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As Figurine Forever Association we are the first and most convinced supporters of the project, buying the packets of the most important albums on newsstands (on average 70% of those that come out) to create a collector of the stickers and cards available and be able to start swaps (always 2 × 1).

The binder for swaps can be found for as long as the collection is available at newstand Edicola Birra, our goal is to multiply the stickers that will then be donated to the Campaign.

At the end of this period (usually 6-12 months) the collector is emptied and the second phase starts, dividing the stickers and cards into three parts:

Part 1: the stickers and cards to try to create complete sets for our SolidAlbum (albums + complete sticker sets)

Part 2: the stickers not needed for the sets are kept 2/3 copies per issue and available for swaps or contributions for another 6-12 months, kept in our warehouse, subsequently they will be offered for sale as incomplete sets at popular price (with or without album)

Part 3: the stickers and cards not necessary for the sets, available in more than 2/3 copies, will be immediately put on sale as lots, where, unlike the incomplete sets, you can also find more numbers of the same sticker/card, they are normally sold at 1 or 2 euros per lot

Even the blocks of stickers/cards that will subsequently be donated, often years after the collection was released, are divided as described above. 100% of the contributions collected will go to the Adotta Con La Figurina project for long distance adoptions in Madagascar at the Mondobimbi Tafita Tulear Village

IMPORTANT: you can find the list of SolidAlbum on our website, swaps (always 2 × 1) are made ONLY at Edicola Birra Fumetteria, we do not make online with shipping. The packages of incomplete sets or lots are placed in mixed boxes that we take out during the FIGUCON and the Comics Fairs that are periodically held in Bologna. For logistical reasons, we only bring part of the SolidAlbum to events in other cities.

We do NOT keep a list of the “incomplete sets” or “batches” packages we prepare, we are unable to say what is left and what has gone, the only solution is to come to the events.

For warehouse management reasons and given the very important commitment we have with the production of our solidarity stickers, also considering that everything is on a voluntary basis, we do NOT provide missing list of past albums, all the over 500,000 stickers we have and all the subsequent ones that will arrive are sorted as described above.

We thank all those who have donated to us and continue to donate stickers, cards and albums. The collection continues, the goal of 1 MILLION stickers is not a mirage!

It is important to remember that thanks to all this we have reached the goal of 11 long distance adoptions (3,300 euros per year) in both 2020 and 2021, in 2022 we are 5 out of 11.


1300 euro for children of Ukraine!

Through the contributions collected with the online auction of original comic plates on the Catawiki site and with the solidarity Celebrative Sticker # 21 and # 22 of fencing champions Olga Kharlan and Gigi Samele, still available, we have sent a first bank transfer of € 1,304.50 in support of Soleterre Onlus (, engaged in the assistance, well before the outbreak of the war but today in full emergency, of children with cancer in Ukraine

Thanks to Catawiki for the support, Marco Sonseri for having created the “Make Comics Not War” campaign, all the designers who donated their works and Virtus Scherma Bologna for having believed in and supported our project of solidarity stickers related to the world of fencing , go on like this and of course thanks also to all those who contributed!

We remind you that the solidarity stickers of Olga Kharlan and Gigi Samele are still available



WE HAVE THE DEFENSE! Thanks to the contributions through the stickers donated to the Association and our solidarity stickers & cards then sold, we have reached the sum for THREE long-distance adoption of the 11 expected in 2022, in favor of the Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 and 2021 the result was achieved, for a total of 6.600 euro collected.

MAKE SWAP NOT WAR: distribution of albums to ukrainan children at FIGUCON ROMA

Make Swap Not War!

On Sunday 8 May we spent some time with the Ukrainian children who were guests of the hotel where the FIGUCON 7 was held within the MUSIC DAY.

Having learned of the presence of these friends from Ukraine, we thought it would be unthinkable to organize a figurine fair without finding a way to involve them, to feel them part of our days.

Thanks to Pizzardi Editore’s donation of 15,000 packets and 150 albums from the Amici Cucciolotti collection and the institutional collaboration with the IX Municipality of Rome, in the days preceding the initiative was made known through flyers in Ukrainian at the reference spaces.

Albums that they did not know, it could not be otherwise, but the language of stickers, of a packet to open, of a number to look for by leafing through the pages and then removing the tissue and attaching it (possibly straight, thanks to the interpreter we also said it to them), it is a universal language and all the children of the world should have only problems like this, find the last sticker in the last package to complete the album.

These days, the Mercure Hotel will certainly be the scene of “wild” swapping of stickers between 150 children, who knows who will be the first to complete it.

For the photos, we asked the mothers for permission, in reality they too were quite busy opening sachets, in general and very engaging enthusiasm.

Thanks to Pizzardi Editore, the Hotel Mercure, Music Day, the President of the Municipality of Rome IX Titti Di Salvo and the other institutions present of Roma Capitale.

We will go back to making FIGUCON in Rome, we have already written about it, it will always be inside the beautiful disco fair and then at the Mercure Hotel. We hope by then the children can be back home, to their land and that Peace has returned.

In Stickers We Trust, In Peace We Trust, In Children We Trust

MAKE COMICS NOT WAR: charity auctions on Catawiki!

Make Comics Not War, make Swap Not War. 

Figurine Forever Association is pleased to announce the solidarity campaign “Make Comics Not War“. Born from an idea of ​​Marco Sonseri, author of comics and former protagonist of our solidarity Comics Card # 17 dedicated to Bud Spencer, several artists of the Ninth Art have been involved in the initiative, who have made available their own comic tables and original designs.

The aim is to raise funds to help the Soleterre Onlus Foundation engaged in Ukraine since before the crisis, but now even more in difficulty due to the war. The organization, based in Milan, works to help children with cancer in Kiev and Lviv and at the moment is also involved in the evacuation of children to Italy.

An emergency within another emergency, a project that was born long before the war and which will continue after its end. A way to scream the desire and the need for Peace, for everyone, especially for the little ones.

Thanks to the synergy with the international online auction site Catawiki, we have organized a “charity auction” where people and comic enthusiasts will be able to participate in 35 different auctions to buy these paper treasures. The entire proceeds will go to the Soleterre Onlus Foundation.

From today the auctions are online at the link until May 18, 2022, the winners they will receive the won works directly at home.

Of course, we could not fail to include a solidarity card in the initiative. The Figurpace, created by Mauro Mandalari, in a limited and numbered edition, will be sent free of charge, one for each auction won.

Not only that, we will also add one of our other solidarity Comic Cards and the cost of the same will be covered by Figurine Forever, so that, in its small way, other realities supported by us can also receive a small contribution and people can be made aware of the solidarity stickers project which, since the beginning of 2020 and despite the pandemic, has exceeded 70 achievements and is, at the moment, around 27,000 euros collected in just over two years.

Comics artists involved:
Lelio Bonaccorso
Francesco Bonanno
Alessandro Buffa
Arianna Calabretta
Gianluca Doretto
Gianluca Gugliotta
Giulia Lalli
Roberto Lauciello
Mauro Mandalari
Rosario Riginella
Aurelio Mazzara
Fabrizio Russo
Claudio Stassi

The goal is to collect as much as possible to be allocated to the Soleterre Onlus Foundation, we are convinced that the great heart of the fans, added to the incredible beauty of the works donated by their authors could lead us to even more important results.

Heartfelt thanks to Marco Sonseri for having conceived the project and involved so many colleagues, thanks to those who want to participate and take home both a unique collector’s item and a hope of peace.

In Stickers We Trust, In Peace We Trust, In Children We Trust

Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association
Bologna, Italy


FIGUCON arrives for the first time in Rome! The seventh edition will be held in the capital, within the Music Day, the traditional Rome Disco Fair. FIGUCON is a unique opportunity entirely dedicated to the world of stickers. In the dedicated room, inside the Hotel Mercure Roma West, you can find albums, stickers and cards, collectibles and for true connoisseurs, with exhibitors and collectors from all over Italy.

It will be an opportunity to complete your collection, looking for the coveted missing figurine in the display counters but also in the free trade area open to all where the only rule is the passion for this fantastic world that resists time and generations. that change.

FIGUCON, organized as always by the Figurine Forever Association, on this occasion in collaboration with Music Day, is as always synonymous with culture and solidarity, through the international project Adotta Con La Figurina and solidarity figurines in support of many social and cultural realities, sports, museums both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the contribution of the FIGUCON exhibitors and the participating public, it will be possible to raise funds for the Onlus Officine Buone which works, with cultural and musical activities, in hospitals and the Madabimbi Onlus for distance adoptions in Madagascar.

At the entrance, while stocks last and to celebrate this Roman edition, 500 Fan Forever solidarity cards dedicated to the great musicians will be distributed: Avincola (with the Roma shirt), Beppe Carletti – Nomadi (with the Juventus shirt), Steve Lee – Gotthard (with the Switzerland shirt), who refer to the fundraising for Officine Buone and Madabimbi. The context of the Music Day and the sympathetic stickers of the singers are a perfect mix.

On the occasion of the FIGUCON 7, several new solidarity stickers/cards will also be made, at the usual selling price of 5.00 euros each:

limited and numbered edition 99 copies
limited and numbered edition 199 copies
limited and numbered edition 149 copies
limited and numbered edition 108 copies
limited edition for Figucon 7 – Roma

Did we say everything? Maybe yes, probably not, stay tuned to the websites and social pages of Figurine Forever and Music Day and follow the event on facebook!

Music Day 33° edizione
Figucon 7° edizione


WE HAVE A DEFENDER! Thanks to the contributions through the stickers donated to the Association and our solidarity stickers & cards then sold, we have reached the sum for the SECOND long-distance adoption of the 11 expected in 2022, in favor of the Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 and 2021 the result was achieved, for a total of 6.600 euro collected.

