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SKIFIDOLL trading cards (Panini)


album: Skifidoll trading cards (Panini)

cards: 140 (1-140)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 5,00€

box: 24 packts (5 cards per packet) 1,50€ each

ecoblister: 3 packets 4,50€

Probably few people missed them but Skifidol are back! An irreverent collection, if we want a little out of time and which probably fascinates a niche of diehard fans of horror-style collections such as Skifidol, Sgorbions and similar. It’s been a long time since a new collection of this type appeared on newsstands, which is why it was even more unexpected to see it arrive: we thought that at the beginning of the 2000s they had exhausted their momentum and instead here they are!

Starting from the cards, the material is excellent for preventing them from getting damaged: the cards are shiny, with rounded edges and the images are clear and occupy the entire card apart from an adequately sized space in the upper part bearing the name of the subject represented. It’s infuriating to see a higher quality in the Skifidol cards compared to those of Marvel Battles: these cards don’t get damaged because they are thicker and can be handled easily. The rounded margins probably help them avoid chipping, which is sometimes almost forced given the type of album that the manufacturer chose: no albums with pockets but pages with slots in which to insert the cards, as was once done for photographs.

We tried inserting the cards and it actually seems that the solution holds, also thanks to the choice of placing 5 cards per front and back page in the same position so that they reinforce each other. Also appreciable as a more ecological option. Graphically you may or may not like the drawings: certainly if you are a fan of the series they are of excellent quality, with a refrain for each character on the back. The choice to insert the 40 so-called stink-scratch cards is nice: if you scratch them in a specific point they will give off a characteristic stench of the little monster: they are not very different smells but the idea of ​​reintroducing them is nice, they increase the slightly retro emotions since the beginning of the millennium that gives us this collection.

As regards the album, defined as “Skifo-Book”, as already mentioned the cards must be inserted into the photograph-style slots and each page is full of stories and curiosities relating to the most disparate topics that try to stay on topic: it is mentioned at example the phenomenon of the Great Stink that hit London in 1859, some historical notions are given such as the history of toilet paper or the history of the bidet, as well as scientific notions regarding bacteria, animals, and more. Our favorite page, however, is the one that mentions all the streets of Italian cities with the most bizarre names. In short, for a product probably intended for a niche, the commitment was substantial and it shows.

In conclusion, if you like skifidol this album will not disappoint you, on the contrary, it will entertain you with all the curiosities present in the pages and you will be able to have fun discovering the characters on the skifo-cards. Otherwise, forget it: in these cases there is no middle ground: either you like them or they disgust you.


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