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MARE FUORI season 4 (Cocoricò)


album: Mare Fuori – season 4 (Cocoricò)

stickers: 192 (1-192)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

The beginning of this review is due to a reflection, also the result of the solidarity activities of Figurine Forever alongside the anti-mafia associations and the relatives of the innocent victims of organized crime and we do so by taking up one of our recent posts on social media.

There is a strong debate and also many, understandable and often shareable, criticisms of the many films and TV series that propose negative “heroes”. As far as we are concerned, we see it as an incredible opportunity to talk to younger people, to address with them the issues and tragedies caused by the mafia. A topic that certainly arouses interest in them because they watch it on television, somehow directing their interest towards reality, which is crude and lasts even longer than they can imagine.

Telling about the Carmine, Rosa, Pino, Edoardo who populate our cities, but also about stories of kids who lost their lives just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent victims of mafia violence. As was, for example, the Neapolitan Ciro Colonna, killed at just 19 years old, to whom, in collaboration with Maestri di Strada and Libera of Ponticelli, we dedicated Fumetto Card #38

The album is the logical consequence of the first which collected the first three seasons, so as to catch up and at this point the hope is that subsequent albums will be released. Without wanting to spoil anything, the fourth season is certainly not conclusive, in fact there are many situations still in progress. Speaking of spoilers, the advice is to browse the album and attach the stickers only after having seen the fourth season. Page after page the highlights of the 12 episodes are retraced, this doesn’t even allow us to go into too much detail.

However, many good intentions that we liked from the first one are confirmed, an album also set up as if it were a diary, as if the kids could glue onto the pages the photos of their favorite actors and the stories that moved them most. In fact, Mare Fuori, more than a TV series, is a series of stories that reaches the heart but also shocks. For the topics covered which should naturally then be developed in other contexts, such as schools. Mare Fuori does not provide answers, but rather food for thought.

In addition to the main characters in this new album, space is also given to those who have mostly appeared since the third season, but are not integral pages, in reality they intersect with other names and realities that populate the IPM. The captions are there but essential, they accompany a volume with a strong emotional impact through the large photographs which find a sort of “perfection” when the pages are completed with the stickers. More than the story of the TV series, it is worth underlining the emphasis given to the thoughts and phrases that contributed to making this serial famous and unique.

Love stories have ample space, probably assuming that among the many young collectors, many may be girls. Our favorites are Pino and Kubra, yours? If the presence of families and parents in particular is often, deliberately and dramatically, absent or on the contrary oppressive, the role played by police officers and IPM staff is very significant, as they are in some way a mirror of so many of us , with that strength of mind to always give lifeblood to hope, to the possibility of contributing to ensuring that these kids can choose a life other than the criminal one. Which however is not the only aspect of the series.

The publisher has also made choices that we appreciate in terms of the commercial proposal, in the packs there are only the 192 stickers necessary to complete the album, without extra stickers, while in the first there were 20 stick & stack stickers. Non-essential and often similar made it difficult to complete the collection, also considering the cost of the sachets. Furthermore, it probably also became a small problem for the publisher himself, who we think received requests for these missing stickers but since they were not numbered they were not easy to archive. Naturally it would have been much worse to add useless cards as happens in many other similar collections.

Quality album, in many respects, beautiful to cherish over time even when perhaps the stories of the girls and boys of the IPM of Naples will no longer appear on television.


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