Euro 2020 Tournament Edition (Panini Italy)


stickers: 692  (1-678 + stickers Coca Cola C1-C14)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 2,90€

packet : 5 stickers 1,00€ (box of 50 stickers)

foreign edition:
Switzerland Pearl Edition (678 stickers + stickers Coca Cola C1-C14)
East Europe blue cover (654 stickers)
Hard Cover version not available for italian edition

This album needs a long introduction, forgive us, normally we don’t talk about prices because it would have to be reported too many times but on this occasion we cannot remain silent. 1 euro for five stickers is a point of no return, also considering the not excellent quality of the European and World Cup albums (the 2018 Russia stickers were unwatchable but it has been seen even worse).

With all due respect to the historical period in which we live, if we add that it is not even an unreleased album since it is the new edition of the one released last year, we are really stunned. Perhaps there is a precedent, the latest Panini album on the Giro d’Italia had the packets even at 1.50. Panini already knew that they would not continue the following year and therefore they tried to collect funds as much as possible, perhaps the same happens here since it seems the Euro2024 album will be branded Topps.

Finally, taking into account that for this edition of the Euro we have 2 albums in 2 years, Panini could meet fans and many collectors while maintaining a decent price, which was not actually last year. Or rather, at least increase the number of stickers inside the packets. That “only for” printed on the price of the starter pack as on many other products made in recent years sounds so mocking that it is almost annoying.

So as the Figurine Forever Association we decided NOT to buy sticker boxes and consequently not to create the conditions for exchanges, which we have done with practically all the albums released on newsstands in recent years (at least the ones that made sense). We have neither the pretension nor the swagger to believe we count for something, but we believe that this is the only way to try to give a message to those who should have greater consideration for their customers.
Then let’s be clear, we are talking about European football, sales will be important in the really important countries (Germany, England, etc.) because often nothing follows the complaint. We, in our own small way, feel like making this gesture, preferring to direct the funds of the Association on other productions, including Panini, the Lyon albums and the Harry Potter cards are many times better than this album.

Panini could not make an album copy of the previous “Preview” and therefore he fished out the horizontal stickers used for the Champions League and repeated Euro 2016 with the stripes in action of the main players. Careful choice do not make a duplicate and the horizontal stickers are appreciable, we would have avoided or limited the second part to return to chapters that fans have always loved such as stadiums and history.
It is not the first time that they become only printed paper, unfortunately it will not be the last. The increase of the teams is certainly a good excuse, but taking into account the price of the packets, it would not have been a bad idea to remove the “in action” part (not very exciting, probably like the younger ones ..) in favor of stadium cards, posters, etc. and perhaps lowering the total number of stickers by at least a hundred.

On the contrary, the squad of the teams is good, 20 players is a good number, never as impossible as this year to find the right players, any cases of Covid could change things even during the tournament. Data of the player on the card to the minimum terms, we feel the lack of the club belong to, forgetfulness or unhappy choice in our opinion. We always focus on the quality of the paper, we have made it our workhorse, compared to the latest releases Panini makes a small leap forward, the cover is valid, the inside a little less but lately it has been really seen very worse.

Note of joy to see the first appearance of North Macedonia as the welcome return of Scotland after 25 years. These are the details that make these albums legendary, even after some time, much more than having 10 times the sticker of the same top player, as some would like.

The most incredible surprise is the presence also in Italy of the Coca Cola stickers, after having seen them for years around Europe and the world, this time the Italian edition is also among the nations involved. The stickers portray the players in pairs but are not actually double stickers, some such as Lukaku (C1) are the same ones used previously.

However nice idea, the extra stickers when proposed with manageable formulas are an interesting solution, more for us Italians who have never seen them on other occasions, less perhaps for other European countries. To understand if these stickers can also be ordered from Panini, in the past they were, be careful because it is not certain that they will then be found in the complete sets that the company will sell later.

If there is the novelty of Coca Cola, we return to being a second-tier country given the lack of a hardcover edition for Italy.

It is a EURO album, it is clearly an album to have, we will have it too and in its variants, but this year we will take a little more time. In stickers we trust, of course, but there is a limit to everything.


DAY DREAMER photocards (Panini)


photocards: 108  (1-108)

starter pack: binder + 2 packets 6,90€

packet : 5 photocards 2,00€ (box of 24 packets)

Unexpected release, given the insignificant success of the previous sticker album, despite the TV series being very popular and the handsome Can Yaman gets talked about, both for the love story with Diletta Leotta and for his possible role as the new Sandokan.

In the review of the sticker album, appreciable for the quality of the photographs, we reported a missed opportunity for Panini. It could have been made much more interesting and dynamic, perhaps even with tourist references of splendid Turkey and much more.
From Panini we always expect excellent products and when he wants to, he knows how to make them, just look at the latest Lyon who literally slaughtered the quality (paper aside) that made a few months earlier by Officina Edicola.

Returning to the review, the booklet that is inside the binder is nice, it partly takes up the formula already seen in the sticker album, the images are also often the same, but still it is a good insert. The 108 photocards are mainly dedicated to the two main characters, the albatross Can wins (why Albatros? Go and find out by reading the insert 🙂) with 51 postcards, followed by sweet Sanem with 15 postcards. 23 postcards portray them together and just 20 for all the other characters, which is not much compared to the queen couple of Day Dreamer.

The checklist of the album was a good choice, which is not strictly in numerical order but by character.

Album for “true fans”, if you want the starter pack to be interesting for everyone, given the price you can buy the binder and use it for other collections of XXL cards (Frozen, Calciatori, etc.)


DRAGONBALL SUPER Ultra Power (Diramix)


cards: 162  (1-162)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 4,90€

packet standard: 5 cards 1,00€ (box of 24 packets)

packet metal : 9 cards + 1 card  ltd edition 5,00€ (box of 10 packets)

The years go by but not the Dragonball fever, 2021 also has its own album and could only be the first, to this should be added a sticker version of Panini and after the summer probably a new collection of Diramix cards.

It is difficult to be innovative or original, especially taking into account that many collections have come out of cards, from Edibas to today. For this new edition we see some news and it is quite interesting.

The number of cards remain the classic 162, unlike the previous collections we do not have a final part with the battles and the unicolor back but these are mixed with the rest, a pleasant solution, it makes the collection more uniform without the detachment that characterized the previous editions. Another detail is a greater number of horizontal images, perhaps not perfect to be positioned vertically in the binder but more dynamic and with greater choice for the publisher in selecting cartoon frames.

The real news is another, there are no maxi cards (excellent, we probably weren’t the only ones not to consider them) but on the contrary we have 9 limited edition metal version cards. Limited Edition to be defined, as they are an integral part of the collection, numbered from 154 to 162 are sold separately in special packets. We can say that Diramix took a cue from the Adrenalyn Premium packets and have developed a similar initiative on Dragonball. Similar but different, as written they are numbered, therefore necessary to complete the collection.

It should therefore be clarified whether these nine cards will then be ordered later as missing or not, logic does not help us, being part of the numbering they should be orderable, on the other hand the concept of limited edition would be dropped if they could be requested after months. To each his own opinion, our advice is to buy the special packets, an important but sustainable expense.

Speaking of “figurine”, we rarely focus on the costs of the packets, but merit must be given when publishers present products at low prices, at least compared to the average. Five lamincards for € 1.00 is very good compared to other products. Credit must be given to Diramix for this, as well as the detail of numbering the sheets of the binder. Among other things, non-causal binder, probably created ad hoc by the publisher for this collection and the previous ones, hence the wise solution to always keep the same total number of 162 total cards.


LYON’s monsters and mysteries (Panini)


stickers: 192  (1-152, L1-L30, P1-P10) + 36 cards (C1-C30)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

packets: 4 stickrs + 1 card 1,00€ (box of 36 packets)

It is foreseeable that Panini would have set his sights on Lyon after the incredible success of card’s previous album, a result probably well beyond expectations given the difficulties in various parts of Italy to find him. With Panini everything changes, of course.

Another reasoning is the increasingly clear awareness of the current short circuit between the graphic sector and the commercial / production sector of Panini. Not being Paganini we can repeat ourselves and once again we have to find a very poor quality of the album paper, an image damage that we do not understand in the face of an album that is truly incredible, well done as they were previously the Calciatori or Marvel 80th and several others.

It is clear that Panini focuses heavily on Lyon, so we wonder why not to use the good matte paper used for some recently released albums such as Poopsie or L.O.L. Probably and simply they do not care, we do, we will continue to be pedantic and, until necessary, repetitive in reporting it. In Modena they don’t read our reviews or even if it were we are nobody to change choices, we hope sooner or later things can improve (they must). The stickers are a popular and mass phenomenon, the quality must be within everyone’s reach.

Incredible album, really. The work is so interesting that we imagine months of work to prepare it, for this we can only thank. Given the success of the previous one, quite sui generis as a card album, one could fear a standard album, it would probably have sold the same, instead Panini makes Panini and comes out with something special, already a candidate to be one of the best albums of 2021.

The first part of the album is an introduction to the world of the explorer of virtual worlds, nothing schematic or didactic, the stickers are presented to collectors themselves. The setting is to prepare for the fights, not easy but very fun, very colorful and dynamic pages to enjoy even more the videos and the whole world of Lyon.

The central part of the album is a nice surprise, comic stories are back! After Tex and the superheroes, Lyon also has a comic story (unpublished) to be completed with the shaped stickers. Just 8 pages but that little bit more than in an album of this kind can make the difference.

Second part of the album even more interactive than the previous one, after selfies, tests and a cruise trip (here too all the stickers are shaped), we venture into crimes and misdemeanors, a sector that will probably make each album different from the other. In fact, the 30 stickers numbered L do not have a precise sequence and can be attached at will in the five stories narrated. However, there is a logic and the directions on the back of the stickers must be followed, but after this aspect, maximum freedom of choice!

Speaking of free stickers, even the 10 numbered P with the ingredients to create potions do not have a predetermined sequence. You can find them around the album and you can attach them as you like (in the spaces provided, do not overdo it).

It’s not over yet, the album closes with more classic pages, seen in many albums and a grand finale with other shaped stickers. An end that is not final, on the last page Panini already plans to release a subsequent album. It is not over yet also because we have not told you everything.

In several pages we find interactive games and quizzes, we invite you not to go to the last page to see the solutions, as is done with crosswords. The stickers are very funny and colorful, another big difference with the first album of card, this album clearly distances itself from the bigger brother Minecraft (perhaps also because now the publisher is the same ..) and becomes in effect a mix between game, comic and cartoon.
The stickers are an added value, if you smell strange don’t worry, you will probably have one of the special stinkers in your hands (orange frame). For the magical ones, you will have to use the warmth of your fingers to find out what’s underneath. We wonder who knows what estate they will have over the years ..

Central poster integral part of the album with stickers to be attached on both sides. Discover the investigator in you, this part is in fact connected to the pages of crimes and misdemeanors and, if you have noticed that some of the L stickers remained there, this is where they have their own space. No extra stickers, they are all destined to complete the album!

Finally (yes, this time it’s really the end) we have the 36 cards. Meanwhile, good indeed excellent that Panini is limited to making 36 and not 50, we find the creatures protagonists of the Lyon universe, also different here from those made by Officina Edicola. In general they are two albums born and developed with two very specific different types, undoubtedly we prefer this one by lovers of comics and cartoons.

After all, it’s simple: are you passionate about Lyon? You will have fun completing this sticker album. You don’t even know who Lyon is? You will have fun all the same!


LND women’s football 2020/21 (Akinda Italy)


album: LND WOMEN’S FOOTBALL 2020/21 (Akinda)
stickers: 1193 in four different albums
(Group A 1-297, Group B 1-339, Group C 1-286, Group D 1-271)

packets: 5 stickers € 1.00
album: € 3.00

Football is (also) a woman. There are sticker albums that need a broader interpretation than the simple review of a product, the social aspect and the message are just as important if not more than the stickers they contain. First of all, don’t be afraid of the nearly 1200 stickers, it’s a total of four albums sold separately.

This is the first important point, Akinda and LND (National Amateur League) had two hypotheses: to create a single one by limiting the space for each club or to make four different albums allowing to expand the squad of players as much as possible, team by team. As collectors, we probably would have preferred the first option, but we must return to the concept with which we opened this review, namely the importance of the message and the widest possible participation.

Right to have followed this path, thus giving the possibility to a very high number of athletes to be present with their own sticker in the album. Above all, this allows you to collect not the entire collection but only the one connected to your favorite club, the sale at sports clubs is the logical consequence, based on where you go to buy it, you will find the reference album. In Bologna, for example, you can find the album C. It is still possible to request the others by contacting the publisher directly (

Women’s football is mostly amateur, but don’t be fooled, in this album you will also find the female versions of Serie A men’s clubs, beloved by the fans. It is probably our mistake to dwell on redundant names when the growth of the movement is thanks to sports clubs that have started to support women’s football before other more well-known ones arrived later.

In Serie C we find the women’s teams of clubs such as Torino, Spezia and Genoa (Group A); Triestina, Venezia, Padova and Spal (Group B); Bologna, Pistoiese (Group C); Palermo, Lecce and Pescara (Group D). At the same time we also have here “fallen nobles” who in the past have won championships such as Trani and Sassari Torres.

Not all teams have the same number of stickers, this is due both to a wider range of players and also to the presence of trainers, assistant coaches, athletic coaches and sometimes club president. There is no clear rule, we can imagine that the publisher has worked on the information and material sent by the LND and by the individual clubs.

An important detail, the numbering restarts from 1 to each album. A little extra trick could be to print the reference album on the back as well, if you have any doubts, each lot still has an identification number at the bottom, ID7094 Girone A, ID7095 Girone B, ID7096 Girone C, ID7097 Girone D.

The sporting and social importance of this initiative makes it difficult to point out some defects, but they must be said, in the hope that this album will only be the first of a new series and that therefore certain precautions may eventually be considered for future productions. The album could have more information inside, for example the club index and possibly the match schedule could be a valid addition. The massive presence of commercial spaces is not accidental but linked to the sponsors of individual clubs, sponsors committed to supporting women’s football and therefore welcome.

The stickers in turn pay for the sometimes invasive white background and probably the difficulties encountered by the publisher in working on the material received from the companies. Taking into account that official photos provided by the club are also used in the Footballers album, we think that the defects come from sources. It is also clear that a graphic processing in the smallest details would have involved a much longer realization time, as we must take into account the fact that the period is certainly not the most suitable.

In a different period, probably the same publisher could have gone to the various clubs for photographs. Activity that is already in their DNA as you can read on their interesting website. The price of the packets is in line with the current prices. In this case, there is certainly also the need to make up for the important economic commitment in carrying out the initiative.

However, these details and criticisms are overwhelmed by the splendid smiles of the many athletes present in the album, you have the distinct feeling of their happiness of being part of an album, important because with the jersey of their club and important because it is an official product of the National Amateur League. We hope it is the first not only of a series but also a starting point for other albums dedicated to football in pink.


LUPIN III (Gazzetta dello Sport/Yamato)


stickers: 252 (1-252) sheets of 4 stickers with the DVDs (63 issues) € 9.90
album with the first release € 2.99

The younger ones will not understand, but those who are olders will understand the pleasure of starting to write this review by looking on youtube for the legendary and unique PLANET O, the historical theme of Lupin III, nothing to do with the classic cartoon themes. , but with that female voice that all of us (without exception!) dreamed of having Fujiko in front of us watching us while she sang it and the refrain that entered our heads over 40 years ago and has never abandoned us again ..

Closed the nostalgic parenthesis, are you ready for the absolute edition of Lupin III? 50 years of Lupin III! 54 if you refer to the manga created by Monkey Punch, half a century if you take into account the first television appearance in Japan.
The Gazzetta dello Sport albums, although very simple, are getting better each time. We find an abyss between those made on Tex comic (for example) and the latter. An album that retraces the path of the television series and DVDs to which it is attached. For the first time, the six TV series all together, starting from 1971 to the last one in 2018.

The difference between the previous products and this is the inside, much more refined, something valid had already been seen in the Holly & Benji album, here we are at a different level. Key captions to understand the stories but also the evolution of the character and the authors who have followed one another in the various series.
The stickers are cartoon “frames”, so it is likely that some suffer from a rather limited quality, we will see with the continuation of the releases, everything has a very 80s flavor and is a blast for the writer!
Although the first series is from 1971, it arrived in Italy in 1979 and was a real television earthquake, despite not having the best schedules of others such as Grendizer or Mazinger Z, on Rai Tv and at perfect times (if before it was finished doing my homework ..)

First pages therefore dedicated to the first legendary series and so on with the following ones, under each sticker we find the note to which episode it refers, a not insignificant detail that takes the product to a higher level, we do not want the younger ones but it is It is clear that the target to which the editors are aiming is that of the “boys of the past” and the world of collectors. Alongside the stickers, the aforementioned captions explain the events and the stylistic path of the series. Another nice detail are the famous phrases of the various characters, reported in quotation marks.

In addition to presenting the various series in chronological order, we find specific pages on Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko and the legendary Inspector Zenigata. Not only that, the pages on all Lupin’s cars and jackets are amazing, if we were meticulous we would also have seen a page with all Fujiko’s clothes, which in Italy we knew as Margot.
Speaking of Italy, Jamato Video also does an excellent job of characterizing the album with respect to the television history in our country. It should be noted that the Fourth Series (actually the Fifth, taking into account the separate series called Fujiko) is set in Italy, Lupin and friends around the beautiful country!

If interested in the sticker album alone, the expense is really high, if interested in the product as a whole, a double pleasure. Also taking into account that in reality in Italy, in terms of stickers, Lupin did not have much luck, only an album in 1996 by Merlin (now Topps), very little for one of the cult characters of Japanese cartoons, always present on television with the various series that have followed over the years.

As mentioned, the stickers are quite simple, we would have avoided the doubles, fortunately few, given the not exactly perfect cuts (at the time of the Tex albums we saw real horrors), in general an album that is not wrong to define encyclopedic of the saga of our beloved thief in a jacket and Cinquecento.

“do nothing, just listen to your heartbeat” (Fujiko)


HARRY POTTER – Welcome to Hogwarts (Panini)


cards: 216  (1-216)  + 9 card limited edition

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + 3 limited edition 9,90€

packets: 6 cards 1,50€ (box of 24 packets)

box Patronus 16 packets + 3 card limited edition 29,90€

box Giratempo 16 packets + 3 card limited edition 29,90€

Welcome, indeed welcome back to Hogwarts! Harry Potter is always a hallmark of success, despite the fact that the films have been finished for years the demand for material is always high. Panini cannot ignore this, luckily raising the bar each time. Last year’s Absolute (stickers + cards) which re-proposed the whole saga of the young magician was among the best-performing albums of 2020 and the 50 cards had left excellent sensations.

Now it’s time to go back to an entire card album which, again, traces the history of the 8 films but fortunately not as a simple repetition of what has already been seen so far. The collection follows a logical thread starting from the Philosopher’s Stone of 2001 up to the double Deathly Hallows of 2010 and 2011. In reality we must be happy that after 10 years material is still being published, while Panini has known (when he wants .. ) greatly improve the quality of their cards, 10 years ago probably the result would have been very different.

The album guide is monumental, each single card is presented with its own description, perhaps a superfluous job for someone but well done and fun. If you know the saga, we invite you to look at the images of the cards, try to guess which movie and moment of the same they refer to and only then, if necessary, go and read if your memory plays a bad joke.

216 really well-made cards, as were already those of last year’s album, indeed in our opinion we see a further improvement. The thickness is significant, much better than those of Adrenalyn Calciatori, the same images are effective and exciting, re-proposing both moments of the films and the many characters, many more, from the cards we have seen, than the usual ones. The added value are also the cards dedicated to the objects and animals that populate the saga. Even if something is certainly missing, like last year’s one, it can be said that this collection is a must for all collectors. The print is of excellent workmanship, a pleasure for the eyes and also to the touch. Recalling various recent experiences at Panini we can only be satisfied.

Also important is the number of special cards, 60 among those in relief, rainbow, silver and gold. Speaking of special cards, worth mentioning are the nine limited editions, three are found in the starter pack, the other six in the two Patronus and Giratempo boxes, sold only on the Panini website.

We do not know how to predict a success, perhaps the character is more dated than others more recent, from our point of view and given the current market prices it can be a very fun collection to try to complete, expensive but less exaggerated than others and above all better organized. .

Do you want to let us dream? So we think that such a product can also be repeated with other sages, just as Panini has revived the Jurassic Park / World universe. Which? Not having the rights to Star Wars, a definitive edition of all Marvel movies until the fall of Thanos could be very appetizing, at least for us!




card: 405 (1-405)  + 22 card limited edition (italian edition)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 limited edition 9,90€

packets: 8 cards 2,00€ (box of 24 packets)

packet Premium 5,00€

packet Premium Gold 10,00€

tin box: 5 packets + 4 limited edition 12,99€

Our reviews always start from the assumption that we are lovers of classic stickers, adhesive ones to stick, while we have more hesitation about modern cards. This starting point sometimes puts us in difficulty because it is undeniable that, more and more often, some collections of cards far exceed those of traditional stickers in quality. If the price of the packets of the Euro 2020 stickers were also confirmed, the only strong point of the tradition would be a greater completeness of the collection, thanks to the much higher number of players present. We’ll be back when it comes time to review the stickers version.

We liked last year’s edition a lot, the detail of the flags behind the players, for example, was a beautiful sight. Of course this new edition could not be a copy. In the basic set the teams are at a minimum, just 8 players, a figure not comparable with the 2020 edition for the simple fact that the national teams are all represented, last year there were no players of squads from the playoffs.

There is not even the card with the emblem, in its place the “second skin” with the national team jerseys. There is not much more to say about the basic set consisting of 192 cards, among the many information on the front the positioning of the card number, at the top right, which helps to recognize them immediately. The relatively low number of the base set allows for many more specials, 213 of which 72 are linked to the ever-present Fans Favourites.

72 favourite fans are a little too many, really many, but the particular background with the national flag that we appreciated so much in 2020 makes the choice pleasant. Another confirmation is the Power with the players represented by role, in these Panini he dares to try something new in the graphic presentation, not too guessed the character of the names on the cards of the attackers, but it is a personal opinion.

We have arrived at the card number 342, from here on we find the most interesting. The 36 Multiple take up ideas already seen several times, to underline the choice of “Maestros & Prodigies” where we find a couple made up of a great champion already established and a potential new idol. Perhaps not all the players chosen are the most suitable, some are rather the need to put them on the album, however a nice idea compared to the Trios that often are not the better choices possible.

The last 27 cards of the album are the ones worth dwelling on the most. In these Panini dares more, creating interesting products, however part of the collection and not limited editions. The Jewels are mirror cards, the Shining Stars light up in the dark and the Secret Heroes, on the contrary, must be illuminated to discover the champions hidden below, a list present in the check list but you are not obliged to make a small spoiler.

Little thing (fortunately) compared to other countries but also in Italy we find 22 limited edition cards, here is the list:

starter pack: Cristiano Ronaldo, Barella

tin box: Insigne, Lukaku, Calhanoglu, De Ligt

with magazine Bomber: Kulusevski (march), Kjaer (april), Zielinski (may)

packets Premium: Mertens, Eriksen, Maguire, Giroud, Depay, Milik, Cancelo, Ramsey

packests Premium Gold: Modric, Ansu Fati, Donnarumma Card Premium on line

only on italian Panini website: Florenzi, Chiesa

Will Instant cards also come out as for the Calciatori Adrenalyn? The fact that it is not mentioned in the album guide does not mean that there will not be, on the contrary, in our opinion something extra could come out .. maybe in Italy and maybe if Italy goes on in the tournament .. or in other countries.

Interesting album, in our opinion the 2020 edition remains more beautiful and better realized, where we found several positive aspects so as to define it “incredibly beautiful”. Here the difference is made above all by the last 27 cards, a significant change compared to the past. The road to reach the top is still long, we believe we will have to wait for the world championship in Qatar, far (we hope!) From emergencies and pandemics, interesting album but not for a definitive judgment on Panini and its new editorial path



stickers: 180 (1-170, H1-H10) – 50 cards (C1-C50)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.90
packets: 4 stickers + 1 card € 1.00 (box of 24 packets)

The new Disney film arrives on newsstands, we really hope there is the possibility of being able to see it at the cinema. The subject is interesting, dragons and damsels are always very popular. The album is well made, the advice is to start completing it after seeing the film, so as not to lose the taste of knowing the story.

Panini makes a particular but interesting choice, instead of presenting the characters first and then the story of the events, he alternates them in an absolutely effective way. Throughout the album we therefore have “History” pages and “Characters” pages. The formula makes the result more captivating, interspersing the evolution of events with the knowledge of the protagonists of the story.

We also find different captions, we could almost have an illustrated book, one more reason to leaf through it only after having seen the film. The double page to discover the map and all the clans living in Kumandra with the stickers is also very valid. Dragons, battles, the fantasy setting is always very suitable for a sticker album.

In the center of the central poster album with two different posters of the film and stickers to be attached on both sides, here are placed the numbered H from 1 to 10. Not only the poster but the whole album is neat and not trivial, with stickers of various formats that make it fun to complete. Among the stickers, beautiful to look at, we find several special, shaped and frames of various colors.

The album is completed by 50 cards, also non-trivial and more successful than previous Panini products. Numbered from 1 to 50 are divided by category, the last 10 are commendable and tell the story through comic strips. We are not card lovers but on this occasion they are an added factor to the collection and not a mere filler.

The complicated period can also be seen from this new Disney album, with a box of just 24 packets. Clearly it is an album released for contractual obligations and on which Panini believes little, how can you blame her given the closed cinemas? They had already bypassed Soul (released only in some countries), they probably couldn’t do the encore.

The box of 24 packets is an understandable attempt to limit the damage with the returns of unsold items from newsstands (just think how many newsstands there are in Italy), the sticker + card formula is the need to keep the rights on both products without doing release two separate albums (lately only happened with LOL, Fortnite and Frozen 2).

A positive aspect is the album paper, although not excellent, even if glossy, it does not have the unpleasant folds of the latest productions and even has three staples, these days it is already something.


BING 3 (Diramix)

stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A5, B1-B10, C1-C5)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: 5 stickers € 0.70 (box of 40 packets)

There is no 2 without 3! New episodes on tv for the Bing rabbit and new sticker album. We are big fans of Diramix products, for several years they have been making interesting albums, it is a pity that they too fall on the quality of the paper. Maybe we have become boring and repetitive but really all those folds leafing through the pages is a blow to the heart, probably the children will not notice it, we collectors will.

Now in the third album, Diramix has treasured past experiences and there are both confirmations and some differences from the previous ones. The album is smaller, conforming to similar products, a detail that is genuinely not important, the size is the right one.
The format is instead confirmed, in the first pages presentation of the characters and to follow the images in stickers of the new adventures of Bing and his friends. The stories are interspersed with more interactive pages where children can play with the cute bunny; the format of the cartoon is re-proposed, small stories from the everyday life of each child, useful for learning even through the small inevitable mistakes and .. messes, memorable to the point of dedicating two pages to the end of the album. Bing wants to know about its little collector friends, so here are the games to write your name and favorite ingredients.

The central insert with the stick & stack stickers has been confirmed, a strong point that is always very fun, difficult to find doubles for exchanges because, rightly, children use them all to play with. Another not insignificant detail is the decrease in the total stickers, from 258 in 2020 to 190 of this album. An appropriate and correct choice, limiting the number of stickers does not imply a loss of quality or completeness of the album, on the contrary. Except for some cases it is advisable to keep, for this type of album, under 200 stickers.

Small but nice stickers, it’s a pity that for this edition the “pelosine” are no longer present, to the touch they were fun and in relief they made their figure. Instead, the classic glitter and the shaped ones are confirmed, complicated but always the most fun to attack.

Bing is one of the most successful characters of the new generation of cartoons for the little ones (adults like it too!), Nice album to complete, a pity only for the poor quality of the paper.
Diramix, don’t do that anymore!


METEOHEROES (Idea Lab Italy)

stickers: 180 (1-170, A-L)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 3.50
packets: 5 stickers € 0.70 (box of 40 packets)

Meteoheroes is an ambitious project, teaching children the importance of protecting the environment through a cartoon, made in Italy. The cartoon is made by Meteo Expert, the most important private structure for the research and forecasting of meteorological and climatic events. As often and fortunately happens, the pleasant continuation of the project is the printing of a sticker album. Once again, our little paper friends can make a difference.

The Meteoheroes are a group of 6 children who discover they have superpowers, all linked to atmospheric agents, they are a bit of a mess but thanks to the director Margherita Rita they are trained to fight pollution. Director of what? Of the Meteo Expert Center, of course! The cartoon is interesting because starting from a fantasy situation (the superpowers of children) it connects to everyday reality, including the scientist Andrea Giuliacci, meteorologist and presenter of the series. The adventures are set in many negative situations that our planet has to face in every part of the world. The villain on duty could not be missing, Dr. Makina and his perfidious maculans, as if there was someone specific behind so many disasters, we know that we are instead a little bit complicit in what is happening, the album reminds us, inviting the child to help parents in managing consumption in a more practical, ecological and environmentally safe way.

The album traces the episodes of the TV series (broadcast on Cartoonito), each page presents a specific adventure, they are samples of the individual stories but well simplified. The formula is effective, when an alarm is found in a precise geographical point of the planet, our little heroes go in action, defeating the maculans and final selfie to celebrate the great result.
It is certainly not a static album, forget the classic rectangular stickers, of course there are also those but together with many shaped ones. It takes a certain commitment to attach them all well and it takes attention to read the captions, which are essential not only to understand the story but also to read the messages for proper care of the environment.

As many as 12 adventures are present in the album, in addition to the initial presentation of the six Meteoheroes, the central part that takes up the initiative to which this production is connected is fundamental: saving the bees. For each packet purchased, we will contribute to the construction of a house for our little friends. Bees that have a fundamental role in the ecosystem, their survival is also ours.
Central poster necessary to discover the Meteoheroes headquarters with the stickers with the letters from A to I, no Monte Fuji like some beloved Japanese cartoons but our Gran Sasso. Italian production, but with heroes from all continents, it is up to the Italian Giorgio to represent Europe.

We realize that this review of ours is very introductory and perhaps not very dedicated to the characteristics of the album, those small and large details that every collector wants to know. In this case it seemed important to underline the didactic aspects and the aims of the project. Certainly we are happy to note the quality of the product, well-made albums without creases or other annoying problems (once again we find ourselves underlining that quality exists, when you want), beautiful stickers to look at and very colorful. We hardly ever refer to the cost of the packets, but it is undeniable that the effort to sell the packets for 0.70 with five stickers inside should be appreciated.

Albums to browse, study, collect and even listen to, thanks to the Spotify app. Commendable project, album that is a candidate among the top 10 of 2021, linked to the Lega Ambiente’s “Save the Queen” campaign, to protect bees, to be supported and supported.
As they once said: run to the newsstand!


L.O.L. Surprise OMG (Panini)

stickers: 216 (1-164, M1-M52) + 50 cards (C1-C50)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.90
packets: 1 card + 4 stickers € 1.00 (box of 50 packets)

It is always L.O.L. mania, if we have not miscalculated we are on the fifth album in less than 3 years. Stickers, cards and then together for productions where let’s face it it takes a certain ingenuity to make them always different and interesting. After all, the characters are many, the settings as well, we are pretty sure there will soon be a sixth album.

If Panini prints continuously or has a halter contract or the product sells, among other things, the Modenese house is increasingly satisfying these types of albums rather than sports ones, even in terms of the quality of the album and the stickers themselves. The comparison between L.O.L, Poopsie and the NBA album is truly epochal.

