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album: Calciatori Adrenalyn Titans 2024 (Panini)

cards: 261 (1-261, H1-H24) + 5 cards limited edition +3 cards momentum
starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 2 cards limited 9,90€
starter pack deluxe: ring binder + box 24 packets + card limited 39,90€
box: 24 packets (5 cards per packet) 1,00€ each
blister: 5 packets 5,00€

We have now reached the third edition of the Adrenalyn XL Titans cards! These are the cards that have been with us for three years as a natural continuation of the Adrenalyn collection, for which it was necessary to find a way to update given that with the release in August the squads often do not reflect those of the Serie A teams at all With this ploy, Panini has found a way to keep the collection updated and to make a second release, with fewer cards, an aspect that should not be underestimated because it makes completing the collection less expensive in every sense.

All cards maintain the shiny or mixed holographic glitter effect, shiny on the player and opaque on the rest of the card. Graphically they are an explosion of colours, perhaps difficult to digest for long-time fans but certainly attractive and very captivating for kids.

The composition of the collection is interesting, it remains light but still manages to cover many gaps and many areas that are impossible to predict in August. This year too, its composition is confirmed: each of the 20 Serie A teams has 9 dedicated basic cards: the classic 3 steel wall puzzle cards, beating heart and stellar attack, two Top Impact footballers where the card shows the statistic for which the player was important during the first round for his team.

The 4 most interesting cards in our opinion: for each team there is an Adrenalyn Legend where one of the players who has appeared in the Adrenalyn collection for the longest time is shown, with the first year of appearance, the references to past collections are always interesting. Then there are the leader cards, where the captains are immortalized. Finally, two cards dedicated to young people, both in terms of age and appearance in the Serie A championship: the next gen where talents born after 2000 find space and the rookies where there are players who take part in the championship for the first time Serie A championship.

Next we have the new signature cards which allow you to have even more updated cards given that they include the most important signings of the winter transfer market; even if for some years now we have become accustomed to very few fireworks, this year we can find interesting cards such as that of Jerome Boateng in the Salernitana shirt or young prospects such as Santiago Castro of Bologna or Carlos Alcaraz of Juventus.

Finally, like last year, the World Stars cards, with the most interesting footballers at an international level due to their possible participation in the European Championships or the importance they have for their national team such as Vlahovic or Rafael Leao.

The collection is completed by 3 pairs of puzzle cards dedicated to Bremer, Lautaro Martinez and Osimhen, indicated as the most impactful players of the first round, a card dedicated to Inter as winter champions, a card with 4 of the best young players and a with 4 established champions, also called Invincible Next Gen and Invincible Titans this year.

For the most demanding, there are three Momentum cards, which we have now learned to know, and the usual Limited Editions, this year with something new: in addition to the usual ones that will be released with the Bomber magazine, you can find an exclusive one by placing an online order, including a box and a deluxe album with rings to contain the collection. We have always said it and we continue to say it: these almost blackmailing tactics to complete the collection always make us turn up our noses.

A small note of demerit are the VAR cards: they take up a space available for the cards in the packs and are also quite ugly graphically, with players who are not real but reproduced on a computer and with just about ten different images. These cards try to make the dynamics of the game that Panini continues to heavily advertise more captivating: if from their point of view it is right to do so, from ours we can safely say that it is absolutely not the main part of the success of Adrenalyn XL, so we would have easily done without, in favor of an extra card in the packets.

Titans boasts some advantages that allow it to compete with other collections of cards released in the same period: they are updated for the winter market, they are born as a continuation of Adrenalyn XL, they cost 1 euro per pack, the number of cards to complete the collection it’s acceptable.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to collect them or not.


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