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MATCH ATTAX Champions League 2023/24 (Topps)


album: Match Attax Champions League 2023-24 (Topps)

cards: 530 (1-499, SH1-SH18, EN1-EN9, T1-T4) + limited editions

starter pack: album + 3 packets + 8 cards limited 3,90€

box: 36 packets (12 cards per packet) 2,50€ each

Football card collections, especially Topps ones, are a clear break with the past. They are not created to be completed, unless one is satisfied or unless one goes after the many parallel exits. Panini is doing the same, it will be the trend, if they do it it’s because the market demands this.

Sometimes we ask ourselves how many are left with the goal of a complete album, whether this concept resists in stickers (for how long?), in cards, especially sports cards, the path taken is now another.

The collection of the Champions League + Europa League + Conference League could not however be defined as complete starting from the concept that it does not present all the clubs, unlikely given the total number of teams, but for example Juventus is also present which does not compete in the cups for the reasons that we all know. If it is true that the collection was probably prepared several months ago, at least in the Italian edition it was possible to avoid putting Pogba on the starter pack. Not only that, considering that Inter, Roma and Fiorentina were finalists in their respective cups, wouldn’t it have made more logical sense to include Lautaro Martinez or Dybala?!? Among other things, we believe that Pogba was an excellent footballer but at the moment, for some time, he has not been considered a point of reference even by Juventus fans.

A collection perhaps interesting for fans of English football, partly Spanish and German, with the top clubs having 18 basic cards, the Italians only 9 cards, with the absence of Napoli, but it is nothing new.

For card fans, a valid album in terms of graphics, Topps is still more than a step ahead of Panini, but it remains a collection, especially for the Italian fan market, of little appeal. Find all the cards? Aside from the autographed ones and the Zen card, which is expensive but not impossible, you just need to follow the various (many) related releases, including the Advent Calendar.

In search of the most loved footballers, for the first time, after many years, without Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Haaland? The special card is in the packages on sale in the Display Boxes of newsstands, one every 500 packets… good luck!


Booster Tin – 42 cards + 2 cards limited
Mega Tin – 66 cards + 4 cards limited
Mega Multipack – 48 cards + 2 cards limited
Eco Pack – 36 cards + 1 card limited
Countdown Calendar
4 Update Multipack
Cards limited available only on Topps website

Good luck also with Topps’ missing stickers service, active for this collection from June 2024 (i.e. 9 months after release), hoping it works better than in the past.


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