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Fumetto Card #43: GIUSEPPE FANIN

100 years after the birth of Giuseppe Fanin, we are excited and proud to present the Fumetto Card #43 solidarity card, so as not to forget.

Giuseppe Fanin was born in San Giovanni in Persiceto on 8 January 1924. Coming from a family of farmers, he graduated in agriculture and chose to dedicate his knowledge and strength of mind to improving the lot of the workers of the land. The post-war years in the Bolognese countryside were very difficult and tumultuous. Pippo, as his friends called him, riding his beloved bicycle, had never wronged anyone or inflicted any violence.

On the night of November 4, 1948 he was cowardly butchered with blows from a bar, dying a few hours later in hospital without regaining consciousness. His trade union and human commitment was frowned upon by those who, blinded by a distorted vision of communist ideology, could not accept those who thought and acted differently. Joseph had always refused to carry weapons to defend himself, it was not acceptable, not even understandable, for him, a man of peace.

On 1 November 1998 in S. Giovanni in Persiceto, the cardinal of Bologna Giacomo Biffi opened the canonical process for the beatification of Giuseppe Fanin. In the name of Giuseppe Fanin there are realities in different cities that carry forward his ideals by working in the social field, his San Giovanni in Persiceto remains at the center. Starting from the famous Fanin Theatre, the work of the Municipality itself and the Giuseppe Fanin Social Cooperative which manages socio-educational services, also promoting the employment of disadvantaged people.

The drawing was created by Giuseppe Lenzone, who had already created for Figurine Forever the extra Fumetto Card of the students of Salvemini of Casalecchio di Reno. Giuseppe riding his bicycle, companion on many journeys between San Giovanni and Bologna and through the countryside between the workers. 100 years ago Il Giornalino was also born, the comic magazine distributed in Italian parishes. Giuseppe with the magazine in the bicycle basket, so we wanted to pay a small homage to a fundamental subject in children’s fiction.

We thank the Fanin Family for their collaboration. With the patronage of the Municipality of San Giovanni in Persiceto.


With this solidarity card it will be possible to support the Adotta Con La Figurina project and the activities of the Giuseppe Fanin Social Cooperative of San Giovanni in Persiceto

GIUSEPPE FANIN by Giuseppe Lenzone
Fumetto Card #43 – Card + Postcard

First numbered edition 100 copies

(1st edition numbered 1-100, copies available 11/100)

the postcards of the solidarity cards are numbered, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever.

An unnumbered version was also printed, mainly used for distribution to people involved in this project.

Due to a small printing problem on the postcard, it was necessary to reprint so that there are two editions numbered 1-100; in order not to waste material and resources, both editions were used and 170 total copies of the solidarity card were donated to the city of San Giovanni in Persiceto for direct fundraising through local distribution channels which will be indicated as soon as possible.