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Fumetto Forever Card #38: CIRO COLONNA

The Comic Card series was born from the encounter between cartoonists and the social and supportive sector, sometimes paying homage to comic book characters, more and more often connecting to real characters, stories and situations to be known and remembered, current or past, using this through to also reach people who normally, for various reasons, do not approach certain issues. Sometimes also to “humanize” those who should be remembered for what they did or what happened, but without forgetting that they are or were people like us, with their dreams, projects and passions.

The solidarity Comic Card #38 is dedicated to Ciro Colonna. It is a particular solidarity card as an established cartoonist was not involved but was created by several hands, by educators and children who attend the Ciro Colonna Center in Ponticelli (Naples): Roberto Cirillo, Pasquale Di Napoli and Ilaria Spagnuolo contributed to its preparation.

Two dark eyes, framed by black glasses and a reassuring face. Ciro was a simple boy, he lived with his mother Adelaide, father Enrico and Mary, his older sister. A great passion for SS Napoli that he shared with his father. He had the dreams, hopes, plans of any nineteen year old who loves life and who knows he has it all in front of him. Dreams, hopes, projects that he would certainly have stubbornly pursued.

The photos were provided by the Colonna family, under the removable card, the photo of Ciro smiling can be seen printed on the postcard, originally it was in color, the choice was to propose it in black and white, with the particularity of the light blue shirt .

It was a Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The scenario is that of via Decio mura Roman consul and it is the O lot or District of the Roman Villas, a few steps from the Colonna house. Ciro had left home to meet a friend. She had decided to wait for him playing table football in a nearby circle. Nothing different from what usually happened. But not that day. That day would change the lives of the Colonna family forever. And this only because, in that same circle, there was one of the top exponents of the Barbudos clan of the Sanità district, who had been at war for some time with the other families of the historic center for control of the territory. That June 7, fate crossed the very different lives of two young people.

In the card, Ciro wears a Napoli shirt among the buildings where he grew up, with the number 3, a victory not only for football but a symbol of hope. Three weeks after his death, with the community of Ponticelli, a playground and a pitch in his memory were redeveloped, in 2019 the Centro Colonna came to life, a place which, through the commitment of the local associations, welcomes the educational activities in memory of Ciro.

Figurine Forever will bring the card to Naples on 7 June 2023, on the occasion of the day in Ponticelli in memory of Ciro Colonna. 300 of the 326 printed copies of this first edition will be donated to the Ciro Colonna Center and to the realities that live there, including the Presidium of Libera Ponticelli and Maestri di Strada Onlus.

The first edition, numbered and limited, is not accidental. 326, 3 like the Napoli badges, 26 like the 1926 foundation year of the Napoli Club. Ciro, up there, is certainly celebrating for the Scudetto.


With this solidarity card + postcard, it will be possible to support the Adotta Con La Figurina project and the associations involved in the fight against the mafias

CIRO COLONNA by Ilaria, Pasquale e Roberto
Fumetto Card #38 – Card + Postcard
1st edition 326 copies numbered

Free offer starting from 5,00€
+ shipping (for Europe 10,00€)
3×2 con with three different Fumetto Card
one is gift

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(1st edition numbered 1-326, copies available 5/326)

the postcards of the solidarity cards are numbered, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever. Numbers 29, 4, 97 were donated to the Colonna family. It was Ciro’s birthday: April 29, 1997

An unnumbered version was also printed, mainly used for distribution to people involved in this project.

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