this introduction it is understood that it is not only an album of stickers, but also of games, to be colored. Indeed, if you are a bit fanatical like us, maybe buy two albums, one to have the children attach the stickers, the other to fill it with colours, drawings and much more.

An interesting aspect compared to other similar albums is the presentation of some stories which in this case are best told. Not the usual classic 2, but even 6 pages! Nice graphics that also mimic video games. Fewer adventures but more space to get to know them better.

The interaction between young collectors and the album finds new life on each page, the breaks between the adventures told are in fact pages where stickers and games come together for a moment of healthy and light fun.

The central opening part is spectacular! In some way it is a summary of what was seen in the album, only having followed the stories carefully can you answer the quizzes, only by attaching the stickers is it possible to complete the rest of the games. We believe this is the right way for an album of stickers intended for a very young audience, effective, interactive, not too many stickers and no useless cards, very colorful and lively, without a moment of boredom from the first to the last page.

The stickers are appreciated, it almost seems like the Paw Patrol want to get out of the paper and play. We like the details and there are plenty of them here, the red frame stands out well, the special glitter with the silver frame just as well. Shapes are always a pleasure. Worth noting is the quality of the album, rough paper like it used to be. Too thick to be used in the monumental Calciatori but that should be a rule for all albums at least under 200/250 stickers.

Absolutely pleasant album to collect, a pity about the price of the packets, which denotes the fact that the presence or absence of the cards is no longer even an added value, but just a useless complication for those who want to collect the album.


CALCIATORI 2022-2023 (Panini)


album: Calciatori 2022-23 (Panini)

stickers: 739 (00, 1-660, P1-P20, PM1-PM9, CM1-CM9, M1-M40)

starter pack: album + 4 packets 3,00€

box: 100 packets (5 stickers) 0,80€ each

blister: 5 packets 3,90€

super pack: 40 stickers 5,00€

hard cover + 5 packets (january/february 2023) 24,90€

The end of the year is the time for discussion of the Finance Law and the budgets of the Municipalities and Regions, an important moment at the center of a thousand debates. In any case, little if compared to the thousand discussions generated by the most awaited sticker album of the year. Of course, our statement is deliberately exaggerated, but up to a certain point. If Churchill stated that «Italians lose football matches as if they were wars and lose wars as if they were football matches», such an extreme concept can also be considered, given the due proportions, in the Panini album of the Calciatori.

Starting from the consideration that it is impossible to make everyone happy, for example among the nostalgics and the proponents of renewal at all costs. Calciatori always maintains its charm, it is an objective fact, even if going forward over the years it is increasingly similar to an album linked to Serie A and partly to Serie B. The rest is little, at least within the album traditional.

Necessary because the world of football has changed, the teams present squads of about 30 players, once half of the stickers were enough to present a club. Now there would be the risk of leaving out too many protagonists of the championship. Every Serie A club must necessarily have at least 30 stickers and even so someone is left out. The solution cannot be otherwise and the cause and effect on the album is a limitation of everything else.

Right? In our opinion, yes, but inevitably. We are sure that many will not agree with us, but we believe that Panini’s choice to limit the total number of stickers on the album is appropriate. Not counting the stickers that will come out later, we find ourselves with “just” 667 stickers in the basic set, the one found in the traditional packets. In the past years we had reached over 800.

The Calciatori album has a duty, perhaps even a moral one, to be a popular product, within the reach of everyone or at least the vast majority of the population. Which, mind you, does not coincide with a poor product concept, the Calciatori album never was.

For avid collectors, for those looking for more products, for everyone else, Panini has invented various products over the years, more or less appreciable. This year the Celebration Album will be added in June next year, too early to understand what it is. Definitely one more collection for those who can’t get enough. Where also, after so many years, the Film stickers of the Championship find space which leave the traditional album, perhaps only for a year, perhaps forever.

Note of merit for the first page, in life details such as memory are important, the exciting tribute to Bruno Bolchi, the first sticker ever printed by Panini, who passed away this year, is a gesture that should be appreciated and applauded. Even more so that it is the number 1 sticker and with this the album opens. Not considering the 00 sticker which is somehow extra to the collection, perhaps also for this reason it is not part of the classic numbering.

The Serie A chapter is largely the most substantial of the entire collection, 545 out of a total of 660 stickers. It’s always nice to find that the teams all have the exact same space and that the total number of stickers is equally divided for each of them. For each club, the total four pages have been confirmed, on the first two pages 22 stickers of the main players in the squad plus the Scudetto. A perhaps too abstract page seen empty but splendidly attractive with stickers attached (stickers are born to be attached! We are of the Old Guard, now and forever).

The attempt to change the sticker with a double image like last year did not last long, the sticker is however distorted compared to the classic one. Remember stickers from other publishers, we personally don’t mind. We are also convinced that it is a constantly evolving process, let’s perhaps expect something different in the 2023-24 season.

The other two pages have a completely different aspect, where the space for the stickers is limited to five but the colours, the captions, the printed photos make it attractive to then be, almost, perfect with the addition of the stickers. Why almost? We would have tightened everything to leave the player scores in this area and not relegated to the bottom of the album. We remain of the idea that everything concerning a team must find space in these pages, even to the detriment of limiting the stickers.

This year we find the special stickers of the top player (“Elite”) and for the most significant new arrival (“New signature”), in addition to the traditional stickers of the coach and the shirt. Squadra Primavera rightly present, but only as a photo. The P-Più amata stickers, confirmed after last year’s success, also present for 2023 and always available with the update set.

At the end of Serie A, the usual columns linked to the news of the championship. As already written, The Film of the Championship is no longer present. The nine PM and CM stickers have been confirmed, with the players and coaches voted for month by month. It is not specified exactly but the first three of both can be found in the traditional packets, the others with Sport Week. Followed by the 40 stickers of the Calcio Mercato. We checked, there doesn’t appear to be any Tim figurine or similar, thanks! Object forcibly useless, we will not miss it.

The novelty of this year is the lack of .. other. Every year Panini has invented several extra pages, last year the national team, the year before also the national singer (a page highly contested by many, not by us, in all honesty). In the 2022-2023 album from Serie A we go directly to Serie B and, if you are too curious to wait, and jump to the end of the collection, you won’t find anything there either. Necessary choice perhaps due to the lack of a winning idea, useful for maintaining the total number of stickers.

Speaking of novelties, the one linked to Serie B is significant. An option already seen in past years, no longer single stickers in blocks of 3 players but four large stickers with a total of 16 players. So we have 2 players less than in previous years. In reality, the number of stickers has decreased but not the players as a whole. Many others find space at the bottom of the page, complete with a small photo.

A detail that we are pleased to point out, on the Spal page, as for all the other teams, at the top we find a “frame” of the photo from the fans’ curves. The image is deliberately not clear, but in the case of Spal and the members of the Curva Ovest Ferrara, it is very easy to recognize the flag with the image of Federico “Aldro” Aldrovandi to whom we have dedicated two of our Solidarity Comic Cards (, in collaboration with the Ultras and Amnesty International.

Let’s imagine Panini inserted the photo without probably thinking about it, maybe the graphic designer doesn’t know the story. We do and we are happy if, even if unwanted, it finds space in an album that is printed in millions of copies. Aldro lives.

Serie C at historic lows, but since last year there’s a reason. In fact, the 3 albums connected to the Digital Collection have been confirmed, which we recall are virtual only if one wants to keep them as such, it is possible, when completed, to order them in Panini with the traditional stickers to attach. The figure of 50.00 euros per album is not entirely cheap but not prohibitive either. The big news for 2023 is that the album on the women’s Serie A is finally added. This is an absolute first, let’s hope it’s successful. In this way, the miserable 10 stickers with the women’s teams on the album find new life from this editorial initiative that we greatly appreciate.

Coupon as always present in each packet, this year with a double use. Not only the Digital Collections but also the return of Calcio Regali and therefore the collection of points. A further effort by Panini that is never taken for granted and therefore a pleasant return.

The Calciatori album has another feature, often unique in the panorama of stickers, its story never ends with a review. There are still many aspects that we will discover during the year, it should be renewed or at least communicated, as we will do on our social pages.

The stickers are much lighter to the touch than last year. A detail that will not go unnoticed, even by the most inattentive collectors. We believe it can be traced back to a Panini choice to keep the costs of the packets unchanged from last year, for the same reason the number of stickers is more limited.

