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We’re halfway there, first team completed! We have reached the intermediate goal of completing the first team of “long distance adoptions”, 11 of the 22 scheduled for 2023!

Today a transfer of €600 euros was sent to Madabimbi Onlus in Madagascar, for a grand total of over €3,500 since January 2023, equal to 11 “yearly distance adoptions”. The amount was distributed among some of the social and solidarity realities in Italy and around the world that our project supports through the international campaign Adotta Con La Figurina – Sticker Raising for Solidarity (

All this was made possible by the contributions through the production of part of our solidarity stickers and by the sale of stickers, cards and albums donated to the project in events and on our Ebay shop.

Being only in mid-May, we are very optimistic of being able to complete the second team as well and thus kick off the match, the support of so many people has been fundamental as always.

Thank you! In stickers we trust.

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