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ONE PIECE: The new world (Panini)


album: One Piece: the new world (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-164, H1-H12) + 50 cards (C1-C50) + 5 cards limited

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 2 cards limited 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets + 1 card limited 5,00€

album hardcover + 3 packets + 1 card limited 19,90€

Good news from the second album of One Piece and some not good but already expected. In an increasingly global world, someone turns up their noses when they see that this collection comes out in Italy months after the rest of Europe (and the world), it had already happened with the previous Summit War. Honestly the point is rather “the important thing is that it comes out!“. Since it’s not a sports album therefore strictly connected to the times of a season of events, one can also wait.

Compared to the first album we find the great novelty of the hardcover edition (a novelty for Italy, to tell the truth) and the presence of 5 limited cards. The rest is pretty much in line and that’s not a bad thing. Too many cards? You have already understood how we think but, compared to other collections, here we can also digest them.

The limited number of stickers is excellent, 176, eight fewer than Summit War. In an era of boxes of 24 packets, it seems to us the right solution, also considering the cost of the stickers. The problem is that it is poorly suited to the presence of 50 cards which will surely create many problems for those wishing to complete the album and also considering that it is always possible to order only 5 missing cards. On this extremely low number, dear Panini, it would be time to rethink.

Advice for parents: the goal for the children is to complete the album with all the stickers. Pass the cards as a game and if you don’t find them all, be patient. Naturally a different matter for the more adult collectors and Panini clearly focuses on them. The 5 limited cards, paradoxically, seem easier to find. By purchasing the starter pack and the hardcover, you are sure of having 3 out of 5, the other two are rotated in the blisters, you will probably find many double copies of the latter two by force of circumstances.

Album divided by episodes, belonging to the same saga. Interesting and appreciable idea that makes you think, with a little patience, that you will have the entire One Piece adventure divided into sticker albums. Leaving aside the quality of the paper of the rather meager sticker (alas current in the period we live in) the variety of images seems to us a good result. Many characters, moments from the cartoon, in a mix of classic rectangular, special and our beloved shaped.

Central poster like the previous album with the H stickers to complete it. “Light” but large format stickers that do justice to the quality of the animated drawings, considering the costs at least this size should remain standard for all collections. Captions necessary to better understand the stories and maybe even get a little manga culture for those who may not follow the cartoon.

Unfortunately, the return to the absolutely unacceptable quality of the album’s paper should be noted, in recent months Panini had returned to the line, a pity for this fall in style, let’s only hope it is a return from the warehouse and not a horror that we will also see again in other subsequent collections . Considering how much it costs to complete an album now, it’s a concern that the publisher should have.

Hardcover edition that we certainly like, but we would have preferred the paperback edition, with the possibility of containing the cards inside in the appropriate envelopes. By doing so we would also have had only 36 cards instead of 50, a more fair and logical number.


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