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album: Ninna e Matti 2024 (Idea Lab)

stickers: 164 (1-164)
starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€
box: 40 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

There’s no two without 3! For the third consecutive year, the album by Ninna and Matti, one of the most successful couples among those coming from the world of YouTubers and challenges, is back on newsstands. As happened with the previous two, it is difficult to know what will arrive on newsstands between now and December, but the album created by Idea Lab is a candidate to win its category in the Top Chart again this year!

In large part it is thanks to them, in part it is also thanks to the competition which has produced unsuitable and rather questionable products.

Dinsieme, after an excellent first album released in 2020 for Tridimensional, last year we saw a new album produced by Panini which was a sensational flop. In reality it had very interesting contents, but too many stickers, cost of the pack above average, even the hardback version while the same service was not designed for albums with a more suitable and also more available audience.

A few weeks ago, we also believe Diramix took a step too far with the 10th anniversary album of MecontroTe. Stickers + Card with a cost to complete it that is similar to certain football albums and a series of ultra limited cards that are practically impossible to find, unless you give up your holidays and buy packs of stickers.

Ninna and Matti and Idea Lab say thank you, as happened last year with Dinsieme by Panini, we believe that this time against the more aggressive MecontroTe (still among our favourites) by Diramix, we believe they will win again.

Let’s dispel a myth or perhaps even a belief of sticker publishers, it is not necessary to always think of monumental albums, cards, extra stickers, limited ones, etc. Sometimes the classic wins, but it isn’t classic in the end.

Ninna and Matti’s album does not deny the 2022 and 2023 editions, it returns with a similar format, with a limited total of stickers (indeed, below average!), with fun interiors, special stickers, but no editorial proposals that leave the time they find. We don’t know if the line is the publisher’s or the two guys’, but it’s the winning one.

Not only that, while almost all the others offer 1 euro packets with 5 stickers (or 4 stickers + the often useless cards), Idea Lab confirms the proposal of 6 stickers per packet. Not only that, with the box of 40 sachets you get very close to completing the album (perhaps the luckiest ones succeeded, but not us) and therefore for a cost of 40 euros you have the album and (almost) all the stickers. The chance of finding fewer doubles is inversely proportional to the number of packets the box contains. The many people, including us, who complain about the new trend of 24 packet boxes know something about it. The cost to complete an album, especially if it contains cards, becomes exponential.

The album tells a long story that revolves around the inauguration of an Aqua Park, in fact fish are also the protagonists. It is a well-calibrated choice that allows for a general cohesion of all the pages of the album, although different from each other. As already seen in the past, pages with real characters and comic book ones alternate. It is a successful alternation, already seen, but always effective.

The stickers are of good quality, here too alternating our heroes with the comic images. Nothing sensational but everything extremely pleasant, thanks also for having added the usual shaped figurines which are our passion.

A successful, complete album, because 164 stickers in total does not mean cutting out the contents. Ninna and Matti are always nice, who knows, maybe poker will happen in 2025!


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