FIGUCON 2022: 1830,00 THANKS!

With the FIGUCON 2022 event last January 15 in Bologna (Estragon Club) and related initiatives, we were able to send contributions for € 1,830.00.

This was made possible by the entrances to the event, the support of the participating exhibitors, the sale of the stickers linked to the Adotta Con La Figurina project and the sale of our solidarity stickers.

The sum was distributed through 5 bank transfers to the following Onlus and Associations:

Cucine Popolari, Bologna (500,00€)
Maestri di Strada, Napoli (500,00€)
Porta Pazienza, Bologna (350,00€)
Madabimbi Onlus, Madagascar (300,00€)
Centro Tutela Fauna, Monte Adone Bologna (180,00€)

An incredible result, which pushes us to continue on this path, both with new events (already announced the FIGUCON in Rome on 7/8 May) and with new solidarity stickers.

In Stickers We Trust .. and we really believe in it!

Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association


The collaboration and support for the work of the Fauna Protection Center of Monte Adone ( continues, we are very happy to have renewed for the third year the long distance adoption of our friend CICO, chimpanzee guest of the Center. since 1997.

We believe that the continuity of our commitment, supported with the funds raised from the sale of SolidAlbum connected to the world of animals, during the FIGUCON event and at our headquarters is fundamental.


WE HAVE THE GOALKEEPER! Thanks to the contributions through the stickers donated to the Association and then sold, we have reached the sum for the FIRST long-distance adoption of the 11 expected in 2022, in favor of the Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 and 2021 the result was achieved, for a total of 6.600 euro collected.


We have reached the 2021 goal, repeating the result of 2020! Tafita United is growing up. We remind you that the team does not actually exist but our support goes to the entire Mondobimbi Village in Tulear, Madagascar. The idea of ​​running this campaign as if it were a club stems from the importance that football stickers have on our entire collecting world.

The last bank transfer of € 900 euros was sent today to complete the necessary amount of € 3300 euros, equal to 11 long-distance adoptions.

Thank! In stickers we trust


Welcome to FIGUCON 2022, the sixth edition of the Fair & Meetings on the fantastic world of stickers & cards, of all stickers and cards, organized by the Figurine Forever Association!

There are many initiatives planned for January. As always, we will have sellers from all over Italy, as well as Subbuteo; the presence of some publishers will be renewed and who knows that others will not be added. All in the name of the game, of the desire (and also the need) to be together, of culture and solidarity.

The meetings will be protagonists again. We will talk about sports, music, comics and of course stickers. We will make the swap area as wide as possible. Space for solidarity through our stickers with very hot releases exclusively for January 15th. All taking into account the rules and indications provided, also on this point we will make any updates.

Estragon Club, Bologna
Saturday 15th january 2022

PROGRAMM (to be update)


from 10.00 – FIGURINE IN FIERA

Expo of stickers & cards with 50 tables of exhibitors from all over Italy. Stickers and cards Calciatori, Sports, Cartoons, Comics, Youtubers, Didactics, Nature and Animals, Movies, TV Series, from the 50s to today, in short, everything! Great news 2022 exhibitors with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh !, Magic cards. Memorabilia and sports publishing, comics, collectible gadgets as a pleasant side dish of the absolute protagonist figurine.

Free swap area for stickers and cards. Bring your doubles and trade with other collectors.


Subbuteo Area, in partnership with Bologna Tigers!

from ore 11.00 – CONFERENCE

With athletes, journaslist, cartoonists and more (in update)

from 12.00 – MEET & GREET

Signatures of the protagonists of our solidarity stickers and cards Celebrative Sticker, Celebrative Sticker, FanForever Card, at the stand of Figurine Forever (in update)


ENTRY 5,00 euro including one solidarity sticker/card
Free entry for all kids til 12 years old
Free entry for Figurine Forever members (members 2021 or 2022, not before)
for those interested in joining us

Aim of FIGUCON 2022 is collecting funds for
Porta Pazienza
Adotta Con La Figurina

In stickers you trust? Stay with us!

FIGUCON – Estragon Club
Saturday 15th january 2022
how to arrive:


This is our personal TOP TEN of the 10 sticker albums released in 2021, divided by category, the period from 1 December 2020 to 30 November 2021 was considered, referring to the dates of our reviews and only the albums distributed in italian newsstands. These are the albums that we liked the most, but also the ones we saw the most enthusiasm among fans. Of course it was not possible to put them all and impossible that you will all agree! Enjoy the reading.


second place: Panini Fifa365

WEB STARS: PANINI The Great Escape of LYON
second place: Panini LYON Monsters and mysteries

second place: Panini Disney Princess

second place: Panini Rewild


second place: Esseci Treasures of Rome

second place: Panini Minecraft


second place: Topps Match Attax 2021-22

SUPRISE 2021: ESSECI Treasures of Rome

See you at 2022!



We have exceeded HALF MILLION (exactly 500,777) of stickers and cards collected! Thanks to the many people who have brought or sent us their material in the last 3 years. Thanks also to the work of the Association and the important financial support that we carry out through the purchase of the packets of the new releases to allow both the exchange of stickers (so as to allow us to increase those in our possession), and help the preparation of SolidAlbum. The aim is supporting the international project ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA – STICKER RAISING FOR MADAGASCAR (

However, warehouse management has become very complicated, taking into account that our activities are entirely based on volunteering. For this reason and to make the material more usable and accessible, we are reorganizing the archive which will be operational again in January 2022. Only a part of the material will be kept in the binders with the individual stickers and cards, for all the others some lots (which can also contain multiple copies of the same sticker) or incomplete sets with the stickers sold only in bulk, at very good prices. There will also be lots of collections of which we keep the catalog but at the same time we find ourselves with numbers of stickers greater than 3 or 5 copies.

On this material we are not even able to make a list, as the lots are prepared they will be made available at the Fairs and some events where we will be present. For the same reason we do NOT have lists of numbers present in the lots, also for this reason the prices will be very cheap.

At the moment we can confirm you will find many lots at our stand on the occasion of:

Fiera del Disco, Figurina e Fumetto – 27/28 novembre 2021 Bologna Fiere, Bologna
FIGUCON 2022 – 15 gennaio 2022 Estragon Club, Bologna

Thanks again and see you at the next milestone of the 600,000 stickers and cards collected!

In Stickers We Trust


We are happy to announce the starting date of the 2022 membership campaign, Saturday 27 November 2021, on the occasion of the Bologna Comics, Figurine and Disco Fair. From that day on, it will be possible to renew or join Figurine Forever for the first time.

It is an important moment for us, the funds raised through membership are essential to keep our reality alive and support it in its activities, linked not only to the passion for collecting but also to solidarity, culture and historical memory.

Only for our 2022 members, with the usual “Only FORever fans” we wanted to pay homage to the great Diego, thanks to the splendid illustration created by Alan Greco. The card + postcard will not be available for sale and will be delivered together with the 2022 card and magnet.

2021 was a difficult year but full of many satisfactions, 2022, which will restart with our classic FIGUCON appointment (January 15, Estragon Bologna, free admission for members), we would like it to be a year of confirmations and new satisfactions.

Those who decide to join, do so because they believe in our project, we are probably not an inviting reality for those who are only interested in the commercial part of the world of stickers. For this thank you, thanks you and thank you again.

From November 27, 2021, in addition to being able to register for the Fair, it will be possible to do so at our headquarters at Edicola Birra (via del Triumvirato 34c, Bologna) or by following the instructions on the site (

In Stickers We Trust

Emiliano Nanni
Associazione Figurine Forever


The collaboration and support for the work of the Fauna Protection Center of Monte Adone ( continues, we are very happy to have renewed for the second year the long distance adoption of our friend SYRIA, tiger guest of the Center. since 2009.

We believe that the continuity of our commitment is fundamental, which is why the Association has decided to support this contribution with its own funds, given the impossibility of achieving the goal only through the sale of SolidAlbum related to the world of animals.


About 2 years ago our Association was born, on a legal level, in reality, as you know, we had already been “around” for some time. The goal soon became the use of stickers to make a difference in our own small way. Certainly when we made the first Celebrative Sticker # 1 (Schiavio) solidarity sticker, we honestly never thought that an idea would develop into a much broader editorial project that is giving us so much satisfaction.

Of course we have made many mistakes, we are not phenomena but we know how to learn from mistakes. With our means which are somewhat limited, the support of various realities, some public figures and many, many people has allowed us to achieve good results. The details to whom our initiatives are addressed can already be found on the site (, here we dedicate ourselves to numbers and ideas for the future.

SOLIDARITY STICKERS or CARDS (until august 2021)

40 different issues (13 Celebrative Stickers, 13 Fan Forever Cards, 11 Fumetto Cards, 2 Sets, 1 Only For Fans)

9876 stickers/cards printed (+ folder or postcard)

5274 stickers/cards distributed (+ folder or postard)

Significant data, the result on the one hand of a strong commitment by the Association, on the other hand also of the many personalities in the world of sport, music and comics who have agreed to be involved. The cards distributed are many, especially taking into account that we are talking about a very particular period with few opportunities for meeting. Considering our, as mentioned, limited economic possibilities, also due to the choice of allocating the entire proceeds to the various social realities and to our Adotta Con La Figurina campaign.

For this and for the future we will try to be more incisive on the web and consequently with shipments, while our presence on the national territory, due to travel costs, will only be for ad hoc events and a few Fairs where there is a strong and nice collaboration with the organizers, currently the Bologna and Turin Comics Fair (Kolosseo), MEI Faenza, Music Day Rome, Riminicomix. At the same time we are working for important synergies with some museums and cultural realities, to which the proceeds of some of our solidarity stickers are destined and which can be a fundamental point of sale for them.