Some have already asked us on past occasions why we don’t refer to the exclusive products of the Panini site. We have rarely done it, we are always on the side of retail, on the side of newsstands which are the heart of the country, they are the point of reference for millions of Italians. They are the Italy we like. Let’s add, for the record, that this year Panini has created 20 extra “cover players” stickers, they are not part of the collection (according to them, go explain it to the “completists” among us ..) things will find a way to be sold in other subsequent releases as well. Very likely they are only Parallels that are so fashionable now (image equal to the classic sticker, perhaps in a silver, gold or even limited edition version).

Everyone is clearly free to spend their savings as they see fit.

We all relaunch the invitation that is emphatically written on the cover “unleash your passion” and above all have fun! Perhaps by joining many other collectors at FIGUCON 2023, Sunday 15 January at Estragon Bologna, a fundamental day also for exchanges and hopefully the possibility of completing one’s albums.


INTER 2022-23 (Euro Publishing)


album: Juventus 2022-23 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (I1-I30)

starter pack: album + 24 stickers 4,00€

box: 50 packets (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card) 0,80€ each

The World Cup in December somewhat upset the release of various sticker albums, including the now traditional albums of the Milanese house dedicated to Inter, Juventus and Milan. In fact, to be completely honest, we almost thought they wouldn’t come out this year. Instead here they are.

We have had albums dedicated to the big three (we don’t want the others..) of Italian football for several years. Difficult to be innovative, year after year, in fact it doesn’t happen. In recent years the similar structure is quite similar. We think more could be done. The potential ideas are plentiful. At least there are always different details between one club album and another, with the result that, in our humble opinion, some releases are more appreciable than others.

(n.b. these first two introductory paragraphs are repeated in the three different reviews)

The rather sparkling first pages of the album, the entire squad of players, the typical team in 8 puzzle stickers and the new arrivals to which great prominence is given. The choice not to repeat the giant photos that we will find elsewhere in the album is appreciable and successful. Emphasis for the return of Romelu Lukaku and also for the newfound attacking duo with Lautaro Martinez, one of the main architects of the 2021 championship. Victories that in part continued the following year with the victory of the Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup, celebrated with one page each.

The most abundant part of the album is, as always, dedicated to the presentation of all the players of the first team, in addition to coach Simone Inzaghi. The choice in this part of giving the same space and the same number of stickers (5) to all 26 different players, whether they are established champions such as Handanovic and Barella or hopefuls of international football such as Asllani or Valentin Carboni, is always appreciable.

The stickers reproduce the player bust or in action, single and double. The autograph, in the past as a stick-on sticker, is now printed on the album. Better. We have opened several packets without finding special stickers, we are not sure but they may not be present. For this type of album it’s not a duty, maybe renewing yourself a little yes.

The album ends with the Primavera and Women’s, a look at the fans and at the Curva Nord Milano, an appreciable page dedicated to Inter Campus. For many years, the club has been at the forefront of solidarity and support initiatives for children and young people from many parts of the world.

Compared to the Juventus album, the Inter album is certainly more dynamic. However, it shares the same problem, the total lack of references to the historical glory of the club born in 1908. These types of albums are designed for diehard fans but we also believe for children, bringing them closer to the world of stickers, perhaps waiting to try to deal with the much more demanding, also in terms of costs, Calciatori Panini. Let the kids know who not only Javier Zanetti or Ronaldo the Phenomenon were, but also Giacinto Facchetti, Walter Zenga, Sandro Mazzola, Giuseppe Meazza, etc. it is to keep the collective memory alive and strong. Football was not born yesterday and has a beautiful history.

In addition to the 216 stickers, we also find 30 cards this year. Nothing particularly significant, although of good quality. Also considering the unchanged cost of the packet, where you can find 4 stickers and 1 card or 5 stickers, we can accept this solution without problems.

In our opinion, this album has great uncultivated potential, where one could really indulge oneself even with different formats of the stickers, etc. However, if this leads to an increase in costs, then it is better to stick with the current proposal, which certainly pleases the most convinced Inter fans.


MILAN 2022-23 (Euro Publishing)


album: Milan 2022-23 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (M1-M30)

starter pack: album + 24 stickers 4,00€

box: 50 packets (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card) 0,80€ each

The World Cup in December somewhat upset the release of various sticker albums, including the now traditional albums of the Milanese house dedicated to Inter, Juventus and Milan. In fact, to be completely honest, we almost thought they wouldn’t come out this year. Instead here they are.

We have had albums dedicated to the big three (we don’t want the others..) of Italian football for several years. Difficult to be innovative, year after year, in fact it doesn’t happen. In recent years the similar structure is quite similar. We think more could be done. The potential ideas are plentiful. At least there are always different details between one club album and another, with the result that, in our humble opinion, some releases are more appreciable than others.

(n.b. these first two introductory paragraphs are repeated in the three different reviews)

In the first part of the album, we find the pages reversed from the Inter and Juventus albums. Solution that to some might seem almost chaotic. The new arrivals are presented (allow us a joke: it seems that Milan have only looked for players with impossible surnames!) followed by the general roster of the first team.

Next, page after page, we find the individual pages of 30 players with the addition of coach Pioli. The large photos of the players, around 5 stickers each, certainly have an impact. Nothing special, player posing, in action, including one in two parts. Some important captions, including career and personal records, sometimes quite curious.

Final part of the album that retraces the classic sections of the Euro Publishing albums, with the Primavera team, the Milan Women and the celebration of the 2022 championship which, frankly, we would have seen well as the opening of the collection. 216 stickers focused on today’s Milan, we will be repetitive but we would have appreciated a few pages of the glorious Rossoneri history.

In addition to the stickers, there is also room for 30 cards. Collection that is certainly pleasant for AC Milan fans, but in our opinion there is always the feeling of not going beyond a quality work, but still relatively simple. Every year we expect something more, every year we see interesting details, but the road is still long. However, an absolutely collectible album for Milan fans.

The choice of eliminating the plastic of the starter pack in favor of a version where the album already contains 24 stickers ready to be attached is excellent.


JUVENTUS 2022-23 (Euro Publishing)


album: Juventus 2022-23 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (J1-J30)

starter pack: album + 24 stickers 4,00€

box: 50 packets (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card) 0,80€ each

The World Cup in December somewhat upset the release of various sticker albums, including the now traditional albums of the Milanese house dedicated to Inter, Juventus and Milan. In fact, to be completely honest, we almost thought they wouldn’t come out this year. Instead here they are.

We have had albums dedicated to the big three (we don’t want the others..) of Italian football for several years. Difficult to be innovative, year after year, in fact it doesn’t happen. In recent years the similar structure is quite similar. We think more could be done. The potential ideas are plentiful. At least there are always different details between one club album and another, with the result that, in our humble opinion, some releases are more appreciable than others.

(n.b. these first two introductory paragraphs are repeated in the three different reviews)

The Juventus album opens with a double page with the squad’s squad followed by the jerseys and new arrivals. Important names, well-known faces of international football, starting with the “Flaco” Angel Di Maria. Given the weight of the player, it is strange that a larger space has not been dedicated to this new arrival.

Instead, it is right to dedicate two pages to the Juventus stadium, the pride and avant-garde of Italian stadiums. We are among the supporters that stadium stickers should always be present in albums, together with the fans they are the absolute protagonists of the colors and passion of football, much more than televisions.

Each page below is dedicated to a player in the squad, which also includes the youngest, the great promises of football, several potential rookies. Beautiful giant photos of the players, posing, different from each other. In addition to coach Allegri there are 27 players. For each of them 5 stickers, classic bust photo, in action, double.

Every year we report it and every time we expect something more, because the Juventus women’s team has been giving a lot to football and to the national team in recent years. We believe that it deserves the right tribute, even at the expense of fewer stickers for men but with four pages which, as at the beginning of the album, presented the entire squad.

We haven’t opened enough booster packs to confirm, but it appears there are no special stickers. For a sports album we don’t consider them essential, we prefer the quality and variety in the choice of images, which is lacking a little here. The static nature of this album is rather cumbersome, we also wonder how it is possible not to dedicate space to the history of the club, to the great players of the past.

It is appreciable that the cost of the packet has remained unchanged compared to previous years, where, among other things, there is no difference in value between the stickers and the cards. Inside the packets you can find 5 stickers or 4 stickers and 1 card without distinction. Last year, where there was no card, there was a special sticker.

Albums only “for true fans” or to introduce children to the world of stickers.




album: Princess Disney – Today is magical (Panini)

stickers: 188 (1-188) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 4,90€

Another Disney Princess album?!? It is important not to make a copy of the previous ones, which are many. If this was the intention, it seems to us that the goal has been achieved. Very interesting, varied, bubbly, dynamic album. Too bad only for the 50 cards, although in this case at least, with a minimum of extra effort, they are appreciated and will certainly be a joy for the many passionate girls.

