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3.170 thanks FIGUCON!

Thanks FIGUCON! The counts of our day dedicated to all the stickers of the world have been completed, as always with awareness, historical memory and solidarity at the center.

The total collected was €3,170.00 which, within the Adotta Con La Figurina project, was divided as follows:

. €1,500.00 to support the Madabimbi Village in Tuleàr, Madagascar, equal to 5 of the 11 long-distance adoptions planned for 2024

. €360.00 to support Amnesty International

. €360.00 in support of Un Ponte Per, which has been working for peace and human rights in the Middle East for over 30 years

. €350.00 to support Porta Pazienza, the social pizzeria in Bologna, in memory of Michele Ammendola

. €300.00 in support of Maestri di Strada, Naples, to combat school dropout and help keep children away from the hands of the Camorra

. €300.00 to contribute to the reconstruction of the VIK Vittorio Arrigoni kindergarten in Gaza, Palestine, seriously damaged by bombing

Thanks to our volunteers, thanks to those who contributed directly with our solidarity stickers, thanks to those who donated their stickers and cards, thanks to our exhibitors, thanks to Estragon Club, thanks to everyone present on January 14th. FIGUCON returns on January 19, 2025!


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