We have realized that sometimes our runs have been found to be incorrect, but also that, given the type of our action and our purposes (promotion, awareness, information, even before fundraising), the runs must be revised downwards. .

In the future, the circulation for our solidarity stickers will be:
– Celebrative Stickers, 99 or 160 copies, few times 300 copies
– Fan Forever Cards, 99 or 160 copies, few times 300 copies
– Fumetto Cards, 99 or 150 copies, rare times 300 copies
– Set stickers + postacards, always 99 copies
The edition of 500 copies will no longer be repeated, except for events that are not currently conceivable. These editions could be incomprehensible for some Vips and realities that we will try to involve, if they look, wrongly, only at the economic side. It is a real risk, but we remain convinced of our considerations, especially after these two years of production. Of course, the printing and graphics work will always be done by Edizioni Amatoriali Qubotondo which is doing an excellent job.

To all this must be added the stickers of the various albums donated to the Association for the Adotta Con La Figurina campaign

469.111 stickers and cards collects (until 5 august 2021)

In reality, the stickers collected are more, probably over 500,000, but the management of the Association completely on a voluntary basis does not allow us to update the warehouse to 100%. Fortunately, donated stickers and cards continually arrive, we will probably never have a real number!

Where can we improve? Everywhere. In the communication we pay for the lack of a press office and I take this opportunity to thank the various press offices connected to the supported realities that have helped us. Even the presence in the events in the area would be much wider and more widespread if we were able to increase the number of volunteers. In this regard, a heartfelt thanks to those who in these two years have dedicated time to Figurine Forever (Luca, Giulia, Stefano, Daniele, Max, Mirko, Valerio, Simona, Valentina, Barbara and all the others).

An extremely important fact is our site which has much wider views than the number of our followers on facebook and instagram might lead us to believe, with peaks of over 20,000 contacts per month. In 2020 the site had about 180,000 views, thanks to our reviews, our productions and the events we took part in (starting with our Figucon in Bologna).

For a reality like ours, with limited means and even less money, the results are absolutely above average. I think we deserve a little bit of self-celebration. All without ever losing the pleasure of collecting and being together. “We are people who do serious things without ever taking themselves too seriously”.

Meanwhile, all this has allowed us to collect (as of August 4, 2021) € 15,110.75. A great result, absolutely!

Thanks to all, in stickers we trust.

Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association
Bologna, Italy


We have other two midfielders! Thanks to the contribution collected with the sale of our solidarity stickers, we have reached the sum for the SEVENTH AND EIGHTH long-distance adoption of the 11 planned in 2021, in favor of the Tafita Village of Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 the result was achieved.

Thanks Cosenza!

We are happy to announce that in these days the proceeds from the solidarity sticker of Gigi Marulla will be sent to the Onlus La Terra di Piero (, printed in 300 copies limited and numbered, 200 of these were sold out at the Ritorno Al Fumetto shop in Cosenza, within a few days. Thanks to the contribution of the people of Cosenza, not only in Calabria but from all over Italy and thanks also to sports fans, we think we have achieved all the goals we set ourselves:

. raise awareness and make known the splendid social reality of La Terra di Piero, however already widely known in the city of Cosenza

. give our small contribution (1000.00 euros) to support their projects

. celebrate and remember Gigi Marulla, a great champion

Thanks again to everyone for the support and participation, thanks to Francesco and the friends of Ritorno Al Fumetto for the great collaboration, thanks to Kevin and the whole Marulla family for their availability

Anyone interested in the sticker + folder, the latest copies are still available, can contact us

Figurine Forever! Marulla Forever! Piero Forever!

In Stickers We Trust


We have the first midfielder! Thanks to the contribution of Estragon Club and the contributions collected with the sale of our solidarity stickers, we have reached the sum for the SIXTH long-distance adoption of the 11 planned in 2021, in favor of the Tafita Village of Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 the result was achieved.


WE HAVE THE DEFENSE! Thanks to the contributions collected during the FIGUCON on Saturday 12 June, we have reached the sum for the FOURTH and FIFTH distance adoption of the 11 planned in 2021, in favor of the Tafita Village of Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 the result was achieved.


WE HAVE THE CENTRAL BACK! Thanks to the contributions through the selling of CELEBRATIVE STICKER #10 of BRUNO NERI and the stickers donated to the Association and then sold, we have reached the sum for the THIRD long-distance adoption of the 11 expected in 2021, in favor of the Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 the result was achieved.


Estragon, Bologna – Saturday 12th june 2021

The whole world of stickers and cards in one day!
Swap area
Collectors area
Fair area
Publishers area
Bologna Tigers Subbuteo Area
Solidarity Figurine Forever Area
and much more..

Indoor and outdoor area to have fun “at a safe distance”

Our event will be partly indoor and partly outdoors, we will follow the directives of the Decree in force to ensure the safety of those present:
– Body temperature will be measured, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5
– We will monitor compliance with the mask within the event and interpersonal distances of at least 1 meter in all common areas
– It is forbidden to create gathering areas inside the event, even in the external area dedicated to swaps
– Sanitize your hands often: there will be ample availability and accessibility to dispensers
– According to the indications, the people at the entrance will be counted, if the maximum number is exceeded, it will be necessary to wait for some visitors to leave
– it is possible to book your entrance, given the situation an email is welcome. For more information write to
– it is possible to book a game (free) in the Subbuteo area organized as always by friends Bologna Tigers
– outside Estragon, in the swap area there will be the opportunity to eat thanks to VAGABO, the on-the-road cuisine of the legendary Osteria dell’Orsa

ADMISSION 5.00 euro
(Unfortunately for this edition we cannot renew free admission for all children, due to limitations. We hope it will be different for the 2022 edition!). To thank all those who want to come and visit us at the entrance, you will receive one of our Celebrative Stickers, choosing from Angelo Schiavio, Lev Yashin, Beppe Signori and Dino Meneghin (until copies are available)

THE ENTIRE PROCEEDS OF THE DAY ARE INTENDED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN “Adotta Con La Figurina”, in support of distance adoptions at the Mondobimbi Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar.

Unfortunately, for the reasons you can all imagine, there are no stage events.

At the Figurine Forever space you can find our SolidAlbum and all our solidarity stickers and cards (Celebrative, Fumetto Forever, Fan Forever) and you can also leave your double stickers to donate to the “Adotta Con La Figurina” campaign.

Bringing this day home will be a source of pride and great satisfaction, despite the difficulties and the increased costs we have decided to keep the same admission price.


Figurine Forever Association

(Why “Warm Up”? Because this edition is just the warm-up of a larger project that will take place in 2022)

Figurine Forever in Rome!

We are happy and excited to announce that we will be taking part in the Music Day in Rome! The splendid appointment in the capital will be one of the first events to restart, the organizers are setting up a commendable job to be able to realize it with large spaces and free entry.

We will also be present as a partner of MEI (Meeting of Independent Labels) and with all our productions of solidarity stickers, in particular the Fan Forever Card on the world of music but also sports and comics.

In particular, on the occasion of the Music Day, two Fan Forever Cards will be previewed.

Unlike what has happened up to now, Rome will be the first moment of sale of the stickers and only then can you find them available on our website and at our headquarters in Bologna. Unless they are incredibly successful in Rome and end up 🙂

Over time this will become the “modus operandi” of the Association, all of our productions will be previewed within an event or concert and only after that the rest will be available online. Hoping soon we can move freely and above all peacefully throughout the Country.

IMPORTANT: for reasons of space and logistics we will not bring any other material than our solidarity stickers, but you can contact us if you find something of your interest among our SolidAlbum and we will be happy to take them to Rome with us, so as to save you shipping costs .


For all infos:


WE HAVE THE SWEEPER! Thanks to the contributions through the selling of FUMETTOFOREVER CARD by LEO ORTOLANI and the stickers donated to the Association and then sold, we have reached the sum for the SECOND long-distance adoption of the 11 expected in 2021, in favor of the Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 the result was achieved.

V STIKERY MY VERIM (in stickers we trust)

The role of our Association is also to support culture, including sports. We are passionate readers of the articles made by the crew of Soviet Football, through the universal language of football we have the opportunity to learn about the stories of cities, lands and peoples that are often difficult to find mentioned in newspapers and magazines.

It is a work that we appreciate and want to support, which is why we decided to donate 100 copies of our Celebrative Sticker made on the great Lev Yashin, champion of Europe in 1960 with the Soviet Union. By purchasing this publication of ours, directly from Soviet Football (, you can help the site to be updated and richer and we will be happy to have given our contribution.

It is our characteristic to always look forward, the collaboration with Soviet Football could lead to future initiatives, stickers on great champions and beloved footballers of the former Soviet bloc.

в стикеры мы верим (v stikery my verim)


WE HAVE THE GOALKEEPER! Thanks to the contributions through the stickers donated to the Association and then sold, we have reached the sum for the FIRST long-distance adoption of the 11 expected in 2021, in favor of the Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar. In 2020 the result was achieved.


The collaboration and support for the work of the Fauna Protection Center of Monte Adone ( continues, we are very happy to have renewed for the second year the long distance adoption of our friend CICO, chimpanzee guest of the Center. since 1997.

We believe that the continuity of our commitment is fundamental, which is why the Association has decided to support this contribution with its own funds, given the impossibility of achieving the goal through the sale of SolidAlbum related to the world of animals.

The times to meet, the Fairs and events will return and with them the possibilities to raise funds. In the meantime, we are there for the friends of Monte Adone and we will always try to be there.

