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album: The world of animals (Panini)

stickers: 224 (1-187, X1-X37)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,50€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

blister: 5 packets 3,50€

In 5 years, three Panini albums dedicated to the world of animals, in 2020 it’s the turn of “Animali” with a reference linked to the year on the cover as if it were a Footballers, in 2021 the unsuccessful experiment of “Rewild”, here too with some indications that it would have been a sequel. To date, there is no news, except for the release of this “Il mondo degli animali”, where it is written with great emphasis “see you at the next album!”. Who knows if it will be true…

The only certainty is that Panini will try again, following in the footsteps of those who dedicated all their efforts to creating the album par excellence dedicated to the animal world, we are talking about Amici Cucciolotti. This can be seen from a significant detail, compared to the costs of Panini packets which range between 0.80 and much more often 1 euro, in this case the sachet remains at 0.70 euros. Like the Pizzardi packets. A price that hasn’t really been seen in the Modena area for some time, if it’s a coincidence, we don’t believe it.

However, the album is of excellent workmanship, reminiscent of Mondadori’s Disney encyclopedias dedicated to the animal world where, in addition to a necessary didactic part, it was based on a less scientific and more direct language, making inroads into curiosities and special and particular characteristics. Considering the target audience to which it is addressed, the choice is obvious and so do the others. Speaking of similarities between the two albums, it is likely that the idea of ​​somehow connecting the albums to the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics is, more than a coincidence, a natural and functional logic.

A team of experts certainly worked behind the production, the subdivision by species or type (some very nice and successful) of animal was successful. It’s right to “play” with the fauna but also to give correct, concise but effective indications. A presentation for each animal which has the advantage not only of explaining its characteristics, sometimes its “sporting” qualities, but also of placing it in the right continent. An important detail that it would be appropriate for us grown-ups to rediscover too.

The world of animals is the classic album for the whole family, the presence of the adult next to the child is fundamental to go beyond just attaching the stickers but to understand, understand, who he is, what he does, how he lives (sometimes as he tries to survive) the protagonist of our little paper friend.

The photos in particular are of excellent quality and give substance to a well-produced album. The world of stickers is not just football, fortunately, but also much more. There are cartoons, comics, YouTubers, etc. but also that type of album collected under the term “educational” which has made the history and success of stickers since the post-war period.

Now there are much fewer educational albums on newsstands than there used to be, but on the other hand the quality has grown exponentially. On the animal world but also for example on the world of art thanks to the Artonauti series. We would also like to see albums dedicated to history, science, geography and flags from all over the world.

It is strange to note, once again, that on albums dedicated to children, the quality of the paper, matte rather than glossy, rises to a higher level compared to other Panini productions. The not insignificant detail, in our opinion, is the non-involvement of a supportive and social entity. We don’t believe in multinationals with a heart, but the release of this album could certainly be linked to one of the many organizations that work to protect the environment, animals, the sea, etc. A missed opportunity.

Tip: thinking back to the Disney educational encyclopedias of many years, and considering that Panini holds the rights to ducks and mice (as well as the vast majority of everything else), why not think about re-proposing a formula like this? With Pico De Paperis and Archimede and with them all the others who introduce children to the wonderful world of nature, science and history. Maybe not just on the cover… as we saw years ago in an unlikely album about spiders where Spider-Man was prominently featured on the cover and only on the cover.


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