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ME CONTRO TE – 10 years together (Diramix)


album: Me contro Te – 10 years together (Diramix)

Stickers: 185 (1-181, A-D)
Cards: 80 (C1-C80) + 10 cards memorabilia (1/10-10/10)
Starter pack: album + 1 packet of sticker + 1 packet of card 8,90€
Box stickers: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each
Box cards: 10 packets (8 cards per packet) 5,00€ each

“Beautiful but impossible” is how Gianna Nannini sings, more or less, and this is how MecontroTe’s latest album seems to us. The most loved and also the longest-lived in the world of YouTubers, if indeed they have reached the point of celebrating 10 years. Among the many meteors of this environment that sees characters born and disappeared practically every day, Sofi and Luì are still here and in great shape.

They are certainly convinced of this and they are right about it, but it seems they are equally convinced of Diramix, the publisher of MecontroTe stickers and cards since the beginning. 10 years have passed but so have many albums of stickers and cards, no one has as many albums as them, no one even comes close. For every film and every TV series there is a new album. To celebrate a decade they wanted to do something special, something exaggerated, relying on the couple’s rich fan base.

It can’t be otherwise, either Diramix have gone crazy or they truly believe blindly in the product and are playing all their cards. It’s not just one album, there are two, first the stickers and then the cards, to be kept in the appropriate slots inside the pages. A solution as simple as it is ingenious (given the necessary proportions we use the same method for ours solidarity stickers, too) which could also be used by other publishers, when you don’t want to make pockets in the plastic sheets.

The “soft” hardback album is also nice, the one by Cucciolotti immediately comes to mind and who knows if Pizzardi could also use the same solution for the cards, i.e. that they can find space inside and not in the boxes. In that case, however, we are talking about a collection of 460 stickers, and a more substantial and editorially complicated publication would probably be necessary.

To celebrate 10 years, the stickers are a varied overview of all the fun emotions that MecontroTe have given us. It is a curious and enjoyable journey also because it sees the two protagonists grow from carefree kids to adults, without however losing that energy that has always distinguished them. As well as other characteristics for which they are famous, from their travels, to their love of animals, tours, challenges and incredible costumes. Naturally interspersing pages and stickers between photographs and comics, another important detail that we have learned to appreciate since the first sticker album.

The album is therefore set not in chronological but thematic sequence. Followed by 80 cards that follow the same editorial line and as if it were a band’s album is a succession of “best of”, starting from their concerts, continuing with the clothing, up to the posters of the 5 films released so far. Yes, because the sixth feature film and, it seems, the last chapter of the saga has already been announced. So we will probably have, at the very least, one more sticker album.

Still not enough? Here is the total exaggeration, that is, 10 memorabilia cards, as big as a Kit Kat and with the particular feature of containing a part of fabric from Sofi and Luì’s clothes. There are those who collect the card with a piece of Leo Messi’s shirt, now you can also do it with MecontroTe.

From a collecting point of view we always say that everyone is free to spend their savings as they see fit but it is very unlikely to complete this set of 10 special cards, one present inside each box, even by putting 500 euros “on the plate”, this is the cost (10 boxes x 50 euros each), except not having the possibility of being able to choose the right packet in 10 different boxes and naturally hoping for a sensational fortune of finding the 10 different memorabilia cards.

In reality these 10 cards are an extra (well advertised in the album anyway) but even without them it is still an extremely demanding and expensive collection. We like how Diramix works and the products it offers, this time we have more than a few doubts. We wanted to give it a chance and bought both boxes hoping that there wouldn’t be duplicates and thus complete the album. If it had been, the total expense would have been around 100 euros, 40 euros for the box of 40 packs of stickers, 50 euros for the box of 10 packs of cards, 9 euros for the starter pack.

We actually didn’t even come close to completing it. We certainly live in an era where collectors are willing to make great sacrifices, publishers know this and often take advantage of it (it is the apotheosis on football-related products, but not only in those), we have some doubts that the target does not of the public but of the buyers of MecontroTe, i.e. the parents, may be as willing to make sacrifices as they do with, for example, the Adrenalyn cards, where however the common passion of father and son for football is played.

It could have been presented in a different way, for example by keeping the cost of the sticker packs at a lower price as well as that of the cards which is truly above average. However, credit must be given to Diramix for having created a high quality album, the stickers and especially the cards are of excellent quality, thick as they should be. Although this was among the reasons for the prices and perhaps, once the album is completed, the depth of the whole is impressive, who knows if Diramix have given it a try.

“Beautiful but impossible”, perhaps impossible, but certainly challenging on all fronts. It’s a bet, perhaps a risky one, Diramix certainly believes in it, MecontroTe too, we hope they win it but the doubts remain.


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