In Stickers We Trust

400.000 THANKS!

Thanks to the latest stickers and cards cataloged, we have exceeded 400,000! Despite the period and the total lack of events, thanks to the many donations also by post and the support of some editors (Esseci, Fol.Bo), the number becomes bigger and bigger allowing us to prepare more and more SolidAlbum!

We remind you that 100% of the proceeds from all stickers and cards sold will go to the international fundraising campaign ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA ( for long distance adoptions in Madagascar



We have the data relating to our website and we can only thank everyone, those who support us, those who follow us, those who visited us out of curiosity, those who visited us looking for some information.

48,330 different users visited the site
180,775 page views

Another interesting aspect is the data on the most visited pages, our REVIEWS but also ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA and RELEASE, a sign that our work and our commitment in the field of solidarity and culture is appreciated.

The results achieved, the webmaster says, not us, are very good considering that we don’t have funds to support promotional campaigns for the site, so it’s all the result of daily work.



Figurine Forever participates in the Rainbow Freeday! We will have the burden and the honor of being the the opening web event of this splendid 15-day event. Hundreds of adhesions from the main Italian operators of entertainment and art for an event that wants to put the diversity and productivity of a very important sector at the center of attention. These are companies, artists and workers: from music to cinema, from theater to dance, from literature to any cultural and creative initiative.

With all of them too and with our solidarity FAN FOREVER CARD!

Friday 15 January at 10.00, the video presentation from the Estragon Live Club of Bologna of the new “figurina” dedicated to the Skiantos band and intended to raise funds for Popular Kitchens – Bologna Social Food (

All the info on the social channels of the RAINBOW FREEDAY event (


from left to right: Emiliano Nanni (President Figurine Forever), Roberto Morgantini (Bologna Social Food), Lele Roveri (head manager Estragon Live Club), Fabio “Dandy Bestia” Testoni (Skiantos band)


We are forced and for civic sense, in the safety of all, to postpone our event, scheduled for Saturday, January 16 to a new date, in the hope that by then we can have a glimmer of normality.

We believe in it to the point that we double and it will be a 2 DAY event with the Figurine Fair, concerts and much more.

When? Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 JUNE 2021.

Where is it? Always at Estragon of course!


More information soon!


This endless year another great sports champion is taken away, an eternal “figurina”. Paolo Rossi was for everyone the hero of Mundial Espana 82. His hat-trick with Brazil, goals against Poland and West Germany, that smile that will always remain in our hearts.

However, if you were born in the early 1970s, the myth of Paolo Rossi was born well before that Spanish summer. For me as a child, the time had yet to come to choose the team of my heart, I followed the deeds of my favorite players. So, not infrequently, those who asked me for which club I was a fan the answer was Vicenza and in 1980 Perugia. For one reason only, it was where Paolo Rossi played before the Madrid night.

Paolo Rossi, clean face, face like an average Italian, smiling, goals that often seemed easy but to get them you still had to be there and Pablito was always there.

Paolo Rossi was one of the symbols of Italian football, he was also and above all for those who do not follow sport. Absolute icon. Silvia Ziche, an established Disney designer, when she created the solidarity card of Lucrezia for our Fumetto Forever, she did it with the Vicenza shirt. Because Silvia is not a fan, she is not even passionate about football, but in Vicenza there was Paolo Rossi and it was impossible not to follow him.

Ciao Paolo, Figurina For Ever


Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever


We have reached the 2020 goal! Tafita United is born. We remind you that the team does not actually exist but our support goes to the entire Mondobimbi Village in Tulear, Madagascar. The idea of ​​running this campaign as if it were a club stems from the importance that football stickers have on our entire collecting world.

The last bank transfer of € 1200 euros was sent today to complete the necessary amount of € 3300 euros, equal to 11 long-distance adoptions.

It was a long adventure, made possible thanks to the help of many, many.

First of all, thanks to all those who, on the one hand, have given us stickers, packets, albums and, on the other, have purchased their missing material through our project. You have been many, despite the fact that we have not actually participated in public events since January and, apart from expeditions, the only fundamental point of reference is our headquarters at the Edicola Birra Fumetteria, stoically always open thanks to our Luca Bovina.

Thanks to the protagonists of our solidarity stickers/cards linked to the Madagascar project (Cisco, Beppe Carletti, Beppe Signori, Dino Meneghin, Steve Lee) and thanks to Catawiki, through the charity auction linked to the Adotta Con La Figurina project.

Having achieved the purpose of the first Tafita United, now we need to create a second one because all teams need an opponent. This is why 2021 will be allocated to fundraising to reach another 11 long distance adoptions!

Thanks you all


Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever


This is our personal TOP TEN of the 10 sticker albums released in 2020, divided by category, the period from 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2020 was considered, referring to the dates of our reviews and only the albums distributed in italian newsstands. These are the albums that we liked the most, but also the ones we saw the most enthusiasm among fans. Of course it was not possible to put them all and impossible that you will all agree! Enjoy the reading.


2nd place: Topps F1 2020

2nd place: Diramix Me contro Te

2nd place: Panini Frozen 2 Crystal Edition

2nd place: Diramix Bing 2

no 2nd place

2nd place: Chimpanzee Planet X

2nd place: Panini Gorjuss 3

2nd place: Panini Ultimate Jurassic Park

2nd place: Blue Ocean Lego NinjaGo

SURPRISE 2020: TOPPS F1 2020

See you in 2021!



We loved Maradona because he wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t perfect on the field, even less so in everyday life. But he was Maradona and we too, ordinary people, could somehow reflect ourselves in him.

He was a team man, he made us feel part of that team, he won where it seemed impossible to win and maybe he lost where it would be easy to do it, on the pitch and in life. Today’s kids have idols that seem perfect and made on the computer, coming almost from another planet, maybe they will have a hard time understanding what this Champion has been for several generations.

We don’t care if it really was the greatest, for us it was and it will be forever.

Overwhelmed by emotion we do not want to fall into easy announcements, but as an Association we will know how to wait and in due time, when the lights are less intense on Diego (they will never go out) we will try to give our small contribution to feel him with us, to feel him part of us, as it always has been.



We are excited and proud to present our first ONLY FORever FANS card! The “figurina” inside the usual postcard will be the 2021 gift for our members, it will never be sold and will be printed in copies equal to the members. The numbering will show that of our member’s card.

We decided to homage Olga Panini, the mother of the 8 Panini brothers, in front of her newsstand in the center of Modena. Everything was born from Mrs. Olga and that newsstand, without her entrepreneurial spirit and her stubbornness we would never have had the Panini myth, built not only by the four brothers, but also by the four sisters, all however through the willpower of mom Olga.

The card in front of the newsstand is also in some way connected to our Association, after all we too were born and grow up in a small newsstand in Region Emilia. Naturally without the prospects and intentions of the Panini’s at the time, but allowing us to say that we share the passion of our work and the desire to always get involved, even taking risks.

The initiative is carried out with the consent and participation of the Panini family, first of all they provided us with their family photo archive from which we chose these two photographs. Mrs. Olga in the card, and behind the photo of mom with all eight sons.

We want to thank in particular Matteo Panini (Umberto Panini’s son) and Valerio Leoni (Edda Panini’s son), directly involved in this project. Our intention was to present it in a public meeting during the Figurine Forever 5 Fair on January 16th; the current situation does not allow its realization, but this meeting is simply postponed. Let’s hope not the Fair.


how to join us:


Have you ever had a magnet worth over 1000 euros on your fridge? I did, until tonight, even if I didn’t know exactly it could have this value or better and more honestly, I didn’t want to get rid of it.
Of course it is not the magnet that has value, but the sticker inside it, the first (the “rookie”) by Diego Armando Maradona from the Panini Calciatori 1979/80 album.

Then I reasoned: it is one thing to be a collector, another to have the awareness of living in a world where we are not alone. Faced with the many difficulties, even of our friends at the Mondobimbi Tafita Village in Tulear, keeping an object of such great value attached to the fridge seemed embarrassing to me, at the very least.

So, when Wouter Waaijers of Catawiki Europe contacted me proposing to carry out a charity auction in favor of our project for Madagascar, I thought it was the right moment to say “ok Diego, after all, I have your sticker in my album, naturally, that one, attached “.

The sticker, after a heated “battle”, was purchased by a collector in the US for 1103 euros. An amount that, added to others, allows us to complete the goal of 11 long distance adoptions for 2020 in Madagascar, within our Adotta Con La Figurina/Sticker Raising for Madagascar project. An incredible result in a difficult year like this one!

Thanks to Catawiki, Diego, the buyer but also to all those who from January to today have donated stickers and albums on the one hand and bought stickers and albums on the other. Thanks also to the protagonists of our limited edition stickers and cards, linked to the fundraising for Madagascar: Giacinto Facchetti, Dino Meneghin, Cisco, Beppe Carletti, Steve Lee and Beppe Signori. Thanks in general for all the projects, because the Association is also committed on other fronts, in full awareness of our means, but with the passion and stubbornness that has always distinguished us.

Of course it is not time to sit on our laurels, now “made the team” 2020 (Tafita United even if in reality it does not exist, of course), we invite you all to continue to support us, because it is time to start building the opposing team, the 11 long distance adoptions for 2021.

Thanks! In Stickers We Trust

Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever

p.s. on the fridge there is an empty space, but the heart is not, it is full of joy

p.p.s. now don’t think you have millions of euros at home in stickers, these are extreme cases, limited and on material in excellent condition. For anything, however, you can contact the Association.