The album somewhat follows the Calciatori rule, if in the Panini “flagship” each club has the same space, here it seems to us the same happens with our Disney cartoon heroines. Also because, you can imagine the disaster of an internal battle between the Princesses!

In reality, the fun and original aspect of this collection (as of others previously) is that our beautiful girls interact with each other, they are friends, they embrace and take pictures together. The album does not separate one from the other, at least in part.

The quality of the album, its matte paper, its compactness make it appetizing even for older collectors. A multitude of colors invade the pages with many references to cartoons that have immobilized millions of children and families in front of the screen. The underlying concept says it all in the title: space for magic!

Magic is also involving little girls who will be enchanted by the large images of the Princesses, but also by the many small and large games to interact with that we find in the album. Not only thanks to the figurines, but also to the detachable central insert where you can detach the cards with the princesses and their skirts and create magical stories with them.

Then there are pages dedicated to individual Ladies, where in addition to attaching the stickers, you will need to arm yourself with felt-tip pens to color Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel. Among the many other gems of this collection, memorable page 20 where the shaped stickers of the 7 Dwarfs find space, naturally around their beloved Snow White.

The stickers and also the cards are a feast for the eyes. At the moment we have only seen a few packets, but either we have been particularly lucky or the work together has really been over the top. Even the cards, as mentioned, while adding to the cost of the collection, are assertive.

You don’t know what to get a granddaughter for Christmas. This could be a solution!




album: Strange World (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-168, P1-P12) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 4,90€

“Strange World“, for those who have seen the trailer at the cinema, has everything to be a film to remember, after some Disney missteps in recent years. Perhaps. Above all because personal taste is also touched here, in some distant way it can recall “The treasure planet”, a quality cartoon but which did not have great success at the box office.

Waiting to know whether or not it will be the Christmas film, we have serious doubts that the sticker album could be a success. Perhaps it is not the most appropriate way, but in this case the first part of the review is to point out the defects and the aspects that are not very appreciable for us.

First of all the quality of the paper, lately we have seen a marked improvement in the Panini house, perhaps for this publication they have used returns from stock. The result is visible to the naked eye, very low quality, wrinkled paper. Considering that it’s not even a free album (but even in that case it wouldn’t be an excuse), since with the price of the starter pack you pay just under 1 euro.

The other aspect that leaves us rather perplexed are the exaggerated 50 cards. Necessary evil? Apparently yes, if we think of the concept whereby, in order to maintain the rights, the publisher is obliged to print both stickers and cards. So out of necessity he burdens an album that could have been nice with 50 cards which only makes it that much more difficult (and expensive) to complete.

Cards that in this case really have nothing to be a pleasant extra to the album of stickers. We’d really like to know if that 50 card is the minimum wage that Disney grants to Panini to maintain the rights, or if it’s a self-defeating choice by the Modena company.

The album traces the history of the animated film, so “spoiler alert!”. The advice we give you is to run to the cinema and then attach the stickers so you can enjoy the highlights of the cartoon again. The graphics of the pages are well done, we find the places, the sets, the landscapes of the films.

The stickers rediscover their role, essential for coloring the various pages even more and making them complete. Appropriate choice because we are dealing with a film with many protagonists, an album divided by characters would perhaps not have been suitable.

Central poster with the film poster on one side and the space for the 12 stickers numbered with the letter P on the other. If you have any doubts about the names of the heroes of Strange World, this is the right place to make a quick summary!

The stickers are apparently simple but find, as just written, their rightful charm within the album. Worth noting are our beloved shaped ones that we always like a lot (by now you will have understood it, if you follow our reviews..) and the special ones, with the most sought-after details of recent albums.

Go to the cinema and Merry Christmas!




album: Barbie dreamhouse adventures (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 36 packets (6 stickers) 1,00€ each

Welcome back Barbie! In reality, the legendary Mattel doll has never left us, but as a sticker album we hadn’t seen a product on newsstands for a few years. The occasion is the recent animated series that can be seen on television on Cartoonito and Netflix. It is therefore not the classic Barbie, the stories are inside a college, but the blonde with blue eyes is always her.

First good news, no card! When a new sticker album comes out, we always tremble at this option which, only in some cases, is an added value. In most cases it is just an additional expense that also makes it difficult to complete the album.

Second good news, quality album! After all, in Barbie’s fashion world, class is everything. Large format, paper without creases or other problems, first part of the album dedicated to the presentation of the characters. Second part also dedicated more to the TV series, with the adventure told in some episodes.

Actually the first 8 pages are dedicated to Barbie and her family, her sisters and her animals. Perhaps it had already happened in the past, for many of us it is a shock to discover both Barbie’s last name, Roberts, and to see the parents for the first time. A page is not dedicated to them, but they are certainly there in the series and also in some images of the album.

By the way, did you know Ken’s last name is Carson?!? We and we discovered him by leafing through this album. To follow the other characters of the series. The pages are largely filled with stickers, but there is no shortage of captions that accompany us to gather lots of useful information.

Spectacular central poster dedicated to the world of Barbie, homes, sports, college and all school mates. The stickers are to be attached on both sides, somehow we are faced with a mini album.

The choice of being able to open it completely is excellent, so that, if desired, it is not necessary to detach it from the album. Problem that often grips us with the central posters in albums.

Final part of the album dedicated to some adventures that we can follow in the TV series. It is appreciable that, to maintain the limited number of total stickers, we find some (few, therefore irrelevant) substitute illustrations.

The final page, not having had the opportunity to view the stickers, could have some additional details. Girl Power can certainly not be something more!

Very interesting album, beautiful and large, even the stickers are appreciated, including the shaped ones and the special glitter ones. Although the packet is now at the standard price of 1.00 euros, there are at least 6 stickers in each. With the box of 36 packets, it is not said, but you could try your luck at having the complete set without subsequent purchases.

Long live Barbie!


THE HISTORY OF SPORTS (Gazzetta dello Sport)


album: The history of sports (Gazzetta dello Sport)

stickers: 144 (1-144)

starter pack: album + 6 stickers (with Sport Week, 19/11/22)

24 outings on Saturday attached to Sport Week

Celebratory album of sport but also and, in some way, above all of the historic Italian pink sports newspaper. Through the front pages that have followed over the decades, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. The stickers are found, six per issue, in the center of the Saturday magazine of the Gazzetta dello Sport. Avoiding unnecessary waste of plastic, the sheet of stickers is one with the staples of the magazine.

Interesting collection for those who want to remember the great moments of sport, which the Gazzetta retraces with a chronological but also in some ways mythological setting of the album.

The collection of stickers goes backwards, starting from the present day, the first stickers recall three important moments of 2022: the Milan championship, the exploits of Jacobs and the Azzurri at the Tokyo Olympics and the incredible European victory at Wembley. unfortunately interspersed with two even more historic failures to qualify for the World Cup of the national football team.

We take the opportunity to recall some events that find ample space in the pages, which the Gazzetta emphasizes with large nine-column titles. Impossible to mention them all:

Matteo Berettini, the first Italian to play in the Wimbledon final
Sofia Goggia, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Niccolò Campriani Olympic gold medalists

Mourinho’s Inter conquer the historic Triplete
Flavia Pennetta and Francesca Schiavone, respectively queens of the US Open and Roland Garros

The sky is blue above Berlin, Italy world champion for the fourth time
Filippo Magnini, Stefano Baldini, the Setterosa of the Olympic gold medals of water polo

“The Eternal City” dominates in football, Rome and the year before Lazio are champions of Italy
After 21 years, Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari wins the world title

Juri Chechi is the “Lord of the Rings” at the Olympics
Marco Pantani wins both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France

May 3, 1994, the death of Ayrton Senna
Volleyball, water polo, athletics, years of triumphs for Italy

Sampdoria’s first historic championship and Milan champions of Europe
August 17, 1988, the death of Enzo Ferrari

Maradona’s Napoli and Verona win the first Scudetto in their history
Francesco Moser shatters the hour record

Italy at the mundial in Spain is world champion
For the first time, Italian basketball is on the roof of Europe

Italy wins the Davis Cup
Saronni and Gimondi win the Giro d’Italia

15th world title for the legend Giacomo Agostini
19 June 1970, Italy-West Germany 4-3

1969/1963 Italy, Inter and Milan conquer the European football
In the only play-off in Serie A, Bologna won their seventh Scudetto

We don’t know if wanted or not, but the years from 1959 to 1962 are not mentioned in the album

The Italian expedition reaches the summit of K2
In London 1948 Consolini is gold medal in disc

1938/1909 Italy of football is two world champions in 1934 and 1938
Primo Carnera (who is mentioned on the album as Pietro..) is world champion
Ondina Valla gold medal at the Berlin Olympics

The pink pages, instead, are tinged with blue to celebrate other sporting champions, always specifying the year but divided in a different way:

The first issue of the newspaper (April 3, 1896), the first edition of the Giro d’Italia, the moon landing, the massacre at the Munich Olympics, the attack on the Twin Towers, farewell to Pope Wojtyla

Tazio Nuvolari, Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Nino Benvenuti, Pietro Mennea, Alberto Tomba, Valentina Vezzali, Federica Pellegrini, Valentino Rossi and other myths of Italian sport

Maradona, Merckx, Kobe Bryant, Muhamad Ali, Jesse Owens, Pele, Nadia Comaneci and other legends of world sport

Grande Torino, Facchetti, Rivera, Paolo Rossi, Roberto Baggio, Paolo Maldini, Giuseppe Meazza and other legends of Italian football

If you are a reader of the Gazzetta and of Sport Week, a pleasant and nice addition. If you are not, the low cost of the magazine (2.00 euros) allows everyone to easily complete the collection.