Surely the L.O.L. OMG is fun and hilarious, even in attacking stickers. It is not so much the glitter, fluo, holographic stickers that are necessary, but also the round, rectangular, square and shaped ones, so much so that the stickers to really stick are more than 216, probably we will exceed 300!

Extremely interactive, we suggest parents to buy two copies, the first where to attach the stickers and try to complete it, the second leaving free rein to the children’s imagination in coloring, drawing, compiling, responding to the many additional parts of which the album is full.
Speaking of additional parts, the central novelty with the Magazine in stickers is very nice. Important and appreciable detail: the insert is attached to the album only with the upper clip, this allows you to remove it, if desired, without causing disasters.

Each page of the album is a specific theme, listing them all would also be boring and would take away the taste of leafing through the album, honorable mention anyway for Tiny Toys (invasion of round stickers!) and the final pages with the L.O.L. in concert and the four seasons.

The album would already be as good as that without the addition of the 50 cards, but there are those too. The novelty is that they are all connected, where one continues the other so that, put close together, you have a mega giant puzzle.

All very nice and fun, after the Poopsie, another 2021 production by Panini that bodes well for the future.


NBA 2020/21 (Panini)

stickers: 500 (1-500) + 100 cards (C1-C100)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90
packets: 1 card + 5 stickers € 1.00 (box of 36 packets)

NBA basketball is much loved and followed also in Italy, perhaps even more so than the Italian championship, we believe that Panini should take this into account and therefore produce an album that matches it, the same album is sold all over Europe. Unfortunately this is not the case, meanwhile the dripping of the quality of the paper continues, it is now a year that we carry out our “complaint”, every now and then Panini encourages us with products worthy of the name of the Modenese house, then the blows arrive, immediately after.

It is unthinkable that in 2021 we cannot have an album that is beautiful to leaf through and not full of creases. At the same time this year not even the stickers are saved, the thickness recalls certain amateur productions that some friends make in South America and now they are also small. Fortunately, at least the cards are more interesting than usual, with the very valid back showing information about the players, the number of the card itself, a detail of the photo and even the flag of the country of origin. Very nice, nothing spectacular, but improved compared to the past.

The album in general is very classic. The first part is, as always, dedicated to the past season with the highlights, the great events with naturally large space at the ALL STAR GAME, the two teams Lebron and Giannis and the final part on the playoffs, snapshots of the matches up to the final between Lakers and Heat. 2020 ends with 20 drafts, potential rookies of future great champions from colleges or the international scene.

The Atlanta Hawks open the second part of the album dedicated to clubs, for each team we find 13 stickers, four of which are special. In the packets that we have opened, all the players are shown in action, not a bad choice, given how dynamic American sport is. Too bad, really too bad, that miniature stickers take away a lot of the emphasis and excitement in attacking them.
The Utah Jazz close the album, with no further additions apart from the NBA logo with 6 stickers, the initial part being richer, it is quite obvious that in the end nothing will be found, especially taking into account that in the meantime we have reached 500 stickers.

Innovation at all costs is not part of our way of seeing things, indeed the classic albums that follow tradition are always welcome in these parts, too bad that the scrap paper of the album and the stickers probably printed in Lilliput are a punch in the stomach to fully enjoy this album.

It is not our role, it is not our purpose and it is not even in our characteristics to make controversy and report many problems. We are in love with Panini and like all lovers it hurts us when it makes mistakes.
In stickers we trust? We still do, elsewhere perhaps they no longer truly believe in it.



stickers: 360 (1-360)
starter pack: album + stickers 1-50 € 6.00 (from 13 February)
subsequent biweekly releases: 4 boxes (stickers 51-130, 131-210, 211-290, 291-360) € 6.00 each.
Albums and boxes distributed in newsstands in the provinces of Rome, Latina and Frosinone
Complete album set + 360 stickers € 30.00 from the end of February on

All the stickers lead to Rome. Important premise: we had already seen the proofs, there was already a collaboration to have this collection available also in Bologna, we would never have imagined finding our logo on the cover in the final version! A sign that our work is appreciated, in such a complicated period it is a panacea. Getting involved with Rome for Esseci is certainly a great adventure, doing it in this period without postponing to better times is applause. We like the general layout of the album, the themes are mixed, so you avoid finding, for example, all the monuments first and then the rest. This is not a symptom of chance, the album follows its own precise path, even the release of the stickers based on the numbering is the logical consequence.

A little advice, when you have the album in your hands, leaf through it and attach the stickers with the background of the many artists who have sung Rome: Venditti, Fiorini, Barbarossa, Manfredi and all the others. Close your eyes and it will be like eating a coffee granita (with cream!) near the Pantheon.

ROMA FIGU MUNDI, Esseci has treasured (forgive the pun with the title of the series of their albums) of the errors of the previous albums, in various aspects. The most marked criticism, especially on the “Vesuvian Treasures”, were the cuts of the stickers that did not marry correctly with the image below with unedifying results. In general it is very difficult to find the perfection between the stickers and the image below, the shaped ones are beautiful but, let’s say, complicated. The problem has been solved, all the stickers have the border, without this becoming a negative aspect when the album is completed, indeed, as you can see from the images, the final effect is successful. Another aspect was the enormous number of stickers, laudable in intentions, but impractical in reality. One of the unwritten rules, in our opinion, is that “the quality of a sticker album is not due to the total number of stickers it contains”. At 600 of the previous albums, with Rome we are at an optimal 360, almost a sticker a day. A standing ovation for the quality of the album paper, a policy that we hope will be rewarded, textured paper, a pleasure to the touch, no lines or other problems encountered in the productions of other, more renowned, publishers. The quality, if desired, exists. Well done Esseci!

Several illustrations in the album are bordered like the stickers to be attached, this gives an idea of ​​how monumental the collection could have been, with all the problems that would have ensued (including the final cost of the work). The choice to leave the border even for many illustrations is the right choice, they give a sense of continuity throughout the album, even on pages where the stickers are not present. When the album is completed, there is a very good general uniformity. We would have avoided pages completely without stickers, you could distribute the stickers in a different way so that almost every page had “something to stick”, but it is still a successful solution for the dynamics of the album.

An important aspect is the distribution policy, no packets but 5 outlets on newsstands with the stickers divided into blocks that allow you to complete the album without duplication. We love to open packets and swap, but it is undeniable that this is a solution “in step with the times” that unfortunately we are experiencing. Optimal solution also for the type of album, its educational path and also to meet families in limiting the total expenditure.

Within the album, a lot of space was given to Romanism, to those many aspects of Rome that perhaps not even the Romans themselves know fully. Many captions, perhaps too many, in some pages “overflow”, but we realize that leaving certain explanations halfway would probably have been worse. Taking into account that the didactic aspect is dominant, it is a product linked to the schools of Rome, in fact a production that is a cross between a sticker album and a guide for children; the captions, therefore, are good for us and indeed must be there.

A complete guide of Rome is almost impossible, the central part of the album “The history of Rome” suffers a little from a lack of space, in our opinion it could be both expanded and enhanced by the presence of stickers and not just illustrations. This, however, gives hope to possibly have in the future an album entirely dedicated to the history of Rome, eternal, epic and beautiful. However, it should be emphasized that the central part is only an addition to what the album already dedicates to the history of Rome, the first pages, for example, tell us about its foundation, the Lupa, the 7 Kings and every monument, theme or character told in the subsequent chapters has its historical place. History is a basic and ongoing part of the entire collection.

An important aspect must always be considered, the incredible graphic work that all Esseci albums have, if most of the stickers are photographs, the printed part is comic strips, unpublished, made for the occasion. Before we also defined the album as a guide for kids, much is due to this dynamic and cartoonish setting that makes reading very pleasant. All Esseci albums are an adventure in the time and places of Enea and Orazio the dog, it is impossible to define the final result “simply” as an educational album.

Rome is many things together, to live, to know and probably an entire life would not be enough to visit it all. The mix of the album is effective, we have dutiful pages dedicated to the great monuments and history of the city, to the most modern beauties such as Villa Borghese and to culture in the broadest sense of the term. Culture also understood as popular, here are the pages dedicated to the corners of Rome such as Trastevere, Garbatella, Parioli and the Castelli Romani. Culture also in the kitchen, the last pages of stickers are dedicated to Roman cuisine, from every era.

A leap into the world of sport could not be missing, the derby of the capital ends in a draw, one page each and two pages is dedicated to As Roma and Lazio, the Foro Italico, temple of Tennis and the Olympic stadium.

A feature of the Esseci albums is renewed, indeed expanded: the interaction of Enea and Orazio with illustrious names that guide them through the story. From San Pietro to the Emperor Hadrian, from Alberto Sordi (the two pages dedicated to the great actor’s gallery are beautiful) to Enrico Fermi, from Giordano Bruno (happy return, already appeared in other albums) to the poets Catullus and Trilussa, up to to many characters of today’s Roman daily life such as the traffic policeman or the host and of the past. Listing them all would not even be correct, we leave you the pleasure of discovering and recognizing them by browsing the album. The initiative with Solac milk is linked to the album, a collection of points to receive the bottle of Enea and Orazio and the memory cards, not an integral part of the album but a separate gadget, therefore not present in the various boxes or in the complete set. We avoided another problem with previous albums where some stickers to complete the album were distributed only with commercial products other than the packets.

Are we biased? It is useless to deny the opposite. We are biased first of all because we are always on the side of the stickers, the traditional ones, the beautiful ones to stick in an album; we are biased because we must thank and support those who in the new millennium still decide to promote culture through these little paper friends, understanding the social impact and the diffusion that stickers still have today, 2021. We are biased because teaching is the history and symbol of our beloved world, as much as football or cartoons, indeed they were born before. We are biased because we have in front of our eyes a quality work, always improving, but well done and with purposes that go beyond the already important role of albums of this genre, given that part of the sales will be destined to support school activities. Among other things, inside the boxes sold in newsstands, there are free tickets to guided tours of the capital on panoramic buses and the Tiber, a truly commendable economic commitment.

We are proud and happy to be partners of this beautiful adventure. Esseci started from the province (album on Latina, Irpinia and Ciociaria), passed through Naples (album on Vesuvian treasures), now it has gone up to Rome and who knows if next year it won’t go a few hundred kilometers further north to reach Bologna .. Spoiler? Anticipation? “You call them if you want, emotions” and projects. In stickers we trust, after all 🙂


I LOVE THE ANIMALS (Gamma 3000 Italy)


stickers: 60 (1-60)
starter pack: album + complete stickers set € 4.99

A new album from Gamma 3000 after the one released in November 2020 (, probably had its success as the publisher is back with a new collection, dedicated to farm animals. An opportune choice, given the limited type of stickers, to thematize it more specifically with respect to the entire animal world which is truly immense. Solution that also give chances to subsequent albums.

The format album plus complete set of stickers for less than € 5.00 is a great opportunity to bring even the little ones closer to the magical world of stickers, learn characteristics and curiosities of the animal world while having fun. The quality of the paper is not optimal but given the final price, in this case, it can be safely accepted.

Each farm animal is present with a dedicated chapter, the captions are useful for understanding, essential but necessary above all for an audience of very young kids, even the graphics pursue this target. Rabbits, cows, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, birds and even dogs and cats. Very nice the final page with typical animals but from other farms around the world such as Alpaca, Lama, Reindeer and Yak.

Curious detail, the total of the stickers is actually 64, because four are double. Minimal album like the previous one, a good starting point for newcomers to the world of stickers.


GENOA LE FIGURINE 2020/21 (Galata Italy)


stickers: 300 (1-240, 48 fig. The best Genoa, 12 updates)
starter pack: album € 1.00
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers – 50 packets box)

Album on sale only in Genoa and its province

It is the first album that we have the opportunity to review on Genoa and therefore we apologize if it is actually similar to that of previous years. Being the same publisher of Sampdoria, someone will have informed the red&blue club of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Sampdoria championship and they did not want to be outdone. After all we are talking about the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, the oldest in Italy. They have so many stories to tell!

First part of the album (stickers from 1 to 167) dedicated to the 2020/21 championship with an incredible number of players represented, 38! From this point of view, certainly the richest album among the various dedicated to clubs, from Mattia Perin to Steeve Eyango, two for each page and each players with four stickers. It is a commendable choice, it also makes the album different from the Calciatori, it allows for a much higher number of players and stickers than can only be found in this edition. The policy of President Preziosi certainly helps, Genoa in recent years has been synonymous with a truly exponential movement of players.

The second part is very interesting (stickers from 168 to 240 plus extra), four steps in over 100 years of history, ample space for the star’s missing shield. It is a story that we know well, because our association lives in the city of the club “executioner” of what happened, of course they think differently in region Emilia. It almost seems to be talking about the millennial dispute between Bologna and Modena about who invented tortellini (you already know the answer, of course!). 1925, almost a hundred years have passed but the wound for the Rossoblu fans is still open.

Always fascinating are the stickers in vintage black and white, shots from the matches and the great footballers. 6 pages and 13 stickers are dedicated to this historic championship and the long confrontation between Genoa and Bologna. Great prominence for a distant page of our football that we feel ours, because more than one of those protagonists are destined to become our Celebrative Sticker, for now, we have printed the great Angelo Schiavio.

Subsequently, the album takes a leap of 50 years and traces the rebirth of the Griffin, from Montevarchi to Anfield, from Serie C in 1970 to the unforgettable victory at Anfield in 1922 in the Uefa Cup. 22 highlights stickers traveling through 22 years of Genoa history. The pages of memories through the images of the matches and the players continue in the following pages, the victories in the derbies from Milito to Lerager and again the last 15 years with memorable moments, fluctuating seasons but always with the Curva Nord to win for their heat and the colors of the supporting.

“The best Genoa in our life” is the final part of the album, we had seen something similar in the Napoli album but here it is even more emphasized. 48 stickers are printed, 4 for each role, including the coach. Precisely the latter are the starting point, the most loved footballers in the years of Genoa coached by Silvestri, Simoni, Bagnoli and Gasperini are chosen. The fan collector can create the four favorite teams, from best to least best (worst, it seems a wrong definition).

To give you an idea of ​​the names we took the liberty of choosing the ideal eleven, they are not mysterious stickers, as the 48 names are written in the album, here is ours: Martina, Torrente, Nela, Rosato, Signorini, Ruotolo, Eranio, Maselli, Simoni, Milito, Aguilera (coach Bagnoli). But it was tough!

Finished the album? Not yet, we also find space for 16 update stickers that will be printed later. Really a great album, the only flaw is the internal graphics really reduced to the minimum terms, however an applause also to the quality of the album paper, hard cardboard cover and glossy paper interiors, not our favorite, but at least we don’t see here folds and other horrors seen in albums by other publishers.


SAMPDORIA le figurine 2020/21 (Galata Italy)


stickers: 252 (1-252)
starter pack: album € 1.00
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers – 50 packets box)

Albums and stickers for sale ONLY in Genoa and its province

An important year for the Sampdoria hearts, the usual official album could not ignore it. This is why we have a product that is current but also celebratory, it is in fact 30 years since the Sampdoria championship, a team that has become legendary and that thanks to those successes still has fans in all parts of Italy.

Among other things, a good choice, better a single album than two separate ones, in theory more captivating, but in practice very risky for economic reasons. We still remember the splendid album made by Panini for the 30th anniversary of the Hellas Verona championship, with poor sales results and therefore without a sequel of other clubs.

Fortunately, Galata Edizioni takes care of it, making this year’s album a gem to be preserved and treasured with care, even for those who are not Sampdoria fans but love celebratory albums. We must congratulate this product, cardboard cover and interiors with glossy paper but without the unpleasant creases that we have found in other releases, especially around Modena ..

The first part of the album (stickers from 1 to 175) presents the 2020/21 team, in addition to coach Ranieri each player has their own page with 6 stickers, the usual presence of a bust sticker, in action, autograph, etc. Setting similar to all the other releases dedicated to individual clubs, but it cannot be otherwise. From Audero to Quagliarella, 26 players in the squad have their own stickers. The Sampdoria world, the youth teams and the rest are missing, but to the advantage of the last pages, glorious and celebratory as mentioned.

The second part of the album (stickers from 176 to 252) is entirely dedicated to the 1990/91 season, currently the only championship title in the club’s history. The great victories in the league, that of overtaking at the beginning of the season against Milan and that of May 1991 at San Siro against Inter, remembered with 6 collage images for a total of 19 stickers! Who’s writing was present that day at San Siro but in the black and blue curve and the penalty missed by Mattheus he still remembers it, as a fan of football stories it was just like that.

If the first part of the album were all single stickers, in this second part they are all puzzles of 2, 3 or 4 stickers. We have no ability to control but we hope the cut is excellent so that the final image can be as perfect as possible. The headlines, the curve, the celebrations, all in stickers.
That Sampdoria was a very nice team, just to celebrate the coach Vujadin Boskov by remembering the famous phrase “penalty is when the referee whistles” but also the “exploits” of the players, first in extra sporty clothes and then all blond for a promise made at the beginning championship.
It is also right to remember the father of the championship, the President Paolo Mantovani, the stickers 242 and 243 should be put in a picture to hang, the merit of that perhaps unrepeatable season is all of this great character of Italian football.




stickers: 176 (1-156, X1-X20)
starter pack: album + 3 packets € 2.00
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers – 36 packets box)

In the beginning they were the Unicorns .. we can be optimistic about 2021 for stickers. After months of disasters, a well-made album arrives on newsstands, paper quality worthy of a Panini album, paper that takes us back to the golden years, compact, thick, no creases, a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch. The presence at the center of the album of postcards to be detached has certainly made this choice of material necessary, but we hope it will be a new course for Panini, a return to the quality that has (almost) always distinguished it!

The sticker albums are a truly varied world and it is the beauty, we have sports albums, cartoons, films, celebrities, fashion, toys, educational and in recent times the explosion of the Youtube world. There is no subject that cannot turn into stickers! With this spirit, here is the album of these characters from the world of slimes and toys (a term now obsolete, actually), an interesting choice because they are also and above all produced for sale in newsstands, therefore they have always been the home of stickers and so we hope it will remain in long.

In the beginning it was the Unicorns, then the Rainbow dolls also arrived. Very colorful album like those to create slime, glitter everywhere as if there was no tomorrow. The first part of the album is dedicated to dolls, to introduce and make known the Rainbow family with lots of information. We really like the varied setting of the stickers, it is certainly not a static album, so many special, shaped ones, it will be difficult to find doubles to exchange because they are beautiful stickers to stick anywhere, to the joy and desperation of the poor parents.

In the second part of the album we find the Unicorns, impressive to see how many there are and honestly it makes us laugh to think imagining the Panini staff busy creating the graphics, probably having fun (for us it would have been so) in discovering the various aspects of this world of fantasy, fashion and colorful.

Another interesting aspect is the presence in practically all the pages of interactive inserts, of the classic ones as we like them, no QR code or other virtual solutions, here children have to color and create, leaving free space for imagination, as an album should be with a target for the little ones.

Central insert with postcards, here too free space for children’s creativity, the stickers from X1 to X20 are destined to embellish these postcards but without predefined spaces, that’s right!

The stickers in general are a pleasure for the eyes, we have already said that they have a double use, they can be used to complete the album but also to give life to your school diary, notebooks and possibly no walls in the house 🙂
Of good quality, necessarily larger than other collections. Someone will have to object to Panini’s recent choice to sell boxes of 36 packets instead of 50, it is probably a necessary act to limit the return of unsold packets, for collections that are not expected to have an exponential impact; wishing from the packets present in a box, one could hypothesize which Panini collections are targeting the most, but this is not necessarily the case, it is often also linked to the total number of stickers to complete the album.

In slime we trust!


CUCCIOLOTTI 2021 (Pizzardi Italy)


stickers: 512 (1-492 M-S 1-12 T 1-8) + 72 cards
starter pack: album + 1 packet € 1.00 / hardcover + 2 packets € 3.00
packets: € 0.60 (6 stickers + 1 card, box 100 packets)

Welcome back Cucciolotti! Some might answer that Pizzardi only makes one album a year, but he does it well! In this period where other publishers are disappointing on various fronts, this Cucciolotti 2021 is a panacea to hope that next year will be spectacular.

We honestly don’t have the historical knowledge of the Cucciolotti to make comparisons with 15 years of editions, but we can point out many positive aspects. Already from the starter packs the sensations are good, the paperback album of good quality (how nice to review a sticker album without creases), the hardcover is no longer soft and in our opinion it is an improvement, hardcover for only 3 euro with two packets. Here this is one of the cases where “only” is not a mocking term.

The packets still at 0.60 with 6 stickers + 1 card. Within the album, the publisher is keen to specify that with a box of 100, it cannot guarantee the complete set, but it is certain that there will be very few stickers to complete the album. The right reward for aficionados who buy a whole box should be an unwritten rule.

Contemporaneity is important, today the album is out on shops and online we find the site completely updated with even the possibility of ordering the missing stickers right away. It is true that we do not find speculators here (those who continually buy the same sticker .. like Zaniolo / Calciatori) but it is excellent that one can buy multiple copies of the same issue.

In addition to all this, the fundamental contribution that Pizzardi, year after year, has given to the associations for animals and to the protection of the environment, thanks to the sale of the stickers. “The stickers that make the difference”, we say it too, but in the case of Cucciolotti it is truly incredible (donated over 5.5 million euros!).

What has been written so far would already be worth buying, in reality the interior removes any doubt. If our animal friends and the Nasoni people are always the same, so are the various pages. Impossible to list them all, from the new journey of megadirectress Westie to Nasopoli that she introduces to the album.
We do not believe an album can be defined more interactive than Amici Cucciolotti, each page must be read and reread because you always discover different details. It is equally important that parents can linger with their children in reading and not just attach the stickers, captions and comics to tell us about our world and the varied animal and plant kingdoms that populate it. The many pages on “extraordinary trees” are beautiful. Ergo, it’s not just us humans!

Not only respect for nature, the album is full of good messages and that strong dose of positivity that this year, even more than usual, is needed. Honorable mention for the page “the energy of Italy”, we do not know if it is an absolute novelty but a little bit of national pride is always good for us.

We have said some interesting pages on the big trees in the world, very beautiful also those of the looks, special stickers to put on the faces of the various animals. The more didactic themes are also interesting to help learn a few words of English, help memory and much more.

Final part of the album that will surely delight many fans of the fantasy world with dragons, magical creatures and the mythological puzzle. The 72 cards with the best of the most popular images from previous years are dedicated to this theme.

The stickers are always varied, special, colorful. Usable in the album but several doubles also elsewhere. Over the years Pizzardi has increasingly limited the extra stickers to numbering or to the album itself, a popular choice, this year we find 8 adhesive patches, on the back it is specified to first ask permission from the parent, who knows if someone over the years has written to the publisher complaining about what the children were up to with the doubles .. No notion about the presence of big stickers (Figurone), as far as we are concerned we will not miss them.

Thanks Pizzardi for this great end of year!


CALCIATORI 2021 (Panini)


stickers: 864 (1-743 P1-P20, MVP1-MVP9, X1-X23, sticker Tim, M1-M48, C1-C20)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 1.00
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers, 100 packets box)
tin box: € 9.90 (15 packets)
hardcover: € 19.90 (from January)

Welcome back Queen of Stickers! We like this album, Panini would have passed the exam again this year. Indeed, it would have done it better than in previous years, in our opinion, were it not for practical problems that affect the result. In fact, confirmation arrives from many parts that the quality of the album is very poor, so much so that the central pages are lost on the first breath. We hope Panini’s policy has not become that of distributing an album deliberately of poor quality for the benefit of other products on sale and this year we have even three: the priced (the exact same BAD quality of the free version album), the limited edition (not still out but announced as finely worked) and the hard cover. All beautiful, Panini is free to make an album in human skin, but the standard version that arrives in newsstands MUST be of good if not excellent quality. At least, by writing to Panini’s customer office (CONTACTS on the home page of the site) it is possible to request a new copy of the album, which however could have the same problem, often happens. Given the widespread disaster, a “mea culpa” and not this deafening silence would have been lawful, correct and dutiful. In addition, at least the priced version had to be reprinted, truly a fall in unimaginable style, especially in the year of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Panini.

Yes, this is an important year, 60 years of Panini, 60 years of Calciatori. Who knows what Panini had in mind if we lived in a different period. Maybe we would have had a Panini Tour full of surprises, not being able to do otherwise Panini tried to make an album that could satisfy both nostalgics and modernists, maybe many of you will not agree, but in our opinion they have achieved the goal. It is certainly not perfect, but the perfect does not exist and making everyone happy is impossible. Then, in the details, we have something to say, you will find it by continuing to read.


Four pages per club, as in recent years, with some differences. In the first two pages we find the rich squad of 22 players, in some cases with three goalkeepers present, perhaps the first time in a Calciatori album. The photo under the name of the club is splendid with a sort of “hall of fame”, to be perfect it had to re-propose only stickers, perhaps, but it remains a beautiful sight. The most important note, the most captivating aspect, are the stickers themselves, no more white background but a reference to the team colors.

We like the second part, only three stickers from the packets and a mysterious numbered P that we will find in the update set: “the most loved Panini”, makes us hope that in Modena they have found a way to get the stickers of great champions from the past authorized, one per team. Or it will be something else, let’s hope not. Last year’s bus were a nice novelty but repeating it would have been too much, just as reporting the team with a single sticker is an excellent choice. The trainers’s sticker is also back in its right place, a fundamental part of the clubs, right here and not in other parts of the album. The graphic impact is not bad, the most beautiful remains that of 2018/19 but not repeatable, inserting the tables of the players in these pages, as requested by many collectors.

We believe it is really too much to insert the photos of the eGamers, at least there are no stickers like for Fifa365. We would have preferred the photos perhaps of the most promising young players (those good with the ball, not with the joystick), certainly it is a marketing need linked to entice the younger generations or perhaps there are simply commercial reasons behind it, perhaps at the invitation of the Lega Calcio itself. . Avoidable, however.

The Serie A calendar closes, for the sake of the traditionalists and the nightmare of those who in 20 years will find perfect albums but with written results. Who knows if there will be blatant errors like last year, let’s leave the statistics lovers in control and indeed we invite you to report it to us, thanks! 🙂


Essential Serie B, well crafted, the team is just a printed image, the trainers as well, as necessary as for A in order not to make an album of 1000 stickers. Players always in blocks of three stickers, separated so as to make it more fun to complete the album. The great news is the return to the big badge also for B. Perhaps the graphics of the players could have followed the line of A, but being much smaller the effect was probably different. So Panini solved it by making the background of B as the stickers of the players of A.

In an album where not even the B has a team sticker, it is right that for the Lega Pro there are only the badges, but there are! We complained in all possible ways and occasions when Panini took them off years ago, now they are back for the second year and we hope they will stay forever!

There were rumors about the lack of women’s football, fortunately this is not the case. There are only the stickers of the teams, perhaps it would have been nice to add the badges, perhaps in double.


The extras are an important part of the Calciatori albums, they are often a source of debate among fans, sometimes considered superfluous, sometimes useless, sometimes successful. After last year’s disasters, downsized, indeed restructured, the “Film del Campionato” chapter, the stickers are 29 (last year they were 28) but they are divided into two sections, great news are the MVPs, one per month, nine total, distributed three at a time with Sport Week as well as the Film del Campionato with 20 stickers.

The updates part is very rich, the new arrivals are the usual 48 but in the set we will also find the P stickers we talked about before and the X of the Top Teams, 23 players chosen by a jury of experts and fans. Maradona, Van Basten, Baggio, Zoff, Facchetti, Rossi, Totti .. we had never seen them all in the same album! As for the P’s, we are very curious to see what kind of Panini sticker will be able to propose. On the Top Team page there is also the space for a TIM sticker. For those who have the contract with TIM will arrive at home or it will be possible to collect it in stores, for all the others it will be ordered like any other missing stickers.

Already seen on other occasions but it is only fair that the album opens with the stickers of 60 years of Calciatori covers, this time in a silver version. It’s never exactly a repeat, over the years the covers naturally increase, so that’s okay.

We come to the most discussed page of the entire album, 22 stickers dedicated to the Italian Singers National Team. On our Facebook and Instagram page, many disputed the choice, we think differently. The reasons? We like it when (just sometime over the years) the Calciatori goes out of the standard and proposes something connected to football but which Calciatori is not exactly, we had appreciated the Disney stickers of a few years ago, for example. Right to celebrate 40 years of this reality that has been able to do a lot in the field of solidarity and awareness. We are biased since, taking into account the monumental differences, we in turn make cards of singers as players, in our case joking about them, inserting them within their favorite teams. Finally, if there is a phenomenon that moves the hearts of Italians at par if not more than football, it is Music, represented here by some of its representatives. Beside that, the stickers are not memorable, they could have come out better in colors and in the background (Music is anything but a white abstract ..), right to select various artists who have made the history of the National Singers in forty years, on the most recent more than a doubt about some selected ones. We would have linked this page to a specific solidarity initiative by inserting information, we imagine Panini contributed to the fundraising but it would have been nice to allow collectors to do the same. Page that maybe will be repeated in 10 years, good idea, at least for us.


We have already written about the novelty of the backgrounds in Serie A players. In general the stickers seem lighter than last year, the badges are beautiful, perhaps not very “special” but for this very reason beautiful, we like to call them elegant. The satin shirts are a nice novelty, among the stickers we really like those of the trainers.

No more Gift Boxes this year (60 packets for the price of 50), replaced by Tin Box with 15 packets. Nice idea, especially for the price. The boxes are well made with the album covers of the various decades in relief. Hundreds of thousands of them will have been made, but it is likely that they will run out (this does not mean that they will ever take value), so not really a new Gift Box but something different could appear later in the newsstands. The box with the 6 Tin Boxes contains the six variants.

Stop with “Gommaglie”! If Panini continues to make them, it will mean that they have their success, de gustibus .. Fortunately we saved ourselves from the extra stickers of last year where the badges were a mere repetition and the idols / mascots would have made sense only if put inside the album itself and as stickers. No points collection, coupons needed to vote for the Serie A champions and participate in the final draw. So good!

In general, it is a good album, higher quality paper than the horrors of the latest albums released on newsstands, but as written at the beginning of the review, there are major problems with the holding of the central page and related staples. Unfortunately not only limited cases.

Particular year, of transition, without the health emergency perhaps Panini had different projects in mind, probably also different commercial proposals, perhaps even less advantageous than the current ones, we will see what will happen in 2022. For now we appreciate Panini trying to propose something new and different, without ever abandoning that taste of classic and traditional necessary in our beloved football players.


NAPOLI LE FIGURINE 2020/21 (Erredi)

stickers: 288 (1-288)
starter pack: album + 1 packet € 2.00
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

We don’t always have the opportunity to view the album dedicated to SSC NAPOLI, so let’s assume that our review may be inaccurate compared to the products of the past years. The 2021 edition is really interesting, it has a setting where the present and the past have their space, so we can separate this editorial issue into two distinct parts. The album is on sale ONLY in Naples and its province.

In the first part of the album (stickers 1-172) we find the current Napoli, it is a fairly classic part for all the albums dedicated to a single club, even if here is the sticker of the president De Laurentis, unusual compared to other teams, but not for Napoli, knowing the charisma and character of the owner of the Neapolitan club.

After coach Rino Gattuso, each player has their own page with 6 stickers, 26 players, from Ospina to Milik. Each sticker has its own theme, from personal data to football history, from autographed to the shirt, etc. Having only one packet available, we cannot know if there are also special stickers.

In the second part of the album (173-288) we find the history of Napoli through its great champions, thus making room for nostalgia. Nice separation, 12 stickers for the Neapolitans DOC (Ferrara, Insigne, the Cannavaro brothers, Bruscolotti and all the others) and 36 for the foreign champions, in double stickers with the player in action, from Altafini to Careca, from Krol to Higuain but NOT Maradona! Diego is present but not as sticker, just a photograph. This has already happened in past years, a symptom that the relationship between the Argentine champion and the Napoli club was not idyllic.

