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SPIDEY and his amazing friends (Panini)


album: Spidey and his Amazing Friends (Panini)

stickers: 184 (1-169, P1-P15)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,50€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

The best youth! Sometimes you can’t help but notice the superior quality of albums dedicated to the very young audience compared to other products created for an adult audience. At the end of the day, if you think about it, the best albums of our lives are the ones we collected as children. They are the most intimate and indelible memories, it was also fantasy and dreams that dominated everything.

Spidey is an amazing album. For those who don’t know it, the story is the one already used on many other occasions, the superheroes in the kids version, it may seem like a stretch, but they work and the characters also become perfect for the world of merchandising, just go into any Disney Store. The sticker album is also welcome!

If you have read Marvel comics you will find it suggestive to rediscover imposing protagonists like Rhino or Hulk in a “mini” version… honestly this formula is more appropriate than the many and unlikely multiverses that have invaded the world of American comics (and films in recent years).

Fun is the key to understanding the album, alternating pages dedicated to presenting our (little) heroes with those that re-propose traces of the adventures of the television series. Another aspect to underline is the variety of stickers, a good number where you have to work hard to attach them correctly.

The collection was also born as a book of illustrations, somehow each page does not leave disappointed, children can have fun completing the games and filling the dedicated spaces with their own desires, so as to make every single copy of this collection unique. Above all, there is a clear feeling that the experience could be repeated, for the enjoyment of everyone, even the graphic designers involved in creating it.

The central poster is inevitable and adds nothing to the collection but if it wasn’t there everyone would certainly have noticed it. The stickers are larger than other collections, it is important to underline Panini’s choice to make this product cheaper than the average. Let’s forget the figures of the past, but in 2023 a collection with sachets at 0.80 is excellent news. The limited number of stickers and the simultaneous lack of useless cards allows the album to be completed quite easily. Thank you.

While waiting for the new Spider-Man album scheduled for Lucca Comics at the beginning of November, the Spidey for the little ones leaves his mark and our little fantastic friends are appreciated and loved. No matter your age, have fun collecting it!

Go Spidey go!


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