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ROBY (Witty Toys)


album: Roby (Witty Toys)

stickers: 210 (1-204, R1-R6)

starter pack: album + 2 packet 3,99€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,90€ each

The YouTuber and sticker album duo continues, broadening its horizons and involving new protagonists who also focus on this product. Not always with satisfactory results, but sometimes also due to ineffective editorial choices. In our opinion, albums of this genre must be simple, an absolutely positive term in this case, without too many stickers, with a low cost and without various exaggerations.

The simultaneous presence, at least in our experience, on newsstands of Ninna & Matti’s second album “against” Dinsieme of the Panini giant saw the former, deservedly and rightly, win hands down. Although, in terms of content, the second one was probably better, but it paid for the overall cost, between the price of the packets, the number of stickers and also the very questionable choice of the hard cover.

Speaking of Ninna & Matti, we really liked their two albums, this new one by the Palermo youtuber Roberta Alcamo aka Roby has many characteristics in common. So if the publisher Idea Lab of the previous albums is not mentioned, we have some doubt that they are always behind it. This album also has direct management from the YouTuber, which is certainly a demanding formula. With the Ninna & Matti albums we wrote several times to request missing stickers without ever receiving a response (and now the albums are there… sadly incomplete…), we hope to be luckier with Roby.

The album is certainly pleasant and fun, we haven’t had the opportunity to view all the stickers, but they seem entirely dedicated to the comic book characters. If you are curious to know what Roby looks like you will have to settle for the cover, inside there is only his animated version and that of all the other protagonists of his adventures.

A completely comic sticker album, can we ask for anything better? This allows you to give free space to your imagination, alternating the pages of a long adventure with more personal ones where Roby tells his story… or tells his character? Or are they the same thing? We can’t reveal everything! From the first pages we notice a remarkable graphic care and the search for a continuous connection between the author and her young fans, naturally through our beloved stickers.

You can have your own idea about this type of collections, but objectively it is a fresh and dynamic collection. It was created to be fun to complete and also to involve younger people who perhaps, in addition to thinking of one day being an astronaut or a doctor, may also dream of having their own sticker album.

Attention, the album contains 204 stickers but in reality there are 210! To those to be attached in the appropriate spaces, we add the R’s from 1 to 6 which you can place anywhere, perhaps right on the album or elsewhere. If desired, the total stickers are actually 215, as on the back cover there is also space for the five exclusive stickers that are attached to the book.

It is appreciable that the page in question is still valid even without these stickers, not forcing anyone to make an extra purchase. Definitely interesting album, candidate to enter our annual Top Chart!


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