We recall that the album was printed before Maradona’s death, who knows if things will change in next year’s edition. Also taking into account that a space in the album should be given to the new name of the San Paolo Stadium, perhaps it will also be an opportunity to see Diego in the sticker again. Even just the famous and immortal one of his entrance to the stadium crowded with fans on the day of its presentation.

Final part of the celebratory album of the 2020 Italian Cup but above all to the Dream Team. A commendable initiative that will drive collectors crazy, the 21 most winning and loved formations in the history of Napoli are presented. The curious aspect is that in the pages you do not find the consequential numbering but it is repeated A and B (stickers from 240 to 281). The fan is therefore free to attach the stickers of the various formations according to their taste, from the first to the last favorite.

The album helps by specifying why the formations were chosen, we go to the first Napoli 1926/27, the year of the foundation, to last year. Can we predict that in many albums we will find the 1986/87 lineup first? The first Scudetto and with Maradona .. you never forget 🙂
In the introductory caption we talk about 22 formations but in reality 21 are listed and also the space is for 21, who knows which will be the twenty-second forgotten.

The stickers are simple, more beautiful than those of the time and during the game phases. In each packet there is also a coupon to donate points to your school or sports association, the most voted will receive material donated by Napoli Calcio. The pressure closure of the packet also damaged the stickers inside. Since our only packet is the free version inside the album, we do not know if the problem is repeated in the other ones as well. Rarely, the cost of the packet has dropped compared to the past.

Interesting album, especially for the part on the history of Napoli, it could be more captivating with fewer stickers, inserting 5 or even 4 instead of 6 for actual squad. However, in our opinion improved compared to those we have seen in recent years .


GIANMARCO ZAGATO (Promotional Srl Italy)

stickers: 168 (1-168)
album: € 3.50
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

A new album of youtubers in stickers! Since Zagato has made himself known through the paranormal and the mysteries, maybe he could tell us who is behind “Promotional Srl”, also publisher of the DINSIEME album. Is there a big publisher who prefers to remain anonymous for commercial or other reasons? Panini? Topps? No, let’s think more about Giochi Preziosi (it would be a return to the world of stickers) but also Fabbri or Mondadori, publishers of the books by Dinsieme the first and Zagato the second.
This doubt comes from the very hidden management of these albums, we do not find a site, we do not find even an email and even on google we have not found any reference to Promotional Srl. Funny if we think of sticker albums dedicated to web stars! The management of the sticker request (only via postal order, very vintage) is entrusted to a company that provides services to publishers. The mystery remains …

Promotional Srl albums are interesting because they are direct, seemingly simple, without too many stickers, without special stickers, without additional cards (thank you!). They are classic albums even if linked to the web, which is absolutely modern and current. The youtuber from Padova writes that he has worked a lot on it and it shows, as with other similar albums it is clear that there is a multi-handed work, certainly that of the publisher but with the indications of the protagonist.
GZ owes its success to its videos on mysteries, on the paranormal and on the Ouija board, it is appreciable that the setting of the album is much more personal, only the final part is dedicated to “darkness”. After all, if you visit his youtube channel you will find much more, very funny videos related to unlikely purchases on Amazon. His attempts in the kitchen are almost disturbing, more terrible than horror stories! 🙂

GZ is also smart, the album starts with the fashion pages (in addition to the stickers, for those who also want to buy his t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.), it turns personally with photos of the family, his animals and the first video experiences , since childhood and then on with the whole world of GZ.
We would have to open many packets to get a precise idea of ​​the stickers it contains, it is not a didactic album, only nice notes that allow Gianmarco to interact with fans. The formula used by others also works, in our opinion. The album is made up of photographic stickers and as in any photo binder, who hasn’t added phrases and thoughts? The idea is all here, simple, but effective.

The important thing is not to take himself too seriously, in his search for perfection Gianmarco admits that he is not and this makes him nice and between shopping, surgical operations (which we do not share), mysterious videos and everything else, ends up making it much more real than he himself can imagine.

Advice for Promotional SRL (or whoever behind ..): change the editorial line to sell the album only without packets attached and at a cover price out of the market. Make good old starter packs! 😉

What to say.. baciones!



card: 230 (1-230)
starter pack: album + 3 packets + 2 LE cards € 9.90
packets: € 2.99 (8 cards, 18 packets box)

Was the chicken or the egg born first? We know that the programming of an album is six-monthly if not annual, but we like to think that this Panini release is linked to the great success of the LYON album (linked although not officially to the world of Minecraft), not so much in terms of ways, but in timing. That is, that it came out earlier than expected? 🙂

Certainly times are risky, if it is true that Minecraft has an exponential success with millions of game lovers, releasing such an expensive product simultaneously with the Queen Calciatori leaves us some perplexity. The second doubt is more personal, this review would certainly have a different setting if it were a good follower of the game, this is not the case, so forgive us the mistakes and above all the shortcomings. Certain details and details would not go unnoticed by fans.

The collection consists of 230 cards, divided between 7 genres, compared to those of Fortnite it seems more structured and refined. The binder insert is interesting where every single card is not only mentioned but has a small caption, the purpose is certainly to help understanding the game and make it more appealing.

Good Panini to sell the starter pack with the paper bag, the binder instead is plastic and we believe it is the solution that will remain so in the near future. We cannot think of an optimal alternative solution if not the infamous boxes which, however, take away all the pleasure of putting in order and inserting the cards. We are sure it is a fundamental part of the collection for everyone, even in the most traditional stickers, even those who do not attack them (we do not understand but we adapt) keep them in binders. Ordering cards is a pleasure that cannot be resisted, as well as being quite fun.

8 cards per packet, good quality, better than Adrenalyn, but 3 euro per packet risks driving away more than a few curious people. According to the category we find both simple and special cards, what unites them all is the presence on the front of the card of a small symbol that refers to one’s role in the game. Special mention for the first 9 cards, divided into three allow you to create the panoramas of the Minecraft world. They differ from the others because they have an image on the back that allows you to have an overall view even if you are physically missing the other parts to complete the panorama. Even the glow-in-the-dark cards have additions on the back, still others have hidden images. Most have characters, objects, places from the Minecraft world, who is passionate will easily recognize everything.

Division of the cards:

1-9 Panorama cards (specials)

10-45 Mobs & Players cards (standard)

46-81 Face glow cards (specials)

82-108 Structure cards (standard + specials)

109-135 Mobs foil cards (standard + specials)

136-207 Item cards (standard)

208-230 Action cards (3D)

To these must be added the LE cards, at least 6 (2 in the starter pack, 4 exclusively on the Panini website)

A curated collection, better than other similar productions by Panini itself, there remains the doubt of having chosen the right moment and the right commercial proposal. In terms of graphics and quality of the cards, it fully wins over other competitors, but sometimes it is David and not Goliath who wins.




stickers: 35 (1-34 + sticker cover)
album + complete stickers set € 20.00

Behind this album there is passion, a lot of passion. When we were contacted by the Saint Seiya Vintage Italy Association, we appreciated that they followed our site and even more that they wanted to inform us about their editorial initiative. We are the first to be stubborn in carrying out our projects, so we wanted to give our small contribution by purchasing a copy and doing the necessary review, we consider it an honor rather than a burden.

The stickers are just 34, as if it were a negative aspect, for some time we have been carrying on the firm belief that it is not the length of an album or its amount of stickers that makes it interesting and enjoyable, sometimes publishers exaggerate, perhaps adding the (not always) superfluous cards or other.

The album reflects the reason why the association was born, the collecting of toys (ok, the term is limiting, but to make everyone understand what we are talking about) released in Japan and Italy since the end of the years 80. Not all toys, but the specific Saint Cloth Series collection starting from the first series that we find here represented. We apologize to the boys of the association if we have written inaccuracies. It is a world parallel to ours, we know it, but we are certainly not experts.

The album is a catalog book containing 17 characters from the series, Pegazus, Dragon, Swan, Andromeda, Phoenix and the 12 Golden Knights corresponding to the zodiac signs. Each with two stickers, a photo of the front of the box and the inside with the character still in its original packaging. If Mr. Preziosi has been able to buy Saronno, Como and finally Genoa Football Club over the years, it is also thanks to the great commercial successes of his company such as the Knights of the Zodiac!

The surrounding photographs are also beautiful, certainly from private collections and not found on the internet. They also write it on the album but it is clear that there is a great job behind it, that passion we were talking about at the beginning of the review. Final pages with many curiosities and details for those wishing to venture out in search of these small jewels related to Japanese animation (and in turn to manga, but in reality the toys portray much more the characters as they are represented in the TV series rather than in the comics).

Interesting project, commitment to be supported, the main flaw is the size of the stickers, rather small which do not do justice to the work behind it and above all do not allow you to fully appreciate the details inside the boxes. Probably an obligatory choice, linked to the indications of those who printed albums and stickers.

We allow ourselves to make two additions:

  1. there are 34 stickers but we wrote 35 because you can also find the sticker of the album cover. It does not have a space inside but is still, in our opinion, part of the collection
  2. we name it volume 1, the copy in our possession is part of the first reprint. We hope the success of the initiative will push this handful of collectors to repeat the initiative and propose another album. Maybe to be presented at a future edition of Figurine Forever Fair where we would certainly like to have them with us 😉

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the album can contact the Association directly by visiting their interesting website

For Athena! For the stickers!




stickers: 192 (1-168, P1-P24)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.90
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers – box of 50 packets)

“Don’t call me Holly!”, Forget also about Benji, Landers and Becker, it’s time to get to know the real names in the most loved and followed football cartoon of all time. It is not an absolute novelty, manga readers know the comics that kept the Japanese names even when published in Italy. The album is not a revival but is linked to the recently made reboot, the story is always the same but the graphics are modern and all the characters are also offered in Italy with their original names.

In leafing through the album, Panini rightly makes no mention of English-style names, for some until the sticker is found difficult to understand who the caption is intended for. The older of us will find another way to have fun!

We like the setting of the album very much, the story is the same as the first series, the risk of making an album similar to the previous ones (although it has not been made for many years) is well avoided by Panini by creating a product where in the Captions and titles could almost look like a classic football album were it not for the animation in the stickers.

The first pages feature the top players, Tsubasa (formerly Holly Hutton), Genzo (formerly Benji Price), Taro (formerly Tom Becker) and Hyuga (formerly Mark Lenders). In the many stickers, scenes from the various episodes are re-proposed, but also special glitter, shaped and for some the splendid circular emblems. We admit that we have not yet seen the new version on TV, but a lot of space is given to Roberto (he, being Brazilian, keeps the same name as the classic series), an important character, but less charismatic than the many other young players in the series, the best here summarized on one page.

In the second part of the album the series and the acrobatics of our champions are dealt with, instead of summarizing the salient episodes, the album enjoys involving the collector with a series of captivating “screams” (in action! come on! what a goal and what saves!), plus some focus on moments of glory, not only the final between the two teams (clearly not called Muppet and New Team) but for example the golden couple Tsubasa / Taro with satisfaction of the writer, among the various characters I have always had a soft spot for Taro / Tom Becker.

The idea of ​​interacting with children is also nice, inviting them in the various pages to write their own ideas and passions about football, even better in two specific pages with lots of tests, the first dedicated to attack or defense, the second to how much you know the series. In reality, it is enough to be good and if you have been careful in reading the album captions, you should know all the answers.

Particular mention was made of the double central poster for the P stickers, there was too much curiosity not to detach it from the album and see it in all its grandeur. Side A proposes the Top 11 of the players in the series, the ones we will then all find together in the national team; side B the players in action.

Good quality album, even the paper although not perfect yet, is better than the last Panini albums. The stickers reproduce the moments of the series, the special ones and especially the shaped ones are beautiful. If you really wanted to be tax, you could have given more space to the other characters and less to the protagonist, but in reality we seem to see that, having already opened about twenty packets, even the supporting actors have several appearances. Just a detail, given that the album is CAPTAIN TSUBASA, as you can also read on the cover, why write Capitan (in Italian) inside? Detail, just to be a pain in the ass 🙂

We have just released the TOP TEN 2020 (for albums released from December 1, 2019 to November 30, 2020) and perhaps we already have the 2021 winner in the cartoon category. Being only the first series, the hope of seeing other albums in the future is high, even Panini seems to believe (hope) given the box of 50 packets while lately he has often used the 36 one.

Come on Japan!




stickers: 140 (1-140)
album: € 2.00 (waiting for the starter pack)
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers – 36 packets box)

The Turkish answer to Elisa of Rivombrosa? Completely different historical period and location, but this TV series has certainly made the hearts of many go crazy even in Italy, thanks also to Can Yaman, the leading actor.

The mix is ​​the ever-present classic, the beautiful and intelligent lady, of humble origins, and the handsome, gloomy rich man, at the request of his father who became a businessman, but in his heart, a free and wild spirit.

Of course, everything revolves around the great passion between the two protagonists, several will try to put the couple in difficulty. In the end, as in all fairy tales, classic or modern, it will be Love that wins. The series is currently airing on Canale 5, pending the second season, already made in Turkey and scheduled in Italy for 2021/2022.

The album introduces us to the characters, from Albatros (no, not Bianca & Bernie’s) to Sanem, from brothers and sisters to friends and those not exactly nice to meet. After a double giant poster in the center (unfortunately no space for stickers), the album continues with pages dedicated to some of the highlights of the story. The last page is nice where, if you want, you can learn some phrases in Turkish, suitable if by chance you fall in love in Istanbul!

The stickers are mostly frames from the same TV series. Larger than the standard size, special with glitter effect but nothing more. Unfortunately we have to make some negative notes:
. the poor quality of the paper, equal to the latest printed albums, which unfortunately denote a lack of care and even consideration for those who buy (we are also experiencing the problem of paper with other publishers)
. the cost of the packet at 1 euro for 5 stickers, honestly too much. The only advantage could be if, by purchasing the box of 36 packets (therefore 180 stickers), the complete set is found as the stickers are just 140. Maybe we would like to remove the curiosities 🙂

Panini has organizational and graphic skills well above the average, here it probably put in a little bit of effort. Too bad, because it could have good potential, it didn’t take much, a few more interactive pages, the poster with stickers, etc. There could even be a small didactic part to discover that beautiful country that is Turkey.

Then of course, we are always just passionate and not a multinational, but it is a bit like at school when teachers tell parents “he’s good, but he doesn’t apply”


JUVENTUS OFFICIAL 2020/21 (Euro Publishing)


stickers: 216 (1-216) + 32 cards (J1-J32)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card – box of 50 packets)

As expected after Milan and Inter, Euro Publishing also releases the Juventus album. The cover is already curious, there is no image of the trainer, a particular choice taking into account that Pirlo is much loved by Juventus fans and beyond. Another detail is putting McKennie in the center and the ever-present Cristiano Ronaldo behind, maybe CR7 is not happy 🙂

We reiterate what has already been written in other reviews, an applause to Euro Publishing in knowing how to prepare different albums year after year (we are in the fourth) and also different between the three clubs, waiting to see if the AS Roma album will be released for 2021 too, however, for sale only in the Eternal City.

Let’s start from the bottom, who knows if anyone at Juventus has read the criticisms of the 2019/20 edition present in our review, however more space has finally been given to the female team, both with a few more stickers (including specials) and with the presence in the cards of the top players Gama, Girelli and Bonansea. A very just tribute to the leading squad in Italy and that through these players (not only them .. for example the goalkeeper Giuliani is missing) brings a fundamental contribution to the success of the national team too. Maybe next year we will have the stickers of the entire squad of the black and white girls!

The first pages of the album highlight the new arrivals with many stickers on Chiesa, Morata, Kulusevski, Arthur and the coach Andrea Pirlo. Following the celebration of the ninth consecutive Scudetto, the next page is an interesting novelty with stickers linked to QR codes where you can rediscover the salient moments of the recent Juventus history. The page is also present in the Milan album but in that case with no stickers attached, only printed images.

Following space for the complete squad, 22 players, from Szczensy and Buffon to Ronaldo, Dybala and Morata. The lower number of players compared to the Milan and Inter albums is what allows you to have the pages of stickers with QR codes and more space for women, probably.
The album ends with the Under 23 team and the Juventus “vivaio”. It is appreciable that even for team B, engaged in the Serie C championship, we find stickers dedicated to individual players, who knows that they will not become important rookies of future great champions.

The 32 cards are a nice addition, taking into account that they do not affect the cost of the packet which has remained unchanged at 0.70 (good Euro Publishing!). Great to add the three queens of women’s football, for next year instead of the repeated logo and jerseys, maybe they could think of paying homage to the greats of the past, an appointment to be repeated year after year so as to cover part of the many champions who have dressed the black and white jersey.


INTER OFFICIAL 2020/21 (Euro Publishing)


stickers: 216 (1-216) + 32 cards (I1-I32)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card – box of 50 packets)

After Milan, here is the Inter album, also in its fourth edition by Euro Publishing. Juventus is also coming, who knows if the final classification of the championship will be the same as the releases, certainly the many Rossoneri fans hope so!

A virtue of Euro Publishing is not only to try to make different albums year by year, but also not to make them perfectly the same between clubs in the same season. Clearly the setting is the same, but for example the first Nerazzurri pages are different. In particular we find a mega photo of 8 stickers with the 2021 team. Here, the Inter album wastes no time, immediately the team, immediately the protagonists that after last year, Mr. Conte hopes to bring them into triumph after so many years of disappointments.

An album dedicated to a single club must be as complete as possible and therefore the entire squad of players is rightly presented, fortunately updated to the latest transfer market news, well presented in four dedicated pages with extra stickers of Hakimi, Kolarov, Darmian and Vidal.

Subsequently 6 stickers for each player plus Mr. Conte, bust, glitter, double, in action, too bad that unlike the first editions, the rest of the technical staff do not find space. From Samir Handanovic to Lautaro Martinez, unpublished stickers also of possible future champions such as Filip Stankovic (yes, the son of the great Dean); 26 players in all with 4 goalkeepers. Nobody is missing!

Final pages for the Inter world, the women’s team, the Primavera and more generally the men’s and women’s youth teams, teams that over the years have given the club great satisfaction even if sometimes they have not helped to prevent mistakes (see the Zaniolo case …) . Always underlining the great commitment of the “Biscione club” to solidarity through the Inter Campus.

In the Milan album, space was also given to the San Siro stadium (with a strong didactic emphasis) and to the memories of the great victories, here the first is not named and just so after the space dedicated last year for the tenth anniversary from the mythical Triplete.

The cards are also back, more classic than the pop-ups of 2019, perhaps not fundamental but they do not affect the cost of the packets (always € 0.70, well done Euro Publishing!) and are a nice solution to have the complete squad also in this format. Maybe, instead of making 5 cards of the logo, you could make those of the great club flags, from Facchetti to Zanetti, from Meazza to Zenga, from Corso to Mazzola, the unforgettable players are so many!

A collection that will surely warm the hearts of the many Nerazzurri fans.


MILAN OFFICIAL 2020/21 (Euro Publishing)


stickers: 216 (1-216) + 32 cards (M1-M32)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 card – box of 50 packets)

It was not taken for granted, given the situation, but the official AC Milan album, also published by Euro Publishing, is back this year, so we can expect the next release of Inter and Juventus, on a national scale.

The first impression left us a little perplexed, given the additional choice of cards (it’s true, there were also last year, but in a pop-up version, therefore a slightly different product), the combination of sticker + card is not always necessary, on the contrary. On the other hand, like last year, it did not lead to an increase in the cost of the packet, while most publishers have moved towards 0.80, Euro Publishing is good at keeping the price unchanged.

Not all the packets contain cards, it is not a defect, being few (just 32) so you avoid finding many doubles against the real stickers.

An album dedicated to a single team, now in its fourth year, cannot be expected to be original and innovative, it is still pleasant, with a pleasant visual impact and we imagine a joy for the eyes of all the Rossoneri fans. Always positive side is the presentation of the squad as wide as possible, here we have 27 players, all with the same number of stickers (5 including specials, in action, doubles + 1 present in the double page summary), an important and welcome detail , although we still dream of an entire album dedicated to the great career of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In that case, however, we would not be talking about Milan alone.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still a focus of this album, it couldn’t be otherwise. Two extra stickers are dedicated to him at the beginning, after the pages dedicated to kits, stadium (always popular stickers) and the new arrivals, a somewhat enlarged concept since we also find Daniel Maldini (son of Paolo and grandson of Cesare) having already played in the last championship.

For rookie fans, the spotlights will be on Daniel Maldini and Lorenzo Colombo, potential great promises of Italian football. Usual final pages on the Milan world: the women’s team, which in our opinion deserves more space, the Primavera team, the beautiful initiative of the Milan Foundation and waiting to return to win a blast from the past with some stickers of the glorious history of Milan, here we find the sticker of Paolo Maldini (nr. 211) and Gunnar Nordhal (nr. 215).

There is not much to add on the 32 cards, just a useful outline especially for having the complete Milan squad even in hardback version. They could be made interactive, perhaps with the QR code where you can see the player in action. Little advice if any for next year’s album.

Among the emblematic captions the presentation of the San Siro / Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, celebratory and fiery as if it were written by the Fossa dei Leoni of the South Curve, despite the fact that even the ultrà leaders would have had to go to the dictionary to discover the meaning of “hieratic stadium” 🙂


LYON (Officina Edicola Italy)


cards: 150 (1-150)

album + 1 packet 5,00€

packets: 1,50€ (5 cards – box 24 packets)

Lyon Gamer also arrives at his album, it is our firm belief that it is a good thing that the new myths of the very young, while “living” thanks to the virtual, try to probe their presence on shops with the very material stickers, whether they are adhesive or card . They are often hit albums and this bodes well that the immortal charm of our little paper friends will remain so for a long time to come.

If you have, like the writer, a 6-year-old nephew, you cannot fail to have seen the youtube channel WhenGamersFail at least once. Behind the pseudonym of Lyon lurks the very Italian Ettore Canu, coming from the beautiful Sardinia. Another important detail is to know what Minecraft is, one of the most successful video games in the world.

It is not the role of Figurine Forever to make judgments on the value or otherwise of a program or a TV series, sometimes maybe we joke about it, we usually prefer to talk about stickers. Reading some information on Lyon Gamer it seems to us that in reality one can not share the tastes but not the form, which is linked only to healthy fun without, for example, gratuitous verbal violence, Lyon’s “shouting” during the videos is only part of the character.

You may be thinking “ok, that’s fine, but when are you talking about the album?” 🙂

Well, more than a card album it is a card binder. It seems a detail but it is not, in fact the album has space to contain the 150 cards closely related to the game “The mystery of the cruise ship”. The characters, objects, rooms and skill cards are presented.

Binder as the pages are intended to contain the cards without the presence not only of captions but also of images not related to the game, they only repeat the cards to be placed on top. It is an album about the game and not about its creator and his partner Anna and their youtube channel. Choice that perhaps confirms the attitude of our Lyon, less inclined than other web heroes to show off, mainly giving space to the game.

40 minimum cards are necessary to be able to play, an argument must also be made on the cost of the pack which, in our opinion, should not be compared with other sticker albums but with other collections of trading cards. The same setting of the packet is particular, of the 5 cards inside you are sure to find 1 Holo, 2 Metal and 2 normal. Very important detail: cross your fingers to find the card no. 101, 104, 112, 141 the ultra rare that are NOT part of the missing service!

Album more suitable for videogame and card game followers than for stickers/cards fans, but as always for Figurine Forever, if the cards (or stickers) have an album, we will review it!



stickers: 200 (1-200) + stick & stack
starter pack: album + 2 packets + toy € 4.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

Intriguing the choice of this album, Sbabam is a leader in products for newsstands when it comes to small toys, models and surprise bags. Among these, the Kreaturex toys which has seen a myriad of outputs including marine animals, dinosaurs and much more. The success was so significant that the publisher decided to make an album out of it.

The album is dedicated to the predators of the earth, yesterday and today. Compared to the other collections of stickers on animals that we find on shops here our friends are all represented with illustrations, at least in the packets that we have opened there are no photographs.

The chapters of the album are divided into settings: forest, jungle, prehistory, ice, savannah, dinosaurs and skies. The abysses are missing. The captions are essential, lots of information on animals that are didactic but also and above all curiosity.

The album is completed by the double central poster for the stick&stack stickers.

In the 200 stickers we find many shaped, the total number is actually higher as the stick & stacks are not counted, we will investigate how many there are and update the review.

Nice album, useful to promote the cause of our beloved stickers.

Too bad that Sbabam is also affected by the poor quality of the album paper, after Panini and Diramix they too fall into this mistake.


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2020/21 (Topps)

stickers: 582 (numbering per team)
starter pack: album + 3 packets € 3.90
packets: € 1.00 (10 stickers)

The long-awaited Champions League album was also released in Italy. The latest one made by Topps? These are the rumors of “radio figurine”, we will see. It certainly doesn’t look like a farewell album (just think of the havoc of the latest Topps albums on the Premier League), instead it is made in an interesting way, even with some flaws, some repeated over the years.

The mother of all problems is always that of the layout of the album, being linked to a specific tournament, the division of the clubs for the various groups is greatly missed. The order of the teams is by country, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, followed by all the others. Or rather the few others because the clubs from the play-offs are relegated to the bottom of the album in cold and abstract pages.

Too bad because the graphic layout of the other pages is interesting, large photos of two (or three) top players, valid captions to learn about the history of the club in the Champions League and in the national championship of the previous year. Graphics that are not repeated the same in the most photographic part, for some clubs we have two champions compared, in others the trio of the most prolific scorers of the previous season, for others the historical graphics of the last 10 years.

Another particular caption is that relating to the 20 players team by team where the first appearance in the major European competition is highlighted, this also involves a lot of “debut season” writings.

The page is completed by the special badge of the club and the giant one of a top player, compared to last year we no longer find the stickers of the stadiums and the kits are printed directly in the album.

The pages of the teams coming from the POF cannot be commented on, frankly they are small, certainly they have a different effect with the stickers attached, but it remains an absolutely questionable choice, even if it is true that this year, due to Covid, the qualifications lasted longer. expected.
After all, even the club squads are dated and this is even more annoying if you want. While understanding the technical times for printing stickers, an album as important as that of the Champions League should be treated better.

In a period where there is so much interest in the new stars of world football, the “rising stars” page with players from the main European leagues is an apt choice, the Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni representing Serie A and Italian football.

Already used in the past, also by Panini for Fifa365 and also for Euro2020 Preview, the numbering of stickers by team and theme has no advantage other than a useless complication in collecting the album. We don’t like it, maybe others think differently.

A key note is Topps’ choice to offer a packet for 1.00 euro with 10 stickers, a policy also followed in the Topps album of F1 and the Bundesliga. Devastating impact on the “figurine” market, really interesting and excellent choice. We hope others follow the line, especially in albums where the quality of the stickers is similar or sometimes even worse. Another detail is the quality of the album paper, good when compared to that of other albums of this period.

If Topps is quitting the Champions League (all to be verified), let’s say he’s leaving the competition with a certain style. If it continues, we hope it will finally know how not to repeat some errors and settings that collectors have been complaining about since 2016.


F1 2020 (Topps)

stickers: 232 (1-232)
starter pack: album + 1 packet (with 5 stickers) € 1.99
packets: € 1.00 (10 stickers)
blister: € 7.99 (8 packets)
tin box: € 9.99 (9 packets + 1 Jumbo sticker)

Competition is welcome! The idea that there is only one editor to publish all the main collections is never a good solution, the quality and the offer certainly pay for it. Then of course some interesting material has to be made.
In the period in which Panini leaves behind several missteps, here is Topps who comes out with a valid album, at a very low price and on an important brand like Formula 1.

How many years have we waited to get F1 album back? A long time, too much! Finally someone has thought about it and the result is good. Too bad he goes out after the maximum time, in mid-November when the championship is practically concluded. Inside the album it is reported that the compilation of the collection ended on 1 July 2020, we wonder why not to release it in mid-September. Mysteries of publishing …

All pilots are presented with the same number of stickers, which is appreciable. 10 stickers on a double page with lots of information and captions, statistics. The idea of ​​the shaped helmet sticker is beautiful, followed by 5 stickers for the driver and 4 for the car. Images both posed and taken inside the passenger compartment and in the pits. The car stickers are rectangular, highlighting the aerodynamics.

The texts are naturally updated until the end of the 2019 championship and this is fine, too bad some imperfections that are noticeable immediately. For example, the country of birth is not always translated into Italian, in Vettel’s page we find Allemagne instead of “Germania”, in Gasly page France instead of “Francia”, etc. They are trivial errors but for this reason easily avoidable.

To complete the album, a nice quiz page and four finals dedicated to the Formula 2 championship.

The stickers are of various sizes, square and rectangular, special silver and shaped (the aforementioned helmets). The extremely positive note is the cost, compared to the packet at 1.00 euro we find 10 stickers. Record!
It is true that the stickers are very light, the comparison with Panini should not be made on the Calciatori but, for example, on Euro 2020 where with a cost of 0.80 we found only 5 stickers, the quality of the paper practically equal to this one, indeed the stickers were also smaller in size.

This is why competition is important, can you imagine a scenario where only one publisher has the whole market in hand? It’s already happening with comics, let’s hope it won’t happen with stickers.

General summary with our YES and NOT which were appreciated in the Fifa365 review


. the price ratio of the packet and the number of stickers inside, an absolute record
. the quality of the paper, not yet optimal, but much better than that of the last Panini albums
. the rich pilot pages with many statistics, leaving total space for the image on the stickers (finally!)
. the variety of stickers, especially helmets and cars . the limited number of stickers to complete the album (we leave the vicious circle that monumental albums are needed to make beautiful albums)


. the total lack of F1 history
. the total lack of circuits, however understandable this year. We hope for the next!
. the total lack of the F2 car stickers and the F1 and F2 team logos
. the variety of pilot stickers per pilot, a pros but also a cons. It was possible to insert one stickers less than the cars to the advantage of those of F2.

The contract signed by Topps with F1 is multi-year, next year we hope all the good things done this year will be confirmed and maybe some of our suggestions will be listened to. Who knows, maybe the world championship will also be added ..

Give your engines breath!



stickers: 144 (1-144)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

Let’s start with the right spirit in reviewing this album, first of all we really like Elettra, second she is from Bologna as our Association. Maybe one day we will be able to ask her to be the godmother of an initiative or, who knows, become the protagonist of our Fan Forever Card, of course in the role of a Milan player of which she is a great supporter.

A star like Elettra goes very well with the project of a sticker album, we like to think that every single page and even sticker has been designed and shared with her. In the videos and interviews, we have the impression that he is a sincere person, perhaps and sometimes beyond the limits, but still true. Given his work, being unconventional is sometimes almost a necessity as well as a choice.

Page after page we discover the world of Elettra with its passions, thoughts and interests. The desire to have fun is clear, but also the intention to always send positive messages to the very young and to live life with enthusiasm, after all we only have one.
We also appreciated the choice of photos, we still have to open many packets but it is already clear that, alongside the classic photos from a photo book, we find many photos that could be part of anyone’s life. As cartoon fans a big LIKE the photo with Tigger, probably taken during a visit to Euro Disney.

The album is very rich, many shaped stickers, especially the really funny cartoon ones. Very curious are the stickers on music, where Electra’s favorite artists find space, including Giorgia, Tiziano Ferro and many others. Text only, but in such an engaging album they still fit. Speaking of singers, the album also includes the stickers of Elettra’s collaborations in the world of entertainment, for example Giusy Ferreri who we imagine appreciated being immortalized in a “figurina” of her own.

This is a particular review that reflects the peculiarity of the album, in fact without discovering the various stickers you can only get an idea of ​​the images contained, there will probably be several occasions to be surprised. We are absolutely certain that Elettra fans will appreciate the setting.

