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FROZEN – 10th anniversary (Panini)

album: Frozen – 10th anniversary (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-156, X1-X36)
album 2,00€ (starter pack available in Europe)
box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each
blister: 5 packets 3,90€

10 years of Frozen. certainly the animated film and its sequels that found the greatest success among the Disney releases of the new millennium. Even the world of stickers has taken note of this, creating several more or less successful albums over the years. The release of this collection, rather than to celebrate the anniversary, has the impression of being a necessary act for Panini to maintain the rights to Disney productions, but new albums are always welcome, of course.

Note that it really is “frozen”, perhaps it’s just the batch of albums arriving in our city that have the damp effect, but if all the production were the same, the quality is really quite embarrassing. It confirms the somewhat erratic behavior of the Modena multinational which alternates products with more than acceptable paper (see the latest Dragon Ball) with others, let’s say, less successful.

As happened with the recent FIFA World Class, it seems that in Italy the starter pack will not be available but only the “priced” album. We are not fans of the starter pack at all costs, also considering that in this way we avoid using plastic (but Topps, for example, has been making them with recyclable paper for some time), but being a product that has a cost it would be the case of providing it worthy of the Panini name. This is not the case, unfortunately.

The basic idea is interesting and appreciable, a container album that traces all the adventures of Elsa, Anna and the other protagonists. No useless and expensive cards, a total of stickers that is not exaggerated (for us it is such when it does not exceed 200 stickers for similar collections) and a price per pack that is still within everyone’s reach. The non-presence of cards also applies to any limited ones, the blister packs of 5 packets contain only these.

Naturally it is an album without risk of spoilers, the story, or rather, the stories, are known by everyone and the album follows a path that is the same as the feature films. We then start with Elsa’s coronation and the secrets of the Ice Castle, followed by a journey into the woods to find the characters most loved by children, Sven and Olaf and to follow the rest.

The captions are necessary and act as valid previews of the stickers which do not seem banal to us, probably in part already seen in previous albums but in any case we did not have the clear sensation of something already familiar, apart from the story of course.

A separate discussion for the huge central poster, which contains 36 stickers, numbered . Children may not be particularly shocked by what happened, but for older collectors or more attentive parents, the only solution is to buy two albums with one where the poster in the center is left intact.

The successful idea of the collection is to propose it as a kind of guide to the places of the cartoon, the pages dedicated to this theme are the most successful, also due to the difference in the format of the stickers which makes the album less monotonous as it begins.

Overall an enjoyable collection, a must for Frozen fans and collectors of all previous albums. We hope that the insufficient quality of the paper is an increasingly sporadic occurrence in Panini productions.


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21 December 2019