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Celebrative Sticker limited special edition: BOLOGNA ITALIAN CHAMPION 1963/64!

The Figurine Forever Association in collaboration with Bologna FC has created a special edition of the Celebrative Sticker series, 23 solidarity stickers and their respective folders of all the 1963/64 champions, 60 years after the triumph. The proposal for this project, which arrived from the club at the end of 2023, was naturally accepted with enthusiasm and after months of preparation the set became reality.

Unlike the traditional series of Celebrative Sticker solidarity stickers, which provide for possible subsequent editions, continuing the numbering of the first, the set of 23 Celebrative Stickers of the BFC 63/64, printed in 100 copies numbered from 1 to 100, does NOT provide for reprints.

There are substantial differences from the standard version: the cover of this special edition is unique for all 23 folders with the official logo of the Bologna Football Club in the center and the red and blue colors in the background. The sticker itself is not the same, instead of reporting the career it is dedicated to the year of the scudetto with the words Campione d’Italia 1963/64.

The most important aspect, especially for fans and collectors, is the presence of 9 solidarity stickers of players from the squad which will not be re-proposed in the Celebrative Sticker series, they are only available in this edition to make it even more magical and unrepeatable.

As far as possible, the players and families of the 1963/64 Bologna champions were involved, who provided the photographic material with often more private and even unpublished photos.

The Bologna Campione d’Italia 1963/64 Celebrative Sticker set will be available exclusively online on the Match Worn Shirt website partner of Bologna FC in the charity auctions of the shirts worn by the players. 100 separate auctions dedicated to solidarity stickers so that the fan or collector can try to win the number he most wants, from 1 to 100.

The 100 auctions on Match Worn Shirt start from 6.00 pm on Wednesday 10 July 2024 and will end at 5.00 pm on Saturday 20 July 2024

The initiative is intended to support the Adotta Con La Figurina project with the entire proceeds donated to Cucine Popolari – Bologna Social Food, a wonderful and branched reality in the city of Bologna, in common agreement between Figurine Forever and Bologna Football Club.


Figurine Forever provided Match Worn Shirt with the 100 sets at cost price (46.00 euros per set), the choice was made to insert 49.00 euros as the starting price of each auction which approximately corresponds to the amount necessary to cover expenses, also considering the auction portal commissions.
All the extra, corresponding to the final sales results, therefore deducted from the production cost and Match Worn Shirt commissions, relying on the great passion of Bologna fans and sticker collectors who can bring the individual auctions to reach higher figures tall and substantial of the initial base, will be destined for Cucine Popolari.

Figurine Forever printed the unnumbered copies intended for free at its own expense, as well as the postcard included in the sets. The Adotta Con La Figurina project will also support the total sum allocated to Cucine Popolari, rounding up the amount raised to the next thousand (for example: funds raised with auctions equal to 1300 euros, 2000 euros will be sent to Cucine Popolari).

The details of the set:
23 Celebrative Stickers
(folder + sticker)

Renato Dall’Ara – President
Fulvio Bernardini – Trainer
Cesarino Cervellati – Vice Trainer
William Negri
Francesco Ianich
Carlo Furlanis
Paride Tumburus
Mirko Pavinato
Romano Fogli
Giacomo Bulgarelli
Marino Perani
Harald Nielsen
Helmut Haller
Ezio Pascutti
Paolo Cimpiel *
Rino Rado *
Bruno Capra *
Edmondo Lorenzini *
Maurizio Magagni *
Héctor Demarco *
Bruno Franzini *
Sidio Corradi *
Antonio Renna *

* Celebrative Sticker solidarity stickers exclusive to the set, are not nor will they be available in the future in the classic Celebrative Sticker series. Sidio Corradi is available but only in the Genoa version as Celebrative Sticker #78

Each set up for auction is made up of 23 solidarity stickers + folder + exclusive postcard, available sealed with all folders showing the same sequential number, from 1 to 100

Happy bidding everyone!


In agreement with Bologna Football Club, the entire proceeds from the set of 23 solidarity stickers created are connected to the Adotta Con La Figurina project and specifically to the splendid reality of Cucine Popolari – Bologna Social Food

Celebrative Sticker special edition
23 stickers + 23 folders + postcard
Limited and numbered edition of 100 copies
No reprints or second editions are foreseen

100 exclusive auctions on

the folders of the solidarity stickers are numbered, each set has the 23 folders inside with the same sequential number from 1 to 100

An unnumbered version was also printed, used for the Figurine Forever and for Bologna Football Club archive and for the players and families of the 1963/64 champions

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