The stickers are not many, just 144, finally we add. It is not always necessary to make long albums with unnecessary additions (the infamous cards, often superfluous). Indeed, the hope is that any success will lead to a second album, as mentioned on the back cover with the words “to be continued”.

Well done Elettra and Sbabam!


SESPO & ROSALBA (Diramix Italy)

stickers: 184 (1-170, A-P)
starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

In the beginning they were midfielders, stoppers and strikers. Now it’s time for influencers, bloggers, tiktokers, youtubers and vloggers! The world of the web is increasingly connected to that of stickers, so much so that one day we would like to write a special article on all the albums related to the virtual world. What are we waiting for? Let the album of the queen of the web, Chiara Ferragni, come out. Everyone’s getting there, she’ll get there too, sooner or later.

Sbabam and Diramix are at the forefront in the making of these albums, with good and less good results, however, it must be acknowledged that they differ from each other, we like to think that those directly involved are always involved. After all, we are sure that all these web stars, at least once, have collected an album of stickers. Like everyone else.

40 years in two, born in 1999, Sespo and Rosalba are a novelty compared to the previous albums, because they are the protagonists of videos together but in reality they are born separately. The evil ones might think that their love story is just a marketing idea, if so, they know how to hide it really well.

The album presents their whole world, it is very multimedia, in the various pages we find the codes to see clips and other videos. It could not be otherwise, after all we are talking about vloggers (we do not know if the term is already in the Garzanti vocabulary, but we are informed, it is the video version of bloggers, another modern term).

We find both dedicated pages individually and together, captions in minimal terms, space for photos. The stickers of their travels, in the USA and Japan, are funny. Rosalba was born with makeup videos, consequently a lot of space also for the look of both.

More “intimate” final part with the memories of Sespo and Rosalba, with photos stolen from their lives. The page “how much do you know us?” is funny, to get the answers you have to find the corresponding stickers. In the center, double poster for stickers A to P.
However, very colorful pages, different with the background as if they were school notebooks, certainly not a new idea but still perfect.

The stickers are nice, most of them portray moments from the web life of our couple, others are posed, shaped and glitter photos. We haven’t opened all the bags yet but if we wanted some animated stickers, we would have been fine.

MecontroTe, Dinsieme, Twoplayersoneconsole, will Sespo & Rosalba also succeed in becoming a success in stickers?


I LOVE THE ANIMALS (Gamma 3000 Italy)

stickers: 60 (1-60)
“Starter” pack: album + all stickers € 4.99

Important premise: we like doubles! The stickers have their importance in many aspects, including cultural and didactic ones. One aspect that made them immortal is the possibility of swapping them, of looking for the missing ones, of discovering the images by opening the packets.

On the other hand it is not always possible, even we as Figurine Forever are working on an album in favor of the Centro Tutela Fauna and it will be on sale in 2021 with the entire set of stickers already (first time we talk about it, a juicy preview for those who read this our review).

The editor presents this collection of just 60 stickers on the animal world, all of which are in the album, ready to be attached. The animals are divided by natural environment where they live, each one has a small caption that tells us about its way of life and its characteristics.

Of course 60 stickers are very few for a significant collection on the animal world, let’s say this is “the best of”. Minimal album, useful as a gift to the little ones as a first approach to the world of stickers and of course to that of animals.

Always remind children of the importance of swapping stickers, of sharing this passion with others, the mix between the need to complete their own collection but also to help others do it.




stickers: 216 (1-216) + 50 cards (C1-C50)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90
packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

Album released quietly, so much so that in some newsstands it has yet to arrive while in others it has been for 10 days. Too bad because the idea is really interesting, re-proposing the whole universe of Jurassic films in a single album. Panini had already released a similar album on the Harry Potter saga, with excellent results, just try again. Indeed, hopefully it will go ahead with the idea! (e.g. Batman)

We have reached the milestone of 150 reviews and we are happy to do it with an album that is still important, some might see it as a mere filler, in reality it is well done.

In the first pages of the album we find the history of the construction of Jurassic Park, so not from the first film (1993) but since, based on the story of the film, it was decided to recreate the dinosaurs in the laboratory.
These pages are curious because they list events outside the films (company founding, first cloning, etc.) with film events, placing them in the right place in history.
Don’t you remember them all? Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World (1997), Jurassic Park III (2001), Jurassic World (2015), The Destroyed Kingdom (2018) and we already know about the upcoming Dominion, scheduled for 2022.

To the delight of the children and not only the album continues with the Dinosaurs, animals that in the various films in the end you cannot stop to support, so evident is the human cruelty towards them. Like real movie characters (which they are), a page is dedicated to the most important, starting with Blue, then all the others up to 13 different dinosaurs. They do not follow a chronology but if anything, perhaps, the dinosaurs that have remained in the heart. Caption and form complete the information.

The next part is dedicated to Humans (more appropriate term would be Sapiens), even here the characters are not presented chronologically, in principle we find the most recent first but it is not a rule. Beautiful quotes that accompany each page with the famous phrases recited during the films.
An interesting detail is the whole setting of the album as if Jurassic Park / World had really existed, we do not find space for the names of the actors but only those impersonated in the various films. However, the main ones are all there: Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Chris Pratt, etc.
“Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur?”

After a few beautiful pages that tell the story of Nublar Island and all its places, as if it were a Holiday Club, here is the final part of the album with an overview of all the films and their unforgettable moments. Starting with 5 different logos! Captions and many stickers that reproduce every evening spent at the cinema (yes, a Dinosaur film must be seen first of all on a mega screen). 72 stickers on the films are a really nice feast of images.

The stickers are mostly images taken from various films, after all it is difficult to ask a T-Rex to pose, the main detail are the 20 stickers with the volume icon, you can find them both between the pages of the Dinosaurs and those about movies. By downloading the app you could hear the roars or watch some memorable scenes.

The 50 cards do not completely convince us, although they are nice and cared for so much that they are called Dinopedia. The designs are beautiful and the features are interesting, but they repeat what has already been presented in the album, although here it is more expanded. We would have seen everything in stickers perhaps shaped for a central poster or the creation of 50 different cards, Panini sometimes manages to do splendid work, for example in the case of the Harry Potter Saga album, with cards even of much higher quality than these (the back is the same for all, since the numbering is in front).

Apart from the criticisms on the cards, albums of really excellent workmanship, there is (again) the poor quality of the card used. We hope that the end of this tormented 2020 will also take away certain editorial choices that are not very understandable by the Modenese house.
An album with this card risks canceling the great work done in terms of graphics and content, think about it!


THE COLLEGE (Gedis Italy)


album: THE COLLEGE 2 (Gedis)
stickers: 216 (1-144 + Meme 1-Meme36 + PS1-PS36)
starter pack: album + 1 packet € 1.00
packets: € 1.00 (3 stickers + 1 Meme + 1 PS)

The positive note is the return of Gedis, capable of giving us several wonderful albums over the years (go and recover Dalton’s, for example). It is difficult to be enthusiastic about this second release of Il Collegio (The College), a series / real TV that we really cannot understand and obviously do not like.

A leap in time, the first season was linked to the 80s, this one to the 90s and it suffers. The turn-of-the-century decade was far less bubbly and colorful, no doubt. The pages are therefore more static and simple than the first edition, a matter of details but the details are also important in a sticker album.
The formula is the same, page by page first the girls, then the boys and finally the teachers. The novelty is linked to the presence of new students, fortunately.

The stickers are divided into three categories, as many as 72 do not find space in the album. In fact, in addition to the 144 needed to complete the album, we find 36 Meme Stickers and 36 Poster Stickers, however numbered.

Unmemorable album, it wasn’t even the first one ..


MATCH ATTAX 2021 (Topps Italy)

album: MATCH ATTAX 2021 (Topps)
cards: 574 starter pack: binder + 1 LE packet + 2 standard packets € 6.99
multipack: 5 packets + 1 limited packet € 5.99
tin box: Goal Scorers, Wildcards, Icons, Matchwinners € 11.99 each standard envelope: € 1.00 (6 cards)

Always challenging to complete Topps’ Match Attax album, this year even more space is given to the teams in the Europa League. Just as Fifa365 is mainly a collection linked to the clubs of the most important nations. Of the 29 present we have 7 Italian, 6 English, 3 Spanish, 4 German. The collection is closed by 7 clubs from other countries, well done having included the two Glasgow teams (Celtic and Rangers), note of color the presence of Istanbul Basaksehir. Not exactly the best known Turkish team ..
This is the formula of the Italian edition, certainly some foreign ones have different settings and there are certainly no 7 representatives of the “Bel Paese”.

Not all clubs have the same number of cards, on average between 16 and 18 but then down to 10 or 12 until 5 (.. sigh ..) of the Turkish team. The teams are not update (for example we find Candreva still at Inter).
The quality is good, it does not differ much from what has already been seen in recent years, even the setting seems quite similar to us. A separate mention for the badges, really beautiful, at least that of Marseille, the only one we have found at the moment.
The top point (but also the flaw) is the multitude of extra cards. To complete the collection you have to make a lot of purchases.

The specials, which are found in the standard packets, bear the classic names (Man of the Match, Hat Trick Heroes, 100 Club, Rising Stars, Star Players). For the others don’t loose the various release:
. starter pack (12 cards SS Superstar)
. tin box Golden Goalscorers (15 cards GG)
. tin box WIld Cards (15 cards WC)
. tin box International Icons (15 cards II)
. tin box Match Winners (15 cards MW)

For the limited editions (although even the above in some way are ..) this is the plan of the 31 already announced:
. starter pack (1G Firmino)
. upcoming mini tin box (2G 2S 2B Messi)
. multi-pack (3G 3S 3B Rashford)
. upcoming collector pack (7B Lewandowski)
. tin box Golden Goal Scorers (4G Neymar)
. tin box Wild Cards (5G Joao Felix)
. tin box International Icons (6G Hazard)
. tin box Match Winners (7G Lewandowski)
. on the website, 19 of the 31 total (1S 1B Firmino, 4S 4B Neymar, 5S 5B Joao Felix, 6S 6B Hazard, 7S Lewandowski, 8G 8S 8B Mbappe, 9G 9S 9B Haaland, 10G 10S 10B Kante, 11 Werner)

An important detail is the total lack of Italian football, except for the basic cards, no specials; seems that Panini (holder of the rights) has not given the concession for these extra items. From here we could explain why Italian teams have 17 images instead of 18.
Not so bad if you only collect Italian football or thematic of a single club, you just need to look for them all in the basic packets. Huge savings!

For a collection of almost 600 cards Topps continues to provide an absolutely unsuitable binder. As a result, people buy the Panini binder by Adrenalyn also for the Topps collection. It is time for Topps to make the leap in quality on this front too.
Another aspect is the approximation in detail. The check list on the binder is different with the small guide attached to the starter pack, the teams are not in the same order, in one after the Italians there are the English, in the other the Spanish. We refer to the one in the binder.

Of course it is a collection strongly influenced by the Anglo-Saxon world, being us old and more traditional it does not make us jump for joy. Make way for young people and have fun with the new Match Attax 🙂


FIFA365 2021 (Panini)

album: FIFA365 2021 (Panini)
stickers: 449 (1-449)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.90
packet: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

Like every year, yes and not of the Fifa 365 album. Season after season in fact Panini limits something but adds more, certainly you won’t get bored. Let’s go in order, it is assumed the return of the Champions League to Panini and consequent closure of this collection, but in every month of October Fifa365 returns to newsstands.

Of course, this is a FIFA album, the Champions would be a UEFA album but if the clubs presented are almost always “the usual” it is difficult to believe these two albums can coexist if printed by the same publisher.

If we remove the major leagues, there are very few clubs left in the world of football. Also this year we have three English clubs (Liverpool, Manchester City and United), three Spanish clubs (Atletico, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid), three German clubs (Bayern, Borussia D., Schalke 04), three Italian clubs (Inter, Juventus , Lazio), two French clubs (Marseille and PSG), from the other countries only Ajax, Boca Juniors, Corinthians and Club America.

Little, very little, the list of European missing is significant (primarily the portuguese and the russians) but on the rest of the world we are close to nothing. Just three clubs. It is difficult to think that local editions will be released en masse like in 2016, only the Balkan edition with the S1-S63 stickers of Stella Rossa, Partizan and Maribor is already certain. We could hypothesize an edition with additional South American teams, but last year in Brazil the album was not really released (only the cards), so hopes are vain.

Positive is the presence of 20 players (although updates would be needed ..) divided into 10 stickers, being the large format the quality is not affected. To these must be added 5 extra stickers, golden shield and line-up. This along the lines of what has already been seen in the Adrenalyn of Euro2020, honestly a sticker that does not scream a miracle.
Club’s Lifestyle is an interesting sticker, it is different from team to team (for example the mascot or the tunnel to enter the field, etc.), photos of the squad and a jump in the 80s with the flag sticker like American colleges and the club nickname.

Next to this we have 6 “in action” stickers of the top players with indications of the individual qualities. Each “in action” page contains three teams, a valid choice because it allows you to have the three English, three Italian, etc. together.

Over the years, the most original and interesting parts of Fifa365 have always been the additional pages, the real heart of the album. We have decided to divide them into two blocks:


The Golden World – The opening page with the man records around the world, already seen but always pleasant to find
Planet Football – the Fifa Museum must be visited at least once in a lifetime


Fifa eWorld Cup – Two pages for the version of the videogames WORLD CUP are really excessive, especially putting these “champions” at the beginning of the album seems a very poor choice. Then maybe it is us who are old and the youngest will appreciate .. mah!
Official Posters – Not being a World Cup album, the stickers of the posters from Uruguay 1930, used on a thousand other occasions, seem only a mere filler
Six Years – The stickers of the covers of the six Fifa365 albums (including this one) do not really understand their meaning or charm. Unless it’s goodbye to this collection

Final part, very short, dedicated to the rest of the FIFA world, in reality only the U17 World Cup and the Beach Soccer World Cup. Ok the lack of tournaments, but the total lack (it seems to us) of women’s football stands out. The page dedicated to the world championship for clubs is embarrassing after the good pages in past editions.

Some more details:

. also for this year, no reference to the year on the back of the stickers, just to help the collector, was it so hard to write 2021 somewhere?

. with all the sympathy one can have for Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio, this year it was right and proper to include Atalanta. An unforgivable mistake

. the increasingly pressing use of the computer to fix photos does not always lead to good results, quite the contrary

. really in Panini have not found a better photo of Cristiano Ronaldo? The one in the center of the Juventus page reminds us of certain films about nerds of the 80s

Fifa365 has lost much of its charm over the years, too bad


FORTNITE 2 (Panini)

stickers: 368 (1-368)
starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

Fortnite stickers are back and they are back in style! The first album of 2019 seemed rather static to us, on this Panini did a really commendable preparation work. When an empty album is already fun, completing it will be even more fun.

The album is divided into thematic areas, after an overview of the island here are the places and scenarios for the epic battles, from the Middle Ages to the Wild West, from pirates to burgers and much more. In this part we find both single stickers and double stickers for the various characters, some of which you need to be good at making them match the image below. Another interesting aspect are the captions, small comments that make the whole really successful.

This part of the album contains almost 200 stickers, after all the charm of Fortnite is also the multitude, both of situations, of costumes, of weapons, and … of everything!

35 weapon stickers follow, not just a succession of images but an explanation of which ones are the most effective for your fights.

From number 234 the quality of the album really starts to rise, with double, triple and special stickers. The crews are protagonists: Explorers, Royal Hearts, Dino, etc.

Isn’t that enough? From 277 a guide on fun things to do on the island and the final part of the album with all the main characters from every season, from 1 to 10.

Another very interesting aspect is the variety of the stikers, not only glitter, but also shaped, mini, double, triple. The large format, already used for the first album, is absolutely necessary and successful.

Really rich album, we don’t know very well the game, but it seems very varied and complete. A really nice Panini / Epic Games creation


DINSIEME (Promotional srl Italy)

stickers: 168 (1-168)
album: € 3.50
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

Sorry to start with a criticism, but the album alone at 3.50 euro without even a packet is a bad presentation. Among other things and at that point it is not clear why to put plastic in it ..
As already said on other occasions, the albums dedicated to youtubers are now an independent sector of sticker collecting, they are starting to be so many. It was foreseeable that Dinsieme would also arrive, among the most loved at the moment by the very young, with a continuous and exponential growth of their YouTube page.

The album reflects the style of the web couple, so fun and lots of color. The photos are often unpublished and the texts are comments written by Erick and Dominick. Attention, despite the names are very Italian!
In the first part of the album we find the presentation of the characters, including friends and .. “enemies” .. Later space for adventures, both of stories seen on their YouTube channel, and moments of daily life, past, present and who knows, maybe also future.

The stickers are essential, at the moment we only opened one pack, so we refer the presence of special stickers to any future comments. However, a good job was done in the graphic preparation, most of the stickers are probably taken for the occasion.
Of course, the cartoon version could not be missing, perhaps a preview of something to go and see at the cinema as already happened with the antagonists “MecontroTe”?

Double central poster, giant photo on one side, space for stickers 161 to 168 on the back.

The strong point of this album is being, in fact, an album of stickers like “those of the past”. Direct, essential, not an exaggerated number of stickers, no cards or other inventions that are often just a filler and an excuse to raise costs.

Important: do not throw away the bags, with 10 empty you can send them and win one of the 10 invitations to meet the Dinsieme.


44 CATS II° series (Tridimensional Italy)

stickers: 216 (1-199, P1-P17)
starter pack: € 3.50 (album + 5 packets)
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

One year later the 44 Cats are back on newsstands with a new sticker album. If the first was very nice, the second is more sought after. We can define it as the first Karaoke sticker album!

The album features the Buffycats on the front pages: Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta. 30 stickers, six for each cat complete with a double and special sticker.

The rest of the album is a musical explosion, each page features a song, complete with a QR code and written text to be able to sing the chorus all together. Not only that, for the hits the page doubles, which ones? 44 cats, Nonna Pina’s tagliatelle, Down with the bullies and the Musical.
22 songs under the direction of the legendary Choir of the Antoniano of Bologna.

The stickers are big and very funny, where our cats are represented in their daily adventures. The hairy sticker will probably be difficult to find doubles because they are perfect for attaching school diaries and notebooks.

In the center the special poster for the P stickers, but we do not find the stick & stacks as they were present in the first collection.

Very nice album, funny cartoon, the Antoniano as Italian excellence. So many good reasons to collect this album!


TOPO TIP (Sbabam Italy)

stickers: 256 (1-224, S1-S32)
starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

From the great success on the RAI channels, here is the TOPO TIP album, directed by Andrea Bozzetto, son of the immense Bruno. Character born in the books of Marco Campanella, now it also becomes an album of stickers. Thanks to Sbabam, who seems to have got a taste for making albums and we can only be happy about this.

The stories are set in a village where our little mouse lives with his family, the stories are short episode of 7 minutes, in addition to the healthy fun they also have the aim of helping children understand the things around them and the little daily adventures . Product definitely dedicated to the little ones but well made, not trivial and known in well over 30 countries!

The occasion of this album is also the release in cinemas (ATTENTION, for only 3 days!) of the special with Carolina Benvenga after the successful musical experience “Dance with us” together with our mouses.

The album is not connected to the film but is a sort of “best of” of episodes in these first 3 seasons of Topo Tip. Particular attention to the stickers, the writer is a fan of shaped and here you will find so many!

Important are the captions that page after page allow the child to interact with the cute little mouse and his friends. There are also special stickers and with QR code for exclusive discoveries, look for the stickers! Luckily, no cards, but a central poster for the S numbered sticks & stacks, much more fun.

We can be proud of this made in Italy product!


ALVIN & the Chipmunks (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 190 (1-170, A1-A6, B1-B8, C1-C6)
starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)
packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

We are great admirers of Diramix productions, but on this occasion we have to start with a sore point, the quality of the album paper. As already happened with other publishers we are faced with wavy pages, you can already see them also from these photos. Let’s hope it’s just a mistake in the way, really a shame to lose so much in quality to save a few euros in printing.

Alvin is living a second (or third) youth, thanks to the production of new cartoons, after the great success of the 80s. Honestly, the graphics were much better then, now it’s all computer but the stories are always nice and funny. No comment on the theme song, give us the old one!
In the first pages of the album we find the presentation of the characters of the series who are not only the three lively rock brothers but also, for example, the female counterpart, the Chipettes, also present in the following pages. Later off to mini stories and curiosities.

Already used for Bing and other albums, always nice the triple central poster for the stick & stack stickers.

A particular work has been done on the stickers, not only glitter and shaped but also the edges do not have a standard color, ranging from red to yellow and white. The small format is not suitable for some images but in general they look good on the album which is not just didactic, page by page we find small games for children, often to make them you still need to have the stickers attached (rightly!).

Finally, applause for the cost of the packet, still at € 0.70 unlike many other publishers.


HELLO KITTY & Sanrio characters (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-180)
starter pack: € 3.90 (album + 5 packets)
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

“Kerokeokeroppi” if you pass by us and manage to say it quickly without errors, a free packet! 🙂 Months ago, in the review of the album published by Sbabam, we wondered why there is no adhesive stickers, here is the answer. The rights belong to Panini, who comes out with a new album several years after the last one. Hello Kitty, what else?

The Japanese cat is less omnipresent in our daily life, but it is always a beloved character and protagonist of a lot of merchandise. Difficult to find something original to add to previous albums, in this case Panini is dedicated not only to Kitty but to all the other Sanrio characters, some with really challenging names!

In this way the album is set up clearly, one page linked to a character and the next one dedicated to Kitty in the kitchen, at school, in sports, on vacation, etc.
Openable central poster on the four seasons, very nice.

Many stickers, as always happens with Hello Kitty, can also be used to embellish the school diary or wherever you want. Especially the classic glitter or silver ones. The shapes are also beautiful, which can also be used outside the album.

An important detail is the quality of the paper, it has significantly improved compared to the disasters of Marvel 80th and Animals. It is already something ..
Essential album, it will delight all Hello Kitty fanatics




stickers: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: € 3.90 (album + 5 packets)

packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

What fun! Someone will think that doing reviews of particular albums, especially non-sporting ones, can be boring, in reality it is much more fun and rewarding. Especially because, if you want to do a good job, you go in search of information and often you discover cartoons or characters that you would never have known otherwise.
Every so often at Panini they make “simple” albums, like those of the past, 180 stickers, without cards and without packets or special stickers to look for elsewhere. It was needed!
Not only that, after the poor quality of the paper of the last albums (Marvel 80th, Animals), the return to the non-glossy paper album and the quality gains a lot.

Album for the little ones, dedicated to this world of baby girls who, in addition to cartoons, are having success in the field of toys and school products.
It seems to understand that they are all female, in short, a village of miniature Amazons. They are somewhat reminiscent of Masha & the Bear’s little girl but are so much sweet and friendy. Above all they are many, many.

The first part of the album is dedicated to the main Babies and to all the other inhabitants of the Biberon Valley.
The second part, which also includes the central opening poster, tells us about their world.
The basic idea is always to make small collectors interact with the Babies, the stickers are large and very colorful, with many beautiful faces in the foreground, really nice.

In the third part, here are the adventures! Short episodes of two pages but very effective, with images both on the album and on the stickers to get to know how it end.

Of course, there is no shortage of special stickers, the classic glitter and the increasingly used “scratch & off”, the most strongest collectors must have two copies, one to be left dark and the other with the image under relief . Good research.
We also have a contest and so be careful to throw away the tissues, finding the 10 different characters on the back, you can win one of the 250 winged houses.

Minimal album, but in the positive sense of the term. Beautiful!


ANIMALS (Panini)


stickers: 288 (1-276 + A1-A12)
album: € 2.00
packets: € 0.70 (6 stickers)

After a few years of pause, Panini tries to regain the stickers market on the animal world. Better still, perhaps Panini tries to start again with real educational albums, like the good old days. Unlikely they will follow “flags of the world” or “the great characters of history”, but it is still a good sign.

At the beginning of the album they are keen to emphasize that the product created “should not be understood as an expert source on the subject”, certainly personnel able to tell the animal world in scientific terms were involved, or someone really working in Modena with the passion for nature! Applause for the first part of the album which immediately reach the main point: the risk of extinction that many species suffer from human actions. Learning from mistakes will perhaps help the new generations to live differently.

Many captions, necessary for the attachment of the stickers to correspond to a moment of reflection and “study”. Each single page presents many stickers with photographs of the various animals, at the bottom the most interactive parts with small shaped figures to learn while having fun.

The following pages are lighter, the animals become the protagonists of games and phrases. Subsequently all the various species, interesting that Panini starts with insects and molluscs, leaving in the pages much further on the album the favorite animals of children such as felines, cetaceans, etc.

The invitation is to enjoy all the pages of the album, they are really fun and always with an eye to sending the right message, because we are facing a very dark period for Nature and we cannot wait any longer.

At the center of the album are the special pages with unfortunately extinct (or almost extinct) animals and the Top 21 of animals in danger, there are some species that really are in everyone’s imagination.

The album closes with a little gem, the 12 Simple & Madama stickers, where our comics couple tells us the secrets of animals. These stickers, numbered A1-A12, are inside some Special Packet inserted in the weekly comic Topolino (for 3 weeks) and in the magazines Animali and Simple&Madama (12 stickers all together) . The purchase of an extra item is an increasingly used technique, at least this time, no cards and packets at a human price.

Two final considerations: the quality of the album paper continues to be bad after what we saw with the latest Marvel 80th; the second aspect is more delicate, if it is true that Panini is a multinational and certainly does not have the beneficial purposes at the center of its interests, for this really well-made album, it would have been interesting to involve and support one of the many companies committed to safeguarding the planet (WWF, Greenpeace, Mare Vivo, just to name a few).

A missed opportunity to give strength to facts and not just to words, however well written.



stickers: 168 (1-164 + M1-M4) + 30 cards (1-30)
starter pack: € 4.99 (album + 3 packets)
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

Welcome back SpongeBob! Cartoon that ended a little anonymous after the great success of about 10 years ago and is now back in vogue thanks to the film these days at the cinema. Our SpongeBob friend always makes his non-sense tales his trademark.

In the beginning it was the Trolls .. it seems Topps has married the card / sticker line. Also in this album we have 30 stickers with the card underneath, by moving the sticker to attach it to the album, the card remains intact, at least until proven otherwise.

The idea is original and interesting, in reality it may suggest that it is a way to raise the price of the packets by passing it off as an improvement, not all albums are born to have cards as well. SpongeBob can be there, taking into account that the cards are not just an extra but allow you to organize a game, thanks also to the poster-board in the center of the album.

As for Trolls, beware that when you ask Topps for any missing stickers / cards, these are separate, so both must be ordered. The sticker formula with the card underneath is only found in the packets. Each card always corresponds to the same sticker, they are not random, in which case it would have been really a nightmare ..

The album is very nice and colorful, funny captions; in the first part all the characters of the cartoon and of the city of Bikini Bottom are presented, in the second part all the adventures of SpongeBob, from the most terrifying (so to speak ..) to the most bizarre. Including the superhero version of ours, more a parody than anything else. The latest stickers with SpongeBob illustrations inspired by some of the most legendary artists in the world.

The album ends with four shiny and very rare stickers, we hope this is not the case! The stickers in general are very nice, two sizes, most smaller, larger and glitter than the 30 with the cards underneath. It is the festival of the absurd, after all we are talking about SpongeBob.

In the center, double poster, the first as mentioned is the board for the cards, the second is the poster of the film with the stickers numbered M.

As practically all publishers already do, the starter pack does not have a real promotional price, you also pay for the album, in this case € 1.99. Too bad, times have really changed!



cards: 466 (basic set 1-466)
starter pack: € 8.00 binder + 4 packets + 2 limited edition cards
packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)
for the other planned release see below

“Let’s start well!”, opened the first packet of the starter pack and found the Tempesta Azzurra card, one of the rarest, so writes Panini. The detail is important, it means that Panini did not want to leave any detail behind, finally in the starter pack there are no more free version packets (with the usual cards repeated in infinity) but sales version packets and therefore with many more chances to find important cards, as happened to us. Now that “only € 8.00” makes sense.

In the most absurd year since the world war, at least one certainty is left to us, despite everything the sticker and card albums come out and will continue to do so. We like to think that this anomalous situation has pushed Panini to work at full capacity to improve the collection, after years, let’s say, rather repetitive.
The news are so many. An absolute novelty, the teams are not in alphabetical order, but based on the rankings of the last championship, so we find Juventus first, followed by Inter and on to Spezia, third promoted by Serie B.

Nice idea, but as lovers of tradition, we hope it will not be repeated on the Calciatori stickers, in the year of the 60th it would be really a shock. The checklist does not contain the names of the players, a necessary choice given the chaos in which the transfer market still pours. On this point Panini builds a perfect album for the situation, no more classic packets and with the new year the plus players.
The packets from today on newsstands are called “PRIMO TEMPO” and contain the first 233 stickers, at the beginning of October the “SECONDO TEMPO” will come out with another 233 stickers. Attention, it does not mean that now you will find the cards from 1 to 233, they are scattered and those present clearly will not be in the second release, where instead we will find the plus and the trainers cards. At the end of October third and last release with the “TEMPI SUPPLEMENTARI” packets, finally containing only the Plus and Trainers cards and not coming from the 466 already released.

Several new features also among the types of cards such as Bomber, Insuperable Defenders, Assist Man, Specialists, Super Combo (very useful for those who play as well as collect). Very beautiful are the new Diamonds with the tricolor flag in the background, dedicated to the Under21 Azzurri champions.
In general, the graphics have improved, but Panini could be even more daring in the years to come, we are still far from quality of Euro 2020 cards. The game is more and more exciting with many new features, children will surely appreciate.

As always, the search for all the cards provided is not immediate, here is the list / summary:

Basic set: 1-466 (available in the “Primo Tempo” and “Secondo Tempo” packs); in the basic set among the rarest we have 5 Top Player, 1 Tempesta Azzurra, 1 Invincible Card, all of which can be ordered later directly from Panini, so it makes no sense to faint when buying them from private sellers

Set Plus + Trainers: from the end of October in the “TEMPI SUPPLEMENTARI” packets

Limited Edition: 45 cards (2 in the starter pack, 3 in the Tin Box, 25 in the Premium Tin Box, 7 in the Premium packets, 3 in the Premium Gold packets, 5 in the Bomber magazine from September to November)

Absolute new the INSTANT CARDS!

The Instant Cards are made to celebrate the top moments of the season, Panini does not announce how many will be made or the cost, we just know that you will have to be constantly connected to the web world to know when they come out.
They are cards on demand, so only those ordered will be printed and the time to do so will be at a minimum. Here really, if you don’t want to leave your salary, it’s better to be careful and buy them gradually. They will not be ordered later and will certainly be very coveted pieces among collectors, especially among the most careless ones.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, Panini still knows how to have his say, if he wanted to prove that he believed in his products he hit the mark.
In the meantime, we hope, after certainly the great effort in making this album, you will finally remember to finally print those still missing stickers of the Championship Film to complete the Calciatori 2020. The longest collection in history!



cards: 172 (standard 1-162 + maxi 1-10)
starter pack: € 5.90 album + 1 packet + Maxi Card box
packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)
maxi card packets: € 5.00 (1 maxi card + 10 cards)

Dragon Ball is there! Years pass, but our Goku continues to be present in newsstands, not only with the various editions of his manga but with always new collections of stickers and especially cards.
So much so that since the time of Edibas it has become increasingly complicated to recognize the various releases, for those 90s it is practically impossible, for the more recent ones it is not immediate.
Having the checklists, over time, becomes essential.

