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album: Amici Cucciolotti 2024 (Pizzardi)

stickers: 476 (1-460, MS1-MS8, T1-T8)P + 72 cards (1-72)

starter pack: album + 4 packets 2,80€

starter pack: hard cover album + 4 packets 4,90€

box: 100 packets (6 stickers + 1 card per packet) 0,70€ each

The “copy and paste” that we like. Entering the basic data of the new Cucciolotti 2024 collection (number of stickers, costs, etc.) was very simple, it was enough to select the part from the Cucciolotti 2023 review and report it in this one. It is not a small detail and has several interpretations, the excellent results achieved last year and a formula that has been appreciated. Only few details, in fact, changes, the number of packets present in the special starter pack with the hardback album, 4 packets instead of 8 last year. Not much, considering the general increase in paper and prices of other albums, the entire Cucciolotti collection remains absolutely unique and within everyone’s reach.

We have written about it on other occasions, Pizzardi’s choice to dedicate himself to just one annual album certainly allows us to dedicate time and resources to it, however the Milanese publisher has well known how not to sit back on his laurels and continues to work to find new themes and new ideas . We don’t have the historical memory to be able to say if a given page is repeated from previous years, but the annoying sense of “something already seen” is not part of the Cucciolotti collection. This does not mean that everything is different every year, it couldn’t be, but if some aspects are similar, they are not for the publisher’s convenience but because the collector would notice the lack.

2024 will be a year full of sports with the most important event in the world, the Olympics. In Paris you will meet athletes from all over the planet and for many of them it is often a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to leave their mark in history. The similarities between sporting activity and the animal world are continuous and daily, even in our most common sayings, the boxer with the eyes of a tiger, the runner as fast as a hare, etc. Now thanks to Amici Cucciolotti it is possible to find out who the potential champions are if one day our animal friends also organize the Olympics of Nature.

It is certainly not the first time that Amici Cucciolotti, or an album of stickers on animals more generally, sets the graphics with special classifications based on the characteristics, but in this case the choice is so marked as to make it an album that could also appeal to sports album collectors. The winning formula for an album is to make it truly complete only with the stickers attached, the empty pages must give ideas, provide suggestions but only by attaching the sticker will it be possible to have an answer. Some pages are a good example, a formula that we would have used more often in the album, indeed perhaps we would have made an entire album out of it, completely distorting the format of Amici Cucciolotti.

Luckily we are not the ones making these decisions; although at first the idea seems brilliant, in the long run it could be repetitive and therefore less effective. Furthermore, just as the official Olympics are not something separate from what happens around them (indeed, they have often been the ideal stage to claim rights and talk about peace and brotherhood), the Nature Olympics also do not want to be an excuse to abandon everything the rest.

Everything else which, in Pizzardi’s case, would be more than enough to make a second album. Instead, the album is only one and brings together many souls and many topics. We like the alternation solution, when we reached page 24 we thought that the “wild champions” part was finished, but instead it will return in other subsequent pages. But it won’t be the only one, the classic pages that are certainly appreciated by many also talk about our friends dogs, cats and even myths and mythology between dinosaurs and monsters.

Some people’s theory, not ours, is that solidarity must be done in silence. Wrong. Alongside the always necessary fundraising, there is perhaps a more complicated, but absolutely necessary aspect, that of raising awareness, information, and in the case of the environment even a change of gear. We therefore welcome the many pages which, through the stickers, tell not only the results achieved through the Cucciolotti album over the years, but who the organizations that Pizzardi supports are and how they operate, from Enpa and Plastic Busters to all the others, rightly mentioned.

It is not a form of self-celebration, it is the awareness of what has been done, what can be done and what needs to be done. Having made the necessary proportions, we certainly do not allow ourselves to be compared to a giant like Pizzardi, it is also the very soul of our solidarity stickers and of the Adotta Con La Figurina project. In this regard, a splendid surprise is found in the album Bebe Vio and the friends of Art4Sport which allows children and young people with amputations and disabilities to practice sports. Art4Sport was among the entities supported by Figurine Forever in 2023 and has also been confirmed for this year.

The pages dedicated to grandparents are not for overly sensitive hearts, in an era that seems to burn everything at the speed of light, it is important to always give weight to experience, of which our elderly are great guardians but who know, today more than ever, also live fully in the present. If the message to the little ones is to always dedicate some time to their grandparents, this also applies to children and to everyone. From this point of view, Amici Cucciolotti has understood it for some time, the album is distributed among children but also in nursing homes, in structures that host older people who know how to get excited about completing it. After all, for at least 80 years, everyone, at least once, has had a sticker or a packet to open in their hand. It is part of our tradition, our popular culture, our way of being. It’s not being a child again, it’s the awareness of having never completely stopped being one.

The stickers have always been an added value to the collection, it makes us think that even more than the pages and themes of the album, it is these that take up a lot of the publisher’s time in graphic preparation. Colorful and dynamic, different from each other, in the broadest sense of the term. Children, but also adults, will never lose the curiosity to open a sachet because at the end they won’t really know what to expect.

The collection of 72 cards follows the line of the last two collections and this is certainly a nice solution. Over the years the deck of playing cards becomes more and more substantial, we already have over 200 cards. The idea of ​​the separate box, as with other collections, doesn’t drive us crazy. It would be nice to have a hardback album that could contain them, as recently happened with Panini’s Tex and Mickey & Donald collections. At the same time, this could lead to an increase in costs and perhaps it would be counterintuitive to present plastic parts for an album that calls for its elimination. Furthermore, the big difference is that Cucciolotti cards are really created for playing (although many probably just collect them), those from other albums are beautiful to look at and keep, but they are not created for other uses.

Box of 100 packets, price per sacket the same as last year, no modern gadgets just to extract money from unfortunate collectors. Cucciolotti is a rich album of stickers and ideas, of good intentions and great results, of animals and little friends. It’s a sticker album and we love it (also) for this.


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