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THE SMURFS 2 (Tridimensional)


album: The Smurfs 2 (Tridimensional)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 4,90€

box: 30 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

There are cartoons that have a limited duration in time, others know no age, they certainly renew themselves, adapt to changing times, but they are there and will probably always be there. Even more so than characters like The Smurfs, born from a successful comic series, which over time have also become collector’s items. Who has never had a Smurf toy at home at least once? Or tasted Smurf ice cream or much more.

The album follows the first collection released last year which had given excellent sensations, captivating graphics, colorful pages full of details, the Smurfs in their maximum splendor, at least the current one, created with computer graphics. We hold onto the Smurfs designed by Pejo, but we understand that to keep up with the times, we need to live them in some way.

You immediately notice the increase in the cost of the packet, which has gone up to 1 euro as many publishers do. It certainly helps you avoid having to deal with too complicated bills and bills when you go to the newsstand, but it is still a significant expense. In reality, completing the album costs less than the previous one. This is due to the fact that despite the higher cost of the packets, the stickers went from 210 to 160, so we are not very good at mathematics but the overall budget should have remained unchanged if not even decreased.

The album has a nice layout which traces the calendar year, from January to December. Each month naturally has its own characteristics and the stickers and Smurf friends remind us of this. If we think about February for example, what comes to mind and which Smurf could be the right one? Valentine’s Day is the most popular theme for the month of love, but incredibly you will also find Gargamel’s big face!

However, the columns are numerous and quite entertaining: ideas from the diaries of some of the most famous Smurfs, of course they can’t all be there; special events at the village and much more. The strength of this album is the variety of pages and stickers contained, special and many shaped. Along with quizzes, interactive games and more. Surely boredom cannot be part of this album.

Central page with the “best of” of the most famous Smurfs, do you remember them all? It’s a page that leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth because partly with the stickers printed on the album, on the other hand it would have irremediably increased the total number of stickers to attach and consequent increase in costs. So we easily forgive Tridimensional. A little less so due to the poor quality of the paper, although it is the matt version which often leaves fewer problems than glossy paper, in this case it is not very suitable, in some ways it almost seems as if it has picked up moisture.

In general, an album that confirms the good intentions of the previous one, certainly helped by the charge of the little blue men who are impossible not to love, even when opening the packets, you’re likely to smile when you look at the stickers. A collection that will certainly have its large number of fans, including children, sticker collectors and Smurf enthusiasts, we are among them!


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