The 2021 membership campaign has started! It was an incredible year, hopefully unrepeatable, but it was also an intense 15 months (the Figurine Forever Association was born in September 2019).

We withstood the impact. We can say this with some satisfaction, we had thought of a different 2020, with many initiatives, unfortunately it was not possible and we do not yet know when 2021 will be operational again.

We actually never stopped, we anticipated the times, we were among the first, certainly the first on the stickers, to organize an event completely online. A particular experience that does not correspond to our way of being, the encounter is an integral part of our world. For this reason, we anticipate that Figurine Forever 5, January 2021, if it is not possible to make it, will be re-proposed towards the summer. There will not be another Fair via the web, we will wait for better times.

We actually never stopped, we made 10 solidarity stickers/cards, after the Celebrative Stickers, the new Fan Forever and Fumetto Forever series were inaugurated. In a normal situation they would have long since run out, despite this, they have given their results.

We actually never stopped, throughout 2020 we have continued to carry out support and solidarity campaigns; we are still convinced that we can, in particular, achieve the goal of 11 long-distance adoptions per year in Madagascar. We believe in it.

We always look at both the positive and negative aspects of what happens to us. Some events at the beginning of the year, in theory negative, in reality and in the long term have allowed us to become what we are, aware that we can greatly improve ourselves.

Certainly we are more real and more us. We would like to become a member of Figurine Forever as a small pride, an extended family with people from all over Italy, Europe and maybe even beyond. The annual contribution of 20.00 euros allows us to keep it alive, to cover the expenses that we assure you are many, although no one profits from it, neither direct nor indirect.

We want to take careto our members, those who want to follow us for next year and those who want to start now. We will try to create moments only for our members or otherwise make it clear that being a member allows you to have an exclusive way to our activities. Also and above all regarding our productions which, as already announced, will soon be not only further limited but also numbered.

We are not a sales outlet for collectible material not of our production, we have been, there will also be future opportunities, but that is not the purpose of the Association. We want to be honest and clear, if the idea of ​​associating you is to access an important catalog of albums for sale, this is not the case.

Being a member means, first of all, sharing our passion for stickers and the firm belief that these little paper friends can make a difference, even if it may seem small, but it is from small gestures that great stories are born.

The 2021 card will be available from mid-November 2020 together with the magnet. The sticker (with postcard) exclusive edition for members, printed as many as there are members, will be available from January 15, 2021.

Here the information for the membership:

Thank you all


Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association



We enthusiastically welcomed Catawiki’s invitation to organize a charity auction to support our project Adotta Con La Figurina – Sticker Raising for Madagascar (

From 12.00 on Friday 30 October you will find 27 auctions, thanks to the generous donations of some of our members, without them it would not have been possible!

Diego Armando Maradona will be there too, on his 60th birthday, with his rookie, the most searched sticker!

Here the link to all auctions: Figurine Forever & Catawiki for Madagascar

Good auction!



(5th edition scheduled for January 16th 2021, Bologna, Italy)

Given the new indications of the Government this evening, we anticipate the communications of the individual organizers and we will not be present in Turin on 25 October or other upcoming dates.

As things currently stand, we hope to be able to organize our meeting on January 16th. We take time until the end of November to make a final decision, for now the event is and remains on the calendar.

For other appointments we invite you to contact the individual organizers; we will use this period to definitively reorganize the stock of stickers linked to the STICKER RAISING FOR MADAGASCAR project. There are still several thousand stickers and cards to be cataloged.

Our headquarters at Edicola Birra Fumetteria will always be active but, in order to safeguard the future of the Association and not being able to count on the help of the various publishers (except in very rare cases), we will limit exponentially the collectors with the swap of double stickers. We cannot do otherwise.

At the same time, the release of new stickers/cards of our production is to be considered suspended, except for:
. FumettoForever Card # 2 (announced mid-November, out late 2020)
. FumettoForever Card # 3 (Nathan Never, out late 2020)
It is possible the release of a Celebrative for our gathering in january 2021, all the others are postponed to after March, if not beyond. Unfortunately, no other FanForever Cards are scheduled until the battered world of concerts is able to restart.

The most important news is that all future stickers/cards as well as being limited (almost all to 150 copies) will also be numbered. The numbering will start from the two FumettoForever cards # 2 and # 3. Pre order for our members and subsequent sale to outsiders.

From the end of October, the Figurine Forever membership campaign for the year 2021 will start, the cost will remain unchanged at 20.00 euros. We are preparing a big surprise for our members: the 2021 gift, in addition to the usual annual magnet, will be a numbered card distributed to members only. The copies will correspond to the members, no others will be printed.

The other fundamental advantages for members will be the pre-order on our productions (in some cases, may be sold out before the external sale) and the possibility of purchasing merchandising material made “on demand” only for members (t-shirts, sweatshirts, binders, box for stickers or albums, etc.), another novelty for next year.

Then, hopefully, the times will come back to meet again at Fairs and concerts and to be able to reorganize even moments of swap stickers.

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to reach the goal of 11 long distance adoptions in Madagascar for 2020, at the moment we are halfway through the funds for the eighth adoption; without fairs and concerts, it is difficult to raise over € 1,000 between now and the end of the year. Whatever happens, the campaign will continue into 2021 and beyond as planned. Support for other organizations such as the Wildlife Protection Center of Monte Adone, S’Apre Onlus, Maestri di Strada Onlus, Casa delle Donne, is also affected by this unfortunate period we are experiencing. We are happy to have at least managed to deliver the 150 Celebrative of Gigi Meroni to the Grande Torino Museum, we are already working with them for other initiatives in 2021, as well as a collaboration with the Genoa Museum should also start and we hope with other cultural realities in Italy.

In this extremely complicated period we believe in the great heart of collectors and on those who have learned to know us in these 12 months (the Association was born in September 2019) and who will want to continue to support us for next year, as well as new members who want to become part of this great Family. The support of the members allows that fundamental economic basis for the life of the Association, from 31 October 2020 it will be possible to renew the card, from the end of November the new membership card, magnet and the “Only for us” card will be ready.

A big hug to everybody


Emiliano Nanni
Association Figurine Forever
Bologna, Italy


(from left to right: Giampaolo Muliari, Emiliano Nanni and Domenico Beccaria)

On Thursday 15 October, we were guests of the Museo del Grande Torino e della Leggenda Granata ( The occasion was the delivery of the 150 Gigi Meroni Celebrative Stickers, donated by our Association to be able to sell at the Museum as contribution to their activities (

We were received by Giampaolo Muliari, Director and Domenico Beccaria, President. We were overwhelmed by their passion for the history of this incredible club, but also (above all) their great stubbornness and professionalism in carrying on the Museum, a symbol of culture and sport.

History of our country far beyond the Granata colors and just football. Incredible if we think that the Museum is entirely managed by volunteers and an Association, without the help of major sponsors and, even more unheard of, without the support of the Torino FC. Probably the strength of this museum lies precisely in this particular, the mere gain at the expense of quality, which often distinguishes several museums managed directly by clubs.

The visit to the Museum was an unforgettable experience, with many exhibits covering over 100 years of history. Great emphasis on the period of the Grande Torino who disappeared in Superga (it couldn’t be otherwise), but a lot of pre-war material, from the 1960s in the memory of Gigi Meroni, from the last championship in 1976 to the present day. There are also references to the brotherhood teams and museums, Fiorentina and in particular River Plate and Benfica.

A visit to the Museum is a once in a lifetime experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a Torino fan or not, it doesn’t matter if you are interested in football or not. Treat yourself to a couple of hours of legend!


F as FARE (let’s do it!)

F like Figurine, F like Forever, F like Fairs, F like Faenza and Ferrara! Over the last two weekends we have been among the exhibitors of the first indoor fairs in the era of Covid, organized by MEI (Independent Label Meeting) for Faenza and Expo Fiere / Kolosseo for Ferrara.

F as FARE (do it), we found the (big) desire to meet, to visit, to browse, to exchange an opinion with new faces but who share your same passions, we have also seen a lot of seriousness and awareness in people.

Few, very few, practically no one walked without a mask WORN (no chin or elbow, it doesn’t work like this ..), great professionalism of the organization in knowing how to manage spaces and in the courage to get involved and start over. It confirms that the solution is not to stop entire sectors by killing the already weak economy, but to ask everyone for an uncommon commitment to achieve the goal.

The same thing that could very well be done with theaters, cinemas and concert halls, if only the opportunity were given.

We have just read that at the last second the ban on organizing fairs and congresses was canceled by the new DPCM (government decree), if this was made possible it is also thanks to the results obtained in Faenza, Ferrara and in other places where, with great difficulty, decided to leave.

We are there! And we’ll be there



In the next few weeks we will be in Turin twice!

On Thursday 15 October, the 150 GIGI MERONI Celebratory Stickers will be delivered to the Grande Torino Museum (, it will be a private meeting, in this period it is not possible to do otherwise, but it is for us an important and exciting moment, for a long time we desire to visit the Museum in Grugliasco.
On October 15, on the anniversary of the great champion’s death. We remind you that the 150 copies are a donation from the Figurine Forever Association to the Granata Historical Memory Association. We hope that the “granata” fans during the following visits will want to take home our small contribution and with that help the Museum in its important cultural activity.

Sunday 25 October we will return to Turin, in the very central PIAZZA MADAMA CRISTINA to participate in the traditional COMIC FAIR (, at our stand you will naturally find the Celebrative of Gigi Meroni but also all the others, the SolidAlbum and the binders with all the novelties in the stickers present on newsstands



The Association will be guest of the MAX MANGA space ( at the Ferrara Fair on 10 and 11 October 2020. Another great opportunity to meet again, buy our stickers, our SolidAlbum or maybe bring us your unused stickers and cards to donate to the Adotta Con La Figurina project

The Fair is organized by Expo Fiere (



We enthusiastically accepted the invitation from the MEI organization (Meeting of Independent Labels) to take part in their event. Since 25 years one of the most important events in the Italian music scene.

