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Bologna Inter Juventus Milan Roma 2023/24 (Euro Publishing)


album: Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma 2023/24 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (I1-I30, J1-J30, M1-M30, R1-R30) each

starter pack Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma: album + 24 stickers 4,00€

starter pack Bologna: album + 24 stickers 2,50€

box Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma: 50 packets (5 stickers o 4 stickers + 1 card) 0,80€ each

blister Bologna: 5 packets 4,00€

The traditional albums dedicated to the Euro Publishing teams are renewed, having been released late this year and therefore arriving on newsstands at the same time as the Calciatori flagship. If it was the editor’s choice, we consider it rather unfortunate because the Panini album is capable of overwhelming anything else. If it is true that these albums were created to be “only for true fans”, Italians’ pockets are always rather empty and consequently families find themselves making choices.

Another aspect that Euro Publishing should consider is the low cost at which their material can be found in a rather short time. Patience is not a widespread skill among collectors, who always want everything immediately, but if one has the possibility of waiting, one can find the stickers at extremely lower prices. Greater control on the part of the publisher over where unsold boxes or those that have perhaps never been circulated end up would be useful, first and foremost for them. After all, if not even Panini cares about this aspect, imagine what a significantly smaller company can do.

Previously we wrote about the unfortunate choice (if such it was) to release these albums at the same time as Calciatori, on the other hand it allows us to make a comparison and note that, in some way, the monothematic albums are not a mere copy of Calciatori. Far from it, for example here we find the scores of the players with their careers who unfortunately disappeared in the Panini album.

Since the albums are quite similar to each other, both in format and internally, it was decided to do a single review. Only the Bologna album will be made separately, as the team from our city inevitably deserves particular attention from Figurine Forever.

We don’t focus too much on the stickers, as they are photos of the players we have already seen, some look the same as last year, but some details and contents differ and it is in those parts that, in our opinion, we can see extra work on the part of the team ‘publisher. Although we continue to think that, year after year, space could also be given to the history of the clubs and the great champions who wore the shirts.

Very large squads for all the clubs, each player has his own page and 5 stickers, 25 players for Inter, 24 for Juventus, 27 for Milan, 25 for Roma. The “Giallorossi” have a great photo in action, the others, in our opinion more effective, have posed photos.

For all albums 216 stickers, with stickers of the squad, page dedicated to the coach and each player, new arrivals, shirts, women’s team and youth teams, but with different details.

Bologna – The opening page dedicated to the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium is beautiful and will soon be completely renovated. There are 9 new signings for the club and the page with the three official shirts is always a pleasure. After 26 players, each with their own page, space for the Women’s team and the Primavera and Under 18 boys. No comments on the Esports page and the final with the Neptune mascot and the Technical Centre.

Inter – two pages dedicated to the victory in the Italian Super Cup, which we think will be given great prominence in particular due to the clear victory over Milan. Final pages with the Inter Campus project, born in the Moratti era and carried out all over the world and the 3 sticker photos of the curve, stadium and Milan. Even the youth sector and women earn a few more stickers than in the past and it is always good news.

Juventus – the last few years have been poor in victories for the Juventus club, this allows us to give space to other aspects that make the album perhaps the most interesting of the 4. The two pages with 16 stickers to celebrate the victory of the Italian Cup are appreciable by Juventus Women. The less conspicuous squad and the few arrivals allow us to give a lot of space to the Juventus world, from the youth teams, to the museum, to the stadium and more. Also to the Esport team which in our opinion is out of place in an album of footballers, but as said for the Footballers, we get over it..

Milan – 27 players in the Milan album and consequently less space for anything else, also considering the high number of new arrivals which limits the extra pages to a maximum. The page dedicated to the shirts is beautiful and intriguing and can be found here at the bottom, followed by the pages dedicated to the Milan Women and the Primavera team. A little too short to present the world of Milan, but after all, to keep the number of stickers unchanged, some players from the first team would have had to be eliminated so…

Rome – album distributed only in the capital or can be ordered through the Prima Edicola channel, as well as naturally from the publisher. Different graphics compared to the other albums, great emphasis on Lukaku’s arrival in Rome, which sparked the enthusiasm of the Giallorossi fans. If in other albums a lot of space is given to stickers, in this case we also have pages with simple printed photos. This happens both with the new arrivals and with Roma Women. This page is out of place and it is noticeable, instead of the printed photos we would have preferred the stickers of the women’s team, to the detriment of something else, considering that unlike the men they are the absolute protagonists in Italy and Europe. The page dedicated to the mascot Romulo is nice.

Each collection also contains 30 cards, very classic graphics which in our opinion are not a particular added value. The paradox is that they would be more suitable photos perhaps for the classic Calciatori which instead has turned to graphics increasingly similar to those of the Adrenalyn cards.

Useless and out of time albums? Let’s say no, for the fans they will certainly be fun to collect and considering the small number of stickers they can be a pleasant interlude while you continue to complete the Calciatori album. It’s a shame that no extra page has yet been thought of to be completed later with the early 2024 transfer market, in order to have a definitive vision of the season of Inter, Juventus, Milan and Roma.

Different story for the Bologna album which paradoxically becomes more interesting than the others and probably with a greater appeal but above all with a guaranteed success, although, on paper, the number of fans is much more localized and contained. The excellent season of the rossoblu club certainly creates the right enthusiasm to also become passionate about the stickers.


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