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STITCH (Disney)


album: Stitch (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-167, X1-X19, A-F)
starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€
blister: 5 packets 4,90€
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Sometimes they come back! To anticipate the release of the live action produced by Disney by about a year and a half, Panini is offering an album of stickers dedicated to Stitch, the funny alien who is the protagonist together with the little girl Lilo, of the film Lilo & Stitch dated 2002, 22 years ago. Stitch is one of the most beloved and adorable Disney monsters, who inevitably captures the hearts of all those who watch the film with his conquered humanity and sensitivity, despite being an alien, obtained through his relationship with little Lilo. Various spin-offs then followed the film, including a questionable Japanese-style adaptation which saw the light in 2008. In all these years, as we were saying, the affection for Stitch has never been lacking and the production is certainly pleasing of an album dedicated to him.

The paper of the album proves to be very good, and is once again proof that Panini decides to save mainly on the paper of the Footballers’ albums: rough and thick pages, very colourful, well balanced, some with lots of space to attach the stickers, in some double pages as many as twelve should be attached, others with descriptions and texts that help to remember or get to know the protagonists.

The album is not a journey through the film or the various TV series that followed but a general approach to the world of Stitch, which introduces us to friends and antagonists, some of their adventures and some characteristics of the characters, furthermore the feelings of friendship and affection that bind, for example, Stitch and his crush, Angel. The central poster is also good where there is no shortage of interactions with the album, as are all the other pages with games or drawing suggestions.

In addition to the classic still images taken from the film, there are many stickers in different graphic styles that represent the characters in very different ways, with various drawing styles that are truly appreciable, thus breaking the potential monotony that stickers dedicated to a film that has been out for so long. So we can see Stitch in his 3D version, or in black and white, or drawn with very thick outlines or in a Hawaiian pose with different colors. The special metallic figurines are always pleasant, also present in a mirror version. The holographic ones on an already colored surface are less pleasant because it is an effect that is rarely seen and which does not add much to the figurine. Adding the poster stickers to the main ones gives a total of around 190 stickers, the right middle ground for an album like this.

Let’s get to the really painful notes. The cost of the packet has reached 1 euro but what is the reason for this increase in costs, even seeing the cost of the packet on the Paninipedia album dedicated to Dinosaurs drop? There are no extremely special stickers, there are no limited edition cards to “justify” this price. The cost of 80 cents per packet was already enough and the fact that boxes containing only 24 packets are insistently offered justifies the complaints even more. If someone could hope, with a box of 50 packages, to complete the album by buying 2 of 24, although it is technically feasible, it is absolutely impossible for this to happen, therefore despite an investment of 50 euros it will not be possible to have even remotely the ‘complete album.

It is necessary for Panini to stop squeezing its customers and collectors, as much as we can thank it for the quality products it must also come to our aid, allowing, for example, to complete the album with the purchase of a box, if this increase of the price of the sachet is so necessary. It is highly unlikely that a family could think of buying more than one sticker album at a time if these are the costs, and it is a shame because stickers are, also and above all for children, a healthy passion that can help them stay a little ‘ more in the present time than attached to a screen.

Stitch is certainly a positive character and has been missing from our newsstands for a long time, so if you are willing to spend what you need for the album you can run to the newsstands to get it, if you are his fan and you missed him you won’t regret it.


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