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Match Attax – Euro 2024 (Topps)


album: Match Attax – Euro 2024 (Topps)

cards: 457 + limited edition + parallel + golden treasure + signed + relics
starter pack: album + 2 packets + 3 cards limited + 4 cards tactics 9,99€
box: 36 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,50€ each

As is known, Topps has acquired the rights to the European Football Championships and here, as easily predictable, is the collection of the Match Attax series dedicated to the competition. What many feared happened, if not worse: a collection of biblical proportions, full of gaps, for example the presence of various players who had been out of the national team for some time; for example Leonardo Bonucci, even represented as captain, or Mario Gotze, the golden goal for Germany at the 2014 World Cup.

The well-known lack of image rights, owned by Panini, of many national teams including some of the most important (France, England, Italy and Germany) leads to having the players of these teams represented with anonymous, unicolor shirts, recreated on the computer. We have not yet entered into the merits of the collection before we already notice Topps insisting on the complicated numbering of the cards, where each team has its own sequence (Italy’s cards for example go from ITA01 to ITA18).

By opening the game guide we discover a complicated and intricate world, made up of cards with impossible rarities and parallel cards, where the same card is represented in multiple colours. It’s nothing new, we have experience with it by now, but this time Topps has gone further: the impression is that this collection wants to position itself halfway between the cheap collections such as the Adrenalyn by Panini or the Turbo Attax dedicated to Formula 1 by Topps, and the premium collections, which are much more valuable and expensive, such as the Mosaic by Panini or the Heritage by Topps. There is a problem: it is a middle ground that does not satisfy anyone.

The question arises spontaneously: who is this collection aimed at?
Certainly not for lovers of sets to complete because there are so many cards with high rarities that the collection is impossible to complete; as if that wasn’t enough, others will be released, with updates, as well as having to chase all the Limited Editions that will be issued.
To the children? It doesn’t seem like it, children have fun with cards and stickers but they would have been happy with a cheap style collection, which would presumably have made even the “completionists” happy.
To collectors of Top Players or high-value cards? Not much because there are much more valuable collections than this one, which have higher costs, but which give you a better product that is much more appreciable and valorisable over time in terms of quality/price ratio.
It is also worth pointing out that the packets cost the same as the Match Attax Champions League cards with the difference however that they contained 12 cards, while in the Euro 2024 there are only 8.

At least the cards are of excellent workmanship in terms of materials, they do not peel or dent easily, as per good Topps tradition. The graphics of the basic cards are simple, slightly in relief, which is a shame because they end up acting as an outline for all the rest of the cards, going from being the beating heart of the collection to a mere outline for the parallel cards or cards of higher rarity than level of graphics are certainly appreciable, some may be liked more or less than others but in general they are quite good. The problem will be, for those who wish, to find them all.

When a new collection comes out on newsstands, the first feeling that pervades the collector is usually enthusiasm. Stickers and cards are a hobby and a passion, they bring only positive feelings. In this case, opening the packages and reading the guide that explains step by step how many flips you have to do to win a limited edition only triggers opposite feelings: it makes you angry and makes you lose the desire to make this collection.

Ultimately the collection is graphically appreciable, if we exclude the rights problem; However, we struggle to find other positive aspects. American-style collecting is not what we are ready for in terms of widespread distribution, it is better to maintain certain collecting models for high quality and elite cards, for collectors who want to have fun looking for the rare piece containing the signature or the piece shirts of contemporary champions.

Extra releases:
Tin Box booster in 3 colors with 3 limited exclusives in each box + 31 cards €9.99
Mega Tin Box in 3 colors with 4 limited exclusives in each box + 48 cards €14.99
Exo Pack 1 limited edition + 25 cards
Mega multipack 2 limited edition + 25 cards
Updates with mega multipacks, premium packs with additional new cards


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