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TOP CLASS 2024 trading cards (Panini)


album: Top Class 2024 trading cards (Panini)

cards: 270 (1-270) + 36 Holo Giants
starter pack: album + 4 packets + 2 cards Holo Giants 11,90€
box: 24 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

Where to start talking about Top Class 2024? Panini decides to come out with a collection of cards at the moment in which Topps releases all the Euro 2024 products, throwing in their faces, as per good marketing logic, the 4 main national teams to which Topps does not have the rights, with the addition of Spain and the USA surprise, probably inserted to give diversification to the collection compared to the World Class stickers, given the presence of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay in the latter. It’s a flawless choice, the result of the competition. If the results are these, we can only be happy with this competition.

Panini gets carried away and produces a truly well-made collection: many samples, with their original shirts, many different types of cards, embellished with quite fine finishes and reliefs, which almost make the price of 2 euros per pack digestible, certainly much more than the 2.50 euros spent on a pack of Euro 2024 Match Attax from Topps.

On average, in a packet there are 4 basic cards and 4 cards from the various special sections. The backs of the cards are really rich and all different from one section to another, so much so that sometimes you risk not immediately recognizing which is the front and which is the back of the cards. The images of the players are always different so on some cards we can find up to 3 front images plus an even different one on the back, which is very appreciable given that it demonstrates commitment to creating a product suited to the objective and the selling price.

Panini doesn’t even exaggerate with the parallels: only the 8 Unbeatable cards can be found in 5 variants in addition to the basic white one: True Blue, Red Hot, Green Light, Royal Purple and Bright Gold, not bulky variants, which add just a touch of color to card. Among other things, cards of great champions, such as Haaland, Mbappè and Bellingham, so it can also be nice to be able to find one of these parallels, unlike the unknown defender, for example, of Turkey.

Going into more detail, we discover that the 135 basic cards have an embossed finish bearing the Top Class logo that embellishes them, completed by clear graphics that feature the players in their entirety, without cut parts. The basic cards make the protagonist footballer stand out well by adding the nuance behind the player who has a real background, of a stadium, in the middle of an action or a celebration. If we want, they vaguely recall the stickers from the Supercalcio albums released at the turn of the new millennium, making them more modern thanks to a new graphic style. On the back we find a posed image of the footballer and some statistics. The yield of these basic cards is very high, they are not secondary at all and have nothing to envy of the cards in the other sections: a pleasure to unpack them and discover what we managed to find.

The Electric section is the largest after that of the basic cards, with 27 cards: the triple gradient effect on the footballer is very nice, a little annoying that the legs sometimes seem separated from the body because the effect is intended to be that of lightning and in some cases it works well, in others very badly, however they are appreciable cards.

The Winner cards are very intriguing especially on the back: the black and white front with the color shirt and the holographic back, with the photo of the protagonist and some data on their main victories confused us as to which was the front.

The Rainbow Master, Magic Mix, Masterclass, and New Sensation sections are full of beautiful graphics and extraordinary footballers of our era, it is definitely worth buying at least one pack to discover them; especially the last two are colorful and particular and we never tire of mentioning the fact that the back is truly satisfying: almost like having 3 cards in one, given the various poses of the protagonist footballer.

The collection is completed by the aforementioned Unbeatable and the Pure Football card which presents the album cover in card form, a reference to the old American 90s card sets. It is important to point out that these sections do not have different rarities between them. The only thing that affects the possibility of finding one rather than another is the quantity of cards present in the section so obviously there will be a greater chance of finding one of the 27 Electric than one of the 8 Unbeatable.

Top Class is a curated collection: remaining in the cheap sector of the card market, it is certainly the best, the demonstration that even if you don’t have an event or an anniversary you can do a good job with the material you have available, a collection that is all It’s anything but listless and makes you want to discover it in every detail. It is worth pointing out that various products from this collection have been released in Germany so we recommend, if you have German friends or the possibility of traveling to Germany, to also retrieve the Tin Boxes where you can find various Holo Giants cards, 36 cards which are only an addition to a collection already complete as it is.


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