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album: Fifa Women’s World Cup 2023 Adrenalyn (Panini)
cardS: 351 (1-351) + 5 card limited edition
starter pack: binder + 4 packets + 3 cards limited edition 9,90€
box: 4 packets (6 cards per packet) 1,50€ each
Bomber magazine july 2023: 2 cards limited edition

Risky choice or winning choice in perspective? Given the continuous growth of women’s football, it is certainly an appropriate choice. It’s only right that even female soccer champions have their own collection of cards. Did Panini anticipate the times too much? Maybe yes, but the Modenese factory has been carrying out a campaign for some time, even if not at the levels of Topps, to shift interest from stickers to cards, this album is proof of that.

Anyone who has met us at comics fairs over the last 10 years, having a chat with us, will surely remember that we have always said that the sticker albums of the women’s (and European) World Cups would have been among the collections of the future, becoming collector’s items . Emphasizing the concept, stating for the album of the Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 it would have been “the Mexico70 of the new millennium”. It was naturally a catchphrase but it is undeniable that that album is among the most sought after objects among collectors.

So, if it’s true that first love .. album .. you never forget, then one day this collection could be the subject of research. We are not big fans of cards, especially Adrenalyns which rarely offer something really exciting, but if you are, the advice is to make this collection. We sincerely still hope that the sticker version will also be released in Italy, there would also be several things to say in this case, but we refer you to the specific review.

The peculiarity of the women’s world cup album is also that it allows you to have cards of national team players that, in the men’s field, we have never found in a sticker album. In this case beautiful Vietnam. Zambia, if memory serves us well, should have been present in one of the albums dedicated to the African Cup (a project unfortunately abandoned by Panini almost immediately).

The collection contains 356 cards, 351 numbered + 5 limited (3 of which are included in the starter pack.
Divided as follows: 199 basic cards, 32 championships, 45 fan’s favorites, 9 titans, 9 magicians, 9 goal machines, 9 game changers, 9 top keepers, 9 legends, 9 rookies, 8 top masters, the invincible card.

The Italians? Here are the cards of the Azzurre: 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 257, 285, 312, 322, 338 and the limited by Barbara Bonansea present in the starter pack. Minimal but, with all the good we want to our national team, let’s say they don’t start among the favourites..

The setting is similar to that of the other Adrenalyn collections, so nothing special to report and information that you can find in the starter pack. Perhaps it is rightly so, the charm of the collection is not so much in the contents, standards, but in the fact that it is completely and obviously feminine.

Good solution for this first time, but if the project goes on as we imagine, let’s hope for something that can give new emotions.


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