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F1 2023 (Topps)


album: F1 2023 (Topps)

stickers: 156 (1-156)

album + complete set stickers 25,00€

Topps does not change its mind and will also be offering the F1 sticker album on newsstands in 2023 in a complete set with all the stickers. After all, we can expect the world’s leading card publisher to push the collector towards these horizons. In the first two editions of the album (2020 and 2021) the formula was quite interesting, a contained album which with its 10 stickers per pack was quite simple to complete, the price certainly competitive.

Probably, we think, the project did not reach the minimum objectives to continue or more simply Topps did not fully believe in it, and still does not believe in it. On the contrary, it is along these lines that he wants to aim for the future, hoping that it will not also affect football. With the exception of the Mandalorian card series, Topps has literally disappeared from (Italian?) newsstands for some time now with non-sports products. We were hoping for something new with the latest Trolls film, but for now all is quiet.

This year, at first glance, there is however a clear improvement, with a more worthy format and the interiors also seem interesting. It’s a shame for the certainly low cost choice of bringing an album entirely in English to newsstands. Essentially, there is no continental European edition, there is only the British one.

It is not a trivial condition, considering the many captions the album is full of, not having the possibility to read the contents is absolutely a flaw. Perhaps it is irrelevant for Northern European countries, but for others, knowledge of the English language is not widespread and even less so for being able to read a text fluently. Italy, France, Spain, maybe even Germany. Continental Europe, in fact.

Looking at a possible educational aspect, at a reasonable price, the album could be used to help younger people learn the English language. A literary work is certainly better but you can learn even through small steps.

A good part of the album is dedicated to the drivers and the teams, the farewell to the miniature album certainly allows you to better enjoy the photos and the stickers themselves. Driver, car, helmet, statistics and sports results in a nice mix of writing and colours. We have chosen to show the Ferrari page, do you have any doubts about it?

If in the first part of the album we have a look at the circuits of the current championship, finally space is also dedicated to recent history or the recent past with the stickers of drivers who have made the history of F1. Prost, Mansell, Coulthard, Schumacher and contemporaries Hamilton and Verstappen. The choice of drivers is the natural consequence of an album designed mainly for the English market. Senna, Lauda, ​​Villeneuve, even Nuvolari and Fangio would have been happy there… like many others.

The choice to add thematic pages, which we agree with, took away the space for F2. Good paper quality, stickers collected in sheets and general result, considering Topps’ choices, acceptable. In Bologna, perhaps elsewhere too, they say “rather than nothing, it’s better rather”. It’s just a shame that we didn’t consider the other languages, perhaps it won’t have an impact on sales, but many risk being disappointed when browsing the pages.

The Moto GP album is better, without a doubt.


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