This is the period of Dragon Ball Super, the lamincards as always are very beautiful but .. similar .. in fact the problem in the long run with this type of product is becoming rather repetitive.
After all, the main characters are always the same and it is not easy to be original. With the problem of recognizing the cards between one series and another (dear Diramix, it would be enough to put at least the year of production on the back). The linked game also partially reproduces what has already been seen.

A solution for the future (we are sure more lamincards will come out, probably as early as 2021) could be to create puzzle cards, so that 9 in the binder create a unique image. Panini did it with Frozen2, Blue Ocean did it with Lego Ninjago, come on Diramix, you can do it too.

A small detail compared to the past is the presence of the box to contain the 10 maxi cards, for those wishing to complete the collection, the advice is to buy the box directly, it should help to find all the different ones.


2 PLAYERS BATTLE Stef&Phere (Sbabam Italy)

cards: 168 (34-168 + 1-33 already released)
starter pack: € 5.99 album + 1 packet + cup card
packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)

“Clamoroso al Cibali”, to complete this album you must have completed the previous one! In fact, the first 35 cards of the album are not found in the packets but were part of the previous collection, that of the stickers. Album released shortly before the lockdown and therefore penalized, despite this it was one of the most successful albums of 2020. Counter-proof is the release of this new collection after a few months, in conjunction with the return to school and in the hope of the publisher of repeat the success, facilitated by the general situation markedly improved.

The cards are divided into six themes, the inside of the album is rather minimal, few captions and backgrounds reduced to what is strictly necessary, giving full space to the cards to be inserted in the appropriate spaces (applause for the plastic free choice, well done!).

It is essential to collect at least 15 cards to be able to play with friends, at the bottom of the album there are 4 pages that explain the game. Not particularly valuable is the quality of the card paper, very light, some contain video content to be enjoyed through the QR code, others shine in the dark but are not found in traditional packets.

In summary:
168 cards of which
from 1 to 34 present in the first series (attention, number 34 is the special Nino card that was only in the starter pack, however it can be ordered)
from 85 to 96 sold together with the bracelets, not present in the standard packets
from 35 to 84 and from 97 to 156 inside the packets
(update) from 157 to 168 available on the Sbabam website as “Mistery Set”:

Not exactly simple and quite expensive, a solution that is a little too complex and complicated, while albums should live on immediacy, at least these types of albums.

An album that leaves us with more than a doubt, but it is right that the publisher makes the most of these highly successful characters, after all they are not the only ones to complicate life for us poor collectors .. 🙂



stickers: 192 (1-192) + 50 cards (C1-C50)
starter pack: € 4.90 album + 3 packets
packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

It’s always time for Heroes! After the unsuccessful Marvel Superheroes a few years ago, Panini tries again and this time hits the target. The new album on the Marvel universe is well done, traces the publishing history since the 40s and decade after decade reaches the present day.
Captions certainly made by Marvel Italia staff, tell us about the evolution of the characters and the birth of new heroes. Authors are also given due credit and are remembered too. It is also very interesting to give space to comics that have not passed the test of time with others who have drawn their strength from time. Each decade has its own characteristics, the 40s and 50s feature western, war and love comics that have gradually disappeared. The splendid stories of the Invaders (Captain America, Human Torch, Namor, etc.) set during the Second World War and the horror stories that in Italy were within the Eureka Pocket series of the legendary Editoriale Corno.

The first 39 stickers of 192 total are dedicated to this period, good Panini not to forget them to go directly to the birth of the Marvel Universe with Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and all the others. The years in which Marvel made the leap in quality by telling comics in a new way, the concept of “great heroes with big problems” became a global success.

Marvel’s merit is not to sit on our laurels but to continue to churn out great characters, in the 70s the mutant era arrives with the X-Men and Wolverine but also Ghost Rider and Dracula; alongside shocking stories that made it clear where Stan Lee and associates wanted to go, the death of Gwen Stacy still shakes today! The 80s are an expression of the most urban comics, it is the golden period of Daredevil but also the arrival of icons such as Punisher and Venom. The following decade is that of the great sagas, in these years the character Deadpool is born. The new millennium sees Marvel take on new paths by creating alternative universes such as Ultimate and 2099, up to the present day with the explosion of the Marvel Cinema Universe.

Beautiful page that bears the name “The world outside the window”, the Marvel Universe to remember some moments of history (11 September, Holocaust, etc.) and raise awareness on uncommon issues in comics such as AIDS, drugs, homosexuality, etc. .

The album closes with a short unpublished story in stickers with Captain America. In general the stickers are of good quality even if they are rather light, the specials are beautiful as always. Special mention for the 50 cards, a successful extra with the 50 most important Marvel comics, really beautiful close-ups!

The copy of the album in our possession has poor quality paper that creates undulations on all pages, we hope it is just a defective copy. It would be really sensational if, in the face of an excellent album, an economic way had been chosen for printing ..
Speaking of editorial choices, there is NO hardcover version or better, it does not exist in Italy, because in other countries it is found, especially in Brazil where for years the production has been more refined and of quality than the Italian one.

Why was the limited edition not made? The answer is simple, go to the Panini site and you will still find the limited Batman and Donald Duck, released almost a year ago. Poor sales. After having canceled the low cost hardcover, now goodbye to the luxury version too.
Wouldn’t it have been better since last year to give up the luxury and just make a simpler version and print it in a few thousand copies? Maybe on demand, as is already done with the Calciatori hardcover.
It is a serious detail, it indicates a scarce consideration to that part of collectors who, although they are perhaps few compared to the total, for decades, with their passion and their presence, have contributed to bringing the success of sticker albums to newsstands, streets, in schools and on meeting and work places.

Sorry Panini, but really the disappointment is great


Queiquattro/Thatfour (Diramix Italy)

stickers: 180 (1-166, A-P) + 20 cards (C1-C20)
starter pack: € 3.50 album + 2 packets
packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

There are those who collect albums on footballers, cartoons, films and there will certainly also be album fans on social phenomena. Indeed, in the beginning it was Favij and then to follow MecontroTe, LaSabri, Twoplayers and others. We too have created the Youtubers theme in our cataloging, confident that they will increase (and who knows that sooner or later we will not get to make the album also of Queen Chiara Ferragni).

Queiquattro have been able (or someone has done it on their own) to ride the success of TikTok and do it themselves, that’s all. Effective.
It is not the role of Figurine Forever to throw oneself into social reasoning, on the validity or otherwise of these phenomena that overwhelm millions of fans; we prefer to dedicate ourselves to the characteristics of the album, but we are not even about to slaughter these new idols, each era has had its own, more or less understandable to “no longer young”.
We like Diramix, he always makes interesting albums, never copies one of the other. Also this on the four Romans transferred to Milan is well done. The cartoon parts are always pleasant, making it more readable and fun to complete it. In the first part, the pages dedicated to each individual member: Tanc, Gian, Lele and Diego, all very young, born at the beginning of the new millennium.

More interesting is the central part of the album where you enter the personal world of our 4, the family, friendships, their Rome and the quizzes to get to know them better (to know the answers you need to find the stickers). Final part on the current world of the four guys, their activities, TikTok, fashion and 4EVER which clearly almost takes us into consideration and we find it a great way to end this album. Double central poster for stickers A to P, in the total 180 stickers many are special, shaped and of good average quality that other publishers do.

The cards aside, compared to the past Diramix makes a big leap in quality, fortunately in limited numbers (“just” 20) but above all interactive: by downloading the Q4 app, enjoy the video cards (from 1 to 10) and holograms cards (from 11 to 20).

The cost of the packets is average, at least unlike others, we find in each pack 5 stickers instead of 4. Normally, buying a box completes or almost completes the album, another detail on Diramix productions that should not be underestimated.



album: FROZEN 2 – CRYSTAL EDITION (Panini)
stickers: 140 (1-140) + 35 Pop-Up cards (C1-C35)
starter pack: € 4.90 album + 5 packets + 5 LE cards
packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 Pop-Up card)

comment: come to us lovers of special stickers! For each collection, the most stickers searched are shiny or rough or glitter, etc. When you make the swaps they are worth double the others. Put your heart in peace, in this collection they are ALL!
Having reached the fourth different album on Frozen 2, Panini still manages to renew itself and make each collection different from the other. Here the characters are presented and the same in the key moments of the film, often the images for obvious reasons have already been used in previous albums but could not be done otherwise.

Among the 140 stickers we have something for all tastes: silver, glitter, holographic and even “scratch & discover”, use a coin to reveal the sticker below. To tell the truth, you could go further, for example the hairy or transparent stickers would have been fine.
The strong point, however, are the cards, the oldest among us will remember the Pop-Up stickers in 90s football. At the center of the album is the rigid cardboard poster, where opening it reveals a triple scenario on which to place and play with the 35 different cards. This allows you to imagine many different stories.

As already happened with Onward album, here too we find 5 LE cards, a gift from the starter pack. If you have collected the previous Frozen 2 albums you can put them in the binders.
Are four Frozen 2 albums too many? Is Panini running out of ideas and proposing the same things again? Personally, I disagree.
Frozen is one of the best-selling brands in the world, it is likely to be used several times. Surely at this stage Panini had problems with novelty, given the almost total closure of cinemas for 6 months now, but I like to think that this really interesting album would have been released even in normal times.


ONWARD (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-168, 1x-24x)
starter pack: € 3.90 album + 5 packets + 5 LE cards
packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: not only Thanos is looking for the Gems! For those who follow the world of stickers internationally, the wait for this album was long. The film was supposed to be released in Italy before the summer but clearly everything was postponed, while in other countries the stickers had already been in distribution for many months.
The important thing is that it has arrived. The new Disney-Pixar film is very captivating and modern, the two elf brothers in a world that has forgotten the magic in search of a gem to see their father, who has long died, the dream and the hope of being able to spend a day with him. .

The album has everything for pleasure, in reality it is a little less dynamic than we could have hoped for, on the other hand it follows the story of the film and is very didactic compared to previous products. Somehow it returns to the glories of the Panini of the past, we like it!
Special mention for the central poster where Panini gives its best, on this occasion it will be necessary to detach it from the album. Inside we not only find the 24 X stickers, but with a little bit of “art attack” it becomes a six-page mini-book where you can attach the stickers, an album within another album. Not immediate but a nice idea.

Attached to the starter pack also 5 limited edition cards, excellent initiative, also taking into account that they do not raise the cost; they do not find space in the album, but I would not be surprised if a collection of cards was created in the following and, in some way, these five cards were also part of it.

Ready to follow the Lightfoot brothers on their adventures? May the magic be with you!


KRIMINAL – All Covers (Gazzetta dello Sport Italy)


album: Kriminal – All covers (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

stickers: 419 (1-419)

album and first 4 stickers: € 4.90 with Kriminal in color nr.1

subsequent releases: € 5.99 per volume for 114 planned

comment: if those interested in the album only complained to Tex or the recent Holly & Benji, here it is really unthinkable (at least crazy) to think of following the series only for the 419 stickers, in the end the final expense is almost 800 EUR! With a little luck and a lot of patience and sometimes settling for that amount, you can try to buy the original comic series.

At least all the numbers with the covers by Luigi Corteggi, in fact the Kriminal series in addition to splendid stories (alternating with forgettable others, especially as the series goes on) had the gift of the covers created by this great illustrator, authentic paintings that still remain of an incredible beauty.

There is no previous album of stickers on Kriminal, surely the solution to take all the covers is spot on, but you have to be fanatic. Fanatics of stickers above all, because if the interest is linked to the covers, there are already publications with all the covers of Kriminal.

For those unfamiliar with the character, I invite you instead to give us a serious thought, it remains a high quality comic, created by the award-winning company Magnus & Bunker, really in great shape; Alan Ford aside, they have rarely reached such high levels.

Even the choice of color is questionable, personally I do not understand the reason that pushes to make these products, certainly there is an audience that prefers color but in this case, as in many others, it is something mechanical “sprayed” on a work that is born in black and white and black and white maintains its charm.

De gustibus ..


Calciatori RipartiAmo (Panini Italy)


album: Calciatori RipartiAmo (Panini)
stickers: 20 (R1-R20)
album + complete set: € 9.90 (on sale ONLY on the website)

comment: Panini’s good initiative in this difficult period with this release linked to Calciatori 2019/20 that seems to never end. In fact, it can be defined as complete only at the release of the latest “Film del campionato” stickers, scheduled for the end of August, when we will finally have all the verdicts (to date, the third promoted to Serie A is still missing and, potentially, we could still have an Italian team that wins a European cup)

The stickers feature one player per team depicted with the symbol or a monument of the city where he plays. While appreciating the initiative, the result is not always satisfactory, some did not turn out very well, Lukaku’s was not beautiful (is it possible in Milan that the photograph of Pirellone should be used? As monuments there is not only the Duomo, used for Milan). The sticker of Criscito/Genoa is probably real, to allow a full view of the Lantern, the exact opposite of Kevin Lasagna where perhaps only a Friulian can recognize the monument behind

Most have a nice emotional impact, however, a photograph of our country that we too often forget how full it is of treasures to visit, see and review. And be proud of it, from North to South, without any distinction.

Having seen this album the question arises: dear Panini, then you can take full-body photos of the players, why not use them for the 2020/21 footballers? Perhaps repeating this beautiful idea of ​​monuments as a background. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, go and see the Calciatori 78/79 again; other times? Maybe, but the time for beautiful stickers should never go out of style


HOLLY & BENJI (Gazzetta dello Sport Italy)


stickers: 148

album: € 2.99 with the first DVD

subsequent releases: 36 (DVD + 4 stickers) € 9.99

comment: the albums linked to the Gazzetta dello Sport have become a sub-collection, rather expensive if interested only in stickers. At least and luckily over time they have improved and are more refined and interesting inside pages. After 3 of Tex, 1 of Zagor, 1 of Alan Ford, the one linked to the world of football by Holly and Benji has their good reasons.

Not being able to present covers, the album is set on the story and the various series that created the myth of Captain Tsubasa (the original name of the manga). For those few who still don’t know it by heart, better wait to watch all the episodes before attacking the stickers!

Much of the album is related to the classic series of the character, Holly’s arrival at the New Team and friendship with Benjamin Price, the role of the brazilian top player Roberto (I’m the only one who thought he was in love with the mother of Holly while her husband was at sea ??) and all the exciting and long games until the final match against Mark Lenders’ Muppet.

The stickers are images taken from the same cartoon, so some sin of quality. Then the beautiful and much loved international championship games, with Japan playing against the great European and South American champions.

Final of the album with Holly, Mark and Benji, adults and footballers established in major European clubs, even if for reasons of image rights Hutton’s Barcelona has been renamed Catalonia.
Nice album, we chose this formula to tell the story in stickers, another solution could be the stickers of all the characters as found in the booklets attached to the DVDs (well done, to be kept). It could have been an equally interesting solution.

For those who are not interested in the DVD collection, better wait to find the album later and spend much less (probably), for those who want to watch all this unforgettable saga from the beginning, an opportunity not to be missed




album: HELLO KITTY and friends (Sbabam)

cards: 80 (1-80) + 88 extra (32 cards, 32 stickers, 24 tattoos)

album: € 2.50

packets: € 1.50 (7 cards + 3 stickers)

tin box: € 7.99 (28 cards + 12 stickers + 3 special cards + 1 brilliant card limited edition)

comment: it is not easy to review this album, more than others I probably pay my age no younger because I definitely don’t see the qualities that a teenager notices.
It is certainly an unusual, particular, different album (as the advertisement itself says), given that the extras are more than those that find space inside: 88 the first, 80 the second!
First of all, it is not an album of stickers but of cards, the 80 numbered cards find space inside using the cut corners. Appreciable that there is no presence of plastic, but for example it could be made more complete by giving space also to the 32 stickers.
Pages are nice and colorful in the Hello Kitty tradition, a character who makes “no sense” his strong point. The cards are very simple, of a quality similar to those released over the years combined with various supermarket initiatives.

For sure who wants to have the whole collection is not facilitated, in fact the stickers like the extra cards and the tattoos are not numbered, have fun for those who want to look for them all.
It is not clear whether from October it will be possible to order only the missing cards among the 80 numbered ones or even the rest. Price not very popular, especially the album at 2.50 without even a free packet.
We recommend the purchase of the tin box made in three different versions (lilac, pink, red) which in addition to the stickers is a nice object to be used to keep your secrets.

Non-collectors will probably appreciate the many extra usable stickers where you prefer, for us the old school remains more than a few doubts


The 100-Goals tournament (Panini/Disney Italy)


stickers: 100 (1-100)

starter pack: Topolino magazine + album + 40 stickers € 4.90

packets: 10 stickers each

comment: all the quality of Italian Disney! Our school is among the most appreciated in the world, since the post-war period (Romano Scarpa, Gian Battista Carpi, just to name two authors) has been able to give us stories that have become great classics, in turn they are also printed in the USA. In particular, we have become aces in creating parodies or adventures of goslings and mice taking inspiration from reality, cinema and literature.

We add that Disney Italy is part of Panini and it was almost a duty that the great imagination of the authors perfectly matched the great tradition of the stickers. I invite everyone to read the story and not just to attach the stickers, because they would lose a very good part of the value of this initiative. The basic idea is spot-on, to grab a sports center at the cutting edge of Paperopoli (Duckburg), a tournament is organized between six youth teams created for the occasion. All the big rich ducks organize one, funny the names and affinities of the owner’s social and intent colors, for example the Scrooge’s Klondike FC, with a dollar green kit!

Two outsiders will try to give a hard time, the team of the Beagle Boys (hilarious Grandpa Beagle who invites the young players not to trust the referee ..) and above all the ramshackle 313FC led by Donald Duck and Fetry Duck and which ranks in its 11 holder Huey, Dewey, Louie.

If we add that Scrooge’s team has as coach Gladstone Gander it seems the final victory is already decided, but who knows ..

The album is very nice and takes up the style of the classic Calciatori, each team has 16 stickers: badge, double squad, 11 players, president and coach. In the stickers of the players (mixed teams, good Disney!), Attention is also paid to the attention to detail with the club emblem, the shirt number and role.

The nightmare of all collectors of football stickers is to find the pages of the calendar subsequently compiled, here the risk is very high, in fact every episode of the story is connected to a round of the tournament with results to be written and ranking to be updated. A lot of curiosity in waiting for the second release, given that we will have real packets with 10 stickers each.

It is also appreciable that Panini limits the distribution of the necessary stickers in a few extra releases, bearing in mind that Topolino magazine should also be purchased to read the story connected to the album, we only find the stickers in two other issues. To complete the album and know how the tournament will end, you have to wait less than a month, the last packet with the last 10 stickers is scheduled for July 8 with Topolino number 3372.

I do not add anything else in order not to take away the pleasure of reading the story and discovering the album, given the previous experiences (for example the football-themed cards of a few years ago, which were immediately sold out), I recommend everyone to run to the newsstands in order to avoid to remain in the mouth, or rather the beak, dry.


EURO 2020 PREVIEW (Panini)


stickers: 568 (1-28 per team)

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 3.90

packets: 0,80 € (5 stickers)

comment: here it is, the most original album in history, or the album of something that is not there. Controversial in the sense that many do not agree with the choice, strange because surely we will not see one the same, indeed we hope not, or that sport like everything else should no longer stop for health reasons like this year.

In a particular situation like this, I personally take the side of Panini and I agree with the choice to release the album anyway. As it was also written on our website “passion knows no quarantine”, this romantic aspect was certainly not the reason why Panini sent the album to print, but undoubtedly economic reasons.

It is not known the commercial agreements, but as pay TVs have not received discounts from sports institutions, so the Modena-based company had already paid to make the album. The fact that, more specifically, albums and stickers had already been printed is not said but is irrelevant. I was really very curious to touch this product by hand; before this review, even more than I normally do, I leafed through it carefully and came to some conclusions that I share here, personal reasoning, not certainties.

Panini could simply print an “x” album, using the material already prepared (even if not printed, surely the art work was already ready for some time), instead by professionals such as they have tried to present a still decent product.

Almost 600 stickers (568), we wanted to maintain more or less the classic standard, the lack of teams from the play-offs (not yet played) allowed us to have 28 stickers per national team. For each team we find badge, two double stickers (squad and team in action), the captain’s special glitter and 22 other players. The squad of players is, as far as possible updated, is not the same used for Adrenalyn. For example in Italy in this album we do not find Zaniolo, currently injured.

The numbering is not the classic 1-568 but it divides nation by nation and the teams are in alphabetical order in english. Alternative solution, probably linked to practical needs in the management of the album rather than a marketing choice. It is certainly one of the other particular aspects of this album.

The stickers are the classic bust ones, of higher quality than those of Russia 2018 even if light years away from Calciatori (as always, moreover). A little trick: they could be made with different materials, badges and captains. Instead of 568 you could get to 584 stickers and also have stickers from the play-off teams. Ultimately a fairly good album, from an album of Euro as for the World Cup I love the classic, or are products that must be closely connected to tradition, for the best attempts that Panini has fun with Fifa365 or other productions.

In the year where Panini made a sensational card album, because Adrenalyn Euro2020 is truly splendid, even the classic stickers in their own small way have their say. I find that something can be done on the pictures of the players, for example by putting the background flag as for the cards, but on the other hand it would be without the tradition of which I wrote a moment before. It is an atrocious and personal doubt that I cannot answer. Of course, I admit it, for the first time ever, as a traditionalist this year I am also enthusiastically collecting the Adrenalyn version.

Among the many doubts I have only one certainty, this little considered and mistreated album will one day become an object of research and cult as much as if not more than other albums. It is not a “road to”, it is something unique and not even a duplicate, the term “preview” is the right one.

At this point in Panini the challenge, next year, to make something different and original, with all due respect to us traditionalists.

The criticisms, if anything, are other and are an entirely Italian matter, namely the lack (as it seems) of the special 120-sachet box on sale in most of the other major European countries. It is not very edifying to see how often Italian collectors are considered to be Serie B compared to other countries, often considering the little attention paid to making extra products also for the Italian market.


LEGO NINJAGO trading cards (Blue Ocean)


cards: 256 (1-252 + 4 limited edition)

starter pack: binder + 1 sachet + 1 limited + 1 XXL card 8,99 €

packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)

comment: I will not do as Paganini and I repeat myself. Collecting cards and stickers of football only is too restrictive, often, they are other collections that make your eyes shine for their variety and quality.

The new Ninjago collection is really well made, the starter pack (although absolutely not cheap, editor could make the effort to at least add one or two more sachets …) is really fun to read the various inserts and discover all the peculiarities of the collection.

Every single card is made in many details, useful for the game, indeed for the games, but also beautiful to keep. The back is the same for all, therefore irrelevant.

Let yourself be carried away by all the information present in the starter pack, each card has both attack and defense scores, after the basic set (heroes, enemies, heroes vs enemies, action, trap, vehicle) we have the special Mega, with details silver and shiny, certainly the 16 most beautiful cards of the entire collection and very useful also for playing.

Another really interesting detail are the card puzzles, three cards for scenography with many epic battles at Legolandia. The 4 card limited edition collection closes, the first is in the starter pack, the other three will be released later.

The checklist is an additional strength of the starter pack, a mega poster to be attached behind the door of your room and to be updated when the missing cards are found!

A really nice collection, fantastic!


MATCH ATTAX 101 (Topps)


stickers: 280 (240 cards + 40 stickers)

starter pack: binder + album + 16 cards + 8 stickers € 8.99

packets: € 2.00 (11 cards)

tin box: € 11.99 (50 cards)

comment: later than the rest of Europe, the 101 collection, the third production for this year dedicated to the Champions League and Europa League, is also released in Italy. The name already explains the intentions, a collection dedicated to the 101 most important players of the season in the two European club competitions.

Despite this, the collection is very rich with over 240 cards, honestly reading the check list I would not be able to say if the players are exactly 101 or someone more. Of course, to release three albums on the same theme is not customary, Topps tries to derive the greatest result from the only salable football product on which he has the rights, after losing the Premier League and destroying the Bundesliga, with albums, especially of stickers , not at the height for the important German market.

The most intriguing novelty is the mix between cards and stickers, in fact in the starter pack we have not only the binder but also a mini album for the 40 stickers, where we find page by page the best footballers on the continent and some celebrating the last edition of the Champions League.

As already seen in the Trolls World Tour album (our review, Topps introduces the formula of adhesive stickers above the cards. Difficulty for those who collect the sets apart, but no problem for us of the old school who follow the rule “the stickers must always be attached”. How to recognize cards with stickers on them? Simple, they have a black outline. Stickers and card are related to the same player (see photo below)

This aspect is certainly the most interesting and original. There are also several limited edition cards, on sale in the tin box, in special packages and some that can only be purchased on the internet on the Topps website.

In general, perhaps not a fundamental album, cards similar to the previous collections, but in this lean period it can still be a fun pastime, although the concomitance with the Panini Adrenalyn Euro 2020 (splendid collection) does not help




cards: 48 (12 magnetic + 36 interactive)

starter pack: album + 12 cards € 9.90

packets: € 2.50 (1 magnet + 3 XXL cards)

comment: third Panini production linked to Frozen 2, certainly the great success of the season even if the Christmas times 2019 seem, for various reasons, very far away. Strong of the positive feedback on the mega cards of the previous album, this presents a collection of 48 XXL cards, 12 of which are made up of magnets.

Observing only the starter pack you fall into a misunderstanding, rest assured, you cannot find a giant magnet to attach to the fridge! (I already imagined dozens of desperate mothers …), this type of card has inside them several magnets to detach and play with and, perhaps, to attach some of them also on the fridge. We actually think the aim is to allow children to always create new stories, not to upholster appliances.

In addition to the 12 magnetic cards, we find the other 36 “activity cards”, so called because if the various characters of the story resume in the front, they are born in the back to involve in small games, from coloring the drawing, to leaving the labyrinth, to perhaps returning to use or the magnets or mini figurines that were part of the previous collection.

Attention to the numbering, not sequential, but only per set, therefore 1 corresponds to the Elsa cards, 3 to the Olaf ones etc. (see photo below). The collector is also useful for storing previous collections, not only Frozen 2 but also, for example, Dragon Ball Super or going further back in time, the maxi cards of Calciatori albums.

I would have avoided all the use of disposable plastic, it is a false belief that the problem is the binders, born to be stored, but all the wrappers of the cards or stickers. Production, however, only for fans.




stickers: 204 (1-192, P1-P12)

starter pack: album + 5 packets: € 3.90

packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: it’s always Dragon Ball mania! The albums of the famous Japanese manga can be defined as a collection in themselves, many have come out over the past 25 years, even worse if it extends to the cards and even more to role game cards.

So difficult to create something new and original, Panini then turns to the guaranteed used and creates an album in some way summarizing the Super universe. Extremely different product, for example, from the one made for Harry Potter Saga, a choice probably due to the fact that the market is already saturated with Diramix lamincards or simply a matter of rights.

It therefore comes to think that it is a choice more dictated by the need to put on the market a title that still sells anyway. The album is still nice, in the first part we have all the heroes of Dragon Ball, from the legendary Goku, to Vegeta, to everyone else. The main ones have over 5 stickers each between puzzles and specials, surely no fan is unhappy. After a (much) faster rundown on the enemies, the album ends with the epic sagas we have enjoyed over the years: the battle of the Gods, the resurrection of F, the Champa saga, Trunks of the future, the tournament of power, the survival of the universe.

Double central poster, inside there are 12 numbered stickers P.

The format of all stickers is classic with red outline (I sincerely prefer the “widescreen” versions used for example for the Avengers, when making albums on films or cartoons), special glitter and some nice shaped, necessary to make the completion of the album more funny.

Standard album, good starting point to get to know the Super universe of Dragon Ball.


BING 2 (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 258 (1-233, A1-A8, B1-B12, C1-C5)

starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

special packets: € 1.99 (1 packet + 1 gum)

comment: Welcome back Bing! The cute rabbit and his friends return for a new Diramix album, after the first one released in 2019. One of the most loved characters by children is always a guarantee, even the album traces the concept of the cartoon, that is, small life lessons in the adventures and small disasters of everyday life, always caused by Bing!

Compared to last year’s album, we find some interesting news, in particular the central poster where to play with stick & stack stickers on three scenarios, an initiative already present in the first album but expanded here. This formula seems to be finding some appreciation from the public, since all publishers have recently used it. At this point, as a longtime collector I dream of another return: the transfers (trasferelli)!

The stickers are always 258, therefore more than the classic 192 of similar albums, naturally very colorful, special, shaped and pure pelosine. The images are simple but effective, with the various characters clearly visible.

The album allows you to play on every single page, following Bing’s misadventures and very often the providential intervention of friend Flop to put things right.

There are no long stories, each page is in its own right, but without this affecting the fun. After all, it is the trademark of the cartoon, simple and direct stories with the aim not only of having fun but also of giving children indications on reuse and on always living their days with a smile.

Novelties of this edition are the gums (“gommine”, the answer to the Calciatori “gommaglie”), perhaps thanks to the subjects, but honestly these are nicer.

Note for Panini: instead of doing an encore of the kits, why didn’t you use the idols printed on the cards?.

Nice and well-made album, suitable for all children, but also fun for parents in helping to complete it and sharing the many games present page by page




stickers: 180 (1-180) + 32 cards (1-32)

starter pack: album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the world of stickers and youtube meet again, even for Steffo and Pherenike it’s time for their album. The couple is famous on the internet for the presentation of video games, a passion of both transferred to the internet and has now become an appointment for many fans, over a million! Natural that the album is also closely connected with video games, the basic idea is very nice, the couple is catapulted into a video game, created especially for them, by the cat Nino, so as to get rid of them and have the whole house for self.

The adventure is therefore consequential, Stef and Phere will have to overcome 3 different levels to be able to go out and return to their daily life, not too different in reality, since videogames are a fundamental part of it.

There are therefore two different types of stickers, the real ones with our characters in various poses and phrases and the much more captivating ones with the cartoon scenes of the video game, mostly shaped and that allow you to interact and feeling totally involved.

Not only that, the album has other games, the stickers from 81 to 100 are stick & stack. Stef, Phere and the other cat Camille, who also ended up in the video game, have the possibility of having the powers enhanced thanks to special stickers that allow you to add accessories and weapons. Being stickers stick&stack, the game has several variations. Including the special sticker (no. 101) where you can draw on your face or whatever you prefer and interact even more directly with our heroes.

The idea of ​​giving a double life to the same back of the stickers is also nice, the back of each allows you to play. You don’t need a high number of packets, you just need two to be able to play against each other. In the end whoever has scored the most points wins, the album does not say it but it could be even more competitive to give away the same disbusted stickers!

Then we have the cards, 32 total of which the first 16 monster cards and the following hero cards. The game is connected to the story of the album, the goal is therefore to bring Stef and Phere back to reality and also convince the “evil” cat that we must love each other.

Attached to the starter pack is the special rainbow card with the cat Nino. Too bad that (at least my copy) is attached to the cardboard and detaching it behind is ruined. Better for the future to find an alternative solution.

The album is made by Sbabam, a company well present in newsstands with many toys, gadgets and more. This should allow a widespread distribution of the product. To not be purely a sticker publisher, the album is well made, the story is nice, colorful and well built.

Certainly they can improve, with the stickers perhaps adding other details (a praise to the shaped ones, the best ones since always even if they are scabby to be attacked correctly, but the fun is right there), the cards are so light, taking into account that they are also and especially a game, better think in the future of a type of card of greater thickness.

An album created not to do it alone, so children need not only to convince their parents, but also those of friends! 🙂


GORJUSS 3 (Panini)


stickers: 184 (1-166 + extra specials G1-G18)

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.99

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

comment: third release of the Santoro dolls, also for Panini. Just as for merchandising distributed all over the world, stickers can also have hundreds of variations, in fact you could have an album every six months for years without ever having to repeat it!