ONE PIECE: summit war (Panini)


album: One Piece: summit war (Panini)

stickers: 184 (1-172, H1-H12) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 4,90€

Better late than never. Released in other countries for several months, the album of the bestseller One Piece finally arrives in Italy. What can I say, thank you! We would also like to underline a fact: in recent years we have often reported the poor quality of the album paper, in the same way it is right now to report a substantial turnaround that we are experiencing in the latest Panini releases.

All good intentions for the future, considering that at the same time the Spider-Man and Diabolik collections are on newsstands. It seems to be back to the 80s. Three different products, all of quality. Are we facing the “new wave of comics album”? Maybe, considering that Panini also has the rights to DC and Disney, can we dream of a celebratory album also for Superman or who knows for the 75 years of Uncle Scrooge? Too bad, in Italy, Panini did not believe in Asterix’s potential a few years ago.

Above all, the One Piece album makes you dream of seeing other products related to manga and Japanese animation arrive on newsstands, after only Captain Tsubasa, the eternal Dragon Ball and little else have been seen in recent years. If it is true that other collections have been a flop, by reading the titles questionable choices have been made. Maybe an album on Slam Dunk or My Hero Academy could give very different feedback and think what could be a celebratory album of robots, from Go Nagai (Grendizer, Mazinga, Jeeg Robot, etc.) to Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam, Daitarn 3 , Zambot, etc.) or the infinite spaces of Leiji Matsumoto (Capitan Harlock, Galaxy Express, Danguard, etc.).

As we continue to dream of future albums, let’s dedicate ourselves to this product that we think has a lot to say. The format is didactic and in some way encyclopedic, which takes its cue both from the cartoon but also from the manga. It is clearly a fan album, a story through some chapters of the long saga. There is no real introduction to the characters, as often happens, with the first pages dedicated to individual heroes and the corresponding villains.

After all, the same album does not start from the beginning but focuses on a certain period to which the sagas are connected, we are not experts in One Piece and we hope not to write inaccuracies. The choice seems optimal because it has its own logic, unlike a different product, we can say generic, which would have been suitable for newbies but less interesting for the many fans.

Given the number of readers of the manga and fans of the TV series, it is right to create a product that can be captivating for those who know the character and the story but which can also be a valid album for those who want to know One Piece better or, even just , wanted to have fun attacking stickers. Fun is guaranteed with this varied, colorful, dynamic album.

What sagas are there? Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Marineford, Luffy’s Childhood and 3D2Y. Predictable that some would have made different choices. Never mind, the message on the last page is quite clear: we are only at the beginning! (see image above)

To get to know the (many) characters of One Piece, in this case the 50 cards are useful. The album is not burdened by this presence, perhaps they could have been fewer cards, also considering the box of only 24 packets, but they are less approximate than other occasions. The not too high number of stickers is also good choice, which makes the collection even more attractive. Starting from the consideration that there is a very good chance that more sticker albums will arrive.

The cost of the packets is that of the market, but the quality of the stickers, starting from their size, should be emphasized, larger than the standard. The images, “frames” of cartoons or drawings, make a profit for this solution. Happy to find the shapes that we personally always like a lot, as well as the special glitter. Typical of One Piece are the “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters, do not worry, among the stickers you will find several, even for the central poster where the stickers from H1 to H12 find space.

The larger format of the stickers makes them the same as that of the cards, you can finally rest assured when opening the bags, no risk of tearing the stickers inside them. Thank you! Abroad it is also possible to find the hardback version, a collector’s item if Panini decides to do the limited edition as for Diabolik. More likely nothing will come out in Italy, as unfortunately happened with Spider-Man.




album: The thousand faces of Diabolik (Panini)

stickers: 276 (1-276) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

“Houston we have a problem”. A few weeks ago we reviewed with some enthusiasm the celebratory album of Spider-Man’s 60 years, pointing to it as a potential album of the year in our 2022 chart, leaving us only with the doubt that, who knows, there was still time, even at home. Panini, to overcome an already excellent collection. Attention, maybe they have really succeeded.

Diabolik is an iconic character in comics, not only Italian, he has a following of loyal fans and hundreds of thousands of people, both men and women, well to remember, who have read it and maybe, even after years, if it happens to do it again, they don’t back down. Finally, there are collectors, Diabolik has many, thanks also to its fan club which is one of the longest-running and active in Italy.

This album is for all of them, better, for all of us. It is an album that exudes myth and passion, curiosity and history of comics, a work certainly done in 4 hands, where the publisher Astorina sat at the table with the Panini staff, who know just a little about stickers and have thought “let’s create something to be proud of” and which, also or above all, is a tribute not only to comics but to its loyal audience.

The result is excellent, the previous album had already proved to be a good product, this far exceeds it, while maintaining a very similar editorial line. Same number of stickers, same size, special always silver and shiny, the shaped ones.

The encyclopedic setting of the album can be seen from the first pages, where we find references to the birth of the character, to the great actors of the time from which it was inspired, as always happens, at least until a few years ago, with the characters of Italian comics. Did you know that the beautiful Eva Kant is inspired by the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly?

They are interesting drawings, where there is also an unripe trait, a novice Diabolik even for the cartoonists who will follow him over the years. After all, it is common practice for all comics characters, try to go and see the first stories of superheroes, Tex, Asterix or even Peanuts.

The pages dedicated to the individual protagonists are interesting, it is incredible how a comic can last without actually going out of the mold created since the 1960s, certainly renewing itself, but not denying itself. So here is the double couple, Diabolik and Eva Kant, Ginko and Altea. For each of them a rundown through the interpretations of the various designers. To this could only be added, of course, the legendary Jaguar, which also houses its alter ego, the inspector’s Citroen DS.

In general, the choice of the same stickers is appreciable, certainly not an easy job, much less immediate. We find images that for many will also seem unpublished, it is not a convenient choice, it is an opportune desire to tell the character, from his beginnings, up to the time of King’s Island, when Diabolik was not yet .. Diabolik.

In the album we find two comic stories, to be completed with the shaped stickers, an extra effort to attach them correctly, well. The first of these stories is unpublished, written by Mario Gomboli, the man who, after the Giussani sisters, we can define as the heart of the Astorina. Comic in 10 pages rather nice and spot on, where fans can discover cameos of known, real, not fictional faces. We anticipate one, Alfredo Castelli, creator (among others) of Martin Mystere, a comic also named in the story. So that three comic book publishers are involved in these pages, Astorina, Bonelli and of course Panini.

The comic story is a pleasant interlude of the album, which subsequently restarts with other aspects of Diabolik’s story, starting with the covers, difficult to choose a few among over 500. The “pencils and inks” page is certainly designed for lovers of the Ninth Art as a whole, less for occasional and unwary readers. Without going into too much detail, with a few words and some figurine drawings, here is how the drawings of the “king of terror” are born.

The album’s first trip abroad is to France, where in 1997 a cartoon was created designed for a young audience, not tied to the classic canons of comics.

Diabolik and cinema is not a recent novelty, there is the late 1960s film by director Mario Bava. Collectors have always looked for comic books at comic book fairs, as well as posters for this film. To which the current production of the Manetti Bros also owes a lot, despite the captivating scenery of a Bologna transformed into Clerville. The space equally divided between the two film productions is another symptom of how much we wanted to make an album as a whole.

