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Paninipedia – DINOS (Panini)


album: Paninipedia – Dino (Panini)

stickers: 204 (1-191, X1-X13)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€

blister: 5 packets 3,50€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

The great return of Panini educationals? It seems so. But what are educational albums? Erroneously, in the world of sticker collecting, all albums that are not sports are considered as such. Almost as if they wanted to put football and other things high and everything else of little importance. Luckily this is not the case, but it is right to make some necessary differences. The educational term brings us back to school and study times and are precisely those albums that have or can have a purpose of study and knowledge, beyond passion, which can be sports or for cartoons, comics, films, YouTubers or other .

Up to this moment the only recent albums to have an educational approach have been Amici Cucciolotti and Artonauti, both splendid which we support with every release. What was missing was for Panini to take a step in this direction, after interesting but fairly self-contained albums in recent years.

Panini has the potential, the capacity, the possibility of making a difference and it does so by launching not a single product but a real series that recalls the legendary and fundamental collections of the 60s and 70s. However, they had started even before, since the post-war period. If it’s an attempt, let’s hope it’s successful and let’s hope it gets the right response from the public.

From this point of view, Panini also makes an appropriate and necessary choice, the cost of the sachets is the lowest among those offered by the Modena company. The stickers are of superior quality, large format, at a low cost (0.70 per pack for 5 stickers). Probably with the aim of also being able to enter schools, to help younger people learn through stickers. Just as their parents and, even before that, their grandparents did.

Also winking at collectors, in the hope that someone (we are among them) will embrace the idea not of a single album but of a series that examines themes that are distant from each other but which can all be under the same umbrella, that of culture, science, history, teaching. The partnership with National Geographic works in this sense, putting yourself in the hands of those who, without a shadow of a doubt, can contribute to creating something suitable and compliant with the topic addressed.

Naturally you make a careful choice by playing it safe with the first release, Dinosaur albums are always of great attraction for children. Here, however, we are not talking about Jurassic Park (where Panini has also included educational details over the years) but about prehistoric animals, their natural habitat and their characteristics.

Learning while having fun, this is the formula of educational albums and it works! Not only for children but also for adults, our invitation to parents is to help their children attach the stickers, accompanying the little ones through the pages so that it is a playful activity full of content.

Absolutely engaging album, every single page has its own structure and its own logic that allows the whole to be complete. Important but not overwhelming captions, the hope is that children will read them (hence our invitation to parents or grandparents to get involved), the stickers are dynamic and varied.

Naturally it is an interactive album, the pages are nice and different, where the complete with stickers allows you to help recognize the animals. Some aspects that are often considered minor are also important, for example the geographical location of the dinosaurs. It would be wrong to think that we were talking about a single place where all species lived, an error that can easily be made if we take the films as a reference.

The Paleo Quizzes make their appearance throughout the album and are rightly interspersed with more technical pages, it’s impressive to think about how many different dinosaurs populated the earth, for example. There are really effective details that make the album even more fun, such as the page dedicated to the strangest dinosaurs. Panini does not forget the success of the Jurassic films, a special chapter for the Tyrannosaurus Rex is inevitable.

Central poster with the dinosaur family tree. It is always a good choice to have central pages that can be opened but without the need to detach them. This also helps keep the album intact, as this central presence reinforces it. However, the album paper is quite good, considering that it is of a glossy type, certainly above the Panini average.

Among our favorite pages is the one dedicated to footprints, but really making a selection of what doesn’t work in this album is difficult. In an era of useless, limited cards, special editions, figurines soon to be made of human skin (or dinosaur skin…), finally an Album where the “a” is not capitalized by chance. Low costs, total number of stickers just over 200, no money-sucking modernism, general quality above average, certainly among the products of the year. Hoping that the continuation will maintain the same line, if so we will continue to support it!


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