About Us

Figurine Forever Association aims at sharing the sticker collectionism culture;

be present as meeting and aggregation point, share its passion though shows, events, initiatives and its own productions;

using the immortal charm and success of the stickers to create and / or support solidarity initiatives, cultural activities and development projects.

Figurine Forever

for Social and Culture

€ 3.030,00

(updated to 20/6/2020)

. we have currently collected € 1.500,00 for our Sticker Raising for Madasgacar project, equivalent to the one-year long-distance adoption of five of the boys and girls of the Mondobimbi village in Tulear ( http://www.mondobimbiong.com/accueil/ )

. . we have currently collected € 500.00 in favor of the Onlus S’APRE, committed to supporting the Zappatoni Hospital in Cassano d’Adda (MI) during the Covid-19 emergency and in other important activities to support families in difficulty on the Lombardia territory (https://www.s-apre.org/italia)

. we have currently collected € 180,00 in support of the Exotic and Wild Wildlife Protection and Research Center of Monte Adone (Bologna), equal to the long-distance adoption of one of the chimpanzees hosted by the Center for one year ( https://centrotutelafauna.org/progetto-scimpanze/ )

. we joined the WWF international campaign for Koalas in Australia ( https://sostieni.wwf.it/adotta-un-koala.html )

. we are also Estragonuti, we joined the support campaign to Estragon Club, during the economic crisis due to the covid-19 emergency ( https://www.estragon.it/ )

. partnership with the non-profit cultural association Bambini e Genitori (children and parents), created to help parents better face their “parental role” by supporting them in the difficult task of educating their children ( https://www.bambiniegenitori.it)

. during our Figurine Forever event we collected € 700,00 donated to the Ramazzini Institute ( https://www.ramazzini.org/en/ ) for cancer research and prevention

2020 membership: 20.00€

. Exclusive Figurine Forever Gadgets 
. The website area reserved for our members, with plenty of materials accessible at a special price
. Our mailing list, to know exclusive products and special offers for our members, as well as purchase proposals given to the Association by both privates and publishers
. Collection materials made by Figurine Forever, available only to our members 
. Free access to the Figurine Forever event, held every January in Bologna
.  Figurine Forever conventions with shows, comic markets and sticker markets.  
. Missed List service for the sticker and album pieces you still need.


  • Complete the form at this link and send to figurineforever@gmail.com
  • At our Figurine Forever headquarters, via del Triumvirato 34c Bologna, Italia, or and at events and shows we participate in (keep an eye on our website!) .
  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
  • Paypal e-mail figurineforever@gmail.com (ATTENTION: to subscribe with standard paypal the cost is 22,00 euro)


card nr. 1 – EMILIANO NANNI, President (e.nanni@figurineforever.com)
card nr. 3 – GIULIA GRILLO, Treasurer (info@figurineforever.com)
card nr. 4 – MASSIMO SPETTOLI, Vice President (info@maxmanga.it)
card nr. 8 – LORENZO MAGNI, webmaster (lorenzomagni@wapstudio.it)
card nr. 9 – LUCA BOVINA, owner Edicola Birra (edicolabirra@alice.it)
card nr. 10 – DANIELE BONESSO, edizioni Qubotondo (qubotondo@gmail.com)
card nr. 11 – BARBARA RACCANELLI, graphic designer (barbara.gspot@gmail.com)

our staff at Fairs and Swap Days

card nr. 12 – VALERIO
card nr. 13 – MIRKO
card nr. 92 – STEFANO
card nr. 93 – SIMONA

Honorary Members (GOLD CARD)
(personalities who have excelled in promoting the culture of collecting, stickers and sport and /or who have supported the activities of the association with their time and their precence).
Gold Card 1 – to be assigned
Gold Card 2 – to be assigned
Gold Card 3 – to be assigned
Gold Card 4 – to be assigned
Gold Card 5 – to be assigned
Gold Card 6 – to be assigned
Gold Card 7 – STEFANO “CISCO” BELLOTTI (singer)
Gold Card 8 – GIORGIO COMASCHI ( journalist, actor )
Gold Card 9 – to be assigned
Gold Card 10 – to be assigned
Gold Card 11 – GIUSEPPE SIGNORI (football player)
to be continued ..