An eye to collectors but also to the curious is the next part that navigates the variegated world of Diabolik, among those who over the years have wanted to pay homage through art, satire, alternative comics and objects, starting from works created by the same authors and up to the present day, including statues, board games, tarot cards and decks of cards.

If you enjoyed the trip to France in the previous pages, Diabolik was printed in different parts of the world, some of them are mentioned: Israel, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Denmark, Turkey and the very rare editions in Tamil and Chinese.

Before the aforementioned pages, there is the second comic in the album, always to be completed with the shaped stickers. History entirely in black and white thanks to the texts by Tito Faraci and the drawings by Claudio Villa, many will also remember him for the splendid Tex covers.

New is the coupon found inside each packet, which allows you to participate in a competition to win one of the 60 sketch cards designed by the current Diabolik artists, alternating in the pocket and in the special volumes you find on the newsstands. Commendable initiative, on the site it is not necessary to register, just enter the code (including dashes) and only in case of victory will the details for the shipment be requested.

Speaking of cards, in the 2017 edition you could find unique sketch cards in lucky sachets, now those drawings are within everyone’s reach, becoming the 50 cards to collect to complete the album. It may seem like a comfortable choice, in reality it is extremely valuable. Instead of inventing cards on the spot, why not use a wealth of unpublished drawings that Panini was already “at home”? If we then consider that the cards of the 2017 collection were not particularly successful, these little jewels are welcome.

Everything splendid? For the most part yes, we like it when Panini, like other publishers, puts heart, soul and experience to create a memorable product. The real sticker albums are actually these, more than the sports classics, which we also collect, but they are very little compared to editorial works like this. Too bad for some unsuitable choices for a collection that promises to be very successful. The box with just 36 packets (with the joke that the box is made to contain fifty), understandable for low-profile collections, but inconsistent in this case. Above all, hoping that the stickers can be found even in a month, unlike those of Spider-Man sold out and, to date, never reprinted. At the same time that Panini invaded the newsstands with products that will obviously remain unsold.

The return to the hardcover edition for collectors is excellent, at a price (unchanged compared to Diabolik 2017) in line with the edition of 1000 copies. A gesture that we personally appreciate, the market has established that the “low cost” hardcover edition does not have encouraging sales figures to continue, but at least the “hard and pure” can be satisfied. We rarely give information on the exclusive products of the Panini site, believing that newsstands and / or comic shops must be the main point of reference for the public, but in this case we consider the choice understandable and acceptable.

We then, we admit, are among those who stick the stickers on the stapled album to keep the limited edition sealed. Improved quality of the album paper as we had already seen with the latest Panini productions, perhaps and finally the warehouses have emptied of the batch of unacceptable paper.




album: Harry Potter Evolution TC (Panini)

cards: 300 (1-300)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + 3 cards ltd edition 9,90€

box: 18 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,99€ each

We are not. Before even analyzing this collection, we cannot fail to highlight a purely Italian issue: the cost of the sachets. In fact, for some arcane reason, in Italy the cost of the packet is 1 euro more than all the others. All. Both the European Union (France, Spain, Germany, etc.) and also for non-EU countries such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Because?!? We would very much like to have an answer, a fact that we had already reported for the collection of cards on wrestling.

The collection can be considered a continuation of the “Welcome to Hoghwarts” released in March 2021, where among other things the cost of the packet was 1.50 for 6 cards .. in addition to the fact that the collection had a total number of cards more congruous, 216. Here we have 300 and the binder is not enough. Missing opportunity considering that even the back of the cards have their own images and should be enjoyed all the way through.

A long preamble that can be summed up in a simple “sin”, the collection deserves in our opinion, certainly HP fans will not be intimidated by the higher cost of cards compared to the rest of Europe, but if you have friends abroad who plan to come and see you, let them make the purchase.

Evolution is a collection that somehow tries to free itself from what has already been seen previously, through the 7 years of the film saga by showing us how the characters have changed, consequently also the actors who impersonate them. For example Hermione, aka Emma Watson, from child to beautiful young woman.

The first long part of the collection is therefore dedicated to many images of our actors / heroes, the novelty is precisely that in the sheet of 9 cards we find only one character, starting from the first film “The Philosopher’s Stone” to the last “The gifts of death”. Which become 18 for Harry Potter (card 10-27). Following Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. After them they always follow with 9 cards each Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy. With fewer cards Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Rubeus Hagrid, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black and Dobby.

Very interesting is the part that goes from card 124 to card 180 where we find all the others, from secondary characters to professors, to the many magical creatures. Following the second part of the collection, starting (from card 181 to card 225) from certain epic moments in the films, who has never dreamed of having a Quidditch match?!?

The subsequent choice of presenting the families, with 9 cards each, the Weasley and Malfoy families (from card 226 to card 243) was nice, appreciated and spot on. If magic is the protagonist of the saga, the collection cannot fail to be, too, at the end of a very rich series of cards. From card 244 to card 300 we find magical objects and places, with a grand finale at Hogwarts Castle.

The guide to the collection that we find in the binder is really excellent, first a long introduction that proposes the saga and its characters, to follow the very well structured check list where for each card we have a short and effective presentation. Next to the information on the type of collectible card.

In fact, if Harry Potter saved himself from Voldemort, he could not do the same with the “parallel” fever. The new fashion on which the main publishers (Panini and Topps) have thrown themselves, if they have done so, it is certainly because a part of the collectors goes after it. To us, old comic book collectors, it reminds us so much of the past fashion of variant covers that, at least in Italy, in the 90s they risked blowing up the market. Advise? The parallels are trivially just cards of different colors, but with the same subjects on the card, so if you find them well, if not so patience, you will still have the complete collection. Then, let’s be clear, everyone is free to spend their money as they see fit.

It is a valid collection, also for the care with which it was prepared, having the image on the back of the card, different from each other, is a not insignificant added value, often not seen. In our humble opinion the total number of cards could be limited, at least to 270 so as to be able to contain them all in the binder, being able to look at both the front and the back (267 actually, because there would also be limited ones, at the moment 3).

The heart pushes us to buy many packets and create the conditions for exchanges for our Association with many fans, the collection deserves it. The head instead tells us to go further, because that cost so unfavorable for us Italians compared to all other countries (remembering that the product is “made in Italy”) we cannot accept it and the only thing that Panini can understand is a negative data on sales. Will our gesture be of no use? By the way, done reluctantly? Probable, but it is the only “weapon” in our possession and we use it.


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2022/23 (Topps)


album: Champions League 2022/23 (Topps)

stickers: 765 (1-661, L1-L104)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 4,99€

box: 50 packets (10 sticker per packet) 1,00€ each

booster pack: 6 packets 5,99€

parallel pack: 8 packets + 5 stickers parallel 9,99€

Topps wins? Yes and no, surely this new Champions League album is very rich and varied, but there are positive aspects as well as other negative ones, we will try to make the analysis as complete as possible. Going through the details of the collection and, you can’t do otherwise, comparing it with the football collections on sale at the moment, one above all, of course: the Panini World Cup album. Important analysis also considering that Topps will publish Euro 2024.

In a difficult phase from an economic point of view like this, undoubtedly Topps beats the competition by still offering a 1 euro packet with 10 stickers while Panini at the same price offers exactly half of the stickers inside. The quality seems quite similar to us but the cost difference is so huge that the American house wins hands down: Topps 1 Panini 0.

For a long time, we have been pointing out the gaps in the quality of several sticker albums with peeling center pages, folds and rather low-grade paper. The Champions album, on the other hand, confirms last year’s prowess, it should be checked completed but it looks absolutely good, you can also see it from its weight. Complimentary albums are welcome for those who just want to attach some stickers, but for others, if the mediation is to pay for the album (this actually costs 3 euros), it is welcome if this is the result. Without ifs and buts. Topps 2 Panini 0.

Game over? No, the Milan fans still have nightmares of a famous Champions League final that seemed to have already been won. Here too, as we have noted the merits, some defects must be pointed out, even quite evident.

The album is certainly the richest in the history of the Champions League, both in terms of the total number of stickers, both in terms of setting and in terms of columns. But can an album be defined as rich without all the leading clubs? Especially considering that one of these is Italian and at the moment he is showing great football in Europe: Napoli is not present in the collection. And he is not the only one, there are 7 teams that do not find space in the initial part of the album: Benfica, Dinamo Zagreb, Rangers Glasgow, Copenhagen, Viktoria Plzen, Maccabi Haifa and precisely Napoli.