Panini learns from the flaws of the previous album by improving it, special mention for the stickers, the special extras are far more beautiful than the previous ones. They are more cared for and better made, they are created to be able to embellish your personal objects with the possibility of being personalized, by writing your name on them. Another important detail, they are numbered (G1-G18) so as to eliminate problems with previous albums, especially for those who wanted to order the missing ones.

Assuming that now the cost in general of the stickers has become important, but in line now (sigh) with the cost of living, at least in this case they have their why. Basically these packets have a lot more reasons at 1 euro than many other collections at 0.70-0.80. In this collection the stickers are the added value, in large format, different specials with raised or rough details. They were born to be attached to the album, but if desired, they are suitable as an object in their own right, really beautiful.

Speaking of the album, always a giant format and quality paper, Panini implements it here too, making every single page a game, so much so that I would invite mothers to buy two albums (by purchasing the starter pack, the actual album is free), one to complete it with stickers and the other where the girls can use it to complete all the games. Not so easy, actually, because different activities are related precisely to having the stickers on the album. In short, good luck finding the least invasive solution possible!

Super interactive album, simple games, but also more articulated and linked to dreams, passions, desires and everyday life. Test, art attack and much more. Note of merit for the first page where Panini invites the girls to connect names of great women of the past, all in their context and in their epoch have contributed to female emancipation.

The choice to make a collection that is not too long is also appreciable, the total number of stickers does not exceed 192 standards for non-sports albums, this helps not to have to go crazy too much to complete it, on the other hand it also allows Panini to create several in a short time .

Last consideration, adding cards to this collection would have been a forcing, it is already so beautiful and the stickers, somehow, are already cards in their own way. Nice, really.




stickers: 199 (1-167, cards 1-32)

starter pack: album + 3 packets € 4.99

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the Dreamworks Trolls are back. After the great success of the first film, we should have seen the new chapter in the cinema, unfortunately the cinemas are closed. As for other albums of this complicated period, Topps comes out with this production anyway and it is excellent thing since it is really made in a nice and colorful way.

Let’s start from the bottom and the big news: the sticker-card. It is not an adhesive card (it would not be new) but it is a card with an additional sticker on it that can be detached and is part of the album collection. With all due respect to the lovers (never understood by myself) of collecting empty albums + separate sets. In fact, by slightly raising the lower right corner, you can check the card number (see photo). High-quality stickers and card as the first can be repositioned without damaging it and the second remains uncut by removing the sticker above. Nice idea, approved!

This new adventure is linked to the world of music and it is really fun, based on your favorite genre the stickers can also become a detail to stick on diaries or other. Not only for personal musical preferences, but those rock and metal are absolutely the coolest; so let’s hope Queen Barb manages to fill the Troll universe with hard rock music, will she succeed? No spoilers, enjoy the movie.

The album is extremely colorful, ample space is left for images with minimal but effective captions, with lots of curiosities about the cartoon. Rock, Pop, Techno, Country, Funk, Classic, Hip Hop here are the genres and the various kingdoms that populate the Troll world. In some parts the album seems to repeat itself, it is probably just a feeling that will change when the album is complete.

Note two aspects, the pages “engine, clapperboard, action!” where you are catapulted into the middle of the film and the nice final pages with really funny quizzes and stickers to discover the records of the world of the Trolls, the touring characters and even the emojis.

In the center, the poster to play with the cards, an extremely basic game, frankly, better try to collect all 32 cards regardless.

Size does not always make a difference, in this case the stickers are small square, but personally I find them effective for the type of album. After all, we are talking about Trolls, not Giants! The special stickers are very beautiful, not so much the classic glitter but those in fabric with raised parts. Attention to detail and almost to be collected separately.

Too bad the unfortunate release period, this album would have really deserved more luck (as well as especially the film), but since the newsstands are open, don’t miss it!

UPDATE: warning, by ordering the missing numbers from Topps, stickers and cards ARE SEPARATE, therefore both must be ordered. For fans, you should order all the special stickers because they have the numbered tissue paper while in the back bags they have the cards


EURO 2020 ADRENALYN (Panini Italy)


cards: 491 (1-468 + 23 limited edition)

starter pack: € 9.90 (binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edition)

packets: € 2.00 (8 cards)

tin box: € 12.90 (includes 4 cards ltd edition)

I asked myself what the role of the stickers is (stickers or cards, it changes little), I thought about their primordial task, their first purpose: fun and pleasure in collecting them, inserting the cards in the appropriate spaces of the binder or attaching them on the album.

In this period of great sacrifices and renunciations, why give up this too? Collecting was not born to live it alone, the involvement of other fans, including the legendary “gotgotneed” in making the swap, is an integral part of the whole, that will also come, but for now we leave the stickers their task: to give us serenity and light-heartedness. For this reason I thank Panini for having brought out the collection, despite the fact that the event is postponed. Of course, Panini did it for economic reasons, for the need to try to sell the material already produced. Not only this, as a passionate I can recognize the work done, it is not just a matter of being professionals, but you can still see that passion that, in the Modena offices, still shines through.

The album is incredibly beautiful, as a collector of sticky stickers rather than cards, I can notice the quality, but also the taste in presenting the various teams. I add one thing, made the necessary differences, I think it will be really hard that the album of traditional stickers can be better. What happens with Calciatori is different here: for the first time, probably, the cards surpass the stickers and perhaps they would have done so also in terms of sales. I add a detail, do not stop only on the cost of the packet, they are 2.00 euros but there are 8 cards inside, so individually they cost less than before.

Below is the previous written review, revised and corrected:

although Euro2020 has become Euro2021, Panini has decided to release the Adrenalyn collection. Mandatory choice because all the material had already been printed and in some parts of Europe it was already in distribution. We do not share the promotional approach: on the web there is no reference to the one-year postponed tournament, at least not on the material already printed it was possible to have a different approach.

Pity. Too bad especially because the collection is really beautiful, the starter pack is of great impact, the poster checklist is a small trick but of great charm. Interesting, nice and also useful. The official guide is really well made and allows you to get passionate about all the peculiarities of the collection. In the 468 cards we find classic themes, but also novelties. The base cards are really beautiful, the background with the flag is splendid, much more intriguing than previous ideas. Only the captains are represented in the classic bust photograph. The quality of the cards is very good with the use of a lot of special material. Panini’s work is undeniable in trying to improve the collection and, compared to the past, also try to make it different from the previous ones.

Special mentions for the MULTIPLE cards with three champions together for national teams, the PLAY-OFF TEAMS right realization since we did not yet have the complete list of the finalists and allows us to also have the cards of national “news” such as North Macedonia and Kosovo . Interesting the HOST CITIES even if the real photos of the stadiums were better, finally the 9 RARE with a hidden player.

The issues planned with limited editions at the moment are:

Starter Pack (Immobile, Ramsey), Tin Box (Donnarumma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku, Mbappè), Bomber Magazine (March 31 Zielinski, Eriksen – April 16 Szczesny, Sergio Ramos – May 9 Calhanoglu, Modric), Premium packet (De Bruyne, Sancho , Saul, Lenglet, Havertz, Verratti, De Jong, Joao Felix) and Premium Gold packet (Fabian Ruiz, Reus, Van Dijk). ATTENTION: for the Premium Gold packet the sale is provided ONLY online.

In addition to the Limited Edition, we have cards released only in some parts of Europe: NORTHERN EUROPE from 469 to 480 Nordic Heroes, UK & IRELAND with the cards of Eire (IRL1-IRL18), Northern Ireland (NIR1-18), Scotland (SCO1- SCO18)

What will Panini do in 2021? At this point the most likely idea is that a second Adrenalyn collection will be released, even if the teams of this “current” one are absolutely out of date. Paradoxically, for example, the presence in the Italy cards of Nicolò Zaniolo, seriously injured at the moment, will hopefully return to be the protagonist in 2021.

Will the stickers version come out at this point? Hope yes. In this event-poor summer, without knowing when we can go back to meet and embrace each other again, our beloved stickers, once again could make the difference




stickers: 612 (1-590, MC1-8, Lions1-4, DM1-5, treasure chest sticker 1-5)

album: distributed free of charge in the areas involved

packets: € 0.50 (6 stickers)

comment: Italy is a country full of thousand-year-old treasures, traditions and jewels; a lifetime would not be enough to visit it all. Since you have to leave somewhere, why not take inspiration from this album dedicated to the countries around Vesuvius?

Realized by the Editorial Cooperative ESSECI, it is incredibly full of information and attention to detail. It is also a hymn to fight ignorance, in all sincerity I discovered myself very little aware of the treasures of the Vesuvian area, so much to be desired as soon as possible to visit.

We are of course talking about an educational album, intended for school children or anyone who wants to attack stickers while having fun and learning at the same time. The stickers allow you to complete a volume that even without it is impossible to define empty, the captions and the story in comics accompany us page by page making reading exciting.

The protagonist of our trip is Enea, a young explorer accompanied by the dog Orazio. During the various legs he will make incredible encounters with great characters of the present and the past but also Nature that comes to life to introduce him into stories and legends.

Almost like a Calciatori album, no town belonging to the Vesuvian area and the Lattari Mountains has remained outside this album and each one is praised through their own great little wonders created by man or nature over the centuries. Of course, speaking of Vesuvius, we cannot forget the eruptions that have hit this area hard over the centuries, not only on 24 August 79 AD. but until more recent times with the events of 1944 and 1972. Telling a dramatic story and putting it at the beginning of the album is an appreciable choice, a painful but equally necessary introduction.

Subsequently, our page after page travels through a densely populated area. In order not to fail in the setting of the album, absolutely shareable, this review will cite all the towns involved in the project, each is dedicated from 2 to 12 pages based on the space needed to present their characteristics (here are just a few , they are a lot!):

Pietrarsa with its National Railway Museum; Portici with its palace; Ercolano with its famous excavations and its Vesuvian villas; Torre del Greco, the city of coral, with its basilica and monastery, accompanied by the poet Giacomo Leopardi; Torre Annunziata and the villa of Poppea; Trecase accompanied by Bacchus the God of wine; Pompei and the ruins of its ancient city famous all over the world; Gragnano and its maccaroni with lots of didactic fairy tale about pasta, set in neapolitan (fantastic!); Boscoreale and its archaeological wonders; Terzigno destroyed three times by the eruptions; San Giuseppe Vesuviano and its sanctuary; Ottaviano and his churches; the Vesuvius National Park rich in fauna, flora and natural beauty; Palma Campania and its carnival; the splendid Nola accompanied by the philosopher Giordano Bruno; Somma Vesuviana and its Borgo; Santa Anastasia and her first miracle of the bleeding Madonna; Cercola with its orchards; Pollena Trocchia and its villas; Massa di Somma and its Piennolo cherry tomatoes; San Sebastiano al Vesuvio and its church; San Giorgio a Cremano and his two saints, where our heroes meet the never quite late Massimo Troisi, so the album also gives us the cartoon sticker of the famous neapolitan actor.

Not only Troisi, in the final part of the album we find the two homage pages to Naples and cartoon stickers of De Crescenzo, Totò, De Filippo, Maradona, Pino Daniele, etc. Creepy pages with the famous phrases of texts or songs, strictly in neapolitan and dedicated to this beautiful city.

The album is made thanks to the fundamental aid of some sponsors, the last pages are proper cartoon stickers connected to the main supporters: Mondo Camerette (MC1-MC8, Lions Club (Lions1-Lions4), Di Maio Medical (DM1-DM5). On the sidelines we have 5 treasure chest stickers, which do not find space in the album but are used to participate in the competition for schools. Schools are direct protagonists of the whole project, involving teachers and children in completing the album and learning with it.

We hope the current situation throughout Italy has somehow allowed not to block the initiative, after all the newsstands continue to be open and the kids have a lot of free time and the album has been distributed since the end of last year.

Speaking of newsstands, the album is distributed in the Neapolitan province of the Vesuvian area (from Portici to San Giorgio a Cremano in an anti-clockwise direction plus the areas of Gragnano and Nola), but it can be ordered from the publisher at

Nature, ancient Romans, culture, gastronomy, religion, traditions and much more in one album, made really well. It is part of a series of albums with already made “In search of the treasures of Irpinia” and “In search of the treasures of lower Lazio”, already reviewed in the past days.

Recommended for everyone and at all latitudes!

Final judgement: 10/10




stickers: 708 (1-668, Le Torri1-4, Conad1-4, DM1-2, Lodi1-2, Onorati 1-2, Già Sai1-2, Miami1-3 + sticker for free entrance to Miami Beach park, Solac 1-16, chest 1-4)

album: distributed free of charge in the areas concerned

packets: € 0.50 (6 stickers)

comment: “all roads lead to Rome”, whether true or not, if you are from the parts of the eternal city then take a few days to visit the area of ​​lower Lazio, the Ciociaria and the Latina area, the protagonist of this album of stickers .

The young explorer Enea and the faithful dog Orazio immerse themselves in nature, which this area of ​​Italy is full of. If the album on the Vesuvian treasures, already reviewed ( ), was still very focused on the work of man, this is instead a tribute to pristine beauties or almost, where the presence of the human being is an added, not predominant factor.

Indeed, page after page, one has the impression that the charm of this area is also due to the ability, for once, of knowing how to live with the land and its elements without overwhelming it.

The album is very interesting to read, a lot of comics and fewer real photographs than other educational albums, not for this reason a defect but rather an added value. It makes reading even more exciting. Attacking the stickers, on pages already full of history and captions, is used to complete an extremely refined scenario, where no notion is left to chance. On the contrary, if desired, certain information instead gives the starting point for more detailed research.

We find many stories and adventures disconnected from each other, the common denominator is of course the place, or the wonders of the lower Lazio, as reported by the title.

We can divide them into three major themes:

. nature: stories presented by landscapes, mountains, lakes

. animals: stories through the help of several once-speaking animals (all living in this area, not “random”, important detail)

. legends: stories to go back through the centuries with tales of miraculous waters, sirens, ladies, ancient Romans and ancient knights

The final part of the album dedicated to the sponsors who made possible the creation, another important factor, the synergy of the publisher with the territory, to which the special numbered stickers are dedicated, which also allow you to participate in various promotions. Collaboration also with local newspapers (Latina Oggi, Ciociaria Oggi) directly involved in the creation of the Giornale dei Tesori.

The main recipients are of course the students and the schools, with whom many interesting initiatives related to the album and its completion are proposed. I would also add the scouts, it could be an interesting formula the knowledge of a certain location and album at hand, go to visit it in person.

The album has been released since the end of 2019 so we hope the kids and schools have had time to get to know it before the beginning of this difficult period. It can be found in the provinces of Latina and Frosinone, but can be ordered from the publisher at the email

Wanting to find fault, it is sincerely too impressive, if the album on the Vesuvian treasures could be defined as complete, because each town was dedicated to some pages (just don’t leave anyone out), here it could be divided into two releases.

Over 700 stickers are too many, two albums of 350/400 stickers would perhaps have been more effective, to be presented in two consecutive years.

Final judgment: 8/10


PLANET X (Chimpazee Italy)


album: PLANET X (Chimpanzee)

stickers: 155 (1-155) + 48 cards (B1-B48)

starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 1 packet)

packets: € 0.60 (4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: this album has only one bad luck, to be released in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency and therefore risk going quietly, it would be a shame. The correct term is however PlayAlbum, the stickers are an integral and important part of the product, but the album is really much more.

Those who write, by now you know it, have a soft spot for didactic albums, the real ones, believing that even today, through the immortal charm of the stickers, it is possible to teach younger generations themes of various kinds such as culture, environment or in this case even science. Planet X is in fact created in collaboration with ALTEC of Turin, the Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company, cool!

The story from which the album starts is also a warning: “Captain Banana”, a nice star monkey, ends up in Planet X, a place that has become very dangerous due to the machinations of the perfidious Doctor Bongo who caused environmental disasters, a planet very similar to our Earth, even with its problems.

Albums with so much text have rarely been seen, but a serious mistake would be to simply stick to the stickers without following the story and especially without taking part in the game. Game absolutely well made because interactive with crossroads, so based on the choices you make, skip or go back in the various chapters of the album. This clearly allows you to be able to play several times without ever repeating what you have done before. Speaking of games, the album is obviously full!

In addition to the 155 stickers, we find 48 “Catch the Blaarg” cards for the game board that we find in the center of the album. They are divided into trap cards, trick cards and blaarg cards. 10 cards are enough to participate. A not insignificant detail, the game board is made of cardboard, therefore made to last over time and it is not even necessary to remove it from the album. The whole album is generally of excellent workmanship, coated paper, you can see the great work in making it.

In short, in this period where we are all closed at home, the newsstands are still open, so I invite not only families to make the purchase, but also the teachers themselves could use this product remotely, helping children learn while having fun.

For all information:

Final judgment: 8/10




stickers: 685 (1-672, MC1-MC8, chest stickers 1-5)

album: distributed free of charge in the areas involved

packets: € 0.50 (6 stickers)

comment: come on, Wolves! This beautiful animal is not only the symbol of the Avellino sports teams but of all Irpinia, an area of ​​Southern Italy full of history and traditions. Many have passed through these parts over the centuries: Romans, Etruscans, Normans, French, Spanish, Arabs, with monuments and palaces of clear reference also from the medieval and Renaissance periods.

Our heroes Enea and the dog Orazio, already met in the albums on the Vesuvian treasures and those of lower Lazio (see reviews), this time go far and wide for Irpinia. The area is characterized by many villages and small towns, inhabited even by a few thousand people, nature is perhaps less dominant than other parts of Italy, but as small and big stories, nothing is missing.

Not even the great characters, so much so that the album opens with the meeting of our heroes even with Virgil (yes, he, the author of the Aeneid), a great connoisseur of the places having spent a good part of his life there. Page after page, country after country, it is incredible to note how many different populations have left their mark, even to think that Irpinia can be a valid example of the history of the entire Mediterranean.

The peculiarity is how much these small villages are still inhabited, in fact in many cases they are synonymous with belonging, thanks to the many religious festivals and events that remember their history. Another interesting aspect, especially present in the second part of the album, is the great gastronomic tradition of the area, certainly better to visit it not while you are following a diet!

Most of the stickers are real photographs of the various monuments, palaces and churches; unfortunately the adventurous stickers of the comic that retraces the album are not many, a few more would have been good. Unlike other albums, some pages almost seem like a repeat; it is clear that we cannot invent what is not there, but perhaps some villages and towns could be grouped together on the same page, so as to limit the very high number of stickers on the album. On the other hand, the excellent didactic work is so well done that perhaps cutting parts would have made everything less exhaustive.

In addition to Virgil, during the album we find other famous historical figures, especially Francesco De Sanctis, a professor and politician to whom the Aula Magna of the University of Naples is also dedicated. De Sanctis accompanies our heroes through different pages and villages.

Last pages for the old and new main city of Irpinia: the historic Atripalda and the current Avellino, eight pages for a nice guided tour of the various interesting aspects of the capital, including sporting brackets to remember the Partenio Stadium and the teams of football and basketball.

Album created thanks to the sponsorship of the Mondo Camerette shops, to which the last eight numbered stickers MC are dedicated. Finally, the five chest stickers that do not find space in the album, but serve to complete some of the many initiatives aimed at schools.

The album has been released since the end of 2019 so we hope the kids and schools have had time to get to know it before the beginning of this difficult period. It can be found in the province of Avellino, but can be ordered from the publisher at the email

Final judgment: 8/10




cards: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: € 9.99 (album + 4 packets)

packets: € 1.00 (5 cards)

comment: ATTENTION, IT IS NOT A NEW ALBUM. In fact it is the same already released in 2019, the cards are the same, at least the ones we have checked. Panini does not send out the same folder (this is dated 2020) but the cover image is the same, perhaps to avoid the risk that someone bought it thinking it was a novelty.

In reality it is not really a crystal clear behavior, in the web presentation there is no mention of a reissue and one thinks that “warehouse funds” are being used, the packets are the same, in fact they are dated 2019.

In short, we do not know how to define it, not however, it is not the first time that Panini sends successful editions to newsstands, so let’s not make a drama out of it.

The cards are lamincards like those of the competing Dragonball, which we sincerely prefer. No limited cards or anything else has been added, an interesting initiative only for new collectors.

Final judgment: – (without a vote)


LASABRI (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 179 (1-165, A-N)

starter pack: € 2.99 (album + 2 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: new album for a web star, the youtuber Sabri. In 2014 she opened her channel talking about her passion for video games, she became a star talking both about playful themes (fashion, travel, etc.) and social themes (racism, homophobia, etc.).

Today he has over 2 million followers and is probably the number one for girls aged 10 to 15, almost normal that he reaches the great milestone of his personal album of stickers.

The album is nice, colorful and engaging. It traces the stories told on the web, from small daily experiences to sports, fashion, travel, animals, family, friends, complete with a special section for the many tattoos that color the body of our youtuber.

Taking into account our solidarity project for Madagascar, a special notion for the four pages of the album dedicated to the experience in Africa and to the support children in Kenya that our Sabri carries out. Brava!

As a fan of comics, the cartoons that we can read page by page are also very nice, another small trick to involve the girls in reading. In the center, double poster with stickers on both sides to discover the world of the youtuber. The stickers are mainly live, taken from the scenes of the same videos with in addition the special glitter and transparent shapes.

If you are lucky you may find the party cards to win an autographed backpack or even a meeting with her, cross your fingers.

In general, a very nice album, make your daughters happy and take it home!

Final judgment: 8/10


L.O.L. FASHION FUN! (Panini)


stickers 204 (1-187, BB1B5, F1-F12) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 5 packets)

packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the L.O.L. previously they were albums of stickers and card albums, now Panini joins forces and creates the first mixed album, raising the level and probably creating the best of the series.

The theme is fashion and the girls will surely have fun in completing the pages and dressing the LOLs, an album not only super colorful but many special stickers, shaped with images to be completed, “scratch and discover” subjects thanks to the special GLAM: the collectors more hardened will surely have to look for them double, a copy as they appear and one with the subject revealed. In addition, glitter stickers and splendid fabrics, in short, 50 special out of 204!

At the center of the album is a poster for the numbered stickers BB and F on a double poster with on one side also the historic Gioco dell’Oca version of the fashion show. The album is a continuous game, each page deserves more than a moment of attention to fully enjoy it and many spaces to complete with your thoughts, desires and .. secrets.

The cards are less flashy than other collections (for us Spiderman Far From Home and Harry Potter Saga remain the top), but they are made for the game “bedtime”, in the 50 cards we find different sets with the aim of completing them to win the game.

Small fundamental detail, attached to the album, we also find the card holder to be detached to store the 50 L.O.L. card.

This album is a blast, the best in the series, one of the funniest of the year. Beautiful, nice, engaging, colorful, “lolly” fun!

Final judgment: 10/10




card: 162 (1-162) + 10 maxi cards (1-10)

starter pack: album + 1 packet € 5.90

standard packet: € 1.00 (5 cards)

maxi packet: € 5.00 (9 cards + 1 maxi card)

comment: Diramix releases dedicated to Dragon Ball continue, after the last Super collections here is the Z one. The formula may seem similar but in reality some details make it different from the previous ones.

The base is still the same, 162 cards divided into characters (Single), battles (Versus) and special holographic. Lamincards work, always have their charm, national pride having been invented in Italy, the only drawback is that the more the outputs increase, the less ease in recognizing which collection they belong to, at least in the immediate term.

The big news of this edition are the maxi packets, from the cost of 5.00 euros each with the guarantee of finding three specials among the nine present and above all a maxi card.

The maxi card is not used for the game, but is purely collectible and there are 10 in all, with unpublished and special images created for the occasion. Reading on the internet, the purchase of the box of maxi packets does not guarantee to find them all (except of course always desired lucky moment)

A detail that seems such, but personally I have greatly appreciated, concerns the collector. Finally goodbye to the stickers to be attached to number the pages, but the same are already printed on the bottom right. Someone will obviate the fact that there is still talk of plastic, however believing that the album is not disposable is sincerely welcome, a little less the useless envelope that contains it, maybe Diramix will find a solution for the next releases.

Great job Diramix, now a pleasant confirmation in the publishing field!

Final judgement: 8/10


YOOHOO (Panini)


stickers: 188 (1-170, H1-H18)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 1 3d figure € 4.90

flow pack: 1 packet + 1 3d figure € 1.90

packets € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: the idea of ​​this cartoon is absolutely interesting and in step with the times. Mother Nature, tired of seeing the planet destroyed by the blindness of human beings, convinces Father Nature to do something. How? Transforming 5 executives of the Nasty Corporation (already the name, a whole program ..) into little animals with the aim of sending them around to save the world and its inhabitants (first of all the same innocent animals) from the nefarious work of man .

Our “heroes” will have to find the gems planted by Father Nature in the various places they visit, only by collecting all of them can they request to return to being human.

Panini mainly dedicates the album to the “animals to save” aspect, actually forgetting the pollution issue, but thanks to the stickers it tells and teaches children also to make small discoveries of the various regions of the Earth that our people will visit.

We can define it a new generation didactic album, that is without real images, but thanks to cartoons many notions about the animal world and the realities where they live.

Very colorful album, some shaped stickers and the classic glitter. Honestly, the stickers are perhaps the least appealing side of the collection, the album and its lyrics give the impression that it could be an excellent album, but by opening the packets you lose a little enthusiasm.

In short, all very nice, but nothing exceptional. Central poster for the stickers H1-H18 which is perhaps the best part, we do not find spaces already numbered on the poster but you have to find out where to attach the stickers based on the various clues that can be discovered in the album pages (in the poster there are the solutions anyway).

Linked to the album we also have a collection of 12 3d animals, all the main characters of the animated series.

Final judgement: 7/10




cards: 293 (287 + 6 limited edition)

starter pack: binder + power play packet € 5.99 + 1 card limited edition

tin box pack: tin box + special packet 15 cards € 14.90 + 1 card limited edition

blister: € 3.00 (3 packets) + 1 card limited edition

packets € 1.00 (6 cards)

comment: when it comes to Topps there are always conflicting thoughts. If the stickers are a disaster, Topps honestly has a higher gear with the cards. After all, they have been making them for years more than the competition, they are beautiful and rich. But.. perhaps marrying too much the American line where the sets are not completed but only specific athletes or teams are sought, the collection is in some way a mess.

The same checklist inside the binder is limited compared to the many cards made, one thinks that (as several collectors have already pointed out on some forums) the extra packages are used to complete the set.

The writer admits all its limitations in this case, who is part of the old school is faithful to the classic version: there is an album with a tot of stickers to complete it, that’s all. Applies to both stickers and cards, the addition of limited and extra editions is something out of the ordinary, but acceptable.

So this review is absolutely atypical, it does not present the album and its peculiarities but it is a more articulated reasoning almost as if to give advice to two multinationals. To Topps to give a decisive change to its presentation policies and product creations, because in the face of very nice cards, they are often chaos. To Panini, to put more effort into making the card products, the Adrenalyn Calciatori are static images and far less captivating than those created by Topps. They know how to do it, the cards of Spiderman, Harry Potter and other collections are splendid, just to give some examples.

By the way: Topps Match Attax Extra 6 cards packet for 1 euro, Panini Euro 2020 8 cards packet for 2 euro. The brand is always UEFA, can there be all this difference in price?

Final judgment: 7/10 (8/10 for the quality of the cards, 6/10 for the setting of the collection)

P.S. all the cards purchased by the Association for this collection will be made available for exchanges at our office and during the events we take part in. At the end of the season they will be donated to our international campaign STICKER RAISING FOR MADAGASCAR, in order to raise funds for long distance adoptions




stickers: 204 (1-180, L1-L14, M1-M10)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€

packets: 0,70€ (5 stickers)

comment: sometimes they come back. If we have not done wrong, we are on the fourth album of this very successful animated series.

After the album made by Panini, there were two made by Topps and now back to Modena. These returns are sometimes good for quality, because the publisher feels (maybe it’s our guess) to make a better album than the previous one.

So it was, the album is really rich and fun, page after page allows children to interact not only with the album but also with the stickers. In fact, some games can only be completed after having attached the reference stickers.

All this work make the product not a boaring repetition of what has already been achieved in previous albums.

Page by page all the main characters are presented, sublime the many shaped stickers and also the special ones with glitter effects to highlight specific points of the image.

Very nice new the central poster like a school diary, where children can indulge in attacking, where they prefer, the 10 stickers M. Probably the target is a female album, especially the central poster is more suitable for girls than for boys.

Here we also return to the traditional album, classic stickers and no cards. Excellent choice by Panini, also because in this case it would have been a forcing and damaging from an economic point of view.

Miracoulous everywhere! Thanks to the 14 extra decorative stickers, numbered L, which do not find space in the album but can be used to embellish books, mobile phones and more. Dear moms and dads, preparations to find stickers attached everywhere …

A really nice project, recommended!

Final judgement: 9/10


ME CONTRO TE – THE MOVIE (Diramix Italy)


stickers: 180 (1-172 + A-H for the central poster)

album + 2 packets € 2.99

packets € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: new album for youtube stars Sofi and Luì. After the stickers and cards, we return to the traditional stickers on the occasion of their first cinematographic effort. Blockbuster film and this also bodes well for the success of the album.

In the 180 stickers we find really everything, shaped, sparkling, glitter, special stickers, the strong colors (fuchsia in particular) are the protagonists of this very nice and funny album.

The advice, however, is to collect it after going to the cinema, in fact page after page we discover the adventure of ours and you risk discovering everything first.

Note on the shaped stickers and those with comic characters, an album in the album that makes it even more nice. After all, the film itself is a mix between real and animated characters.

The battle against Mr. S until the final battle! In short, this great success for the little ones can be shared or not, but the care in making the album and making it fun to complete remains without a shadow of a doubt.

Note of merit for Diramix, purchasing an entire box of 5 stickers completes the album. This should be a solution always used when buying an entire box for albums with not many stickers, good Diramix!

Final judgment: 8/10


AMICI CUCCIOLOTTI 2020 (Pizzardi Italy)


stickers: 600 (1-496 + 12 doubles + 72 parlottini + 8 mini + 12 stickers)

album + packet + giant sticker € 1.00

soft album + 3 packets + giant sticker € 3.00

maxi poster for the giant stickers + 8 packets + 1 giant sticker € 5.90

packets € 0.60 (6 stickers + 1 parlottino) € 4.80 (8 packets + 1 sticker)

comment: the Amici Cucciolotti collection is a story in itself, every year it reappears and every year is a success.

It should be underlined by Pizzardi Editore to always make it very rich and connected to initiatives in favor of our animals thanks to the synergy with ENPA, but also for the protection of the sea and for children hospitalized in hospitals.

Three good, very good reasons, to buy albums and packets, regardless.

The album is always super colorful and fun, about 600 stickers to complete it. It is interesting that Pizzardi page by page also indicates which stickers should be attached, although they are numbered. A little help to not get lost in the search for the number.

Of course, children have to become noses too, like the comic friends who accompany the album pages. Special stickers, shaped, glitter, transparent, there are so many particular stickers that it would be almost easier to tell the classics, you do it first!

As a comic book lover, the stories in the album are much appreciated, with Westie, godmother of the Cucciolotti, who lives many adventures thanks to the Nose-Machine.

It would not seem but it is also and above all an educational album that allows the game to get to know curiosities and details of the animals and the places where they live.

The album, both paperback and soft version is another trademark and synonym of quality.

In addition to the 496 stickers that are needed to complete the album, have the usual extras:

.72 little “parlottini”, present in each packet, very nice idea to communicate with friends through stickers

. 12 “doppioloni”

. 8 ministickers with letters, numbers and symbols

That’s all? No, because there are 12 giant stickers! To have them all you can simply buy the complete special box and in addition to finding them all you have a nice number of stickers to complete the album. Don’t forget the maxi poster of the magic mirrors where to stick the 12 giant stickers.

