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DONALD DUCK 90 (Panini)


album: DONALD DUCK 90 (Panini)

stickers: 100 (1-100) + metal sticker Donald Duck

starter pack: Topolino Magazine of 12 june + album + 4 packets 6,00€

other issues with Topolino weekly 19 and 26 june, 3 july + Paperino monthly 30 june

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! The album attached to the weekly Topolino is proof that, not always but sometimes why not, something interesting can be created even if it is small in size and with a limited number of stickers. At the same time, you can celebrate an anniversary or a character or both without complicating your life too much, limiting costs for fans and still bringing a profit for the publisher, as well as probably increasing comic book sales exponentially. In short, everyone benefits from it.

The first part of the album is a nice succession of Donald Duck’s characteristics accompanied by a nice sequence of short stories involving some of the most representative contemporary Italian authors at Disney. All thanks to the always pleasant and fun shaped stickers that complete the designs. Only one page but the world of ducks can be unique even with little space available. Naturally, the stickers of Donald’s other adventure companions could not be missing,

If it’s 90 years for Donald Duck, we are 55 years since Paperinik’s first appearance. The year was 1969 and the story of Guido Martina and G.B Carpi here is the diabolical avenger, classic rectangular and shaped figurines to complete a story that is… history! Since then Donald Duck has also transformed into the more modern PK, as well as Double Duck to which pages and stickers are dedicated. Followed by the return to the origins with the “young Donald Duck” or if preferred Paperino Paperotto.

Donald Duck’s “passions” complete the album. Everyone has their own… but pancakes in the kitchen, a nap in the hammock and a ride in the 313 make us all a little envious, what do you think? A special Metal sticker will also be released in the monthly Donald Duck magazine which, at the moment, it is not known whether it is an extra sticker or perhaps it is the one where number 1 can be attached. We will update the review in due time.

In our opinion, this album is worth collecting, the quality of the paper and stickers is above the Panini average. Advice to lovers of keeping everything sealed, be careful: although Panini announces that no duplicates can be found, we found two identical packets with the same stickers. It didn’t take a lot of effort, you just needed to number the sachets. Panini doesn’t make a great impression on it, but even less so in perspective for those who perhaps keep the set sealed with the thought of selling it later to make who knows what profit and then the buyer discovers that there are missing stickers. After all, let’s be clear, it can happen with all sealed Panini products, it’s better to know 😉


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