We had already seen something similar in recent years, the substantial final part of the album with the updates affects these teams, to these 96 stickers are added 20 dedicated to players who have changed shirts. This choice and the general one to put the clubs in alphabetical order (and not only .. if you are looking for Milan do not go to M ..) does not convince us. So, Topps 2 Panini 1.

Last year, with great difficulty, someone managed to complete the album with the “live” L stickers, the “championship film” version of the Champions League was released on unannounced dates, immediately sold out and many find themselves with the album incomplete. Topps’ solution? Make a separate album, so those interested can (try to) order all the stickers, others can settle for the basic set.
It does not drive us crazy as a solution, especially considering that the updated stickers, mentioned above, can also be ordered only on the internet and the Topps website, based in England, manages to be indigestible even to the most patient people. Above all, either for their limits, or for any (all to be demonstrated) looting by collectors, the L stickers last year were practically unavailable immediately.
Not allowing newsstands to have at least the stickers updated (even by reservation only and aimed only at a small number of newsstands) will be a form of savings for Topps but it kills the local and basic market, which, although opposed by many publishers, still manages to have a good share of the market compared to the much loved (by others, not by us) market of the web.
So although with all the flaws of the Panini site, there is an air of balance, Topps 2 Panini 2.

We liked the idea of ​​the shield format of the players’ stickers last year and it is welcome that it has been repeated. Of course, it minimizes the information on the player but for that there is the part already printed in the album. The lightning and thunder effect as a background is tired in the long run, but it is still an alternative solution to the single-color of other collections.
Each club has 18 stickers, perhaps for the first time we do not find those of jerseys, stadiums and above all badges, all printed in the album, as well as the photos of the coaches, however a nice novelty to find them on the album too. 16 players plus two extras, the great promise and a double with the great champions of the club, for PSG we find Neymar and Messi, for example.

From sticker 477 begins the second part of the album, quite interesting because it not only offers the current top players but in some pages we have the opportunity to find great champions of the past. For the Italians, the Milan players Baresi, Inzaghi and Maldini, as well as Del Piero. Mentioned but not present in the Francesco Totti album, too bad. Collectors of Messi’s stickers will be happy, there are several in the album, next year if it goes on like this it could be the same for Haaland. It is still a rich and rather valid part, although linked to recent years, perhaps due to rights of some kind. Finding samples from the 1960s to the 1980s would have been a significant added value.

“The global game”, “Best of the Best”, “All time records”, “UCL Legends”, a part of the album that will please especially the lovers of great champions despite the pleasure of finding the stickers of many supporting actors. “Dream Team” is the page to be completed with your doubles according to your tastes, “Top Superstars” with the best of women’s UCL, just 6 stickers but it is already something more substantial than in the past.

Challenging but competitive album in terms of economic proposal, not considering the extra album with Live stickers. Euro 2024 is still a long way off, but we believe Topps is also doing some market tests, that will be a unique opportunity not to be missed. The fact remains that after the fears of seeing the classic adhesive stickers reduced in a mini album regarding F1, with the Champions League we return to hope that the American house still believes in this classic product and does not work only to reset it in favor of modern ones card.

We have already said about the stickers, the format is not a novelty, the second part is interesting with the stickers that refer to the heading to which they are connected. The most avid collectors have launched on parallel packs where to find the variant stickers (in color), a new fashion that is catching on, partly thanks to the publishers, a little so much for the buyers who follow this formula and us, honestly, it continues to convince little.


NBA 2022/23 sticker collection (Panini)


album: NBA sticker collection 2022/23 (Panini)

stickers: 511 (1-511)

album 2,00€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

Good news! At least from our point of view, which is clearly not the one most shared by collectors. Finally, the NBA sticker album separates from the cards and continues (temporarily?) The journey alone, creating the conditions for basketball to have a collection even with relatively low costs. Commercial choice? Need as the cards will go out with another publisher? Whatever the reason, fine.

Other good news comes from the quality of the album, although we found no creases or other problems in glossy paper, the three staples are a good omen for the final seal. At Edicola Birra, where we are based, only the sales version album has arrived, no starter packs. Too early to understand if Panini has followed the advice and improved the card in exchange for a financial contribution (and therefore no starter pack with free album), or if it is just a coincidence. We will find out with the next expected albums.

Too bad only for the quality of the stickers, perhaps with the baskets photographed in the bust as in the soccer cards (see last world championships or champions league) it would not be bad, but with the formula of the sticker in action the photos are very small and not only suffer from it a lot the quality but also the spectacular scenography that often have the game action in the NBA championship.

Going into the details of the 2023 album, the formula is similar to the previous ones but not the same. The first pages are the usual “best of” of the 2022 season, with particular reference to the top teams made up of the best players by position and the “rookies”, the potential champions of tomorrow.

With so many teams, the album naturally grants a large part of the space available to all the clubs. For each team we find two pages, large photos to highlight the actions of the 2 main players (not always ..), 13 stickers of which 9 with the team’s rose, three silver of the top players, the logo. Nothing sensational, knowing the incredible potential of Panini we can expect much more.

Last pages with the giant puzzle logo of the NBA and above all 20 “legends” stickers, a term often abused in the world of sport. Are we very curious to find out who we will find, Doctor J? Jabbar? Kobe Bryant? Michael Jordan? Larry Bird? And maybe even the oldest NBA. For example, applause would be the figurine of an absolute legend like Bill Russell, who died this summer at 88 years old.




in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria

album: WWE TC debut edition (Panini)

cards: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets 9,90€

box: 24 packets (5 cards per packet) 2,99€ each

If a good morning starts in the morning .. better go back to sleep! Perhaps even unexpectedly, a collection of cards from the legendary world of Wrestling arrives on newsstands which, since the 1980s, has also had many fans in Italy.

The unedifying initial comment is linked to what Panini writes, “debut edition”, so a subsequent one is already in the pipeline and as a debut it seems not exactly an idile. The total number of cards, 160, is appreciable, but honestly for how they were made we would have seen them very well as an album of adhesive stickers. Nowadays with the cards we always expect some small devilry, metallic, holographic effect or more.

None of this, the cards are classic that could not be imagined more classic. For the less young, a big leap into the past, it seems to have really returned to the last century, the problem is that in the meantime we have reached the end of 2022.

The photos show images of the fights in the ring and it is the positive side of the proposal, many make you feel the spirit of the action and the show. The collection consists of 100 basic cards, certainly the world of wrestling has also changed, compared to years ago there is now a substantial presence of female wrestlers.

Following 40 cards with the great legends, present and past of this sport show. Impossible to make everyone and impossible to make all fans happy, but the lack of Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant, for example, makes itself felt. More reference has certainly been made to recent years, with a few rare exceptions, perhaps the target is the youngest who have never seen certain myths of the past.

The last 20 cards are dedicated to the champions and their belts, the only part of the collection that portrays the athletes posing: Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Undertaker, etc. We have not had the opportunity to view the recent and previous Topps collections to make a comparison (also because they rarely arrived in Italy), certainly something more could be done.

However, there remains the doubt that this product is designed for abroad and that it arrived in Italy just by chance or almost. This can also be seen from the Panini logo used. Above all, it suggests the much higher cost of packets in Italy compared to other European countries, 1 euro more than in France, Spain and Portugal. Because?!? Surely there will be a reason, but considering that there are just 5 cards inside the packet, the expense really becomes important. Despite the total number of cards in the album, it is still contained.

160 cards that become 580 if one ever wants to jump into the very North American and rather crazy logic of parallels of different colors, whether they are red, green or gold. Logic that we honestly understand very little.

We would have expected a different job, as written at the beginning, the rather simple graphics of the cards would have left their mark better in a classic sticker album, with the cards we expect more. Perhaps adding a limited edition card in the starter pack.

Not great debut, we await the continuation.


ME CONTRO TE – The royal family (Diramix)


album: ME contro TE – The Royal Family (Diramix)

stickers: 180 (1-172, A-H)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

We admit it, among the many protagonists of the youtuber world, Me contro Te remain our favorites, perhaps because more than others they believe a lot in the sticker product, with this we are on the fourth album, without counting the collections of the cards only. They believe in it but surely they also see the results, a team that wins does not change and here they are, again with Diramix.

Sore point is the 25% increase in the cost of the packets, a big blow. The comparison should not be made with the previous album “Lost in time” which also contained the cards (in a solution that we praised at the time, other than the boxes apart ..), but with the one linked to the second film “The school enchanted ”, where the sachets cost € 0.80.