If we add that the cost of the packet is lower than other products (0.60 for 7 stickers) and that the purpose is social, we find no reason not to run to the newsstands

Final judgment: 9/10


EURO ’68/’72 (Qubotondo Italy)


stickers: 500 (not numbered)

album + complete set of stickers € 99.00

comment: it is really difficult to find a better album to inaugurate this 2020, certainly a rich vintage since we will have Euro, Copa America and maybe even an album on Copa Africa. Football will really be at the center of the stickers world!

For the friends of Qubotondo we have so much respect, so much so that we have given them the graphic management of our Celebrative Stickers, work that they are carrying out in an excellent way, just as this album was made.

Finally, after Euro76 (always Qubotondo), the Europeans of 1968 and 1972 also have their album. It is not an anastatic product (there is nothing released then), the amateur concept here is valid only in terms of the incredible passion with which Daniele, deux ex machina of Qubotondo, makes his albums.

The luck of a post album is the power to set it based on the results on the field, giving greater importance to the national teams that have reached the final stages. Always keep in mind that we are talking about competitions not like the current ones. Only semi-finals and finals were organized in a single country, previously all of Europe was involved in the tournament. We can also speculate about the enormous difficulty in finding the images to prepare the stickers, especially with the smaller national teams. Also from this point of view the work has been excellent. The choice to unify the two editions is due to the need to make the album full-bodied, the choice to make it in English is a wise idea to go beyond the border. Scoreboards, statistical data, period photos, stickers as a fantastic fill.

The album opens with Euro 68 and of course with the European champion Italy (only once, at least so far), 27 total stickers of good quality and attention to detail. Following Yugoslavia, England and the Soviet Union, all with three pages of images and stickers, it is difficult to find even almanacs of the time with the same images. Following the other protagonists who did not reach the final phase, 18 stickers each for Bulgaria, France, Hungary and Spain. The other national teams are presented by qualification group in which they participated, from 4 to 1 stickers per national team but there are ALL! Grand finale with the scores of all the qualifying matches of the groups and their scorers.

Euro 72 is Franz Beckenbauer’s West Germany European Championship (who will also win the 1974 World Cup against their favorite Netherlands). Unlike the ’68 we find stickers of moments of the final match between West Germany and the Soviet Union, then many stickers of the two national teams and the other two semi-finalists: Belgium and Hungary. Honestly, finding all those images of different players from Hungary and the USSR for 1972 and 1968 must not have been easy at all. Here too the album continues with 18 stickers from other great national teams such as England, Yugoslavia, Italy, Romania and finally all the others, from 4 to 1 stickers per national.

Some may not agree on the limited number of stickers for the other national teams, but in addition to a certain difficulty in finding the images, the album would have become monumental. Moreover, it is set up as the Panini of Euro80, in relief the national teams reached the final stage and in the background the stickers of the other unqualified.

Even the choice not to number the stickers (probably linked to economic reasons) makes research more exciting, discovering the names and faces of footballers of an era that seems really light years away from today. In addition, the album is sold with the complete set so there is no spasmodic search for the missing sticker of a standard product.

And now? Of course we hope for the release of another unified album for Euro 60/64, perhaps on the occasion of Figurine Forever 4 in January 2021. In order not to remain just a dream, it would be necessary to help Qubotondo in finding the necessary images and maybe .. in making them know that THAT must be the next album!

Simply unique, always limited edition, pleasure for a few, but absolute pleasure

Final judgment 10/10 (praise will be added to the announcement of the album 60/64 :P)


Sentimento Granata – 100 YEARS SALERNITANA (Creatiwa Italy)


stickers: 353 (1-353)

packets: 0.70€ (5 stickers)

box: 5,90€ (10 packets), 16,90€ (25 packets), 29,90€ (50 packets)

comment: it is not wanted, but we are happy that the review nr. 100 matches with this well-made album on the centennial of Salernitana. I had seen some photos and images on social media but being able to touch it with my hand was a pleasure.

Meanwhile, the editorial choice to make it paperback and not stapled, certainly an extra cost that immediately bears fruit and maintains the idea of what we can imagine was in the intentions, not only an album of stickers but a small encyclopedia, to be kept in the library in plain sight. An album that is also a story, of a father who tries to explain to his son the love for a team and its colors.

The fans of Salernitana do not want it, but from a distance it seemed an “exaggeration” to celebrate a team, certainly loved, but still with a history of sport not of a high standard. Well they thought not to present the album for decades or similar, but creating a sort of “best of” in the history of the team, dividing the album into chapters that were not strictly connected to precise historical periods.

Front pages of the album of great graphic impact, reviewing famous badges and shirts and their evolutions over the years. A drop of Romagna in the album with the next chapter entitled Fellinian “Amarcord”, dedicated to the memories and the most ancient history of club. The captions that allow you to discover anecdotes and curiosities are also very interesting, often the lifeblood of our beloved football, at all levels.

From here on, the players who made the history of Salernitana follow each other role by role: captains, bombers, goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, fantasy players and forwards.

Finished album? no, still missing a lot because it is an album all over the world of Salernitana, not only the players and therefore here are the great victories, the winning teams, the trainers (in these parts Gianpiero Ventura remains very loved), the presidents and of course the twelfth man in field, the Curva Sud, the heart of the grenade supporters.

The album ends with the current team, 2019/20 season, fighting to bring Salernitana back into the gotha of Italian football.

The graphics of the entire album are captivating, pages full of colors where the passion of those who made this product shines through, surely with a thought more to the heart than to the wallet.

We come to the stickers, certainly here too has been done a good research and appreciable attempt, successful, to make sure that the album was not monotonous. Color photos, black and white, players in action, posing players, shirts, choreography, matches. Not all of them are perfect, for example those of the matches we have found one that is certainly a still image photographed by the TV (with bad results), but on the other hand they are very good.

Another important detail, after the release of the album some important errors were discovered, of text, of players instead of others, etc. Further effort by the authors who made extra free packets to replace the stickers. Deed? In theory yes, in practice it was not obvious and is absolutely welcome.

The great work behind this project can also be found on the website (, of good quality and with lots of information (I am also convinced that it will be further updated in these months). The promotional videos with historical images of the team and its fans are also exciting.

Not only that, the album is on sale in Salerno but can also be purchased on the internet. Two sales phases, the first one, in progress now, is the Gift Box with album + box of 50 packets for only 29.90 (39.90 including shipping), subsequently it will be possible to buy only the album or single packets at the points sale scattered in various parts of the city.

Finally for the more technological, the ability to download the album app and interact with the stickers by discovering hidden sides, videos and more.

This is a job for enthusiasts but also for professionals, when these two worlds meet, often, as in this case, the result is excellent.

Final judgement: 10/10



FORTITUDO PRIDE (Corriere di Bologna, Italy)


stickers: 50 postcards size 10 x 15

album: distributed with the Corriere di Bologna on 21 December 2019

packets 0,99€ + Corriere di Bologna, 9 issues until February 2020

comment: it’s always Basket City! Corriere di Bologna (Corriere della Sera) celebrates the return of the derby of the Italian capital of basketball in Serie A1 with 2 celebratory albums, this is the one dedicated to Fortitudo. An appreciable choice compared to the one made many years ago by Repubblica, which put the two teams together with a certain regurgitation from both supporters.

The Bologna derby is also felt in the world of stickers!

The album is really well made and cared for, 50 figurine (stickers) seem few, but in reality a deeper analysis makes their beautiful .. figure (sorry for the italian word game). In fact, these are postcard size 10×15 stickers, so much so that they might not even seem adhesive, given the quality and thickness.

As it is right that ample emphasis is given not only to sporting deeds, but to the uniqueness of Fortitudo and its people, a team so viscerally loved by many fans, not only from Bologna, although only for a short period it has been a winning club .

“Poor but beautiful”, the first part of the album is very romantic in the years from 1961 to 1977, the arrival in Serie A of 1966 and Gary Baron Shull, an idol still today and a symbol of that Fortitudo pride enough to name the curve hotter than supporters. Sticker number 4, brought with him in bloody triumph after a heated derby against the rich cousins, alone is worth the purchase of the album.

Second part of the album entirely dedicated to the 80s, even the sponsors become epic enough to be remembered today: Mercury, I&B, Latte Sole, Yoga. It is the period of the “Fortitudo elevator” which often goes up and down from A1 to A2 and vice versa. These are the golden years of supporters, although not a winner, this working team gathers many fans especially among the youngest, bringing it to the center of attention of Italian basketball for the warmth and love of its people, more than for the results on the field.

The 80s end with two great satisfactions against Virtus, overtaking in an unforgettable derby in the playoffs (April 13, 1988) and a -32 “the big chill” (March 5, 1989), celebrated in shirts that have become the object of the years collectible.

The 90s, the next part of the album, are introduced with the sticker of Teo Alibegovic, savior of Fortitudo one step away from relegation, thanks to a monumental game won in Reggio Emilia, which saves the team and lays the foundations for what will be in the years to come. These are incredible years in Bologna, two very strong teams that are the same and that present great champions on the field, many of which then became even bigger in the NBA.

The happy ordeal at Fortitudo begins, suffering for all hearts F with a series of defeats in the playoff finals, the first in 1996, but also with the great victory in the 1998 Italian Cup.

In the fourth part of the album, before the stickers celebrating the first historic championship of 2000, the number 31 is undeniable the most original of the album: it takes up a famous choreography of the Fossa Dei Leoni (the ultras group born in 1970) before a derby, the symbol of the other team from Bologna, a large V not black but pink (we will post the sticker here and on facebook as soon as it comes out, impossible to describe it better).

The end of the album is a hard and pure Fortitudo spirit, the club experiences ten years of great economic problems that make it disappear, only to be reborn from the minor divisions as a club from scratch, the privileged way by acquiring the sports law of another club is rejected by its people. Ten long years, ended on March 31, 2019 with the return to A1.

The Eagle has returned to fly, in reality it had never stopped.

Splendid album, as well as the one made on Virtus, is a pleasure for all basketball fans. Historical photos thanks to the Fortitudo archive, RCS and the Bologna Film Library.

Album that exudes pride in every page and stickers.

Final judgment: 10/10




cardS: 206 (1-198 + 8 Limited Edition)

starter pack: € 6.90 (album + 3 packets + 1 card limited)

tin box: € 9.90 (with 4 limited cards)

packets: € 1.50 (6 cards)

Frozen Magazine: nr. 48 and 49 € 3.90 (1 packet + 1 limited card each)

box 24 packets

comment: the Disney + Christmas cartoon combination is almost always a guaranteed success, even more so if the cartoon is the sequel to one of the greatest hits of the new millennium. Panini knows this well and after the album stickers + card ( ) in a few days it doubles with a collection entirely of cards.

The album is well made but some doubts remain, the nice choice to unify the traditional stickers with the most modern cards in one collection was very effective and the result was successful, so much so that it was defined as a really nice album to collect. This card only version does not have the same appeal.

Not only that, the cards of the first collection are sincerely more beautiful and cared for, these having to follow the story of the film (like the stickers in the previous one) are more standard by necessity. The special silver or glitter details are still a nice product, but we remain convinced that in terms of quality the first product could be enough, in terms of quantity and also of marketing, Panini is certainly right. “Better beat the iron until it’s hot.”

However, this collection is very structured, almost like the Adrenalyn Calciatori, in addition to the 198 basic cards (including 100 regular, 54 magic, 44 glitter) there are 8 limited edition cards! Cards that to have them all, do not forget to buy the various products related to the collection, 2 limited are within the starter pack, 1 each in the Frozen magazine nr. 48 and 49, 4 in the dedicated tin box which also has three different images printed on the box.

Collection not easy to complete, some numbers are hard to find and be careful to buy more boxes together, because it can happen to find practically the same ones repeated.

Some alternative advice? Buy the starter pack and use the binder to put the 100 cards of the previous version plus collect the 8 limited of this which are really beautiful. It cannot be defined as complete, but it will make a good impression in your collection.

Final judgment 6.5 / 10


CALCIATORI 2019/20 (Panini Italy)


stickers: 903 (1-827, C1-C28, M1-M48) + 20 card

starter pack: € 3.90 (album + 5 packets)

packets: € 0.80 (6 stickers)

packet GOL: 1 shield + 1 card

box: 100 packets

deluxe box: 60 packets

extra from January: Gommaglie packet, hard cover album with box

comment: welcome back Admiralty! The world of stickers is varied, there are so many beautiful and important albums, but only for one is it possible to get up early in the morning (once you could sleep more) to go to the newsstand and get it fresh out of print, this can only be the CALCIATORI, of course! That we then have to take the car and go to our friend Luca’s to Edicola Birra because the one under the house barely knows what I’m talking about is a detail (NO COMMENT ..).

The concept “the richest album ever” is often used by Panini, in this case it could be really well chosen. Let’s start from the bottom, Panini has listened to fans and collectors and after a few years of purgatory, the Serie C schields are back! It is not something to be underestimated, there are few more stickers, 4 together, but there are and it is a great victory for those who in recent years have supported the cause of the “province” of Italian football.

Leafing through the album we can see how much Fifa365 has been a test bench to probe the moods, already from the graphics of the pages, in fact every player has the image of the face in half and beside the number of the sticker, interesting effect, attention only to attack the right ones! Four pages for each club, 22 stickers of footballers, schield, double team, jersey, absolute novelty and very nice the double sticker of the team bus! Nice and because when you think about it the designer buses have become famous, they are often the protagonists of the tv programms, since they are always filmed when they arrive and leave. It’s not over yet, we also find two vertical strip stickers with the top players in action. 28 Serie A club stickers, not bad!

We come to the captions, also here following the indications of the many fans, the career tables return in the pages of the teams. The space is to the detriment of non-fundamental stickers present in previous years and of graphics and printed images less large, not bad. The pages are even more compact.

The most significant news is the trainers but we will come back by browsing the album.

At the bottom of the second page always confirmed the Calciatoripedia notes, this year linked to the 90 years of Serie A, personally much appreciated, not only for the news and curiosities, but also and above all for the pleasure of reviewing the stickers of other eras and great champions of the past.

The calendar also returns (and with him the nightmare, in years, of finding someone who still fills it out …) at the end of the 582 (five hundred eighty-two) Serie A stickers and immediately after 28 Championship Movie (Film del Campionato) stickers. Here it will really take all your effort not to forget the outputs of the packets as there are 6 of them (3 stickers each) and that the last three, from C26 to C28 will be sent free of charge to all those who make a request for missing stickers (attention, only for those who make a request for missing stickers until June 20).

Stickers format Updates confirmed also for this year, with 48 stickers connected to the Sky “Calcio Mercato” program. Another nice news, the pages of women’s football, increasingly followed by fans, doubled the pages with a much more captivating graphics that also incorporates the top players team by team.

Serie B always has its classic space, shield, team and 18 players in 9 double stickers. Wikipedia also for the B series with an image of stickers of team of the past. The presence of the Serie B and in such a rich way is one of the reasons that makes the album Calciatori unique in the world, which for example makes it not comparable to the new Premier League, where however the equally important clubs of the Championship, the english Serie B.

The final part of the album is extremely rich and inviting, before we talked about the trainers, here they are, all grouped together, a novelty that will certainly not be appreciated by everyone, but on the other hand it also allows you to have the stickers of the cadet series trainers. Hazardous choice?

The Italian national team is back in everyone’s heart, Panini rewards her with two very nice dedicated pages, vertical stripe stickers with 30 players, beautiful! Moreover, the page of the Calciatori 2018/19 with the Under21 and Women stickers had been very appreciated, just to propose them again for the men’s national team.

The next page is the eyelet to the cards, it is not necessary for a game but here there is space for the Top Performers of the Serie A with the highest index of technical performance. Since we also find in the back of all the stickers. Personally not fundamental page but certainly it will appeal to the younger generations and to the lovers of statistics and data.

It is not over yet, other strip stickers with the protagonists of the Gran Galà del Calcio, 22 total stickers, equally divided between male and female. Congratulations to Panini for the choice!

The stickers? Of excellent quality, to the touch they seem lighter than last year, but perhaps it is only a feeling of 6.30 in the morning. Many specials, many infos on the Serie A stickers but not invasive, a white background not exactly idyllic but the writer dreams of the return of the stickers taken with behind the stadium, the trees or even (happened) the light poles, a solution no longer feasible because the photos are almost always provided by the clubs. Memories of different eras, more romantic without a doubt.

It really is the richest album ever, before a question came up it was about what extras there would be: will we have the GOL packets? Will we have the Gommaglie? Will we have Football Gifts? Well, “clamorous at Cibali”, there are all of them this year! GOL packets contain a scudetto and GREAT NEWS the Serie A mascot cards! Here too Panini listened to the fans, the mascots are the ones we have seen in recent months on the facebook page of Calciatori Panini, a highly appreciated design that, as was requested, has turned into a card! For copyright reasons it was not possible to make stickers and insert them into the album, Panini found a brilliant trick and frankly they are much more interesting than the usual 20 top players in other editions, where the real top players were genuinely very few. Please note that these extra cards cannot be requested from Panini, good hunting! UPDATE IMPORTANT: attention to the badges in the GOL packets are different from those of the traditional packets! They have an interior in GOLD while the normal ones have a SILVER interior, which is why .. attention to what you attach to the album!

Football gifts, Gommaglie, Hard Cover available only on order from January (book your copy at the newsstand), Panini Tour confirmed. Honestly, the higher cost of the packet for the benefit of an extra sticker (so from 0.14 we have gone to 0.13, cannot be defined as a price increase) is an absolutely superfluous detail.

The cover is perhaps the only neo (not exceptional), even if in real life it is less true than in picture. But it must be acknowledged to Panini to have listened to the collectors, with the Serie C badges, with the return of the tables in the pages of the teams, with the mascot cards, with the return of the Football Gifts and the same Gol packets.

We give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, there will always be criticisms but this album is simply pure joy.

Final judgment 10/10 (with honors)


VIRTUS LEGEND (Corriere di Bologna, Italy)


stickers: 50 postcards size 10 x 15

album: distributed with the Corriere di Bologna on 20 December 2019

packets 0,99€ + Corriere di Bologna, 9 issues until February 2020

comment: it’s always Basket City! The Corriere di Bologna (Corriere della Sera) celebrates the return of the derby of the Italian capital of basketball in the Serie A1 with 2 celebratory albums, this is the one dedicated to Virtus. An appreciable choice compared to the one made many years ago by Repubblica, which put the two teams together with a certain regurgitation from both supporters.

The Bologna derby is also felt in the world of stickers!

Virtus Bologna is one of the most representative Italian teams, defining it Legend is not out of place, being with Milano, Varese and Cantù also among the most titled in Europe.

The album is really well made and cared for, 50 figurine (stickers) seem few, but in reality a deeper analysis makes their beautiful .. figure (sorry for the italian word game).

In fact, these are postcard size 10×15 stickers, so much so that they might not even seem adhesive, given the quality and thickness. The photos / postcards / stickers retrace the history of the club starting from the first championship won in 1946 and continue quickly until 1973, giving much and justified space to the second half of the seventies and eighties where the club often win.

Small break between 1984 and 1988 and then ample space dedicated to the decade until 1997, the years between Sugar Leonard and Danilovic, the captions of the whole album are often a comparison with the cousins of Fortitudo, great emphasis is also given to the symbol of the Danilovic ‘s three fingers, forgetting the political significance for a Serbian, in a very complicated period for the area of the ex – Yugoslavia era.

Another block of photos / stickers from 1998 to 2002, the years of patron Cazzola and winning Virtus in Europe. Last golden period before the descent in A2, the end of Virtus and the rebirth with the sporting right of Progresso Castelmaggiore, which at that moment arrived sensationally in A2. Few stickers for the last 15 years with a grand finale the victory in Europe in 2019.

Really nice album, historical photographic archive of the club, RCS and the Cineteca di Bologna.

A nice item for all basketball fans.

Final judgment: 9/10


ARTONAUTI 2 (WizArt Italy)


stickers: 324 (1-324) + 25 twin cards

starter pack: 3,50€ (album + 3 packets)

packets: 0,60€ (5 stickers  + 1 card)

comment: Artonauti are back! The 2019 event album returns with new adventures in the art world. If the first one crossed the various historical epochs, this is dedicated to the twentieth century.

First consideration, given the success of the previous one, the authors did not sit on their laurels but rather tried to improve it, the book is of excellent quality.

“Where we were …”, the story continues with the return of our heroes Ale, Morgana and the dog Argo. But the return where? Yes ok, there is the grandmother but it is not their time, once again are in the past, exactly in 1943 in the midst of the drama of the Second World War.

There is also a film with George Clooney on the “Monuments Men”, a special departments that dealt with the preservation and recovery of works of art, at great risk of disappearing due to the bombing or the many thefts that took place during the war. Here begins the adventure, in the oval room the President of the USA Roosvelt, in person, sends our heroes on a mission.

In the following pages is a succession of immortal works of art and, as the album rightly says, “heritage of humanity”, not only of a particular country (this clearly does not mean that an “x” country can take home the work that is in a particular country!). The album is extremely captivating, practically all the stickers are shaped and must be applied correctly on the paintings, the pages (for example) dedicated to impressionist painters are not easy!

The best of 900 painting: Matisse, Munch, Kandinsky, Klimt, Picasso, Modigliani and many others. The pages dedicated to the painters (on average 4 for each artist with often images that cover two sides) are alternated by pages where the adventure of ours heroes around the “old continent”, naturally in stickers.

Alongside the captions, many pages have small quizzes or games with which kids can interact, not only, we also find QR codes to listen to explanations, almost like we were in the Louvre or the British Museum.

Also this time we find 25 cards of art, stroke of genius of the authors, in how much they are defined “twin cards” and consequently to find of the double in the packets is not a bad, indeed. In fact, you need two copies of all the cards to create the deck and be able to play with the Memory of the Artonauts.

About packets, even competitive price, to encourage people to make the collection, each packet has a cost of 0.60 and contains 5 stickers and 1 card. What to be honest, there are a thousand other reasons to collect this album beyond the cost of the packets.

Album suitable for all ages, the “didactic” definition is just right. An invitation to everyone to collect it, a means to learn and love art and understand the importance of its care and conservation.

Simply beautiful!

Final judgment 10/10 (with honors)


110 JAHRE Sk STURM (Sturm Graz Austria)


stickers: 113 (1-110, N1-N3)

comment: the writer is a lover of celebrative albums, those not only linked to a particular season but to the history of a club, mixing old black and white photos with the most “human” players with recent ones much more colorful and often with players who have just been to the hairdresser.

110 years of Sturm Graz, the club of the second Austrian city, perhaps not a first-rate team in the international panorama, but the city center is Unesco heritage, so a good visit with an annexed stadium may be a good solution.

The album is made directly by the club, of excellent quality, complete with a poster holder on the back cover for a beautiful picture of the whole SK squad. The setting is made for a young public, the Pucky mascot, the panther of the stylized cartoon club that introduces young collectors (not only them) in the club’s history through the stickers.

It’s not a Japanese production, but this review will be atypical, starting from the bottom of the album and going backwards. Why this? To leave the best at the end, of course.

Of the total 110 stickers (a sticker for each year of the club’s life) those from 110 to the 75 tell us the world of Sturm Graz, from the women’s team (now fixed presence, rightly so, of all the official albums of the clubs), to the youth teams, to the sports center , to the fans, etc .; from 33 to 74 the first team, all the technical staff and the complete squad divided by role (goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards).

The best part of the album is certainly the first, from 1 to 32, where the history of the club is traced, “wie alles begann” (where it all began) to the victories in the Austrian championship of 1998, 1999 and 2011!

There was talk of 110 stickers, in reality they are 113, the 3 extra N1-N2-N3 are not in the packets, but do not worry, they are attached to the album as you can see from our photo. It is not really a historical album, but only for the first 15 pages and 32 stickers, the purchase is valid even if you are not a Sturm Graz fan.

Alles gut!

Final judgement: 8/10




stickers: 216 (1-216) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 5 packets + card holder)

packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: Harry Potter never goes out of style! The saga of the young magician continues to have millions of fans around the world, even if the story and the consequent films have come to an end.

After last year’s Magical Sticker Album (in a little effective tabloid version), Panini celebrates the entire saga with a new album that retraces all the adventures. Appreciable that it is not just a copy / paste of previous productions (after all it could not be, given that not all albums in the past were made by Panini), the stickers have the rectangular format that we had already appreciated for Avengers End Game.

This particular “widescreen” model goes well with the images taken from the various films, each equally represented with a number of equal-sized stickers (6 pages and about 27 stickers for each episode, only the second part of “The deathly hallows” it has a few less).

It is also an album full of captions, so as to resemble almost a book in stickers, it recalls certain productions of the same 80’s Panini where for each sticker there was the explanation below.

In the album there is inside the binder (to be assembled) for the 50 cards, more value of this collection. As for Avengers and Spider-Man, even here Panini maintains an excellent level, not only of card quality but above all for images. Very close-ups (from C32 to C39) of the main characters, captivating the holographs with details to be discovered.

Was another Harry Potter album necessary? Those who already have others will surely do it to complete the collection (but are we sure it will be the last? ..), those who do not have them but love the saga can have a single album in the whole story; who does not appreciate much, surely can find other interesting products in this period of invasion of quality albums at newsstands.

Panini continues the promotion and production of albums with stickers and cards, together, if the results are these, we cannot complain!

Final judgment: 8.5 / 10


PRO LEAGUE 2019-20 (Panini Belgium)


stickers: 572 (1-572)

starter pack: € 7.45 (11 packets)

album: € 2.90 sachets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: 50 years of Panini in Belgium. Not everyone knows that Belgium was the first country where the Panini stickers were distributed and from 1972/73 the album dedicated to the soccer championship was released, the longest and most historic Panini album after the Italian Calciatori.

The album has changed its name in recent years, from the classic “FOOTBALL” in recent years has taken the new name given to “PRO LEAGUE”. Although Belgian football is not considered a top European championship, the album has always maintained its charm with a rich offer of stickers and a document of a football season.

Each Pro League club is represented with 21 stickers, including a shield, a double team, a coach and a space dedicated to updates. Players are presented in the classic Panini bust with various information on as career, technical characteristics and place of birth.

To follow also the Proximus League (Second Division), double stickers to propose 17 players, coach, badge and team. It is not over yet, ahead of the rest of Europe we also find the women’s Super League with all the 6 teams (Anderlecht, Brugge, Genk, Gent, Leuven, Standard), also with well-19 images (championship, team, coach and 11 players).

The part of the album is splendid, where the vintage stickers are reproduced from 1972/73 until last year, a series of 40 stickers that will surely make football fans and “figurine history” rejoice.

Grand finale with the “road to Euro 2020”, Belgium once again among the big favorites for the final victory, 16 stickers, including a mega 8 puzzle, to push the Red Devils towards triumph.

Last pages with the best of the previous championship and a page where to attach the stickers of your favorite Top 11 (of course, dear collectors, we will leave the page as we find it).

Pro League 21 stickers, Proximus League 11 stickers (17 players), Super League women’s 11 stickers (17 players), celebratory pages from 72/73 to today, this album is really a beautiful collection!

Final judgment: 9.5 / 10


FROZEN 2 (Panini)


stickers: 216 (1-192, F1-F12, L1-L12) + 55 cards (C1-C30, S1-S20, XXLle1-XXL le5)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 5 packets + 2 XXL cards)

collector’s tin box: € 9.90 (7 packets + 5 XXL cards)

mega tin box: € 29.90 (HARD COVER album + 7 packets + 3 XXL cards)

packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: the richest album ever! No, it is not the classic promo of the new Calciatori, but the pleasantly challenging album linked to the Christmas cartoon par excellence (the one yes): Frozen 2. The story is known so let’s go directly to the presentation of this new effort Panini.

The “blockbuster” albums are increasingly becoming an adventure in trying to complete them and above all to be informed about all the connected exits to have them really complete. The main new is also the realization of the hardcover version, presented inside a mega tin box and available ONLY by booking your copy on the circuit, the newsstand distributor.

Don’t worry, for the mega tin box it is not necessary to free up space in the car, the album is small. A sore point for Frozen lovers who wanted to place all the various albums close together in the library (between Frozen and Frozen 2 they came out, we think, another 3 albums), since the first one is rectangular, this is small vertical, in the middle a giant type Calciatori recent years, other standard format etc. etc. Help!

The choice of the small format has its flaws but also the merit of making it similar to a fablebook, of course the advice is to start the collection AFTER having seen the movie, as the album traces the story, there are no pages of introduction with character gallery or other. The story is so beautiful that it has to be told in detail.

Add to this a central giant poster where to place the F1-F12 stickers, unlike other times it is impossible to attack them without moving it from the album, the advice is perhaps to buy 2 starter packs (looking for all the 5 different XXL cards, since it is not clear if the complete set is found in the Mega Tin Box) so as to keep it attached in the copy where the stickers are attached. Or at the newsstand you will also find the album priced at € 2.00.

The stickers are really beautiful, with a colored outline that increases their charm, in addition to the classic ones we find many shaped stickers (stick them with caution!), silver, glitter and transparent! In addition to the 204 stickers for the album (1-192, F1-F12 for the central poster), we find other 12 decorative mini (L1-L12) with small stickers that can be attached where you prefer but are born above all to personalize the back of the cards of the same album.

About cards, we have 55: 30 with all the characters in the cartoon (C1-C30), 20 specials dedicated to Elsa, Anna and Olaf (S1-S20), 5 XXL format. In addition to the Mega Tin Box, we find 3 different standard tin boxes, 2 with Elsa and Anna together (horizontal and vertical), one with the nice Olaf. Tin boxes are naturally also made to hold their own card collection.

After the first disappointment for the format of the album (but later convinced by the choice), it is impossible not to fall in love with both the cartoon and this product. There will certainly be criticisms for the high cost of this product, it is a very open debate, Panini is certainly heading towards the future, uniform stickers and cards in a single collection is the solution to entice new generations and, frankly, do not disappoint not even the most “dated” (for example the album Spider-Man Far From Home had a really splendid collection of cards).

Differentiating the offer (starter pack, box, hardcover, tin box, etc.) does not always mean to force the collector to buy everything. On the contrary, the hardcover only on order is an excellent solution to make products in a much smaller edition compared to what would be needed to cover the national distribution (as was already done with Calciatori). Not having yet “touched it”, we do not add other considerations.

Marvelous movie, beautiful album, Christmas is coming, what do you want more?

Final judgment: 9/10


AS ROMA OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)


stickers: 200 (1-200) + 28 pop-up cards (R1-R28)

starter pack: 4,90€ (album + 7 packets)

packets: 0,70€ (5 stickers / 4 stickers + 1 card)

comment: second year for the Euro Publishing album on AS Roma. The format is similar to those already made for Inter, Juventus and Milan. In contrast, each album has unique details that set it apart from those of other clubs.

Curious is the choice of the cover, practically the same as 2018/19, except that the only confirmed player is Dzeko in the middle (also due to force majeure, given that Manolas and De Rossi are playing elsewhere, Florenzi is now a separate player at home).

The always interesting side of these albums is the richness of the images to the delight of all the fans, even here the squad is presented with as many as 25 elements, for each player a page with 5 stickers in addition to the one dedicated to the trainer Fonseca.

Unlike the other clubs offered by Euro Publishing, we do not find stickers on newcomers (only printed photographs) but to the advantage of the final part of the album where there are the beautiful stickers of the cups won and above all a beautiful space in the world AS ROMA with the stickers of the Under 15 Italian champions, the Youth team, the Roma women and the final stickers for the legendary Curva Sud, the heart of Romanist supporters.

Also for Roma, at the center of the album, the poster and the 28 pop-up cards, a very nice and interesting novelty for Euro Publishing products for the 2020 season.

In general the album is pleasant, appreciable to limit the initial space to the new arrivals (they already have 5 stickers in the pages dedicated to individual players) to give more to the rest of the “Giallorossi” club, which is giving so much satisfaction to the club and the fans.

