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ORIGINAL SQUISHMALLOWS stickers collection (Panini)


in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria 
album: Original Squishmallows (Panini)

Stickers: 188 (1-173, S1-S15) + 8 cards limited edition
Starter pack: album + 5 packets + 4 cards limited edition 3,90€
Box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each
Ecoblister: 5 packets + 1 card limited edition 5,00€

Squishmallow mania is raging from the United States! Collectible puppets that can be crushed and then regain their shape, colorful and with sweet, peaceful and relaxing features. They are certainly a product suitable for children but they are dangerous if they begin to like them as adults. For us collectors the desire to put them all together is always around the corner and in this case the Panini album can come to the rescue both for us and for the parents!

We have not been able to understand how far this craze has actually reached Italy: on the internet you can find almost exclusively American channels, both for exchanging puppets and for showing the sometimes impressive collections of American webstars. We are therefore not sure that everyone knows what we are talking about: could Panini have seen it too far?

In America the Squishmallows brand is very strong, so much so that it has had collaborations with McDonald’s with surprises in the legendary Happy Meals, with Pokemon with dedicated characters and an ongoing one with Puma and hundreds of other gadgets and accessories ranging from stationery to hair accessories and costume jewellery.

Moving on to the collection, inside the starter pack there are also 4 limited edition cards and if they had only been these it could also have been a nice idea: instead there are 2 other limited cards available randomly in the eco blister packs and 2 other limited cards obtainable only by purchasing the blister combo plus 5 Squishmallows eco boosters on the Panini website. A little too sincerely, even if we now have to resign ourselves to the fact that this is the policy on limited editions, but this does not mean that we will stop, in our small way, being a thorn in the side of sticker publishers, when we deem it appropriate.

The paper does not disappoint, the pages are thick, suitable for children to browse without getting too damaged, in the album there are several interactive games to enter more into the world of Squishmallows even if there could have been even more! The figurines are very colorful and there are also special figurines: classic brilliant, shaped, holographic with the colors of the rainbow and also the welcome and appropriate return of the furry figurines, particularly suitable for this specific album given the protagonists, (even if only 12 in total). On the other hand, the fact that there are so few makes them even more special!

Each basic sticker has the name of the protagonist listed so you can know them all. The size of the stickers is large enough to make handling pleasant even for children. In the album there are some pages dedicated to the most famous and longest-standing Squishmallows and others in which the so-called squads are presented to us, the Squishmallows are in fact divided into groups, our favorite is the food squad, made up of mallows and form of fruit, vegetables or various sweets. The pleasure of discovering them all is yours!

There is also a central poster where smaller stickers are attached, from S1 to S15, which create a nice colorful effect once filled. If your children like these soft and sweet squeezable characters, they will surely have fun with this album.


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