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L.O.L. Surprise – We are queens! (Panini)


album: L.O.L. Surprise! We are queens! (Panini)

stickers: 188 (1-172, P1-P16)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 3 cards limited 3,90€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

“The world seen through the eyes of a child” sang Eros Ramazzotti many years ago. The same concept can also be considered for sticker albums. L.O.L. it is certainly one of these cases, think of the happy and dreamy look of a little girl even just looking at the starter pack of this album full of colors and characters with big eyes and an overwhelming smile.

It is starting from this reasoning that we can approach the review of an album of this genre, it is not a point of view but a suggestion. Let yourself be overwhelmed by innocence and let yourself go, for once again, becoming children again.

The L.O.L. and the world of stickers is a relationship that has been going on for years, with mixed results, but surely if we still find them on newsstands they will have something to say (and to sell…). First we had the stickers, then the cards, then (no.. thanks) the stickers together with the cards, now we return to a more traditional album of stickers only and with a cost which is, although significant, among the lowest on the market. market. One packet, 5 stickers, 0.80 cents. It feels like we’re back in 2018!

Not only that, the stickers are large, but the variety of the stickers also makes the difference, 60 special out of 176, but the captivating graphics cover the entire collection. If we want we can also define it as a meaningless album, that is, one that doesn’t have its own path, this on the other hand makes each page a small solo adventure.

The central poster is very nice, a particular choice was also made so that only one side contains stickers, but perhaps that has its reason. It may seem to you that this review is going nowhere, a set of words and concepts without explaining what album it is. It’s intentional, if you know how to go back to being children you can find out for yourself.

Speaking more generally about Panini, there is an aspect that we cannot fail to underline and that we had already noticed in the past. For a product intended for the little ones, who theoretically are not particularly attentive to details and particulars, an album is created with excellent quality paper, the central insert even more so. For other products, intended not only for an adult audience but above all for many potential collectors, we cannot even remotely notice the same care.

You almost have the feeling that around Modena there has been a short circuit going on for some time or, simply, at Panini they are great admirers of wine Lambrusco and make good use of it 🙂


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