The Association will be present with its own stand at the Disco Fair, inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (FREE ENTRANCE). As always we will try to make our space variegated and colorful, it will in any case and above dedicated to our FanForever Cards which feature great names in Italian and international music.

In Faenza, in absolute preview, it will be possible to buy the brand new FanForever Cards of:

STEVE LEE (frontman of Gotthard, 10 years anniversary of his death)

SIMONE TOMASSINI (out these days with the new single)

you will also find the other cards already available:




Omar Pedrini will take part in the MEI with the presentation of his new book and an electroacoustic live in the nearby Piazza del Popolo, a few hundred meters from the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

See you at Faenza! IN STICKERS WE TRUST


The usual speculators (NO, you are not collectors) have led to the Zaniolo Calciatori 2018/19 sticker running out, thanks to continuous and daily multiple purchases of all the copies available in Panini.

We invite Panini to reprint it, because it is inconceivable that such a recent card runs out, people and children in particular must have the opportunity to complete the album.




bank transfer sent to Madabimbi Onlus – 08 september 2020

We are happy to announce that we have reached another 300.00 euros, equal to the fee for making a new long-distance adoption in Madagascar. We are in the middle of midfield and above all, with 7 adoptions out of 11 already made, we have the very strong hope of completing the “team” by the end of 2020.
We have to thank all those who have made purchases, both of the stickers and loose cards, and of the SolidAlbum, and our stickers/card of “Cisco” Bellotti, Beppe Carletti, Dino Meneghin, connected to this campaign.

The raising of donations of stickers and cards continues (we have exceeded 300.000!), the project will continue in 2021 and in the following years.


BEPPE FOREVER the concert!

On Saturday 22 August, our Association was present at the NOMADI concert on Lake Iseo (Brescia). First official release of Beppe Carletti’s FanForever Card and an opportunity to deliver his “figurina” to the leader and founder of Nomadi.

The ritual photo was a unique emotion, as were their songs that have accompanied us for over 50 years. We promised ourselves to see each other more calmly in Reggio Emilia, we have some ideas and projects to involve the history of Nomadi in our editorial initiatives.

Beppe Carletti with our President

Not only that, we also had the opportunity to give a small gift to Massimo Vecchi, bassist and voice of Nomadi, a great fan of Torino FC. For him a copy of our Celebrative of the myth Gigi Meroni, very fresh off the press! In this way, even Par Condicio is safe

Massimo Vecchi, happy with our Gigi Meroni sticker

We would like to thank the Nomadi, in particular Beppe and Elisa, really friendly (we apologize again to them for not having brought with us the giant picture of Beppe, the fault of the emotion), also the organizers of the concert, really demanding in this very particular period.

The concert was one emotion after another, like the stickers, even Nomadi songs are full of memories, after all the band is practically the same age as the legendary Panini!


P.S. if you are wondering why we chose this concert for the first release, maybe the photo below is enough for you! 🙂


300.000 THANKS!

Thanks to the latest stickers and cards cataloged, we have exceeded 300,000! Despite the period and the almost total lack of events, thanks to the many donations also by post, the number becomes bigger and bigger allowing us to prepare more and more SolidAlbum!

We remind you that 100% of the proceeds from all stickers and cards sold will go to the international fundraising campaign for long distance adoptions in Madagascar (

The online list will be updated with all the material available from 27 August on the occasion of the opening of our stand at the Festa de l’Unità in Bologna ( )



Syria, the tiger adopted by the Figurine Forever Association

Thanks to the sale of our SolidAlbum, dedicated to the world of nature and animals, we were able to reach the sum of 144.00 euros for a new long-distance adoption with the guests of the Center for the Protection of Exotic and Wild Fauna of Monte Adone (

Bank transfer sent to the Center for the Protection of Fauna

After the CICO chimpanzee, now it is the turn of SYRIA, a splendid Bengal tiger, a guest of the center since 2009, after being kidnapped from a kennel where she was kept in a small sunless cage.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to this important result, buying an album is also important! Here the link to the Solidalbums currently available (



bank transfer to Madabimbi Onlus, 27 july 2020

We are happy to announce that we have reached € 300.00, equal to the quota for making another long distance adoptions in Madagascar.

We must thank all those who have made purchases of our stickers, cards and products; with 5 months more before end of year, achieving the goal to complete the “team” of 11 adoptions for 2020! The raising of donations of stickers and cards continues (we are so close to 300.000!), the project will continue in 2021 and in the following years.


CISCO FOREVER the concert!

Thursday, July 16, 2020, our President Emiliano Nanni, handed Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti the plaque (nr. 7) as honorary member of our Association. We thank him again for the time he dedicates to us and the concrete help in the project for Madagascar, both through the sale of his FanForever Card and by sharing some of his important contacts to expand the initiative.

The delivery took place before his concert at the Porta Pazienza in Bologna, the first concert with the band after the long lockdown phase. The photographer Anna Minguzzi was present and immortalized the evening in many beautiful images that we cannot fail to share. Thanks also to Anna for her work!




FanForever ON TOUR!

This weekend we will be on tour with our productions, thanks to the concerts of the “goal twins” Cisco and Pedrini!

Thu 16 july: CISCO at PORTA PAZIENZA, Bologna

Fri 17 july: OMAR PEDRINI at PINTUPI OPEN AIR, Paderno d’Adda

We will bring the FanForever Cards of the two artists with us, one of the last occasions to buy them before they are sold out. Remindi that the CISCO card is connected to the Madagascar project, while that of OMAR PEDRINI is in favor of Cassano d’Adda through the non-profit organization S’APRE

Of course we will also have the Celebrative Stickers already printed: Angelo Schiavio, Lev Yashin, Beppe Signori and Giacinto Facchetti.



Thank to the first important contributions collected through the sale of the Celebrative Sticker by GIACINTO FACCHETTI and the FanForever Card by OMAR PEDRINI, we were able to make a first transfer of € 500.00 in favor of the Onlus S’APRE ( for support to the Zappatoni hospital in Cassano d’Adda (Milan). Go on!



bank transfer to Madabimbi, 24 may 2020

I am happy to announce that we have reached € 600.00, equal to the quota for making two other long distance adoptions in Madagascar.

Having succeeded in this period is a source of great pride for us. We must thank all those who have made purchases, but above all Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti (€ 300.00 comes from the first sales of his FanForever Card) and Luca from the Edicola Birra Fumetteria, where our Association is located. The shop (edicola) remained open during the general closing period for Covid-19 and people were still able to go or send and have the material sent.

The important thing is not to forget who is less fortunate than us, he was before and will be even after this emergency. We already know that this sum of ours, although small, will be of great help in Madagascar to alleviate the many extra problems created by this health emergency.

Once the defense is complete, we hope to have the entire midfield by the end of the summer, so maybe to get to Christmas and give us the two adoptions, the forward players, to have the whole team!

Achieving the goal of 11 adoptions for 2020, in our small way, would be a great result almost like winning the Africa Cup! The raising of donations of stickers and cards continues (exceed 250.000!), the project will continue in 2021 and in the following years, hoping soon we can all find each other for a hug.


Emiliano Nanni


Figurine Forever Association


Follow the event:

The program almost definitive:


08.55 – OPENING OF THE FAIR: Welcome video from ESTRAGON

09.00 – The sellers’ proposals


10.00 – Historical Reviews: LAMPO CHILE 62

12.00 – The sellers’ proposals

2.00 pm – Video presentation of the Figurine Forever productions

3.00 pm – The sellers’ proposals

4.00 pm – EZIO COLELLA the prof of the stickers – web interview




09.00 – The sellers’ proposals

10.00 – Historical reviews: PANINI EUROPA 80

11.00 – Web interview with PIZZARDI EDITORE

12.00 – The sellers’ proposals

1.00 pm – TG FIGU: BATMAN!

2.00 pm – video meeting with MATTEO PANINI

3.00 pm – The sellers’ proposals

4.00 pm – EZIO COLELLA the prof of the stickers – video interview

5.00 pm – Web interview with ESSECI EDITORE




10.00 – The sellers’ proposals

10.30 – Historical reviews: PANINI MEXICO 70

11.00 – Web interview with EDIZIONI QUBOTONDO

12.00 – JAPAN! The legendary cartoon albums, by Max Manga

1.00 pm – The sellers’ proposals

2.00 pm – TG FIGU: FROZEN 2!

3.00 pm – video meeting with GIANFELICE FACCHETTI

4.00 pm – TE QUIERO FUTBOL !: video greetings from South America

5.00 pm – The sellers’ proposals

6.00 pm – Audio interview with ROBERTO BONINSEGNA

8.00 pm – CLOSING OF THE FAIR: Goodbye video from EDICOLA BIRRA

All participants can write on the post exchange stickers event, subject to authorization from Figurine Forever, the exclusive sales announcements of the exhibitors ALREADY SELECTED

250.000 THANKS!

Thanks to the latest stickers and cards cataloged, we have exceeded 250,000, a quarter of the target we have set ourselves, after less than a year. In such a complicated period it is a great result.

