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album: Rainbow High (Panini)

stickers: 170 (1-170)
starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,90€
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

The protagonists of Rainbow High have landed on Panini stickers! Each of these girls has a different passion, which by arriving at Rainbow High she intends to pursue and improve more and more, from music to make up artists, from fashion to digital media, from photography to cinema. Of course, once upon a time we dreamed of being a veterinarian, an astronaut or a footballer but we must also accept that the world has moved on and that perhaps these have become clichés.

The girls arrive in Italy for the first time in March 2021 on Youtube with 5 minute episodes each with the seasons still continuing and can also be found on Netflix from April of the same year. For those born in the 90s they might remember the Bratz, at least in their features, with these important eyes and the heads a little exaggeratedly larger than the body.

The main product in toy shops are dolls, full of accessories and the same goes for stickers. The album is of excellent workmanship: the paper is opaque, thick and pleasant to the touch. The colors of the protagonists contribute to making the stickers a pleasure for the eyes, all the special ones have the rainbow effect, nothing more apt given the collection, and the choice to maintain a mostly white background for the pages of the album in order to make the stickers stand out even more, which are large in size, suitable for the album and the protagonists, they give great satisfaction when unpacked. Some of them may resemble photos from a school yearbook.

In the pages of the album we retrace all the girls’ passions one by one and we are offered challenges that concern them: for example we can write a song, a newspaper article or design a dress. The album is made to be written, therefore interactive, and certainly allows adults to play independently or compare themselves and even the little ones to play with their parents. The space dedicated is adequate for the difficulty of the challenges, as it takes up practically half a page but is not heavy, on the contrary.

The central poster is very rich, where the stickers from 116 to 170 are placed and, using shaped stickers, we can dress the students. Small negative note, perhaps rather than the stickers to fit together it would have been nice to have the stickers with the dress and with the remaining transparent part, like the stickers of some time ago, which would also have allowed, if desired, to attach the double stickers elsewhere practically becoming a sticker in itself. Inside, the spaces must be filled with colorful stickers, all with a special rainbow effect.

The album, with different color shades but the cover is the same as that of the Officina Edicola cards released in 2022, proves to be a solid product, which allows you to become familiar with the protagonists and with what they would like to convey in a world that it goes extremely fast. Therefore, if you already know them you will surely appreciate this product, otherwise, it is a good way to get closer.


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