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AZZURRI Adrenalyn XL 2024 (Panini for Esselunga)


album: Azzurri Adrenalyn XL 2024 (Panini for Esselunga)

cards: 108 (1 – 108) plus 4 extra

starter pack: album + 1 packet 3,90€

Packets: 3 cards per packet every 15.00€ spent at Esselunga

A collection of cards is back forcefully at the supermarket! Undoubtedly he does it in great style given that the topic is one that probably touches the greatest number of chords, namely football and specifically our national team, or rather, our national teams given that both the women’s and men’s teams have the same space in this collection.

It is always extremely pleasant to find collections at the supermarket as they are not expensive, given that we all do the shopping, and they reach many people, even those who are not collectors and would never buy a collection like this on newsstands, so it is usually easy to find someone to trade and complete collections with.

If we want to evaluate some negative points we can identify them above all in the choice of the point of sale: Esselunga is not present throughout the national territory so, excluding Rome, from Arezzo on down all enthusiasts can only dream of making this collection.

The cards are in full Adrenalyn XL style and we believe that this is a very specific choice by Panini: associating the Adrenalyn XL brand with this collection allows you to make the cards known to those who don’t follow them, perhaps they might be led to buy them by seeing them on newsstands in the future , or why not at the supermarket itself, while it is captivating for those who already know and collect the brand as they already know what it is.

The 42 basic cards have an elegant blue background themed with the national team, although the background is obviously computerized it is eye-catching and the print is clean and extremely sharp, with the rough background and the figure of the footballer shiny. The graphics of the 36 sapphire cards are interesting, where apart from the uniform the footballer is in black and white and the young people or in any case the male and female footballers who have recently entered the national team are shown. We therefore have 3 goalkeeper cards and 7 blue wall cards, with the same shiny and metallic holography, where the goalkeepers and seven pairs of defenders are depicted.
For the 10 star cards there is a unique, geometric and kaleidoscopic graphic, with beautiful workmanship that leads to an appreciable final result. Finally, there remain 8 top player cards and 2 blue storms which have the same graphics as the Holo Giants cards from the Top Class collection, i.e. the Panini wording repeated endlessly within a holographic one that highlights the protagonist of the card

Another point in favor of the collection is that the players have been carefully chosen: in fact, it is highly probable that the 23 players that coach Spalletti will select for the European Championship will all be present in this collection, barring any last minute problems. In short, Panini is doing everything it can to remove attention from the official Topps collections for the European Championship and it is probable that, also thanks to the lack of attention paid by Topps to some of its products, it will be able to take away a portion of the Italian public.

The main advantages of this collection are to bring people who normally do not collect together and the sachets that do not have to be purchased but can be obtained while shopping, for those who have the possibility, given the presence of the supermarket only in some areas of our country. This is why we feel like promoting this idea and the commitment that Panini has put into it: if it had been a collection on newsstands it probably wouldn’t have been worth it, but as it is we welcome it.


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