Returning to the album, good Me contro Te to evolve, now proposing itself as a television series on Amazon and in some way abandoning the adventures and characters that had accompanied us over the years. A bit of freshness was needed, we haven’t seen the program yet but the album looks promising. Of course you have to be fans of Sofia and Luì and you must always take into account the target to which it is addressed, children and the very young.

We have entered a new phase of their adventures, the first pages of the album help to get to know all the protagonists of the series, who stand out for, at least apparently, the lack of the enemy on duty. Divina, Tronaldo, Emma, ​​La Regina, Cornelia, Bruno are all positive characters, albeit with a fair multitude of defects. Obviously, otherwise the fun would be immediately lacking. Tronaldo, even just for the name, enters the favorites list by right!

Following the introduction to the first season of the series, also to try to understand how Me contro Te ended up in court. Dream sets, Sofì dressed as a princess, everything perfect? Not really, the youtuber couple has yet to learn a lot, nice and apt the page on etiquette, where we, like them, would certainly make a certain line of mistakes. Not to mention the “court style”, even if it certainly helps the success of the television series about the royals of England and France.

The pages have an effective structure, the captions give way to know what happens in the stickers, but without our little paper friends there would be a lot of curiosity. Fortunately, unlike sports albums, there are still no collectors who do not attack the stickers, you would lose the taste of history and the pleasure of reading it between texts and images.

In the third part, the album tells about some of the episodes of the series, which will probably be the main ones of the first season or those most suitable to be transformed into stickers. If Tronaldo has the most unlikely name, it is the rocker Emma who will surely be the favorite among small collectors.

The format of the stickers is the classic Diramix one, perhaps calling it a tradition is not the most appropriate term but the publisher likes it and we too. The right mix of classics, glitter and shaped to make the album fun to complete. As well as the central poster where they find the stickers with the letter. Thinking about Diramix products, in the next album (because there will be a next album, right Me against You?!?) Could you dare to insert stick & stack stickers in the center of the album? As in the collections of Bing and other cartoons where our heroes could come to life by moving in the sets printed on the poster.

If earlier we reluctantly reported the increased cost of the packets, it is due to Diramix to operate at least in a different way than other publishers. Buying the box of 40 sachets, in principle, you find yourself with a few missing stickers. If it is not possible to exchange them with other collectors, they can subsequently be requested from the publisher. In this way, with an expense of under 50 euros, the album is completed.

Arrivederci Me contro Te!




in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria

album: Adrenalyn XL Qatar 2022 (Panini)

cards: 495 (1-495)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 3 cards limited edition 9,90€

box: 24 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

tba: packets Premium, Gold Premium, Tin Box, Bomber Magazine

If you follow our reviews, you will have understood that we are very retro in style, in love with the stickers to be attached and less enthusiastic about the most modern cards to be collected in almost always anonymous binders. Have we become a minority? Maybe not yet, but it is undeniable that this is the way. For this reason, compared to the classic sticker album, with cards we really have to be surprised to be carried away by enthusiasm, as happened with the latest Mario Bros.

The Adrenalyn collection on the World Cup has an advantage on its side, that the older brother, the stickers, is not an album that cries out for a miracle, on the contrary. What makes an impression, as old collectors, is the difference in price to the advantage of the cards. In the classic Panini packets we find 5 poor quality stickers at the price of 1 euro, in the Adrenalyn packets we find 8 good quality cards, also from the graphic point of view where Panini, for some years, in international tournaments, shows some interesting news.

One therefore thinks, with some fear, that on some collections there is a strong intention to move the public from traditional stickers to new cards. In short, to push in a direction putting, in some way, in difficulty those who would like to remain faithful to tradition. Maybe it’s just our suggestion, but the doubt remains.

The Adrenalyn collection has clearly improved if we think of the previous World Cup collections, giant steps compared to Brazil 2014, better than Russia 2018. We notice it in the graphic work that was certainly laborious. The problem, for example, of the Adrenalyn Calciatori is the repetition year after year often of the same cards, even if the names of the above players are different. Here we see something new, not entirely, let’s say that it seems to us a path born with Euro 2016 and that is continuing, improving.

The basic set, where nine players per national team are presented, manages to be original while following the already seen idea of ​​having the colors of the national teams as a background. The big difference between the traditional sticker album and the Adrenalyn, to the advantage of the former, is the completeness. In the cards we find far fewer protagonists of the world championships, as well as of the Europeans. Imagine the blues of Espana82 or Berlin2006 and if there hadn’t been the traditional albums with all their stickers. Then of course, there were no updates and some protagonists are missing, but it’s always nice to see. Perhaps because we see sticker albums as educational encyclopedias of a particular competition and not just the set of many players, champions or not.

The basic cards start from number 28, from the favorite Argentina and go up to number 288, in alphabetical order, not considering the groups. Correct choice, for the cards, it is madness to do it with the stickers. The first 27 are a great starter with Top Masters, Rookies and Legends cards. Attention, in the basic set of 9 cards per team we do not find Australia, Costa Rica and Wales which are at the bottom of the collection in the 52 Contenders cards where we find them together with the others from the play-offs. The list does not include the cards from 442 to 450 which seem to have not really been printed due to rights problems.

Returning to the collection, after the basic set to follow the always classic and questionable Fan’s Favorite with cards from 289 to 342. The next 54 cards present the players divided by position, one for each team even if not all national teams are present. Titans the 18 defenders, Magicians the 18 midfielders, Goal Machines the 18 forwards. Beautiful shield-shaped graphics on the back, always in the colors of the national teams. The Top Keepers cards feature the 9 main goalkeepers. From these cards and subsequent ones, the graphics maintain the idea of ​​the scudetto but in a different format. It is important to underline the visual effects that we find in the various cards, from crystal to metallized to the holographic of the rookie and legend cards.

We do not know if completely reliable, but it is interesting to give a rarity index to all the cards. It could also be a way to manage exchanges, based on the type, fair exchanges can be organized. Then the rules of the market as well as those of exchanges often take unexpected paths, but, even as the graphics of the cards, we find this index clearly visible in the center is guessed. Compared to the past, even that little bit of customization is welcome even on the back, we are light years away from the legendary Score of the 90s but you can glimpse something.

A few more considerations should be made on the guide insert to the collection, on which Panini often does an excellent job. The second part of the insert is in fact an album, only the stickers to attach are missing and it takes up different aspects that we also find in the classic adhesive version. Statistical data, vintage stickers of great champions, stadiums, moments of glory and more. A little to the detriment of the presentation of the collection, the information on the material that can be found on newsstands (and on the site) is sparse, but it is an interesting novelty, a little even disturbing, if we think about our fears told before ..

In general, a collection that is appreciated, even in its variety, nothing sensational but also for this reason more suitable for a wider audience, not willing to go crazy to complete it. Of course, if you are satisfied with the Italian edition, without looking for the cards subsequent to 495 distributed in northern Europe and all the myriad of limited editions scattered throughout the various countries.

Note of merit for having put in the starter pack three limited editions of real top players such as Dusan Vlahovic, Neymar and Lautaro Martinez. For the other limited, good research in the Premium packets, the Tin Box and the Bomber magazine (who knows if someone reads it or just takes the inserts).

Having put together teams that in the end do not take part in the world championship, we would have dared a little more, adding the cards of the great champions excluded. We don’t think so much about our Azzurri, but surely and for example Haaland’s card, the next big thing, would certainly have been sought after by everyone.



album: Super Mario TCG (Panini)

cards: 252 (1-252)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + 2 cards limited edition 9,90€

box: 18 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,99€ each

value pack: 24 cards 8,50€

Mario forever! Maybe the most loved videogame of all time, certainly one of the few that has been able to renew itself and always involve new and old fans. Not to mention that it has become cartoons, toys and much more merchandising.

Many years have passed since the legendary Panini album, almost 30 years. Back in 1993 they were classic stickers, now they have become card. Mario, Luigi and all the other characters are always them, not aged at all.

We are preparing an article that you will find in the coming days on our site, where we ask ourselves what future lies ahead, from our point of view, for our beloved stickers. Starting from the consideration of the settings of the new collections and the increasingly high cost of the packets. An important cost also in the case of Super Mario but an argument must be made. Staying at Panini and taking the World Cup Qatar 2022 album as an example, 5 ultra-light low-quality stickers at a cost of 1 euro. Here we find 8 good quality cards, also beautiful to look at, at a cost of 3 euros. If we have to “scream scandal”, the main problem is not the cost of this collection.

Another important consideration is the graphics work which in this case seems very good to us. What often makes us angry with Panini is when .. he doesn’t make Panini. There are important details that must be emphasized and appreciated. We refer to the insert attached to the binder where the collection is presented in an attractive and comprehensive way. This also helps to encourage you to continue shopping, other publishers limit themselves to a trivial check-list of the cards, wrongly.

