Figurine Forever Association aims at sharing the sticker collectionism culture, be present as meeting and aggregation point, share its passion though shows, events, initiatives and its own productions, worldwide landmark for sticker collectors and for sports enthusiasts, using the immortal charm and success of the stickers to create and / or support solidarity initiatives and development projects.

2020 membership: 20.00€

. Exclusive Figurine Forever Gadgets 
. The website area reserved for our members, with plenty of materials accessible at a special price
. Our mailing list, to know exclusive products and special offers for our members, as well as purchase proposals given to the Association by both privates and publishers
. Collection materials made by Figurine Forever, available only to our members 
. Free access to the Figurine Forever event, held every January in Bologna
.  Figurine Forever conventions with shows, comic markets and sticker markets.  
. Missed List service for the sticker and album pieces you still need.


  • Complete the form at this link and send to
  • At our Figurine Forever headquarters, via del Triumvirato 34c Bologna, Italia, or and at events and shows we participate in (keep an eye on our website!) .
  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
  • Paypal e-mail (ATTENTION: to subscribe with standard paypal the cost is 22,00 euro)

Figurine Forever for Social

. we have currently collected € 600,00 for our Sticker Raising for Madasgacar project, equivalent to the one-year long-distance adoption of two of the boys and girls of the Mondobimbi village in Tulear ( )

. we have currently collected € 180,00 in support of the Exotic and Wild Wildlife Protection and Research Center of Monte Adone (Bologna), equal to the long-distance adoption of one of the chimpanzees hosted by the Center for one year ( )

. we joined the WWF international campaign for Koalas in Australia ( )

. partnership with the non-profit cultural association Bambini e Genitori (children and parents), created to help parents better face their “parental role” by supporting them in the difficult task of educating their children (

. during our Figurine Forever event we collected € 700,00 donated to the Ramazzini Institute ( ) for cancer research and prevention


card nr. 1 – EMILIANO NANNI, President (
card nr. 3 – GIULIA GRILLO, Treasurer (
card nr. 4 – MASSIMO SPETTOLI, Vice President (
card nr. 8 – LORENZO MAGNI, webmaster (
card nr. 9 – LUCA BOVINA, owner Edicola Birra (
card nr. 10 – DANIELE BONESSO, edizioni Qubotondo (
card nr. 11 – BARBARA RACCANELLI, graphic designer (

our staff at Fairs and Swap Days

card nr. 12 – VALERIO
card nr. 13 – MIRKO
card nr. 92 – STEFANO
card nr. 93 – SIMONA

Honorary Members (GOLD CARD)
(personalities who have excelled in promoting the culture of collecting, stickers and sport and /or who have supported the activities of the association with their time and their precence).
Gold Card 1 – to be assigned
Gold Card 2 – to be assigned
Gold Card 3 – to be assigned
Gold Card 4 – to be assigned
Gold Card 5 – to be assigned
Gold Card 6 – to be assigned
Gold Card 7 – to be assigned
Gold Card 8 – GIORGIO COMASCHI ( journalist, actor )
Gold Card 9 – to be assigned
Gold Card 10 – to be assigned
Gold Card 11 – GIUSEPPE SIGNORI (football player)
to be continued ..