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WISH (Panini)


album: Wish (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-162, X1-X18)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers) 0,80€ each

Among the many thematic collections, there are certainly several people who collect all the albums connected to Disney films; if you do it, you should be proud of it! Compared to other productions, it is difficult for publishers to ever go below good levels and cartoons, albeit with ups and downs, often remain in the collective imagination, generation after generation.

The new Wish does not disappoint expectations, the album is enjoyable and fortunately it is presented in a formula without the useless and expensive cards, with the price of the packet remaining at €0.80. An old style collection that will surely be appreciated. As we often write, in this case it is better to go to the cinema first, because the album retraces the story told. At the same time, collecting it where you have seen the film can be a pleasant game with recent memories and perhaps see if your favorite characters remain so even among the pages and stickers of the Panini product.

The general quality is more than appreciable, the central poster for the X stickers also allows you to keep the album compact and the risk of pages coming loose is minimal. Panini itself meets this need by creating the central part that can be opened and therefore without the need to detach the poster from the album. The idea is interesting, if the pages of the album tell Asha’s story, the central ones ask the little collector to tell about her daily life, hopes and dreams. The presence of the calendar (be careful, it was not considered that 2024 must be added on February 29th, but there is space to write it in pen) and the possibility of completing the pages with drawings and more, alternating with our friends stickers, creates a perfect combination between the princess of the cartoon and.. the princess of the house.

Page after page we have the opportunity to experience the adventure with delicate and effective graphics, alternating with captions that keep pace without obscuring the protagonists, who are obviously our beloved figurines. From time to time we also find the pleasure of the legendary shapes which allow us to give even more color to an album that is still full of interesting ideas.

Every now and then a light but well made album, simple but interesting in content, is a panacea compared to the sometimes frantic search for a hyperbolic product which often, in the face of above average costs, does not respond with the same quality.

Everyone at the cinema to see the new Disney cartoon!


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