At historical lows the captions, from this point of view some slogans or words as we find in the other albums would have been good.

Final judgment: 7/10


BIG DINOSAURS (Gamma 3000, Italy)


stickers: 205 (1-205)

starter pack: € 3.99 (album + 2 packets + 1 dinosaur)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers), € 2.50 (1 packet + 1 dinosaur)

comment: another album about Dinosaurs, which never goes out of fashion and are always very fascinating for children and also for adults. The product of Gamma 3000 is very nice and well made, the 205 stickers are all shaped and find space in the album in the various pages where our great friends are divided by type.

In fact, we have carnivores, herbivores, larger and heavier ones, those with affinity for birds, armored animals, those with bony heads, long necks, feathered ones, those with horns and scales, bipeds and quadrupeds, in a succession of pages where you can discover unknown dinosaurs.

The album has a lot of the charm of the retro, which is not a criticism, it recalls certain albums made in the 70s, without too many frills, 205 shaped and funny stickers animated without glitter, special or other modernity. The exact number of the stickers is unclear, as several are with two stickers to attach, so in reality that 205 drops significantly.

In short, an easy album to complete! Attention to the numbering, in the double stickers we do not find two consecutive images, so if it is easy to complete it is not so, in the case, request the missing stickers.

We find 6 models of 3D Dinosaurs, found in special packets for € 2.50. They are small but well made.

Dinosaurs are always dinosaurs, they like and will always like them. By the way, if you come to Bologna, go and visit the Dinosaurs park, it’s worth it!

Final judgment: 8/10


INTER OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)


stickers: 228 (1-200 stickers + pop-up cards 1inter-28inter)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 7 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: third year of Euro Publishing also for the new official FC Inter album. The colors of the Nerazzurri society help to make the product very attractive and of impact, the basic black greatly helps the quality.

The slogan “Not for everyone” proudly traces the entire first part of the album, particularly the opening page with the 8 puzzle stickers of the squad and the imposing Milan Cathedral in the background.

As already seen with Milan and Juventus, new purchases are subsequently presented, but here in 4 pages, many have in fact been purchases in the summer of 2019.

Following are the pages dedicated to the coach Conte and to all the players, from Handanovic to Esposito, as many as 27 different players have 5 stickers each dedicated, including a double in action and a special glitter. The 28 pop-up cards to be used on the poster at the center of the album make this album a real reality for the fans and make it a non-alternative product but complementary to the next Calciatori Panini.

Many final pages dedicated to the Inter world, from the youth to the women’s (climb in Serie A this year) and to the Inter Campus project, born under the Moratti presidency, in order to help different football schools in the developing countries.

Love her? Attack it (in the sense of the stickers, no to violence)

Final judgment: 8.5 / 10


JUVENTUS OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)


200 stickers (1-200) + 28 cards pop up (1J-28J)

starter pack: € 6.90 (album + 7 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: after AC Milan, here is the new Euro Publishing album of the “Old Lady”. Cared for and realized to make all Juventus hearts happy.

Interesting the background of the spaces where to attach the stickers that takes up the new jersey of this season, white / black with a red stripe in the center. Naturally the eighth consecutive championship is celebrated and takes place in the front pages, unlike Milan, however, the album starts immediately with 26 stickers of the 2020 squad.

Then each page is dedicated to each player with 5 stickers, including a double in action and a glitter. Even the new coach Maurizio Sarri has his stickers and a great photo in gym suit, almost wanting to maintain contact with the previous style of the coach (now much more often in a suit and tie than in the past).

Given the news, the album pays out too early and so there are also players at the margins of the project (Emre Can and Mandzukic, for example).

Final part of the album dedicated to the world of Juventus, youth and Women. Sincerely, given the great successes of the women’s team and the important number of players also given to the national team, two stickers for girls is very little, they deserved more space.

Last pages for the stadium photo album and the game jerseys.

Then the 28 pop-up cards to be used on the soccer field in the middle of the album is very nice.

Interesting, but given the firepower of Juventus (including, I repeat, the female team) the album could have been produced in a much more articulate and engaging way.

Final judgment: 6.5 / 10


MILAN OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)


stickers 200 (1-200) + 28 pop up cards (M1-M28)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 7 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers or 4 stickers + 1 pop up card)

box: 50 packets

comment: for the third year Europublishing realizes the official Milan album, it must be given credit to the publisher to always try to add new news and fun initiatives so as to renew part of the album while maintaining the most classic parts of the team’s presentation.

The album is really enjoyable for all the “Rossoneri” fans and for fans of football and stickers in general, first pages dedicated to the news with 4 gaming jerseys and new arrivals; afterwards, as many as 25 players from the squad are presented plus coach Pioli (instead of Giampaolo who had started the season), a page for each player of the rose with 4 stickers of which a special glitter.

For the nostalgic and lovers of great football, the page of the company is beautiful where we also find the stickers of Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban in a suit and tie.

The usual final album on the Milan world, from the fans, to the nations represented by the many players and the stickers of the Milan Museum with the top players of the glorious history of the team, the stickers of the San Siro Stadium (perhaps the last in this version?) and just homage also to the strong women’s team Milan Women.

The big news this year are the 28 pop-up cards for playing in the field at the center of the album, many will remember them in some Panini albums in the mid-90s. Play or not are nice cards to keep apart, too bad it’s not expected any type of binder.

Inside the packets are found when one of the many special stickers is not present. In general, the stickers are good, beautiful to leaf through, especially for the “Rossoneri” hearts.

Congratulations to Euro Publishing for never presenting the same soup as last year, waiting to review the new releases of Inter, Juventus and Rome.

Final judgment: 8 / 10


NBA 2019-20 (Panini Italy)


stickers: 464 (1-464) + 100 card (C1-C100)

starter pack: € 7.90 (album + card holder + 6 sachets + 5 card limited)

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers + 1 card)

box: 50 packets

comment: year after year the NBA collection becomes more and more monumental and appealing. For the second year we find as many as 100 adrenalyn cards to which this year also include limited editions. Really interesting album for the many NBA fans in Italy.

First pages of connection to the previous season with highlights, the All Star Game “Lebron vs Giannis”, playoffs and finals. Following the presentation of the teams, each with 13 stickers (8 players, coach and two top players, logo and brand, four special silver and metal stickers).

The 9 basic stickers are all in action with a film-effect outline like if the album was a long sports-themed film. The top players’ specials certainly embellish the album and make it more modern, as an old guard of collectors I would have preferred two more players than the squad even though in basketball the main players are certainly less than other sports.

In the last part of the album we return to the past season with the 2019 awards and great ending with 28 stickers of the international stars that are NBA protagonists and 9 G-League stickers with maybe some possible previews of the great champions of the future.

Perhaps also because we are talking about American sports, the cards have a greater charm, they reproduce in some way the history of the album, first with the best of the players team by team (C1-C60), the international stars (C61-C80), the All-Star Game 2019 (C81-C95) and finally the rookies of the current year (C96-C100).

Above all we have the novelty of the limited editions, 5 cards present only in the starter pack with top-level names (Antetokoumpo, Harden, Curry, LeBron and our Belinelli).

It is not clear if there will be other card limited products throughout the season, but the NBA Film page has disappeared with the stickers that were distributed with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Very good album, it has only the same problem as last year: finding a card per packet, it is really complicated to complete the album. An innovative idea could be to get out of premium packets with maybe only cards in it. Valuable, however, the presence of 5 cards with the card in each bag, in other collections are only 4.

The album is of good quality, it has inside the box to be detached and mounted to hold the 100 cards; attention, the case is only found in the album inserted in the starter pack. The free edition album, distributed for example with La Gazzetta dello Sport, is not provided.

Interesting, with margins for further improvement.

Final judgment: 8/10


FIFA365 2020 (Panini)


stickers: 448 (1-448)

starter pack: € 5.90 (album + 7 packets)

packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

box: 50 packets

comment: normally the review is carried out after going to newsstands to buy the album and the first box, in this case instead all the packets were opened first and by making them right can only confirm the beauty of this album.

The Panini Fifa365 can have different interpretations, it is an anomalous album because it is not connected to any precise competition or paradoxically it is connected to all. Now that Panini has taken the rights to the Premier League, we have the elite of European football, as much as the official Champions League album: 4 English teams, 3 Spanish, 3 German, 3 Italian, etc.

If anything, this has limited the presence of other clubs that would have made the joy of many fans, we do not find teams from Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, northern Europe, etc. The door to South America is always fascinating, to underline the presence of the Mexican club Monterrey next to the two Argentinian and the two Brazilians, a little bit to tell the truth, but it is understandable the choice to privilege the teams that in Europe have greater following .

On South America, moreover, the hope is always that, one day, Panini will be able to make the Copa Libertadores album, incredible that apart from some amateur production, the most fascinating tournament in the world doesn’t have its own sticker album!

Speaking of clubs, being a world album, it is impossible not to notice the lack of MLS, J League and Chinese Super League clubs. Without wanting to give marketing lessons, extending the album to Chinese teams could implement the sticker tour in a huge market. From the outside it does not even seem so complicated, just think that Panini, holder of the rights of Inter, with the Chinese property could (we believe) easily ask to include in the album the Suning, where among other things they play footballers known also in Europe like Eder and Miranda.

Having said that the album remains very nice, each team has as many as 33 stickers, they are in large part half as the Serie B of the Calciatori, but in reality they are images larger than the standard. In addition to sweaters and badges, a special motion for the “Living Football” figurines, holographic and of great visual impact. Panini continues to present the stickers in action in blocks of three players, a valuable but not fundamental choice, among other things being 9 elements are not even a complete team. From collectors better without favoring some more clubs.

The album, however, has clearly improved compared to the previous editions, minus single thematic stickers (in the past we also had albums with 6-7 Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi repeated in various forms ..), the last pages see a summary of the world championship per club, fortunately the pages dedicated to the women’s world championship and to that of U20 played in Poland remain.

Also this year we have some variants in certain countries, where we find 442 instead of 448 stickers (those from 5 to 10 are missing, so pay attention to the double numbering!), there are the inevitable extra teams: Crvena Zvezda, Partizan and Maribor (Serbia / Sovenia edition), Young Boys (Swiss edition), with possible further additions and to find out if there are differences in the South American edition.

It is an album that you either love or don’t understand, one wonders what will happen to Panini, if anything, one day he will come back to print the Champions League (a far hypothesis at the moment), for now it remains a very pleasant album to browse and with the possibility of have teams that we rarely find together.

Improved quality, some good ideas, others to review, a nice preview of the Calciatori and Premier League albums scheduled for release at the end of December.

Final judgment: 8,5/10


TRULLI TALES (Panini Italy)


stickers: 192 (1-157, T1-T17, G1-G18)

packets: € 0.60 (5 stickers)

box: 50 packets

comment: the Trulli, just those of Alberobello, become a cartoon TV series created by two sisters, Fiorella and Maria Elena Congedo. All the magic of the characteristic city through the adventures of four little chef magicians.

They will not be the Smurfs but also these characters know how to give us sympathy, combining the charm of the Puglia with the magic of their magic wands and making fun of another Italian landmark like the kitchen, for which we are known and appreciated all over the world.

The cartoon drawing is modern but at the same time classic, suitable for current television formats, the album is a nice continuation. In the first part we find the presentation of the village and its protagonists: Ring, Zip, Sun and Stella, through the places of history, starting naturally from Miss Frisella’s kitchen. And yet Nonnatrulla, Trullosovrano, the tearchers of the school and the enemies (because in a self-respecting cartoon there are always some bad ones) Copperpot and Athenina.

Advice for parents, buy 2 albums because the second one is used to cut out the characters from the back cover and use them for “Il gioco del Trullo” (figurines G1-G18), the Game of the Goose of Alberobello!

A very funny little gem to complete, very colorful stickers, including silver and shaped.

Final judgment: 8 / 10


BATMAN 8O YEARS (Panini Italy)


stickers: 192 (1-192) + 36 cards (1-36)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 5 sachets)

packets: € 1.00 (4 stickers + 1 card)

box: 36 packets

Limited Edition: hard cover 1000 copies € 49.90

comment: on some occasions it is fortunate to have to wait a few days before doing the review, it helps to study the product better and not get caught up in a small disappointment instead of new emotions. Panini has decided to change the formula that had characterized previous albums (from Tex to Mickey Mouse), no more paperbacks and no more hardcover for shops. Only stapled standard and limited hard cover edition always in an elegant case.

This editorial earthquake has displaced everyone, wrong to stop at the form, better to think about the substance. Obviously to appreciate the Batman album you don’t have to be only collectors of stickers but also lovers of comics, in this way really getting caught up in the emotions and also by the memories for the less young is a moment.

Semi citing a Woody Allen film: “Everything you wanted to see on the Marvel Super-Heroes album but you didn’t find”. Funny that Panini, publisher of Marvel Comics in Italy, manages to make a great album on “competition”, that is the most beloved hero of the DC Comics universe.

It is limited to call it an album, more correct to browse it like a small encyclopedia of Batman in stickers. The first pages have the flavor of the myth with the first appearances of the Dark Knight back in 1939, which continues with the best of the character through the years. Following the world of Batman, from the Bat-Cavern to the countless gadgets and the Bat-Mobile.

Space also for the many comics characters, with spectacular splash pages with shaped stickers, great heroes and friends Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Alfred and James Gordon. The great enemies Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Penguin and many others.

Still missing much at the end of the album, from comics to television with animated series and absolute joy for us “old”, as many as 9 stickers dedicated to the classic TV series with Adam West. From TV to the big screen with all the movies with Batman as protagonist, from the first of Tim Burton to the last “all american heroes” linked to the Justice League.

Comics, TV series, movies … how to finish the album? Of course with the stickers also of video games! Complete, exciting, COOL, with many special figurines, 24 holographic and even more 24 that light up in the dark. There is no more suitable album than this where to put them.

The album though stapled has an internal page in cardboard, after the cover the checklist of all 36 cards, at the bottom of the album the box to be detached to contain them. Also the cards are really beautiful, the first 18 dedicated to the covers from the historical to the most recent ones, from 19 to 27 the various Batman costumes over the years, from 28 to 36 all the cars of the Dark Knight!

Then the limited box set, printed in just 1000 numbered copies. By the way, unlike the previous ones, we find the number even outside, nothing changes, but happy to have an important number like nr. 100. The box contains the hardcover album with a beautiful silk-screen print inside and a second box to put the 36 cards, exposed in all their splendor.

So let’s go back to the starting point, if the first thought was of disappointment for the changes that took place with this Batman and Donald Duck albums, a more detailed analysis makes Panini’s choices not only acceptable but also understandable. The Deluxe Limited has really become an object of high quality and aimed only at collectors, the intermediate versions did not give credit to this choice. Furthermore it is probable that sales of not limited hardcover were not such as to motivate the continuation.

Although Panini does not declare it, I believe instead that the choice to stop producing the paperback with envelopes inside is linked to the need to protect the environment and the progressive elimination of plastic. I think we are right at the beginning of a path that probably Panini will continue in the months and years to come, I want to think and believe it is so, with the absolute curiosity to see what will happen next year with the Calciatori Adrenalyn 2021!

Final judgment: 10/10 with honors (for the limited and for the ecological choice)


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2019/20 (Topps)


stickers: 595 (1-595)

starter pack: € 3.50 (album + 5 packets + poster)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: allow a premise, as an Italian seeing a Champions League album start with Atalanta is a source of pride as well as a pleasure. Having the Bergamo team as before allows us to note the first new, the teams are presented in alphabetical order and not divided by country. It is already a step forward compared to the past.

The problem remains of once again having the album not divided into Champions League groups with the teams coming from the playoffs relegated to the last pages of the album. With the new rules at least the teams of the main leagues have dedicated pages, but from football fans, even the so-called “minor” teams deserve the same consideration.

Each team of the first 26 is presented with 19 stickers, a wonderful novelty the glittering stadium stickers, really unexpected and much appreciated. The badges have a much larger sticker format (be careful, not the clubs from the play-offs), the others are small, but the complete pages are a pretty sight.

Updated teams, so as to have, for example, Lukaku and Sanchez at Inter.

The background of the stickers is the same for all the teams and this is not really a happy choice. It makes the whole album a little too repetitive. Top Scorer with sticker in action and in each captain of teams we have glitter stickers.

The paper quality of the sticker is rather poor, they are really very light (close the window if you sit down to attach them), when we think about the cost of a packet we must also always take these parameters into account.

Unlike last year there are no extra stickers in the Italian edition. Different covers in different parts of Europe, have fun finding them all!

In general the album has improved compared to the past but you can do even more for an album as important as the Champions League.

Final judgment: 7,5/10 (one more point for the stadium stickers)


GORMITI stickers (Panini)


stickers: 204 (1-196, F1-F8)

starter pack: € 3.90 (album + packets + poster)

packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: the Gormiti are back with the new series! Panini alternates the card album with that of the stickers for one of the most loved children’s cartoon, an extremely nice and well-made series. Our 4 heroes always working with the Bracers of the Elements to defeat the Darkan villains.

The pages tell the cartoon through his characters and their adventures, starting from Gorm, the ancient fortress of the Gormiti. 204 to complete the album, many are special (maybe I was particularly lucky but I opened a packet and found 3 glitter stickers!), The quality of the print is really good and the colors look great.

Ao-Ki, the guardian of knowledge, takes us to discover the various parts of the album, interesting the central part where the pages dedicated to the various peoples (of fire, ice, rock, wind) alternate with those where we see Riff, Ikor, Trek and Eron training.

At the center the special F1-F8 stickers to present the Gormiti kingdoms; very nice the 36 holographic, of course. To fully enjoy the album it is always better to watch a few episodes of the TV series, so as to feel even more involved in the adventures.

Poster inside starter pack only printed, not sticker poster.

Gormiti, among the best characters of the new generation of cartoons!

Final judgment: 8/10



MATCH ATTAX 2020 (Topps Italy)


card: 467 (including 14 limited editions, 60 exclusive cards in Tin Boxes)

starter pack: € 5.99 (album + 16 card + LE card Salah)

packets: € 1.00 (5 card) + various tin boxes (see comment)

comment: Topps Match Attax collection is back, this year dedicated not only to the Champions League but also to the Europa League. The choice is very clear, instead of presenting a large number of teams, it is mainly preferred to focus the collection on clubs from the major european championships.

In the Italian edition we have 7 italian teams (Juventus, Napoli, Inter, Atalanta, Roma, Lazio, Torino), 4 spanish (Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Valencia), 4 german (Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen), 4 english (Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham), 2 french (Paris SG, Lille) plus Benifica and Genk

In the English edition there were 7 home teams (in addition to Arsenal, Manchester United, Wolverhampton), the italians apart from Inter, a few cards from Roma and the only Cristiano Ronaldo to represent Juventus, with Olympique Lyon instead of Lille, plus a few cards of Galatasaray and Zenit St. Petersburg instead of the Genk.

Honestly it almost seems similar of Panini’s Fifa365 and a half Premier League album for the british market; prepared in advance and not knowing how the play-offs would have gone we find ourselves in the italian edition Torino, that actually did not qualify. Topps could at least avoid putting Zaza on the cover, perhaps replaced by a player from Inter or Napoli.

Having said that the cards are very good, after all at least in the Topps cards it is a guarantee, with a lot of information on the player, useful for the game. The value in euro that we find in the cards is clearly not the real one, but for the Match Attax fantamarket.

Not found any numbering or name check list, we will wait to take reference from the one that will publish Last Sticker. Not all clubs have the same card number.

There are also four different tin boxes, each with a price of 12.00 euro, they contain 60 cards each, they are 4 different and must be purchased all:

GAME CHANGERS tin box (includes 15 card “game changers” and the Limited Edition of Hazard)

STRIKERS tin box (includes 15 card “strikers” and the Limited Edition of Mbappè)

SUPERSTARS tin box (includes 15 “superstars” cards and the Limited Edition of Cristiano Ronaldo)

WONDERKIDS tin box (includes 15 “wondekids” cards and Sancho’s Limited Edition)

There will then be other special releases for the next 10 Limited Editions to complete the collection.

Of the cards we have said, the price is in line with that of the market, above all the starter pack is very good, if it were not that the binder itself is the small standard one that does not allow to insert in each sheet a single card, to make them all stand you have to put them both in front and behind (32 sheets for 9 cards are 288 .. the suggestion is to put front and back the base and the other single ones, but it is just a personal reasoning).

Collection of excellent quality, it’s a pity that the official collection of the Champions League can be defined, for that it is better to turn to the classic stickers, always printed by Topps.

Final judgment: 8/10


FORZA SPAL! (Panini Italy)

album: FORZA SPAL! 2019/20

stickers: 106

hardcover album: € 1.90

packets: distributed only in Coop supermarkets (4 stickers)

comment: good ​​from Ferrara! SPAL makes an album like Panini already offers in other countries of Europe (especially France, Belgium and Switzerland) of excellent quality and very interesting.

Hardcover edition only, available for purchase at all COOP in the province of Ferrara (ONLY) at the extremely popular price of just € 1.90. Given the quality it is really a gift. Inside we find 106 well-subdivided stickers, an approximate product has not been made, we notice both the care and the passion for the blue-white team of those who prepared it.

The packets are NOT for sale, they are given free every 15.00 euro spent at COOP supermarkets, in the province of Ferrara, of course. If you have any distant relatives living in the area, it is the right time to re-establish relations 🙂

The album starts with the stickers dedicated to the Mazza stadium, which is located in the center of the Estense city, then the stickers of the company staff and then coach and 28 players, for each two stickers, a special silver “In action” and a shaped head in the classic pose of the Calciatori albums.

The choice to present the printed images of the players on which to place the stickers is very fascinating, one of the cases where, if desired, even the album has its charm! (but being of the old guard I always remain of the idea that the stickers are born to be attached).

In the final part of the album, the history of the club, the supporters and the stickers of the great ones who dressed in the colors of the SPAL, on the field or on the bench. Any name? Fabio Capello, Osvaldo Bagnoli, Luigi Delneri, everything then became winners also as coaches.

Really nice, the nice SPAL turns out even more after having browsed these pages. Too bad that other clubs, at least until now, have not wanted to involve Panini in similar projects.

Album to collect and keep in bookstores over the years.

Final judgment: 9/10

L.O.L. 2 (Panini)


cards: 193 (1-184 + D1-D9)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + ltd edt card € 9.90

packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)

premium packet: € 10.00

packet + magnet: € 2.90

tin box: € 9.90

comment: continue the L.O.L. mania! Costume phenomenon beloved by little girls and also by older girls, Panini does not miss the opportunity to launch another colorful collection on the market. What is the female version of the Adrenalyn? Who knows, the point remains that even with the L.O.L. we have the Tin Box (as for the first album) but also the Premium bag, essential purchases to have all 8 limited edition cards; in fact 2 are found in the starter pack, 4 in the tin box and the last 2 in the premium bags.

The collection is varied and very nice, we must admit that for products like this the cards are much more attractive than the classic figurines from all of us so loved. It can also be seen in the 100 basic cards (B.B. BFF cards) but even more in the 50 GLITTER cards and always better in the 25 NEON BRIGHTS cards with fluorescent colors.

Apotheosis with the 9 MAGIC MOVES cards (animation moving them) and the 9 transparent cards with which to dress the BFF cards mentioned above. These 9 have a separate numbering, from D1 to D9.

We have already written about 8 limited edition cards, with sparkling gold and two mysterious colors that Panini does not reveal and you can only find out by purchasing the Premium bag available.

Not satisfied yet? As for the Calciatori 2019 you can also buy bags + magnet and to the delight of everyone another collection to complete.

Ok, they’re not footballers, but it’s dangerously fun!  

Final judgment: 9/10

ASTERIX 60 ANS (Panini France)


stickers: 124 (1-120, A-D)

packets: distributed in the Carrefour supermarkets ONLY in France

album: hardcover, sold only in French Carrefour supermarkets

comment: C’EST MAGNIFIQUE !!!

Important premise: the writer is biased, I love and read the Asterix comics as a child and I am proud of my complete collection. Precisely for this reason too, the album released only for the French market is a MUST to have.

Asterix is ​​the most important and widespread comic strip of the Franco-Belgian school, its name in France is comparable to that of Mickey Mouse in the USA, trying out an album dedicated to roosters is therefore a monumental operation and Panini France has hit the mark.

The album traces all the adventures of our heroes, as you will know many are the journeys of Asterix and Obelix (sometimes accompanied by Idefix and Panoramix), in this album we find them all, from the Celts to the Britons, from the Egyptians to the Courses, from the Swiss to the Goths, etc. with of course an important part dedicated to Roman “enemies”.

Attaching the 124 stickers, even if they seem few, is absolutely fun and also a commitment. Lots of shapes that must be affixed perfectly over the images, the cut is of excellent quality, I have not found errors in this sense. In the classic rectangular figurines we also find special silver and satin (amazing).

Not only that, the album is full of information, games, quizzes and “dulcis in fundo” two comic strips, whose first one, from memory, seems to me unpublished (it represents Obelix and Asterix as young people inside the village) but I could also be wrong.

The album is NOT distributed outside France and being a Panini / Carrefour product, like all previous cases, it is unlikely to be available online on the Panini website subsequently.

Can it be an album, not intended for newsstands and distributed only in France, the album of the year? Yes!

Final judgment: 10/10 with honors

EUROPEAN CUP 1956/1986 (Qubotondo Italy)


stickers: 600

album + complete set of stickers € 99.00

comment: the friend Daniele, “deux ex machina” of the EdizioniAmatorialiQubotondo, combines another of his realizing an incredible album (after the splendid one made for Euro 76) dedicated to the first 30 years of the Champions Cup.

To call it an amateur production is right in form, but ungenerous in substance.

The quality is really good, starting with the inaugural edition of 1955/56 the winning teams are presented, both with stickers that draw the highlights of the most important matches, and with the stickers of the 11 champion players. On the sidelines for each edition the top player of one of the other clubs protagonists of the event, sticker that we find in almost all the pages until 1978/79.

To complete all the tables with all the results and the final.

The stickers are not reproductions of previously made albums but they are mostly unpublished photos, all with an excellent quality both of printing and of the album as a whole. If anything the problem, probably to contain costs and not wanting to put the information on the front, is the lack of the numbering of the stickers. This however helps to linger more in the search for players, to recognize or discover for the first time the big names that have made the history of European football.

Final page with 8 great champions who never participated in a Champions Cup final: Riva, Reisenbrink, Charles, Dzaijc, Deyna, Netzer, Blokhin, Masopust.

Finally, an excellent choice to make the album in English so that it can be an interesting and internationally readable product.

Congratulations! Remind our members have special discounts for all Qubotondo releases!

Final judgment: 10/10

FORTNITE stickers (Panini)


stickers: 352

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

comment: after just a few months, as expected, after the card collection, Panini doubles and also releases the sticker book of the FORTNITE blockbuster. The Epic Games videogame is an incredible phenomenon that goes far beyond the classic video game, with tournaments worldwide and also with rich prizes available.

When was the video game made? 2017, in just 2 years it has dug out the competition. Panini creates a particular and original product, starting from the same album, well above the classic Panini standards. Hard cover and glossy paper inside with central poster.

Given the ignorance of those who write about video game characters, this at least allows them to be impartial and look at the collection as a whole as a “figurine” enthusiast. The stickers are of good quality, above all they make species ¼ of the total of special silver figurines. Here, wanting to be able to ask for a greater difference between the many specials, they are all actually silver but we have no variants (satin, fabric, etc.) that have characterized many recent albums by the Modena-based company.

The album traces the evolution of the game from the first to the seventh season, as if it were a TV series and somehow it is just that. The luck of this game is to make you feel part of the same, inserted with both hands in the actions of its protagonists, which are certainly not few, I didn’t count them but I would say that the characters presented are a hundred.

The writer is a lover of stickers rather than cards, but we must say that in this specific case the modern collection surpasses the classic one, making it more connected to the original game. But in this version we find a hilarious central poster with rare images, seen few times and seasonal costumes. Following the evolution of the album is challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Although the quality is very good, just to help the sticker version that is still valid, Panini could put a hand on his heart and not bring the bags to 1.00 euro. On the other hand, it must have cost little to acquire the rights of this video game universally loved and not only by the very young. As for the cards, a second album is also likely during 2020.

Final judgment: 8/10



cards: 469 (basic set)

starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards ltd edt € 8.00

packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)

comment: while the flagship Calciatori travels towards the age of 60 (for the 2020/21 edition we expect great things, understood Panini ?? 😉), the prodigal son Adrenalyn celebrates its tenth anniversary. Ten important years because, season after season, the success of the cards has become increasingly significant, far from the biblical numbers of the stickers, but it is absolutely unlikely that, sooner or later, we can even get overtaking.

The Adrenalyn collection was born under a different spirit than the stickers, it does not have the complete squad of the Serie A and often had criticism for the shirts worn by the players. In reality the need to leave at the beginning of September entails the closure of the press at the end of July, with the result that the photographs are taken in some friendlies match of the various teams and often in the summer the clubs use away shirts. Of course it is really strange to see Brescia in green jersey or Spal in a practically white jersey, but better these “defects” than the wild use of Photoshop.

Furthermore the Adrenalyn are a game, it has an average audience that is very young and the search for completing the album does not have that final and absolute purpose that has been valid since 1961 instead for the stickers. For the older generations they are sometimes indigestible, actually the choice of Panini to let them come out in September, then 4 months from the new Calciatori, allows in many families to collect both.

As for the presence of away and third jerseys, in many teams we have the presence of players who have moved elsewhere or other champions are not present yet (Lukaku for example). Having the updated teams would mean going out in November so you can’t do otherwise, then the PLUS cards will come out to update the teams. As well as the other cards that will bring the basic set probably updated to 520 total stickers.

From the graphic point of view, the cards always remain of good quality, we don’t find big news compared to the previous year, if not for some new captivating sections like DIAMANTE (young promises) and BLITZ (new arrivals in Serie A). Cards that have even more meaning when viewed in the context of the game and not only of card collecting.

The news are actually others, to celebrate the tenth anniversary Panini will realize a special Tin Box Platinum with as many as 10 limited edition cards, cards that will be found only in this package. They are special cards because they are celebratory and present 10 players who were already present in the first 2009/10 edition (Buffon, Quagliarella, Criscito the names that have already been announced). Furthermore, only in this box we will find 15 basic cards plus that are not inside the standard bags. Virtually all 25 cards are limited editions.

So this year we have two tin boxes. The special premium packets and the limited cards attached to the Bomber magazine are also confirmed. Possible that there will be further additions.

Another news, the TOP PLAYER cards, which had made the collectors go crazy last year, this year can be ordered in Panini (Handanovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Piatek, Koulibaly, Quagliarella).

Very appreciable that the cards follow the same logic of the stickers, in the basic set each club has the same number of cards (18), this means that the UNBEATABLE DUO card in some cases is really risky .. but in short, someone had to put it, not ?

Important detail, buying a box we found very few doubles, the free version packets that instead are found in the starter pack often have duplicates (not in the same packet, of course). Material, however, always good for exchanges!

In summary, here are the outputs already provided with card limited:

Allan, Under (in the starter pack)

De Vrij, Luis Alberto, English (in the standard tin box)

Muriel, Godin, Ramsey, Bennacer, Zielinski, Diawara, Murillo (in the premium packets)

Immobile, Bernardeschi, Belotti(in the gold premium packets)

Freuler, Romero (Bomber magazine nr. 23)

Dijks, Berardi (Bomber magazine nr. 25)

Dragowski (Bomber 26)

Godin, Ramsey, Zielinski gold signature (in premium packets, 5000 copies per player)

Premium Tin Box (contains 25 limited edition cards)

Final judgment: 9/10