100% of the collection from all the stickers and cards sold will be destined for the international fundraising campaign for long distance adoptions in Madagascar ( )

The online list, with all the available material, will be updated on Friday 22 May on the occasion of our facebook event FIGURINE FOREVER 4 ( )


FIGURINE FOREVER 4! Facebook edition

Passion knows no quarantine! For this reason we are pleased to announce a completely online edition of our event which, as a rule, takes place every January in Bologna!
Some details:

As sellers we will have the friends you find in Bologna at the Estragon, everyone will have the opportunity to post a product or series of products for sale 3 times a day (9.00, 12.00 and 15.00). Those interested can write a private message to Figurine Forever or send an email to and will be put in contact with the exhibitor involved

Instead absolutely free the request for exchanges of stickers and cards, send your post and the sole administrator of the event (our Association), after a quick check, will post the announcement on the event page

On the occasion of this event, a new Celebrative Sticker dedicated to GIACINTO FACCHETTI and a new FanForever Card , dedicated to OMAR PEDRINI (TIMORIA rock band), will be created. The profits from these sales will be used to raise funds, in particular in favor of the CASSANO D’ADDA Hospital (Milan). Part of the exhibitors’ sales revenue will also be aimed at the same initiative.

In the days of the event we will reach the incredible result of 250,000 stickers / cards collected, thanks to the many donations received from all over Italy and Europe. On Friday 22 May the updated list of available material will be put online (

During the 3 days some video interviews will be made to characters from the world of stickers and collectors. Not only that, video greetings from all over the world, because the passion for FIGURINE is global.

During the 3 days online also a series of “vintage” reviews, linked to albums of the past, more or less recent

Would you go to the Louvre just for the Gioconda? Our fair, as always, will not only be linked to collectors CALCIATORI and similars, but also albums on comics, films, cartoons and the beautiful didactics

Share and participate, comfortable comfortable from your armchair!

Emiliano Nanni
Associazione Figurine Forever


(in picture: “our” Cisco while donating stickers before one of his concert)

Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti, singer and always advocate of many charitable and social initiatives, friend of our Association, has been nominated Honorary Member. We hope to be able to deliver the celebratory plaque to him in person as happened with Comaschi and Signori.

The numbering of honorary cards is not consequential, but linked to specific reasons. In the case of Cisco, the choice of the number 7 is linked precisely to the history of his nickname and his passion for football.

(in picture: the cover of his autobiography)

In fact, every time he played football with his friends as a boy, he wore a shirt number 7 with the inscription “San Francisco”, gradually worn to the point of leaving only the last five letters, precisely Cisco.

(on left Emiliano Nanni, on right Cisco)

Welcome Cisco! In stickers we trust


Thanks to the many donated stickers, we have also managed to make complete sets (for others we are looking for empty albums, remember that it is also possible to donate albums to the project, not just the stickers) and so here is a new initiative: album + complete set of stickers to attach, the WHOLE SUM will be destined for our solidarity projects.

You can find solidAlbums at our headquarters, a nice idea for children and adults in this period and beyond. Here is the list (for some we have multiple copies, for other unique copies).

In support of the international campaign for Distance Adoptions in Madagascar:

Dino & Amici insetti (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Disney Junior (Panini) 30,00 €
Dragon Ball Evolution (Panini) 10,00 €
Fortnite 2019 (Panini) 50,00 €
Frozen 2 only stickers no cards (Panini) 30,00 €
Gorjuss Santoro 2019 (Panini) 50,00 €
Gormiti 2019 (Panini) 30,00 €
Hannah Montana 2009 (Panini) 10,00 €
Juventus 2019/20 only stickers no cards (Euro Publishing) 30,00 €
Me contro Te stickers (Diramix) 35,00 €
Trulli Tales (Panini) 30,00 €

in support of the Monte Adone Wildlife Protection Center:

Animali nel mondo (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Baby Animals (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Dino & Amici dinosauri (Fol.Bo.) 20,00 €
Wild oltre natura (Edibas) 20,00 €
Zampe & co. (Panini) 35,00 €

Mondobimbi Tafita Tuléar; Centro Tutela e Ricerca Fauna Esotica e Selvatica – Monte Adone

200.000 THANKS!


We have exceeded 200,000 stickers and cards collected! We have taken the Frozen2 and Frozen2 Trading Cards from our headquarter, all the stickers and cards (1626) were donated to the project for Madagascar, they are no longer available for exchanges but only for sale.

Thanks to these albums, we have reached 200,404 cataloged cards / cards, a truly splendid result achieved in 8 months!

The sales service is suspended until the end of May, only then will we update the list of stickers online. 100% of what is collected will be used to support the long distance adoptions of the children of the Mondobimbi Tafita Village in Tulear, Madagascar

Thanks to everyone who helped reach 200,000 stickers!



Dear friends and members, we have decided to use this period to catalog all the stickers and cards donated for Madagascar that we had not yet had time to check, at the same time the warehouse is currently not accessible.

For this reason, until the date to be assigned, we suspend the sale of the single stickers and also the online catalog will be updated only once at the end of this procedure. Let’s say by the end of May.

Then we invite you to read this letter from our President:

“Nobody like us knows how to get up, when it seems over”

To those who in these days try to bring down the mood by writing against, to those who try to debase the commitment of the vast majority of a people who are at home, to those who use this period for personal or group revenge, to those who simply think of self.

We are a strange, unique people, we are a people who have known over the years and over the centuries how to get up in front of the difficulties and difficulties we have had many, we are a people of inventors, dreamers, players, mess makers but with a big heart.

It will be tough, tough, long, very long but it is our history, our victories as our defeats and our defects show us the way to go. The Earth has put us at a crossroads, today is the time to fight, tomorrow will be the time to start again, treasuring what happened.

Proud to be Italian, proud of my people.

Emiliano Nanni


Figurine Forever Association

Bologna, March 19, 2020


I am happy to announce that we have reached a new quota of € 300.00 to make the third long distance adoption in Madagascar.

Having succeeded in this difficult period for everyone is a great satisfaction, as everything else, even our participation in events has waned. Better and more peaceful times will come, the important thing is not to forget who is less fortunate than us, he was before and will be even after this emergency.

We will use this period to try to catalog all the donated stickers not yet checked, at least those not yet present in the Association’s warehouse, given the impossibility of reaching it as long as the government’s right restrictions are active. When public events can start again, we will also have the opportunity to offer our “SOLIDALBUM”, the collection of stickers has allowed us to prepare complete sets of collections, so you can help us raise funds not only by purchasing specific stickers but having fun giving away or stick a complete album.


Emiliano Nanni


Association Figurine Forever



dear friends and members, in our small way we want to follow the indications of the political and health institutions in charge, we must consider that the time to return to normal will not be short, we must make our small conscious contribution; have the peace of mind to face the period knowing that we will all be stronger than before. For this reason, we have decided to cancel all Figurine Day events until the summer. For our presence at events organized by others in the next three months (April 4/5 Bologna, April 25 Liège, April 25/26 Bologna, May 9/10 Milano Comics) we confirm it at least as long as the organizers themselves consider them confirmed and at least until, possibly , there were no limits to the movements of people beyond April 3 in our area.
The Association also needs not to go into economic difficulties, therefore the creation of new Celebrative Stickers, FanForever Cards, Monsters of Rock Cards, is postponed to a date to be destined.
Our office is still active at Edicola Birra Fumetteria and you can come and visit us every day!
As the international campaign for Madagascar continues, although with obvious difficulties
We will keep you posted! #nosurrender #instickerswetrust

Emiliano Nanni
Associazione Figurine Forever

IN STICKERS WE TRUST! #nosurrender

Perchè la passione sia più forte di tutto:


(italiano) SOLO PER UN PERIODO LIMITATO e per affrontare al meglio questo periodo di difficoltà nei movimenti e con tanti eventi cancellati, abbiamo deciso di rendere fruibile A TUTTI il nostro catalogo al link ed inserendo la password StickersTrust1
(english) ONLY FOR A LIMITED PERIOD and to better face this period of difficulty in the movements and with many events canceled, we have decided to make our catalog available to ALL, go to link and write password StickersTrust1

per le collezione passate / for stickers of past albums:


WE HAVE THE SWEEPER! Thanks to the contributions through the sold stickers and cards, we have reached the sum for the SECOND distance adoption of the 11 (minimum) foreseen in favor of the Tafita Village of Tulear, Madagascar.

Thanks to everybody, IN STICKERS WE TRUST


Figurine Forever at Rimini Comix 2020!

In collaboration with the Rimini kermesse, the most important Italian reality (and beyond) of summer 2020, we are preparing a great appointment dedicated to the world of stickers

An entire dedicated area will be set up with the presence of a swap area, events and many sellers to be able to complete your collections and search for the missing albums

Not only that, for the occasion a new Celebrative Sticker will be created on a great champion of European football, a name so big as to be afraid to say it (and in fact for now we do not do it, also for superstition ). A meeting on football and stickers (one of our “Figurine Story”) will be held where we are trying to involve some big names in European football, hopefully!

We always say it, the stickers are not just football, in collaboration with MaxManga’s friends we are also putting in place some ideas on the albums of the past related to cartoons, TV series etc.

So many ideas, one certainty: we will do everything possible to entertain you!



Piazzale Fellini, Rimini – within Rimini Comix 2020

from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 July 2020



Once again we want to use the great potential of the stickers to help those who need them, alongside our project in favor of long distance adoptions in Madagascar, supporting this important Italian reality.

The Exotic and Wild Wildlife Protection Center of Monte Adone (Sasso Marconi, Bologna) represents a stable point of reference for citizens, public bodies, police forces and firefighters; it operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, in the recovery of indigenous and exotic fauna found injured, in difficulty and / or seized by the judicial authorities for ill-treatment, illegal trade and detention.

The idea is simple, through the great availability and sensitivity of the historic Fol.Bo. editions. we have collected 18 albums dedicated to our animal friends, the amazing ANIMALS IN THE WORLD and the nice and funny BABY ANIMALS.

