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ME CONTRO TE – The movie 6 (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – Operazione spie (Diramix)

stickers: 194 (1-184, A-L)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

MecontroTe final chapter! It seems that this could be the last film of the famous You Tube couple. Will it be true then? However, the fact remains that no one like Sofì and Luì have been present on the market in recent years, in many respects, including that of trading cards!

6 sticker albums dedicated to the respective films, an album (too demanding, honestly) to celebrate 10 years, the sticker album of the TV series, others released previously including stickers and cards. Alone, all things considered, MecontroTe have dedicated more space to our little paper friends than all the other YouTubers put together. It makes us think that the product has always been liked by the little fans but that, probably, MecontroTe themselves also have a personal passion for the stickers.

With the Dragonball card collections, they have been the strong point of the Diramix collections over the years. It is impressive and disturbing to see the increase in the cost of sachets over the years. In the long run, we think this has also affected widespread distribution and the final result. We too, by necessity, have to give up.

We started with albums that, with a little luck, could be completed with a single box by spending around 30 euros, now with that amount you can buy a single box for a total of 150 stickers. Even for the lucky ones who didn’t find doubles (unlikely, now… once upon a time the Diramix collections rewarded those who made this type of purchase) there are still 44 missing.

A positive factor, but not everyone will agree, is the continuation of the Diramix collections. The basic setup of the albums is similar, which in our opinion allows for a long and fun adventure. In other times someone would have even bound them all together 🙂

The album retraces the story of the film in a fun and colorful way, as always, alternating real images taken from the scenes with our heroes in an animated version. We find nothing new to say compared to the previous collections other than that we are once again carried away by enthusiasm, MecontroTe and Diramix together remain among the best sticker productions of recent years.

“Our friends will remain in our hearts forever!” this is how the album ends. Is it really goodbye? We keep our fingers crossed and hope to be able to review other productions from the most beautiful couple in the world… or rather on the web!


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