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MARVEL BATTLES trading cards (Panini)


album: Marvel battles trading cards (Panini)

cardS: 175 (1-175) + 5 limited edition

starter pack: album + 2 packets + 3 ltd edition 8,00€

box: 24 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,50€ each

blister: 3 packets + 1 limited edition random 4,50€

It’s always easy to get caught up in the excitement when talking about Marvel. Who doesn’t know the Marvel universe? Who hasn’t been moved at least once, feeling happiness, adrenaline, joy, but also sadness and desperation in front of a film or a comic coming from, among others, the mind of Stan Lee? Every time a Marvel product comes out it is full of anticipation, probably because we have all experienced particular emotions when faced with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-man or Black Widow.

Before venturing into the specifics of the collection, let’s start from the materials: the papers are quite thin, with few details to embellish them: no parts really in relief, only a distinction between shiny parts and opaque parts, which give the impression of relief but to the touch the paper is completely smooth.
Going into the matter, we start off really badly: the 80 basic cards that represent the core of the collection see a brown/burgundy border surrounding the protagonist of the card which thus appears very debased. Furthermore, which is somewhat annoying, some characters have parts cut off: the Captain America card is emblematic where the edge covers part of the hero’s head.

Another inexplicable ugliness of the paper is the font chosen for the protagonist’s name, very similar to the Arial font in capital letters and therefore not at all attractive. It would have been enough to use the same font as the collection name and they would have already had a different look. As for the border, however, it could have simply been eliminated: why enclose the heroes in a border almost a centimeter thick above and below and half a centimeter on the sides? We find that it would have been much better to leave the artwork free to express itself across the board and there are some like Black Bolt, Hela, Ant-Man and many others that would have made a great impression.

We therefore have the 25 Action Cards: some epic moments from the comics come to life in these cards and the idea is very appreciable: we understand that the name of the collection should be shown on the front of the paper but why the gray border around the paper? It would have been nice if they had respected the original edges of the comics by putting them in some cases white and in some cases black, depending on how they were in the original version. The cards deserve it, but not thanks to Panini. The idea is nice but the addition, even on the back, of a reference to the original comic would have been very welcome, a missed joy for both novices and more seasoned fans.

Then follow 20 Group Cards where the groups of heroes and villains are shown in their formations: this time fortunately the border is not invasive but narrows on the right side of the card giving the impression of width and fortunately sometimes the characters go beyond the image to them dedicated and cover part of the edge: this is a choice that allows us to highlight the protagonists and what should also have been done with all the other cards in the collection.

Sometimes the 25 Versus Cards return instead: we had already seen them in the Marvel Versus collection, in fact, a collection released in 2021: don’t worry, the protagonists are different from those that could be found in those sachets, we went to check. These cards work much more than the basic ones: the protagonists are the villains and the chiaroscuro of the border, quite subtle this time, helps to highlight the characters, many of whom are framed very closely and with colors that go well with the margin.

The 10 Face Off Cards are what the basic cards could have been for us, with the images finally full-card and very different from each other, capable of satisfying both lovers of details and those of body-to-body challenges framed by points of view. very close views: it’s a shame there are only 10. Also in this case the upper border could perhaps have been avoided, keeping only the lower one with the name of the collection. The holographics and the shiny/matte effect do their job, making us forget that the cards have no processing.

Finally, the 15 Alter-Ego Cards: the idea of ​​putting the character in his everyday guise on the same card in the upper part, such as Doctor Bruce Banner, and his hero alter-ego in the lower part is very nice. , in this case Hulk: appearing almost like an identity card this time the border is appreciable and not at all annoying, demonstrating the fact that if you wanted to maintain a border in all the cards you could have done so by obtaining better results.

The 5 Limited Editions remain and here too the artwork is completely covered by a glitter holography which does not allow you to fully enjoy it, resulting almost annoying, to the point of not even being able to see the image depending on the reflection.

In short, this collection is a great wasted opportunity. Marvel fans will appreciate some little things and still the chance to collect all the favorite heroes and anti-heroes. An unforgettable collection is something else entirely. Seeing the work done with this collection compared to that of the Top Class collection, with only 50 cents more per pack, is quite surprising: in that case all the cards had a beautiful workmanship with even all the different backs that in this case case are very standard.

We would have expected a product similar to last year’s Super Mario where more or less in this period one of the best collections of the year was released even if at double the price, this is true: however the result would have been the same as with Super Mario, that is , the feeling of having spent your money on a collection that was truly worth it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case this time. Such a pity. If you want some advice: buy the starter pack, where you can find the checklist with all the images of the cards, this one at least done really well: so you can decide whether you want to collect or not.


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