In the insert we find the first pages dedicated to all the characters of the videogame, large images with brief characteristics of the good and the bad. Do you remember them all? There are the super classics and also the most recent ones: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, Birdo, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Bowser and Bowser jr, Wario, Waluigi. Good and bad, monsters and princesses, all together!

The series consists of 252 cards, an important but not overflowing number, which allows you not to leave the possibility of completing the collection only to the dream. After the disasters of Fortnite (first series with practically 1/3 of the unobtainable cards), after the impossibility of ordering the missing Fantasy Riders, after the senseless series of Captain Tsubasa by Tomy, here it seems we can go back to the classic. Back when in Modena they boasted the famous phrase “a Panini collection is always completed”. Maybe not the limited editions, maybe not special or out-of-number variants, but, as you read in the insert, the great hope is that later you will be able to buy the missing cards on the Panini website.

We use once again the well-made insert to present the collection, consisting of 180 basic and 72 special cards. From 1 to 36 rundown on the characters, first in their image that we know well, then with a close-up as if they had fun taking selfies with the phone.

We hope you like Yoshi, Toad and Toadette or you will have problems with cards from 37 to 54, here you really find all the colors. The graphics are cartoonish, like modern video games. Following a real invasion of enemy cards, if you know the game an invitation to recognize and remember them all. There are 54 cards, from Birdo to Stordino. Shy Type our favorite.

The collection continues with 18 group cards (with the characters put together, both the good ones and the bad ones), as much object and to follow the gold and silver ones. Nice gold cards where our heroes (or anti-heroes ..) come out of a porthole, or try (Donkey Kong would hardly pass with his head!), The silver cards instead must be observed with care, do not settle for the image printed on the guide, the silver wall shows brick by brick many different familiar faces of the Mario Bros universe.

Over the years Mario has become a protagonist in the world of video games, including sports, making him play football, tennis, drive racing cars and much more. Could they be missing from this collection? Obviously not, from the large number of sports represented in the 36 cards, let’s say we are at the Nintendo Olympic Games.

From cartoon to comic, the 27 cards from 217 to 243 are drawings, a parallel but equally functional way for the world of Super Mario. The graphic layout, apparently simpler, actually allows you to give life to the characters in a really effective way.

Grand finale with the puzzle page where, after completing the 9 cards, we can enjoy a nice overall picture with Mario, Luigi and many others who almost seem to want to greet us, until the next opportunity at least. This solution is always welcome, in the Frozen album we had several puzzles and if you wanted you could also make the same choice here to create more than one, perhaps limiting some other parts of the collection.

Indeed, we dare to think that one day it would be cool to have a whole collection of just puzzles. Maybe double, to be enjoyed both on the front and on the back. About the back of the cards, mention for the choice to characterize them based on the type. We like the details and we like to point them out, it is a single strip of different color (silver card, sport card, enemy card, etc.) but it is functional, as well as having the card number on the back. The 9 puzzle cards on the back instead reveal the complete image, more than an improvised spoiler it seems to us an even stronger push to find them all.

Less than two months from our annual ranking of the best albums by category released between December 2021 and the end of November 2022, at the moment we can already anticipate what the card album of the year will be, except for sensational and unexpected news. A deliberate choice, it is not linked to the fear that otherwise Donkey Kong may come knocking on our door!


SUMMER & TODD (Tridimensional)


album: Summer and Todd (Tridimensional)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packets) 0,90€ each

Essential! The collaboration between Rainbow and Tridimensional continues, after the Pinocchio album, available on newsstands. This too is an album to take into consideration, first of all as it is a “made in Italy” product, from Bozzetto (or even earlier) onwards, not everyone knows that Italy has a respectable animation school, so much as much as that of comics, for which we are famous all over the world.

These are complicated times, where many families are experiencing difficult moments, we have been pursuing our idea for some time that albums can also be simple, with a limited number of stickers, without for this reason being products of little value or interest. Far from it, essential, in fact, as we wrote at the beginning.

What is the correct number for a sticker album in the new millennium? If aimed at a very young audience, in our opinion between 140 and 160 stickers, no more. The album must be a pleasure, not a torture. The contemporary Pinocchio & Friends has 192 stickers, Summer & Todd “only” 160, an excellent choice that meets the difficulties of families but also today, where a product becomes interesting after a short time (general problem, not just the stickers) , without distorting the quality.

Applause to Tridimensional for the quality of the paper, considering what is often found on newsstands. In the starter pack, the album costs around € 2.50, but if in this way you can have a product worth collecting, so be it!

The structure of the album is a successful mix between the presentation of the characters and some episodes of the TV series on Rai Play and the very nice pages dedicated to the locations inside the “Raggio di sole” farm. In fact, the winning idea of ​​the series is that, in reality, it is not about a farm with a traditional cartoon vision but about a real agricultural cooperative, where everyone has their fundamental role.

The stickers are appreciated, nothing particular, too bad the lack of our beloved shaped ones, but the “frame” images from the cartoon are of excellent resolution and the special silver ones do not disappoint. We always remember the reference target of the collection; in this regard, the many games that we find by leafing through the pages are an excellent choice, so that other moments of leisure are added to the fun in attaching the stickers.

Give this collection a chance, so that you can have more in the future!




album: The Amazing Spider-Man 60th (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-164, F1-F28) + 60 cards (C1-C60)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

“From great power comes great responsibility”. In this case, the great power is being able to make an official Spidey sticker album for his 60th birthday (brought very well!), The great responsibility is to do it well, credible, complete, to satisfy both the occasional audience and the fans, young and old. old, from Marvel Comics. In the knowledge that making everyone happy is impossible.

Did they succeed? No spoilers, to know you have to read all the reviews 🙂 A premise is important, however, whoever writes this review is a long-time comic book enthusiast, impossible to tackle this article without being biased, the heart is not commanded and the glorious Spider-Man is a milestone in world comics, especially if you were children when the legendary books of Editoriale Corno and / or later those of Star Comics then Panini Comics arrived in Italy.

Curious about Panini’s marketing choice, this album recalls Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, you can read it on the cover but not in the title. Perhaps to bring the younger audience closer to these celebrations. History is still present, indeed, from that “The Amazing Spider-Man”, the famous magazine where our hero was not born (first appearance is on Amazing Fantasy, a similar name, it cannot be a coincidence) but then it is become a legend.

Panini does not only make stickers but also comics, it is the Italian house of Marvel, this certainly allows him to have all the possible and imaginal material to pay the right homage to the character. The album is divided into decades where, as it should be, the first years, those who entered the myth, the so-called “golden age” of Marvel comics, find more space and even some more insight, with important captions to understand the evolution of the character but without undermining the role of the stickers, absolute protagonists.

Another strategic choice by Panini, the various decades of Spidey’s publishing history are interspersed with the “Focus on” pages which, as the term says, focus on a certain aspect of the comic, from great enemies, to great battles, to great alliances with other notes more curious, like the evolution of the costume, even in its most unlikely moments.

First part with the classic (and beautiful) stories of the 60s, 70s and early 80s. With the outside world rapidly changing (Spidey and Marvel comics in general have never been immune to it), in the second half of the 1980s, even comic stories decide to upset the characters. If you have never read “Secret Wars” it is a clear invitation to do so, from there comes the black costume and to follow one of the most beloved anti-heroes of the new millennium, Venom!

This path will be even more exponential in the 90s with the long saga of the clone, even today, 30 years later, there are very conflicting opinions among fans, between those who loved it, those who hated it and those who maybe he rediscovered in adulthood. All these “highlights” are not forgotten by the album, thanks to stickers taken directly from the comic strips.
The Spider-Man saga continues and our little stickers friends do it accordingly.

Another touch of class, grant us the term, is to somehow separate the story of the traditional Spider-Man from that of the multiverses created over the years, even if far from all the variants we have known with the DC Comics Universe. They could not be missing in this album because it would have made it incomplete, but they are apart, in the central pages with a separate numbering.

Openable central poster summarizing the many Spider-Man we have known in the classic universe and in the alternative worlds. Shaped stickers that must be attached with care, to make them match perfectly with the image below. Not easy, but after all we are talking about super heroes, won’t you hold back for so little ?!

If you love comics, you also know how to appreciate the details, almost always nothing is left to chance. The central poster is also the appropriate detachment of the album, between the Marvel of the twentieth century and that of the New Millennium. New characters, new origins to try to approach potential new readers, for a co