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50.130,37 THANKS!

We are happy to announce that our fundraisers have reached the important figure of a total of 50.130,37 euros!
The result was reached thanks to:
. contributions raised through the sale of solidarity stickers from the Celebrative, Comics, Forever and Special series
. the contributions collected with the sale of loose stickers and cards, lots and SolidAlbum of the Adotta Con La Figurina project
. the proceeds from the entrance tickets and the contribution of the exhibitors of the ten FIGUCON organized so far

It is also important to underline how and what made it possible to reach this figure:

. 26.784,50 euros paid to the non-profit organizations and associations that we have supported, especially those included in the Adotta Con La Figurina project. In particular, the incredible result of the 12,000 euros raised to date for Mondobimbi Tafita Tuléar in Madagascar equal to 40 long-distance adoptions per year in these 3 and a half years

. 6.000 euros equal to the value of the solidarity stickers donated to the Museums (Grande Torino, WoW Milan, Genoa, Del Ciclismo – Bartali) which they were able to sell to visitors by withholding the entire amount or as an important “tribute” to supporters

. 10.073 euros equal to the value of the solidarity stickers donated to associations, non-profit organizations, committees, etc. that they were able to sell directly by withholding the entire amount or use as an important dissemination method to raise awareness, keep historical memory alive and support the social

. 5.809,25 euros equal to packets of stickers purchased by the Association in recent years to create the basis for the exchange of stickers during the events to multiply the material then destined for the Adotta Con La Figurina project (always fundamental are however, the hundreds of thousands of stickers and cards donated by collectors)

. 1.463,62 euros equal to the expenditure for the information material printed to promote the Adotta Con La Figurina project

The last two data, in reality, are underestimated, because several times our members have placed personal funds without asking for refunds, thanks also to them
For a detailed list of what was collected, to whom it was destined, how, please visit

Thanks again everyone, the list of people to nominate would be very long, whether your commitment has been continuous or just once, perhaps even just by donating a few stickers or buying a lot of stickers at FIGUCON for a few euros or contributing through one of our stickers self-produced solidarity, this important result is a common and universal merit

#instickerswetrust more and more!

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