The albums are available for a lump sum of € 30.00 each, they are EMPTY albums with in addition ALL the stickers to stick. 100% of what is collected will be used to support the center’s activities, specifically the goal is therefore to collect € 540.00 equal to the contribution for three chimpanzees hosted in the center for the year 2020.

We are one-third of the way away because during our meeting on 11 January at Estragon we reached the first contribution of 180.00 euros which was promptly sent to the Center.

Help us to reach the purpose!

Helping while having fun, attaching stickers, an activity that we at Figurine Forever know very well!

For all the info on the center:



The Figurine Forever Association will be present on March 28/29 within the Bologna Comics Fair organized by Kolosseo ( )

Coming soon all infos!



We are happy and satisfied to announce the first results achieved in favor of our solidarity initiatives!

bank transfer to Madagascar

WE HAVE THE GOALKEEPER! Thanks to the first contributions through the sold stickers, we reached the sum for the first distance adoption of the 11 (minimum) planned in favor of the Tafita Village of Tulear, Madagascar

Bank transfer to Monte Adone

Thanks to the sale of albums of stickers on animals (100% destined for the project), we reached € 180 and achieved support for one year in favor of one of the chimpanzees hosted by the Exotic and Wild Fauna Protection and Research Center – Monte Adone Now on to reach the three chimpanzee target for 2020

In stickers we trust (and thanks to all!)


Every time we reach the amount for an adoption, a player will be turn on the field, help us creta Tafita United!

Search for your missing stickers and card and help us in the project by completing your collections!

click on the link and go to the list of available stickers, search among the different categories and vintages. You will find the value of the stickers/cards and also the copies already sold. There are no limits on purchasable copies.
Did you find any material? Send us an email to with the numbers you would like to buy, we will reply as soon as possible with the confirmation, the total amount plus shipping costs, the payment method.The list will be continuously updated, always check our site!



Almost there, from 10 January on our site it will be possible to start checking the stickers and cards you need to complete your collections.

How does it work? Go to our site on the STICKER RAISING page, click on the link and enter our catalog. For each sticker and card you will find the value and copies available, there are no limits on copies, you can buy all those that you find available.

Write an email to with your requests and we will reply as soon as possible confirming availability. Only then can you proceed with the purchase, the value per sticker/card is a minimum indication, you are free to send a higher sum to help us in the project of long distance adoptions in Madagascar.

Payments can be made by paypal (friends formula) or bank transfer, both with the reason “MADAGASCAR”. The shipment is paid by the buyer, for Italy/UE only for the stickers we will use the priority mail shipment so as to limit the costs. However, we are not responsible for postal disservices, of course it is possible to send by registered mail.

All collectors who contribute to the project will be included in a mailing list to keep them updated on the progress of the project, no other type of email will be sent.

At the moment more than 130,000 stickers / cards have been cataloged, remember that the collection of stickers does not end, therefore we will continue to update in real time both the available material and the sums collected.

Thank you all!



One million stickers for Madagascar” will make a stop at Dall’Ara on the occasion of Bologna-Fiorentina

On Monday 6 January – Stickers Raising for Madagascar, international campaign created by the Figurine Forever Association in support of long distance adoptions at the Tulear village in Madagascar.

In the Bologna-Fiorentina pre-match, three collection points will be positioned in the Tribuna, Curva Bulgarelli and Distinti sectors where it will be possible to donate your stickers and double cards, both sports and other, with the aim of making them available for offers. of collectors who want to buy them.

The entire proceeds will go to support long distance adoptions at the Tulear village, in Madagascar, where the NGO Mondobimbi Tafita operates.

We sincerely thank Bologna FC for their availability and for making themselves available to help us in our international campaign


Our Association has joined the WWF campaign to safeguard the Australian Koalas, a small contribution within everyone’s reach and also a useful gift for Christmas, given the opportunity to also receive the peluche mascot of the international campaign. Peluche that will also keep us company at our gathering on 11 January 2020 in Bologna.

An association dedicated to stickers has a special relationship with Koalas, as you can see in the photo, the most famous album on animals in Italy is this from 1950 (later reissued on various occasions) created by Lampo and that precisely sees our little friends in cover.

For 1950 children they were exotic animals impossible to see live, for 2020 children they risk being animals of the past, due to the real risk of extinction.

Koala Forever!

100.000 THANKS!

Our hope was to reach 100,000 stickers / cards collected by our gathering on January 11th 2020 and instead we are already there.

To date, 100.904 stickers & cards have already been archived! Thanks to all those who will participate and will do so in the future, the collection will continue throughout 2020 and beyond.

From 3 January 2020 we will put online the archive of stickers & cards available for purchase, remember that 100% of the contributions received will be donated to the village of Tulear in Madagascar!

For the most curious, the first 100.904 are divided as follows:

stickers football Panini: 50.825

stickers football NOT Panini: 14.663

stickers/cards other sports: 2.469

cards football Panini: 8.323

cards not sport Panini: 765

others (not Sport) stickers Panini: 12.576

others (not Sport) NOT Panini: 10.421



9/10 may 2020 – Malpensa Fiere, Busto Arsizio (Varese)

We are pleased to announce our presence at the event organized by Blu Nautilus and will be a presence in “great style”:

. exhibition / market area

. public meeting with great guests

. free zone area stickers swap

. two celebrative stickers are expected to be made, one on a great former player of FC Inter and one of AC Milan; printed in 500 copies for Figurine Forever members, take this opportunity to jojn us!

. we will collect stickers and cards for our international “Sticker Raising for Madagascar” campaign

. distribution of free material

and much more to be announced



9-10 MAY 2020, Malpensa Fiere

Via XI Settembre, 16, 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA)


on left Giorgio Comaschi, on right our president Emiliano Nanni

Giorgio Comaschi, actor, journalist and much more, a long-time friend of our Association, the protagonist of our annual gathering, was the first to whom we presented the honorary member’s commemorative plaque.

The numbering of honorary cards is not consequential, but linked to specific reasons. In the case of Giorgio the choice of number 8 is a tribute to a great friend of him and a great Italian football player: Giacomo Bulgarelli, number 8 was his shirt with which he played for Bologna so many years.

As we said to Giorgio, he is now tied to us forever 🙂


The annual event is back! Bologna for a day capital of stickers!

Program to be defined:

9.00-17.00 Sticker Fair with some of the best exhibitors and collectors in Italy. We will also host various authors and publishers of books on football, basketball, collecting and sports in general

The history of English football in stickers through an exhibition of albums and images of our GIANNI BELLINI

CHILDREN AREA (NEWS): games of the present and of the past with stickers, giant quiz and other moments of leisure for small collectors

FREE ZONE: bring your stickers and cards to exchange with other collectors and fans

SUBBUTEO! After the great success of the last edition, confirmed the Subbuteo area for enthusiasts and beginners, of course by the Italian Champions BOLOGNA TIGERS!


11.00 (time to be confirmed)
the legendary GIORGIO COMASCHI and his guests in the drawing room of Figurine Forever

13.00 (time to be confirmed)
journalists, authors and publishers and their books

15.00 (time to be confirmed)
football players tell themselves through stickers


During the day it will always be possible to donate your own stickers and cards for the project ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA – STICKERS RAISING FOR MADAGASCAR, right from January 2020 you can also contribute to the project by purchasing the stickers and cards collected (all the info from December on our site)

ENTRANCE 5.00 EURO, the entire proceeds will be donated to the Association against SLA






We have not yet recovered from the splendid 2 days at Bologna Comics that we already announce the next appointment with Figurine Forever:

from 1 to 3 November we will be at the Padua Cartoon Fair, inside Tutti In Fiera Padova

We will not let you miss anything:

. free albums and packets while stocks last

. membership of the Association and consequently also the possibility of purchasing the Angelo Schiavio Celebrative Sticker, reserved for members only plus all promotions and discounts only for members

. collecting stickers for the Adotta con la Figurina project

. will be available the book of our Gianni Bellini “500 figu per un Bordon”, you can book us your copy

. Swap !! you can swap with Figurine Forever in search of the missing to complete your collections (2 × 1 rule, among collectors there will of course be free trade); figurines (Gorjuss, Fifa365, Topps CL 2020, Fortnite, Gormiti 2019) and cards (Adrenalyn 2020 players, Topps Match Attax 2020, L.O.L. 2, Fortnite)

. have information on crowdfunding for the “Pizzaballa Project”, a short film dedicated to the magical world of collectors of stickers

NEWS FOR MEMBERS OR FUTURE MEMBERS: given the available space we will have much less material than other occasions (complete albums, albums + sets, etc.); you can make requests and we will take the albums with you without having to buy them before seeing them. Service reserved for members of Figurine Forever!

Are you still thinking about coming or staying at home?!?

In stickers you trust? Join Us!

For all the info:



The third sticker convention is confirmed at Estragon, Bologna, on Saturday 11th of January 2020. The program will be available as soon as possible, its aim will be social, as always, this year though with a double purpose.


Our biggest international sticker and card collection for the project “Adopt a Sticker” has launched. Our headquarter in Bologna is the first collection point already available, but we will soon announce many more as we have organised events throughout Italy, Europe and South America. The objective is ONE MILLION stickers and cards, so far we have roughly 100.000. Our list will be available TO EVERYONE on our website from January 2020.


Don’t miss this event at Palanord, Bologna, on the 19th and 20th of October! Joining forces with Blu Nautilus, we will create a “sticker village” with several themed exhibitors and our very own space with a program rich with activities. Check it out at


Welcome Figurine Forever!