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NINNA and MATTI 2023 (Idea Lab)


album: Ninna and Matti 2023 (Idea Lab)

stickers: 164 (1-164)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€

box: 40 packets (6 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Ninna and Matti do an encore! Second album for the web couple after the great success of the first, which sold out in a few weeks last year. The result was certainly due to the large following that the two boys have but also to an effective formula. Total 110 stickers, competitive price, easy to complete. The public rewarded Idea Lab’s proposal, rightly so, and now the Milanese publisher is repeating itself.

The formula is not exactly the same, in this new album the total stickers are about 50 more, in our opinion we are around the maximum number of stickers that a collection of this type should contain. The price of the packets has also increased, as has become the practice, however commendable that for each packet we find 6 stickers as opposed to the classic 5.

The album is not a mere repetition of the previous one, although since the setting worked, we find similar interiors. The two boys certainly like cartoons and comics, a lot of space is dedicated to their animated version. Not only in the comic story at the center of the album but also in many other pages.

Leafing through the pages you will be immersed in the world of Ninna and Matti, through a long story that unfolds page after page. A little mystery, lots of fun, let’s also add a little healthy “ignorance” and the final result is nice and will surely make the young fans of our two heroes happy.

The story intertwines between real stickers and animated stickers, a mix that works. The characters are the same as you can find in the videos, perhaps some of you will already know the ending, we are certainly not here to spoil the surprise even if, on the last page, there is talk of a “mystery solved”.

Sticker albums related to the world of youtubers have been a real category for some years now, whether you like it or not, they have largely taken the place of the cartoon albums with which previous generations grew up. Our thought is that if for a commercial product as recent as the world of youtubers, news always comes out on newsstands, they can only bode well for the future. Our little paper friends are still loved by the very young, not just by the more “old” collectors.

Another important aspect is the varied number of publishers involved in these products, good thing that there isn’t a monopoly and often the smaller realities present quality collections, from a graphic point of view but also as an overall proposal, in a phase of economic contraction like this. We are rooting for them!


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