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Happy Birthday Figurine Forever!

Happy birthday! It is difficult to say the exact day Figurine Forever was born, perhaps January 26, 2015 when the Facebook page was opened, or when the Association was established, etc. So it was decided to coincide the anniversary with the release of the first self-produced solidarity sticker. By doing this we made ourselves a few years younger.

On 19 October 2019, the solidarity Celebrative Sticker #1 was presented in Bologna, dedicated to Angelo Schiavio, an unforgettable champion, including the world cup won in 1934. The project is in its infancy, too many are certainly being printed, they are not yet numbered, the graphics of the sticker are still in progress. However, it is the first step, an idea that was not thought to be able to take hold and develop in the incredible way that it has. Until today, 174 solidarity stickers and cards have been created, for a total of over 34,000 printed. All thanks to the graphic work of Daniele from Edizioni Amatoriali Qubotondo who knew how to combine his ideas very well with all the ideas and suggestions we proposed. Even Schiavio, as is right, saw the birth of a second edition, a different sticker, mostly folders, finally numbered both as number 1 and in its individual 109 copies.

The same splendid fate will befall the other Celebrative stickers printed with initial graphics and numbering not present, the aim is to no longer have non-numbered material in the catalogue. So in the next few months, until March 2024, the second editions of Celebrative numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 by Lev Jashin, Giuseppe Signori, Giacinto Facchetti, Dino Meneghin and Gigi Meroni respectively will be released.

And the copies of the first edition still available? While stocks last, they will be distributed with the ticket to FIGUCON 2024 scheduled for January 14th in Bologna and, if necessary, to other subsequent initiatives.

Not only that, many of you have asked for it and it will soon be a reality. Also at the eventOne in Bologna the album of solidarity stickers will be presented! It will be a bit of a book, a bit of a diary, many emotions, stories and memories of these first 5 years, covering the initiatives from October 2019 to October 2023 in around 300 stickers in total. There will be something to attack, but also to read and browse. It’s a monumental commitment but we’re already at work. The idea is then to create subsequent annual or biennial albums that can continue this first product, it clearly depends on the response. The print run will not be limited, in the sense that we will print other copies as needed BUT there will be a sticker, that of the FF logo which for each album will have a different sequential number and which therefore, in its own small way, will make each album unique.

The album will be exclusive to Figurine Forever members, in reality the overall cost of the work will also include the membership card, so there will be NO additional costs for our current and future members.

See you in Bologna in January 2024 and get ready for the next releases, November and December 2023 will also be full of new titles!


Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association

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